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New Ebook “Thief of Altam: A Choose Her Peril Story”

Thief of Altam The Magic Apples cover

For those not following me on Discord I spent the last couple of days working on a project on a whim and it’s done! This is my first “Choose Her Peril” story in a while and hopefully one you’ll all enjoy. It is up on Amazon AND Smashwords, and through Amazon a physical version you can order.

Altam, the city of women. It is a place protected by powerful magic, a place where only women can immigrate to. But the island city isn’t the paradise many who come to its shores for refuge expect. Just like anywhere else in the world of Alaria there is danger, poverty, and a seedy underworld.

There is also magic and the machinations of the gods. Along with them is The Corruption, a perverse and antagonistic force striving to change the nature of Alaria and corrupt even the gods themselves. Altam, although resistant to The Corruption, still fights the never-ending battle against it, only in more subtle ways than elsewhere in Alaria.

A sexy young thief named Mira is about to find herself a pawn in that often mysterious battle of corruption and sexual intrigue as the gods vie for control of her actions and those of the women around her.

Task by a crime boss to steal enchanted golden apples from a holy orchard, Mira will have to use her wiles as a thief, and a woman, to accomplish her quest. Along the way she’ll have to face off against the holy orchard’s protectors: two Vulpenite Priestesses, the sexy fox-eared and tailed women as imposing as they are sexy.

Will Mira succeed in her quest? Only the gods can decide in this interactive, highly re-readable erotic tale. You choose Mira’s path and if you don’t like the ending you reach or the way you reached it you can simply return to the beginning of the story and try again!

First, it’s shorter than most my other Choose Her Peril stories. Second, it’s written to be Amazon friendly and only has ladies in it. But there’s still plenty of kinky sex driving the interactive adventure and hopefully it’s plenty re-readable. If it does well I’ll probably end up doing a sequel. If it doesn’t, well, it was a fun little project you’ll all hopefully enjoy.

Kindle Unlimited doesn’t allow interactive fiction like this (they look at the links as an attempt to mess with page reads) so this one will remain up on Smashwords indefinitely.

New Ebook: “The Awakening Part 2”

you can find the newest part of this serialized story on Amazon and for a limited time on Smashwords.

The Woodchopper and the Peasant Girl’s lives have gone from simple to magically complicated as they take on the burden of nursing Dunla, the girl who fell out of the mirror, back to health. But a dark and ominous warning from her monstrous future self sets high stakes. Can they help the confused Dunla avoid her fate and, through love, lust, and affection, ensure she never becomes the Terror of the Eternal Night?

Erotic mysteries abound as the Woodchopper spends another night with the imposing Forest Witch. There she’ll learn there is freedom in bondage and pleasure in pain. She’ll also learn more about the past of the girl in the mirror, a past that is one and the same with the girl who fell out of the mirror. Through it all this one-handed read is full of BDSM kinkery and Sapphic joy.

There’s a LOT of Dunla in this, both as the girl in the mirror, The Terror of the Eternal Night (who I think has her first official “on screen” appearance here) and as the girl who came through the mirror. Even if you read all the other stories with her in it hopefully there’s still some mystery over what’s really going on and where the story will go. But, as it’s mostly a one-handed read, it’s the journey more than the destination I suppose.

Also of note, for those who read “The Fall of Almerry Keep” before it got taken down, yes, I’m keeping the broad outlines of what happened to Dunla in that version of the story. Eventually that will be reworked and be part of The Forest Witch Servant of Baedor, but I probably won’t be coming back to that one till after one of the other Alaria things I’m working on is done.

New Ebook: “Servants of the Moonlight Part 2”

You can find the newest part of this serialized lesbian BDSM story on Amazon and for a limited time on Smashwords.

Sexual intrigue abounds in the second part of this serialized, smutty, lesbian BDSM romance. Through communion with moon spirits, and the gods themselves, the Priestess Aylin is going to discover the quest she and her party members are on is not what it seems. It’s a game they are playing with the bad girls and in this part of the story the Fey Necromancer Talrel gets to take center stage, playing first with Aylin and Vannetta and later with the Elven beauty Talaena.

