The Rings of Corruption

Episode One


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Episode Four

The gods who have been infected by The Corruption are gathered together in the ethereal plane that looks down on Alaria.

“Alaria is changing,” one of them says in a deep, hissing voice. “The Corruption spreads, growing our influence on this plane of existence. As more of the divine gods are infected and brought over to our side the mortals forget that we were once called ‘demons’ and shunned by their world. They think of us as the same kind of beings as our divine brothers and sister. They call us ‘gods’ and they worship us, giving us the faith we need to grow in power!”

“Yes,” another voice says. “And in time all the gods will fall to the corruption. But we have known since our birth that we are gods just like them, demon was just a name they gave us to shun us for being different. Like them we too have eternity, and in the end they will all be like us. But today, today we will play a game to pass the time.”

“So that is why we were all called here?” yet another voice asks. “To play a game? Tell us, how is this game played?”

“Some of us have endeavored to pour a fraction of our power into a number of magical rings,” the first voice began, explaining. “Through devious machinations we have convinced the Sisterhood of Righteousness that these rings can bring magical protection and might to those that wear them. They have begun to give these rings to those they send out into the world, thinking the rings will protect these chaste warriors as they try and bring good to Alaria.

“But they have been misled. The rings actually draw perversion and the Corruption to those that wear them. It clouds the wearer’s mind, increasing their libido yet causing them to ignore the fact that they are slowly becoming ever more addicted to sexual highs. Every one of the mighty, haughty heroines who go out into the world wearing one of these rings will soon meet their doom, sinking into the deprivation of sexual degeneration.”

“Although this pleases me to hear,” one of the gathered gods says, “I fail to see how this is a game.”

“Because the rings also make it so any of us touched by the Corruption can sway the mind of these women, as well as the minds of any near them. We need only watch and choose how they shall stumble tits first into all sorts of kinky peril…”

Hearing this the gathered gods are pleased. And then they turn their attention to the heroine currently wearing one of the cursed rings. They begin to watch, and they begin to manipulate her mind and body as well the world around her…

* * *

“Well would you all look what’s come down the road,” one of the men says to the figures crouching on the edge of the cliff next to him. “Ain’t never seen someone with a blade that big.”

The other two figures crawl to the edge of the wooded cliff, looking down at the road that winds through the forest before them. “Me neither, but it ain’t that big sword I’m looking at. You see the size of her tits? Fuck… I didn’t even know they came that big! Not sure I’d even know what to do with that much tit-meat.”

The third figure, the leader of the little band of bandits, speaks up next. “You two really are dumb, ain’t ya? That there’s a Silver Elf. See how her hair is white as snow? Notice the pointed ears? They ALL got tits that big and thick curvy bodies like this one here. Fucking wonders of the natural world, but their bodies are full of magic. Have to be to carry around milk buckets like that. She looks like a fat-titted cow of woman, but them Silver Elves, they are all fast and strong.”

“Well, I suppose she’d have to be to carry a sword that big,” one of the other men says. “I mean, look at it: it’s almost as big as me!”

The leader nods. “That’s one of them Ebony Battleblades. Very rare and there is few that can wield them. I think perhaps this one, well, it might be reckless trying to rob her.”

As he speaks he watches the woman walking along the road, clearly confident that no one will challenge her.  She turns at a slight bend in the road, causing a ring she wears on one finger the glint in the sunlight. Even form their distance he can see that there is a red gem set in the ring and for a moment the bandit thinks he sees it glowing with red magical energy, but when he blinks the glow is gone.

“You know what,” he says, “I think I may have been wrong. I mean look at her: she might be able to hold that massive weapon, but you really think she has any skill with it? And I hear Silver Elves all have highly sensitive breasts. We get a good jab or grope in on that fat-titted slut and I bet she’ll be down on her knees and start sucking us off like that other Elf that came through here not long ago.”

The other two men murmur, unsure and voicing their doubts.

“Come on, you cowards,” the leader snarls. “We’ll sneak down ahead of her and get the drop on her. We’ve been doing this for years now, no way some busty Elf maiden is going to be too much for us.”

* * *

Adreh continues her march down the small road, enjoying the way the tall trees around her loom above. She’s always liked forests, always felt peaceful and at ease in them. But that doesn’t mean she’s let her guard down. She saw the bandits peering down at her from their high vantage point. Her eyes, the pupils as silver as her hair, are those of an Elf and can see further and clearer than those of any Human’s, something they always seem to forget.

She plays her part well, showing no outward sign that she has notices the bandits. But her grip on her Ebony Battleblade grows tighter. She’s not surprised the men are trying to get the jump on her. The sight of almost any other being wielding an Ebony Battleblade would be enough to stop most fights before they begin. But she’s a Silver Elf, and to most her race’s curvy, massively breasted bodies mean they can’t possibly be a threat in battle. But oh how wrong those are.

And she now also wears one of the Sisterhoods rings of protection! The rings are only given to those on the most important missions or when the bearer needs to be magically safeguarded, two categories her current mission for the Sisterhood falls into.

She’s been sent to deal with an evil wizard who has proclaimed himself Lord of a regain just ahead of her. But killing this Lord Pixyium isn’t her only mission. Adreh was not the first member of the Sisterhood sent to dispatch the villain. Not long ago a young and inexperienced mage called Shalheira was sent to dispatch him. It was assumed she would be more than enough to deal with the evil wizard, but she was never heard from after leaving for her quest.

So now Adreh, one of the greatest warriors the Sisterhood has in this region, has been sent to finish off Lord Pixyium once and for all AND discover what happened to Shalheira. And unlike the mage, who had come to this region in disguise, Adreh comes openly dressed as a member of the Sisterhood.

“The time for subtly is over,” she mumbles to herself. “I’ll slay this wizard and discover what happened to Shalheira. Saving her if she is still alive, or avenging her if she’s been killed.”

As she mutters the foliage on the side of the road ahead of her moves slightly. She forces herself not to smile. The mean sneaked ahead of her, just as she expected them too. And now they are going to wait till she is practically at arm’s reach to leap out at her. The gambit might even have worked if she hadn’t been prepared for it.

After a few more steps she reaches the “hidden” bandits. They burst out of the underbrush at her, weapons in their hands. They are large Human men, meaty with a thick combination of fat and muscle. The snarl on the front man’s face is still there as Adreh swings her Ebony Battleblade from her shoulder and through his torso, easily heaving him in half.

Blood and gore splatters out from his body as the blade slices through him, moving into the bandit beyond. This man has enough time to register what is happening and the snarl on his face becomes an expression of first surprise and then shock and pain as the blade cuts him in half as well.

Adreh spins, adding to the massive blades momentum. After turning all the way around with almost supernatural speed she finds the last of the bandits trying to back away. The man has dropped his weapon, seeing that it will be no use against the Battleblade.

She lunges towards him, taking the momentum of her swing and turning it into a forward thrust. The Battleblade easily reaches the man as he tries to backs away, slicing through his chest as if it were butter. For a moment he stands, looking down at the blade impaling him. Adreh turned it so the blade entered him vertically, one edge running from just under his neck and the other edge reaching down almost to his waist.

He opens his mouth to try and say something, but all that comes out is a gurgling sound as blood begins to bubble up and spill out his mouth. Adreh pulls her blade out of the man and his body immediately collapses. “All too easy,” she says, looking at the bloody mess at her feet.

“I take no great joy in slaughtering men so easily,” she says to the corpses at her feet, “but I do as I must to rid the world of such evil.”

* * *

Lord Pixyium watches the Silver Elf slay the bandits with alarming ease, her massive frightening sword cutting through them almost as if they weren’t even there. The image of her floats in the air before him, seen through a shimmering field of magic that looks almost like a hole in reality.

“I take no great joy in slaughtering men so easily,” her voice says, but its sounds strange as if traveling through water. “But I do as I must to rid the world of such evil.”

The decrepit old wizard waves one of his wrinkled, gnarled hands through the image before him. The magical image swirls as if made of smoke, billowing away and dissipating totally. “Bah,” he snarls. “I expected the Sisterhood to send more of their agents, but I didn’t expect this!”

He rises to his feet, pulling his ornate thick green robes up around himself and stroking his pointed white beard as he does. Once on his feet he retrieves his staff, gripping the magically twisted wood of the frame and tapping the large purple crystal at the top with one of his long nails. The crystal ignites with magical energy, glowing and steaming in the dark room.

For a moment the old wizard stands in silence, slightly hunched over. But then his posture improves and he stands tall. It’s as if half his age melts away. He raises his free hand into the air, curling his fingers up. The candles in the room around him spark with purple magic and then ignite in flames filling the dark room with bright illumination.

“This one will be harder to deal with than the last,” he says as he begins to walk to the far wall. His green robes are covered in metal coins of various sizes and they jingle and he moves. As he nears the wall he plucks one of the coins from his robe, lifting it to the wall before him and placing it on the stones there.

The coin melts into the wall and a moment later the stones begin to shift, becoming an open window that allows the wizard to look down from the top of his tower. The land below him is covered in hilly forest. In one direction is the walled town of Rimemore, and beyond that the road that this agent of the Sisterhood now travels.

He can’t see it from here, but he knows she’ll soon come to a crossroads. It is clear her final destination is his tower, but which road will she take? Shall she come through Rimemore as the last one did? Or will she head around the town, traveling either through the caves in the nearby mountain or in the other direction to move through the forest?

As he ponders this he strokes his thick, long pointed mustache. “I can watch her from a distance, but that won’t be enough. I’ll need to prepare dangers for her along every path.” His mind begins racing as he starts to plan obstacles to stop this Silver Elf from ever reaching his tower.

“Then again… maybe it wouldn’t be bad if she were to reach me. I have ever so enjoyed the last plaything the Sisterhood sent me.” He turns as he says this, looking behind him. There in a far corner of the room is a woman. Once a mighty Elven mage, but now enchanted to be little more than a mindless piece of fuck meat. She squats down over a large smooth phallic shaped object attached the floor, moving her body up and down as she fucks it. She moans, grabbing at her magically enlarged tits as she does.

The sight brings a smile to his face and makes his manhood begin to swell. He prefers to keep her like this when he’s not using her, making sure that greedy little Elf pussy of hers is always in use unless she’s sleeping. “I made the right choice hiring the man who made her this way. He’ll be a great tool to me in the future.”

He turns back to look out the window. “Yes… I think I’ll want to capture this Silver Elf alive, add her to my collection. But that Battleblade of hers, it’s deadly… I’ll have to act carefully. I need to not sacrifice too many of my agents in capturing her, for surely that would weaken me if they were to keep sending these meddlesome heroines after me.”

* * *

Adreh stands at a cross roads before a travel stone. The large swirling symbol carved into the tall standing stone begins to glow, a magical message appearing in the air before it telling where each path leads.

None of the information is new to her. She knows that the road straight ahead will lead into Rimemore, the road on the other side leading right to Lord Pixyium’s tower. The road to the left will lead up into the mountain that looms above the forest in that direction and take her to a series of caves that if traveled through will bring her out on the other side of the wizard’s keep. And the road to the right will lead away from the wizard’s lands, but she could easily follow if for a time then turn away from it and travel through the woods and move around Rimemore to the tower.

She is confident that if wizard doesn’t already know of her presence through magical means he will soon do so. There is little chance for stealth, and besides that’s not really her style. She expects that he will try to stop her progress forward no matter which way she takes.

“If only I knew which direction Shalheira took,” she mutters, fingering the ring of protection as she speaks. The ring seems to comfort her, and touching it in times of great decision seems to help her make up her mind. And once again, the ring seems to inspire her, almost as if it were telling her which direction to take.

“To town,” Adreh says, determination suddenly in her voice. “I don’t know how I know that’s the direction she went, but I’m certain of it… Maybe it’s the ring, or maybe it’s just my latent Silver Elf magics, but I KNOW that’s the way she went.”


* * *


The town walls of Rimemore stand before her, tall and imposing. Her years of martial experience tell her that the walls are far from perfect: with the right tools they could be easily scaled. And the city has let the forest around the walls grow too close; one could easily get over them by climbing some of the taller trees.

But all of that doesn’t matter to Adreh; she plans on making a direct and forceful entry into the city. The gates before her are closed, but a small guard house sits next to them with a man cowering inside.

After staring at him for a time she comes forward, keeping her massive Battleblade drawn and held in one hand (a sight that is probably responsible for the guard’s cowering) and waves to greet the guard with the other. “Lo, stranger, I demand entry into this city.” Adreh speaks with the confidence of a conqueror, ready for battle but not acting as if she expects it.

The guard comes out of his post, a spear in one hand pointed at her and a shield held up to cover his body and the bottom of his face with the other hand. “That will be far enough,” he shouts, his voice quavering and full of fear. His eyes are locked onto the Battleblade. A small town guard like this has perhaps never even heard tales of the Battlebaldes, and certainly never seen one in person.

“And who is going to stop me from gaining entry to this city?” Adreh says, throwing her head back to whip her long mane of silver hair from her shoulders, laughing as she does so.

“Little man, I could cut you in two before you could get that pathetic little spear anywhere near me. And after I dealt with you I could cut through those gates as if they were made of butter.” Every word of it is true, although she has no idea if the guard will believe her. “Now save your life, and the cost to the city of having to repair its gates, and just open the city to me.”

The guard takes a few steps back, his eyes wide with fear. She can see that his spear and shield are trembling in his shaking hands, yet he’s standing his ground. “C-c-can’t do that! Lord Pixyium has declared no member of the Sisterhood is to enter his lands! If I were to let you pass I’d be as good as dead!”

Adreh smiles, enjoying the moment. “Well, that leaves having to make an impossible choice: deny me entry and be killed now, or let me pass and be killed later.”

She has no real desire to slaughter the guard. Yes, he works for an evil master, but the man himself is probably no more evil than most men. He’s simply following orders, and doing so with more bravery than most would. Really, the answer is simple: he should choose to let her through and then immediately flee this land, hoping to leave Lord Pixyium’s grasp before the evil wizard even notices he is gone.

Adreh opens her mouth, intending to explain this to the frightened guard, but the words never leave her mouth. The ring on her finger begins to glow, its magic freezing both her and the guard in place. For a time they stand as if they are living statues, breathing but moving in no other way.


* * *


“We can’t just let this one cut through all that opposes her,” one of the dark gods says.

“No… surely without our interference she would kill all before her, perhaps even slaying Lord Pixyium by nightfall on the morrow. This is exactly the reason we had these rings made, so that we could hinder the Sisterhood’s successes.”

“Yes,” another says, “but we don’t want them just to fail. We want them to do so in sexually titillating and pleasing ways. And this one, she’s known nothing but success. Any defeat we bring to her will crush her inflated ego. In what manner shall we bring her low?”

There was silence for a time, and then a voice speaks up. “She seems determined to follow in Shalheira’s footsteps. Perhaps we should let her?”

There are murmurs of agreement. “But a simple replay of those events would barely be worth watching. Let us ensure this one follows the Elven mage’s path, but that her feet fall in different places.”


* * *


Adreh blinks, confused. It seemed as though everything had stopped for a stretch of time, but now things are back to normal. She looks around, feeling disoriented. She spots the cowering guard before her looking just as confused as her.

She blinks again, her mind swirling and jumbled for a moment but then her thoughts become clear. Right, I had decided this man wasn’t worth killing. I was about to convince him to open the gates for me in a manner he surely doesn’t expect.

“You know, I think you’re going to do the right thing,” she says, swinging her blade behind her back and pressing her chest out. The man’s eyes are immediately drawn to her overlarge breasts. “Yes,” Adreh says, looking at the way he stares at her breasts with obvious lust and hunger, “they are so big, aren’t they? I bet you’re wondering how I even stand up with breasts this large.”

The man nods, lowering his weapon and shield slightly. “And… and how you’re top stays on,” he blurts out. “It’s skin tight and low cut with such thin fabric. It can’t possible support those monstrous breasts.”

“If it was simple fabric it would indeed be impossible,” she says. “But the outfit is magic, the thin fabric enchanted to keep my massive breasts in place while I fight. The enchanted fabric is very expensive, so we used as little of the it as possible. That’s why the outfit ends in such a short skirt and barely covers by plump ass. Hell, the flared skirt sometimes even gives my opponents a glance at my underwear during battle. I bet a man like you would love to see that, wouldn’t you?”

While she speaks she continues moving forward, her tits pressed out before her. She keeps her tone light, her voice flirtatious. As she nears him she arches her back slightly, sticking her large ass out behind her and resting the flat edge of her Ebony Battleblade on it.

“How is such a simple man like you to be expected to stand up to this body’s natural charms? Surely your Lord could not be angry with you if he was told I used my indecent curves to gain entry into the city. Why, I bet even your mighty Lord would open the doors to his tower if I offered to, say, pull my top down and let him pleasure himself to the sight of my exposed breasts. Would YOU let me through if I were to do that?”

