The Forest Witch Servant of Alodrena

Bienya sat with a huff at a table in the back corner of the small tavern. It had been a frustrating day of aimlessly wandering through the wilds and she needed direction so as soon as she was sitting she reached into her satchel and pulled out a small, shallow stone bowl.

The blue-skinned young Night Elve stared into the bowl as she dug around in her bag for the small leather pouch that held her divination rune stones. After pulling the bag out she opened the drawstring and tipped the bag out into the stone bowl. She watched as the stones clattered and bounced around the bowl, settling noisily into position.

She silently read them. Bienya read them again, stroking her long black hair anxiously. Then she read them again, tugging at her hair and groaning in frustration.

My dreams, my stones… they are driving me somewhere, she thought as she stared at the stones. But the closer I get the vaguer they become. It’s maddening!

She tried to remember the most common parts of the special dreams she’d been having. There was a forest, a special one seeped in strange, deep magic. In it was a secluded cabin, covered and surrounded by odd, mesmerizing art made of forest detritus. And inside the cabin… girls. Always girls, young and attractive girls who she saw interacting with her in ways that made the blue-skinned Elve’s freckled cheeks flush pink.

And always THE woman. The same woman every time, only hidden in shadow. Older than the girls her age she would see. Tall, imposing. Not a Human or an Elve, but a Faun. She could tell even though the woman was always in shadow because she could make out her large deer-like antlers and ears.

The woman was the important thing, the reason she was been called on this journey. She had to find HER. Had to find her cabin so she could learn what it all meant, so she could discover why she was being called there.

She’d THOUGHT she was getting close. But the closer she got the harder the trail was to follow. And now she was exhausted after a long trek through the wilds and needed a rest. The inn would provide a filling, warm meal, and a soft, warm bed for the night.

The meal was everything Bienya wanted it to be. Not just warm and filling, but she’d been left in peace as she ate as well, something that didn’t happen very often at a roadside inn. Places like this were the same all over Alaria, full of drunken locals or Adventurers high on bravado. To get to enjoy a meal without someone coming over and making a pass on her was something very rare.

Bienya didn’t think about it much, but it was only when the men hit on her that she’d be annoyed. When a woman made a pass at her she still never reciprocated, but it didn’t bother her. It often left her flustered and confused by feelings she didn’t understand, not because she couldn’t understand them but because she’d never taken the time to.

She was a Night Elve, sexuality was not the turbulent, messy, and immediate thing it was for members of non-elven races. For Humans and their ilk those kinds of feelings overtook them before they were even full-grown adults. Elven races were still sexual beings, but it often wasn’t till their mid lives, decades past when the average Human lived, that they would have their “awakening”.

Elves had better things to fill their time with. Important things that could consume their lives for decades while the brief-lived races had to turn their attention to baser instincts before their comparatively short lives were over.

With her belly full Bienya retired from the ground floor of the inn, retreating to the small room she’d rented for the night. A good night’s sleep and she’d wake with the energy to continue her quest, to continue striving to accomplish those important things she, as an Elven girl, was able to dedicate her life to without the distractions the lesser races experienced.

It was only as she entered the small room that she realized just how worn down from her travels she was. A single small window in the room let in a sliver of moonlight from the now dark world outside the inn. After closing and locking the door that light provided just enough illumination for Bienya to take off and store her gear before lighting the small candle on the one table in the room.

Only after she’d lit the candle did she realize she was not as alone as she’d thought. The second presence in the room with her caught her so off guard that she froze up on noticing them, staring dumbly at the figure sitting lazily on the bed in the back corner of the room.

It was a girl, barely of age by the look of her face pudgy round face. She was a Bunordaen, a member of a race that all had furry bunny-like ears. Bunordaens were generally simple people and most lived as farmers. Bienya had seen many of them working the small farms in the lands she’d been passing through. They had all looked like simple happy people living simple happy lives.

This girl looked like many of the young farm girls she’d seen. She was short with a thick build that looked to be a mix of soft chubbiness covering dense muscle from hard work on a farm. Her long white hair and big furry bunny ears were smudged with patches of dirt that matched the hard-worked soiling of the simple peasant’s clothing she was wearing.

It was the WAY the girl was wearing her clothing that had made Bienya lock up so fully. The skirt the plump girl had on was a bit too short and the way she had her legs spread open as she sat in the bed left her deliciously thick thighs on full display. The skimpy top she wore had straps over the shoulders, but one had slipped down her arm and allowed the front to fall half-open, exposing so much of the girl’s large, full breasts that it left Bienya flustered and excited in a way she didn’t quite understand.

Bienya found the calm laziness with which the girl sat there shocking. She struggled to pull her eyes away from the girl’s open legs and her full breasts. Bienya knew she had to try to understand why the girl was there, but the sight of her… it was like the Bunordaen’s body had cast some kind of spell on her that had left her muddled and unable to think past the strange heat the indecent flashes of flesh were causing in her core.

It was only when the Bunordaen girl lazily raised a carrot to her mouth and loudly chomped a bite off it that Bienya was able to break free of the spell. “Who are you?” she blurted out. A moment later she quickly added, “And what are you doing in my room?”

“I’ve been waiting for you,” the girl said with a disinterested shrug after another loud chomp on her carrot. “I was told you’d be here.”

“By who?” Bienya asked. She took a step back, glancing over her shoulder to where she’d set her gear down. The girl didn’t SEEM dangerous. She seemed little more than a slutty farmer girl… but looks could be deceiving. There were weapons in her gear… weapons she didn’t like having to use but had grown quite skilled with on her travels.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” the Bunordaen told her with such disinterest that Bienya couldn’t help but believe her. “I’m here for a reason.”

“And that is that?” Bienya demanded, forcing herself to keep her gaze locked on the girl’s eyes lest she became distracted once again by the rest of her body.

“I can take you to what you’ve been searching for,” she told Bienya with so much lazy indifference that it took Bienya a few moments to realize what the girl had said.

“And what, exactly, do you think I’m searching for?” Bienya asked, desperately trying to reveal her hope that the girl really could provide what she claimed.

“The forest,” the Bunordaen girl said, her eyelids half-closed as though the conversation were boring her so much she was falling asleep. “The cabin,” she added with the same lazy boredom. It was only when she added, “And the Faun,” that any kind of emotion animated her features beyond disinterest.

 Bienya’s heart pounded in her chest. This felt right. This was why she’d been led to this inn.

But before she could think of how to respond the girl went on. “For a price,” she added, punctuating the sentence with a noisy bite of her carrot. “From here on out till the journey you’re on ends, EVERYTHING comes at a price.”

“Alright,” Bienya said slowly. “What’s the price?” She knew she’d pay it, no matter what. Everything had led her here, to this moment, to this slutty bunny-eared farm girl. If she wanted to go on she had to pay this price, no matter what it was.

The Bunordaen girl smiled slyly at her. “You have to let me stay here with you tonight, sleeping in the bed,” she told her, quickly adding, “and we both have to be naked.”

Bienya froze up. All night? In the bed? With her, naked?! Her mind flooded with images of the plump, slutty Bunordaen naked. She could ALMOST picture it. All that delicious, soft, curvy female flesh… She began to shake as the imagined images of the girl’s naked body filled her mind, bringing with them a powerful curiosity to feel her bare flesh against her own. All that warm, soft skin…

“Well? Do you agree to the terms?”

Bienya blinked, realizing she’d been standing there awkwardly staring at the girl for too long without answering. “I… I don’t even know your name,” she said, desperately trying to buy herself time to deal with the emotions she was feeling. She was panicked at the prospect of sleeping naked with the girl, a panic that came from a place of excitement she didn’t want to be forced to acknowledge.

“Cassie,” the Bunordaen told her as she got up from the bed. “So, do we have a deal?” she added, dropping the remains of her carrot onto the floor before beginning to undress.

A flash of heat spread through Bienya’s cheeks. She stared at the girl undressing just long enough to see she had nothing on under the shirt she was taking off. Fearing what the sight of the girl topless would do to her she spun around, banishing the enticing sight from view.

“I agree,” Bienya said, breathing heavily.

The panic had returned worse than before. Her heart was pounding so vigorously that she felt it as a deafening drumming in her ears. The heat in her cheeks was a fire so hot she could barely stand it. And as the thought of the Bunordaen stripping behind her filled her mind other parts of her heated as well, parts that, as an Elven woman who had not undergone her awakening, she was not used to feeling heated in such ways.

“Well? What are you waiting for?” the Bunordaen said in a sultry voice that increased Bienya’s confusing panic.

Bienya turned and realized she’d been standing paralyzed with her back to the girl for so long that the Bunordaen was now laying in the bed, the covers pulled up over her. At first she felt a moment of relief that the girl had covered herself up, but the moment ended when she noticed Cassie had left the blanket pulled down just enough to flash an enticing amount of cleavage.

She’s naked. She’s naked and in the bed I am going to sleep in tonight. And I need to be naked while I sleep in that bed, with HER naked as well. I can’t back out… can’t run away from this. I made a deal. I have to do this, no matter how panicked and confused it makes me feel.

“Get undressed and come join me,” Cassie demanded lazily.

“One moment,” Bienya muttered. She snuffed out the candles that lit the room, plunging it into near darkness with only the moonlight coming in through the small window in the room. Only then did she undress, and she did so with her back to the girl in the bed.

This amused Cassie, causing her to chuckle softly and say, “Such a bashful Elven maiden.”

The way the Bunordaen said the word “maiden” made Bienya bristle. There was mocking judgment in her tone as she said the word.

“So what if I’m not experienced in such things?” Bienya said as she turned to approach the bed, one arm draped over her small breasts and her other hand at her womanhood. Her cheeks flushed once more when she saw the girl staring intensely at her in the dim light, the expression on her face full of amusement by the way Bienya was covering her body.

“Don’t worry, pretty Night Elve, every day, and every night, is a chance to gain a little more experience,” Cassie said playfully as she scooted over under the covers and pulled the blankets open for Bienya to get into the bed with her.

Bienya quickly scrambled onto the mattress, throwing the blanket over her as fast as she could to cover her naked body. She immediately locked up, realizing she’d put herself into a position that made her panic more than standing naked had. Now she was under the covers with Bunordaen girl, the heat of their bare bodies mingling under the blankets.

“Goodnight,” Bienya said, turning her back on the girl. All I have to do is sleep in the bed with her. If I can just fall asleep quickly before her presence wakes things in me I don’t want to awaken…

“You’re cute,” Cassie whispered, sliding closer to Bienya. “Pretending you’re not as excited as you are by this.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Bienya mumbled, painfully aware of how her body was responding to the growing heat of the bunny girl’s body getting closer to hers.

“Your shaking with nervous excitement,” Cassie teased, her voice breathy and eager.

