New Ebook: “Magicat’s Submission Part 9”

Magicat Part 9c

Part 9 is up on Amazon.

The storm has made landfall and the true villainess will reveal herself along with her plot to rid the world of all the magical girls, at least the ones she considers to be the “lesser” halves.

With Catalina, and all the other magical girls, captured it will be up to Mixie Moonsong to save them but doing so won’t be easy. She’ll need to enter a mansion of erotic horror, a place where reality often changes like the blowing of the wind.

Mixie won’t be alone. She’ll have the help of the villainess’ willing slave girls as they lead her through a series of perverse sexual encounters that will test Mixie’s resolve and force her to learn more about herself and what makes her special. Meanwhile, Catalina will offer herself up to the villainess to buy time for Mixie to save her and keep the other magical girls safe.

Both girls will face deliciously perverse challenges where submission and obedience are the keys to their survival. Because even as reality is twisted and reshaped around them they know one thing: If Mixie saves the cat she can save everything.

I’ll be starting work on part 10 (which will be the final part) right away, so hopefully by this time next week the series will be finished!

One response to “New Ebook: “Magicat’s Submission Part 9”

  • Gabney

    Ahhahahaha(evil chuckle)house of mirrors and strip club combined my preferred haunts, a rather fetching rear display of Lady Ir. Irresistible,Irritable,Irrational,Irredeemable,Irradiant,Iridescent,Irreplacable.
    bet she has a gem stud in her below entrance.


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