New Ebook “The Megatropolis Amazons Volume 3”

The newest volume of the Megatropolis Amazons ongoing adventures is out! You can find it HERE, exclusively on Amazon.

This Heroines Perilous World story continues the ongoing tales of the Megatropolis Amazons. Archbaroness, Psychia, Champion Girl, Brickhouse, and Lab Rat are Megatropolis’ first line of defense against all the perverted superpowered threats that lurk in the dark corners of the city.

The artificial intelligence Adaptatron has adapted but knows he needs protection from magic-wielding superheroines. He will enlist the help of the supervillainess Enchantamentia, offering her an item whose power he little understands in return for those protections.

Meanwhile, the Megatropolis Amazons, along with their ally Opel Enchantress move to rescue their teammate Brickhouse from the sinister clutches of Enchantamentia.

At over 16,000 words this one-handed read will please all fans of superheroines in peril but is intended for adult audiences ONLY!

The book advances the plot while setting up even bigger things to come. I’ve been getting pretty regular writing in and am hoping I can start plugging away at volume four once I’ve got it fully outlined.

If your interested in getting an early look at this, and any other future projects, please think about becoming a backer on Patreon or Subscribestar.

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