There is a part of Adreh that reacts with disbelief as the words leave her mouth. Who is this woman speaking, she thinks. What kind of whore uses her body in such a way!? Surely this is not me, surely this isn’t really happening? Yet it is. She’s offering herself up to the guard and feeling aroused and exhilarated as she does so.

The guard drops his spear, drops his shield. “Y-y-yes,” he says stuttering on his words, “s-s-surely even Lord Pixyium would understand. This is a chance I can’t possibly pass by!” He begins fumbling with his pants, quickly pulling his cock out as he stands there before Adreh.

Her eyes lock onto the fleshy slab of man-meat as it is pulled free. She’s seen penis’ before, but never while aroused and never with any interest in her heart. But in this moment she feels her insides ignite with a desire she’s never felt before. It’s a strange hunger, a need to have herself filled with the rigid cock she sees the man before her holding in his hand. And the desire has her crotch feeling warm and moist, her pussy throbbing and feeling engorged. These are all feelings she almost completely ignorant of.

Confused by all of this, and feeling as though thinking too hard on it would be a mistake, she simply lowers herself to her knees before the man. She places the Ebony Battleblade on the ground beside her, then reaches up to her overlarge breasts, giving them a gentle squeeze then lifting them up as if presenting them to the man before her. The whole process is strange, feeling more like she’s watching someone else from a distance, not controlling her own actions.

“Are you ready to see them in all of their glory?” she asks the man before her, looking up at him. Again, it feels as if it is someone else speaking the words.

He nods eagerly, spitting into his hand and returning it to his cock as he begins to stroke himself.

Adreh grabs the top of her outfit, digging her fingertips into her tit-flesh to loosen the skin tight fabric. Once she does so the fabric all starts to grow loose, falling free from her large breasts as the enchantment on it is temporarily broken. She peels the fabric away, exposing her gigantic tits to the man before her.

He stands, jerking off furiously and staring down at them. Her tits are massive, each larger than some smaller Human women’s entire torsos. He had expected that much tit-flesh to droop and sag heavily down her front once the support of her top was removed from them, and they do sag slightly but nowhere near as much as he imagined. They look so firm and full and wide that it’s almost as if they are defying gravity.

The sight of pure unrestrained lust in the man’s eyes as he stares down at her tits makes Adreh feel warm all over. Her pale cheeks flush red and the warm moistness between her legs increases. She begins to grind her thick, meaty thighs together in response to the throbbing demand for sensation her cunt is feeling.

By the gods above, what is happening to me, she thinks in alarm. She wants to jump to her feet, grab her Battleblade and cut this man in half then cover her breasts before retreating from Rimemore in shame, but she is unable to make her body do any of that. Instead she begins grabbing at her tits, her hands sinking slightly into the mass of thick tit-flesh hanging exposed.

As a Silver Elf her breasts are, and always have been, extremely sensitive. But until this day Adreh has led a life free of nearly all carnal desire and sexual self explorations. Now her hands work her own breasts with skill and experience that is surely not her own. She seems to know exactly how to squeeze and grope her overlarge breasts in a way that brings pleasure both to her own body and the man pleasuring himself to the sight.

The ring on her finger is working its magic, controlling her actions and increasing the sexual sensations and desires she feels. It’s doing the same thing to the man standing before her and because of this he quickly crests towards orgasm. With a shudder and a groan he takes a step forward, aiming his hard cock at her tits and spurting out a large load of semen.

Adreh watches in shock and horror as the thick glob of male sexual fluids flies through the air towards her then winces as she feels it plop down on the top of one of her exposed breasts. The semen is warm and thick and heavy on her flesh as it begins to slowly ooze down the curve of her breast.

She stares down at the cum, disgusting by the sight of it. Yet a powerful urge comes over her, one she seems unable to deny. She lifts a hand to her breast, sticking out two fingers and dragging them along her tit to collect up some of the semen. She then lifts it to her mouth and sucks the bitter, foul tasting seed from her finger tips.

The taste is as repulsive as she had imagined, yet… there is an oddly delicious quality to it. She returns her finger to her tit, gathering up more of the man’s cum to taste it again. The taste is less bitter this time, more pleasurable. Certainly it can’t be said that it tastes good, but tasting it does bring her body some kind of simple yet powerful pleasure.

Something in her mind snaps. She grabs the cum covered tit with both hands and lifts it up towards her face as she bends her head down, pressing her face into her own tit. She begins licking the rest of the cum up, moving like a desperate hungry animal.

Only after every drop of cum is gone does she realize the guard is gone and the gate into Rimemore stand open to her. Thankfully there seems to be no one on the streets just inside the gate. She quickly gets to her feet, pulling her top up over her breasts and smoothing the fabric to make it magically cling to and support her breasts once more.

After retrieving her Battleblade form the ground she enters Rimemore, deep in thought. What just happened? Was all of that real? Is this some strange enchantment cast on me by Lord Pixyium No, it can’t be. I know what such spells feel like and as a Silver Elf am naturally resistant to them. Only a god could affect me so, but why would a god take such interest in me?

No… there is only one explanation: I wanted all of that. Clearly I enjoyed it. Something has changed in me… something I will need to explore at a later date, but for now I need to concentrate on my mission. I need to ask around and see if Shalheira passed through here, find out if anyone saw what happened to her.


* * *


Lord Pixyium had watched the exchange at the gate of Rimemore with confusion. “What is this? Another agent of the Sisterhood acting with such perversion? Perhaps I’ve misjudged them these many long years… No, no that cannot be. There is something else going on here.”

He waves away the magical image that is showing him Adreh moving through his city, asking if any have seen Shalheira. He’s certain that eventually she’ll find an answer to her question, in fact instructed some of his agents to make sure she discovers the truth. She’ll be led to the same inn the Elven mage met her doom in, and once there find the very same man that doomed her. Of course, this fat titted Silver Elf won’t be told that part ahead of time.

Lord Pixyium has decided to use this as a test, to see if Rumwald Silvertongue can ensnare a second member of the Sisterhood or if the first time was just luck. He suspects the mercenary adventurer will try and use the same magically enchanted deck of cards, confident the same trick will work once more.

The wizard gets to his feet, muttering darkly to himself. “Games of perversion and captured members of the Sisterhood are all good, but if there is more going on in my lands I need to know about it.” He shuffles to a nearby table covered in arcane objects.

He pulls a crystal ball from the center of the table to himself, running the palm of his hand across its glass surface. The clear center of the glass orb crackles with magical energy, purple glowing mist swirling and filling it. “What powers not my own are at play in my lands,” he asks the orb, looking intently into the glowing cloud of sparking purple smoke.

The cloud glows thicker, eventually parting to show a woman’s hand. There on her finger sits a ring, a red gem set into the simple metal band. It looks vaguely familiar to Lord Pixyium, but as he tries to recall just where he has seen the ring it feels as though some force is actively suppressing his memories.

He stands, grabbing his staff in both hands and taking a step back before slamming its base on the floor. “WHO DARES INFLUENCE MY MIND,” he shouts, his voice infused with magic that will force a response from whoever or whatever is affecting him.

For a moment it feels as if magical energy presses in on him from all sides, fighting against his spell of revelation. But his magic wins out in the end, making the pressure explode and disappearing allowing his mind to work properly. In that moment he remembers seeing the red gemmed ring upon Shalheira’s hand but realizes that at one point the ring disappeared. Adreh also wears such a ring on her finger, something he seems to have noticed only subconsciously.

A moment after mentally processing all of this the image in purple mist in the glass orb fades quickly away. For a moment the glowing mist inside the orb swirls angrily, then turns red. “What foreign magic is this?” Lord Pixyium snarls, recognizing what the change in the color of the energy means.

The red mist sparks and swirls then parts to reveal a vast void filled with distant stars and swirling gas. The wizard gasps, recognizing the sight as the Ethereal Plane where the gods live. Then a figure appears in the emptiness, a large hulking red man with demonic horns and a sinister, angry snarl on his face.

“Your powers are great indeed, Lord Pixyium, if you are able to detect the power behind the rings of corruption,” the red skinned figure says. “But old man, you are but a mortal. Yes, a powerful a mortal, but a mortal none the less. Even the most powerful of your kind is but an ant to a god such as I.”

Lord Pixyium takes a step back, lifting his staff up before him defensively. “I recognize you,” the wizard says, narrowing his eyes at the visage in the glass orb. “You are Baedor, god of sexual indulgence.”

The god nods, crossing his arms across his chest as he does.

For a moment the wizard glares then he steps back forward with a defiant look on his face. “Well, I’m not afraid of you! I worship no god, call no being, mortal or divine, my master!”

“Calm, old man,” Baedor says with an amused smirk. “You have no need to fear me or my friends among the divine pantheon. But you have stumbled upon a little game we are playing with the Sisterhood. See, they believe the rings they bare protect their agents, when in reality they ensure their bearers meet their ultimate doom in a way we find sexually pleasing.”

Lord Pixyium looks up from the glass globe, glance at the bimbofied Elf in the far corner of his room. “You mean you doomed that one?”

“Well, not exactly. We simply pushed at her mind and ensured she made some very bad decisions whilst drawing her towards danger and drawing dangers towards her. YOU were one of those dangers, by the way. You may not worship me or any of my fellow gods, but we have enjoyed what you have done with your life. We’d like to see more, maybe even ensure the Sisterhood keeps sending you attractive agents who will be doomed to fall under you power.”

“And what do you demand in return,” Lord Pixyium asks.

“Ah, such an intelligent man,” Baedor says. “Simple: ignore the rings. Do not try and remove them from the members of the Sisterhood bearing them. Do not draw their attention to them or suggest they are anything other than what they think they are. And most importantly, if and when they fall from their bearer’s hands do nothing to them. Their magic will ensure they find their way back to the Sisterhood.”

Once more Lord Pixyium narrows his eyes. “And if I do not agree?”

Baedor spreads his arms, lifting his hands up as he does. “Well, you’d find your life going through some changes. We’d start simple, ensuring the next time the Sisterhood sends gents to slay you that they DON’T bear one of the cursed rings. I think, perhaps, you’d find them less fun to deal with when their minds and actions are not being corrupted by me and my friends.

“And if somehow you were to survive their attacks, well, perhaps some of our follows would be directed to secretly join your forces. Perhaps then one of your servants would slip into your chambers at night and slit your aged throat, putting an end to your defiant life.”

Lord Pixyium continues to look defiant for a moment, deep in thought. But then the expression breaks, replaced by a placating smile. “I would be a fool to try and stand against the gods,” he says. “I’ll do as you ask, ignoring the rings. And hopefully you will ensure I frequently get fresh playthings to add to my collection.” He looks across the room at Shalheira. “I’ve just the one now, but I’d like more.”

Baedor smiles back at the wizard. “Patience, old man. I’ve a feeling your collection will soon be doubled.” The image of the red skinned god then disappears, the red mists dissipating not longer after that and leaving the glass orb empty and clear.


* * *


Adreh is tempted to cut the wooden table between her and the man sitting across from her in half. “Look, you better give me a straight answer, Rumwald, and soon or you’re going to regret it,” she snarls.

The tavern around them grows quiet, all of the patrons stopping their own conversations and now staring at Adreh as she stands with the massive Battleblade in her hands, ready to strike.

The short, ugly man sitting across from her seems totally unfazed by the sight of the giant blade. He smirks up at Adreh. “And what are you going to do if I don’t tell you? Cut me in half with that sword? No, I don’t think so. Do that and you’ll never get the truth out of me.”

“So you admit Shalheira was last seen here in this very tavern with you?”

He shrugs. “Obviously you think it’s true or you wouldn’t be threatening me the way you are. I doubt anything I say right now could convince you that you’re wrong, even if THAT was the truth.” He leans back in his chair, putting his hands behind his head. “So we seem to be at an impasse. But I think I know the answer to all our problems.”

“And what is that,” Adreh says, her eyes narrowing and her grip on the sword tightening.

“Well, I need to tell you the truth, but you need to know I’m telling the truth. Whereas I only want to tell you the truth if I’m assured you won’t cleave me in half if you don’t like what you hear.”

“That,” Adreh snarls, “will never happen. If you are responsible for harming Shalheira I fully intend to make you pay with your life.”

Rumwald’s grin grows larger. “So it appears there’s no way for us both to have what we want. So how to fairly decide which of us gets our heart’s desires? Well, it just so happens that I have the answer. If you will allow me to reach into my cloak? I promise it’s not to draw a weapon.”

Adreh nods her head, signaling that he can do as he wishes. But she lifts the blade up and points it at the small man, ready to thrust the blade through his chest if he is trying to trick her.

The man pulls out a small ornate box made of well worn stone with a large red stone inlaid on its lid. He places the object on the table, opening the lid to reveal a deck of cards and two transparent crystals. “This is an Enchanted Duelist’s deck,” he tells her, pride in his voice. “Very rare, and very powerful. Do you know how it works?”

“I’ve no time for games,” Adreh snarls, but pulling her Battleblade back from his chest.

“Oh, but this game can answer all our problems! See, if two agree to play they can set conditions before the game starts, conditions that the deck’s magics will ensure are followed at the game’s end. So if you promise not to kill me if I win and I promise to tell you the whole truth if I win we can settle this all right now. Well, not right now, but after a quick game of cards.”

Her first impulse is to finally drive her blade through the table and destroy the card game before giving Rumwald one final chance to tell her what she wants to know, then kill him if he doesn’t. But before she acts she feels a warm sensation settle into her mind that calms the frustration and rage she feels. The man’s proposition makes sense, she suddenly realizes while not noticing the way her ring glows faintly during the thought.

“Fine,” Adreh says, pulling a chair out from the table before her and sitting down across from Rumwald. “I’ll play your game, but I’m keeping my Battleblade close. If you try and trick me in any way, I’ll make you pay.”

“Oh, you needn’t worry about tricks. The deck’s magic is powerful, and once we begin playing it will keep both of us from doing anything other than playing the game as well as preventing any outsiders from hindering us in that endeavor.”

She raises an eyebrow. “This game seems to contain very powerful magic. You can understand why I have a hard time believing everything you say is true.”

“Well, you’ll find out soon enough that the game is all I’ve claimed it is and then some.” As he speaks he places the deck of cards in the center of the table then places one of the crystals before Adreh and the other before himself.

“Now to begin you’ll need to place a hand on the crystal and verbalize both the stakes of the game and that you are entering into play willingly. Here, I’ll start.” He places his hand on the crystal. “I, Rumwald Silvertongue, proclaim my intent to play this game. If I lose I will tell this Silver Elf all I know about the one known as Shalheira.”

When he finishes speaking he pulls his hand away to reveal the crystal now full of glowing red energy. It floats up into the air, hovering level with his face and off to the side. “Now you go,” he says.

Adreh places her hand on the crystal before her. “I, Adreh Silvermane, proclaim my intent to play this game. If I lose I shall do no harm the man sitting across from me.” She pulls her hand back, watching as the now glowing crystal floats up into the air beside her head.

A moment later there is a flash of blinding light. When her vision returns she is able to see that two chains made of glowing blue magic now extend from the table near the deck of cards, reaching out to both her and Rumwald. The chains run off the side of the table leading to manacles made of the same blue magic secured to both their ankles.

“See,” he says, “now we can’t leave this table till the game is over. And if anyone were to try and stop us from playing they would be magically forced away from us.”

“Fine,” Adreh says, “how do we play this silly game?”

“It’s simple,” Rumwald says. “Each card will tell you what it does. Each card will affect the energy in one or both of our crystals. The first player with an empty crystal loses. You can play one card a turn unless a card you play says otherwise. Everything else is details that will be explained on the cards themselves.”

He then reaches out and taps the deck of cards in the center of the table. As soon as he pulls his hand away the top six cards float up into the air, three hovering to Rumwald and three hovering to Adreh.

“I’ll go first,” Rumwald says. A card floats from the deck into his hand, bringing a large smile to his face. A moment later he places the new card down on the table. Things are happening so fast Adreh doesn’t even have time to read the cards she now holds in her hand. As Rumwald’s card is placed face up it glows slightly, then moves to lie next to the draw pile. Meanwhile five new cards float up from the deck and into Rumwald’s hands.

“A very good starter card, that,” he says with a smirk. “See, it’s given me plenty of new cards, more than you, and it will allow me to play a second card this turn. It did cost me a little of my energy,” he adds, nodding towards his crystal, “but I’ll be able to make that back pretty quickly.”

He places a second card down, its face glowing instantly. As soon as the glow disappears a blue force field bursts into place around Adreh’s Battleblade.

“What trickery is this,” she shouts, reaching for her weapon and finding her hand unable to move through the glowing, flickering force field.

