New Ebook “Thief of Altam: A Choose Her Peril Story”

Thief of Altam The Magic Apples cover

For those not following me on Discord I spent the last couple of days working on a project on a whim and it’s done! This is my first “Choose Her Peril” story in a while and hopefully one you’ll all enjoy. It is up on Amazon AND Smashwords, and through Amazon a physical version you can order.

Altam, the city of women. It is a place protected by powerful magic, a place where only women can immigrate to. But the island city isn’t the paradise many who come to its shores for refuge expect. Just like anywhere else in the world of Alaria there is danger, poverty, and a seedy underworld.

There is also magic and the machinations of the gods. Along with them is The Corruption, a perverse and antagonistic force striving to change the nature of Alaria and corrupt even the gods themselves. Altam, although resistant to The Corruption, still fights the never-ending battle against it, only in more subtle ways than elsewhere in Alaria.

A sexy young thief named Mira is about to find herself a pawn in that often mysterious battle of corruption and sexual intrigue as the gods vie for control of her actions and those of the women around her.

Task by a crime boss to steal enchanted golden apples from a holy orchard, Mira will have to use her wiles as a thief, and a woman, to accomplish her quest. Along the way she’ll have to face off against the holy orchard’s protectors: two Vulpenite Priestesses, the sexy fox-eared and tailed women as imposing as they are sexy.

Will Mira succeed in her quest? Only the gods can decide in this interactive, highly re-readable erotic tale. You choose Mira’s path and if you don’t like the ending you reach or the way you reached it you can simply return to the beginning of the story and try again!

First, it’s shorter than most my other Choose Her Peril stories. Second, it’s written to be Amazon friendly and only has ladies in it. But there’s still plenty of kinky sex driving the interactive adventure and hopefully it’s plenty re-readable. If it does well I’ll probably end up doing a sequel. If it doesn’t, well, it was a fun little project you’ll all hopefully enjoy.

Kindle Unlimited doesn’t allow interactive fiction like this (they look at the links as an attempt to mess with page reads) so this one will remain up on Smashwords indefinitely.

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