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2017 July Summer/Winter Sale at Smashwords!

I’m taking part in Smashwords big July sale. Almost everything in my catalog there is either on sale at a huge reduction or even free in some cases! Do note that you have to click on the individual book’s page to see the sale price.

“The Villainous Rise of the Pale Controller Part One” Released!

I’m thinking this is one that won’t get past the censors on Amazon, so for now you can find this short story exclusively on Smashwords!

Ted Mullins is a first year student at The Academy, a young man with amazing powers in training to be a superhero. But like many who enroll at The Academy Ted is destined to never graduate. Like many of the boys who attend the college the super charged libido that comes with his powers will be too much for him to control.

He’s surrounded every day by some of the most beautiful, powerful women on earth, all in training just like him. And one of them has the body of his dreams: a young black girl with a thick, curvy body and the largest breasts he’s ever seen, largest he’s ever even imagined. His obsession with the girl grows as does his control over his powers, powers that he’s discovered let him control other people.

He thinks he has the perfect plan to get everything he wants from the girl he’s obsessed with, convinced he can use his powers to make all his dreams come true then make her forget all about it. But when he discovers his plan wasn’t as perfect as he first assumed he starts down the road that will quickly lead to him becoming a supervillain…

This 7,000+ page one-handed read is intended for adult readers only and contain EXPLICIT sexual content including inter-racial sex, mammary intercourse and large breast obsession.

This is a pretty short one, but hopefully the start of something bigger!

“The Rings of Corruption: Episode Three” Released!


Episode Three of the Rings of Corruption series has been moved off of the free section and can now be found on Amazon or Smashwords for just .99! If you’re looking to read these stories again or are just late to the party they will always be available from these two stores digitally. And purchasing a copy is a great way to help support me for less than a dollar!

And you may have noticed that I haven’t been updating any of these stories recently. Every now and then I either get burnt out on specific genres or get the inspiration to concentrate on a specific one. Right now I’ve got the muse to be working on superheroine stuff, so that’s what I’m doing. I’m currently plugging away at a new Choose Her Peril book and will hopefully have it done in a few weeks. I’m also going back over my notes on the Adaptatron story and working on getting another part or two of that series done and hopefully finished. Once the Choose Her Peril story is done I’ll be shifting back towards the reader’s choice stories, so don’t worry those haven’t been abandoned only temporarily put on hold!

“The Rings of Corruption Episode Two” Ebook released!

Episode Two has been removed from the free section. It can now be found on Amazon or Smashwords. If you enjoy these perverted tales spending the .99 on one of the finished stories is a great way to show your support for me! This “for sale” versions have also been cleaned up slightly by my editor. But the stories that are in progress can still be found on the free page.

“The Rings of Corruption Episode One” Ebook released!

Episode One has been removed from the free section. It can now be found on Amazon or Smashwords. If you enjoy these stories spending the .99 on one of the finished stories is a great way to show your support for me! This “for sale” versions have also been cleaned up slightly by my editor. But the stories that are in progress, as well as the most recently finished Episode, can still be found on the free page.

“More Misadventures of Archbaroness” Published!


You can find the new short story collection HERE on Smashwords (it got rejected on Amazon, so it won’t be available there).

Archbaroness is the paragon of Megatropolis, its most famous superheroine as well as the leader of the city’s official super team. A thick bodied, curvy heroine with a libido as strong as her superpowered muscles. She’s a woman whose life seems to be filled with perverse misadventures, and included in this collection are six such stories, two of which are appearing here for the very first time!

“Archbaroness Vs the Academic Indoctrination” – Megatropolis University’s female students are disappearing! Archbaroness goes undercover to discover who is behind this dastardly plot, only to find herself a victim! She knows help is on the way to save her but will she be able to hold out long enough? Includes brainwashing, sexual servitude, oral sex, and masturbation.

“Archbaroness Vs the Fetish Plot” – There’s a new villain in town and he intends on indulging his sexual obsession with female body odors and feet, all with the help of a fellow villain known as The Gasser. Includes scent centered kinkery.

“Archbaroness Vs Decietia” – Archbaroness goes in for her yearly superhero recertification, but the government agent conducting her tests isn’t who she seems. The busty heroine finds herself being tested in ways she didn’t expect. Includes power draining drugs, combat, sexual submission and forced orgasms.

