New Ebook: “Princess Pounce’s Submission Part 1”

Princess Pounce's Submission Part 1b

The exciting begin of this new magical girl serialized story is out on Amazon.

Every transformed magical girl only ever gets a limited time to exist each day. It’s a fact the good girls use against the bad girls, defeating them by letting the villainesses “defeat” them. They play helpless heroine while the clashing of Magiforce drives both into a wild haze of sensual desires till the bad girl’s time runs out. It’s a game they play over and over, although it’s one most bad girls aren’t aware of.

The cute and buff bunny-eared heroine Princess Pounce is always eager for her time in control. She enjoys being a heroine, protecting the innocent and stopping crime. But what she likes most is facing off against the bad girls. A little fun while pretending to be defeated is something she lives for. The Magiforce, the power that gives the ability to transform, even helps draw the good girls to the bad girls.

But not all the bad girls are the same. Some are more powerful and one, the insane foot-obsessed Lady Iridium, is far more dangerous than the others. Unpredictable thanks to the voices she hears, she is always constructing new devices that are a dangerous mix of science and magic. Princess Pounce will be there when Lady Iridium finishes her newest creation, the Entropy Orb. The sinister device does more than enhance the evil woman’s powers, it keeps nearby magical girls from transforming.

Having seen the chaos Lady Iridium can cause with only a few hours to exist a day, Princess Pounce prepares for an epic battle. Lady Iridium will make her an unexpected offer: become her willing slave and in exchange she will terrorize no one but Princess Pounce.

It’s a deal the heroine readily agrees to. She does it to protect the world, it has nothing to do with getting to remain transformed as long as she stays the evil woman’s slave. And knowing the woman will be making her “suffer” through endless, delicious sexual delights has nothing to do with it either, at least that’s what she tells herself. Because Princess Pounce is the heroine of the story… isn’t she?

The story is set before Magicat’s Submission and will serve as a kind of prequel to further explore Princess Pounce and eventually her relationship with Magicat (who probably won’t appear till Part 3 at the earliest).

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