The Supers Vs Their Own Men!

The year: 1944 and the Second World War rages on!  The American military machine employs their newest secret weapon: THE SUPERS!  These few rare individuals have been recruited by the American Special Services Unit (ASSU) for use in the war against the Nazi Menace.  The supers of the ASSU include the unbeatable scion of patriotism Major CaptainVictory Woman and her young sidekick Victory Gal!  Ace pilot and front line commando Betty Bombshell!  The Young Sky High, the first heroine to have the astounding power of flight!  And Riveting Rosie who helps to keep the home front safe from Axis saboteurs!

Today’s story takes us deep into the a German forest where Betty Bombshell and Victory Woman hunt down one the remaining Gorgon Division strongholds. Gorgon, the Nazi organization formed to battle the American supers, still hopes to use its ADVANCED SCIENCE to turn the tides of the losing war, taking care of first the supers and then the entire Allied army! But they won’t have a chance if the supers can stop them first…


Sergeant James Jefferson stood on the rocky ridge looking down on the thick forest below him. He held a pair of binoculars up to his face, moving slowly from side to side as he inspected the forest canopy below. He was leading a the team of crack commandos that had been sent to locate, and if possible deal with, the Gorgon Division base that was rumored to be hidden in the area.

“It could be over there,” he said, pointing off in the distance and handing the binoculars to the woman standing beside him. “If you look closely you can see a strange formation in the trees there. It COULD be the base we’re looking for.”

“Yes, I see it,” the woman said. Unlike the man standing beside her she wasn’t dressed in the green fatigues of an American service man. Instead she wore an outfit that looked like something out of one of the comic strips that had been becoming popular stateside. It was made of sturdy cloth that was colored muted shades of patriotic red white and blue. The costumes colors made it clear what side she fought for while the practical design of the outfit allowed it to be functional, containing many pockets and holsters for her gear of war.

What the costume of the blond woman didn’t do a good job of was covering up her titanic breasts. They were superhumanly large, indecent in their sheer volume. If not for the amazing superhuman speed and agility of the woman they were attached to she would probably have been ashamed to be seen in public with breasts as large as hers. But the war effort had needed the supers, no matter how indecent their bodies had looked. Her overlarge breasts had only driven the superheroine to strive harder to be the best pilot AND commando on the front lines.

“I see it,” Betty Bombshell said again, lowering the binoculars this time. “But, it could easily be nothing. I think we should wait for Victory Woman and the troops she’s with to catch up to us. If it IS the Gorgon base we might need their numbers to take it down.”

“Aw, come on, Bets,” Sergeant Jefferson said. He’d been serving besides Betty Bombshell for a long time and the two had grown very close, although they tried to keep just how intimate that closeness at times had been from the troops around them. “I could take a handful of the boys and go scout it out. If it is the base it’d be good to know, and if it’s not it will save us a lot of time when Victory Woman does show up.”

“I don’t know,” Betty said nervously. She didn’t want to see the attractive Sergeant rushing off to danger without her, but knew he and his men excelled at scouting.

He gave her his most charming smile. “Trust me, Bets. This is the right call.”

“Okay,” she said with a sigh. “But if you haven’t reported back by the time Victory Woman gets here we are coming after you.”


* * *


“It’s the Gorgon base for certain, but it looks abandoned… What do you think boys, want to move forward and make sure it’s as empty as it looks?” The handful of men hiding in the brush with Sergeant nodded their heads. “Okay… but we advance slowly. We all know what tricky bastards these Gorgon sons of bitches are. We’ve seen over the last few weeks that they’ve gotten fond of leaving booby traps behind when they bug out of places like this.”

The base was a large concrete bunker, built into the forest floor, with trees planted on top of it to hide its presence. Sergeant Jefferson and his men went all the way around its perimeter, trying to get a feel for how big the bunker was and looking for any back exits. They didn’t find any, but they knew that didn’t mean they weren’t there.

As they approached the entrance they found the front doors hanging open, boxes of supplies overturned and all over ground. “Looks like they took off in a hurry… Let’s head inside and see if there is any sign of where they went to.”