New Ebook: “The Awakening Part 1”

You can find the beginning of a new serialized Alaria story on Amazon and for a limited time on Smashwords.

The young woodchopper and the peasant girl have a complicated relationship, one they hide from the quaint village they fear wouldn’t accept them. Karol, the woodchopper, is mostly satisfied with the visits Amelia, the peasant girl, pays her in her secluded cabin in the woods. They both have lives they are used to, ones neither see changing anytime soon.

But in the world of Alaria things are always changing. There is a section of forest different from the others near the village, one where a mysterious Forest Witch lives. She gives out folk remedies and interprets dreams, but Karol is about to discover the woman, as beautiful as she is terrifying, is far more than she seems.

A dream has been haunting Karol, a dream about a beautiful red-haired girl with a sword made of mirror glass. An encounter with the peasant girl will leave Karol needing to feel control over her life and lead to her setting off the meet the Forest Witch, a seemingly simple act that starts her down a road of sapphic erotic discovery of BDSM kinkery. It is a road that will eventually lead to her and others awakening to their destiny…

For those that have read the first Forest Witch story this is eventually going to be about the girl in the mirror’s body starting down it’s journey to become The Terror of the Eternal Night. There is a Forest Witch in this story and the girl in the mirror makes a brief appearance in this part of the story, as does Dunla’s body. But most of the story is about a woodchopper, a peasant girl, and the Forest Witch.

This is another lesbian BDSM story, which is still where my mind is and probably will be for the foreseeable future. I’m also in need of a full genre shift so will be just working on these two Alaria stories for a while before shifting back to the magical girl stuff.

New Ebook “Servants of the Moonlight Part 1”

The first part of a new serialized Alaria story can be found exclusively on Amazon.

Four novice adventurers set out on a mysterious quest, called together by a pantheon of goddesses tied together by the moon. The quartet is led by Aylin, a pretty and curvaceous Maiden of the Moon. The priestess has trained nearly her whole life for this quest and through the guidance she receives in her dreams and through divine visions she will lead the party.

But our heroines have more than monsters in the wilds to worry about. Katia Luna, a trickster goddess tied to the moon and not welcome amongst the pantheon of goddesses leading the party of good girls, stands in opposition to their quest. She’s even enlisted her own adventurers to challenge the novice and naive heroines.

Yet things in Alaria are rarely what they seem, especially when the games the gods play are involved. Through lust and fondness for being submissive along with a savoring of rough BDSM kinkiness, Aylin is going to pull back the layers of mystery surrounding the quest as she gets to know her allies AND enemies in increasingly intimate ways.

For Aylin this begins with the feisty, sexually forward Rogue on her team. Next, she’ll learn that some kinds of games played with enemies can be as fun as those she plays with her allies after a run-in with the dark-haired, sultry Barbarian that is a member of the opposing party of bad girls.

It’s just the beginning of the serialized lesbian BDSM romance set in the perverse realm of Alaria.

This, like everything else I have been writing lately, is a lesbian BDSM romance written for the Amazon market place. It IS an Alaria story, but will be closer in tone to the Forest Witch series and not my other Alaria stuff. There is NO non-con in it and there are only female characters involved in the sex.

New Ebook: “Princess Pounce’s Submission Part 5”

Part 5 of Princess Pounce’s Submission can be found on Amazon.

Princess Pounce falls down the rabbit hole as her fellow heroine and sometimes lover Magicat is lured to Lady Iridium’s Mansion of Madness. Once there she’ll help ensnare the curvaceous cat girl in the same erotic nightmare she’s trapped in.

But it’s not just Magicat that will find themselves trapped in the mansion. Her other, the plump Latina cutey Catalina Espinar, will end up imprisoned and in need of rescuing. To do so Magicat will have to journey through dreamworld and her shadow world to face hard truths about who she is and what she’s willing to do to have more time with her precious bunny.

Meanwhile, the villains of the story play their games, pulling at the strings of reality and conducting their scientific research that requires the heroines to willingly endure such cruel sexual delights. And under it all something the villainess Lady Iridium fears: love!

