New Ebook: “Princess Pounce’s Submission Part 3”

Princess Pounce's Submission Part 3b

Part 3 of this serialized story is out now on Amazon.

Princess Pounce has awakened to a new day in Lady Iridium’s mansion, a place where reality, hallucination, and dreams all blend into one deliciously pleasure-filled erotic nightmare. And she’s not alone. She’ll meet some of Lady Iridium’s other willing slaves, a group of horny and perhaps evil girls eager to “play” with Princess Pounce.

Through intense sexual encounters with these slave girls Princess Pounce will discover things about Lady Iridium and her past. But, as the villainess is fond of saying, the continuity frays at the edges and their world is not what it seems. Princess Pounce must confront the truth that NONE of the truths might be real. She might not even be the heroine of the story and instead might just be the damsel in distress…

2 responses to “New Ebook: “Princess Pounce’s Submission Part 3”

  • Norah

    Uhh, given the voices and implied accents are in ones head given the nature of the material, Is Cat a Latina or Iberian. Mixie adopted by a asian family, and Sara’s Anglo Saxon, judging by costume and teeth, then again rabbits have buck teeth so it’s quaint, can’t get a beat on LI, though I’d imagine a thick husky tone with hints of refinement. it’s all up to the reader I suppose because visuals and written description feed the imagery, fun side note, give a listen to Molina Hey Kids video on YT, it’s a trip.


    • philohunter

      In my head they are all just American with (at least to me) what sounds like no accent. But there’s nothing there in the text SAYING that, so if in your head they all have accents I so go for it.

      I’ve been careful not to mention what country or even city they are in. There’s a reason for that, but I don’t know if it will get fully explored in this story.


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