It didn’t take the men long to scout out the entire bunker. Everywhere they found evidence of the location being hastily abandoned. But there was one thing that was very off. “There has to be more to the bunker,” Sergeant Jefferson said to his men. “We saw how big it was on the outside, and what we’ve seen can only cover a third of that area. And most of the Gorgon bases we’ve found have had underground levels… maybe there is something we’re missing. Start looking for hidden doors.”

Before long the men did find a secret door. It led into a large room, totally empty except for a large unlabeled metal canister standing in the center of the floor.

“What do you think it’s for?” one of the men said, walking up to it and poking it with butt of his rifle. As soon as he touched it the top of the canister flew off. A moment later a thick cloud of gas exploded out, quickly filling the room.

The soldiers all turned to run but most fell to the ground before they were able to take more than a step or two, the gas they inhaled acting quickly and having knocked them out. Sergeant Jefferson had thought fast and tried to hold his breath, but as he had turned the door leading into the room had slammed closed. He was able to run to it and try and pull it open only to find it was now locked. Unable to hold his breath any more he had inhaled the gas still filling the room.

The Sergeant fell to his knees, the world spinning around him as his vision grew fuzzier. He could see more doors opening into the room, secret passageways they had missed. Black clad Gorgon soldiers wearing gas masks marched into the room, pointing their weapons at him.

Following behind them was a man dressed in a white lab coat. “Very Good,” he said through his gas mask, speaking in heavily accented English. “I thank you, Sergeant Jefferson for bringing me so many test subjects for my newest experiment!”

Jefferson fought to remain conscious. “You… won’t… get away… with this,” he said, trying not to breath more of the gas in but failing. “Betty Bombshell and Victory Woman are coming… not far behind…” he fell to the ground, losing the fight to remain awake.

“Ah, but this is good! We shall have to work fast on you all, but I think we shall have you prepared for their arrival,” the scientist said, bending over as he spoke to Sergeant Jefferson. He stood up, making a sound of disapproval. “He passed out… well, it’s of no concern.” In Germen he directed his troops to start collecting the American G.I.’s and prepare them for the procedure.


* * *


Victory Woman arrived ahead of the force she was leading with only a small contingent of troops. “Seems we both misplaced most of our men,” she told Betty Bombshell with a laugh.

“Oh, I haven’t misplaced them,” the other heroine responded. “I know exactly where they are, or at least where they SHOULD be. But I am starting to get worried about them. They went ahead to scout a potential location for the Gorgon base, and they should have been back by now…” The concern the woman felt was clear by the expression on her face.

“Sergeant Jefferson was with them?” Victory Woman asked softly.

“Yes,” Betty replied even softer. “Isn’t he always? And it almost always gets the man in trouble.”

Victory Woman had never approved of how close Betty Bombshell had gotten to the man, but she understood why it had happened. None of the supers liked to admit it, but along with the superpowers they had gained they had also suffered from a superhumanly increased libido. Having a partner to help satisfy the almost constant “needs” of your body could make a big difference. Especially one who knew exactly how much sexual attention one needed, as the flip side of the increased libido was the fact that too many orgasms or even a powerful single climax would temporarily drain them of their superpowers.

Of course, Victory Woman had never had a hard time finding partners. She was a stunningly beautiful woman and had curves that were only outshined by Betty Bombshells exaggerated frame. No, attracting a partner was rarely a problem for her. And when there were no men willing to give her what she needed, which occasionally did happened in the middle of a war, she was willing to simply take what she wanted from a man or perhaps even look to a woman. But Betty, well, she had grown perhaps too attached to the attractive Sergeant.

Victory Woman placed a hand on Betty’s shoulder. “You want to go after him, don’t you? Just you and me, before the rest of the troops get here.”

Betty looked at her and smiled. “Wouldn’t be the first time we’ve done that.” Her smiled almost immediately disappeared. “Command won’t like it though… The Gorgon forces have been getting more desperate and more erratic in how they fight their losing battles. The ASSU doesn’t like us taking risks anymore, says one of us dying or even being caught prisoner would be a devastating propaganda win for the other side right now. No… they won’t let us go, we’ll have to wait till all of your troops show up.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Victory Woman said as a mischievous smile spread across her face. “The ASSU command can’t tell us not to do something if we don’t ask for permission first. Come on Betty, let’s go get our hands dirty. It’s been too long since we acted without a platoon behind us, and we both know that together we’re as good as three whole platoons! Besides, if we come back with the Sergeant and his men no one can complain.”