“I’m not excited,” Bienya lied.

“Oh? Do you know that Bunordaens have exceptional noses? I can SMELL how excited you are. But it’s okay to lie to me, I’m pretty sure you’re still lying to yourself about this stuff.” She paused then said calmly but firmly, “I’m going to cuddle with you tonight. That’s part of the price of me taking you to the Faun and her forest. You sleeping with me doesn’t count unless there’s physical contact all night long.”

“Alright,” the Night Elve replied, voice shaky. She bit her lip in anticipation as the Bunordaen moved closer. Her whole body tensed when the girl slipped one arm under her neck and draped the other around her narrow waist.

The tenseness filling Bienya from head to toe eased as the bunny girl’s soft, plump, warm body pressed into hers. Bienya had never felt anything as calming and alluring as all that softness pressed into her back. Not just the girl’s large breasts, but her soft belly as well. And then she pulled Bienya back into her body, increasing the amount of surface contact. Her body reacted on its own, wiggling back into her to feel even more skin against hers.

“Not so bad, is it?” Cassie asked as she pressed her face into the long black hair covering Bienya’s back. She nuzzled into it, her warm breath soaking through the hair to heat the back of the Night Elve’s neck.

It sent a warm shiver of arousal down her spine, heating her core in a way that made her want to whimper. She wiggled a little, pressing her body back into the Bunordaen.

“We’re just going to sleep together,” Bienya whispered, voice faint and even more shaky than the last time she’d spoken.

“Of course,” Cassie replied, voice breathy on the girl’s neck. “That’s the deal, we sleep together and that’s it. Even if you wanted more… I couldn’t give it to you now, that wasn’t part of the deal.”

“I wouldn’t want more,” Bienya replied, voice faint but firm. “I’ve too many important things to do, I can’t give in to THOSE kinds of distractions. Besides, you’re a girl like me.”

“What kind of distractions are you talking about?” Cassie whispered, nuzzling her nose against Bienya’s neck while slipping the hand wrapped around her towards the place her thighs met.

THOSE kinds,” Bienya moaned longingly, grabbing the girl’s hand and returning it to where it had been. “I don’t do those things, especially not with other girls.”

“But you WANT to,” Cassie teased, wiggling her body against Bienya. She rocked her hips, grinding slightly into the girl’s small, firm ass. “Even if you tell yourself you don’t.”

Bienya, deeply in denial about the desires that had been growing in her recently, refused to address the statement. Instead, after moaning softly for a moment as the girl wiggled and ground into her backside, she replied, “You don’t know anything about me. How could you?”

“The Faun told me all I needed to know about you,” Cassie replied, her voice suddenly serious. She’d stopped wiggling and had pulled Bienya close, not to further tease her but as if to comfort her. “She knows all about you.”

“How? Why?”

Bienya felt the Bunordaen shrug. “She just knows things when she needs to know them. You’re important to her, so she knows about you. The Faun knew you were looking for her. Knew you’d be here and when you’d be here. Knew to send me and have me wait for you. And most importantly she knew you’d need a guide to find her and that you’d be willing to pay any price to get to her.”

The girl paused, shifting the way she was holding Bienya. She wiggled her hips and moved her hands, caressing and teasing the Night Elve’s naked skin. “She knew you’d have paid a much greater price than a night naked in bed with another girl but instructed me not to demand more tonight.”

“Which is a shame,” she continued after a short pause. “You’re a delicious blue treat I’d like to devour like I devoured my carrot. Perhaps I can get away with a little chomp?” Before Bienya could ask her what she meant Cassie had used her face to push some of the Elve’s hair out of the way and softly bit her shoulder.

The unexpected bite caused a cascade of unexpected feelings to flood Bienya. A rush of heat flowed down her body and ended in her womanhood, causing a flash of warm moistness there. At the same time she felt a whole body shudder in response to the teeth clamping down on her flesh, followed by the most indecent helpless moan that had ever slipped from the Elve’s lips.

“But just a chomp, no more,” Cassie whispered after releasing her bite. She then shifted as she made herself comfortable for the night. “Goodnight,” she whispered, her body going limp as she prepared to fall asleep. The message was clear: she was done teasing Bienya.

The Night Elve tried to follow her lead and ready herself for sleep’s embrace but found she was too flustered to easily fall asleep. The longer she lay there in the bed with the sexy, plump girl pressed into her the harder she found it to think about anything other than her naked body.

As the night went on the heat of their bodies pressed together under the blankets caused them to grow uncomfortably sweaty. Cassie had quickly fallen asleep, but the panic and other confusing feelings Bienya was feeling kept her awake. Yet as uncomfortably as she grew under the covers it never occurred to her to try and pull away from the plump girl holding her.

Thoughts kept running through the Night Elve’s mind, thoughts she immediately suppressed as she was not ready to process them. I’m turned on. I’m aroused. I want to do more than let her touch me, I want to touch HER. Each thought came and, as if casting a spell to cure herself of how accepting the thoughts would change her life, Bienya dismissed them as if they’d never run through her mind.

It was a very restless night for her, one free of the normal dreams that has driven her to this place. She didn’t sleep enough to dream, and what little sleep she got was interrupted by every shift of her body. It would wake her, forcing her to dwell on how much she enjoyed the warmth and softness of the Bunordaen’s body against hers.

She had to fight urges she didn’t want to accept she had. I don’t want to roll over and kiss her. I don’t want her to slip her hand between my legs and touch me there. I don’t want to feel her playing with my breasts. I don’t want to roll over and play with hers, to press my face into their plump softness and suck on her nipples… I don’t. I don’t feel those kinds of things. I am not one of THOSE Elves who allow themselves to become distracted that way!

When dawn broke and sunlight began to shine through the little window in the room Bienya felt a new kind of panic. This is all about to end, she thought, admitting to herself that she wanted it to last forever. For a little while she stopped the lies. She stopped fighting against her desires and leaned into them. She luxuriated in the feel of the Bunordaen’s body against hers. She savored her softness and the sweaty heat between their skin. She concentrated on the sound of the girl’s peaceful breathing and the sensation of her breasts pressing onto her back with each breath she took.

“Morning,” Cassie eventually whispered.

The word crushed Bienya. It’s over, she thought sadly. And now life has to go on. My moment of weakness has to be left behind me and I have to fully suppress these desires again.

“Good morning,” Bienya replied, trying not to let any emotion into her voice as she slipped out of the girl’s arms and got out of bed. It had taken all of her willpower to do so, but once she was free of her touch leaving her behind had been easy.

“You paid the price just as you promised,” Cassie told her, sitting up and stretching.

Bienya flushed and turned from her, afraid of how she’d react to the girl’s naked chest in the dawn’s light. “We need to get dressed,” she muttered as she scrambled to put her clothes on as quickly as she could. “I want to get an early start.”

“As you wish,” the Bunordaen girl said lazily. “But can we eat before we leave?”

“Yes,” Bienya said. She stood in the center of the room, struggling not to peek over her shoulder and watch the girl dress. As she gave into the temptation she realized just how much the night had affected her. She was aroused in a way that she feared was going to leave her thoroughly flustered and knew that the girl’s presence was going to be a constant distraction.

Their morning meal in the tavern proved her fears were true. She was constantly zoning out, struggling not to imagine the girl naked. The memory of her body pressing against hers was always in her mind. And her lips! Plump, sexy lips. She stared as the girl ate, unable to keep her mind off fantasies of kissing her. Those fantasies shifted, becoming waking dreams of the Bunordaen kissing HER, but not on the lips.

“You’ve got a real struggle of a day ahead of you,” Cassie said lazily.

“What?” Bienya asked, realizing she’d heard the girl speak but not understood the words.

“Your day,” the Bunordaen said, “it’s going to be a struggle. And once we get to the Faun’s cabin… well, you’ll see. Are you ready to go meet your fate, pretty, flustered Night Elve?”

“I’m ready,” Bienya told her as she got up from the table. “Lead the way.”

* * *

“Is that the forest?” Bienya asked, feeling foolish she’d asked a question with such a seemingly obvious answer.

They’d been hiking all morning through quaint farmland separated by small hills covered in lush grass being grazed lazily by cows and sheep. The landscape had taken an abrupt change as they’d made their way up one of those small hills. The forest stood in front of them like an arboreal wall cutting across the farmland.

It looks almost like all this farmland has been dropped on top of a forest and I’m looking at the seam of where those two landscapes meet. Bienya had the thought sarcastically but as she stared at the long stretch of forest meeting farmland, expanding out as far as the eye could see in either direction, she realized she might be more right than she’d intended to be.

Alaria was a very ancient world, with a long history mostly shrouded by the mists of time. Once, long ago, great civilizations had covered the world. Then came The Great Collapse. By the time the dark age that followed ended most of the world had been reclaimed by the wilds. Civilization in Alaria was now made up of little pockets, most slowly working to fight back and clear away those wilds to make room for cities and farmlands.

“It’s a forest,” Cassie told Bienya, “but it’s not HER forest.”

“I don’t understand,” Bienya said as she stared at the forest ahead of them. “How long will it take us to travel through this forest? And then how long before we get to this other forest?”

“You don’t understand,” Cassie replied, her voice tinged with impatience.

Bienya made note of that. The girl had changed so much since last night… she’d been so aloof then, reacting to nearly everything with lazy indifference. She’d been much the same in the morning, but the longer they’d been walking the more animated she’d grown.

It’s like she’d been emptied of nearly all she was, Bienya thought. And the further we go the more of herself returns. And she’s always the most excited whenever the topic turns to the Faun from my dreams.

“The woman I’m taking you to, her forest is a special place,” Cassie explained. “One disconnected from the world around it. It’s a place you don’t find unless you’re meant to, and usually then only if you are led to it. It’s in the forest we’re looking at but not PART of it.”

“I think I understand,” Bienya said uncertainly.

“You’re wrong,” Cassie told her bluntly. “But that’s okay, you’re not supposed to understand till it’s too late. That’s part of the price. Now come along,” she said, pulling a carrot out of a pocket and beginning to chomp on it.

Bienya followed her, looking perplexed at the carrot. “Where do you keep getting those from?” The girl’s simple peasant’s clothing had pockets, but she was almost certain they weren’t large enough to hide a carrot in, much less a seemingly never-ending supply of them. “Are those clothes enchanted?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Cassie asked playfully. She took a huge chomp out of the carrot, tossed the rest to the ground, and pulled another out of her pocket. “Why not shove your hand in there and fish around to see if there are any more carrots? Who knows what else you might find to fondle and play with.”

Bienya blushed and looked away. The thought of her hand in the girl’s pocket brought to mind how warm her body had been. From there her mind wandered to how close to the girl’s womanhood her hand would be if she shoved it in her pocket.

