New Ebook “Magicat’s Submission Part 2”

Magicat Part 2

The second part of this serialized story is out on Amazon.

Catalina wakes to a new life, one where she and her alter-ego Magicat have submitted completely to her roommate Mixie Moonsong and her alter-ego, bad girl Domina. Her life of submission begins with surprises, new rules, and treats. Along the way mousy, plump little Catalina will for the first time interact with the Domina, the beautiful but imposing villainess her other self has spent so much time battling. The encounter is terrifying yet highly sexually gratifying.

Things go less smoothly when Mixie Moonsong comes face to face with Magicat. The transformed magical girl is not as ready to submit to Catalina’s bossy roommate, nor is she eager to have her life mixing so openly with that of her other half. Mixie Moonsong might not have any of her transformed alter-ego’s powers but in the end she WILL make Magicat submit.

After their intense confrontation is over Catalina returns to discover more of what her life of submission will be like. A slice of domestic bliss that will end in a night of intimate treats and further passions in the morning as her true feelings for Mixie Moonsong begin to become apparent to her.

It will be a whirlwind day in their lives that will be just the beginning of Magicat and Catalina’s ongoing submission to Domina and Mixie Moonsong.

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