Top of the month update

Good hello, fellow perverts! It’s time for my top of the month update to let you know what projects I’m working on and what projects I plan on getting to later in the month. First to current projects:

Visual Project – Monthly Star comic “Escape From the Order of Man”. The first page is already up for my backers on Patreon and Subscribestar. I’ll be aiming to get a new page up every weekday till its done. Whether I manage to do that, who knows, but I’ll try. As with the last one this will get posted publicly towards the end of the month.
Old Written Project Slot – “The Corruption of the Time Mage Part 4”. I’m actually close to hitting publish on this one, just finishing up editing. Should be out today or tomorrow at the latest. I’m also NOT publishing this new part on Amazon so I have a lot more freedom with the content. There’s a bigger variety of sex scenes in this one: A dub-con one where magic is involved, a monster/tentacle one, and a time stop one leaning into degradation.
New Written Project Slot – “She Was To Low Level”. I’ve got two shorts for this collection done (as backers have already seen). I’m planning on doing at least one more before hitting publish, although I MAY do more, I haven’t decided yet and no one has spoken up with strong feelings either way.
Poll Driven Story Slot – “Fall of Almerry Keep”. We’re just about at the end of the first part and will be starting a new part soon. A week or so after the new one is started the first part will be taken down from the free section and thrown up as an Ebook.
So what are my plans for the rest of the month? First off all, I’m trying to stick to this limited project queue. It’s helping me actually finish a lot more projects.
The only change I might make is adding another story or two to the Pill Driven story slot. I have very much enjoyed keeping this one moving along quickly, but I worry having voting open for only a day or two doesn’t give readers enough time to join in the fun. Back before my health got bad when I was writing a tone I would often do a bunch of those stories at once and cycle through them so people had time to vote on stuff. I’m think about trying that again, but I’d probably only do two or MAYBE three at once. IF I do that I’d start by trying to finish off some of the unfinished ones, beginning with the ones with more focused narratives that would have shorter entries. If you’ve opinions on this please speak up, even a short comment will go a LONG way towards helping me decide what to do.
Visually, once the star of the month project is done I’ll be switching back to the Brain Master comic which will end up being posted publicly whenever it gets done. I have no idea if I’ll be able to finish that off this month, but once it’s looking like that’s coming up I’ll throw up a poll for my backers to determine what will fill that back-up project slot.
I threw a poll up for my backers to determine what comes next for the old project slot and right now it’s sitting at a four way tie (once you combine votes from both my backer sites). I’ve decided that I’m just going to work on another part of the Time Mage story (which is one of the tied options) since that won’t require me to-reread anything. Next time a vote goes up for which project to work on I’ll limit the choices more and hopefully get a clearer answer.
I’ve no idea what will fill the new project slot. As always I’ve got like thirty project ideas I want to start on and its not really worth trying to decide till I’m ready. What I do know is that it will be a fantasy/Alaria project. I’m gonna ride the genre wave as long as I can before I hit burnout and need to switch.

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