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“The Defeat of Little Red” Version 0.4 Released!

The newest version of the visual novel game is out and be found at the bellow links:

PC Version

Mac Version

Here is what’s new in this edition:

– Added in all the typo/spelling corrections people caught and told me about. Also made some minor tweaks to dialog/a picture or two for “realism” (such as making it so the IntelliTek scientist doesn’t pick her up by the neck).

– Added in a new villain, Brain Master! He has mind control powers and we get to see them in action, but the first run through of his encounters ends pretty fast with the heroine Lab Rat saving Little Red.

– Which means I’ve added in the first “saved by” encounter! When saved by Lab Rat you can go back to Freedom Tower with here where there are actually already TWO encounters fleshed out there (The run through The Gasser led to Lab Rat so I just continued that path and did a second encounter with her). If I did the coding right you won’t be able to run into her twice in one play through, but the game is meant to be highly replay-able the closer it gets to being finished.

– Added a new event to The Gasser. Starting from the first string of choices you can now choose to throw a breast growth grenade. I tried to make this encounter feel different, both visually and dialog wise, from the breast growth encounter with The Gasser that’s already in the game. Hopefully you’ll all find it enjoyable.

– The Gasser also now has lead ins for Lab Rat to save Little Red, as mentioned above. And again, if my coding is right these options won’t show up if you’ve already encountered Lab Rat.

– There is a new string of events for the Sewer Monster, who has also been relabeled as an Underman to bring him more in line with pre-established stories and a new playable character in my Predator and Prey card game (the newest update isn’t with the villain isn’t out yet, still ironing out rules via play testing).

– Added in a new section to the IntelliTek ending area. You can now test out a bimbofication drug on her!

So, moving forward I will be adding to almost every established section. The African ending is on hold till I can find/buy some new files. What I have right now doesn’t really work/look good for any of the things I want to do.

I’ve also done everything I originally had planned for the IntelliTek ending. I’m okay with leaving it how it is, but I’m also okay with adding to it. What do you all think? Any suggestions for things to add? To tweak?

And as always let me know about an error you run across including typos. And if you have any suggestions throw them my way, I’m open to tweaking dialog and individual pictures to slowly make the game all the more better.

“The Defeat of Little Red” Visual Novel Game V0.2 Released!

The second version of the superheroine peril visual novel game I’m working on has been released!

You can find the PC version HERE and the Mac version HERE (a big thanks to the Hypnopics Collective for hosting these files).

If you like what you see so far (its still REALLY early in development) you should head on over to my Patreon and pledge some financial support. As of now I’m using 100% of the money raised through there to purchase new files to use in making the game.

“The Defeat of Little Red v0.1” Visual Novel Game Released!


Most Current Version of Game:

PC Download

Mac Download

Hey all, this is my first attempt at a ren’py game set in my Heroines Perilous World setting. It will be very similar to the “Defeat of” Choose Your Own Adventure books I’ve published on Amazon, only with pictures. The point of the game will be to direct the heroine, Little Red, into defeat during her first day as a superheroine in Megatropolis.

If you’d like to support this game please head on over to my patreon page an make a pledge.

Right now there aren’t actually any choices you can really choose. I’ve just followed one string of choices straight through to the end. But over the next few weeks I’m going to be going back and fleshing out choices for all of these things with The Gasser.

As of now I’m making it so only the options that actually lead to content show up. I’m doing this mostly so there aren’t tons of dead ends (which I know frustrated a lot of people).

Moving forward I’m going to keep on working on this game for now before going back and restarting Red Raven Keep. Which leads me to a question for my backers/those following: Would you rather see more frequent uploads with lesser content added, or just one or two larger updates every month with a lot more content all at once?

Also I want to stress to anyone giving the game a try that I am open to any and all constructive criticism. I want to slowly polish this into a game/visual novel that people love, so of there is specific dialog or pictures that need work let me know. If there are things you want to see let me know too and if I can I’ll try and work it into future updates.

Prepping for the reboot of the Infiltration game

Okay, I think I have settled on how I am going to tackle the program reboot once I have my new computer: I am going to go for character driven cyoa style visual novel, but that will feel like a game because the main character will have a mission they are trying to accomplish.

I’m going to keep the setting/set up roughly the same: the main character is working for Baedor, trying to sneak something into a Sisterhood keep. Will keep roughly the same scenes/sets I was using before, although the things happening in them might feel a bit dynamic as I will be doing more comic book style renders. Going to leave the Sisterhood characters about the same and in the same places, but I think I might flush out who is in the tavern at the beginning, maybe add in a tavern wench and make that first elf part of a party of all female adventurers. That gives me a bunch of scenes and antagonists ready to go.

What I won’t have ready are protagonists. I’ve decided that instead of one single protagonist there will be a number of them that you the player can choose from at the beginning of the game. Even though the game itself will probably end up fairly short, with around nine female characters to encounter, but probably only doing stuff with a handful of them in each play through. But having a roster of “playable” main characters would make the game highly re-playable.

I think my plan is going to be this: I’ll start with a single playable character and finish the entire game’s options for them, then go back and do another character and do the entire game for them. So what I need from you all is help choosing which character I should do first. You’ll find a poll below with the ideas I have for characters, which ever one has the most votes when my new computer shows up is who I’ll start working on first.

Oh, one quick note: I fully intend to add at least one female protagonist, but I want to get at least one male one done before I do that.

You’ll find the poll at the link below. You an vote on up to 3 options, and like I said whichever has the most votes when I get my computer is who I’ll work on first.

Announcing a new Patreon and the creation of Visual Novel Games!

Greetings all, I am now making visual novel games using Ren’Py! If your interested in gaining access to them, both those in progress and finished, you’ll need to become a patron of my Patreon page. Right now I have to pledge levels set up:

1$ a month gives you access to all the early release, play test needed versions of games.

5$ a month will give you access to all of the early release versions, as well as completed versions of games. And this level will also allow access to ALL previously finished games. Right now that isn’t anything, but with every game I finish that number will grow and grow!

The game I am currently working on:


It is set in a fantasy world that draws from my Alarian stories.

You play an unnamed agent working for the dark, pervers god Baedor. You have been dasked with infiltration on of the Sisterhood of Ritiousness’ keeps, your mission to place a magic ring on the bases commander.

This is my first game so I am trying to keep things farily simple. The plays basicly as a choose your own adventure book, with visual illistrations all the way through. The game will be heavy on erotic mind control and at the moment also contains a little breast growth.