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“The H.M.R.D. Files Part 1: Hucow Success” Released!

hmrd logs 1 cover

A brand new book is published and ready to be purchased on Amazon!

The Company’s Human Mammary Research Division has been busy creating a formula that will make a woman lactate special milk. This milk can then be used as a highly effective male enhancement. The team working on the project has come close, succeeding in creating the milk they want but not in keeping the women producing it stable.

That was, until now.

“The H.R.M.D. Files Part 1: Hucow Success” tells the story of the team’s first success. See Missy, the awkward, thick, big breasted test subject go from a hopeful candidate to the full blown hucow.

This 14,000+ word one-handed read is intended for adult audiences ONLY and contains explicit sexual situations. It contains a naive, large breasted woman turned into a sex crazed human cow, mild breast growth, lactation play, and erotic mind manipulation, as well as plenty of hot doctor on patient sex!

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