I’d be sure to find something to fondle and play with… Bah! Carnal distractions! She’s such a flirtatious, distracting girl. She’s nothing but a deliciously plump, vexing tart! And she’s doing it all on purpose!!!

“You’re adorable when you blush like that,” Cassie told Bienya. “The blue skin turns all purple and pink. I bet that happens other places as well…” She trailed off, letting Bienya imagine what she was hinting at.

“The forest,” Bienya said to force her mind off the distractions the girl was causing. “How far to the Faun’s forest?”

“It’s not the Faun’s forest, it’s the witch’s,” Cassie corrected her.

“Witch? What witch?”

Cassie looked at her and rolled her eyes. “The Faun! The woman you’re searching for, the Forest Witch. You really don’t know who she is, do you?”

Bienya furrowed her brow and looked hard at the girl, puzzling out what she was saying and comparing it to what she’d seen and felt in the dreams that had brought her to this point. “You are saying the woman I am journeying to meet, the Faun, is also a witch?”

“Yes and no. She’s THE Forest Witch, who happens to be a Faun. But THE Faun is someone different, although she’s also the same woman.”

“That doesn’t make any sense,” Bienya grumbled at her as they passed into the forest. Sometimes talking to her is like struggling through a conversation with someone using dream logic, she thought, annoyed the girl wouldn’t give her answers that were easier to understand.  

The shade of the forest canopy above brought with it a coolness Bienya found most welcome. They’d been hiking for hours and as it had neared midday the heat had grown oppressive.

“It will all make sense once it’s meant to,” Cassie told her. “Of course, some things aren’t meant to make sense. Not to girls like you, at least.”

“And what about girls like YOU,” Bienya asked. “You act smug like you know everything and just aren’t willing to share it. But I think maybe you don’t know as much as you let on.”

Cassie shrugged, grinning sheepishly. “Come along,” she said, dismissing the conversation they’d been having. “If you follow me we’ll get to the witch’s forest before long. I know the secret ways, the HIDDEN ways through this forest. The witch’s forest is my home and I’m always drawn back to it when I’m allowed to leave.”

“Allowed? What do you mean when you’re ‘allowed’ to leave?”

“Turn here,” Cassie commanded, ignoring the Elven girl’s question as she took a sharp turn around a rocky uprise that partially blocked their view of the forest in that direction.

The Bunordaen girl was out of sight for only a moment yet when Bienya turned the corner she was far ahead, almost out of sight. “Wait,” Bienya called out as she dashed after the bunny girl. She had to leap over roots and rocks and ran as fast as she could just to keep her in sight.

Cassie giggled with delight as she bound ahead, bouncing over and around obstacles in a way that made her seem like the rabbit she’d only resembled till then. “We’re almost there,” she called out with another eruption of delighted giggles. “Can’t you feel it?”

Bienya struggled to keep up with Cassie. She’d grown accustomed to long treks through the wilderness on her journey but hadn’t often had to run for this long.

“I’m always so eager to leave, it happens so rarely,” Cassie called back. “But whenever I leave I forget how mundane the world outside the witch’s forest is. I always enjoy coming home far more than I enjoy leaving. Can’t you feel it, pretty Elven girl? We’re almost there! I took you through so many shortcuts to get us here.”

Short cuts? We’ve been running in nearly a straight line since we turned that corner… haven’t we? Bienya realized something felt off. They’d not been running that long but now that her mind was on it she had the feeling they’d traversed a long distance, like they’d cheated the world somehow and found shortcuts through it that increased the distance they’d traveled.

Bienya knew there was magic that could do that, but how could that be what was going on here? Those kinds of spells took great power to cast. The magic of those kinds of spells was hard to hide and almost always felt, but she’d felt almost nothing.

Is this girl I’m chasing after much more than she seems? If she IS using that kind of magic this subtly she’d have to have more power than anyone I’ve ever encountered…

Bienya realized that she’d lost track of Cassie. She came to a stop, franticly looking at the forest all around her. “Cassie? Where are you? I can’t see you, come back!”

The girl popped out from behind a tree no more than an arm’s reach away from Bienya, startling Bienya so much she almost screamed. “Can you feel it now?” she asked. “We’re right on the edge, a few more steps and we’ll be in the witch’s forest.”

“I don’t feel anything,” Bienya told her, panting and leaning over to brace her hands on her thighs as she struggled to catch her breath.

Cassie waited till Bienya was breathing normally. “Come on, I’ll lead you in,” she told the Elve as she grabbed both her hands. “This way. You’ll feel it soon,” she promised as she began walking slowly backward, pulling Bienya after her.

Bienya was instantly distracted by the girl’s intense eyes and the warm, comforting feel of her hands holding hers. The Night Elve lost all sight of the forest around them, instead losing herself in the girl’s eyes. They were enchanting… brown but so pretty.

No, she thought, blinking. Not brown. Pink? Did they just turn pink or were they always that color?

“Your eyes,” Bienya said, unable to look away from them. They WERE brown, I know they were.

“I’m home,” the girl replied happily. “You feel it now, don’t you?”

Bienya DID feel something. She forced herself to look away from the Bunordaen girl. The world around them was darker. At first she thought it was just because the canopy above them had grown thicker but after glancing up she saw it was more open than it had been only moments ago.

“It’s nighttime,” Bienya said dumbly, dropping hold of Cassie’s hands and staring up at the sky. “How is it nighttime? It should only be a little past midday.”

“It’s ALWAYS night in the witch’s forest,” Cassie told her as she turned and began leading the way.

Bienya noticed a change in the girl. Before she’d always moved as though driven to lead Bienya at a steady, unwavering pace. And then when they’d entered the forest it had quickly turned into that mad dash… but now? Now the girl moved as though she were savoring every step.

“How can it always be night here?” Bienya asked, her voice full of skepticism. “Do you mean it always FEELS like night? Or that there’s an enchantment that makes it LOOK like night? Because I know of only one power in Alaria that can truly turn day to night.”

The name of that power entered Bienya’s mind, sending a cold shiver of fear down Bienya’s spine. The Terror of the Eternal Night. As she thought about the beast the little saying that was often uttered as a simple explanation of why it was so feared entered her mind as well. Ash and blood. It is all The Terror of the Eternal Night shall have, it is all The Terror of the Eternal Night shall give to the world, and it is all The Terror of the Eternal Night shall leave behind.

To most of Alaria the monster was a legend from far-off lands. But for Bienya and her people it had been something that was all too real. The Terror had arrived at the place they’d inhabited a few generations ago and her people had been forced to flee their homeland. She’d not been born till after they had resettled far away, but the trauma the monster had caused to her people was something she’d felt her whole life.

Bienya didn’t even know what kind of monster the Terror was, yet its continued existence in the world had been enough to make her latch onto her natural talents at divination and dream seering. If she could see what was going to happen she’d know if the monster ever came for her people again, giving them the time to flee to safety.

It was why she’d begun the journey she was on. The place she was being driven to find, the Faun in the cabin in the woods. The mysterious woman felt important, finding her felt important. She’d felt that it wasn’t just something that would be personally important, she’d felt it was something that would be important to her whole people.

The Terror of the Eternal Night has been my people’s biggest fear my whole life. I’ve assumed from the start this journey is tied to the monster… tied to finding a way to ensure it never devastates us again.

As she’d thought about the monster Bienya had stared up at the parts of the sky she could see through breaks in the trees. The stars were brighter than she’d ever seen them and, after looking closely, there were more of them than she’d ever seen as well.

“The sky isn’t right,” she told Cassie uneasily. “The stars look… wrong.”

“Do they?” the girl asked, sweet voice full of innocent playfulness that suggested she knew very well the stars were wrong.

Bienya started, flinching away from the girl who was suddenly standing intimately close to her. She’d been ahead of me, I just saw her there!

“Are you sure it’s stars you’re seeing?” Cassie asked, smiling kindly when she saw Bienya staring not at the sky but into her eyes once more. “Look,” she said, grabbing the Elve’s face and turning it up to look at the sky.

For a moment Bienya felt panic as she saw the stars falling out of the sky. A moment later she realized how impossible that was. “Fireflies,” she whispered. “Thousands of them… fluttering down from the sky like rain!” She stared in awe at the beauty of the glowing insects cascading down through the trees to fill the forest all around them.

Her breath was taken away by the colors. As they’d fallen from the sky they had been the same twinkling white yellow of the stars, but once they passed through the leaves of the trees they shifted colors. Some patches of them were mixes of pink and purple, while other groups of the insects were mixed shades of green and blue.

The glowing insects danced and bobbed in the air, the colors shifting and swirling around them. “It’s beautiful,” she whispered, reverential awe filling her voice.

Cassie gently took the girl’s hand. “Come on, we have to keep going.”

Ahead Bienya saw the fireflies massing around a tree, older and larger than the others around it. In the center of the tree was an opening the glowing insects were filling, making it look as though the tree was filled with magical energy. As they got closer she saw that the tree had been carved through, or perhaps reshaped by magic, leaving behind a beautiful spiral pattern that the fireflies were flying through.

Looking around she saw more trees like this, carved or reshaped with simple but beautiful art through their trunks, all of which were filled with fireflies.

“What is this? Who made the trees this way and why?”

“It’s some of the Faun’s art,” Cassie told her. “She’s always making more and changing what she’s already made. It’s never the same twice.”

The Bunordaen’s claim that the art was never the same twice turned out to be shockingly true. If Bienya would look away from a tree then glance back at it the art would always be different. It was a subtle thing, but once noticed it was impossible to ignore the way the swirling patterns would seem to rotate while out of sight.

“It’s an impressive use of magic,” Bienya told Cassie. “To craft a spell to make art like this… that must take time and be very draining. This Faun must be a very powerful Druid of Sorceress.”

“She’s neither of those things,” Cassie said, sounding offended. “She’s a witch, THE Forest Witch. She doesn’t use magic the way you’re thinking. She doesn’t cast spells, especially not out here in the forest. The forest just does what she wants it to, what she NEEDS it to.”

“You’re saying the entire forest is under her control?” As she asked the question she continued to stare around them, awe filling her as they slowly followed a winding path through the firefly and art-filled forest.

The art had grown more complicated and diverse. Artwork hung from the trees around them, intricate little pieces made from forest detritus bound together by twine. At first there had been just pleasing geometric shapes, but as they moved on and the art grew larger the shapes became figures. Female figures along with the moon depicted in various phases.

When the first of these moon sculptures appeared the forest grew brighter. Looking up she saw the moon was suddenly out, its phase matching that depicted in the art around her. As they went on and the art changed so did the moon, shifting its phases to match the art spread around Bienya and Cassie.

“Do you remember the question you asked me?”