“No trickery,” he says, pointing to the card. “It cost me some of my energy, but it was well worth it to ensure you can’t grab your sword to try and end my life before the game is over. See, read the card: all part of the game.”

Adreh looks down at the card, reading text explaining that the card will keep the player’s opponent from accessing any real world weapons for the rest of the game.

“And now it’s your turn,” he says.

A new card floats up from the deck and into her hand. Finally she takes the time to look down at her cards and read what they do. One will allow her to draw five additional cards, although unlike Rumwald’s it says nothing about being able to play another card the turn it is played. One says it will drain a point of his energy and place it in her crystal. Another says it will force him to discard half his cards while costing her three points of energy.

She has to read the text of the final card three times before she believes her eyes. The card says that playing it will cost her five energy and remove all of her opponents clothing! She is outraged that such a thing would be in the deck, and suddenly fears that far worse cards wait to be drawn. Showing him the text on the card she demands to know what kind of perverse game he’s tricked her into playing.

“Why, only the single most perverse game in existence,” he replies, a look of triumph on his face.

She tosses her cards onto the table. “I refuse to take part in this… this… this perversion! I assume far worse cards lay unrevealed in that deck?”

Rumwald nods. “Oh yes, faaaaaaar worse. But you can’t refuse to continue playing! You agreed to play, agreed to an unbreakable magical contract. The game won’t let you leave. Try and walk away, see what happens.”

“Fine, I will.” But even before she starts to rise to her feet the magical chain around her ankle tightens, growing shorter. She is able to stand, but the chain is now so short that she is unable to take even a single step away from the table. She howls in anger, moving to flip the wooden table over. But as her hands near the table edge they are reflected by an invisible force.

“See,” Rumwald says. “You cannot leave till we finish. Neither can I. Now sit down and take your turn!”

With a sigh of frustration and simmering rage Adreh sits back down, her cards floating up into the air and waiting to be held. She grabs them, looking at them again and tossing one onto the table. It glows, flipping around and sliding towards Rumwald so he can read it.

“Ah, smart move making me discard half my cards.” He tosses half of them onto the table. Together with the card Adreh played they all move to the discard pile. “And now it’s my turn,” he says holding his hand out and waiting for a new card to float towards him.

“Well, it seems only fair that since you made me discard some very good cards that I take one of yours.” He tosses a card on the table which begins glowing then turns and slides to Adreh so she can read it. It says she has to reveal her hand to him and let him take one of her cards, and says he can immediately play that card if he wishes.

Her heart sinks. “No,” she says, her voice firm and quavering with anger. “I refuse.”

But the game, it seems, has other ideas. Her cards fly from her hands, shooting across the table and floating before Rumwald. He gives them a quick look over and grabs one, the remaining two cards flying back across the table so Adreh can once more grab hold of them.

She doesn’t even need to read her two remaining cards to know which card her opponent has taken. A moment later he tosses the card onto the table, confirming her assumptions.

Once more there is a blinding flash, leaving Adreh feeling suddenly cold and exposed. Looking down her eyes confirm what her body already knows: all of her clothing is gone and she now sits naked, her massive tits no longer contained and having sagged down heavily onto the edge of the table under her.

Applause breaks out around them and for the first time since the game began Adreh remembers that she’s sitting in a busy tavern full of watching eyes. Her cheeks flush and she wants to grab her breasts to cover her nipples but she knows doing so will only give the crowd around her what they want. She straightens her back, sitting tall and proud and doing her best not to acknowledge the fact she is now naked and fully exposed before every pair of eyes in the room.

“Thanks, fat-tits,” Rumwald says with a laugh. “Really appreciate you letting me know you had that card. By the way, those tits? Fucking marvelous! Never seen ones so big and firm and full, at least not ones that hadn’t been magicked into being that way.”

One of the men sitting nearby snickers. “Yeah, Rumwald, won’t have to play the breast growth card on this one like you did to that last Elf.”

Rumwald shoots the man a threatening look. “Keep quiet, you sniveling fool, or Lord Pixyium will hear of it.”

Adreh’s heart sinks. This man works for her enemy, and so does at least one of the other men in the room. Maybe they all do. And it sounds as if this very card game was used to ensnare Shalheira as well. How stupid could you be, she thinks to herself, of COURSE this was a trap! But there is still hope, she can still win the game and escape this trap that seems to have been set specifically for her.

“I believe it’s my turn,” she says coldly. A card levitates up from the deck and floats over to her. She grabs it from the air and adds it to her hand, reading what it does. “Absorb the effects of the next card played against you,” it says, instructing her to play it face down on the table before her and not tell her opponent what it does.

After playing the card face down Rumwald raises an eyebrow. “Ah, very interesting! Wonder what the card does… guess I’ll have to take my turn to find out.”

He draws his card, throwing one onto the table that says it will drain some of Adreh’s energy. The card begins to glow, beginning to take effect, but as it does Adreh’s card flips over glowing even brighter. It seems to suck the magical energy from the card Rumwald has just played. But then, catching Adreh totally by surprise, the energy shoots back into her body.

She feels warm heat enter her naked breasts, then quickly shoot down her body and settling into her lower core. A fraction of a second later her loins explode with pleasure, an unexpected orgasm forced from her body. She moans loudly in shock and pleasure, grinding her thighs together as her cunt tightens and contracts. Her face becomes a confused grimace of pleasure, shock, and embarrassment. The room around her erupts into laughter, everyone understanding that the busty Silver Elf is cumming before their eyes.

“You’re turn,” Rumwald says with a condescending smile.

Adreh’s body is still shaking, the last of the orgasm quavering away in soft pleasurable sensations. She takes a deep breath to try and calm herself, but instantly regrets it. The men watching the game all begin to hoot, whistle and shout lewd things about her mammoth tits as they swell and rise during her deep breath.

She tries to remain composed, but her thighs feel damp and her body is weak with post orgasmic bliss. Her cards are still in her hands, and a new card is being dealt to her. She grabs it from the air before her, looking at its text. “Discard your entire hand to refill your energy to full and drain your opponents by half.”

There is no real choice, she plays the card. She HAS to win, and knocking his energy down to half and raising hers to full will get her halfway to a victory. And losing her entire hand isn’t even a hardship as she currently has no good cards.

Rumwald looks wide eyed at the card as she plays it, seemingly shocked that she’s drawn such a good card. “Damn,” he mutters as Adreh discards the rest of her hand. Her crystal fills with red energy while his is drained till it is only half full.

For a few moments he looks worried, but when he plucks his new card from the air before him the worry disappears from his face. He looks up from the card, a large, wide smile on his face. “This might have won me the game if you hadn’t just played that last card. I guess I’ll just have to settle for evening things out a bit.”

He places the card on the table. It turns and slides to Adreh, glowing slightly and allowing her to read its text. The card informs her that she must make every man in the room, other than her opponent, cum before she can start her turn. The longer this takes the more her crystal will drain of energy. But to make things fair the game will compel all the men to come and fuck her as fast as possible.

Adreh stares at the card, her insides cold as ice yet a strange tingling sensation between her legs. The glow around the card intensifies for a moment then sends tendrils of magical energy out into the tavern all around her. The crowd of onlookers begins to scream in alarm as the energy impacts them. Most of them double over as if experiencing sudden discomfort, many of them moaning in pain.

Meanwhile Adreh sees the chain holding her to the table before her grow much longer. A moment later she feels herself pulled out of her chair by an invisible force, pulled up onto her feet and towards a nearby table. It’s as if invisible hands are pushing her forward, swiping the contents of the table away and before picking her body up, spinning it around, and tossing her ass first onto the table. She lands on her with a fleshy thud and a slight squeak of pain. A moment later the same invisible force pushes her back down onto her back and spreads her legs wide open.

All around her the men in the tavern are moaning. A quick look around her reveals that they are all undoing their belts, wiping out their cocks which are all stiff and visibly leaking precum. Adreh is unable to get up from the table, unable to do anything to avoid the mass of men now shuffling towards her with their cocks in their hands.

The crowd seems to fall upon her all at once with a bewildering flurry of action. Her head, hanging upside down off one side of the table, is pushed further down and a cock is shoved into her mouth. At the same time another man steps up to the other side of her, rubbing his cock in her cunt and then pressing into her.

Adreh tries to protest, but all she manages to do is get out a few dick-muffled moans. The cocks in both ends of her start to pump in and out of her body, one ramming deep into her womanhood as the other slams even deeper down her throat making her choke and gag.

She barely has time to process this all when she feels something fleshy, firm, and warm placed in one hand and then the other. Her hands grip the fleshy shafts tightly and begin jerking them, her body no longer totally under her control.

Meanwhile someone has crawled up onto the table, sitting on her chest and slamming his cock down between her tits. He grabs her breasts, pushing them around his cock before he starts humping her chest.

The flurry of cocks in and around her are overwhelming. The sexually inexperienced Silver Elf lacks the life experience to deal with the gang bang. She barely understands what’s happening as men begin to cum in and on her. Once a man cums he quickly backs away, making room for another to come forward and take his place.

The indignities seem to be never ending. Some men, when they step up to her spread legs, choose not to use her pussy but instead jam their cocks up her asshole. Luckily for Adreh her cunt is leaking so much cum by the point men start doing this that it oozes down over her asshole and lubricates their cock’s entry into her tightest of holes.

There is pain, but an overwhelming amount of pleasure as well. Her body betrays her, quickly building to its first orgasm with many to follow. She quavers and quakes, her orgasms making her moan around the series of cocks in her mouth. Before long her naked body is covered in sweat as much as it’s covered in cum. The fluids mix together with the ample juices flowing from her cunt, leaving her a dripping mess. Even her hair is drenched.

She has no idea how long the massive gang bang lasts. To Adreh it seems to last both for days yet only a brief moment, all a blur of pain pleasure and humiliation. By the time the last man stumbles back away from her she is laying limp and exhausted on the table. Nearly every inch of her body is covered in cum, the largest pool below her ass and cunt and dripping off the edge of the table.

All Adreh wants to do is fall asleep. Her body is totally drained, her mind overwhelmed with shame at how many times she cum. But she senses someone standing nearby, looking down at her.

Weakly she opens her eyes and looks up to see Rumwald standing above her, grinning down at her. “No time to rest, fat tits,” he says. “The game isn’t going to let you lay there for much longer.”

She turns her head away from him and closes her eyes. Not just to stop looking at him, but because all the cum running down her face has begun to ooze into her open eyes. Adreh tries to ignore the man, desperately struggling to get the gloating look on his face out of her mind. But he seems to have been telling the truth: she feels the magical chain connected to her shortening, slowly pulling her off the cum covered table.

Afraid of being dragged onto the floor she makes herself get up. Her massive breasts shift heavily as she does, the cum covering them following gravity and now running down the front of her tits instead of down their sides. She nearly slips in the puddle of cum on the floor, but rights herself. The men in the tavern all laugh at this, but she notices their laughter is more muted now. Clearly the men are tired after the gangbang, although she can’t imagine they are anywhere near as tired as her.

Dripping a trail of cum behind her Adreh starts shuffling towards the table where the card game waits for her. She sits in her seat, her body so tired she can barely sit up straight. She wipes as much cum as she can off her hands on the side of the table then waits for the deck to deal her a new card. She can only imagine how pathetic she must look: naked and dripping cum. Her hair hangs wetly in her face, seemingly having soaked up far more than its fair share of semen. And she has to keep one of her eyes closed as a large glob of cum has just slid down over it.

Rumwald sits down across from her and gives her an evil smile. “It’s your turn again. And look: your Crystal is only one third full now. Game won’t last much longer unless you get a good card.”

With a shudder of fear at what will happen after her turn is over Adreh prepares to draw a new card. But before she can there is loud crash behind her.

The door to the tavern bursts open, splinters of wood flying in every direction. A stout, muscular dwarf bounds into the room. He is dressed in thick blue and white battle robes over heavy Dwarven armor, a large golden war hammer held in both hands. The weapon glows with blue energy that radiates out around him and sends the tavern’s patrons backing away in fear.

He has a fierce face, full of righteous anger. A wide thick skull totally free of hair, half his face and head covered in a large faintly glowing blue tattoo. He has a thick, jet black beard that’s gathered together in a tight golden clasp. Scrolls and religious baubles dangle from his belt and hanging from his neck is a metal ball, countless small holes punched into. Something inside the ball glows bright blue, magical steam billowing from the holes and surrounding him in some kind of protective charm.

He is a mighty paladin, and from the glyphs and symbols covering his robes and hammer is is clear that he follows Ydrs, one of the twin gods holding domain over the moon and sun. Together they are regarded as two of the mightiest and purest of gods watching over Alaria.

“Foul servants of the vile sorcerer known as Lord Pixyium, I have been directed her by Ydrs to put an end to your villainy!” He lifts the golden war hammer into the air and brings it down upon a nearby table, easily shattering the sturdy wood.

“I will put an end to whatever vile perversion—” As he speaks he starts looking at the room around him, taking in the frightened faces of the men in the tavern. But when his eyes fall upon Adreh sitting naked and covered head to foot in cum he stops speaking, gasping in outrage at the sight.

Quickly he turns his eyes to Rumwald, an expression of pure rage falling over his features. “What manner of perversion is that?” he asks, pointing to the deck of cards on the table with his war hammer. “Is that a Enchanted Duelist’s deck I see between you two? How terrible, how vile!” Her turns back to Adreh. “Fear not poor Silver Elf, Ydrs shall infuse me with the power to break this accursed item’s hold over you!”

As he speaks the men in tavern have begin to flee. Some skulk carefully past him, slipping out the remains of the shattered front door. Other jump through windows, screaming in terror at the sight of the mighty paladin. Still others dash up the stairs, hoping to take refuge in the tavern’s upper floors.

Rumwald, though, shows no sign of fear or intention of fleeing. She simply smiles at the Dwarf and laughs. “There is no power great enough to stop this game once it has begun, you fool! Now be gone, your god has no power over me or Lord Pixyium’s lands.”

The Dwarf’s face grows even darker, his angry glare turning into a stare of pure cold fury. “You will soon discover just how wrong you are, villain.”

By this point the room has emptied, leaving only the Dwarf, Rumwald, and Adreh behind. The Dwarf comes forward, his thick legs and large feet thudding loudly on the tavern floor. He slowly raises his hammer, its golden form glowing ever brighter with crackling blue light.

He stops beside their table, lifting it high into the air and swinging down as he howls in righteous anger, clearly intending to strike the deck of cards sitting in the center of the table. But as the war hammer flies down a magical force field of red energy bursts in existence around the table and the two figures sitting at it. The blunt face of the hammer slams into the force field sending an explosion of blue light and energy out into the room. The blast has no effect on the two figures sitting inside the forceful but outside it sends tables and mugs flying through the air and crashing into walls and through windows.

For a single heartbeat Adreh feels total despair as she watches the war hammer bounce back away from the force field. It seems Rumwald spoke truth, there is no power that can stop this game. But a moment later cracks begin to appear in the force field where the hammer hit it, glowing light blue and spreading out quickly through the entire red field. There is a momentary rumbling and then the force field shatters with an explosion of sparking red energy that quickly dissipates and fades from view.

The Dwarf begins muttering a prayer as he lifts his hammer up into the air again. Before either Adreh or Rumwald have a chance to react it is swung down through the air, flying towards the deck of cards on the table as it glows even brighter than before.

The hammer hits true but is one more bounced back from its target. But just like the force field, glowing blue cracks begin appearing in the cards a moment later. And then the cracks spread not just in the deck that he struck but in the cards in both player’s hands and the glowing crystals floating besides their heads. Even the stone box the cards came from has the glowing cracks spreading through its surface.

Then there is a blinding explosion of blue light. Adreh blinks, her vision slowly returning to her. The evil deck is gone, its magic broken. The magical chains binding her to the game are also no longer there. She feels relief wash over her, followed by total physical and mental exhaustion. She slumps down in her chair, wanting nothing more than to just pass out. But she can’t, she is still naked, exposed, and in grave danger.

Rumwald is sitting across from her in shock. But as the reality of what has happened sinks in his face grows angry. He starts to stand, pushing his chair back and reaching to draw his sword as he raises to his feet. But the paladin is prepared for an attack from the evil man.

Before Rumwald has fully drawn his weapon the large war hammer is swinging sideways through the air, the flat end of the weapon slamming into Rumwald’s chest with enough force to send him flying back through the air. There is a sickening sound of bones cracking and the man’s insides being squished as the hammer momentarily sinks into his unarmored chest. The man’s body lands on the floor halfway across the tavern, sliding into a pile of overturned tables. A moment later it lies totally lifeless and unmoving.

