Victory Woman’s First Defeat


The year: 1944 and the second World War rages on!  The American military machine employs their newest secret weapon: THE SUPERS!  These few rare individuals have been recruited by the American Special Services Unit (ASSU) for use in the war against the Nazi Menace.  The supers of the ASSU include the unbeatable scion of patriotism Major CaptainVictory Woman and her young sidekick Victory Gal!  Ace pilot and front line commando Betty Bombshell!  The Young Sky High, the first heroine to have the astounding power of flight!  And Riveting Rosie who helps to keep the home front safe from Axis saboteurs!


The super powered agents of the ASSU knew they had to track down and destroy every base and agent of the Nazi Gorgon Division. The groups founding purpose was as an anti-super science and research group. Every day they remained able to continue their work was one day closer to the Nazis developing technology that could be used to stop the American supers of the ASSU!

As the front line raged towards the German Homeland and the war looked to being going south for the Third Reich it seemed the Gorgon Division had been directed to point more of its recourses towards the American home front, turning to matters of sabotage.  The members of the ASSU active in Europe were now turning up the heat on Gorgon, hoping to cut off the organization’s efforts at the source.

Victory Woman stalked the streets of liberated Paris in search of the hidden Gorgon Division base rumored to still reside in the heart of the war torn city.  After following leads for nearly two weeks without any results the ASSU brass seemed to think the Gorgon Division base was either long gone or had never really been in Paris at all.  Because of this it is the first time in the war that Victory Woman and her perky blond sidekick Victory Gal had been broken up.  Victory Gal was shipped stateside to help the equally young but less experienced Sky High root out Gorgon Agents there.

Victory Woman herself had originally received orders to join Major Captain and Betty Bombshell on the front lines but she had successful pleaded for more time to locate the Gorgon Division base.  She was, after all, Victory Woman and had never yet faced defeat.  Begrudgingly the ASSU had given her three more days to finish her job.

She had followed every lead, finding and taking down nest after nest of Nazi agents who had remained in the city.  With her ASSU training and strength that outpaced even the biggest of none super powered men she won every fight easily.  The added fact that, like all of the other supers, she was unnaturally tough and could easily walk away from any hand to hand fight un-bruised and even shrug off limited small arms fire made her even more unstoppable.

She FINALLY thought she had discovered the location of the Gorgon Division base after putting the literal squeeze on a number of her captured Nazi Agents.  All intelligence now pointed to it being located right under the Allie’s noses in a popular bar that catered to Allied Servicemen.  But if her intelligence was correct she didn’t have much time, as they were supposedly preparing to evacuate the location within the next 24 hours.  She would be going alone, but that was okay.  She was Victory Woman and she had yet to face an armed Nazi she couldn’t take down, and she figured that a base of cowering scientists would be a cake walk.


* * *


Victory Woman strode into the bar with confidence, looking sharp in her green ASSU officer’s uniform. She turned on the charm as service men applauded and whooped at her entrance, smiling and greeting them all.

All of the ASSU super agents were well known on the front lines (and homes stateside). Part of the fame was due to their combat victories, but the fact that Victory Woman’s rather attractive and curvy body filled out her green ASSU uniform didn’t hurt her reputation or reception.

She spent a few minutes circulating in the bar shaking hands and allowing the brave soldiers to flirt with her. Helping keep the morale of her countrymen up was no small part of what the ASSU supers did.  And Victory Woman knew she could raise these men’s “morale” in ways Major Captain never could.  Besides, if there WAS a secret Gorgon Division base hidden somewhere in the building they would be sure to have eyes and ears inside the bar. A visit to raise morale was as good a cover for her presence there.

Eventually she excused herself to use the bathroom, knowing the back hallway leading to the bathroom also lead to the bar’s store room where the secret base’s entrance was supposed to be. She made sure she was unobserved going into the store room and quickly got to searching for a secret door.

Within moments her keen eyes found the outline of a secret door concealed within some shelving.  She opened it, drawing her pistol and cautiously entering the entryway.  Beyond the door was a darkened hallway leading to a number of rooms filled with various scientific apparatus, notes, and books that lay scattered haphazardly everywhere.  The place definitely had the feel of an operation that had been quickly abandoned and the recent past.

