New Ebook: “Lustsick & in Love”

Lustsick & In Love Part 1d

The reworking of the story “Lustsick & in Love Part 1” is out now on Amazon an for a limited time on Samshwords.

Brianna Baltimore is a magical girl, able to transform into a superpowered superheroine. But unlike her other, the radiant Glitter Bright, Brianna has yet to be able to embrace the sensual magic her life has to offer her.

Enter her friends Catalina and Sara. Fellow magical girls, they plan on helping Brianna find the magic in her by getting her to open up and live out some of the kinky, submissive fantasies she has. They start by introducing her to a special girl at the Magical Girl Coffee Shop, a place full of lust and magic, and they’ll continue by eventually taking matters into their own hands.

Meanwhile, as those events play out, a mysterious new girl named Ellodie Elmore has shown up at the Magical Girl Coffee Shop. A gorgeous, orange-red-haired, freckle-faced girl that Brianna has been crushing on. Only she suspects the girl isn’t like them, she suspects she’s a BAD girl, her other not a heroine like hers but instead a supervillainess.

Part one of this serialized, one-handed read begins Brianna and Ellodie’s story of enemies to turned to lovers. It’s full of hot, submissive lesbian sex and impact play.

This story is going to be close to the tone of Magicat’s Submission, with the driving force being the love story. But my intention is for the “enemies” part of “enemies to lovers” to last longer than it did in Magicat’s Submission.

My plan next is to get Part 5 of Princess Pounce’s Submission done then cycle through the three projects I have going till one starts to reach an ending then concentrate on it.

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