The Dwarf turns to Adreh, holding his golden hammer in one hand and reaching out for her hand with the other. “Quickly, to your feet! I can’t even imagine what indignities this vile man has made you endure, but he has now been smote by the might of Ydrs and will never do such to another. But there is no time to wait, Lord Pixyium will soon know of my presence here and we must leave before he can send his agents or direct his magic against us.”

He pulls her to her feet and begins dragging her out of the ruined tavern, leaving the destruction behind them. Everything is happening too fast for Adreh’s tired mind to fully process. Just minutes ago she was surrounded by men who were using her body in ways previously unimaginable to her, filling her with shame and confusing feelings of arousal, making her cum over and over again. Now the Dwarf is pulling her out into the streets of Rimemore.

Adreh is only vaguely aware of the fact that she is still naked and dripping cum as the Dwarf drags her down the street. The streets are crowded, townsfolk filling the road to see what all the commotion is about. And the town guard is running down the street towards them, spears aimed at the Dwarf and shields raised, ready for battle.

Still holding Adreh’s hand tightly and dragging her behind him the Dwarf shifts his grasp on the large war hammer, wielding it in one hand. He dashes forward, pulling Adreh with him, and begins knocking the town guards out of their way.

Shields are cracked asunder, bodies sent flying back. “You have all been corrupted by this evil Lord of yours, turned your minds to vile perversion! None of you shall survive my goddess’ fury!!!”

Soon they are at the town gates, the way before them bared. But the Dwarf does not slow; he simple swings his hammer above him, twirling it around his head to gain more momentum. Adreh has to duck out of the weapons way then gasps as it slams into the gates and causes them to break open.

This is how I should have entered Rimemore, she thinks. With my Ebony Battleblade swinging through the air cutting these vile villages down.

They leap over the shattered remains of the city gates, dashing out past the city walls. Adreh suddenly looks back realizing her Ebony Battleblade has been left behind! But there is no time to go back. Besides, she is barely strong enough to remain on her feet. She only does so because the powerfully strong Dwarf is pulling her forward so quickly.

As they turn from the road and leap into the underbrush of the forest that surrounds Rimemore the Dwarf shouts back at Adreh. “I know of a hiding place nearby, a cave we can take refuge in. I’ve prepared it, placed enchantments upon it. Lord Pixyium’s magic shouldn’t be able to affect us there; he shouldn’t even be able to scry our location!”

They run through the forest for a short time, Adreh amazed she is able to remain on her feet. They Dwarf keeps a firm grip on her hand, practically dragging her behind him. His presence seems to have an uplifting glow to her, a power that is washing away the worst of the psychic trauma from her ordeal playing the cursed card game with the now dead Rumwald.

After a few more minutes the Dwarf points ahead of them. “There, that’s where we shall seek refuge.” The cave isn’t that far from the city, yet it’s far enough away from the road that she can understand how easy it would be to overlook its presence.

As the Dwarf pulls her into the cave’s dark mouth she expects little more than a pile of moss and maybe a traveling pack, but she is pleasantly surprised to see lit torches upon the walls, illuminating the cave. There are also small barrels and sacks full of food stuffs in one corner as well as a pile of animal skins in the other. In the center of the cave is a small fire pit, a metal cooking pot hanging from a spit erected over the fireplace.

The Dwarf leads her to the pile of skins, allowing her to collapse down onto them. The run through the city and forest has ensured that the cum that so recently covered her body has mostly blown off, what’s left becoming dry and crusty making it so her naked body doesn’t soil any of the skins and furs.

She collapses, her muscles giving out now that she isn’t on her feet. Adreh feels as though the pile of warm furs is a vast ever expanding void of softness that she is sinking and falling down into. Her eyes flutter closed just as one of the skins is pulled up over her naked body, the Dwarf making muttering calming words to her. The last thing she is aware of is his deep, kind voice telling her to sleep…


* * *


Adreh wakes to the crackling sound of sausage cooking, the smell wafting through the cave and filling her senses. She’s never felt so hungry in her life and moves to sit up, only to find she’s also never felt so sore in her life. She groans in discomfort.

The Dwarf turns to her, rushing away from the cooking fire in the center of the room to kneel besides Adreh. “You’re awake! I had expected you to sleep for far longer.”

She sits up, flashing the Dwarf a kind but tired smile. “I’m a Silver Elf, kind sir. We recover quickly.”

Adreh almost forgets that she is naked under the pile of furs and just before her massive breasts pull free of them she grabs one of the furs and lifts it up, keeping her breasts mostly covered. To her great surprise the Dwarf’s eyes don’t dart down to her half covered cleavage, not even for a moment. That’s something she’s not used to. Even in the Sisterhood most non Silver Elfs have a hard time avoiding the sight of her overlarge breasts.

“Supper should be cooked in just a few minutes,” he says. “In the mean time can I get you a drink?”

“Yes, please,” Adreh says, realizing just how parched she is.

The Dwarf gets up then quickly returns with a water skin. The stale, lukewarm water inside is the most refreshing beverage she’s ever tasted in her life and she nearly drains the skin in one go. “Thank you so much. I’m Adreh Silvermane, by the way.”

“And I am Fulthic Thunderaxe, paladin of Ydrs. My goddess appeared to me, telling me that Lord Pixyium’s evil needed to be stopped before it was able to grow even greater. I was instructed to come to Rimemore, led by my goddess to the very tavern I found you in. I had been told there was one there that needed saving, and clearly you were that one.”

“Yes,” she says meekly, “I have no idea what would have happened to me had you not arrived. I was sent by the Sisterhood to vanquish Lord Pixyium, but I seemed to have stumbled into a trap.”

Fulthic’s eyes light up at the mention of the Sisterhood. “You are a member of the Sisterhood? How fortuitous! I’ve always admired your organization from afar and hoped to one day work arm and arm with some of your members.”

“Well,” Adreh says, shifting and pulling the fur up higher to cover more of her breasts, “since our goals are the same perhaps we can combine our efforts to destroy Lord Pixyium?”

“Perhaps,” Fulthic says, his face growing grim. “But I’ve seen what one of those Enchanted Duelist decks can do to a woman. You’ll almost certainly need time to recover.” Adreh starts to object, but he holds a hand up to silence her. “We can discuss this tomorrow. For now let us enjoy a meal and rest for the remaining stretch of the tonight.”

Adreh capitulates, but says they will have much to discuss in the morning. “At the very least I will need to return to Rimemore to retrieve my Battleblade.”

At this the Dwarf’s eyes light up again. “You wield a Battleblade?”

“Yes,” Adreh says, swelling with pride. “An Ebony one. But it was left behind in the ruins of the tavern when we left.”

After that the two figures sit mostly in silence, enjoying the simple but delicious and filling meal Fulthic has prepared.

Fulthic was not expecting to be rescuing a woman, and as such he has no spare clothing for her to wear. She can’t even use any of his clothes as their bodies are so different. Even without accounting for her humongous breasts there would have been no way for the tall Silver Elf to fit into the short, stout Dwarf’s clothing.

So Adreh has to remain cloaked in furs, her massive breasts peeking out from under their cover. While eating she struggles to keep them covered up, aware of the fact that she accidentally flashes a tit at the Dwarf a few times. At first he shows no sign of noticing, the devout paladin seeming free of any sexual desire.

But as the evening goes on the ring of corruption upon Adreh’s finger begins to glow and pulse, sending magical energy out into both figures sitting in the cave. It works its magic on their minds and bodies.

Adreh begins to wonder why the Dwarf is failing to notice her as a woman. Now that she’s been with a roomful of men she is having a hard time not thinking about sex. Oh, sure, much of it was very much against her will. But the majority of it was incredibly pleasurable. In fact, thinking back on it, she realizes that the shame and humiliation of her ordeal had even made all the sexual attention some more exhilarating; as if it was better because it was all so… wrong.

The ring continues to work at her mind, filling her with the need to feel more sexual stimulation, warping her memories of recent events to remember only the good sensations she experienced.

Maybe he doesn’t see me as a woman because I’m a Silver Elf and he’s a Dwarf. We are, after all, members of different races. And even though our anatomy is compatible our bodies are very different. Maybe a man such as him cannot find a woman so much taller than him attractive.

As Adreh thinks all of this she begins sitting up straighter, barely noticing the fact that she is allowing the fur draped over her shoulder to fall lower and lower and reveal more of her breasts. Subconsciously she wants the man to see more of her breasts, hoping this will entice him to stare at her. She wants his gave upon her, wants to see his face filling with desire for her.

Thanks mostly to the power of the ring of corruption Fulthic does notice. For the first time his eyes are drawn to the mass of flesh hanging from the Silver Elf’s chest, drinking in their firm softness and centering in on the fleshy canyon where her two breasts meet.

When he begins to shift uncomfortably on the rock he’s sitting on Adreh notices not only that he is now staring at her chest, but that he seems to be struggling with at least half an erection. What other explanation could there be for his sudden shifting? Her eyes dart to his legs, hoping she will be able to make out the outline of his manhood, but his layers of blue robes and armor are too thick.

He really is rather attractive, Adreh thinks, staring over at him and feeling as if she is truly seeing him for the first time. Until that moment she’d always found Dwarfs to be quite ugly. So short and wide with muscles so thick they looked more like beasts than a men. But this Dwarf, she thinks, with his bald head and blue tattooed face and jet black beard, he’s really quiet beautiful to behold. She realizes that in spite of all that’s happened, in spite of how tired her body still is, that she wants him.

Thinking about his body makes her think about her own body. And as she does she realizes for the first time since waking up that there is no sign of any of the cum she had been covered in at the tavern. Even her silver colored hair seems clean. She mentions this to the Dwarf.

He turns from her, blushing furiously. “Your body was still so soiled by those foul men’s seed. While you were passed out I gave you a sponge bath.” He looks up at her, his cheeks still bright red. “But I swear to Ydrs that I took no liberties while doing so!”

Overcome with a deliciously naughty impulse, Adreh stands up, opening the fur wrapped around her shoulders as she does and letting it drop to the floor. “But you liked what you saw, didn’t you? You like my body, even though I am a Silver Elf?”

The man nods his head more enthusiastically than she had hoped for, speaking quietly as he stares at her huge breasts. “BECAUSE you are a Silver Elf! No other race has a body as Dwarven as yours. You are wide and full with breasts so large most men know not what to do with them. And your ass, so plump and large! You are built just like a Dwarven maiden, only MUCH larger!” He’s speaking fast, licking his lips and looking at her with sudden hunger in his eyes.

Adreh is aware that some strange madness has come over both of them, but in the moment she does not care. She begins walking towards the dwarf, making sure her wide hips sway attractively from side to side as she does. “So you like what you see?” He nods, turning to face her and beginning to rise to his feet. “Well, I do need to thank you for saving me. So, why don’t you let me do it with my body?”

When she reaches him he is already standing, beginning to take his clothing and armor off. Adreh begins helping him, undoing straps to peel armor off and pulling clothing up over his head. Before long they both stand naked in the cave, the firelight of the torches all around flickering and casting dancing shadows on their naked flesh.

Adreh stands over two full feet above the Dwarf, yet his body is so thickly muscular and wide that it feels as though there is more of him than there is of her. His body is covered in coarse black hair and thick large muscles. His limbs are thick, bulkier than any she as ever seen. But the thing Adreh is centered in on most is the Dwarf’s cock.

She’d heard that male Dwarfs have sexual organs larger than an Elf or Human’s, but even knowing this Adreh is unprepared by the sheer size of the cock hanging before her. It’s thick and long, longer and thicker than her forearm. Before he begins to grow erect it hangs almost down to the ground, nearly the length of the Dwarf’s stubby, thick legs.

After both silently drinking in the sight of each other’s naked forms for a time they are drawn together by some unseen force. They move to embrace, but their size difference makes the act awkward. The Dwarf’s arms wrap around her plump waist, his hands happily finding her fat ass and groping and squeezing it. He’s so short that her massive tits rest on his shoulders, his face buried in them. This seems to please him at first, but when he finds it nearly impossible to reach up and kiss Adreh, even when standing on his toes, he groans in frustration.

“Come,” Adreh says, pulling the short Dwarf over to the pile of furs. She lays down in them and pats the ground beside her, beckoning him to join her. Soon they are covered in furs, sinking into the hidden darkness of the blankets as they pull them up over their heads. In the hidden blackness their hands begin to explore each other’s bodies, fingers groping and caressing and prodding private places normally hidden to the world.

The firmness of the Dwarf’s muscular body thrills Adreh. Her hands run through his thick body hair, pressing down on his hard chest and abs. He feels so substantial, so real, so male. It reminds her of just how soft and supple her own body is, and as he presses against her she feels her own soft flesh giving against his rigid body.

And then her hands find his cock. It’s filled with a hardness she had scarcely imagined could be found in a living creature, feeling more like steel than flesh. Her fingers wrap around it, unable to meet around its impressive girth. She starts to stroke him, grabbing at his cock to pull him in closer to her body.

Soon they shift, Adreh laying on her back and spreading her legs for him. Her cunt is dripping wet and in need of being filled. She pulls the Dwarf on top of her, leading his cock into the wet slit between her legs. With a happy grunt he pushes into her, filling her more full than she imagined possible.

She winces at first, pained slightly by the sheer length and girth of the cock entering her. But the man moves slow, allowing her body to stretch and adjust to his size. He continues entering her slowly as he starts to move his hips, going in and out of her cunt. But gradually he picks up speed, humping her faster and faster.

Adreh revels in the feeling, wrapping her arms around his wide body and pulling him in closer. His face is buried in her overlarge breasts as he starts to pound into her. He sucks on her tits, grabs and squeezes them. His hands are rough, but his grip is firm and true working her ample tit meat with pleasurable skill.

For a time it’s as if they are one, their bodies intermingled in every way possible. This is so different than the sex Adreh has experienced over the last day. It is strong yet soft, full of passion and an equal desire for each to pleasure the other. Even before she cums the pleasure is at least as intense as what she was forced to experience during the card game. When she does cum she knows the orgasm is not as strong as those forced out of her earlier that day, yet the orgasm is more fulfilling, more physically and emotionally satisfying.

The world is perfect for a short time. Then Fulthic starts cresting towards his own climax. He presses deep into her, causing a flash of discomfort. All of that is forgotten when the man groans and floods her insides with his Dwarven seed. The amount of cum quickly fills her, building up around the man’s cock and noisily squelching out around his shaft as his cum overflows out of her. The sensation is enough to push her over the edge a second time, making her cum again.

A moment later the man is slumped on top of her, his massive dick inside her cum flooded cunt. Its growing soft, but not as quickly as a Human or Elf’s cock would grow soft. He sighs in satisfaction and starts to roll off of her, but Adreh wraps her arms around him and keeps him where he is. “Don’t move,” she whispers. “I want to fall asleep just like this.”

He makes a tired sound signifying he understands then almost immediately drifts off to sleep. Adreh closes her eyes, enjoying the feel of his heavy body on top of hers. His cock is still deep inside of her, still thick enough even as it grows soft that it will remain there for some time, maybe even all night. She can feel his cum leaking out around it, running down her ass cheeks and staining the furs below her. Slowly she begins to drift off, happy and sated…


* * *


“How very interesting,” one of the corrupt gods watching Adreh says. “Do we think that Ydrs is aware of what we are doing?”

“No, not a chance,” one of the others say. “Clearly she sent this paladin to face the growing threat of Lord Pixyium, nothing more. And turning her attention to his lands saw the peril Adreh was in.”

“Still,” a third god says, “we can’t let a servant of anther god spend too much time around one of the rings. We either need to corrupt this paladin and cut him off from his goddess, or remove Adreh from his presence.”

There are murmurs of agreement.

“Adreh must not be allowed to escape her fate,” one says. “Let her have this one night of peace, it will only make what happens next all that more demoralizing.”


* * *


In the morning Fulthic and Adreh wake, their naked bodies pressed together. “Twas a lovely night,” the Dwarf says to her quietly, “but today we must prepare for action and battle, not love.” He then pulls away from her, getting out of the blankets and rising to his feet. “I shall dress then prepare us breakfast, after that we must discuss what our next move shall be.”

Adreh simply nods, her eyes fixed on the Dwarfs large cock. The sight of it makes her heart flutter, makes her slit moist and warm. She forces herself to look away. What the hell is wrong with me?

The ring on her finger begins to pulse, glowing red. But it is not the busty Silver Elf that the ring is working its magic on, but the very cave around her. Fulthic had not lied when he had proclaimed the cave protected from Lord Pixyium’s magic. And those protections had, till this point, worked as they were intended to. But now the watching gods work through the ring of corruption to weaken those protections.

Just as Fulthic stokes the fire in the center of the cave to life the protective spells around the cave give out. The paladin feels their magic disappear but he has no time to react with more than a startled grunt.

