New Ebook “She Was Too Low Level”

The new ebook can be found on Smashwords! Backers on Patreon and Subscribestar also get access to/a copy of the book (depending on level backed).

The Guildmaster has strong opinions when it comes to female adventurers: he doesn’t think they should exist. Although he does all he can to prevent the members of the Adventurers’ Guild from knowing this he DOES do what he can to ensure there are fewer of them in the world.

How? Well, as the man that hands out quests it’s often easy to ensure an adventurer’s doom. All he needs to do is send her out, unaware she’s too low level for the quest she’s accepted.

Thanks to the Guildmaster there are no happy endings here, not for the female adventurers that star in each of the three stories featured in this collection. He ensures each of them meets a DARK fate.

Each of these darkly perverse stories centers around a different female adventurer taking monsters that will end up impregnating them. Each adventurer is unique and each monster unlike any of the others featured in this collection.

This 21,000+ word one-handed read is intended for ADULT audiences only. The stories feature extreme monster sex and impregnation with the heroines meeting a dark fate at the end of every story.

This is the first release where I’ve intentionally leaned into the freedom to be more extreme and explicit that NOT publishing on Amazon provides. Although not too different from other stuff I’ve written it is a little… more so be warned.


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