Bienya blinked, realizing she’d been staring up at the moon. “I’m sorry, what?” she asked, wondering just how long she’d been standing there. “This place… it’s so magical and confusing. I keep getting disoriented, it’s like being in a dream but I’m awake so I can’t let dream logic lead me.”

“Do you remember the last question you asked me?” Cassie repeated.

She’s trying to help keep me centered. I’m getting lost in the magic of this place and she’s helping me from floating away. Bienya closed her eyes and tried to remember. “Yes,” she said, keeping her eyes closed. “I asked if the forest is under the Faun’s control.”

“It’s more that the forest is part of her,” Cassie answered. “She’s The Forest Witch, the witch is only half of what she is, with the forest being the other. Everything that lives here is her servant, her creation, or both.” After a quick thoughtful pause the girl added, “Well, other than the one SHE is servant to, but I’ve never seen her.”

Bienya hadn’t processed the last statement, dwelling instead on the middle part of what the girl had said. “So what are you? Servant, creation, or both?” She’d meant the question to be a bit of playful flirting. This place and its strangeness were oddly freeing, and, for a moment, she’d felt open with herself about her attraction to the girl.

“That’s not a very nice thing to ask,” Cassie said, pursing her lips and looking offended.

Great, Bienya thought wanting to tug at her hair in frustration. The first time I flirt with a girl I do it so badly it leaves her looking as though she wants to shove me into the dirt. “I’m sorry,” she said out loud.

“The witch needs me,” Cassie blurted out. Her face twisted up into a confused mix of emotions Bienya couldn’t read. “She needs at least one day walker, someone who can leave the forest when she needs them to lead people to her.”

“So you’re just a girl,” Bienya said. “Just a normal mortal girl serving this Forest Witch?” Asking the question felt a bit outlandish, but after their journey through the normal forest and only a short time in the witch’s forest she’d begun to wonder if the Bunordaen was far more than she seemed.

“I’m a servant,” she answered evasively. Then, seeing a flash of concern on Bienya’s face, she quickly added, “A willing one!”

When Bienya looked at her with a skeptical expression on her face the girl continued. “I had needs, things that brought me to The Forest Witch. I understood my needs more than you do… but that’s not important. What matters is to get what I wanted I had to pay a price. There is always a price here, and you always have a choice as to whether you’ll pay it or not. And I chose to pay the cost for what I want.”

“And what was the cost?”

The girl averted her eyes, staring down at her feet. “Eternal servitude to the witch.” She looked back up, her face fierce. “EVERYTHING here comes at a cost. Remember that.”

“I will,” Bienya promised. She looked back up at the sky and found the moon had once more changed. It was nearly full and colored not with the silver light of normal moonglow but with a faint eerie orange-red.

The sight of the blood moon overhead left Bienya feeling scared for the first time since meeting Cassie. She’d seen natural blood moons. Even knowing they were natural had always led to panic in her people. The endless night the Terror brought with it always came with a blood moon, bathing the lands under its domain in the “light of the blood it craves”.

“Can we move on?” Bienya asked, hoping that if they did the moon would soon change again.

“Of course,” Cassie said. “We’ve been still for too long anyways. You’re expected and I must bring you to her.”

If Bienya hadn’t been so distracted and disturbed by the blood moon overhead she might have noticed how subdued the girl had suddenly become. She might even have noticed that the way she’d said the word ‘her’ had not been the same way she’d said it when referring to the Forest Witch.

* * *

“We’re almost there,” Cassie said quietly.

“The Faun’s cabin?”

“No,” Cassie said, voice quiet and lacking the exuberant playfulness that had filled it since they reached the witch’s forest.

“Then where are we going?”

Cassie stopped and pointed. “There,” she said.

Bienya looked, a little taken aback by what she saw. A moment before there had been more enchanting, art-filled forest ahead of them. Now they stood on a path leading to a small clearing in the forest filled with an encampment looking as though it belonged to a member of royalty.

“You have to go in and meet with her.”

“Who?” Bienya asked. The forest around them had changed. The warm, stupefying allure of the place was gone, replaced by something colder and more menacing. “Who is in there?”

“She is. She wants to meet you before I take you to The Forest Witch.”

“Who is she, Cassie?”

The girl just pointed. “I can’t go with you, she has no interest in me. I’m not important like you are.”

“I don’t want to meet her,” Bienya said, taking a step back. She was cold and shaking, filled with dread. “I won’t go in there.”

Cassie refused to meet her eyes. “You always have a choice,” she said, voice meek and free of emotion. “But if you want to continue, if you want to be brought to The Forest Witch, you have to go meet with her.”

Bienya looked up at the sky and saw the blood moon still hanging above. For my people… I must push on, must see this through. My journey IS important, and it DOES have something to do with The Terror of the Eternal Night.

“Alright,” she told Cassie. “I’ll meet her, I’ll pay the price.” The girl said nothing, still averting her eyes and refusing to look at Bienya as she entered the encampment.

It was a strange place, stranger even than the forest. A feast was laid out on a table as she entered the encampment, one that looked like it could feed a monarch and their entire royal retinue. Yet it was untouched, untouched and surrounded by a cold presence that made Bienya suspect it was being magically preserved.

But for who? There is no one here. The camp shows signs of life, of activity and use, yet there’s no one here. It’s like this was a busy camp a moment before I arrived but something caused its inhabitants to disappear in a flash upon my arrival.

The place was filled with empty loneliness that grew ever colder and more intense the closer to the center of the camp she drew. There she found the largest and most ornate tent in the camp. The feeling of immense power, and the cold loneliness enveloping the camp, was radiating from the tent.

“Do not skulk so outside my tent,” a beautifully enchanting, yet icy-cold, woman’s voice called out. “Enter so I may see you,” the woman demanded with all the command of someone used to their every whim being obeyed.

Bienya was filled with terror at the sound of the woman’s voice. It carried with it immense power, far beyond anything she’d ever encountered. It left her quavering and wanting to flee, but the cold undeniable power of the voice was too strong. She was compelled forward, terrifyingly aware of how powerless she was to this woman’s commands.

As Bienya entered the tent she was only vaguely aware of its mundane contents. It was what she’d expected: a royal personage’s tent, everything designed to be easily packed up and moved to another location yet resplendent and extravagant enough to make the place FEEL like it was both the throne room and bed chamber of a monarch.

Near the back of the tent lay a woman lounging on a divan. As Bienya entered the room the woman sat up, moving with otherworldly grace and smoothness.

Bienya found herself breathless at the sight of the woman. She was beautiful, the most stunning thing she’d ever seen. It was beauty beyond what was mortally possible. She was too beautiful, too perfect.

The woman was as sexually appealing as she was beautiful. She was “dressed” in thin strips of transparent cloth that wrapped over her shoulders and met at her waist where they were pinned in place by an ornate belt. It was made of gold fashioned into the shapes of leaves that met at a moon-shaped buckle.

I can see every inch of her naked body. Everything. Bienya stared, practically drooling at the woman’s perfect body. Slender and tall, yet thick in all the places most pleasing to Bienya’s eyes. Her skin was so pale it looked to be drained of color other than the orange-red freckles splattered across her chest and face.

Her breasts were not overly large, only big enough to draw one’s attention and keep it there. Her nipples were pierced with the ornate jewelry attached to the bar through her pink nubs shaped into a shimmering moon of silver.

After forcing herself to look away from the enticing view of the woman’s perfect breasts Bienya found her eyes drawn southward to where her thighs met. With how she sat Bienya was unable to see her womanhood, only a hint of the curly red hair of her bush.

Seeing that caused Bienya to look back up and marvel at the hair on the woman’s head. Orange-red yet faded slightly like the color had been half drained from it. When first entering the tent it had been long, long enough to reach the woman’s lower back. It was longer now, thicker and wider and spreading out.

Like a wind I can’t feel is blowing it… no, not like that at all. Like her hair is tendrils of some great many armed monster enveloping its master in protective comfort.

Only the hair on the top of her head remained unmoving and “natural” looking. A garland of blood-red roses was wrapped around her head, looking more like a crown than a festive adornment it would have looked on any less regal figure.

“Come forward,” the woman commanded.

She spoke flatly, her voice almost free of emotion. Yet Bienya felt herself jerking forward, responding to her voice as if she was magically bound to obey.

As Bienya approached the woman rose to her feet, once more moving with such ease and grace she seemed to not be part of the world. She was beyond it, apart and above.

What is this woman? A goddess walking Alaria in flesh? Perhaps this is all a vision… An illusion? No… it feels too real. She seems too unreal yet I feel her in a way that makes me certain she IS real and something physically standing before me.

Bienya knew there were things in Alaria that were nearly as powerful as gods. Demons and Angels who served the gods, infused with the divine power of their creators. Ancient things whose history wasn’t remembered even by them, living demigods who were neither mortal nor god and followed strange rules that made little sense to others.

And Vampire lords, she thought suddenly. Lesser blood drinkers, those that had been mortal less than a lifetime ago, were no more powerful than a mortal who knew how to tap into the magical powers flowing through Alaria. But legends told of the most ancient of Vampire lords, ones that had existed before The Great Collapse and now had powers to rival Angels, Demons, Demigods, and maybe even the gods themselves.

She’s pale and drained of color… like she’s dead and lacking blood. And the golden belt! Those aren’t leaves, they are drops of blood.

“I am not whatever you think I am,” the woman said without emotion.

“Then what are you?” Bienya asked as she stepped within arm’s reach of the woman.

Her hair spread out and wrapped around Bienya as the woman moved to close the distance between them. “You do not ask questions or make demands of one like me,” she said simply. “I am beyond you by magnitudes, so beyond you that there is no need for me to interact with you even as I use you as a tool to accomplish my will.”

Bienya found herself trembling as she struggled to keep her focus on the woman’s words. Her presence was overwhelming. Suffocating. It brought with it waves of sweltering sexual heat followed by blasts of coldness that numbed both Bienya’s body and her emotions. The woman was the intense heat of the hottest desire while at the same time being cold and empty of all emotion.

The woman began slowly moving around Bienya, moving so smoothly she seemed to be floating. For all Bienya knew she WAS floating, but the flowing red hair wrapped around them prevented her from seeing the woman’s feet.

“Chin up,” she commanded, cupping Bienya’s chin in a curled finger and lifting her face to better look at her.

“To the side, let me see that slender sexy neck.” The woman caressed it, the gentle touch so sensual Bienya almost let slip a deep moan. The only thing that stopped her was how cold the woman’s fingers were. They were so chilled it disturbed Bienya so much she jerked away from the woman’s touch.

“Do not recoil from me,” the woman snapped, the splash of anger in her voice seeming to shake the world around them.

Bienya snapped to attention. “As you wish,” she muttered, hating how shaky and full of fear her voice was.