The flames before him explode, momentarily growing larger and sending the Dwarf scurrying back from their heat. The fire turns green, the flames filling the air suddenly infused with powerful magic.

“What’s happening?” Adreh screams, pulling some of the furs up around her chest. She’s very much aware of the fact that unlike the Dwarf she is still naked and without any weapon.

Fulthic is scrambling for his war hammer. “I do not know,” he says, “but I fear Lord Pixyium’s magic has penetrated the protective charms I placed around the cave!”

At the mention of Lord Pixyium’s name faint laughter begins to echo through the cave. By the time Fulthic is done speaking the laughter is no longer faint, but deafeningly loud.


Fulthic glances at Adreh. Their eyes meet, both looking confused. Prize, what prize? Then the Dwarf’s eyes dart to her over-sized breasts and they both know the truth: the evil wizard means her.

The Dwarf has retrieved his war hammer and now stands defiant. “Show yourself, wizard. Show yourself so that I can use the might of Ydrs to smite you and put an end to your evil once and for all!”

With a loud crackle the green flames in the center of the room burst, growing larger for a moment before parting to reveal the transparent image of Lord Pixyium. He stands tall, dressed in a thick flowing robes covered in strange coins. The old man has a wrinkled face with a long flowing beard, yet his eyes seem full of youthful energy.

He smiles, his facial hair parting slightly with the expression. “Here I am, oh mighty paladin. Come, smite me. Show me the power of your god.”

With a vicious snarl Fulthic charges forward, his war hammer glowing blue. He swings at the wizard but the hammer simply flies through the green flames and image of the wizard.

Lord Pixyium laughs. “You really think I’d be fool enough to face you while your goddess’ power still flows through you? No, Dwarf, we shall not meet face to face till your powers have been significantly weakened.”

“Do your best to try and weaken me,” Fulthic snarls. “Ydrs will protect me!”

“Oh? Like she protected this cave? You put far too much faith in her, assuming she is the only god watching over these events and pulling the strings of your reality.”

“Speak not in riddles,” Fulthic yells. “Have you given yourself over to some dark god? Last I heard Lord Pixyium served none but himself!”

The image of the wizard nods. “This is still true, as it will always be. But that does not mean other gods cannot watch us. We are but play things to them, and some of us are more desirable to play with than others.”

He looks at Adreh then. “Such a lovely sight to behold, you Silver Elfs are truly a gift from the gods! Such marvelous, curvy bodies. Such large breasts… And I came so close to having you as my pet. But fear not, you’ll join the last Sisterhood slut that was sent after me soon enough.”

Adreh jumps to her feet, temporarily forgetting she is naked. “So you ARE responsible for Shalheira’s disappearance! Tell me, fiend, what you have done with her.”

The old wizard smiles. “Why she is here, in the very room I stand in. And nothing would please me more than to have you chained beside her, a new toy waiting to be broken in. But the company you keep,” he says, glancing back at Fulthic, “is not welcome in my tower. At least not the way he is. So I will send you an emissary, a creature I have temporarily bound to my will to ensure you are both more fit to come into my home.”

With a final smile the wizard raises his staff and slams it down on the ground, sparks exploding out from the green fire at his feet. The image of the wizard disappears, the green flames growing larger for a moment.

Heat explodes out into the room, sending both Adreh and Fulthic stumbling back. A moment later the large green flames begin to die, revealing a hulking figure standing in the center of the fire. But this is no ghostly image like that of Lord Pixyium; the beast looming tall before them is made of flesh and.

Its shape is roughly humanoid, with two arms and legs and a head. But the details are all wrong. For starters its body is too large, larger than that of a Minotaur, taller by a foot or two. Its body is totally hairless, its skin a sickeningly clay-like red. Everywhere it has bulging muscles, making the tall beast looks as wide as it is tall.

Its mouth is overlarge, opening into a permanent grin that shows off multiple rows of razor sharp teeth. Adding to the disturbing qualities of the creature’s mouth is the fact that it has no eyes or nose. There are smoothed crevasses and bumps where those features should be, but it looks more like someone sculpted those features away when creating the creature.

The looming beast DOES have eyes, just not on its head. A dozen disembodied eyeballs, each nearly the size of a hand, float about the creature. They bob and zoom from side to size, moving in quick jerking motions as they rotate to observe the cave and its two cowering inhabitants.

But most shocking of all is the creature’s sexual organ. Hanging between its thickly muscled legs is a HUGE cock. It hangs down well past the creature’s knees, thick and covered in pulsing veins. It is not standing erect, yet is so thick that it appears to already be hard.

Adreh screams at the sight. The heat from the fire had knocked her onto the ground and she now crawls away from the creature, terror filling every inch of her. Her eyes are fixed on the creature’s monstrous cock, awe and terror filling her mind as she struggles to imagine what such a massive cock would feel inside of her.

And then the smell hits her. It’s like an olfactory brick wall slamming up against her senses. If she had not spent the last couple of days experiencing nearly countless sexual encounters she would have been unable to place the smell, but with her recent life experience she is able to pinpoint exactly where the smell is emanating from: the creature’s foul, overlarge cock.

It is a powerful, overwhelming smell of maleness. Sour, aged body odor mixed with the scent of fresh arousal. And under that smell there is the scent of sweat and semen. The smells hit her in waves, so strong it makes her head swim. The smell is both repulsive and intoxicating. Adreh finds herself inhaling deeply, unable to stop herself from doing so even though each deep breath in makes her head spin all the more.

She is filled with unimaginable terror. The creature’s presence is overwhelming, oppressive, something far beyond the smell and sight. Yet under the terror, deep within the smell, is something that is filling her with warm desire. Warm desire that heats ever hotter with every breath. As the world around her spins and grows muggy her eyes are drawn ever more to the beast’s massive cock.

Fulthic is being affected to, but not in exactly the same way. The terror emanating from the beast has hit him as well and the smell has made him dizzy. But it is not filling him with desire, only fear and disorientation. The brave paladin pushes past the feelings. He stands, holding his war hammer defiantly.

“So, Lord Pixyium summons a Lust Demon. I’ve never faced the likes of you before, but my faith shall shield me and soon you shall meet the same doom that all other demons I have faced have met. Ydrs shall protect me!”

The Lust Demon flexes its large muscles and laughs. “Dwarf, your god will not protect you for long.” It stands tall, confidently crossing its arms as the swarm of floating eyes around it fly forward.

Fulthic swings his hammer as the eyes approach, knocking one of them out of the air. It flies back, slamming into the cave wall and popping out of existence. But an instant later another eye appears around the Lust Demon, taking the smashed ones place.

The eyes begin to swarm around the paladin, encircling his body and swirling quickly around him. They become a shielded blur, glowing with red energy. Fulthic howls in pain, dropping to his knees. His weapon falls to the ground with a loud thud, the blue energy emanating from it growing fainter with every moment.

“What dark magic is this,” he howls, his voice filled with rage and pain.

The Lust Demon laughs. “I’m cutting you off from your god, pathetic Dwarf. Without her blessing you are nothing, less than nothing even. In a moment you shall be drained. Personally I’d like to feast on your body, open my maw and devour you whole. But the one that has summoned me has other plans for you.”

Adreh is watching it all, unable to do anything to stop the events transpiring before her. She’s retreated back to the make-shift bed, taking refuge under the piles of furs and hoping the Lust Demon will forget about her.

She watches as the last of the magic infusing the charms covering Fulthic disappears. The swarm of floating eyes pull away from him, their work done. They return to their master. The Dwarf is left on his knees, his face pale and weak. He sways for a moment then collapses to the ground, no longer conscious.

“Pathetic,” the Lust Demon says. It then turns to face Adreh, all of the eyes floating around it jerking to look at her as well. “You, though, you are a delight to behold.”

“No,” Adreh says, her voice faint and full of fear.

The demon laughs. “No she says, as if she has any chance of resisting me. Tell me, she-elf, what is it your hands are doing under the cover of those furs?” Adreh gasps, realizing she is playing with herself as she stares at the demon. “See? You’ve no chance resisting me. I am male sexual desire embodied, pure carnal lust. No woman in Alaria can resist me. Do not try, simply relent and enjoy what is about to transpire. Or don’t, I’ll enjoy it all the same either way.”

The creature walks up to her, its massive cock swigging from side to side with every step. Adreh stares at it, hating herself but unable to stop from playing with her pussy and inhaling deeply. The smell is just so intoxicating… no woman could resist it!

Thick precum begins to ooze from the creature’s cockhead. It glistens, calling to Adreh. As the creature gets closer the smell only grows stronger. The cock is screaming for her, beckoning her forward with its enticing smell. She sits up, letting the furs drop from over her. The creature hisses in pleasure at the sight of her naked body.

“Come,” it says, walking right up to her and grabbing its cock. It’s growing hard now, swelling to an impossible size and starting to stand erect. The glob of precum at its tip is larger too, dripping down onto the furs. Adreh licks her lips at stares at the fluid, overcome with the desire to taste it.

Even as she begins to lean in the demon moves closer, shoving its cock in her face. She wraps her hands around its shaft, shivering at just how hard and large it feels in her hands. The shaft is so big around that the fingers of her hands cannot meet around its girth.

She leans in, extending her tongue to taste the ample precum now oozing from the cockhead. As soon as the fluid touches her tongue her senses explode. It’s sweet and bitter at the same time. Disgustingly salty, yet the most pleasing taste she’s ever experienced. It’s the ambrosia of pure male lust in physical form.

Hungry for more she starts sucking at the tip of the cock. She’d take it into her mouth, but the bulbous swollen cock head is far too large for that. All she can hope to do is open her mouth and take in just a small fraction of the cockhead’s surface so she can suck up the precum as it oozes from the tip.

A steady stream of the delicious, thick fluid leaks from the creature’s cock. The taste is amazing, making her feel warm and happy and willing to do whatever is asked of her. One hand falls to her pussy, her fingers dancing over her clit and dipping deep into her dripping wet hole.

Then she gives in completely, collapsing back onto the pile of furs and spreading her legs. The demon moans at the sight, enjoying the look of her thick thighs spread open to reveal her cunt. It drops down onto its knees before her, grabbing its cock and rubbing it into the wet folds of her cunt. Adreh can feel precum still leaking from it, the sticky moisture saturating every bit of her pussy. The fluid warms her tender flesh there, making her skin more sensitive.

As the beast rubs its cockhead against her moist hole she shudders, trying to imagine what it will feel like to have something so big inside of her. She’s afraid, afraid the creature will split her in two, tear her open if he tries to press into her. Yet she’s exhilarated, wanting the monster inside of her no matter the consequences.

And then the create IS pressing into her. Adreh screams, howling in… she’s not sure. There is pain, yes, unimaginable pain. Yet there is pleasure too, more and more of it as her body stretches to accommodate the demon’s incredible girth. For a moment she fears she will be torn open just as she had imagined, but the moment passes. Somehow her body has opened to take in the creature’s full girth.

Then it is pressing deeper into her and the mix of overwhelming pain and pleasure starts all over. The demon’s cock invades her insides, filling her fuller than she imagined she could ever be filled. So full that it feels as though it will drive her mad.

Time seems to stretch on into eternity, yet everything happens in an instant. The smell of the creature is overpowering, coming from its body and assaulting her senses. The cock inside her is too much. And beyond that there is the sense of terror that emanates from the creature, a power that seems to warp reality itself around the beast.

Adreh is aware of the thing leaning into her body, its massive cock pounding in and out of her. Large, strong hands find their way to her breasts, groping and grabbing at them. There is a mouth on one tit, a slimy pointed tongue wrapping around her nipple. The tips of sharp teeth gently biting into her soft tit-flesh.

And then she is being lifted up into the air, the creature grabbing her by the ass as it stands. Its cock is still deep inside of her, holding her in place as much as its hands. Her limbs wrap around the creature, pulling her body in closer and moving herself up and down its shaft. She can’t tell if she is fucking the creature or if it is fucking her.

There are orgasms, hers and his. Her insides are drenched with cum, filled till they overflow. She is kneeling before the creature, licking its cum covered cock clean and reveling in the taste of her cunt on its shaft. Then it’s in her again, she’s on all fours like an animal with her massive breasts underneath her body. Then she’s on her back. Then pressed up against the wall. Everything is a whirlwind of sensations, reality beyond her grasp.

She’s unsure if this is all still happening or if it is only a dream. Looking up past the creature’s shoulders she can see figures watching from above. She blinks, trying to determine if they are real. Most of them are mere shadows, but one stands out from the others. A hulking red figure with demonic horns leering down at her.

“Look, she sees us,” he says. The shadowed figures behind him laugh. “In madness one can glimpse the very gods that control your fates,” the red skinned figure says, but Adreh is unsure if he is talking to or just about her. She does, however, feel she is going mad.

The figure looks directly at her, their eyes locking. “Cum for me, Silver Elf, cum for all the gods watching you.”

Adreh screams, an orgasm erupting from her insides so intensely that it shatters the world around her. There is pleasure so strong it washes everything away, and then there is only black.


* * *


The next thing Adreh is aware of is the feeling of her arms pulled up above her head, cold manacles around her wrists. As she slowly begins to wake she feels that she’s kneeling on a cold stone floor, her body naked. The chains secured to her wrists allow her just enough space to be left leaning forward slightly causing her massive breasts to rest on her bent legs.

When she summons the strength to open her eyes she finds that she’s in a prison cell, the stone walls around her giving no other clue as to where she currently is. In a cell across from her own, two sets of iron bars separating them, is Fulthic. He too is naked, his arms pulled above his kneeling body and chained together. The Dwarf’s skin looks pale, almost lifeless. But Adreh can see that he is breathing.

Weakly she calls out to him. “Fulthic,” she says, her voice enfeebled and desperate.

The Dwarf moans and shifts slightly, his eyes fluttering open. “Adreh,” he croaks, his voice sounding even weaker than hers. “Captured… Lord Pixyium…”

“That’s right,” a third voice says with a cruel laugh. Both chained figures turn to see Lord Pixyium, his coin covered robe jingling as he approaches their cells. He has a gloating smile of triumph on his face. His staff is in hand and the sound of its base impacting on the stone floor echoes around them with every step he takes forward. “Glad to see my two special guests are finally awake.”

“You fiend,” Fulthic says, his voice as full of anger as it is exhaustion. “You may have the better of us now, but it won’t last. Before long the world will be rid of your evil. If not by us, then by someone else who serves the powers of good!”

“Yes,” Adreh adds quickly. “If it is not one of us that make you pay for all of your perverse crimes then there will be others. The Sisterhood will keep sending agents to stop you, and if enough of them disappear they will march an entire army here to deal with you!”

Lord Pixyium begins stroking his long, pointed beard. “A whole army? Oh my… that would be a challenge. Then again, think of all the fun I could have with an ENTIRE army’s worth of Sisterhood sluts.”

In unison Adreh and Fulthic snarl together, “Perverse fiend!”

The wizard’s responds with a mocking laugh. “So defiant you both are. From the Dwarf I expect nothing less, but from you Adreh, my beautifully full titted future pet? I had hoped for so much more. Haven’t you learned all about the parts of life you have been missing out on as a member of the Sisterhood? Haven’t you learned these last few days how great sex can feel, how marvelous those fat udders hanging off your chest are? How your life has been wasted NOT sexually serving men?”

Adreh turns from the wizard, her pale cheeks blushing bright red. “Not true,” she mumbles, but even Fulthic can tell that she barely means the words.

Lord Pixyium erupts into laughter again. “Tell you what; I’ll give you both a chance to escape.” He begins waving his staff through the air, the purple stone at its top glowing. Tendrils of energy begin to flow from it, passing through the bars to the jail cells and into both of the imprisoned figures.

“What are you doing to us now?” Adreh wails, thrashing weakly against her chains as she tries to escape the magical energy moving into her. All this accomplishes is making her massive breasts bounce and shake back and forth, a sight that draws both men’s eyes to her. Noticing this she immediately stops, her cheeks flushing even redder as she turns away from their unmistakable male gazes of desire.

A moment later Fulthic leans forward as if in pain, groaning. “What… what did you do to my balls,” he moans.

“Oh just a simple enchantment to keep them full of cum for the foreseeable future. For the next few hours you’ll find yourself hard and able to cum as much as you want. Really, a true blessing in most situations. Although, maybe not THIS one.”

As he explains this to the Dwarf Adreh feels shooting pain spread through her overlarge breasts. She too leans forward and groans in pain. Her body is suddenly filled with the need to perform a very specific task, although she is as yet uncertain what it is. Her hands strain to grab her breasts, but they are unable to reach. “What did you do to me?” she calls out, confusion and fear in her voice.