“And if we don’t come back?” Betty asked.

“Well, then we won’t be around to be yelled at.”


* * *


Sergeant Jefferson and his men had been stripped naked and were strapped to metal operating tables. They all were unconscious, Gorgon scientists crowded around them. The Nazi scientists were working fast, doing their best to finish the experimental procedure before any Allied forces came looking for the missing commandos.

Wilhelm Strunk, the lead Gorgon scientist present, stalked between the tables. He watched over men’s shoulders, giving advice here and there. At one table he stopped and pointed to one of the American G.I.’s foreheads. “You’ll need to make the incision bigger, there is no way the device will fit in the hole you’ve cut,” he said in German. The man nodded and picked up a scalpel.

The sounds of struggle broke out behind Strunk. He spun around to see Sergeant Jefferson fighting to break free of his operating table. The scientists in white lab coats that had a moment ago been surrounding him moved back, allowing the black clad Gorgon soldiers to move in and pin the man down.

“Ether,” one of the men shouted in German, “we must sedate this man again!”

“Get your hands off me you dirty Krauts!” The Sergeant struggled as Gorgon troopers held him in place, allowing one of the scientists to approach with a bottle of ether and a rag.

Strunk stepped forward, holding his hand up to tell the man with the drug to wait. As soon as Sergeant Jefferson saw the head Grogon scientist he began snarling at him. “What are you doing to my men, Strunk? What the devil are you putting in their heads!?”

“Ah, yes, you are curious about your fate?” Strunk asked in heavily accented English. “Or, perhaps, you are sincerely more concerned for their wellbeing then your own? It matters not,” he said with a wave of his hand.

Sergeant Jefferson started to say something but one of the Gorgon troopers grabbed hold of his mouth and held it in place, preventing him from speaking.

Wilhelm Strunk stepped closer to the table the American was strapped to, a stern angry look on his face. “You are on Germen soil now. While here it is the Germen’s who will give the commands, not you Yankees.”

He then turned and pointed to the American being operated on next to him. The doctor working on him was in the middle of placing something metal into the opening that had been cut into the front of the man’s head.

“The device we are trying out on your men was created by Baron Necrosis himself. But, sadly, we discovered early on that there are some unpleasant side effects on those it is placed in. We could not stand having proper Germen men suffer these indignities, but you mongrel American’s on the other hand…”

He then shrugged and pointed to the man lying on the other side of Sergeant Jefferson. The device had already been implanted into his head. A large metal plate sat on the man’s forehead now, a painted number three displayed on its surface. But it wasn’t this that Strunk drew the American’s attention to. He pointed at the man’s crotch where it could be seen that the man had a raging erection.

“Once the device is attached to your minds you will all be stronger then you once were, and fanatically loyal to the Third Reich. But your libido will be, shall we say, significantly increased. You and your men shall soon follow any orders given to them, unless of course there is a woman nearby to fuck.” He shrugged at this. “Luckily my detachment contains no such females.”

Then a wide smile spread across his face. “Of course, the Allied forces probably coming to save you will be led by women. Very desirable women. You will be commanded to defeat them, and once you do so, thanks to your increased strength, your lust for their bodies will be unleashed.  Tell me, how will the haughty supers feel being ravished by the men they once fought beside? Men they once risked their lives to save?”

Sergeant Jefferson was not given a chance to respond. Instead Strunk signaled for the man to be drugged, and once the ether had knocked him unconscious the procedure was started on him.


* * *


Victory Woman and Betty Bombshell knelt at the edge of the tree line, observing the concrete bunker before them. “It looks abandoned,” Victory woman said. “And there are clear signs that your boys were here recently. The question is: where did they go?”

“I think the answer to that is easy: into the bunker,” Betty said, her voice quiet. “I think the real question we need to be asking is why didn’t they come back out?”

