“Fap to Superheroines Presents Brickhouse” Released!

Fap To Heroines Presents Brickhouse Cover

You can find the new Ebook on Smashwords.

Brickhouse is about to discover there is a limited-edition girly mag staring her circulating. As shocking as that discovery is, the truth of who published and why they want her to star in a special “interactive” broadcast is even more shocking and will leave Archbaroness forever shook.

This 12,000+ word one-handed read contains explicit sexual material and is intended for adult audiences ONLY.

This one leans pretty heavily into Brickhouse’s shame and madness related to her breasts. The general story flow is the same as the last one of these stories, although I’ve decided to start doing a “Morning of” chapter in these. There will be another one featuring another heroine at one point, but I’ll need a bit to brainstorm ways to make the next one feel different while sticking to the same formula.

If you are interested in getting early access to stories like this, along with copies of Ebooks once they are finished, please think about becoming a backer on either Patreon or Subscribestar.

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