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New Ebook: “Magicat’s Submission Complete Edition”

Magicat Part Complete Edition

The complete edition of Magicat’s Submission is live on Amazon. It includes all ten parts of the series in one massive book. There will be a print version of the book soon to available through Amazon but it is still publishing.

New Ebook: “Magicat’s Submission Part 10”

Magicat Part 10

The conclusion to this magical girl epic is up on Amazon.

Save the cat. Save the cat and save everything. Words of destiny Mixie Moonsong must face as the final showdown between her and Lady Iridium arrives. But first the evil villainess will have a little more fun with her willing slave Catalina while Mixie undergoes a little more sexual training with the slave girls.

Then the confrontation will come to a head and if Mixie manages to save everything she’ll have the chance to do so much more. Saving everything will require her to take control of the Entropy Orb and all its power for a few moments, just enough time to make a few changes to the world.

The conclusion sets up a sequel but I won’t be jumping right in that. For now I’ll be working on completing “Princess Pounce’s Submission” and returning to work on “The Forest Witch Servant of Baedor”.

New Ebook: “Magicat’s Submission Part 9”

Magicat Part 9c

Part 9 is up on Amazon.

The storm has made landfall and the true villainess will reveal herself along with her plot to rid the world of all the magical girls, at least the ones she considers to be the “lesser” halves.

With Catalina, and all the other magical girls, captured it will be up to Mixie Moonsong to save them but doing so won’t be easy. She’ll need to enter a mansion of erotic horror, a place where reality often changes like the blowing of the wind.

Mixie won’t be alone. She’ll have the help of the villainess’ willing slave girls as they lead her through a series of perverse sexual encounters that will test Mixie’s resolve and force her to learn more about herself and what makes her special. Meanwhile, Catalina will offer herself up to the villainess to buy time for Mixie to save her and keep the other magical girls safe.

Both girls will face deliciously perverse challenges where submission and obedience are the keys to their survival. Because even as reality is twisted and reshaped around them they know one thing: If Mixie saves the cat she can save everything.

I’ll be starting work on part 10 (which will be the final part) right away, so hopefully by this time next week the series will be finished!

New Ebook: “Magicat’s Submission Part 8”

Magicat Part 8

Part 8 is out on Amazon.

A storm is coming, one that Catalina senses will threaten the perfect life of submission, sexual bliss, and love she’s built for herself over the last week of her life. She fears something truly terrible is coming, something that means she needs to enjoy what might be the last night she has.

She’ll spend that time living out her best life, playing all the kinky games of dominance and submission and love she’s accepted she needs to be happy. She’ll play them with the love of her life Mixie Moonsong and together they will include their new girlfriend, Sara.

It’s a night of sensual dominance and submission their other halves are not invited to. A night where the not-so-magical half of the magical girls can prove that through the power of lust and love they can be every bit as magical as their other halves.

If you are a backer on Patreon or Subscribestar you’d get access to to this and all new content (although often only for a limited time).

New Ebook: “Magicat’s Submission Part 7”

Magicat Part 7

Now out on Amazon.

As dark clouds gather around their lives Catalina and Mixie will spend a night accepting and expressing their deepest feelings for each other. The night will be filled with lust, submission, dominance, and love that carries with it a magic neither of them realize the strength of.

The next morning Domina and Magicat will have a final battle where the love of their others overpowers and changes them. As one submits fully to the other both magically transformed women will feel the dark clouds drawing closer. They accept that soon their lives of domestic bliss will be interrupted and make the most of the time they have.

I’ve now got a rough outline for the rest of this series (although it won’t be the end of these characters story). Part 10 should be the last one and now that I know that I’ll probably be putting most of my creative energy into getting the series finished.

New Ebook: “Magicat’s Submission Part 6”

Magicat Part 6 v2

Part six of this serialized story is out on Amazon and for a limited time on Smashwords.

What starts as a quick visit from Sara at Catalina’s work turns into a day filled with sexting and dirty pictures. Lust and love mix with domination and obedience, all while dark clouds begin to surround their lives. Sara brings up a dark moment from their past, one that Magicat will later reveal more about.

At home Catalina will get to discover the joys of her new punishment room. She’s earned a lot of punishments through the day and is excited to receive them, but before she can Domina and Magicat will begin to clash. When Catalina’s time is done the battle with Magicat grows intense, with both Domina and Mixie making her submit in their own ways.

The swirling, glittering mix of pleasure, love, domination, and submission takes a pause when Catalina finds herself alone and trapped by the thing in the mirror. The dark clouds pull in closer as Mixie proves she’s willing to be the hero, at least of Catalina’s story.

If you are a backer on Patreon or Smashwords you can get early access to this ongoing series as I get chapters written.

New Ebook: “Princess Pounce’s Submission Part 1”

Princess Pounce's Submission Part 1b

The exciting begin of this new magical girl serialized story is out on Amazon.

Every transformed magical girl only ever gets a limited time to exist each day. It’s a fact the good girls use against the bad girls, defeating them by letting the villainesses “defeat” them. They play helpless heroine while the clashing of Magiforce drives both into a wild haze of sensual desires till the bad girl’s time runs out. It’s a game they play over and over, although it’s one most bad girls aren’t aware of.

The cute and buff bunny-eared heroine Princess Pounce is always eager for her time in control. She enjoys being a heroine, protecting the innocent and stopping crime. But what she likes most is facing off against the bad girls. A little fun while pretending to be defeated is something she lives for. The Magiforce, the power that gives the ability to transform, even helps draw the good girls to the bad girls.

But not all the bad girls are the same. Some are more powerful and one, the insane foot-obsessed Lady Iridium, is far more dangerous than the others. Unpredictable thanks to the voices she hears, she is always constructing new devices that are a dangerous mix of science and magic. Princess Pounce will be there when Lady Iridium finishes her newest creation, the Entropy Orb. The sinister device does more than enhance the evil woman’s powers, it keeps nearby magical girls from transforming.

Having seen the chaos Lady Iridium can cause with only a few hours to exist a day, Princess Pounce prepares for an epic battle. Lady Iridium will make her an unexpected offer: become her willing slave and in exchange she will terrorize no one but Princess Pounce.

It’s a deal the heroine readily agrees to. She does it to protect the world, it has nothing to do with getting to remain transformed as long as she stays the evil woman’s slave. And knowing the woman will be making her “suffer” through endless, delicious sexual delights has nothing to do with it either, at least that’s what she tells herself. Because Princess Pounce is the heroine of the story… isn’t she?

The story is set before Magicat’s Submission and will serve as a kind of prequel to further explore Princess Pounce and eventually her relationship with Magicat (who probably won’t appear till Part 3 at the earliest).

Character Portraits for Magicat’s Submission

I’m taking some of the renders I’ve pulled for the Magicat series and making some little character cards. The newest ones are here and I’ll start a permanent page for all of them.

character portrait Magicat

character portrait Catalina Espinar

character portrait Domina

character portrait Mixie Moonsong

character portrait Princess Pounce

character portrait Sara Snyder