For a long time they both sat in silence, observing the bunker. “If it was a trap, if something happened to them, it would be reckless to go in alone after them,” Victory Woman finally said.

“You’re right,” Betty said back, biting her lip. “I know you’re right. But I can’t… we can’t just leave them in there! They could be captured or hurt or worse.”

“I know,” Victory Woman said softly, placing a hand on her friends shoulder. “But we can’t risk ourselves as well. We’ll come back once all the troops are here. With numbers on our side we’ll be able to face whatever is—”

“Look!” Betty hissed, pointing to the opening of the bunker. Both superheroines dropped down lower to the ground as a number of men in black uniforms began to walk out. “Gorgon troops!” Betty hissed.

“No,” Victory Woman said quickly. “Look at their faces! It’s Sergeant Jefferson and his commandos! But, what is on their foreheads and why are they dressed in those uniforms?” For a moment the two women stayed hidden, observing the men. Each of them had a metal plate on the center of their forehead, each one bearing a different painted number in its center.

Their silence was broken by Betty Bombshell. The busty heroine jumped to her feet and ran out from cover. “Sergeant Jefferson!” she screamed, waving her arms about. “What happened to y—”

As she ran past one of the other troopers the man struck her in the gut with the butt of his riffle. The unexpected blow sent Betty Bombshell doubling over in pain. Once she was bent over the same man slammed his gun down onto her back, knocking the heroine down onto the ground.

Victory Woman shot out into the clearing, acting on pure instinct. She didn’t know what was going on, but she knew if these men were attacking Betty they were currently adversaries, and THOSE she knew how to deal with.

She dashed at the man that had attacked Betty, her powerful legs propelling her so fast and far that it was almost like she flew at the man. She landed a powerful blow into the side of the man’s body, expecting it to send him flying back. To her great surprise he only stumbled sideways, dropping his gun. A moment later he was once again flat on his feet, his face angry as he faced her.

She was stunned. A blow that hard against a regular man normally not only knocked him out of the fight but broke bones as well, yet here was this man shrugging it off like it was just a normal punch. He came at her, throwing a heavy handed haymaker her way. The speed of the man’s fists caught her off guard: it was superhumanly fast. The blow connected, sending her tumbling back.

“Ouch,” she said, rubbing her jaw where the man had hit her. She wasn’t used to people being able to hurt her with a single punch.

The man was paying attention to her now, not Betty Bombshell. She had started to get up but instead of rising to her feet she crouched down, kicking a leg out and swiping it under the soldier. He was caught off guard and knocked off his feet, but before either of the heroine’s could take advantage of the situation the other soldiers were upon them.

The two heroines fought viciously, but the strength of these men was something they were unprepared for. Yes, both heroines had fought men or women as strong as them, supers that had worked for Gorgon, but they had never faced a whole crowd of men this strong. On top of that they were also outnumbered three to one. The battle was fierce, yes, but it also didn’t last long.

Soon the two heroines were overpowered and held down on their knees by men on either side of them. Sergeant Jefferson stood before them, a crazed look on his face. “I’d like to say we’re sorry about this, but we’re really not. We see now how sill democracy is, how little it’s worth fighting for. We should have been fighting for the Third Reich this whole time, fighting for the superior race.” His eyes twitched as he spoke, his head jerking to the side every few words.

“You don’t mean that,” Betty Bombshell howled. “Those Nazi bastards did something to your mind! I can tell. They are going to regret it once we get you all back to normal!”

“Nein!” the men all yelled in unison. Hearing the all American troopers scream at them in Germen was a greater blow than any physical one the heroines had received.

Jefferson stepped closer to them, throwing his gun back towards the Gorgon Bunker’s entry way. The other men did the same thing, leaving them weaponless. This didn’t improve the heroine’s position as the men had only used their guns as cudgels during the previous fight. They seemed to want to take the heroines alive and keep them that way. What’s more, they seemed to somehow have the strength to do so with their bare hands.

