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New Ebook: “Princess Pounce’s Submission Part 4”

Princess Pounce's Submission Part 4b

After a long break the next part of this serialized story is up on Amazon.

A confusing, sexually intense afternoon matinée Princess Pounce will star in. Confusing, loving aftercare from someone who is slowly revealing they are more than they seem. A dinner where the villainess Lady Iridium and a handful of her horny slave girls will “feast” on rabbit. And finally, bedtime as Princess Pounce’s second day in Lady Iridium’s Mansion of Madness comes to an end. And along with bedtime? Spoilers. And after that meek little Sara Snyder, trapped alone in a mirror, will discover the truth: the villain of the story isn’t who they all think it is.

I got pretty centered on finishing Magicat’s Submission but with that done I should be back to getting more regular work done on this story. Having taken the time to finish that story first also means I can reference it a lot more in this and allow the characters who break the fourth wall to play around with that aspect a little more (which they do HEAVILY in this part).

I’ve been getting a lot of new readers lately who are finding me through these stories. If you don’t know I have a Patreon and Subscribstar. If you back me there you can get access (usually for a limited time) to all my writing either a little early or as it’s published via a password protected page  on here (if you back at the 1$ level) of through copies of ebooks you get coupons for from Smashwords (if you back at the 3$ or higher level). With me managing to get a new ebook out just about every week now backing at the 3$ level is, if you don’t mind using Smashwords, a pretty good deal. I also have higher level backing, but for now they are just a way to show extra appreciation and don’t come with any other benefits.

Also for anyone who doesn’t know I have a discord where I’m a lot more active then I am here. I’m easy to contact there and always happy to talk about projects and have been workshopping covers with fans on there.

New Magical Girl Character Portraits

I’ve got a handful of new character portraits for characters appearing in stories I’m currently working on.

Character Portrait Becca Bowen

Becca Bowen, star of Hidden Magic. For now just a regular girl, but maybe to be revealed to be more as her story progresses.

Brianna Baltimore

Glitter Bright

Good girl Brianna Baltimore and her other Glitter Bright. Brianna Baltimore had a small appearance in Magicat’s Submission Part 9 and Glitter Bright, although mentioned, has yet to appear “on screen”. Both will be staring in “Lustsick & In Love”, the first part of which will be posted to the free story section soon.


Bubblegum thighs is one of Lady Iridium’s slave girls. After the events of Magicat’s Submission Part 10 these ghost girls now work the Magical Girl Coffee Shop, serving coffee, tasty treats, and themselves up to the magical girls along with keeping the peace in a meeting place for untransformed good AND bad girls.

Ellodie Elmore


Ellodie Elmore and her terrifying other Branwen will be the main romantic interest/antagonists of “Lustsick & In Love” although Ellodie only has a tease in the first part.

New Ebook: “Hidden Magic Part 1”

Hidden Magic Part 1b

“Hidden Magic Part 1” can be found on Amazon.

Becca Bowen, a cute girl in her early twenties, has always felt her life was missing something. She works as a delivery driver during the day and when she has the energy and money likes to go clubbing to find a girl or two to spend the evening with. It’s something that happens less often than she wishes it did and even when she finds a partner they are nearly always a disappointment as none of them ever dominate her the way she wants them to.

But it’s more than that. Becca lives a life lacking magic, yet she lives in a world where she KNOWS magic exists. The magical girls exist, the “good girls” being superpowered heroines that fight crime and other superpowered women known as “bad girls”. But that magic has always felt so far removed from her life she’s never imagined it could be part of hers.

Until she meets Mixie Moonsong.

From the very first moment with the sexy, confident, domineering blond girl on the dance floor Becca feels she has found what her life has been missing. Mixie’s intensity and overwhelming lust win her over instantly, leaving Becca prepared to go home with her. Mixie, however, demands more than a one-night stand. She wants a whole weekend, one where Becca becomes her willing slave, one where she joins the other girls she keeps as “pets” in her home.

Becca thinks at first that Mixie and her pets, Catalina and Sara, are just a kinky poly thrupple interested in a fourth partner for a weekend of sexy fun. She soon finds out the three girls are far more than that. They are magical girls and not ALL of them are good girls.

And Becca? She’s about to start an erotic journey where she discovers the magic she’s always felt she was missing has been there all along, she just needs a few magical girls to help bring it out of her.

It’s set a few months after the end of “Magicat’s Submission” and will serve as a way to explore some new aspects of the Magiforce as well as show off what the magical girls lives are like after Mixie “saved everything”. 

This started off as a cut scene from the end of Magicat’s Submission where the girl’s seduced a delivery girl. I cut it because it didn’t really add anything to the story and initially planned on doing it as a stand alone short, but as often happens the idea kind of grew. It’s now become the start of a sequel, although my intention is for the focus/point of view to remain on Becca.

I’ll be bouncing between this and Princess Pounce’s Submission till one gets done, at that point I’ll figure out what will take over the second slot (probably the Forest Witch story if my mind is in the right place for fantasy stuff at that point).

New Ebook: “Magicat’s Submission Complete Edition”

Magicat Part Complete Edition

The complete edition of Magicat’s Submission is live on Amazon. It includes all ten parts of the series in one massive book. There will be a print version of the book soon to available through Amazon but it is still publishing.

New Ebook: “Magicat’s Submission Part 10”

Magicat Part 10

The conclusion to this magical girl epic is up on Amazon.

