“The Corruption of the Time Mage Part 5” Released!

The newest part of this ongoing story is out and it’s full of more intense depravity than any previous part! 

The party is about to come face to face with the evil Necromancer at the end of the dungeon. But it is not the undead sorcerer that poses the greatest threat, but rather the treasure they will find in his massive horde. Each will find items that will define their fates, corrupting the pure and pushing the others into deeper seas of depravity.

With a new focus, The Corruption begins to unleash new levels of cruel perversion on Baer’theas the Elven Wizard, Lanven the Dwarven Bard, and all their female traveling companions. Meanwhile, the mysterious Ranger who has always seemed to know more about what is really going on will finally reveal his true self thanks to the arrival of one of the few things in Alaria more perverse and evil than him: a goddess!

This 17,000+ word one-handed read is intended for adult audiences ONLY. It contains EXTREME sexually explicit material that include the use of time stopping magic and cruelty filled BDSM scenes.

If you were a backer on my Patreon or Subscribestar you’d get access to the full text for a time via a password protected webpage at low levels or through a coupon to get a copy free via Smashwords for higher level backers. 


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