New Ebook “Magicat’s Submission Part 1”

Magicat Part 1 v2

The first part of a new Amazon friendly serialized story is out and can be found HERE.

Blessed with powers that let them transform into beautiful and powerful superheroines for a limited amount of time, the magical girls protect the innocent and fight crime. But they aren’t the only ones blessed with powers from the Magiforce. There are other girls who use the powers the Magiforce has bestowed upon them in much more selfish ways.

The magical girls have complicated relationships with these villainesses they refer to as “bad girls”. The clashing of opposing Magiforce creates powerful feedback in both girls, leading to intense sexual feelings. For those pure of heart, the heroines, this produces strong feelings of submissiveness, feelings the bad girls are more than happy to indulge in.

When the magical girls clash there is little fighting, instead, it is a clash of enemies becoming lovers. A battle of domination and submission. Yet these clashes of sapphic indulgence are not what the villainesses think they are. They may always end up having their way with the magical girls that oppose them, but in the end when their Magiforce starts to run out and they must return to their everyday alter-egos it will be with their evil plans foiled due to the sexual distraction the magical girl they’ve dominated has caused.

Ever since her alter ego Catalina has moved in with her new roommate Mixie, the magical girl Magicat has been having a lot of run-ins with the villainess Domina. With all of her plans foiled, bad girl Domina has decided it’s time to put an end to the busty feline’s medaling. She’s decided she’ll discover her secret identity and put an end to her meddling by removing that person from the picture.

Her search comes to an early and unexpected end when she discovers the startling truth: her mousy, bookish Latina roommate Catalina is the sexy feline heroine’s alter-ego! The truth comes out during an unexpected night of passion between Mixie and Catalina and leads to something even more unexpected: Magicat’s complete sexual submission to Domina AND Mixie!

The story will only feature sex between women and won’t have any non-con in it (although one could argue the basic premise is pretty dub-con heavy). It will be heavy on BDSM elements as well as develop slowly into a romance.

On a side note: I recently reached genre burnout on fantasy stuff and this is part of a creative pivot for the time being. For now I’m just going to be working on this and one other project and once I get the ball rolling on the other one I’ll hopefully be able to get new parts of their stories out at a regular pace till they are done.

2 responses to “New Ebook “Magicat’s Submission Part 1”

  • Jamaican

    Magicat’s costume is so sexually enigmatic, split in two like her mind.

    Outside of universe is the magiforce like the midichlorian force or a result of some experimental genetics?

    Appleve, bad girl can drug fruit to turn women lesbian and men gay, wears a snake skin great kilt, barefoot.

    Ma Beaver, bad girl fur fanatic with oral hygiene kink, home base the den.

    Bubblee, at height of arousal can engulf fifty people in floaty spheres.


    • philohunter

      I haven’t really decided much about the Magiforce other than it’s pulling some strings and the girls aren’t as aware of it as they think. I’ll probably keep it vague so it can be/do whatever the stories needs. But definitely not genetic. Leaning in to pure magic for this.

      Love all those ideas! I’ll keep them in mind should I ever expand this universe. There will be other magical girls in this story but probably just heroines. Part three introduces one, although I don’t think we’ll see Princess Pounce transformed “one screen” in it.


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