New ebook: “Magicat’s Magical Birthday Hunt”

Cover 02

Just finished up a new “Choose Her Peril” book! It can be found on Amazon (where it will be available in print as well!) and Smashwords.

This little journey uses Magicat and a lot of her friends on a little interactive romp through Mixie’s Magical Menagerie as well as the shadow world and dreamworld! Mixie, Princess Pounce, Domina, and even Catalina find ways to share erotic treats with the birthday girl Magicat. But it’s not just friends. This is the first on-page appearance of three bad girls: Nocturnia, Anticop, and Brawnette, all who get in on the birthday fun.

Like all the magical girl stuff this was written for the Amazon market, which all of you should know what that means. Still, there’s plenty of sexy peril in here, especially when Magicat goes to dreamworld.

This erotic tale is a “Choose Her Peril Story” where the reader gets to choose the heroine’s path! YOU make the choices as you read through this interactive, one-handed read.

It’s Magicat’s birthday and all her friends have prepared a special birthday surprise for her. All the women of Mixie’s Magical Girl Menagerie, regular untransformed and magical heroines, have helped prepare the hunt with Princess Pounce serving as the thing Magicat gets to hunt.

But finding her favorite bunny-eared partner won’t be easy. Princess Pounce is hiding from her and she could be ANYWHERE, including in other magical realms. She’ll have to enter the scary shadow realm and face an old foe there along with entering the strange dreamscape of dreamworld.

Everywhere she turns Magicat will find erotic delights as her lovers, friends, and even foes make her birthday one she’ll never forget. But her day won’t be over when it ends. Thanks to a little magic she needs only to fall asleep and she’ll wake up back at the morning so she can try her birthday hunt all over again, trying a different path again!

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