The woman then pulled Bienya’s long black hair to the side, exposing the young Elve’s cheek along with one of her long pointed ears.

“Such pretty features. You have that Elven agelessness that makes your kind look so eternally young to the eyes of other races, and on you it is made all the more delicious by actual naive youthfulness.”

As the woman spoke she slowly moved her face closer to Bienya’s. The heat of her breath was nothing like the chill of her touch. It filled the Night Elve’s mind with intense desires.

Her lips. Her mouth. So close to my skin

Heat ran to Bienya’s face, making her cheeks flush. She had no doubt the woman noticed, for she could see her grin approvingly out of the corner of her eye.

“What a blushing beauty! Such a delicious rush of warm blood to these pretty blue cheeks of yours.”

The woman moved her face closer, her lips drawing near to Bienya’s cheek. She’s going to kiss me! The thought was exhilarating. Then, out of the corner of her eyes, she saw the woman begin to open her mouth. Everything happened so fast that afterward she was uncertain of what she’d seen. The exhilaration of an expected kiss turned to terror as she thought she saw the woman’s canines extend into sharp fangs.

Bienya thought the woman was about to turn her head one way and lunge to plunge her fangs into her neck. She DID lunge one way, but not in the direction the Night Elve expected. She went the other way, nuzzling her cold nose against the top of Bienya’s ear where it met her skull.

“Your hair smells delicious,” the woman moaned indecently as she inhaled Bienya’s scent. “And your flesh is so warm with the heat of life,” she added, shifting to lick the part of her ear she’d been nuzzling with her nose.

“Elven ears are such treats,” she purred as she pulled back and placed the tip of a cold finger where her nose had been. “And yours are exceptionally long,” she added as she slowly traced the top of the Night Elve’s ear. “Nearly as long as the distance from the base of my palm to the tip of my fingers. So much ear to caress, tease, and enjoy.”

Bienya moaned softly, her eyes fluttering and rolling up into her head. She’d known an Elve’s ears were an erogenous zone but she’d never imagined having them stroked would feel so good. Even though the tip of the woman’s finger was ice cold its touch sent powerful waves of burning heat flowing through Bienya’s body.

Her face flushed anew as the heat moved past it. When it reached her chest she felt her nipples harden painfully. Finally, when it reached her womanhood she felt herself grow moist with arousal.

In a flash the woman was gone from her side.

There had been a table nearby. Bienya had noticed it upon entering the tent. It had crimson cloth draped over it and had been covered in ornate plates filled with red-colored fruit along with golden goblets brimming with red wine.

With one smooth swipe of her arm the woman knocked away everything from the table other than the cloth covering it. “Sit,” she commanded, patting the table.

Bienya took in a breath to try and recover from how aroused she’d become. When she did the world rushed and twisted around her in a disorienting blur. Then, when she exhaled, things reverse and returned to normal, only now she was sitting on the table, leaning back with her hands braced behind her and her legs spread open.

The woman was beside her, one hand resting on Bienya’s belly, the other under her chin as she held the girl’s face to keep it pointing up at her. “Let me look at you,” she said, tilting Bienya’s face further back to gaze into her eyes. “REALLY look at you. See you to the core.”

Bienya felt the world drop away. She felt herself open completely as the woman saw into her mind. Every secret Bienya ever had was revealed to her along with every want and desire she’d ever felt. Bienya fell in after the women, becoming lost in herself. She lost contact with her physical body. It was only when the woman slipped a hand down the front of her pants that she was pulled out of being lost in herself.

“Such a perfect specimen of youthful Elven womanhood,” she cooed.

Bienya moaned softly, struggling to make sense of the woman’s words. The things she was doing with her hands felt too intense … too good.

The hand that had been holding her chin was stroking and caressing her face. Fingertips traced her lips as the woman leaned down, closer and closer as if to kiss her.

At the same time the hand down Bienya’s pants was even more busy. She began by tracing the swelling mounds of the Elve’s outer labia. “I do adore how you Elven races are without a trace of hair down here,” the woman sighed as her fingers danced around Bienya’s vulva.

The Elven girl gasped and shuddered, feeling dizzy from the rush of arousal the touch was filling her with. No one had ever touched her there. No one had ever attended to ANY part of her body with the focused attention the woman was giving her womanhood.

Her fingers moved in, teasing and gently working their way up and down the girl’s slit. At the same time the woman shifted her hand and pressed her palm into Bienya’s pubic mound. With gentle subtleness she rubbed at her, working her way down to stimulating Bienya’s clit just as she used her fingertips to spread the moistness of her sopping wet hole out into the girl’s fleshy folds.

As the woman worked the Elve’s womanhood she spoke, keeping her lips close enough to Bienya’s that the girl felt her hot breath on them. “A delicious body, just what is needed. The right shape, even if the color is off. But blue will have to do, there are few red-skinned Elves left in the world, and none filled with the naive innocence needed.

“Besides, the blue is exotic. You Night Elves are rare when compared to the shorter-lived races that breed like filthy rabbits. Exoticness will entice the beast. All of your delicious nubile young body will, you’re the perfect morsel to draw in the beast. The perfect trap to lay in its path.

“But you aren’t ready yet, you have to be prepared. That is why you must go to The Forest Witch. She excels are preparing young girls like you for what you must do, making you just right to go back out into Alaria and face your fate.”

“Please,” Bienya whimpered when the woman stopped speaking. “I can’t… it feels too good. Can’t focus on your words. Can’t make sense of them!”

“You want me to stop?” the woman asked slyly.

“No,” Bienya groaned in dismay when the woman stopped moving her hands. “Please, no, I’m so close!”

“And you will remain that way,” the woman replied coldly, withdrawing her hands. “It is for others to finish what I’ve begun. Besides, I enjoy seeing young girls like you suffer through unquenched desires. It brings me great joy to deny those full of the most life that which satisfies them in physical ways I can no longer feel.”

Bienya was breathless. Still dizzy with arousal and still unable to follow what the woman was saying to her. “Who are you?” she asked. A moment later she corrected her question. “WHAT are you?”

The lights in the room dimmed. In a flash the woman was on top of her, pinning her to the table with a hand around Bienya’s throat as tendrils of faded orange-red hair extended out menacingly around them.

“I warned you,” she hissed, sounding more like a wild beast than a woman. “One of your station does not ask questions and make demands of one like me.” She tightened her grip around Bienya’s throat. “But since you’ve dared I will give you an answer, one you will not like. I am hunger,” she growled, releasing her grip on the Night Elve as she floated into the air above her. The woman floated further away from her, inhaling deeply as she glared at Bienya with terrifying hunger in glowing red eyes.

Bienya grunted in pain as her chest was yanked up toward the woman. The Elve screamed as she felt something deep in her being drained away. Something red flowed from Bienya’s body into the woman’s mouth. Blood? She wasn’t sure. It LOOKED like blood, but there was so much of it…

What the girl was certain of was that the substance’s absence was making her feel weak, not just physically weak but spiritually weak as well. It was like praying to a deity, the feeling of giving them your faith in return for a blessing.

Only Bienya was gaining nothing in return. There was no blessing being bestowed on her, no trading of faith for temporary gifts given by the divine. This woman was only taking, taking from Bienya to sate an eternal hunger the Elve could feel would never be satisfied.

The woman grew more powerful as Bienya grew weaker. Bienya watched as she grew physically larger as her power swelled, eventually seemingly like she became completely divorced from the physical world. The tent disappeared and the woman grew till she was a part of the night sky. She slowly faded, her pale body becoming the darkness of the night, the orange-red freckles spread across her chest and face becoming the stars while the buckle of her golden belt turned silver and became the moon.

Then, with a gasp, it was over. Bienya blinked and looked around, confused. She was lying in a clearing of grass, the forest nearby with no sign of the encampment.

What just happened? Was that real? It FELT real… or did it? With every moment that passed the incident felt more like a dream or vision. The weakness she’d felt was also gone as if it had never been there. If it had been real wouldn’t I still feel that?  

The woman. What was she? A goddess? An ancient, powerful Vampire lord? Or just a vision brought on by the magic of this forest? Someone has to know…

It was then that Bienya remembered Cassie. She looked around and saw the Bunordaen sitting at the edge of the clearing, her back to Bienya.

The Night Elve scrambled to her feet and rushed to her. “Cassie! Cassie, you have to tell me who that woman was.”

“Who?” the Bunordaen asked, one of her big furry ears twitching as she got to her feet. “What woman?”

“The one in the encampment. The one you insisted I go meet. You said I had to, that it was the price to continue.”

Cassie stared at her with a blank expression, looking as though she couldn’t understand what Bienya was asking her.

“You have to remember. It just happened. Please, who was she? WHAT was she?”

“Come on,” Cassie said, turning her back on Bienya and heading into the forest. “I need to bring you to the witch.”

Bienya followed after her, accepting the girl either refused to or was unable to answer her questions.

Maybe this Forest Witch will know, she thought, thinking about the mysterious Faun they were going to meet. If I ask her maybe she’ll be able to tell me.

A memory ran through Bienya’s head at that point. “EVERYTHING here comes at a cost. Remember that,” she heard Cassie saying to her.

What would be the cost to find out what that was, who that woman was? And will it be a cost I’m willing to pay?

* * *

As Cassie led the way through the forest Bienya wanted to forget about the encounter she’d had with the terrifying woman. The more time that passed, and the less clear she was on whether it had even happened, the more unsettling she found it. She just wanted to put it out of her mind.

The forest helped a great deal. It once more became a place of sensual magic, the cool summer night air filled with gusts of warmth that heated Bienya in the same way Cassie’s flirtatious smiles warmed her.

That warmth was consuming Bienya’s mind. She was struggling to think of anything but it, and the way Cassie pranced around making all her most curvaceous parts bounce and jiggle wasn’t helping.

I don’t know what happened back there. But regardless of whether it was real, a dream, a vision, or something else I know this: it’s left me worked up. I feel… THINGS. Oh, who am I kidding? I don’t need to keep hiding, not from myself. I’m horny! I’m horny and having Cassie so close is just making it worse.

A desire for release was bubbling up in her, drawing near the boiling point. Bienya hated it. It was distracting and becoming more all-consuming the longer she went without having the release her body was demanding. She KNEW what her body wanted and hated it. She’d changed a lot since finding Cassie in her rented room at the inn, but she wasn’t ready yet to ASK someone to help her with THIS kind of problem.

Bienya’s thoughts were interrupted when Cassie unexpectedly threw an arm out and barked, “Stop!”

“What is it?” Bienya asked. She looked around, suddenly afraid there was some danger. Why else would the girl have called on her to stop so abruptly? When she saw eerie bobbing lights in the distance in every direction Bienya panicked, scrambling to grab the hilt of the sword hanging from her hip. “Danger? Should I prepare for a fight?”

