New Ebook: “Hidden Magic Part 1”

Hidden Magic Part 1b

“Hidden Magic Part 1” can be found on Amazon.

Becca Bowen, a cute girl in her early twenties, has always felt her life was missing something. She works as a delivery driver during the day and when she has the energy and money likes to go clubbing to find a girl or two to spend the evening with. It’s something that happens less often than she wishes it did and even when she finds a partner they are nearly always a disappointment as none of them ever dominate her the way she wants them to.

But it’s more than that. Becca lives a life lacking magic, yet she lives in a world where she KNOWS magic exists. The magical girls exist, the “good girls” being superpowered heroines that fight crime and other superpowered women known as “bad girls”. But that magic has always felt so far removed from her life she’s never imagined it could be part of hers.

Until she meets Mixie Moonsong.

From the very first moment with the sexy, confident, domineering blond girl on the dance floor Becca feels she has found what her life has been missing. Mixie’s intensity and overwhelming lust win her over instantly, leaving Becca prepared to go home with her. Mixie, however, demands more than a one-night stand. She wants a whole weekend, one where Becca becomes her willing slave, one where she joins the other girls she keeps as “pets” in her home.

Becca thinks at first that Mixie and her pets, Catalina and Sara, are just a kinky poly thrupple interested in a fourth partner for a weekend of sexy fun. She soon finds out the three girls are far more than that. They are magical girls and not ALL of them are good girls.

And Becca? She’s about to start an erotic journey where she discovers the magic she’s always felt she was missing has been there all along, she just needs a few magical girls to help bring it out of her.

It’s set a few months after the end of “Magicat’s Submission” and will serve as a way to explore some new aspects of the Magiforce as well as show off what the magical girls lives are like after Mixie “saved everything”. 

This started off as a cut scene from the end of Magicat’s Submission where the girl’s seduced a delivery girl. I cut it because it didn’t really add anything to the story and initially planned on doing it as a stand alone short, but as often happens the idea kind of grew. It’s now become the start of a sequel, although my intention is for the focus/point of view to remain on Becca.

I’ll be bouncing between this and Princess Pounce’s Submission till one gets done, at that point I’ll figure out what will take over the second slot (probably the Forest Witch story if my mind is in the right place for fantasy stuff at that point).

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