She leaned against a wall and let out a sigh of frustration.  After everything she had done, after FINALLY finding the base she seemed to have missed its scientists by mere hours.  She knew it wasn’t a total loss, that there was a chance in their haste the Gorgon Division scientists had left behind evidence about what they had been working on or perhaps even a clue leading to where they had headed.  She even had the hope that she had forced them to leave at a crucial moment in their scientific endeavors and had disrupted their research.

Victory Woman stood back up and returned her attention to the task at hand. She went further down the dark hallway, towards the last unchecked room directly at the end of the hall.

She approached it as cautiously as she had the rest.  Even though she more than expected to find yet another abandoned room her ASSU training had her body prepared for the worse.  Opening the door she found… Nothing.

It was empty save one chair that sat in the center room.  She entered cautiously; unnerved by how neat and bare this room was compared to the others.  The chair was odd too, not thin and utilitarian and made of wood like the overturned ones she had seen in the previous rooms but thick and made of metal and bolted to the floor.  A quick once over the room turned up nothing of note so she returned her attention to the chair, hoping it would reveal some initially unseen secrets. But it didn’t, it seemed to be just a chair.

“Perhaps this was some kind of interrogation room,” she mumbled to herself.

She knew the R&D boys of the ASSU would grind out any secrets the place had, but she was Victory Woman!  She had never been defeated and her ego needed something she could use to call this mission a victory.  Pacing in the empty room she thought back on her training. You had to be able to see a situation as the enemy would see it, especially when undercover.  Sometimes that meant literally seeing things from their perspective, so she decided to try sitting in the weird chair and looking at things from that vantage point.

Holstering her pistol she sat in the chair, placing her arms down on the large and surprisingly comfortable padded arm rests.  There was a sudden sound of hydraulics and before she even had time to register what was happening metal bands rolled out of the chair around her wrists, ankles, and neck as well as two metal plates by the sides of her head, forcing her look forward.  She struggled, using every ounce of her heightened strength and although it was enough to win fist fights with men twice her size it wasn’t enough to break free of her metal bonds.

Perhaps if I scream for help loud enough one of my fellow countrymen in the bar will hear me, she thought to herself.  It wouldn’t be dignified to have a regular G.I. save her, as she was normally the one saving their olive drab butts, but if it’s what her country needed she’d take a hit to her ego.

Before she had fully committed to screaming for help something happened.  There was another mechanical noise as a slot in the ceiling directly in front of her opened and a projector screen began to lower.  With the chair constraining her head she realized the point of this device, perhaps the whole room, was to force the person in the chair to watch this screen without being able to look away.

As soon as the screen was fully lowered she heard more mechanical movement behind her and the whir of a projector turning on.  Bright white light filled the dark room as a grainy film began to play.  A seemingly random collection of black and white patterns flashed across the screen soundlessly.  Some went fast, others slow.  They swirled and twirled and twisted and as time went on each moving kaleidoscope stayed on the screen for longer and longer.

Victory Woman was unable to look away but she could have closed her eyes.  She chose not to, instead looking for some kind of pattern in the geometric images playing before her.  Her eyes followed the patters this way and that way, finding nothing other than the growing feeling that watching them was… relaxing.  Before long her battle tensed body began to ease up and relax.  She had even seemed to forget that she was captured in the chair and needed to call for help, all she seemed able to concentrate on were the swirling patterns.

And the sounds.

They hadn’t been there at first, and she quickly become so absorbed in watching the patterns on the screen in front of her that she hadn’t noticed when they began.  They must have started quietly, barely audible over the sound of the projection reel spinning, but they had gradually increased and added to the sense of relaxation that was flowing over her body and clouding her mind.

Her mind was in fact VERY cloudy.  Time had stopped meaning much of anything and she was unaware of the fact that she had now been trapped in the chair watching the film for over twenty minutes.  She sat totally relaxed and limp in the chair, completely engrossed in the ever slowing and repetitive patterns, lost in the relaxing whirls and whispers echoing through the room from the projector.  Her head was even slightly sagged forward and to the left with her mouth hung stupidly open and a growing string of saliva dripping from the corner of her mouth.

The images in front her slowly began to change.  The swirling patterns started to retract from the middle of the screen revealing the smiling face of Fritz Muller, the head officer of Gorgon Division.  He was looking forward as if straight at Victory Woman.

