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Predator and Prey: Heroines Perilous World the Card Game UPDATE

Got a HUGE update to Predator and Prey: Heroines Perilous World the Card Game!

– Close to 50 new illustrations.
– Tons of new cards to the Prey decks.
– 3 new playable supervillains, (Pink Obsession who is basicly a gender swapped Cape Crusher; Pussy Whip you has an electric whip that she likes to, well that should be obvious; “Officer” Alia, a futa themed supervillainess who poses as a cop)
– tons of little rules and wording tweaks on probably like half the cards.

Download HERE

I’ve gotten to play test the game a TON now at this point and I have to say it is REALLY fun in groups. Lots of giggling as you read off what you do to the heroines and plenty of chances for them to get one over on you.

I know that the biggest thing holding people back from being able to play is how much ink it would take to print the game out (even just the Prey decks and one villain would be a ton). If your not lucky enough to have Laser printer is might be just too expensive. I’m going to be concentrating my efforts between now and the next update towards finishing off the art work for a couple more of the villain’s decks (at least 2 of them are getting close) along with the Prey decks. Once I’ve got all that done I’m going to look into maybe trying to get them printed up through a print on demand place, there are places that do cards for about $.05 a card.

Heroines Perilous World the Card Game: Predator and Prey Version 0.10 released!

Alright, the newest version uploaded and ready! Here’s the link.

Major changes:

– A new playable character: The Enlarger. She is a supervillain that permanently enlarges the breasts of heroines and public figures and blackmails them for the antidote. She also has the powerful bimbo ray in her deck.
– A ton of artwork added to Prey Action deck. Also a smattering of artwork in all other decks, and The Gasser is now only a few cards from being finished.
– Adaptatron and Brain Master have undergone major balancing since the last release.
– Every playable character now has rules that allow/force other players to join in attacks making multiplayer games much more interactive.
At this point the game is 100% playable and all that is left is minor balancing tweaks as well as the art work!

Also in celebration of the new playable character you will find at the end of the rules a code to get a free ebook (“Champion Girl Vs The Enlarger) from Smashwords!

Heroines Perilous World the Card Game: Predator and Prey Version 0.9 released!

There is a brand new, updated version of the card game ready for download HERE.

  • The Gasser’s deck now has nearly complete artwork with just a handful of cards left to pull renders for.
  • The Prey deck and their actions cards have all undergone heavy play testing and balancing along with some light balancing on Cape Crusher and Mary-Annette’s decks.
  • There has been an all around attempt to weed out all of the typos, although I’m sure there are still plenty left.
  • Two brand new, playable villains have been added: Adaptatron and Brain Master. Like all of the other villains, their play style feels fairly different to the other villains. Adaptatron has a lot of small bonuses that stay in play and stack, while Brain Master’s deck is almost exclusively sexual attacks but targeted at both genders. But be warned, neither character has had any real play testing yet.

Heroines Perilous World the Card Game: Predator and Prey update!

I’ve got another small update to the game uploaded. You can find it HERE.

This update includes some new art (mostly in the Gasser’s deck, but one or two in the Prey action deck and plenty of new illustrations on Prey cards), and a few rules tweaks to the Prey action deck.

There probably won’t be another update for a while. I’m feeling kind of burnt out and am going to take a break from the project to work on a comic or two before coming back and working on it again. Which is good news for my comic fans

New Version of “Heroines Perilous World the Card Game: Predator and Prey”

You can downloaded the updated files HERE.

The Gasser’s artwork has been greatly expanded. There is also a bunch of new cards in the Prey action deck and 4 new Prey, making this a significant update to the game. And as a thank you to everyone who downloads and tries the game out there is a coupon code in the back of the rule book for a free Heroines Perilous World book on Smashwords.

Heroines Perilous World the Card Game: Predator and Prey update!

There is another new version of the card game out, found here.

There were a few small tweaks to the rule book, a few cards in all the decks, but mostly the update includes a ton of new art. Most of the Prey and Predator character cards now have artwork, and the Prey Action deck has a bunch of new artwork!

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Heroines Perilous Card Game back on!

I’m starting the slow, grueling work of recreating all the files for the “current” version of the Heroines Perilous Card Game. Because I lost all of my files I not only have to recreate the base cards and then re-enter all the text, I also need to retake all of the renders I pulled. Now that I’m working on it again I’ll probably start doing some more play testing. Because of all of those things it will probably be a while that a new version is posted, but I did want to let any fans of it know that I AM working on it.

And as always, if you have printed the cards out and tried the game I would LOVE to hear any feedback or comments you have.