“We have followed our orders,” Jefferson said, the mad look in his eyes growing more intense. “We have captured you two. Now that the needs of our superiors are met we have other needs to attend to.” He rubbed at his crotch as he said this, drawing the two heroine’s attention there. They saw, for the first time, that Jefferson had a raging erection. Looking around they could see that all the other men did as well.

Almost in unison all the men that were able began undoing the fronts of their pants and pulling their dicks out.

Betty Bombshell gasped when Jefferson pulled his hard member out. She’d seen it countless times and knew every inch of it by sight and touch. With just one glance she knew that it did NOT look normal. It was swollen and engorged to almost double its normal length and girth. Large veins covered its swollen flesh, throbbing madly.

The sight terrified her, but also made her feel warm and moist between her legs. This was the curse of the super: with powers can an almost insatiable, uncontrollable lust for sexual pleasure. The mere sight of such a large hard slab of man meat was nearly enough to turn them into obedient sluts, especially when both of them hadn’t had the chance to climax in days and thus clear their minds of the backed up sexual desires they constantly felt.

“Ngggh… Should have found time to get off during the last week,” Victory Woman said, echoing the thoughts running through Betty Bombshell’s head. Victory Woman was staring at Jefferson’s cock, licking her lips hungrily. Looking over at her Betty could see that the heroine was also wiggling slightly, rubbing her thighs together. “Are you going to fuck us?” Victory Woman asked, her question more hopeful than it should have been.

“Oh yes, we won’t be able to stop ourselves,” Jefferson said. A moment later the crowd of men was upon both heroines.

Victory Woman was pulled to the side and forced onto all fours. A man behind her flipped up the skirt of her costume and ripped her panties away while another before her moved towards her head and shoved his cock into her face. A moment later the man behind her had entered her and they were fucking her from both ends.

Other men crowded around her, masturbating to the sight while they waited for their turn. For her part Victory Woman seemed to be enjoying being ravished, moaning and pressing back against the men using her. She even shifted her weight onto one hand then reached out with the other and began searching for a hard cock to jerk off.

All of the men except Sergeant Jefferson and the two holding Betty Bombshell had peeled off and crowded around Victory Woman. Betty was forced onto the ground on her back, the two men holding her pulling the front of her costume down. This caused her humongous breasts to come spilling out.

They stood firmly defying gravity, two massive round sacks of desirable flesh. Each was more than double the size of a man’s head. Her nipples were larger than the palm of hand, like two fleshy pancakes with huge cherry pink numbs that quickly grew hard in the open forest air. Her massive areolas pebbled as well, making her nipples look even larger. They were a sight to behold, the largest tits in the world made even more impressive by being attached to a woman with such a small, fit frame.

“Please,” she said, fighting off tears, “not my breasts!” With as inhumanly large as they were she had always been ashamed of them, and the fact that she found having them stimulated so pleasurable only increased the shame she felt.

Jefferson knew this. He knew how ashamed she was of them and knew that having them exposed this way was one of her greatest fears. He stood above her, snarling down at her. “Look at those tits: indecently large! You should hear the things the men say about them when you’re not around. The way they mock you for them. We all agree: it’s not proper for a woman with such ridiculously large breasts to be given a position of authority over us! You should be back stateside, bearing us children. You’d be able to feed an army of children with utters that big.” As he spoke his eyes twitched and occasionally his head would jerk to the side.

“Stop it,” Betty Bombshell said through sobs. “This isn’t you, you’d never say anything like this to me. This is because of whatever they did to your mind!”

“Maybe,” he said. “But maybe the thoughts were always in my head and I just never said anything because you were always saving my life. But now I know that life was wasted fighting for America. Now I will gladly give it for the TRUE mother land: Germany! But first, first I’m going to fuck you.”

Betty made a sound of protest. Jefferson scoffed at this. “We all know you are, know how ALL of you supers are. We’ve served with you long enough now. We’ve seen that once you’re horny the minute you see cock there is no hope of resisting a man’s sexual advances; that you’ll give in like the cheap whores that threw themselves at us when we liberated France!”

She turned away, no longer crying. “No…” she said, her voice shaking, “it’s not true.” But then she turned back to look up at Jefferson’s throbbing cock.