The hypnotic patterns continued their dance around the edges of the screen as the man cleared his throat and began to speak in heavily accented English.  “If all has gone according to plan, Fraulein, you should find yourself now fully experiencing the power of Gorgon Division’s first successful weapon in the Master Race’s attempts to defeat you meddling American supers!”

“And now I tell you, you dumb uddered American cow, what will happen.  First das chair will release you, but you will continue to watch and listen with all of your attention.”  The man stopped for a moment as the restraints unlocked and retracted back into the chair. Victory Woman continued to sit limply, drooling and watching intently.  “Is very good, ya?” the man asked her. “This shedding of the free will and self determination you Americans drone on about.  It feels wonderful to give yourself over mind and body to the will of the Third Reich, does it not?”

For a moment Victory Woman continued to sit limply but then suddenly shook her head vigorously in agreement.  It DOES feel wonderful to serve the Third Reich, she thought to herself with total certainty.

The man’s face grinned on the projector screen.  “Certainly you are now feeling this to be true.  So I tell you what you do for the Fatherland now.  First you will continue to listen and as you do I wish you to strip naked and return to your sitting position.”  Slowly Victory Woman began to rise and if there had been any witnesses there they would have seen a moment of doubt flash across her face and begin to grow.  But the sudden harsh bark of “YOU WILL STRIP NOW!” jarred her back into obedience.

Victory Woman began slowly unbuttoning her officer’s jacket and tossed it to the floor as the Gorgon Officer started speaking again.  “What is going to happen is this: When this reel ends you will neatly gather up your clothing and proceed to walk naked into the bar.  As you close the secret entrance to this hidden base all memory of finding it will be lost to you, replaced with only the frustrating memory of all of your gathered intelligence leading nowhere.”

She continued to listen as her pants fell to the floor around her ankles and she stepped out of them, then bending over to take her boots off.  Now in her underwear, she reached back and began to unfasten her bra letting it eventually fall from her large full breasts onto the floor.  She then undid her stockings and dropped her panties to the floor. Finally she sat back down in the chair, now naked.  Her head returned to its forward tilted droop, her jaw falling open.  As she stared mindlessly forward and listened to her commands she began to drool mindlessly down onto her left breast.

Fritz Muller droned on with his commands and programming.  “In your frustration you will go to the bar and proceed to sexually service the men present.  You are NOT to leave the bar until you have made every single Allied service man orgasm, only after that may you stop whatever degrading sexual acts your perverse American mind can think up.  You will then gather your clothing and clean yourself up and finally leave here having absolutely no memory of finding this base. You will only remember how you serviced all the men in the bar for your precious America.”

The officer gave a Nazi salute and barked out a final “seig heil!” as the film came to an end.  Mindlessly Victory woman stood up and bent over to grab her clothing, her large, heavy breasts hanging down as she did.  She gathered the clothing up and folded them neatly, then proceeding to robotically walk down the hallway and out of the secret Gorgon Division base.  As she closed the hidden entrance behind her the memory of discovering it disappeared from her mind.

Another dead end! Victory woman thought to herself.  She turned to walk out of the room and suddenly stopped. What the hell?  Why am I naked!? For a moment she stood, suddenly dizzy and afraid she would fall over. Oh yes, I remember, she thought as she regained her balance.  I’m going to make the best of this situation.  There is a whole room of Allied servicemen out there in that bar, and since I couldn’t locate the Gorgon Division base I can at least go and help relieve some of their tension!

Still feeling confused, but oddly certain of what she must do, she awkwardly walked towards the bar.  As she approached she dropped her neatly folded uniform onto the ground, no longer concerned about her clothes.  She had only one thing on her mind: she must service every man out there.

She stumbled into the bar, her large breasts swinging as she fell to the ground.  She quickly got up from the floor and looked around the room at all of the men there.  All so young and strong, all valiantly fighting for freedom.  She had to show them ALL how much she appreciated their sacrifices.  I have to do it for my country!

The room of mildly inebriated soldiers had noticed her entry and now stared in silence at the famous heroine’s naked body.  They watched as she stumbled towards the nearest person, a bulky American with Sergeant’s stripes on his sleeves.  “Victory Woman!” he said as he grabbed hold of her, steadying her in his big hands.  “Are you okay?  What’s happened to you? Why in the world are you naked?”

