“The Christmas Gift: Archbaroness” Released!

The new ebook is out just in time for the holidays! You can purchase it on Smashwords or if you’re backing at the 3$ level or higher you can get a copy through my Patreon or Subscribestar.

It’s Christmas time and the curvaceous superheroine Archbaroness is eager to spread some holiday cheer but the kind of “cheer” she’s about to spread is not what she had in mind.

Someone from her past is about to reappear in her life alongside the body-controlling supervillainess Mary-Annette. Mary-Annette has been hired to ensure this mysterious figure gets the only present he’s ever wanted: Archbaroness. She’s going to give him everything he wants and more, but first she’ll be helping Archbaroness spread some holiday cheer at a signing in a comic book shop full of her horniest male fans.

This 28,000+ word one-handed read contains sexually explicit content and is intended for adult audiences ONLY.

The book centers around Mary-Annette’s body control powers with one chapter dedicated to public humiliation before moving on to more private settings. I’ve also leaned heavily into NOT writing for the Amazon market, as this book is only up on Smashwords, and the content is a little more explicit and “extreme” than my stuff normally is.

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