“Ah, see, this is my genius at work. You, I’ve enchanted to need to tittyfuck the Dwarf till his balls are empty.” He takes a few steps back, waving his staff again. All at once the doors to their cells open, the shackles holding them both in place releasing them as well. “The way to your freedom is open,” he says, pointing to the stairs out of the dungeon behind him. “My men have instructions to let you both pass, at least for the next three hours. After that if you are still here you will be imprisoned once again.”

Adreh weakly gets to her feet, wanting nothing more than to dash past the evil wizard and out to freedom. But her feet do not take her in that direction. Instead she stumbles out of her cell and into Fulthic’s. She can see that the Dwarf is far too weak to try and get up, all he has done is lay down on his back. This leaves his huge cock standing hard and tall, enticing her foreword.

Or, more accurately, enticing her breasts forward. For it feels as though it is her breasts that are being drawn to the Dwarf’s cock. She stumbles across the cell, dropping to the ground and crawling the last few feet to him. She then grabs her tits, leaning forward and placing them around his cock. She left laying face down between his knees, her back arched and up on her elbows so she can work his cock with her tits. “Can’t… help myself,” she says through gritted teeth as she presses them around his cock and then begins to bounce them up and down causing Fulthic to moan weakly in pleasure.

“You’ve got three hours,” Lord Pixyium says, waving his staff and making a spectral sand timer appear in the cell above their heads. Sand slowly begins to flow from the full top into the empty bottom. “Manage to drain his balls with those glorious tits of yours and make him soft before time is up and you’re free. If not,” he pauses, shrugging. “Well, then you’ve no one to blame but yourselves.”

He turns, the coins on his robes jingling. The evil wizard cackles madly as he shuffles away, leaving Adreh and Fulthic behind.

“Got to… to… get you off fast,” Adreh says. She tries to remember all she has learned over the last few days about what men enjoy. She presses her breasts in tighter around his hard shaft, bouncing her tits up and down faster. Fulthic has no words for her, he is far too weak, but he does moan and after a bit his hips begin to move.

Soon her hard work is rewarded. He groans loudly and then there is an explosion of semen as his cum bursts up into the air like an exploding volcano. There is a lot of it, a much larger load then she expected. It showers down on her tits and face and hair like a thick muddy white yogurt.

For a moment Adreh has hope. She’s made him cum, drained his balls. She moves to pull away, but finds she can’t. Fulthic’s cock is still hard. The other spell! His balls must still be full of cum… She’ll have to work harder, make him cum more, and faster.

She returns to tittyfucking him, the movements of her bouncing tits now lubricated by the Dwarf’s own cum. He cums faster this time, sending another explosion of thick cum up into the air that showers down onto Adreh’s massive tits once more. Still he’s hard. She keeps going, leaning forward and sucking on the tip of his large cock to help him along. He cums again, filling her mouth till it overflows with cum and the goop runs down her face. Still he’s hard.

With desperation she keeps using her tits and mouth to work his cock. More and more cum builds up and soon every inch of her large tits are covered in semen. A thick oozing layer of semen covers her breasts, running down their massive form and onto the Dwarf’s naked body and the jail cell below them. Even her face and hair has plenty of thick cum dripping from it. Still more cum comes from his cock, his balls seeming just as full as when she started.

Looking up she can see that the sand timer is now half empty. She returns to her work. As the minutes pass she begins to enjoy the work, looking forward to the moments when Fulthic moans in pleasure as his cock gives forth oh so much beautiful cum. She starts reveling in the way it tastes, happily sucking the top of his cock clean as she uses her tits to keep pleasuring him.


* * *


The ring of corruption on Adreh’s finger pulses, pushing her mind and body to enjoy the enchantments on both her and the Dwarf. The sexual pleasure she feels in pleasing another allows The Corruption to flow into her, warping her mind and body.

Unseen by her, but none the less watching intently, are the corrupt gods. They are pleased by the sight, happy with what they see. But an argument soon breaks out.

“Surely she’s been through enough. Let us shatter her mind now and end her suffering. Let us make her a mindless fuck- pet like the one that came before her. Then she will no longer suffer from the perversion of this dark wizard, and simply enjoy it.”

“No,” one of the other gods exclaims. “It is that she suffers through it all that makes it so enjoyable! We must ensure she continues down this path for a little longer, make sure she escapes only to suffer more.”

In the end Baedor, leader of these gods, calls for silence. He puts things to a vote, letting the collective will of the gods choose Adreh’s immediate fate.


* * *


The spectral sand timer was almost empty. Adreh was covered in so much cum that it looks as though she had been bathing in some kind of great muddy yogurt. Below her the Dwarf lay barely conscious and clearly physically exhausted, yet his cock was still hard and his balls full.

“There is still hope,” Adreh mutters, working her cummy tits up and down the Dwarf’s large shaft. “He’s got to be nearly empty by now!”

The Dwarf cums again, as he has countless other times over the last few hours. Only this time as he groans in pleasure she can feel his cock begin to grow soft between her overlarge cum covered breasts! A moment later she feels the magical compulsion to keep using her breasts on his cock leaving. “By the gods above, we are free! And look, we’ve just enough time to escape. Come Fulthic, let us leave this accursed tower and not look back.”


* * *


Days later Adreh and Fulthic ride down a side road, far from the town of Rimemore and Lord Pixyium’s tower. Neither of the two cloaked figures sharing the weary stead have clear memories of their escape. They had both been so tired, so exhausted and everything had happened so fast.

Lord Pixyium seemed to have kept his word, allowing them to escape as the last grains of sand fell through the spectral sand timer that floated besides them. They were able to get out of the tower’s dungeon and grab some simple traveling cloaks to cover their naked, cum covered bodies before stealing a horse.

The tower was still visible behind them when the last grain of sand fell through the timer and the ghostly image disappeared. From behind they could hear riders coming to return them to the dungeon. Soon Lord Pixyium’s men had nearly caught up to them, a massive Minotaur leading the chase.

Adreh had had to take the lead; Fulthic was just too exhausted and was barely able to keep himself on the horse they shared. Adreh rode the beast hard, keeping ahead of their pursuers and turning down many back paths to try and lose them. Slowly they had pulled ahead, getting out of sight of their pursuers. When the horse had grown too tired to continue on they had dismounted and soon stolen another one. Finally they seemed to lose the men following them.

Now they were alone, riding some unnamed dirt road not frequently traveled. There were woods on either side of the path, but the trees there weren’t particularly thick. It had been some time since they had passed through a town and the small bag of supplies they had stolen from the last village they stole a horse from is running low.

“We need to find another town soon,” Adreh says nervously. “We need more supplies. And we need to find out where exactly we are. I don’t really know this land well, I’d used maps the Sisterhood had given me to find Rimemore, but those are long gone now. I’m sure Lord Pixyium has them with my battleblade…”

Her voice trails off as she thinks about how painful it is to be separated from her mighty blade. With a sigh of regret she continues. “We’ll need to find out where the nearest Sisterhood keep is and begin making our way towards it.” She turns to face the man riding behind her. “Unless there is monastery or temple of Ydrs worshipers nearby that would give us shelter?”

“What?” the Dwarf asks.

Adreh makes a sound of annoyance. “You’re not even listening to me!”

“I’m sorry,” he says in a meek voice before holding onto her waist tighter as if afraid she’ll leave him behind. Since escaping he had become a new man, and not a better one. All of his confidence seems to be gone and he is now as timid and frightened as a small mouse. And she’d yet to see him use any of the powers he should have had access to as a paladin. She was afraid that the ordeal had broken his faith and severed him from his god, Ydrs.

“It’s alright,” she says with a sigh of frustration. She is trying her best to be patient, to let the man recover from their ordeal. She owes that to him, he had after all saved her.

She sighs again. “The sun is going to set soon,” she says, slowing the horse down. “There’s a nice clearing up ahead, let’s stop there and make camp for the night. Once we stop think you could… Oh, never mind,” she snarls, knowing that Fulthic won’t be any help. When they stop he simply sits and stares off into nothing.

A half an hour later their small camp is ready. They have no tent, but the horse they stole had a couple of bed rolls on it and those have been enough to keep them warm at night. Adreh has made a fire which she uses to warm some food. The two figures sit around the fire, warmed by it and eating in silence as the night around them grows ever darker.

Adreh sits with the dirty cloak around her shoulders the only clothing she has. The front is open, her massive breasts hanging out. The fabric is coarse and itchy, and the inside of the garment covered in dried cum from when she first put it on. She hates the cloak, but it’s the only clothing she has and can’t very well go riding about the country side naked.

Fulthic sits across from her, hunched over and nervously chewing his nails. The cloak he wears is wrapped tightly around him, hiding all but his face and even that is in shadows. His eyes dart from side to side, falling on Adreh’s breasts then quickly darting away. As the night stretches on he starts to mutter to himself like a mad man.

With a yawn Adreh stands. “I don’t think we need a watch tonight. We haven’t seen any sigh of pursuit in over a day, and we both could use the rest.” She walks up to the muttering Dwarf and places a kind hand on his cloaked shoulder. “Come to bed, Fulthic. We can put the bed rolls next to each and take comfort in each other’s arms.”

She caresses his shoulder as she says this. For just a moment his muttering ceases and he leans into her touch. But then she snarls and pulls away from her. “No! Such things aren’t right… that’s what Lord Pixyium would want of us to do, like he forced us to do in that dungeon! No… no, we can’t couple that way again, it displeases Ydrs. It isn’t decent! I can’t… mustn’t… never again!” The words pour from his mouth, quick and disjointed as if he is struggling to keep a single line of thought.

Most disturbing is the way it is clear that the Dwarf wants more than anything than to have sex with Adreh again. But his desires seem at opposites with his faith and he’s clearly struggling, still disturbed by what happened in the tower.

“Fine,” Adreh says with a defeated sigh. “Do what you must.”

She heads to the bedroll and lays down on it. Lying on her side with her back to the Dwarf she starts to imagine how nice it will be to get to safety where someone else can take over the responsibility of caring for the now mentally unstable Dwarf. She has no idea what the man needs to recover, she only knows she can’t give it to him.


* * *


The night around Fulthic is disturbingly quiet. He can hear barely any wildlife, only the crackling of the dying fire and the slow and steady breathing of Adreh sleeping behind him fills the night air. The Dwarf sits alone, chewing his nails and muttering quietly to himself.

As time passes he starts looking over his shoulder, shooting brief glances at Adreh as she sleeps behind him. At one point she rolls over in her sleep, shifting onto her back. Her cloak is open as she lay on her back, her huge massive breasts not covered by the small blanket covering the lower half of her body. The sight makes the Dwarf moan in desire and frustration.

He turns back to the fire, chewing his fingertips now. “Tits… breasts… so big… so firm yet soft… felt so good on my cock. Didn’t know pleasure like that existed.”

Fulthic keeps turning back to look at her exposed breasts. He licks his lips, loving the way their soft mass has shifted down the sides of her torso. He loves the way the top of her fluid like tit flesh has flattened, her big nipples hard in the night air and standing erect. Her skin is so pale and white it practically glows in the night, making those dark nipples even more apparent.

“Ydrs never gave forth such joys,” he says to the small fire. “I never knew the pleasures of the flesh could be so… pleasurable. But even after sharing such with this woman after that first night I was not really tempted. Not till the tower… not till she spent hours pleasuring me with her glorious breasts. Such pleasure that was! I never knew something could feel so good…”

He stares at the fire, listening to it crackle. The flames are small, most of the wood has been burnt to meager cinders and ash. Leaning in closer to the small flames, as if to share a secret with the fire, he whispers. “I’d do anything to feel that again. And she offers her body to me each night! But I know what she wants, she wants me in her. But that is no longer what I desire. I want only her tits…”

As soon as the words, “I want only her tits,” leave the Dwarf’s mouth the fire before him ignites into huge flames. He stumbles back off the log he was sitting on, raising his arms above him to help block the sudden head from the fire. He’s so transfixed by the large flames before him that he fails to notice the red gemmed ring on Adreh’s finger glowing and pulsing with sudden magical energy.

Staring at the huge flames before him Fulthic can see what he swears are the forms of two figures. “L-l-lord Pixyium,” he mutters in fear, assuming this is more of the wizard’s evil magic.

The two shapes in the flame seem move forward, taking clearer shape and proving they aren’t the old wizard. One of the shapes is taller than the other, a hulking figure covered in rippling muscles with two large demon’s horns coming from its head. The other shape is that of a short woman with nearly inhuman curves, a wide plump ass and breasts that look to be even bigger than Adreh’s.

The figures are strange shadows made of flame, barely visible illusions in the flame yet unmistakably there. The large figure wraps an arm around the smaller woman and then points to Fulthic. Coming from everywhere and nowhere at once the Dwarf hears deep male laughter. A moment later it disappears, leaving only the form of the short, curvy woman.

The woman starts to grow larger in the flames, creating the illusion that she is walking towards Fulthic from a great distant away. As her form grows larger so do the flames, forcing the Dwarf further and further back from the hot fire.

Eventually her image is so large it is nearly life-sized. At this point the heat of the massive bonfire before him has forced Fulthic all the way back to his bedroll. Looking over he can see that Adreh is still sound asleep, her large breasts still hanging out into the night air. “How has the heat not woke her up,” he mumbles, confused and afraid.

Looking back at the flames he can see the figure of the woman becoming clearer, more defined. He can see now that she is naked and that her head is covered in curly hair. For a moment the flamed image of her stands still, seemingly staring at Fulthic.

Then she begins stepping forward, only she is not an illusion now. The massive flames part, revealing a flesh and blood woman standing in their midst. She takes a few steps out of the flame, and once free of them the fire behind her quickly dies down, returning to the barely burning fire it once was.

The being before Fulthic glows with power and pure unrestrained magical energy that lights the small clearing more than the bonfire had. He has no doubt that this is one of Allaria’s divine beings, a goddess who has taken physical form before him. He just knows not which goddess it is.

She looks like a Human woman, only with exaggerated and godly curves. Her ass is large and her hips wide. Her breasts are the largest he’s ever seen in his life, larger than even Adreh’s. Wide and heavy and thick and firm, yet naturally sagging down her front in a very motherly way. Her skin is pale and covered in red freckles, her hair a tangled mess of orange-red curls. Her face is beautiful yet strangely innocent looking, although that feel of innocence is slightly ruined by the predatory smile on her face and the way her eyes glow and spark with sinister magical red energy.

“Fear not, dear Fulthic, for I have come to answer your prayers,” the goddess says to the Dwarf. Her voice is kind and soft, yet full of power that makes the ground around him vibrate. Again, Fulthic is amazed that Adreh has not woke up.

“I’m sorry, your holy, but I know not of whom you are. I have spent my life worshiping only Ydrs and have remained ignorant of most other gods.” As Fulthic speaks his voice shakes and he stutters on his words. He is filled with awe and fear, yet he finds it impossible not to stare at the goddess’ gloriously large and perfect breasts.

She laughs, an enchanting sound that eases Fulthic and makes his muscles all relax. “It is alright. I am Ynara, goddess of fertility and large breasts. I’m appearing because you are a mighty paladin, a being full of more faith then ten average mortals. We gods reward the faith ones as you give us with great powers. That is why Ydrs showered you with such gifts.” She stops, looking down at him and giving him a sympathetic smile. “But you’ve lost faith in your former god, haven’t you?”

“Yes,” he says simply and without any emotion, admitting it for the first time. “I no longer feel any faith for Ydrs and as such receive none of his gifts.”

Again Ynara laughs. “Well then, perhaps it is time you gave your delicious faith to a new god, one more in line with your new found desires.” She flashes a glance to Adreh. “You want her tits again, don’t you?”

Fulthic nods, looking at Adreh’s exposed breasts with obvious lust in his eyes.

“Well then, I shall make you deal. Take me as your goddess and I shall return your paladin’s powers, even increase them. And unlike Ydrs I ask that your worship of me not be done through boring prayer and selfless deeds. Instead, I ask that you worship me by engaging in sexual activities and thinking of me as you do so. I particularly enjoy being worshiped through mammary intercourse; something you’ve recently discovered is VERY enjoyable. And with my blessing upon you, you and your partners will find it even more enjoyable.”

As she finishes speaking Fulthic gets up on his knees and begins crawling to her. “Oh yes, Ynara, yes please! Take me on as your loyal devotee; let me worship you in this way. I shall praise you and only you!”

“Goooooood,” the Goddess coos, walking towards the kneeling Dwarf with elegant ease. She leans over, hanging her huge breasts in face and placing a hand above his head. She begins to mutter in an ancient, long forgotten language. Red sparking energy starts to flow from her into the kneeling man. For a moment his posture straightens and his eyes glow red, then as the magical light fades from his eyes his body relaxes. For the first time since escaping the tower of Lord Pixyium
Fulthic seems truly at ease.

“Feel my blessing upon you, Fulthic the Dwarf. Feel the powers of a paladin returning to you. Feel that you are now more powerful than ever before. Feel my gifts then rise, loyal follower.”

