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“Superheroine Tales to Arouse” Released!

A brand new Heroines Perilous World collection has been released and is available on Amazon and Smashwords!

This short story collection includes four all new Heroines Perilous World stories, full of kinky, sexy goodness! At over 20,000 words this one handed read will please all fans of superheroines in peril but is intended or adult audiences ONLY!

Introducing Ice & Fire – A new duo has arrived in Megatropolis, vowing to protect those that the rest of the city has forgotten about. They are concentrating their efforts on The Curb, the city’s worst neighborhood. But it’s not just the city’s costumed gangs they are going to have to deal with, not with the Hobo King having declared his rule over the largest homeless camp! Will the sexy duo have what it takes to defeat the monstrous king’s potent pheromone powers?

Psychia and the Thoroughly Average Morning – From her control room at the center of Freedom Tower Psychia, the Megatropolis Amazons powerful telepath, watches all. But when she grows bored and horny she’ll use the vast resources at her disposal, both the buildings systems and her potent superpowers, to ensure she has some sexy entertainment to pass the time.

Introducing Electro-Girl – Fresh out of the academy this Asian-American speedster is ready to prove to the world that she has what it takes to make it as a superheroine in Megatropolis. But when she’s faced with a supervillainess who can copy and use her own powers against her will she discover she’s wrong? Only time will tell…

Diligent Dan and the Legal Arrangement – Everyone’s favorite henchman is back and this time he’s in need of some legal help. But when a new lawyer shows up at the police station offering to help him out of his legal predicament he’ll be surprised at just what the former superheroine is demanding from him in payment.

Most of the stories in this collection actually came from my Patreon, and if you were a backer (even at the 1$ level) you will have had access to each of these stories!

“The Rings of Corruption: Episode Three” Released!


Episode Three of the Rings of Corruption series has been moved off of the free section and can now be found on Amazon or Smashwords for just .99! If you’re looking to read these stories again or are just late to the party they will always be available from these two stores digitally. And purchasing a copy is a great way to help support me for less than a dollar!

And you may have noticed that I haven’t been updating any of these stories recently. Every now and then I either get burnt out on specific genres or get the inspiration to concentrate on a specific one. Right now I’ve got the muse to be working on superheroine stuff, so that’s what I’m doing. I’m currently plugging away at a new Choose Her Peril book and will hopefully have it done in a few weeks. I’m also going back over my notes on the Adaptatron story and working on getting another part or two of that series done and hopefully finished. Once the Choose Her Peril story is done I’ll be shifting back towards the reader’s choice stories, so don’t worry those haven’t been abandoned only temporarily put on hold!

“The Rings of Corruption Episode Two” Ebook released!

Episode Two has been removed from the free section. It can now be found on Amazon or Smashwords. If you enjoy these perverted tales spending the .99 on one of the finished stories is a great way to show your support for me! This “for sale” versions have also been cleaned up slightly by my editor. But the stories that are in progress can still be found on the free page.

“The Rings of Corruption Episode One” Ebook released!

Episode One has been removed from the free section. It can now be found on Amazon or Smashwords. If you enjoy these stories spending the .99 on one of the finished stories is a great way to show your support for me! This “for sale” versions have also been cleaned up slightly by my editor. But the stories that are in progress, as well as the most recently finished Episode, can still be found on the free page.

“The Misadventures of Archbaroness” Released!


A brand new “Heroines Perilous World” short story collection is out and up for sale on Amazon!

Archbaroness is the paragon of Megatropolis, its most famous superheroine as well as the leader of the city’s official super team. A thick bodied, curvy heroine with a libido as strong as her superpowered muscles. She’s a woman whose life seems to be filled with perverse misadventures, and included in this collection are three such stories.

“Archbaroness Vs The H.A.N.” – Archbaroness becomes the first target of the Heroine Abuse Network, fooled into thinking she is appearing on a simple game show. In reality the criminal organization plans on broadcasting, for the world to see, Archbaroness in some sexually revealing situations. Contains erotic mind control, oral sex, and public humiliation.

“Archbaroness and Brickhouse Vs The Charity Car Wash” – With her teammate Brickhouse, Archbaroness spends the day washing cars to raise money for charity. But little do they know that a new crime boss, along with the devious supervillainess Mary-Annette, is headed there way. Mary-Annette uses her powers to make sure the two heroines give the crime boss a car wash he’ll remember forever. Contains oral sex, public humiliation, and body control.

“Archbaroness Vs The Financial Incentive” – A new banker is in charge of the trust that finances the Megatropolis Amazons, and the man is looking for something in return for all of his hard work. He wants Archbaroness to put on a little show for him in his private office, as well as play a game kinky game with him. But the powerful banker only plays games that are rigged in his favor. Contains erotic mind control, cock worship, light bdsm, sexual humiliation, and plenty of sex.

This 17,000+ one-handed read is intended for mature audiences ONLY and contains sexually explicit scenes.

“The Futa Formula” Released!


A brand new short Ebook it up for sale on Amazon!

Dr. Amala Kalhi is desperate for a breakthrough that will prove she is just as intelligent as her male peers. Besides, the company she works for expects results. And results are just what she plans on giving them, having just created a formula that should give anyone who drinks it a massive boost in confidence.

But the formula, based on the innate confidence seemingly found in all men, might not be what she predicted. Dr. Kalhi is desperate to prove it works and skips right to human testing, trying the drug out on herself. She finds that it has affects that are radically different then those she predicted.

The sexy doctor’s already large breasts are soon swelling in size. But more shocking is whats growing in her pants! Perhaps in her attempt to bottle male confidence she’s created a formula that can give a woman the thing men are most proud of: a cock!

Along with the alarming biological changes she goes through after taking the drug, Dr. Kalhi finds that her libido has been kicked into over drive. At first she has to deal with this on her own, but soon her young blond assistant Jenny reports for work. Soon the doctor’s sexual energies are turned on the young woman, with even more sexual madness to come…

This 8,000+ one handed read is intended for ADULT audiences only and contains EXPLICIT sexual material. It features futa transformation of two sexy women, breast growth, and scenes of uncontrolled lust.

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“After the Comet Part 4: Scavenging Bedford Springs” Released!


The next part of the “After the Comet” serial is out! You can find it on Amazon.

It’s two days into the new, post apocalyptic world and Corey knows that his tribe is going to need to begin preparing for the world to start crumbling around them. They are going to need to gather supplies, food, and weapons. Luckily, they have an entirely abandoned town to scavenge. Of course, he’ll have to deal with the fact that the women that make up his little tribe are in almost constant need of his sexual fluids. Together they will be able to scavenge the town, but only if they take frequent breaks to get down and dirty.

Sounds simple, right? Maybe. But one thing Corey isn’t counting on is how his women feel about each other. Jealousy, laziness, manipulation, and punishment all enter the mix as the tribe prepares to leave Bedford Springs.

This 13,000+ word one handed read contains explicit sexual material and is intended for adult audiences ONLY. This story contains mammoth mammaries, ample male sexual fluids, anal sex, tons of mammary intercourse, and more sex then you can shake a fleshy stick at.