“Don’t lie to me!” he said, his voice booming as his eyes twitched madly. “I’m your most loyal trooper, your best friend AND your lover! You promised long ago to only tell me truth.” He grabbed his cock and waved it above her face. “Admit it: you want it. No matter what I use it for, you’ll want it. Admit it, American whore!

With a shiver of submission Betty Bombshell whispered the truth. “Yes… I want it… but I’m ashamed.”

“I care not for your shame,” Jefferson snarled. He then stepped above her, lowing himself down till he sat on her stomach. He spit on his cock before placing it between Betty’s overlarge breasts. She shivered as he took them in his hands and pressed them up around his hard cock.

She could feel it throbbing and pulsing between her breasts… The animal part of her, the part reveling in being taken this way enjoyed the feel. It made her insides warm even more, made her feel so moist she felt as though she had wet her pants. And then he started fucking her tits and she felt even more pleasure.

Looking down at her massive breasts she was unable to see his cock as he fucked her chest. There was just too much tit flesh, but she could feel his cock in between them. Her breasts were so sensitive that the feel of a man using them this way was enough to send her body cresting towards orgasm. She moaned in pleasure, not noticing as the two men holding her down let go of her arms.

She did notice, a few moments later, when one spread her legs and pulled her soaking wet panties to the side and entered her. Her body began to shake as the feeling caused her to cum. She twisted her neck back, opening her mouth to moan only to have it filled by the other man’s cock. She was lost in the sensations and pleasure of having her oversexed body used by three men at once.

Victory Woman had her first orgasm fucked out of her around that time. Once she started cumming she found it hard to hold back, feeling orgasm after orgasm pounded from her body. She knew this was a bad thing, knew that each orgasm sapped some of her superhuman strength. But in the moment she didn’t care, like Betty Bombshell she had given over completely to the thrill of sexual release. The men were doing what few had had the chance to do before: cum taming the two mighty superheroines, leaving their minds foggy from orgasm and highly suggestible.

It didn’t take long for Jefferson to get off in between Betty Bombshell’s breasts. She had expected the man to be sated after that, but as he stood, cum dropping form the tip of his cock, she saw that it was still rock hard. He told the other two men to get off her, and the obeyed, pulling their cocks out of her mouth and pussy. He then had the two men sit her up on her knees while forcing her arms behind her back and making her press her oversized chest out.

Her head swayed from side to side. Her mind was cloudy, confused and weakened from the orgasms she had just endured. Like Victory Woman, it had been over a week since she had gotten off. When they went that long without cumming the orgasms always hit them stronger, left them in this weakened and suggestible state for longer. “What… what are you going to do to me now?” she asked weakly.

“Now I’m going to go fuck Victory Woman while all of my men do what they’ve always wanted to: fuck those mammoth tits of yours!” He snapped his fingers, signaling for one of the men to come up.

He stepped up to the kneeling Betty Bombshell and shoved his hard cock in between her breasts. He started fucking them, using Jefferson’s cum as lubrication. Betty Bombshell didn’t protest. Instead she began to moan, her tongue falling out of her mouth as she began to pant like a pathetic animal.

Jefferson went to Victory Woman and kept her busy while all of the mind controlled men fucked and came on Betty Bombshell’s breasts. By the time each of them had fucked and cum on her tits the woman’s front was covered in semen. It oozed down her massive breasts, dripping onto the forest floor below her.

Even so all the men were still hard.

The men had entered a mindless, sexual rage. They fucked the women before them, following the orders given by Jefferson. He was the only one that seemed to have retained any real intelligence, something that Betty Bombshell and Victory Woman had noticed as he fucked them both and directed the other men to do so as well.

They noticed this around the time their bodies had been sexually satisfied. They were still likely to keep cumming, but the fog that the initial orgasms had spread over their minds was beginning to lift.

Not long after that the men had placed the two heroines face down on their stomachs, stacked one atop the other. Betty was on the bottom, her massive breasts like two huge pillows underneath her. On top of her was Victory Woman, her own large breasts pressed into the other heroine’s back. Their legs were spread wide open, their exposed pussies one on top of the other. The sexually enraged men seemed to enjoy the visual and were coming up to them one at a time, jamming their cocks first into one woman’s pussy then down into the other and back and forth till they came.

