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How and Where You Can support Me

Good hello everyone! I wanted to make a post letting everyone know how and where you can support me and what you can get for doing so. I’m trying to do a MAJOR refocusing on writing and am hoping to be getting a much more steady workflow done with much more publishing. I’m going to be trying to do more than one thing at once, getting free stuff published on here as well as Ebooks, with a mix of new and half finished projects being worked on.


So, where and how can you support me?


Amazon and Smashwords

The simplest way to support me, especially if you’ve only discovered my erotica recently, is by buying some of my Ebooks. The prices are the same on both sites but as of right now Smashwords has more titles since they are less restrictive when it comes to the kind of content that can be posted. Also, if you are reading Ebooks you bought on either site writing a review helps increase a books visibility and is always appreciated. Even bad reviews can be helpful, something that turned you off in a story might be exactly what another reader is looking for.


I recently had to make some major changes to my Patreon and lost a good majority of my backers. I’ve made some changes to try and get some of them to come back and try and entice some new backers, and hopefully what I’m now offering won’t end up getting my account closed.

There are three backing levels:

1$ – This is still the tip jar. You’re not getting anything other than the warm glow of supporting me. I post plenty of free stuff elsewhere and this is a good way to thank me. One dollar might mot seem like a lot, but even a few backers at this level makes a big difference in my life and I really appreciate this level of support.

3$ – At this level I will email you a copy of any new Ebooks I finish (and maybe single stories). There is no guarantee I’ll get these out on any kind of regular schedule, but hopefully as I refocus on writing and my health remains good I can get out at least one or two a month. If you’ve already purchased/read most of what I have published this is probably the best level to back me at.

5$ – At this level you get what the 3$ level gets and I’ll also send out an email at the start of the month asking you to chose out one of my past published Ebooks on Smashwords and I will then send you a code to get a copy. This is the best level to back if you haven’t purchased/read most of my back catalog. I’ve enough Ebooks published on Smashwords to support new books for you for over three years of backing.

The big advantage to backing on Patreon is they take Paypal and you only have to give them limited financial and personal information. The HUGE downside is that I can’t post any of my content to the feed there and have to send everything out over Email, and that there is still a chance they could decide I’m not in compliance with their rules and shut me down (fingers crossed that doesn’t happen).


This was the only real alternative to Patreon that I could find. I am able to post things to the feed there as long as I keep it to written work (which is pretty much all I’m doing for now). I can post stories directly to the feed as well as coupon codes for Ebooks without having to email them directly to backers.

Like Patreon there are three backing levels and are all really similar but altered slightly to fit the extra stuff I can do on the site:

1$ – This is still the tip jar and you’ll get access to any stories/chapters of stories I post directly to the feed.

3$ – At this level you’ll get to see the coupon codes for free copies of any new Ebooks I publish.

5$ – At this level you get everything above plus I’ll message you once a month and ask you to choose out an Ebook from my back catolog on Smashwords.

The big advantage of backing on SubscribeStar is access to content directly through the site and more certainty of stability. I feel like I have a pretty clear understanding of what content is avaiable there and am not afraid they will close my account. Sadly, there are a lot of downsides. The main one is that they DON’T accept Paypal, if you want to back you have to give them an actual credit card/bank account. The other big down side is that their site just isn’t as polished as Patreon. When I post stories they are pretty long and there is no option to hide most of the post behind a spoiler bar, which means scrolling down through the feed can take time. And I’m not certain about this but the feed MIGHT not display more than the most recent 20 or so posts.



As of right now that’s how you can support me. And I just want to say again how much I appreciate every dollar of financial support I get.