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New Poll Driven Story: “The Tale of the Nemorvian Band”

It’s taken me forever to get done but I’m finally done with the new entry! As always you can find the new section below the break. If you want to read all of the story currently in the free section go here.

And just a heads up, this is a REALLY big section of story.

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New Release: “The Tale of the Nemorvian Band Part 4”

A new book up on Amazon!

The content in this book has been taken off the free section and buying this book is a great way to support me. I’m working on a new chunk of the story, but it’s going to be pretty big and might take a bit to get done.

Monthly Update

Good hello perverts! I’m going to try and get back to posting a monthly update on what I’m up to.

You may have noticed my output dropping slowly then zeroing out. I had reached genre burnout and just when I acknowledged that and prepared to switch genres my computer crapped out on me. It’s back up and running and I’ve started working on fantasy stuff again.

My focus is going to be getting new stuff published, mostly on Amazon. I’m starting by working on “The Tale of the Nemorvian Band”, getting a new Ebook up and then working on the next entry. After that I’ve got a Choose Her Peril book that’s about half done that I’ll probably work on for a bit..

Fortune City Poll Driven Story: “Little Mischief”

The new entry is pretty short and I accidentally left out a pretty important sentence from the end of the last post, so I’m just reposing the whole story as it currently is. Enjoy and make sure to vote on BOTH polls!

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Fortune City Poll Driven Story: “Gigantica”

Here is a new section of the “Gigantica” story below the break. If you want to read the story in its entirety go HERE. And remember to vote on what happens next after giving it a read!


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Poll Results

I’ve closed the poll and it has been decided that I will return to working on the Fortune City poll driven stories!

Help me decide my next project

I’ve been writing more steadily and am feeling like its time to start engaging with my fans out there a little bit. For now that’s mostly going to be through blog posts here. I encourage you all to use the comment function built into the site or to e-mail me directly at

Right now I am working on the next part of the Only Man In the Bunker story and I’m hoping I’ll be able to get it done in a week or so, but with xmas coming up my writing output might be a bit slower than the last month or so. My plan is to continue switching between a new part of that story and one other thing, but I’ve been having a hard time deciding WHAT the next “other” project should be. So I’m going to ask you all to help me decide.

What should my next “other” project be? (You can choose as many options as you want)