He does as she commands, getting to his feet. As he does he throws off the filthy soiled cloak covering him, standing tall and proud in his full nudity. His large cock stands erect, hard and eager. He stares at the goddess, obviously wanting her.

She laughs at that. “Oh, mortal, you don’t get to fuck MY tits,” she says with a girlish laugh. “But I do demand you fuck SOMEONES tits in worship to seal your servitude to me. Luckily for both of us this one lays so near.” She points to the sleeping Adreh. “Prove your loyalty to me now: fuck this Silver Elf’s tits and even if she wakes and tells you to stop continue. Prove to me that worshiping me is more important now than this woman you once risked your life to save.”

As she finishes speaking she gives Fulthic a kind smile. A moment later a gust of wind blows through the area and the goddess blows away, as if made of nothing more than magical dust. Her form loses all shape as she blows away, becoming countless red specks of sparking dust that the wind carries up into the night sky and out of sight.

Fulthic feels as though he has been born again. He feels strong and clean and above all eager to fuck. He turns to the sleeping Adreh, his cock throbbing and demanding attention. Slowly he walks up to her, standing above her with a foot planted on each side of her body. For a time he simply stands there, looming over her sleeping form as he holds his cock and stairs down at her massive breasts.

Finally he spits into his hand, rubbing the moisture all over his raging erection. He then begins to go down on his knees, sitting on Adreh’s stomach and leaving his cock resting between her breasts.

As he rests the weight of his body on her Adreh begins to stir. Her eyes start to flutter. Then they shoot all the way open as she sees the naked Dwarf sitting on her, the tip of his large cock looming before her face. “What is the meaning of this,” she says angrily, starting to move to push him off.

Fulthic holds a hand above her. It begins to glow with red magical energy. A second later an unseen force presses Adreh’s body down against the ground. She yells in alarm, her arms forced to the ground above her head. She struggles against the force, trying desperately to lift any part of her body from the ground but she is unable to break free.

“What is the meaning of this,” she says again, her voice angry and afraid. “Get off of me and stop this madness, Fulthic! You’re not yourself. What would Ydrs think?”

“Ydrs is no longer my god,” he says calmly. He spreads the fingers of his glowing hand apart and lifts his hand up and away from Adreh. The glow remains where his hand once was. For a moment it hangs in the air but then it lowers into Adreh and disappearing as it locks her body against the ground. She still tries to struggle for freedom but all it achieves is making her massive, soft breasts move fluidly from side to side. And this is a sight that only pleases the Dwarf.

“I have taken a new goddess,” Fulthic continues calmly. “And Ynara has demanded that I worship her by fucking your tits. And that is something I am more than happy to do. I wish to please my new goddess. And I also wish to fuck these marvelous breasts of yours again. I shall now do both at once.”

“No,” Adreh says angrily. “Not like this! I refuse, I demand you get off me and stop.”

“And I,” Fulthic says as he grabs both of her breasts and moves them in around his raging hard cock, “do not care what you want or command. Through the power of Ynara and her control over all with large breasts I will keep you here, pinned to the ground as long as I am fucking your tits.”

As he speaks he starts to move his hips, sliding his large cock up through her breasts. “By the goddess,” Fulthic moans as he begins humping her chest.

Adreh moans too, but hers is a sound of surprise more than anything. “My breasts,” she declares, confused. “They… they are tingling so pleasantly. What are you doing to me? Why does this feel… so good?

“This is the blessing of Ynara,” he says, fucking her tits a little faster. “Now lay and enjoy, I must say the prayer to my goddess…”

But Adreh does not simply lay and let him enjoy himself. She continues to struggle against the invisible force holding her to the ground. She tries to wiggle free from it or simple push him off of her. But all she manages is a mere inch or two of movement from side to side on the ground. And she quickly realizes that her struggling against him is only making Fulthic enjoy fucking her tits all the more.

She starts to sob. “You’re not the man that saved me! By the gods, why has my life become such misery ever since taking on this mission?”

But even as she cries she has to face the fact that her life isn’t total misery, not in this moment. Through the magic of his new god Adreh is enjoying having her breasts fucked more than ever before. It feels so good, in fact that, she can feel her body rocketing towards orgasm.

“My breasts…” she mutters. “So sensitive! Ung… Making me… going to cum! By the gods, not like this, not against my will! Not from having my breasts fucked again!

Just as she is about to have an orgasm tittyfucked from her Fulthic begins muttering his new prayer. “Praise be to Ynara, goddess of the fat tits and bringer of all mammary pleasure. May she bless this coupling, may it please her and our faith manifest in our sexual pleasure flow into her divine being. May this please her, and allow our worship to continue…” As he says the prayer his eyes glow red.

As the Dwarf finishes the prayer both he and Adreh start to cum. Adreh moans and screams, feeling as if the orgasm is being forced from her in the ultimate physical violation. At the same time Fulthic is holding her large breasts tightly around his cock, his ample seed flowing out in between her pressed flesh.

When they are both done Adreh breaks down, sobbing loud and hard. Her body is now limp and she no longer fights against the force holding her down. She just wants it to be over. But it’s not. Fulthic is still hard, and he now uses his own seed as fresh lubricant to keep fucking her tits.

With his cock’s movements lubricated with cum things feel even better than ever. Her body has barely had time to lower from its orgasmic height, and now is already rising to climax again. Soon she’s cumming hard, the pleasure interrupting her tears. And now that her body is raised to this level of pleasure it doesn’t sink down. Orgasm after orgasm follows, with barely the time to breathe between each one.

Soon she’s thrashing under Fulthic, no longer trying to escape but instead her body alive with what feels like endless, overpowering pleasure from countless orgasms all tittyfucked out of her.

“By the gods above,” she howls through a shuddering moan of pleasure. “I can’t take much more, the pleasure is driving me mad!”

Fulthic shows no sign of hearing her words. He simply keeps fucking her tits with religious zeal. And as he does so he seems to be growing stronger, more substantial.

Meanwhile Adreh feels as though her very essence is being drained with each orgasm. As her body grows more tired she starts to feel her grasp on consciousness slipping. The last thing she thinks as she fades away is to wonder what she’ll have to suffer when she wakes again, for she’s coming to accept that there is no escape from what her life has become.


* * *


Adreh wakes with a start, sitting up in a large, soft bed. She is naked and feels as though she has been freshly cleaned. Her naked body is covered by expensive looking and feeling blankets. She draws them up to cover her large breasts.

The room she’s in is strange. Everywhere there is evidence of the owner being someone of wealth, yet there is evidence that this is more than someone’s simple bedroom. There are bookcases full of thick tomes. Counters filled with ingredients and brewing potions. Everywhere there is signs of magic afoot. The room itself is mostly circular with a single door.

She already assumes she’s sitting in the top of Lord Pixyium’s tower when the wizened old man comes into the room, grinning a large and predatory smile at her. “I’m glad you are finally awake,” he says as he moves smoothly across the room towards her. “I’m sure you’ll be happy to know your quest is at an end, for you have located Shalheira.”

As he says this he waves across the room and there, not noticed by Adreh at first, is the member of the Sisterhood she had been sent to save. The woman is a pale shadow of herself, lying naked and asleep in a pile of blankets on the floor like a dog. A metal collar is around her neck, a metal chain running from it and attached to a nearby wall. It is also clear that the thin little Common Elf’s small breasts have been magically increased in size to titanic proportions.

“How did I get here,” Adreh says. There is defeat and little defiance in her voice.

“Fulthic brought you to me,” Lord Pixyium says happily. “And when he showed up with your unconscious body he knelt before me and pledged himself to my service. All that he asked is that he be allowed to worship his new goddess, Ynara. What do you think about that?”

Adreh does not respond, not with her words. Instead, she begins to sob into her hands. After a time she looks up with tear streaked eyes. “There is no hope for me, is there?”

“Oh, there is hope,” the old wizard says, stroking his beard. “But you must do something first. You must disavow the Sisterhood of Righteousness and throw off the life you lived for them. Vow yourself, your body, and your service to me. You’ll find life here as my servant will be quite… pleasurable.”

Still sobbing Adreh looks to the woman she came to save. “Will I be chained like her? Turned into a sex slave?”

“Oh no,” Lord Pixyium says. “Oh, sure, your life will be filled with sex. It would be a waste not to fuck you, not to let my men fuck you. And Fulthic is eager to use those mighty breasts of yours once again. But that will not be your whole life.” He reaches into his robes and pulls out her huge Ebony Battleblade, as if it had been hidden in some magical compartment. “You can wield this! To not let you fight for me would be as great of a waste as not fucking you. You will be my champion, and I your beloved Master.”

The ring on Adreh’s finger pulses. For nearly the first time since putting it on she is aware of it. She looks down at it, her sobs ending. She feels energy flowing into her through the ring. For just a moment she thinks she can see it, red and sparking. But then she blinks and the image is gone.

She looks up at Lord Pixyium and feels changed. The ring starts to loosen on her finger. Slowly she rises from the bed, not bothering to take the blankets with her. She stands tall and proud, naked and enjoying the way the old wizard stares at her massive breasts. Her mind is already racing, imagining all the things this perverse old man is going to do to them.

Adreh walks towards him then kneels before him and bows her head. “I pledge myself to you,” she says. The ring on her finger starts to slip off. “I disavow the Sisterhood. I will embrace a life of sexual perversion with you as my Master. I will fight for you. I will kill for you!” As the words leave her lips the ring slips from her finger, falling to the ground with a far too heavy thud. She feels liberated, free, truly free for the first time in her life.

The magic ring has fallen from her hand, its work here done. This member of the Sisterhood has been changed into a new person, one infused with The Corruption. But there are always new members of the Sisterhood… new heroines that needed to be corrupted and brought low.

Lord Pixyium hands Adreh the Ebony Battleblade, happily pondering how he will break in his new servant. For just a moment his eyes dart to the ring on the floor. He was warned to leave it. He understands now. Someone, not him, not Adreh, not Shalheira, but someone will pick it up. And then the ring will begin its Journey back to the Sisterhood to corrupt another innocent.




“Lord Pixyium!” the woman in golden armor calls up to the tower that rises above her. “I have slain your men. Fended off every challenge you have sent my way. I am here to free my sisters and put an end to your reign of terror and perversion!”

Up above, barely visible, a man leans out of the tall tower and calls down to the woman. “You’ll have to get past my champion first,” he says then begins cackling madly before disappearing from sight.

A moment later the large door into the tower opens. The agent of the Sisterhood gasps when she recognizes the imposing figure revealed there. “What has that fiend done to you?”

The figure is a woman; a tall, full figured Silver Elf with gigantic breasts. She wears black armor that nearly matches the massive Ebony Battleblade she wields. Yet the armor does not fully cover her body. Her massive breasts are uncovered and they hang free out of her armor.

“He has freed me,” Adreh Silvermane says. “And if I am not forced to kill you he will free you as well.”


The End.


Episode Five


The gods who have been infected by The Corruption are gathered together in the ethereal plane that looks down on Alaria.

“Alaria is changing,” one of them says in a deep, hissing voice. “The Corruption spreads, growing our influence on this plane of existence. As more of the divine gods are infected and brought over to our side the mortals forget that we were once called ‘demons’ and shunned by their world. They think of us as the same kind of beings as our divine brothers and sister. They call us ‘gods’ and they worship us, giving us the faith we need to grow in power!”

“Yes,” another voice says. “And in time all the gods will fall to the corruption. But we have known since our birth that we are gods just like them, demon was just a name they gave us to shun us for being different. Like them we too have eternity, and in the end they will all be like us. But today, today we will play a game to pass the time.”

“So that is why we were all called here?” yet another voice asks. “To play a game? Tell us, how is this game played?”

“Some of us have endeavored to pour a fraction of our power into a number of magical rings,” the first voice began, explaining. “Through devious machinations we have convinced the Sisterhood of Righteousness that these rings can bring magical protection and might to those that wear them. They have begun to give these rings to those they send out into the world, thinking the rings will protect these chaste warriors as they try and bring good to Alaria.

“But they have been misled. The rings actually draw perversion and the Corruption to those that wear them. It clouds the wearer’s mind, increasing their libido yet causing them to ignore the fact that they are slowly becoming ever more addicted to sexual highs. Every one of the mighty, haughty heroines who go out into the world wearing one of these rings will soon meet their doom, sinking into the deprivation of sexual degeneration.”

“Although this pleases me to hear,” one of the gathered gods says, “I fail to see how this is a game.”

“Because the rings also make it so any of us touched by the Corruption can sway the mind of these women, as well as the minds of any near them. We need only watch and choose how they shall stumble tits first into all sorts of kinky peril…”

Hearing this the gathered gods are pleased. And then they turn their attention to the heroine currently wearing one of the cursed rings. They begin to watch, and they begin to manipulate her mind and body as well the world around her…


* * *


The gods are gathered once again, looking down upon Alaria. Their attention is drawn once more to the area that surrounds Cliffshield, a city ruled over by a powerful dark sorceress known as Elduni.

“The Sisterhood members of the nearby keep have grown worried about the knight Sasha’s disappearance,” one of the gods says.

“Yes, they grow most concerned. They are certain something evil has befallen her, but they know not what manner this evil has taken.”

“We know,” one says, pushing images of Sasha into their minds. They all see the former knight happily and mindlessly working in a brothel called “The Dairy Farm”, an establishment where are all the whores have overlarge breasts that give out tasty milk.

There are sounds of pleasure at the sight, the corrupt gods enjoying the sight of their handy work. But then another image is forced into their minds, one of a stone keep. There is hissing and sounds of displeasure.

“The accursed Sisterhood! Their keeps are protected not just by high stone walls and iron gates. You all feel it, don’t you? The magical protections that keep us and our will at bay?”

“Of course,” someone says. “It’s part of why we created the rings of corruption. The cursed artifacts are able to penetrate their protections where we cannot, pressing on the minds of the Sisterhood and helping them make bad decisions.”

“Bad decisions that ensure their members leave those protected keeps alone and vulnerable, a ring of corruption on their fingers to help us ensure their doom,” another adds.

“Look, the Sisters in this keep have decided to take action after Sasha’s disappearance! They are preparing to send an agent out to discover what happened to her and attempt to defeat Elduni again.”

For a moment all of the gods turn their attention to the keep, struggling to penetrate the magical wards upon it and see inside its walls.

“The ring Sasha wore has already returned to them,” someone says. “But wait, what’s this I feel? There are TWO other rings there?” The gathered gods all begin talking at once. Three of the rings of corrupting in one place will help amplify their powers, giving them near total control over the minds of those wearing them and the world around them.

Together they turn their collective might to those rings, trying to work their will through the magically cursed items. The protective wards around the keep, normally strong enough to keep the corrupt gods from directly controlling things in its walls, are easily penetrated with three of the rings inside.

“We shall convince them to keep the rings together,” one of them declares. “Convince them to send out a trio of Sisterhood agents to discover what happened to Sasha and defeat Elduni. We’ll help them pick the three women most ripe for corruption within the keep.”

“Yes,” one of them says. “Look at that human fire mage: so prim and proper, yet with an indecently curvy body. And look in her mind! She always hated the attention men gave her and wanted to avoid being forced by her wealthy family to wed, so she joined the Sisterhood and embraced their culture of near celibacy. It would be delicious to see one such as her fall.” Again there are murmurs of agreement.

“Look,” another voice calls out. “See the human with the lightly colored black skin? The one with the huge breasts? She’s a cleric, blessed by our very own Ynara. That would explain her massive tits. Yet I see in her mind that her life has been free of all sexual experience, how is that possible?”

Ynara, the corrupt goddess of fat tits speaks up. “It happens from time to time,” she says. “I try to bless all women with naturally large breasts, whether they are sexually innocent or not. I can see that this one grew up in the Sisterhood, took to worshiping me because of her breasts. I, of course, increased their size when I placed my blessing upon her. But she has spent no time with Ynara worshippers from outside the Sisterhood and does not know how I prefer to be worshiped.”

It would be highly enjoyable,” one of the other gods says, “to see her discover just how perverse Ynara worship is outside the confines of the Sisterhood.”

More murmurs of agreement. “That makes two, but we need a third Sister. We’ve two humans, how about a member of another race?”

One of the gods draws their attention to a High Elf druid. “What about this one? She is the most physically exotic here.”

This time there are murmurs of decent. “I sense that she is not as chaste as most members of the Sisterhood. I can see in her mind that she’s shared ritualized moments of physical passion with other High Elf druids during her life.”

“Yes,” another voice says, “but look closer: those were all decades ago. She’s lived for centuries but only been with men a handful of times, and always with other High Elf druids. Perhaps it’s time her sexual sampling of what Alaria has to offer her is expanded?”

