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Ebook Release: “The Defeat of Jungle Goddess”

The newest “Choose Her Peril” book has been released! You can find it on Amazon (and for a very limited time at Smashwords).

Jungle Goddess: worshiped by the natives of Aslal Island as a goddess, feared by evil doers as a mighty superheroine, and desired by all. Jungle Goddess has superhuman strength and agility as well as breast milk that can heal. She’s protected Aslal for as long as she has had her superpowers, always coming out on top and saving the day. But what would happen if she DIDN’T save the day, if she defeated?

In this non canonical story set in the “Heroines Perilous World” you the reader get to choose what decisions Jungle Goddess makes as she tried to save a group of kidnapped villagers. Peril lies around every corner, from the evil magic wielding Kwazulu Tribe and the savagely brutal Simphiwe Tribe to slavers and recourse greedy colonists who’ve come into the jungle form the newly settled coastal cities.

In this one-handed read (intended for adult audience ONLY) read you get to “Choose Her Peril”. This is a story where no matter what your choices are Jungle Goddess WILL be defeated and that defeat will be sexual in nature.

To be clear: this book ONLY has bad endings.

These have been outselling pretty much everything else in my catalog so I’m going to be keep working on them. If your interested in getting early looks into them you can always join my Patreon. As I get work done on the books I’m working on I post full excerpts of start to finish story threads. And if you back at 5$ or higher once the book is published you get a “free” copy on top of the monthly Ebook you get to choose!

New Tumblr

I’m going to cautiously take a step back onto Tumblr, but in a very limited way.


The Tumblr is only going to feature original 3D comics and Ebook releases (and perhaps poll driven stories when they are posted). I won’t be reposting stuff from other people or “engaging” with the public there, it’s solely a way to get my work out there/advertise it.

If you’re on Tumblr it would be really cool if you started following me and reposted stuff you liked! For now I’ll be queuing up all the 3D stuff I’ve made for my Patreon backers in the past and slowly posting them a few a day.

Free story: “The Game Master’s League of Superpowered Breast Lovers: Week Two”

Here’s the second week of this story’s game! Enjoy it while it’s up, when the story is finished I’ll be taking it down to post it as an Ebook.

If you want to read the story in its current entirety click HERE.

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Free story: “The Game Master’s League of Superpowered Breast Lovers: Week One”

I think this one might never get released as an Ebook (although that could change) and have decided to start posting it for free places.

Some info about this story since its a little different from what I normally do:

This story started out as a way to get back into the habit of writing everyday. I wanted to be writing a bunch of single sex scenes that got right to the action and came up with what at first was just a silly framing device, but the more I worked on the little sub-stories the more I started coming up with ideas for a larger background story. This is the first “week” of the story, when things were still pretty simple and straight forward. There will be six weeks in all and later weeks will start having interludes between the “scoring” sub-stories that will be building up the background/overall story.

I am randomly determining which villains score which place each week and who they score with, which has been really fun. I won’t have any idea who is going to win until I get the final week written! The random pairings also means there’s a lot of characters fucking that I wouldn’t normally put together. I’m really enjoying this, it’s been pushing me to come up with interesting ways to get these characters together and has pushed me to try and start using more diverse settings for the stories in Megatropolis. Back alleys are awesome for superheroine tales, but ALL the action shouldn’t be happening there.

These stories are also “introducing” a lot of characters I’ve never actually written into a story before. Some of them have appeared in visual stuff and some of them have just been in my head for a while. I’ve tried to write this the way I do most of my stories: not assuming someone reading it has read any of my other heroine stuff. So new or old character, there should be enough in each of the mini stories to get a feel for who the characters are. And I’m sure the pictures at the start of each scoring event will help you picture things too.

So, onto the story! (which can also be found HERE, where the story will live in its entirety as its added to)

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New Release: “Superheroine Tales To Arouse 3”

The newest collection of Heroines Perilous World shorts is now available at Amazon and Smashwords!

This short story collection includes six all new Heroines Perilous World stories, full of kinky, sexy goodness! At over 40,000 words this one handed read will please all fans of superheroines in peril but is intended or adult audiences ONLY!

Gravity Girl and the Heroine Recertification Test – Gravity Girl is young and full of confidence but when it’s time for her to get recertified to be a superheroine she worries she might not pass the test, especially since using her powers to strenuously causes her breasts to… grow.

The Birth of The Grower – Bovine Justice is staring in Megatropolis’ newest supervillain’s origin story, she just doesn’t know it. The young man that will soon become The Grower has just discovered his powers and what they can do to others, but he’s struggling with how using them makes a certain body part grow to inhuman size. Luckily, for him at least, Bovine Justice has arrived just in time to help him figure out what to use his powers for.

Crimson Tide’s First Day – She might be a decade older than most other graduates from The Academy, but Crimson Tide is no less ready to fight crime. But her first day patrolling the streets aren’t going to be exactly what she hoped for when she accepts some free food from a shady street vendor then gets some very personal introductions to some of the towns more colorful locals.

Brickhouse Vs. The Grower – The Grower is comfortable with his powers now and has become an expert at using them on superheroines. When he runs into Brickhouse he’s at first disappointed, having hoped to encounter a heroine with larger breasts. But hulking red skinned heroine has a secret, a secret The Grower will love, and its hidden under her special bra…

Archbaroness Interviewed! – Archbaroness is being interviewed live on TV and the host has ensured that she’s going to be answering each question with total honesty. A fun short where all the in story questions were submitted by real world fans!

Brain Master Interviewed! – Up next is one of Megatropolis’ most infamous supervillains. He’ll be answering each question with complete honesty before the whole city. Once again, all the questions in this story were submitted by real world fans!

My Patreon backers got access to each of these stories as they were finished AND 5$ level and higher backers received a free copy of the ebook. If you like my work you should think about joining and backing me!

New free story: Archbaroness Interviewed!

You can find it here.

All of the questions in the story were submitted by fans! I had a blast writing this one. There isn’t any sex scenes in it but there is a lot of dirty talk and public humiliation.

Archbaroness Interview

Alright, I saw something that gave me an idea: Create an in-universe interview with one of my superheroine characters based on questions from people in the real world. So let’s start with Archbaroness! Imagine that the question is going to be asked to her in a situation where she HAS to answer the question honestly and in detail. Leave any question ideas you can think up here (everything from silly to super kinky) as a comment or, if you don’t want them seen publicly, send them as a private message or e-mail them to me at


Depending on how many questions I get and what they are this might get turned into a comic or it might get turned into a short story.