If you don’t know I have a Patreon and Subscribstar. If you back me there you can get access (usually for a limited time) to all my new writing either a little early or as it’s published via a password protected page  on here (if you back at the 1$ level) or through copies of ebooks you get coupons for from Smashwords (if you back at the 3$ or higher level). With me managing to get a new ebook out just about every week now backing at the 3$ level is, if you don’t mind using Smashwords, a pretty good deal. I also have higher level backing, but for now they are just a way to show extra appreciation and don’t come with any other benefits.

Also for anyone who doesn’t know I have a discord where I’m a lot more active then I am here. I’m easy to contact there and always happy to talk about projects and have been workshopping covers with fans on there.

New Ebook: “Lustsick & in Love”

Lustsick & In Love Part 1d

The reworking of the story “Lustsick & in Love Part 1” is out now on Amazon an for a limited time on Samshwords.

Brianna Baltimore is a magical girl, able to transform into a superpowered superheroine. But unlike her other, the radiant Glitter Bright, Brianna has yet to be able to embrace the sensual magic her life has to offer her.

Enter her friends Catalina and Sara. Fellow magical girls, they plan on helping Brianna find the magic in her by getting her to open up and live out some of the kinky, submissive fantasies she has. They start by introducing her to a special girl at the Magical Girl Coffee Shop, a place full of lust and magic, and they’ll continue by eventually taking matters into their own hands.

Meanwhile, as those events play out, a mysterious new girl named Ellodie Elmore has shown up at the Magical Girl Coffee Shop. A gorgeous, orange-red-haired, freckle-faced girl that Brianna has been crushing on. Only she suspects the girl isn’t like them, she suspects she’s a BAD girl, her other not a heroine like hers but instead a supervillainess.

Part one of this serialized, one-handed read begins Brianna and Ellodie’s story of enemies to turned to lovers. It’s full of hot, submissive lesbian sex and impact play.

This story is going to be close to the tone of Magicat’s Submission, with the driving force being the love story. But my intention is for the “enemies” part of “enemies to lovers” to last longer than it did in Magicat’s Submission.

My plan next is to get Part 5 of Princess Pounce’s Submission done then cycle through the three projects I have going till one starts to reach an ending then concentrate on it.

If you’re looking to support me beyond grabbing the occasional book off Amazon or Smashwords please think about becoming a backer on Patreon or Subscribestar. As a backer you get access to everything I write (although often only for a limited time) through password protected web pages on here. Also if you back at the 3$ level or higher you get a copy of each new Ebook as it’s published through a coupon to use on Smashawords.

New Ebook: “Hidden Magic Part 2”

Hidden Magic Part 2

Part 2 of Hidden Magic is out on Amazon and will be on Smashwords for a limited time.

Becca wakes wondering if it’s all been a dream. The night she’s spent with the magical girls, including a mid-night orgy, seems unreal. Their lives and home are bathed in magic, filled with erotic delights and the beginning of her next day with them is only going to get more magical.

She’s met Mixie Moonsong’s other, the imposing and scary villainess Domina. Now she’ll get to meet Sara Snyder and Catalina Espinar’s heroic others, Princess Pounce and Magicat. Although just a game, the three magical women are going to show Becca how the magical good girls and bad girls of their world fight. Play-acted battles turn into sexy scenes of BDSM submission.

Along the way Becca will be included in the kinky fun as the three magical girls and their superpowered others try and coax out the mysterious magic hidden deep in her. And while Becca loses herself in intense sexual bliss the shadow of other powers having taken notice of the magic in her shall begin to loom darkly over them…

The story has grown pretty far from where it started. Originally it was a cut scene from Magicat’s Submission where the girls seduced a delivery girl. When I started working on it the story was at first going to be a stand alone short that grew into something more substantial and has now grown into a full-blown sequel to Magicat’s Submission. That was originally going to be “Fauna & Flora” but I’ll now be keeping the main plots and new characters I had planned for that till after Hidden Magic is done.

