New Ebook “The Forest Witch Servant of Pollena Part 4”

Servant of Pollena Part 4

You can find the latest Forest Witch ebook on Amazon.

It is finally time for Tynian to begin meeting the mysterious and terrifying guardians of Pollena’s honey, the Forest Witch’s “precious darlings”. Their presence takes acclimating to, so they will be introduced to Tynian before she is introduced to them. This provides an opportunity for Tynian to learn more about the freedom and joy that can be found in bondage.

Tynian’s romance with the girl in the mirror deepens as she helps the girl begin to explore her new ability to form a full spectral body to interact with the world outside her mirror. But the girl has begun to realize how little time she has left with Tynian. As her mood darkens she clings to her Elven lover with more desperation.

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