“Danger,” Cassie agreed, taking a step back and moving closer to Bienya. “But not THAT kind,” she added, turning to face Bienya. She put a hand on the one Bienya was using to grab the sword and gently pushed it away. “NOT that kind of danger,” she assured her, moving closer.

The Night Elve was painfully aware of how close the girl was standing to her. If Cassie were to move any closer the Bunordaen’s breasts would end up pressed into Bienya’s front. Imagining her doing so was something that filled her with the kind of panic she was starting to expect from interactions with the girl.

Cassie was shorter than the tall, slender Night Elve, something she was thankful for at that moment. If the girl had been a little taller than their lips would have been level with hers. She was already struggling to pull her focus away from them. They looked so plump and soft… Bienya wanted to feel them pressed against hers so badly it pained her.

Stop it. Get a hold of yourself. Pay attention. There’s danger, and I don’t even know what kind! Out loud Bienya asked, “Then what kind of danger is it?”

“The unexpected kind,” Cassie said softly as the bobbing lights in the distance moved closer. “But the kind you’ll learn to expect while you’re in the witch’s forest.”

Bienya’s chest rose and fell as her breathing grew heavy. She was struggling not to panic, not because of the lights moving ever closer, but because of the way Cassie had been moving slowly closer. The girl had even risen onto her toes so her lips were even with Bienya’s.

“Everything here comes at a cost,” the Bunordaen continued, only now Bienya could feel the warmth of the girl’s breath on her lips. “And there’s ALWAYS another cost to be paid.”

Part of Bienya thought it would be best to pull away from Cassie, to put some space between their bodies. There was danger and she needed her mind clear to face it. But even knowing that Bienya couldn’t will her body to move. Worse, she had to struggle not to wrap an arm around the girl and pull her closer.

“What are those lights?” she asked, her voice faint and shaky. “Are they dangerous?”

“No, they aren’t dangerous,” Cassie replied, voice lower than when she’d last spoken. “Just wisps come to witness. Spies of The Forest Witch ensuring I do my job.”

The feel of the girl’s breath on Bienya’s lips was driving her mad. “What job is that? To make sure you keep me away from danger?”

Cassie flashed an amused, charming smile that made Bienya want to whimper.

Sexy, cute girl, she bemoaned in her head. Why is she doing this to me? She has to know being so close is driving me wild!

“You’re shaking,” Cassie teased. To prove it she gently grabbed hold of Bienya’s hands. “Are you afraid? I think you are. And panicked. You can feel it, can’t you? How close the danger is? That it’s getting even closer?”

As she said this she used her grip on Bienya’s hands to pull the Elve closer. She pressed her chest into the Elve’s, wiggling her torso a bit to ensure Bienya felt the full, firm softness of breasts.

Then she moved her face. Bienya was certain the girl was about to kiss her. She froze in panic, unable to move, unable to speak. Wanting it but not wanting to admit how badly she wanted it.

When Cassie turned and averted her lips from meeting Bienya’s the Elve’s stomach dropped. She wanted to shout in frustration or burst into tears, but the feeling was quickly forgotten. Cassie rose and leaned in, brushing her cheek against Bienya’s as she moved to whisper in the girl’s ear.

Bienya shivered at the feel of their cheeks rubbing together momentarily. The Bunordaen’s skin was even softer than she’d imagined.

The lights had drawn close enough for Bienya to see them. They were floating balls of beautiful glowing energy about the size of her head. They bobbed and flew about, circling the two girls and drawing slowly closer to fill the world around them with twinkling, enchanting multi-colored illumination.

“The danger can’t possibly get any closer to you,” Cassie whispered into Bienya’s ear.

The Elve shivered. The girl’s breath tickling her ear felt amazing. It filled her with confusing warmth that left her weak at the knees.

“Don’t you get it? I’m the danger,” Cassie continued. “Because if you want to go on, if you want me to finish taking you to The Forest Witch’s cabin, there’s one final cost to pay.”

“What?” Bienya whispered, barely able to speak.

“Ten kisses,” the girl replied, leaning in a bit closer to nuzzle her nose against the Elve’s elongated ear. “I’ll get to give you ten kisses before we reach the door of the witch’s cabin.” She paused, shifting her head slightly so her hot breath would better tickle Bienya’s inner ear. “Do you agree to pay the price?”

“Yes,” Bienya gasped without hesitation.

In the blink of an eye Cassie’s lips were pressed against Bienya’s. The girl had her arms wrapped around the Elve, pulling her into the kiss. It was a soft, tender kiss that seemed to both last ages while also being so brief that it felt like it was over before Bienya had even known it had begun.

“One,” Cassie giggled as she pulled away and happily skipped off into the forest.

Bienya remained where she was, panting heavily and unable to move. I just kissed a girl! It was incredible… magical even. The perfect moment that was only spoiled by how suddenly it had ended.

She reached up, gently brushing her lips as her mind lingered on the feel of the kiss. Nine more. She’s going to give me nine more…

Bienya suddenly realized Cassie had run off. She looked around, feeling an all new kind of panic when she didn’t see the girl. Only the sight of the glowing wisps all floating off in the same direction allowed Bienya to feel any sense of calm.

She took off after the wisps, certain they were either following Cassie or leading the way to her. “Wait for me,” she called out into the forest.

“I am,” Cassie replied, voice a low sultry purr as she stepped out from behind a nearby tree. The glowing wisps turned and began circling the tree, lighting up the sexy, inviting look on the girl’s face.

Cassie turned her back to the tree and leaned on it, slouching slightly to press her chest out. “Do you want number two?”

YES,” Bienya blurted out as she dashed to the girl.

Cassie sprung up from the tree and grabbed Bienya’s upper arms when the girl reached her. “Somewhere different,” she told the Elve. “Each kiss has to be different, although I CAN return to places I’ve already kissed, but ONLY if the kiss is done differently.”

“Kiss me anywhere,” Bienya gasped. “Please,” she added a moment later, the word coming out as a desperate, breathy whine.

Cassie released one of Bienya’s arms and reached up to run her fingers through the Elve’s long black hair, brushing one of her pointed blue ears as she did. When she saw how it made Bienya shudder and moan she giggled. “You’re a delight, do you know that?”

“Please,” Bienya moaned, closing her eyes so she could better concentrate on the sensual delight of the girl stroking her hair. “The second kiss… PLEASE!

The Bunordaen pushed Bienya’s head to the side then leaned in and moved her lips to her neck. She stopped, lips almost touching Bienya’s skin. “Two,” she whispered, breath hot on her skin.

Bienya shuddered and moaned as Cassie softly pressed her lips into her neck. She felt her pucker them and press in a bit harder. The feel of their flesh connected made her eyelids flicker and her eyes roll up into her head.

And then, once more, it was over too soon. “I want more,” she said, the words carried out on a soft exhale of breath as Cassie pulled away.

All that bubbling tension that had been building in her was eased, yet at the same time it had been replaced by something even more tumultuous, something reckless and needy and just as ready to boil over. Something Bienya was eager to embrace.

“Soon,” Cassie promised, grabbing Bienya’s hand and pulling her along. “I have a job to do, one you’re paying the price for. I’ve got to take you to the witch’s cabin. The kisses must be spread out as we make our way there.”

“Then let’s go faster,” Bienya told her, voice breathy and full of desperate eagerness.

She felt like she was floating behind the girl as she pulled her through the forest. Everything was so perfect, so magical. The night sky above, filled with bright beautiful stars. The moon enchanting lighting their way. The wisps bobbing and floating after them, filling the dark forest with shimmering magical light.

Bienya was just starting to worry it WAS a dream when Cassie unexpectedly grabbed her and slammed the Elve against a tree.

“Time for number three,” she said with an eager, lascivious grin. “Remind me, where were the first two?”

The smaller girl’s hands were planted firmly on Bienya’s upper chest by her shoulders, keeping her pinned to the tree. The Elve was surprised by how much she liked that. Something was thrilling about the domination and even more thrilling about how happily she was submitting to it.

Slowly Bienya lifted a hand to her face. “Here,” she said, gently touching her lips with a finger. She then turned her head to the side and touched her neck exactly where Cassie had kissed it. “And here.”

“Then we’ll start where we left off,” Cassie cooed before leaning in and brushing the tip of her cute little nose against the place she’d last kissed.

Bienya grabbed the tree behind her, digging her nails into the bark as the girl used her nose to caress her way down the Elve’s slender neck. As she did Cassie moved her hands from the girl’s shoulders to grab the top of her shirt and pull it slightly open.

It was low cut, showing off her upper chest and exposing just a hint of the meager cleavage Bienya had through the loosely laced front. The feel of Cassie ever so slightly pulling her top further open left Bienya once more panting.

The way the girl dragged her nose down her neck and onto the Elve’s chest made Bienya gasp and cling more desperately to the tree behind her. Cassie stopped in the center of Bienya’s upper chest, twisting her head to kiss her there.

Once more Bienya’s eyelids flickered as her eyes rolled up into her head. The kiss was longer this time, and wetter too. Yet even though it lasted longer than the last kiss it too was over far too quickly for Bienya.

“Three,” Cassie sighed happily as she pulled away. She met Bienya’s eyes as she pulled away. “Only seven more to go before we reach our destination. And then…”

“And then what?” Bienya asked when the girl trailed off.

Cassie smiled playfully and shrugged. “I guess we’ll have to go on to find out. But remember,” she warned playfully, “there is ALWAYS a cost.” She then laughed, the sound of playful joy echoing through the forest around them. “Come along, pretty Elve, we have a long way to go!”

Bienya chased after the Bunordaen girl, unable to keep herself from laughing in joy along with her. She knew she should be thinking about what would happen when she reached the witch’s cabin, but she wasn’t. Her mind was fixed on the next kiss. Where would it be? How would it be different? She didn’t know, but she was VERY eager to find out.

* * *

“Catch me, I dare you,” Cassie called out playfully as she disappeared behind a huge, ancient tree.

Bienya chased after the girl, breathy and recklessly eager. When she made her way around the tree the Elve stopped, confused. She’s disappeared again, she thought, groaning in dismay.

The game they were playing was as fun as it was frustrating. At first she’d thought Cassie had some magic she was drawing from the forest that was allowing her to disappear and reappear seemingly at will. But Bienya had begun to think she’d been reading the situation wrong. It was starting to feel less like Cassie was drawing something from the forest and more like she was part of the place.

“You’re terrible at hide and seek,” Cassie called out, punctuating the playful teasing with a charming giggle.

Bienya looked up and saw the plump girl crouched on a thick branch above her. The Bunordaen hopped down, almost landing on top of the Elve. Bienya had to struggle not to ogle her breasts as she landed, finding the way the impact with the ground made them jiggle most appealing and distracting.

