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Version 0.11 of “Predator and Prey: The Heroines Perilous World Card Game” Released!

Hey all, new update to the game!!! You can download the files you need HERE.



Here’s what’s new:


– As always there have been a lot of little tweaks to many of the cards throughout all of the sets, little balancing things here and there.

– There’s a few new cards in the Prey’s action Deck, a handful of new Prey with some interesting mechanics AND a brand new playable villain: The Undermen. Their play style is unlike any of the other decks and they gain victory points in a totally different manner (they must defeat female Prey and impregnate them, gaining victory points and new cards for their deck by letting their young gestate in the defeated women).

– Plenty of new art! And The Gasser’s deck now has complete artwork!!!! There is also artwork on all the Predator’s main cards and almost all of the Prey minus a few of the new ones.

– The rules also have an updated coupon for a free ebook on smashword as a thank you to everyone that gives the game a try.



I’ve gotten to play test a lot recently with a group of friends and have found that it is definitely most fun with other people, although you should expect a lot of giggling. I’m going to keep adding artwork, keep adding new villains and Prey, and keep tweaking the rules for balancing purposes. If any of you print it out and give it a try I’d love to hear any comments you have, especially about tweaks you feel the game needs to balancing issues.


Some people have asked about a digital version. It is totally possible to get the game to work in either Table Top Simulator on Steam or Lackey CCG, but the coding needed for both of those is a little above what I am capable of. If anyone does port the game into either of those engines I’d love copies of the files to share with other people.


And as always the game is free (and a big thank you to the Hypnopics Collective for hosting the files), but if you’d like to show your support/help me finance new files for rendering more art work you can head on over to my Patreon and pledge a support. Pledges range from $1 through $30 and even at the lowest pledge level you’ll get access to a ton of artwork.

“The Defeat of Little Red v0.3” Visual Novel Game Released!


Alright everyone, the newest version of the game is ready for play testing!

You can find the PC version HERE.
You can find the Mac Version HERE.
((A special thanks to the Hypnopics Collective for hosting the files))

Here’s the change log for this version:

– Added in all the typo/spelling corrections people have caught and told me about. Slight tweaks to some of the introductory dialog.
– Added in the first run through of a new section, with a hulking red sewer mutant. Eventually there will be options to be taken down or choose to go down into the sewer and face more of them. But that will require purchasing some new files.
– Added a new set of choices to The Gasser’s section.
– Added in a new choice during the IntelliTek ending.

As some of you may notice, there isn’t any changes to the white slavery ending. I had something planned for that that I worked on for a few days, but the files I had for what I was attempted looked awful. The idea will have to wait till I have the funds for some new sets.

And as always I want to hear any suggestions you have and please point out anything that needs fixing/tweaking. AND if you’re feeling kind you can always head to Patreon to financially support the project and get pretty frequent updates.

Announcing a new Patreon and the creation of Visual Novel Games!

Greetings all, I am now making visual novel games using Ren’Py! If your interested in gaining access to them, both those in progress and finished, you’ll need to become a patron of my Patreon page. Right now I have to pledge levels set up:

1$ a month gives you access to all the early release, play test needed versions of games.

5$ a month will give you access to all of the early release versions, as well as completed versions of games. And this level will also allow access to ALL previously finished games. Right now that isn’t anything, but with every game I finish that number will grow and grow!

The game I am currently working on:


It is set in a fantasy world that draws from my Alarian stories.

You play an unnamed agent working for the dark, pervers god Baedor. You have been dasked with infiltration on of the Sisterhood of Ritiousness’ keeps, your mission to place a magic ring on the bases commander.

This is my first game so I am trying to keep things farily simple. The plays basicly as a choose your own adventure book, with visual illistrations all the way through. The game will be heavy on erotic mind control and at the moment also contains a little breast growth.

Heroines Perilous World the Card Game: Predator and Prey update!

There is another new version of the card game out, found here.

There were a few small tweaks to the rule book, a few cards in all the decks, but mostly the update includes a ton of new art. Most of the Prey and Predator character cards now have artwork, and the Prey Action deck has a bunch of new artwork!

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Heroines Perilous World the Card Game: Predator and Prey update!

You can find the new version of the game HERE.

There’s a handful of new illustrations, all in the prey action deck. There were a few small, but major, changes to the rules, so read them carefully! And MANY of the cards in all of the decks were changes. If your playing with physical copies it’s almost certainly time to reprint them all out. If your using a digital program the individual files are in there for you too!

I know it wasn’t that long ago that I post an update, but there were a lot of significant changes. The next update probably won’t be for a while as I don’t foresee needing to make this many rules changes again AND I really want to have way more illustrations done in the next upload. I’ll probably keep concentrating on getting done what I can for the Prey deck, since that one gets used every game.

Heroines Perilous World Card Game Update

I’ve finished recreating the Prey cards and am just about done with the Prey Action deck. Once I get all of those done I will move on to the Predator decks. As of now I don’t plan on trying to create any new cards till at least after I have all the old cards recreated.

Because I lost everything I am also having to redo all of the illustrations I had done. My plan is to concentrate on the Prey cards and Prey deck and try to get the illustrations on those completely finished before I move on to any of the Predator decks. I probably won’t do a new upload until I have most of the illustrations done for the Prey deck, unless I get some play test feedback in before then that leads to any major changes in cards.

Also, since I had to start from scratch the cards aren’t going to look exactly like they did before. The action cards are pretty close, although the fonts are slightly different. The biggest changes went into the Prey and Predator cards which I slightly redesigned.


As you can see the way a Prey’s stats are displayed have been changed. Whether the character is male or female is no longer a keyword but displayed as an icon alongside their name. On the opposite side is the Victory Point value of the card, more prominently displayed. I also got rid of the shields behind the Defense stats, as I was never really happy with how they looked once they were printed out.

And again, for those interested, HERE is the link for the last uploaded version of the game.