Whether because they thought the two heroines utterly cum tamed or because in their mind controlled state they weren’t very smart, they seemed to be unconcerned that the two heroines were now able to whisper to one another.

“We have to— oh! To… ugh… to do something,” Victory Woman said as she was fucked.

“Yes,” Betty Bombshell said before moaning as one of the men rammed his cock into her. A moment later he pulled it out and jammed it into Victory Woman causing her to moan as well. “I feel so weak after cumming so many times… if we couldn’t over power them before— oh!”

Victory Woman started talking while the other heroine was being fucked. “I think we can still outsmart them. I have an idea, but I’ll need you to distract them…” She stopped talking as the man behind them started fucking her again. She waited till he had moved his cock back down to Betty’s cunt before continuing. “In a moment I’m going to roll off you. I want you to jump up and keep the men busy.”

Betty didn’t ask any questions and did what the other heroine asked of her when she rolled off. Betty leapt to her feet, waving her arms about and jumped about to distract the men. She knew this would cause her breasts to bounce up and down and shake from side to side. As she hoped all of the sexually enraged men’s eyes were drawn to her breasts.

She looked over her shoulder to see what Victory Woman was doing. To her horror she saw that the woman had rolled forward and retrieved one of the soldier’s rifles and was now aiming it right at the head of her beloved Sergeant Jefferson. “No, don’t!” she yelled.

But it was too late. Victory Woman pulled the trigger and sent a round shooting towards the man. With a loud clang which echoed around them the bullet hit the metal plate on the man’s forehead. There was a spark and then the plate fell off of his head, leaving a bloody wound and some wires behind hind.

He fell to ground, convulsing in an epileptic fit as his brain began to reset. Victory Women aimed the gun at the next man and fired at the metal plate on his head. One by one she shattered the devices controlling the men’s minds. Once Betty Bombshell saw this was working she dove for a gun and joined in. With Sergeant Jefferson directing the men they were little more than mindless animals. They were easy targets for the two heroines and soon they all lay on the ground, their minds resetting.

Both women sighed in relief. “Well… let’s just hope the boys back at the ASSU field hospital can get them back to normal.”


* * *


A female voice sounded over the electronic speakers in the room. “Well… let’s just hope the boys back at the ASSU field hospital can get them back to normal.”

“That’s it,” Wilhelm Strunk said, leaping to his feet and waving his hands. “The project is a failure! We must evacuate now, be gone before the supers come into the bunker looking for us.”

The team of Gorgon soldiers and scientists had been prepared for this and were mostly ready to leave.

“Baron Necrosis won’t be happy about this,” Strunk said to one of his subordinates.  “Yet another technology that seemed like it would be the savior of the Third Reich that has turned into a dud once it is field tested. Those devices were just too easy of targets… Maybe if he had had more time to test it… to perfect it…” then he shrugged. Gorgon Division and the entire Nazi regime were running out of time and they all knew it.

They left through a long secret passage, exiting out a secret back door that was nearly a mile away from the main entrance to bunker. They piled into vehicles that waited there for them, taking their equipment with them. Strunk started to think about what would happen when the Allies won the war. The proper army would never abide any talk of defeat and planning for a future where Hitler didn’t run the world, but the Gorgon Division was staffed with people a little more willing to see reality.

“Maybe there will be a way for us to escape the worst of defeat,” he said. His mind began working. He knew the Allies were proud of the supers that had done much to help them win the war, but they had to be afraid of them as well. What if the supers one day turned against the American government? They would need ways to deal with them. And that was exactly what the Gorgon Division had been developing these last few years.

“Maybe… maybe if we play our cards right, surrender the right way, we can all keep working on the kinds of projects we’ve worked so hard on these last few years. No… no, not ALL of us.” He’d have to present the idea to some of the other Gorgon scientists. He knew he’d have to choose carefully, men like Baron Necrosis would fight on till the death. But men like him, they were survivors. Gorgon was about to fall, but in its place it would leave the seeds of it’s eventually rebirth.

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