“You have a stubborn eye for my breasts,” Cassie accused, grabbing Bienya’s shoulders and slamming her into the trunk of the huge tree behind her.

Bienya locked up, the then familiar rush of panic the girl’s more direct advances brought on overtaking her. I’m about to get my fourth kiss! Where will it be? Where do I WANT it to be?

The kind, but predatory, way Cassie smiled up at Bienya made her weak at the knees. “It’s not proper to stare at a young girl’s breasts the way you do, or as MUCH as you do,” she continued playfully. “Such visual liberties need to be punished,” she added. “A price MUST be paid.”

“And how will I pay this price?” Bienya asked, voice shaking a little. The idea of being “punished” by the sexy Bunordaen had excited her in ways she’d not expected.

Cassie slid her hands down the front of Bienya’s chest, tenderly stroking the exposed blue flesh of the Elve’s upper chest. Her fingers stopped at the top of her shirt where she began fingering the lace cord holding it closed.

“For a woman who claims to have little interest in sex you sure do dress provocatively,” Cassie purred. “Those tight leggings showing off that perky little ass. That waist corset, keeping your midsection so thin and accentuation the small but enticing curves you have here,” she said, running a hand down Bienya’s side to slip it behind her so she could lightly cup one of her ass cheeks. “And here,” Cassie added, cupping one of Bienya’s small breasts with her other hand.

Bienya shivered and cooed softly as she enjoyed the girl’s touch. “It’s the fashion where I come from,” the Elve told her. “Especially for those that travel,” she added. “Sturdy leggings are more practical for traveling. And it’s not a corset, it’s more of a waist belt that just happens to-”

“Press these up?” Cassie suggested, cupping and lightly squeezing both of Bienya’s breasts. When the Elve didn’t answer she let go of them and started unlacing her shirt. “Not much compared to mine. Just enough to push up, yet more than enough to grab and play with.”

Bienya remained silent as the girl continued to unlace her shirt down to the corset-like leather waist belt below her breasts. She moaned quietly when the girl slipped her hands into her top to grab her breasts.

The Elve leaned her head back into the tree, closing her eyes and concentrating on the feel of the girl’s hands on her breasts. When Cassie pulled them out of her shirt the added sensation of the cool night air added deliciously to the sensations she was losing herself in.

“I’ve decided how to punish you for your slutty ways, sexy Night Elve,” Cassie whispered, standing on her toes and moving in as if to kiss Bienya. “Two more kisses,” she whispered as she fondled the girl’s breasts. “But NOT on your lips,” she added, turning her mouth away from Bienya’s lips just before they met.

Bienya felt a rush of disappointment that left her wanting to groan in frustration. The feeling melted a moment later, turning into sexual panic as she realized Cassie had averted her lips from her face so they could move southward.

“Such cute little nipples,” Cassie sighed lustfully.

The feel of the girl’s breath on Bienya’s bare flesh made the Elve shiver. Her mouth is drawing so close to my nipple… Is that where she’s going to kiss me?

 “Such small areolas. And these cute little nubs! Already so swollen and engorged.”

“It’s cold,” Bienya told her reflexively.

“And my breath is oh so hot,” Cassie replied, ensuring her voice was breathy and directed it at Bienya’s left nipple. She paused, moving her mouth till her lips brushed against the Elve’s nipple. “Time for kiss number four.”

Bienya pressed her eyes closed and reached down to grip the tree. Her lips are so soft and warm. They feel so good puckered against my nipples… and the way she’s pressing them into the softness of my breast!

The kiss lingered, Cassie’s lips eventually slipping open. The kiss became something wet, something that enveloped Bienya’s hard nipple. Soon the nipple was in the girl’s mouth. Bienya moaned and wiggled, overwhelmed by how intense it felt. How perplexingly rough yet soft her wet tongue was. How incredible having her nipple sucked on was, and how much the flicking, twisting, and curling of Cassie’s tongue on and around her nipple increased that pleasure.

When the girl eased away Bienya had to fight the urge to grab the girl’s head and force her mouth back onto her nipple. She wanted more, NEEDED more while the moment she realized she was about to get more left her wanting to melt into a puddle of warm joy.

“Yes, Cassie, like that,” she moaned out when the girl’s lips found her other nipple. Again came a soft, lingering kiss that became so much more. She sucked, her mouth becoming a dance of moist warmth that brought such sensual delights!

Bienya found herself rubbing her thighs together, amazed at the amount of moist arousal between her legs. It felt like she was gushing from the attention. It was so satisfying, yet at the same time left her desperate for more.

“Please don’t stop,” she gasped, realizing at once the words were a mistake. This was just a kiss, and every kiss had to end.

“Five,” Cassie sighed happily as she pulled away from Bienya’s breast. “Oh my, would you look at your face,” she chuckled as she put Bienya’s breasts back into her shirt and laced it up. “So flush with arousal. Such a turned-on, horny Elve you are. You want more, yes? NEED more?”

Bienya nodded vigorously. For once the panic she normally felt from having the girl so close was gone. She moved to wrap an arm around her and pull her in for a kiss but Cassie, with astounding speed, responded by taking a step back and putting herself out of Bienya’s reach.

“I get to kiss you, you DON’T get to kiss me. But don’t worry, number six isn’t far away. And I promise I’ll be continuing my journey southward.” She smiled, eyes flashing suggestively below Bienya’s waist. “Now come on, the sooner we make some more ground the sooner you can have your next kiss.”

Bienya followed the girl feeling breathless, weak-kneed, and her mind fixated on where she’d be receiving her next kiss.

* * *

Bienya was just about to demand to know when she’d get her next kiss when Cassie unexpectedly slammed her once more into a tree. The girl’s aggressive sexual advance left her once more experiencing the by-then all-to-familiar rush of panic that left her locked up, leaving her feeling as though she was unable to move or speak.

She stared down into Cassie’s sparkling pink eyes. They were full of sultry mischief and even without looking away from them Bienya could feel the girl’s sly, sultry smile.

EVERYTHING here comes at a cost,” Cassie purred as she pressed her chest into Bienya’s body. “Remember?”

Can’t move but have to answer her! It took all Bienya had to nod her head.

The Bunordaen’s hand slipped between Bienya’s legs. The Elve moaned quietly as a shudder of delight ran up her body as the girl grabbed her crotch. It was a firm, lewd thing, yet there was tenderness to it as well.

“Admit you want me to kiss you here and I will,” she said, rising onto her toes and brushing her plump lips against Bienya’s. It was not quite a kiss that left Bienya imagining what the girl’s lips would feel like where her hand was. “That’s the price. You have to admit it.”

Time seemed to freeze while at the same time advancing dizzyingly fast. Say it. Tell her. Tell her how much you want it! Now. NOW! Do it or you’ll miss your chance. Do it, she’s pulling away. Oh gods, you’ve missed it, it’s too late now!

“Please,” Bienya finally blurted out, her voice a pathetic whine of longing. “I want you to kiss me there, I admit it.”

Cassie smirked. “Alright, pretty Elve, I’ll kiss you there. I’ll give you a kiss the likes of which you’ll never forget, but there will be a price.”

“I paid the price,” Bienya whimpered. “I admitted it!”

“Ah, but there is ALWAYS another price here. You’d best learn that or your time with the witch won’t be as pleasant as your time with me. So, will you pay this new price for a kiss where you desire it most?”

Bienya wrung her hands together anxiously, dancing on her toes and rubbing her thighs together in anticipation. “What’s the price?”

“Smart girl. Always ask before you agree. You want the kiss there, between your legs? You want a kiss you’ll never forget on your womanhood? My mouth on lips, not the pretty lips of your face, but those messy wet lips in your pants? I’ll kiss you there, a long kiss that will leave you gasping and shaking with pleasure, but only if you return the favor. Only if you kiss me the same way at the same time. THAT is the price.”

Bienya felt her face flush, the heat almost painful and running down her body to add to the heat and moistness she felt between her legs. “I don’t know how to give that kind of kiss,” she muttered, averting her eyes.

“I have a feeling you’ll be able to figure it out,” Bienya said teasingly as she took the Elve’s hand and pulled her closer. “Your lusts for a woman’s most womanly of places will guide you. And I’ll be kissing you as you kiss me, if you need direction you’ll need only to try and do what I do to you. Now come on,” she said, turning and pulling Bienya after her.

The glowing wisps circled them, vibrating and bouncing as if knowing what was about to happen. “You keep your distance,” Cassie barked at them. “She’s under enough pressure without you watching.”

Bienya watched the wisps pull back just far enough that their presence no longer felt intrusive but still close enough for their light to illuminate the dark forest around them.

“Here,” Cassie said, pointing to a relatively flat patch of moss-covered ground free of roots. “Pants off,” she said as she let go of the Elve’s hand. She hooked her thumbs into Bienya’s pants and gave them a gentle tug, growling with frustration when they didn’t move. “Your damned pants are too tight and your belt too secured! You take it off and be quick about it.”

“How are we going to do this?” Bienya asked as she worked to loosen the belts holding her pants up. “I mean… I’ve fantasized about kissing a woman there… And being kissed there. In bed… or sitting in a chair maybe, kneeling between a woman’s feet. But how can we BOTH kiss each other there at the same time?”

Cassie giggled. “Thought a lot about it, have you? No, I shouldn’t tease. I know this isn’t easy for you. You poor Elves always struggle when you’ve been hiding from your sexual awakenings for so long. The little sexual monster rising in you is still mostly asleep. I know if we’re not nice enough to it the little beast will try and hide and sleep deep for another hundred years or so.”

Bienya stopped just before she started to begin shimmying out of her tight pants. “How many other Elves have you helped through their awakenings?”

Cassie cocked her head, smiling knowingly. “A little flash of jealousy perhaps, or was that mere curiosity? No, don’t try to answer. You should know that fidelity is not a thing between women ensnared by the witch’s call. We are hers till she releases us, but while hers we are free to take any other woman into our hearts and between our legs as we please.”

“I’m not ‘hers’,” Bienya said, voice firm. She was desperate to take her pants off and begin but the conversation had gone somewhere she couldn’t ignore. “I haven’t even met her yet.”

Cassie shook her head, smiling as if preparing to explain something to a child who didn’t understand a thing everyone older knew. “You were hers the moment you went searching for her. You became more hers the moment you let me wrap you around my fingers. And you practically put a slave collar on yourself when you chose to enter her forest. You’ll pay every price she demands of you, I can feel it in you. They always come. They always pay the prices. They always submit to her. It’s just how it is.”

She stepped up to Bienya, placing her hands on the Elve’s wrists. “It won’t be long before we reach her. There you’ll find out what all the girls and women I lead to her find out. There is freedom in slavery, safety in bondage, and pleasure in pain. But all of that is ahead, right now all you need to worry about is the five more kisses I’m to give you. Now, let’s get these off of you so I can give you kiss number six.”