Save the cat. Save the cat and save everything. Words of destiny Mixie Moonsong must face as the final showdown between her and Lady Iridium arrives. But first the evil villainess will have a little more fun with her willing slave Catalina while Mixie undergoes a little more sexual training with the slave girls.

Then the confrontation will come to a head and if Mixie manages to save everything she’ll have the chance to do so much more. Saving everything will require her to take control of the Entropy Orb and all its power for a few moments, just enough time to make a few changes to the world.

The conclusion sets up a sequel but I won’t be jumping right in that. For now I’ll be working on completing “Princess Pounce’s Submission” and returning to work on “The Forest Witch Servant of Baedor”.

New Ebook: “Magicat’s Submission Part 9”

Magicat Part 9c

Part 9 is up on Amazon.

The storm has made landfall and the true villainess will reveal herself along with her plot to rid the world of all the magical girls, at least the ones she considers to be the “lesser” halves.

With Catalina, and all the other magical girls, captured it will be up to Mixie Moonsong to save them but doing so won’t be easy. She’ll need to enter a mansion of erotic horror, a place where reality often changes like the blowing of the wind.

Mixie won’t be alone. She’ll have the help of the villainess’ willing slave girls as they lead her through a series of perverse sexual encounters that will test Mixie’s resolve and force her to learn more about herself and what makes her special. Meanwhile, Catalina will offer herself up to the villainess to buy time for Mixie to save her and keep the other magical girls safe.

Both girls will face deliciously perverse challenges where submission and obedience are the keys to their survival. Because even as reality is twisted and reshaped around them they know one thing: If Mixie saves the cat she can save everything.

I’ll be starting work on part 10 (which will be the final part) right away, so hopefully by this time next week the series will be finished!

New Ebook: “Magicat’s Submission Part 8”

Magicat Part 8

Part 8 is out on Amazon.

A storm is coming, one that Catalina senses will threaten the perfect life of submission, sexual bliss, and love she’s built for herself over the last week of her life. She fears something truly terrible is coming, something that means she needs to enjoy what might be the last night she has.

She’ll spend that time living out her best life, playing all the kinky games of dominance and submission and love she’s accepted she needs to be happy. She’ll play them with the love of her life Mixie Moonsong and together they will include their new girlfriend, Sara.

It’s a night of sensual dominance and submission their other halves are not invited to. A night where the not-so-magical half of the magical girls can prove that through the power of lust and love they can be every bit as magical as their other halves.

If you are a backer on Patreon or Subscribestar you’d get access to to this and all new content (although often only for a limited time).

New Ebook: “Magicat’s Submission Part 7”

Magicat Part 7

Now out on Amazon.

As dark clouds gather around their lives Catalina and Mixie will spend a night accepting and expressing their deepest feelings for each other. The night will be filled with lust, submission, dominance, and love that carries with it a magic neither of them realize the strength of.

The next morning Domina and Magicat will have a final battle where the love of their others overpowers and changes them. As one submits fully to the other both magically transformed women will feel the dark clouds drawing closer. They accept that soon their lives of domestic bliss will be interrupted and make the most of the time they have.

I’ve now got a rough outline for the rest of this series (although it won’t be the end of these characters story). Part 10 should be the last one and now that I know that I’ll probably be putting most of my creative energy into getting the series finished.

New Ebook: “Princess Pounce’s Submission Part 2”

Princess Pounce's Submission Part 2b

Part two of Princess Pounce’s time as Lady Iridium’s captive is out on Amazon.

There is pleasure in pain. There is freedom in slavery and submission. Lady Iridium is teaching Princess Pounce both of these things. But why? It’s not just for fun, that will become clear. The deal the heroine made with the villainess, to stop her from doing terrible things to the world by letting her do deliciously depraved sexual things to her, is turning out to be more than it seemed.

Lady Iridium says she’s done all the equations, that she knows the world isn’t what it seems, that “the continuity frays at the edges”. And all of that is even more true in her mansion, a confusing place of pleasure and submission, of swirling emotions and shifting reality. Princess Pounce finds she’s losing herself in it, losing herself as her desire to be a good girl and please her Mistress wins out against every other desire.

Only with some magical self-care and a confrontation with her other half, the regular girl Sara Snyder, will she remember she’s supposed to be the hero of the story. Accepting her role will only be the first step of a long road that will get weirder the longer Princess Pounce travels along it.

New Ebook: “Magicat’s Submission Part 6”

Magicat Part 6 v2

Part six of this serialized story is out on Amazon and for a limited time on Smashwords.

What starts as a quick visit from Sara at Catalina’s work turns into a day filled with sexting and dirty pictures. Lust and love mix with domination and obedience, all while dark clouds begin to surround their lives. Sara brings up a dark moment from their past, one that Magicat will later reveal more about.

At home Catalina will get to discover the joys of her new punishment room. She’s earned a lot of punishments through the day and is excited to receive them, but before she can Domina and Magicat will begin to clash. When Catalina’s time is done the battle with Magicat grows intense, with both Domina and Mixie making her submit in their own ways.

The swirling, glittering mix of pleasure, love, domination, and submission takes a pause when Catalina finds herself alone and trapped by the thing in the mirror. The dark clouds pull in closer as Mixie proves she’s willing to be the hero, at least of Catalina’s story.

If you are a backer on Patreon or Smashwords you can get early access to this ongoing series as I get chapters written.