“Archbaroness Vs the Photo Shoot” – Archbaroness is interviewed by a prominent reporter, but the man and his photographer plan on using their “special” equipment to make sure they get some pictures that can be sold for a pretty penny. Includes erotic mind control, masturbation, and illicit photography.

“Archbaroness Vs Mary-Annette” – Mary-Annette has been hired by a wealthy patron to use her body control powers on his favorite heroine, Archbaroness. Once under the villainess’ control he gets to live out all of his fantasies, indulging in his every whim. Includes body control, threesome, and ample male sexual fluids.

“Archbaroness vs the Very Bad Day” – In the midst of the Great Megatropolis Crime Wave Archbaroness finds herself worn out an unprepared for a long day full of defeats. Includes repeated defeats and multiple sexual partners.

This 36,000+ one-handed read is intended for mature audiences ONLY and contains sexually explicit scenes.

“Philo Hunter’s World of Paranormal Sexuality” Short Story Collection Released!

paranormal cover 1

You can find the ebook on Amazon and Smashwords!

There are things that go bump in the night… This is a dark, frightening world were supernatural creatures surround the blissfully ignorant mortals they live amongst. Vampires, witches, fairies and many more mythical creatures all have shadow societies, hidden and secret.
These creatures are as varied as the legends mortals tell of them, but one thing connects them all: human sexual energies. Many of the things that go bump in the night need to feed off of these energies, while others simply revel in human frisky energy.
There are those that stumble upon these creatures existence. This collection contains six such stories:

Sexualis Lamia 1 – Jane Olsen is a plump, big breasted nerd that’s always wanted to explore her sexuality. But through a combination of being too shy and not being happy with her body she has never done much to explore that aspect of herself. All of that changes when she comes home and finds a sexual vampire in her home, waiting to feed off the potent sexual energies in her large breasts. Jane finds herself unable to fight off his mental control, and by the end she is more than happy to do as he commands. (contains erotic mind control and mammary intercourse)

Sexualis Lamia 2 – Jane’s life has been changed by her run in with a sexual vampire. She comes out of her shell and explores her sexuality, but none of the sex she has can compare to what she experienced with HIM. She decided to hunt him down and entice him to come out of hiding, hoping he will feed on her again. (contains mammary intercourse and sexual fixation)

Sexualis Lamia 3 – Jane grows ever more attached to her new master, but discovers he can’t survive for long by feeding of just one mortal. She tricks her busty friend into joining her for a visit to her master, and offers her and her large breasts up to him as an offering. (contains vaginal intercourse, mammary intercourse, erotic mind control, sexual subservience, and a threesome)

Misty Nuebaum and the Trailer Park Incident – An aimless, young white trash girl invites a strangely charismatic stranger back to her home. The man is a sexual vampire and he wishes to feed off of her, but mistakenly thinks she has small breasts. After giving her a fae drug to increase their size he finds himself with almost more breast then even he knows what to do with. But there is something different about Misty, and she’s left changed forever by their chance meeting. (includes erotic mind control, breast growth)

Althea Lambert and the Forrest Fairies – A beautiful young women discovers that her grandmother’s tales of supernatural creatures were far more than just tall tales. Through a long forgotten journal Althea discovers her true family history and experiences firsthand the effect her potent sexuality can have on the magical creatures that lay hidden around her. She’s left with her outlook on the world changed, and with new meaning to her life. (contains female masturbation, and a magical orgy)

A Nerd and Some Magic Feet – A witch with potent feet magic enchants a nerdy young man, draining his sexual energies to stay young and strong. (contains foot fetishism and pussy worship)

This 43,000+ word one-handed read is intended for adult audiences ONLY and contains scenes of graphic sexual nature.

Four of these stories are available for free on this site for the time being and their original versions (they were cleaned up a little for this release) will remain on Literotica for as long as that site remains around. “Althea Lambert and the Forrest Fairies” and “A Nerd and Some Magic Feet” are both brand new stories that are only appearing here. The Althea Lambert story is a real gem and I think is worth the price of admission on its own.

I am going to continue adding to this world, posting some short stories for free to my site and Literotica, and hold others back to make purchasing the collections worth it. Once I’ve got five or six more stories done I’ll be putting out a second collection like this one. I’ve been having a TON of fun writing these, so hopefully it won’t take me to long to get the next collection out. And my plan is to continue the Sexualis Lamia, Misty Nuebaum, and Althea Lambert stories in each collection (maybe even having two or all three of those characters meet up one day).