Cassie replaced Bienya’s hands and slowly pulled her pants down, dropping to her knees as she did. “Such a lovely smell,” the girl sighed when Bienya’s pants fell to her ankles. She leaned in, nuzzling the Elve’s womanhood with her cheek while inhaling deeply.

Bienya felt a confusing rush of embarrassment and arousal. Her hands flew to the Bunordaen’s furry bunny ears. She gripped them by the base and intended to jerk her head away from her body but found instead she was holding the girl in place. “Kiss me,” she demanded, squeezing the girl’s ears and pulling her face into her body.

Cassie did not kiss her, nor did she move to pull away. What she did was moan softly as she wrapped her arms around Bienya’s naked legs, caressing and cupping her firm ass. “I’m supposed to be domming you,” she whimpered. “You’ve got a delightfully firm grip,” she added, cooing softly. “You do know ears are erogenous zones for my people, yes? Give them a little tug, won’t you?”

Bienya didn’t fully understand what the girl was talking about. She likes me gripping her ears, that’s all that matters. The sound of her moaning and cooing from it… it’s making me so excited. I want to hear more of those cute sexy little sounds.

She tugged the girl’s ears, delighting in the whimper of pleasured pain that Cassie made.

“Thank you,” Cassie moaned, nuzzling into the space where Bienya’s legs met. “You’ve gotten me extra warmed up for your kiss. Now kick your pants off so you can lay down and spread your legs for me. You have a firm hand for ear tugging, but right now I’m going to be on top and you’ll be a good little bottom.”

The girl helped Bienya finish taking her pants off and then led her to lie down. She got on top of the Elve, knees in the dirt just above her shoulders. The position made it so Bienya could see up the girl’s short skirt, the light of the wisps giving just a hint of what hid there waiting to be kissed.

“Now you just lay there, relax, and let this come naturally,” Cassie said as she caressed one of Bienya’s cheeks. “But no touching till I touch you. Once I begin you enjoy your kiss while you kiss me back. You’ll know what to do, and when you don’t you just copy what I’m doing with my mouth.”

“Alright,” Bienya said, voice shaking a little as she stared up at the girl kneeling above her.

Cassie remained on top of her but swung her body around so she was facing away from Bienya. Then she bent over onto her hands and knees, reaching behind herself to flip her skirt up.

Bienya was vaguely aware of the Bunordaen dropping down onto her forearms to place her face closer to her womanhood, but only barely. The position Cassie was in left her pussy above her face and for a time that was all she could focus on.

It’s so sexy, the Elve thought, swooning at the sight of it. Just like mine but so very different.

The thick tuft of pubic hair above her womanhood drew her focus first. As an Elve she was hairless there but knew most other races had pubic hair. I’d worried I was going to be turned off by the hair but it’s so naturally raw and sexy, not what I expected at all. I’d expected it to be wiry and… a little gross. But maybe that’s a Human or Dwarven thing? The hair of her adorable bush is so white and soft looking, more like animal down.

Bienya wanted to reach up and run her fingers through the tuft of soft white fur above the Bunordaen’s pussy but fought the impulse. Cassie had said not to touch her till the girl touched her and she wanted to do nothing that could endanger this moment from continuing.

Instead, she admired her womanly glory with her eyes while she waited for the “kissing” to begin. She reveled in the way that soft white hair extended down slightly, covering the girl’s outer mounds of flesh. The swell of those mounds made her want to purr with excitement.

Then there were her lips. Excitingly pink and glistening with arousal in the night. Fleshy folds that Bienya wanted to taste. Crevasses she wanted to explore with her lips and tongue. An opening, dark and inviting, that she longed to invade with as much tongue as she could shove in it.

It will come naturally, that’s what Cassie told me. Now that her womanhood is there, above my face, I feel I almost know what to do with it.

She was reminded of where Cassie’s face was when the girl nuzzled her plump, soft cheek into the inside of Bienya’s thigh. When the girl turned her head to brush her lips on her thigh a shiver of excitement run up her. Her lips almost kissed her but a full pucker wasn’t formed. The sixth kiss was being saved for her womanhood, the thing Cassie was doing now was not a kiss. A caress, the dragging of her plump lips up her thighs closer to Bienya’s pussy, but NOT a kiss.

Cassie’s touching me now. I can touch her, do what she’s doing to me.

Bienya placed her hands on Cassie’s outer thighs, enjoying how thick and dense her body was there. She grabbed her more tightly, sliding her hands up her body to get a grip on her as she lifted her head off the ground. The girl wiggled her ass, lowering herself closer to Bienya and inviting her face closer.

The Elve brushed her cheek against Cassie’s deliciously thick inner thigh. She turned to brush her lips on the soft flesh there, getting her first whiff of the Bunordaen’s pussy.

Gods above it’s intoxicating, she thought as she inhaled deeply, brushing her lips closer to better smell her. So different from my smell. Raw, earthy almost. A pungent hint to it, yet so fucking sexy.

Their lips reached each other’s womanhoods at nearly the same time. Bienya’s focus was evenly split between what Cassie was doing to her, the feels and sensations of her breath on her pussy, with the other half of her focus on what the girl’s womanhood smelt and felt like. There was heat to it, a damp heat that drew her lips closer.

Cassie brushed her lips onto Bienya’s pussy lips. Bienya did the same, shivering in delight as the feel of the girl’s mouth against her womanhood mixed with the feel of her lips against Cassie’s moist inner lips.

As soon as the girl puckered her lips to begin the kiss she did the same. When she pressed them into her moist folds she copied the action. When Cassie parted her lips, slipped her tongue out, and made the kiss something wet Bienya did the same.

The taste! Like the smell, raw, overpowering, and with hints of bitterness. Yet so fucking delicious.

Bienya no longer needed to copy Cassie. Her desire to taste the girl, to explore her pussy with her mouth and inhale and savor her smell, led her on. As she delighted in the girl’s sloppy-wet pussy she reveled in the feel of Cassie’s mouth on her womanhood. Wet tongue and lips moving up and down her slit, one long kiss that was as tender and passionate as any of the other kisses they’d shared.

The intimate moment dragged on delightfully as both girls lost themselves in the other’s pussies. Kissing. Licking. Tonguing. Savoring flavors. Reveling in the wet, messiness of it. Delighting in each other’s cute sounds of enjoyment then working to make each other moan lewdly.

Bienya discovered how much she liked Cassie moaning into her pussy. The vibrations of her voice were pleasing as were the feelings of her delightful little gasps of pleasure. Making the girl feel good was almost as enjoyable as how good the girl was making her feel.

Both built each other steadily towards the peaks of their pleasure. Thanks to Cassie’s superior skill Bienya got there first, shoving her face into Cassie’s cunt as the girl used her mouth to make the waves of orgasmic release stretch on till Bienya’s body was quavering from it.

When it ended she collapsed, her arms falling from Cassie’s body and her head dropping to the forest floor. She lay limp for a few moments, breathing heavily and luxuriating in post-orgasmic bliss.

“You’re not done kissing me,” Cassie said. Bienya could hear the frantic need for release in her voice, hear how close she was. “Finish what you started,” she moaned, sitting on Bienya’s face.

The Elve wrapped her legs tightly around her legs as she unleashed years of denied cunt-lust in a wild whirlwind of licking, sucking, and tonguing.

Cassie had been close as she’d thought. The girl’s body shook while she gasped in delight. Bienya adored the sounds the Bunordaen made as she came. It was like she was trying to call out in joy but each time she did her body tightened and the sound became a cut-off gasp for much-needed air.

And then it was over. Cassie rolled off her, flopping onto the ground beside her. “Six,” she sighed happily.

Bienya got up on an elbow to look at her. The girl had her eyes closed. Her chest was heaving as she struggled to catch her breath, her large breasts rising and falling in a manner that made the Elve want to rip her slutty top open further so she could attack her breasts and continue what they’d been doing.

One of Cassie’s eyes opened slightly. “Hands to yourself, Elve,” she said, still grinning in postcoital joy. “I was pushing things letting you kiss me back.”

“Your beautiful,” Bienya told her. “And so fucking sexy. I never want this to end. I want to lay here for days being with you, doing this over and over again. We could just stay here and-”

“Fuck like rabbits?” Cassie suggested, giggling happily as she sat up and stretched. “That would be nice. And maybe there will be more moments like this before we get to the witch’s cabin. I do, after all, get to give you four more kisses. And even after I deliver you to the witch I’ll be around. I’m her pet and must always be near her unless she sends me off on a task. And who knows… maybe I’ll be a big part of what has to happen, what she has to teach you.”

Bienya didn’t pay attention to anything she said about the witch. “Where are you going to kiss me next?”

Cassie shrugged. “Time will tell. Now get your pants on, we have to move on.”

“We can’t stay a bit longer? Cuddle like we did that night in the inn? I was too scared then to truly enjoy it… too shy, still denying what I wanted.”

“Come on,” Cassie said, standing and helping Bienya up. “There’s no time to indulge so. Perhaps once we reach the witch’s cabin. It will all depend on what kind of deal you make with her and on how long you’re to stay.”

Bienya dwelled on the implication she might be required to stay at the witch’s cabin for a prolonged time. She liked the prospect, liked that it meant she’d get more time with the girl.

Once dressed Cassie took her hand and led her on. Bienya gripped it tightly, not letting it go. She moved closer to Cassie, as close as she thought she could get away with. It overjoyed her that Cassie made no move to make her release her grip.

“This is nice,” Cassie eventually said. “But it won’t last. I can feel it in you, the fantasies of tomorrow. You’d not be the first to like me enough to ask me to leave with you. I must stop those thoughts now before they take root in your mind and heart. I can’t leave her, and I can only leave the forest for short times and only when the witch needs it. I’m… tied to her, to this place. I can’t leave.”

Bienya felt a twinge of pain. What she’d just said felt like a rejection. Yet the rational part of her mind knew it wasn’t. It was a warning, a laying out of boundaries. She’s telling me never to ask her to leave because she can’t.

“Alright,” Bienya said, holding the girl’s hand tighter. “You can’t leave for now.”

“No,” Cassie said, stopping and turning to face Bienya. She took her other hand and held it tightly. “Not for now. Ever. That was part of the deal I ended up making with the witch. Part of the price I paid to get what I came to her for, what I needed from her. I serve her for as long as she exists.”

Bienya furrowed her brow. “And how long could she live? She’s a Faun, isn’t she? I thought they lived only a bit longer than Humans.”

Cassie smiled sadly. “She’s so much more than you think. You’ll understand in time. Now come, we’ve further to go and I’ve four more kisses left to give you.”

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