New Ebook: “The Awakening Part 2”

you can find the newest part of this serialized story on Amazon and for a limited time on Smashwords.

The Woodchopper and the Peasant Girl’s lives have gone from simple to magically complicated as they take on the burden of nursing Dunla, the girl who fell out of the mirror, back to health. But a dark and ominous warning from her monstrous future self sets high stakes. Can they help the confused Dunla avoid her fate and, through love, lust, and affection, ensure she never becomes the Terror of the Eternal Night?

Erotic mysteries abound as the Woodchopper spends another night with the imposing Forest Witch. There she’ll learn there is freedom in bondage and pleasure in pain. She’ll also learn more about the past of the girl in the mirror, a past that is one and the same with the girl who fell out of the mirror. Through it all this one-handed read is full of BDSM kinkery and Sapphic joy.

There’s a LOT of Dunla in this, both as the girl in the mirror, The Terror of the Eternal Night (who I think has her first official “on screen” appearance here) and as the girl who came through the mirror. Even if you read all the other stories with her in it hopefully there’s still some mystery over what’s really going on and where the story will go. But, as it’s mostly a one-handed read, it’s the journey more than the destination I suppose.

Also of note, for those who read “The Fall of Almerry Keep” before it got taken down, yes, I’m keeping the broad outlines of what happened to Dunla in that version of the story. Eventually that will be reworked and be part of The Forest Witch Servant of Baedor, but I probably won’t be coming back to that one till after one of the other Alaria things I’m working on is done.

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