The man was trying to show his concern but his eyes kept falling from her face to the ample tit flesh now pressed against his chest.  Victory Woman’s breasts were large, FAR larger than a normal woman’s should be. There where whispers that this was because of her powers, as all of the super women seemed to have larger than normal breasts.

To the surprise of everyone in the room Victory Woman fell to knees and started unbuttoning the man’s pants.  “What are yo—,” the man began to ask but was cut off as Victory Woman pulled his cock out of his pants. It was already hard, a clear sign that the man was responding to the sight of her naked. She gave his cock a loving look then began to suck it.  He moaned and she felt him finish hardening in her mouth.

She continued to suck until he was all the way erect and then pulled away, looking up at him.  “Just relax,” she mumbled.  “I’m going to show you how much I appreciate the sacrifices you are making for our country.”  She turned, his hard cock still held in her hand, and said louder to the rest of the room, “I’m going to show ALL of you how much America appreciates you fighting for the Allied cause!”

She then returned her attention to the cock in her hand, proceeding to give the man the best blow job he had ever received.  As she sucked and slurped at him the drunken men in the room began to whistle and cat call.

“Goddamn, look at her go!”

“Holly shit, Victory Woman’s tits are amazing. They are even bigger and better than I imagined!”

“Knew she had to be a big time slut with a body like that.”

“Does anyone have a camera?  No one’s going to believe this!”

The Sergeant quickly blew his load into her mouth, falling back into his chair with a happy smile on his face.  Victory woman stood up and looked around.  “Which one of you brave boys is next?” she asked the room.

The men began crowding around her, a French soldier approaching her next.  She fell into the man’s arms and began to kiss him, while her hands dropped to his pants and began to unfasten his belt.  Once his pants had fallen to the floor she started to drop to her knees once again, but the man stopped her.  “No, no mon amour, not like that!”  He turned her around and bent her over a nearby table.

“This is the way to fuck a woman properly!” he said in a thick accent as he entered her from behind.  The room erupted into cheers and catcalls once again.  As the Frenchman pounded her from behind the other men started dropping their pants and pulling their cocks out too.

“What if an MP comes in?”

“Someone lock the door!”

“This is just too good to be true!”

“Listen to her moan, slut loves it from behind!”

The men grew more and more eager.  At first they stepped up to her one at a time, but before long Victory Woman found herself servicing two and then three men at a time.  She sucked and fucked and jerked them all off.

“Cum…” she mumbled at one point when her mouth was free of cock.  “I have to make you all cum for America!”  And before long she HAD made them all cum.

With the orgiastic gangbang over and every man present sated she stumbled to the bathroom to clean up.  Her heart was filled with shame and confusion.  Why had she just given herself over to all of those men?  She had flirted and stuck out her chest in the past to tease and titillate servicemen plenty of times but she had certainly never actually PHYSICALLY serviced them, much less a whole bar full of them.  Why had she done it?  For America, she thought to herself with sudden confidence.  It didn’t make sense but for some reason she KNEW it was true.  I did it for America.

As she finished washing as much of the cum as she could off of her body and out of her hair she began to dress. Her mind was still foggy and she was struggling to remember why she had even come to this bar tonight.

Gorgon, she though, it had something to do with the Nazi Gorgon Division.  I had come here looking for their hidden base in this city and I found- Her thoughts stopped and she felt suddenly dizzy and confused again for a moment.  -Nothing. The thought having gone through her mind she felt the world clear a little, the foggy feeling lifting. I found nothing here.  And I decided to turn my defeat into a victory by personally raising the morale of all the allied serviceman in the bar in ways that only a woman could. For America!

This was the beauty of the Gorgon Division’s newly discovered hypnotism method: the human mind would not only take orders but rationalize them to make them seem natural.  And for some reason the minds of the supers seem extra susceptible to this process. Victory Woman had been told to forget her discovery of the base and then sexually service all the men in the bar for America and that’s exactly what she had done.  And her heart had been filled with wholesome patriotism during every degrading, cum splattered moment.

Victory Woman had endured her first defeat for America, but it would be far from her last.

If you liked this story you can find it, and many more like it in the short story collection “Heroines Perilous World: The War Years Volume One”.

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