In the meantime I’ll be bouncing between this and Princess Pounce’s Submission, along with getting some work done here and there on Lustsick & In Love (which should be getting some new content soon).

New Ebook: “Princess Pounce’s Submission Part 4”

Princess Pounce's Submission Part 4b

After a long break the next part of this serialized story is up on Amazon.

A confusing, sexually intense afternoon matinée Princess Pounce will star in. Confusing, loving aftercare from someone who is slowly revealing they are more than they seem. A dinner where the villainess Lady Iridium and a handful of her horny slave girls will “feast” on rabbit. And finally, bedtime as Princess Pounce’s second day in Lady Iridium’s Mansion of Madness comes to an end. And along with bedtime? Spoilers. And after that meek little Sara Snyder, trapped alone in a mirror, will discover the truth: the villain of the story isn’t who they all think it is.

I got pretty centered on finishing Magicat’s Submission but with that done I should be back to getting more regular work done on this story. Having taken the time to finish that story first also means I can reference it a lot more in this and allow the characters who break the fourth wall to play around with that aspect a little more (which they do HEAVILY in this part).

I’ve been getting a lot of new readers lately who are finding me through these stories. If you don’t know I have a Patreon and Subscribstar. If you back me there you can get access (usually for a limited time) to all my writing either a little early or as it’s published via a password protected page  on here (if you back at the 1$ level) of through copies of ebooks you get coupons for from Smashwords (if you back at the 3$ or higher level). With me managing to get a new ebook out just about every week now backing at the 3$ level is, if you don’t mind using Smashwords, a pretty good deal. I also have higher level backing, but for now they are just a way to show extra appreciation and don’t come with any other benefits.

Also for anyone who doesn’t know I have a discord where I’m a lot more active then I am here. I’m easy to contact there and always happy to talk about projects and have been workshopping covers with fans on there.

New Ebook: “Hidden Magic Part 1”

Hidden Magic Part 1b

“Hidden Magic Part 1” can be found on Amazon.

Becca Bowen, a cute girl in her early twenties, has always felt her life was missing something. She works as a delivery driver during the day and when she has the energy and money likes to go clubbing to find a girl or two to spend the evening with. It’s something that happens less often than she wishes it did and even when she finds a partner they are nearly always a disappointment as none of them ever dominate her the way she wants them to.

But it’s more than that. Becca lives a life lacking magic, yet she lives in a world where she KNOWS magic exists. The magical girls exist, the “good girls” being superpowered heroines that fight crime and other superpowered women known as “bad girls”. But that magic has always felt so far removed from her life she’s never imagined it could be part of hers.

Until she meets Mixie Moonsong.

From the very first moment with the sexy, confident, domineering blond girl on the dance floor Becca feels she has found what her life has been missing. Mixie’s intensity and overwhelming lust win her over instantly, leaving Becca prepared to go home with her. Mixie, however, demands more than a one-night stand. She wants a whole weekend, one where Becca becomes her willing slave, one where she joins the other girls she keeps as “pets” in her home.

Becca thinks at first that Mixie and her pets, Catalina and Sara, are just a kinky poly thrupple interested in a fourth partner for a weekend of sexy fun. She soon finds out the three girls are far more than that. They are magical girls and not ALL of them are good girls.

And Becca? She’s about to start an erotic journey where she discovers the magic she’s always felt she was missing has been there all along, she just needs a few magical girls to help bring it out of her.

It’s set a few months after the end of “Magicat’s Submission” and will serve as a way to explore some new aspects of the Magiforce as well as show off what the magical girls lives are like after Mixie “saved everything”. 

This started off as a cut scene from the end of Magicat’s Submission where the girl’s seduced a delivery girl. I cut it because it didn’t really add anything to the story and initially planned on doing it as a stand alone short, but as often happens the idea kind of grew. It’s now become the start of a sequel, although my intention is for the focus/point of view to remain on Becca.

I’ll be bouncing between this and Princess Pounce’s Submission till one gets done, at that point I’ll figure out what will take over the second slot (probably the Forest Witch story if my mind is in the right place for fantasy stuff at that point).