New Ebook “Magicat’s Submission Part 3”

Magicat Part 3 v3

The newest book in this serialized story is out on Amazon.

Catalina and Mixie are realizing they aren’t and have never been Magicat and Domina, that both women they transform into are separate entities that have been controlling them.

Catalina, whose life till then has been one of passive waiting till she can transform into Magicat, is for the first time feeling it is enough. She is happy with her new life full of submission, bondage, and nonstop lust. But that means she no longer needs Magicat the way she used to which has left the two halves growing further apart.
While Magicat struggles with her loss of control over Catalina she also finds she’s losing the power she’s had over Domina as well. She will lash out at the unfamiliar sense of powerlessness as she goes from pretending to submit to experiencing true submission.

As Domina and Mixie further structure their life around being Catalina and Magicat’s Mistress they are becoming more separate yet managing to grow closer. Their connection to the Magiforce is becoming clearer, allowing them to dominate Magicat better. Both are working well together, yet the emotions that Catalina is making Mixie feel will lead to the beginning of a power struggle between them.

Meanwhile Catalina will accidentally draw her ex-girlfriend Sara, another magical girl, into the mess she’s gotten herself into.

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