New Ebook: “Magicat’s Submission Part 10”

Magicat Part 10

The conclusion to this magical girl epic is up on Amazon.

Save the cat. Save the cat and save everything. Words of destiny Mixie Moonsong must face as the final showdown between her and Lady Iridium arrives. But first the evil villainess will have a little more fun with her willing slave Catalina while Mixie undergoes a little more sexual training with the slave girls.

Then the confrontation will come to a head and if Mixie manages to save everything she’ll have the chance to do so much more. Saving everything will require her to take control of the Entropy Orb and all its power for a few moments, just enough time to make a few changes to the world.

The conclusion sets up a sequel but I won’t be jumping right in that. For now I’ll be working on completing “Princess Pounce’s Submission” and returning to work on “The Forest Witch Servant of Baedor”.

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