New ebook release: “The Corruption of the Time Mage Part 4”

The newest part of the ongoing “Corruption of the Time Mage” story is out! 

It is only being published on Smashwords so that I have more freedom in how extreme and explicit the content of the book can be. The original three parts will remain on Amazon, but the new parts will ONLY be for sale on Smashwords going forward. The first three parts will be on Smashwords just as soon as they come out of exclusivity on Amazon.

The party is prepared to delve into the Necromancer’s dungeon and will have to fight their way to the evil lich, clearing the place of monsters, and hopefully loot, as they go. They’ll face dangerous traps, undead warriors, even a monster hidden as a treasure chest.

Yet this dungeon is not what it seems. There is not just evil soaked into its walls but other powers that work to influence the adventurers wandering its halls. The Corruption is beginning to work its well into more than just the Wizard Baer’theas, seeping into nearly every member of the party.

This 14,000+ word one-handed read is intended for adult audiences ONLY. It contains sexually explicit scenes that include dubious consent via magic potion, tentacled monster sex, and degradation heavy time stop action.

If you were a backer on my Patreon or Smashwords you would get access to this.

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