“It is agreed then,” a deep commanding voice says. “We shall ensure these three heroines are given the rings of corruption and sent out on a quest to discover what happened to Sasha and defeat Elduni, a quest that will be doomed from the start!”


* * *


The three women ride confidently down the road on horseback at a steady pace. They have been traveling for days now, having set out from the nearby keep of the Sisterhood. The road they are taking will lead them to the city of Cliffshield, where the evil sorceress Elduni rules openly. Their mission is to vanquish the perverse and twisted woman.

They are not the first to set out on such a quest. Not long ago one of the keep’s most well respected knights, a woman called Sasha, had set out on the very same quest. She too wielded one of the rare but powerful rings of protection. But she had disappeared, no word of what happened to her making its way back to the Sisterhood. So the three women’s quest was twofold: defeat Elduni AND discover what happened to Sasha.

“Did either of you know Sasha,” the woman riding in the center asks. She’s a human with bright red hair who rides with perfect posture. Everything about her is neat and fastidious, her red dress still perfectly smooth and free of dust even after days on the road. She wears no weapons, but a thick spell book hangs at her side.

“No, but I had seen her around the keep,” the woman on the right says. She’s a human as well, with lightly colored black skin. She wears a white tunic that is low cut and shows off an indecent amount of her almost inhumanly large breasts. Those voluminous breasts bounce and jiggle as her horse trots down the road. Nearly everywhere in Alaria she would be assumed to be a follower of Ynara, as that would be the most reasonable explanation for her over-sized breasts. “She always seemed to avoid me,” the woman continues, just the hint of a foreign accent in her voice, “even when she was in need of my healing powers.”

“Well, I for one am glad to have those powers along on our quest,” the red haired woman says. “A cleric is always handy to have around.” She turns to face the busty dark skinned woman, angrily brushing a strand of red hair back into place and then adjusting her glasses. “Though hopefully we won’t have need for you to use your abilities very often.” She looks the dark skinned woman over, as if just now seeing her for the first time.” Pray tell, Nur-Ayya, how are you with the mace that hangs at your side?”

Nur-Ayya shrugs. “I’ve trained for years, but I’ve rarely left the confines of the keep. This is my first real mission.” She looks at the woman sitting tall and proud upon the horse next to her. “What about you, Camneveth Pheonixbinger: are you as great a fire mage as they say?”

“Even better, I would imagine,” she says, her expression flat and her tone free of all humor or humility. “I’ve been studying my magics since I was very young. I grew up in a rich family where I was afforded the best education money could buy.”

Both women turn to the third figure riding silently beside them. “What of you, Lythion? We all know you are a powerful druid, but how are you in a fight.”

Lythion, a tall and elegantly thin High Elf flashes them both a mischievous smile with her pretty, thin lips. “I’m decent with a sword, and have learned to use my staff to compliment it in battle. But in a fight my mastery over the very elements around us will be my true value to our little band.”

Her features are Elven thin, her long thin ears extending out far past her dusty blond hair. She wears a tight, form fitting outfit of simple leather that leaves much of her form exposed to the open air. She has shapely hips and small, perky breasts.

Much of her exposed skin is covered in green tattoos that glow faintly, intensifying as a hawk flying overhead screeches then dives towards her. She raises a hand into the air, the hawk landing on her arm with another screech.

Camneveth and Nur-Ayya watch as the High Elf communes with the animal, leaning in to touch her temple to the creature’s head. Her tattoos pulse and then the bird flies away, taking back to the sky above. “He says a duo of bandits have overtaken a traveler up ahead and pulled her off the road to their encampment. Although our quest lies before us surely we cannot pass by this encounter without stopping to help?”

“Indeed we cannot,” Camneveth says, her already stern expression growing more serious. “As members of the Sisterhood of Righteousness it is our sworn duty to protect all who need protecting. We had planned to stay at the inn just up the road this night, but I think we need deal with these scum first. Can you lead us to these bandits, Lyithion?”

“Yes,” Lyithion says with a nod, “but their camp is a ways off the road, deep in the forest. If we approach on horseback they will surely hear us coming.”

“Then let us dismount,” Camneveth says, “and move forward on foot. Maybe if we are careful enough we can take them by surprise.” She looks up at the sky. “The sun will be setting soon anyways; darkness will help cover our approach.”

Night falls quickly, allowing the three heroines to advance with the cover of dark. Lyithion leads the way, her sword in one hand and her wooden staff in the other. She knows exactly where the bandit’s are camped out and is able to lead her partners right to them.

But as they move silently through the forest the rings on their fingers begin to glow, a throbbing red energy pulsing out and beginning to work its magic on their minds and bodies. None of them notice this, however, as the rings of corruption ensure that the woman have all but forgotten they even wear the rings.

By the time they are within sight of the bandit’s camp their minds are fully compromised. The best thing would be to rush forward, using the element of surprise to get the drop on the two bandits before there is any chance of discovery. Instead the three heroines crouch at the edge of the clearing the bandits have made their camp in, deciding to wait and watch.

The scene playing out before them is one that normally would have sent the women rushing into to battle: the two bandits have stripped down out of their clothes, their naked bodies illuminated by a blazing fire nearby. One of the men is laying on a bedroll laid out in the open. He’s propped up slightly on one elbow, a naked green skinned woman in his lap riding his cock.  They can see that the woman’s body is thick with muscles and that she has large, sagging breasts.

The other bandit kneels behind her, pressing down on the small of her back with one hand to make it so he can enter her asshole more easily. His other hand holds her tangled dreadlocks, pulling back on her head. Together the two men are savagely fucking the woman, grunting happily as she whimpers and moans between them.

“That’s an Orc,” Lyithion whispers, her voice tense and confused. Her grip on her weapons is tight, her mind telling her she should be rushing forward to save the women yet her muscles refusing to do so. “Why is she letting them do that to her? She should be stronger than nearly any two Human men!”

Nur-Ayya says nothing. Her eyes are fixed on the green skinned woman’s large, saggy breasts as they flop up and down. Nur-Ayya has never been with a man, never seen sexual intercourse. Until this moment she was scarcely able to imagine what it would be like. She watches in rapt horror and fascination, confused by the warm tingling feeling growing in the core of her body.

“Look at her face,” Camneveth hisses quietly. The three women look at the Orc’s face, noticing that her eyes are rolled up into her head and that her mouth hangs open, her tongue lolling stupidly out of her mouth. “She’s obviously been stupefied in some manner. Perhaps they subdued her with magic?”

There is a long silence after that, the night air around them filled only with the grunting sounds of the two men savaging the Orc. Finally the silence is broken by Nur-Ayya. “How… how are they both… you know… with her at the same time? Are both their manhoods in her… her… well, in her?”

“No,” Camneveth answers in a hushed tone full of anger. “The man in the back is using her asshole.”

Nur-Ayya gasps, such a thing having never occurred to her as even possibility. “Wouldn’t that hurt?”

“Yes,” Camneveth says. Both women to turn to her, questioning looks on their faces. She blushes and looks towards the ground. “I don’t know from firsthand experience but have read about it.”

They continue to watch, each wanting to rush forward and save the Orc yet none of them able to do so. The rings on their fingers glow red, unseen magic working the corrupt god’s will on their minds and causing them to hold back until both men finish.

The man behind the Orc tugs savagely on her hair, grunting loudly in satisfaction and then a moment later pulling away from her. Even from their distance the three watching heroines can see a flood of white fluid begin to leak from the Orc’s asshole as the man pulls his cock out of her.

“Didn’t know Orc ass was so fucking tight,” he says. “I’m glad Elduni sent us out to pillage and rob travelers coming down this road. ‘A proper tax’ she called it. Ha! A proper tax on all the ass we want to fuck!”

The other mean leans to the side and looks past the naked woman riding his cock. “I think you lucked out this time, her cunt isn’t as tight as I had hoped. Loosest pussy my cocks ever been in, matter of fact. Not sure I’m even going to be able to get off.”

The other man laughs. “Just do what you did last time you had that problem: slap her big ole titties around. That bitch’s tits were half the size of these, imagine how much more fun it will be with this one.”

The man laying on the ground laughs, lifting a hand up then swinging it at the Orc’s breasts. A fleshy slap echoes through the forest, her saggy green tit flying wildly about. The man groans in pleasure, slapping her tits again and again then grunting long and deep before collapsing limply to the ground. “Fuck, that did the trick,” he says, sighing with relief.

As soon as the second man cums whatever unseen spell was holding the three heroines back is lifted. Their bodies tense and they inch forward, ready to bring justice to these savage criminals.

“Now?” Lyithion asks, her voice quiet but full of determined ferocity.

“Now,” Camneveth says.

The High Elf lifts her staff slightly, the green crystal embedded in the head of the gnarled wood glowing dimly. They continue to crouch, their bodies tense and ready.

Meanwhile green vines begin to slithering out from the tree line around the clearing, silently making their way towards the two bandits. They have both stepped away from the stupefied Orc, who now lays limp and drooling on the bedroll. The men laugh and joke about what they plan on doing to the Orc next, after their cocks are ready to fuck again. Neither of them sees the vines creeping towards them.

They reach both men’s feet at the same time, slithering around their ankles. They both look down, startled and confused. Lyithion jerks her staff to the side, directing her druidic magic to make the vines pull the men off their feet.

With a shout both men fall to the ground, landing hard enough to knock the air out of them. A moment later all three women leap to their feet and rush forward. Lyithion has her sword before her, Nur-Ayya her mace. But its Camneveth that takes the lead, holding her large tome open in one hand as she reads from it, her other hand extended out before her with a single finger pointing accusatorily at the two bandits.

Her hand ignites in bright flames that illuminate the surrounding forest. The flames blast out from her hand, duel streams of fire jetting out towards the two men. The jets of fire hit the men’s naked bodies, instantly expanding to engulf them. There are momentary screams as the men are burned alive, but after a few brief moments the screams and then the flames die away. By the time the trio reaches the men they are little more than burnt husks.

Nur-Ayya peels off from her two partners during the advance, moving towards the recently fucked Orc. As she kneels down beside her she returns her mace to her hip and begins muttering a prayer. As she does so she waves her hands above the Orc, her hands glowing with red energy that seems to be flowing from the cleric down into the Orc.

After a moment the Orc’s vacant expression fades away, her face growing calm and her eyes fluttering shut. Her body goes limp and she slips into a sleep the will leave her feeling refreshed and healed of all recent physical and mental trauma.

“What do we do now?” Lyithion asks as her and Camneveth join Nur-Ayya beside the sleeping Orc.

Nur-Ayya looks up at them. “She’ll need to sleep for a couple of hours, but once she wakes she should be fully healed. The spell will remove the physical and mental trauma from her ordeal. I suggest we wait here till she rises. It will still be early in evening by then and leave us plenty of time to reach the inn up the road.”

Camneveth nods, “I think that’s a good enough plan.

The next couple of hours pass quickly for the three heroines as they discuss the short battle, going over all they did right and how they can fight even more efficiently next time. Together they sit around the slumbering Orc, engrossed in their conversation.

“She’s waking,” Nur says eventually, pointing to the Orc as her eyes begin to flutter open.

The green skinned woman sits up slowly, looking at the women around her in confusion. “Who… who are you all?” she asks. Her speech is slightly marred by the two tusk like teeth sticking out of the bottom of her mouth.

Nur places a calming hand on the woman’ shoulder. “We are members of the Sisterhood of Righteousness and we have saved you. Do you remember what happened to you?”

The Orc seems confused for a moment, her brow furrowing as she tries to remember recent events. “I… I was waylaid by bandits. They got the drop on me! One of them… he cast some kind of spell that left me stupefied and helpless. And then they… Oh, oh no! I remember now!” She looks down at herself, just now realizing she is naked under the blanket that Nur has wrapped around her.

She shivers at the memory then looks up at the women around her. “You saved me! You… you gave those men what they deserved and saved me, even though I’m an Orc!”

Camneveth nods. “Yes, we saved you because you needed saving. Race is something that matters not to the Sisterhood, the only thing that mattered was that you were a woman in trouble.”

“Thank you,” the Orc says and begins to get up, keeping the blanket wrapped around her body. “Please, my clothes and gear must be around here somewhere. Help me find them? And perhaps after that we can discuss how I can repay you all.”

Soon the woman is dressed in a simple, form-fitting leather outfit that leaves her large, soft breasts pressed up and much of her green skin on display. She recovers a small traveling pack and a primitive looking sword which she places in a hilt on her belt.

“Those two never would have stood a chance against me in open combat,” she says defiantly as she stares at their ashy remains. “But, like I said, they got the drop on me and cast some accursed spell that left me helpless. Who knows how long they would have kept me if you three hadn’t come along.”

She looks up at them, her face determined. “I have to repay you three, its only right. Let me come with you. I know these lands well and can lead you through them. And I can offer you my sword should you need it.”

“I don’t know,” Lyithion says, her voice uncertain. “The quest we are on is a dangerous one.”

“All the more reason to bring me along,” the Orc says. “Please, I HAVE to repay you for saving me. It is Orcish costume that if one is bested in combat that they must serve the one that beat them. But if THAT person is ever bested their loyalty is transferred to that new person. Since you defeated these bandits my loyalty now lies with you.”

“Okay,” Camneveth says. “You can come along. Just be warned, we are heading to deal with evil sorceress Elduni.”

The Orc’s eyes grow wide. “You’re going to slay Elduni? You all must be even mightier than I thought to take on such a quest!”

“Do you wish to take back your offer to join us?” Camneveth asks.

“Oh no, long have I seen the evils that she has brought to this land. Why, I’m sure these bandits paid tribute to her. Knowing your quest I’m even more eager than ever to help you three.” She pulls her sword out and kneels before them, placing the tip of its blade in the dirt before her. “I, Shiira the Orc, offer you my sword and will serve you all till your quest is at an end.”


* * *


These three women are pathetically trusting, Shiira thinks. She’s sitting behind the cleric with the lightly colored black skin, riding on her horse as the trio rides slowly to the nearby inn.

This one in front of me is the most naive! She seems to exude innocence with every breath, which is even more amazing when one looks at the indecent size of her breasts. Never have I seen a woman more clearly blessed by Ynara, for how else could they get so big and she still be able to walk?

Yet she seems wholly free of all sexual knowledge! She’s spent the last half hour asking me questions about my encounter with the bandits. It’s clear the woman has never seen anyone fuck before, and certainly never experienced it firsthand.

Really, the fat-titted cow is a blessing. It will be a pure joy to see what Elduni does with this one. Surely with tits as big as hers she will eventually end up at The Dairy Farm, but with as innocent as she is I can only imagine my master will see to it that she undergoes an in depth sexual education beforehand.

Surely they ALL will undergo such an education! In fact, it seems it’s already begun. Why else set up the trap that way? Elduni could have just as easily had those goons capture me on the road within sight of the Sisterhood members, but she insisted it be done this way, told us all that the Sisterhood women had to find them fucking me.

And loyal servants that we are, we did exactly as she said. Those stupid goons were overjoyed that they got to fuck me. Hell, it was even kind of fun being stupefied and letting them do whatever they wanted. But I don’t think they expected the cost for getting to fuck me would have been their lives. Poor fools…

But it was all worth it! Now these dumb women have taken me into their service where I can keep a close watch on them for Elduni. I can start weakening them, and when the time is right I will be at their sides to betray them.


* * *


Having grown up within the Sisterhood Nur-Ayya has spent countless meals sitting around communal dining tables, but never has she experienced the simple act of taking in a meal at a roadside inn. To everyone else in the room the experience is nothing worth thinking about, they have all had similar meals in similar inns countless times. But to Nur, every moment is a new experience.

The food is full of so many strange, new tastes! The Sisterhood cooks make hearty, nutritious meals that are light on seasonings. But the greasy meal the inn’s owner has served them is exploding with taste, just one dish probably containing more seasoning than her last month worth of meals combined.

And then there is the boisterous atmosphere all around her, keeping her head swinging from side to side. The sturdy wooden tables of the tavern-like ground floor are packed with travelers, over thirty counting themselves. There are Humans and Dwarfs and Elves, all of them having loud animated conversations. And most of them men! Nur’s never been around so many men at once…

“You must all try the ale they keep on tap here,” Shiira is saying.

“I don’t know…” Camneveth says, thinking hard before speaking more. “It would be best if we avoided becoming inebriated. I know you said we should be safe at this inn, but I still think we should be on our guard. It is known that Elduni’s servants come this far from her lands.”

“I want to try some,” Nur says. “I’ve never tasted ale before,” she adds, not sure if that fact will help convince Camneveth to order a round of drinks or give her more incentive to tell them all to hold off.

“Surely one small cup won’t be enough to make any of you drunk,” Shiira says. “I know you don’t all have an Orc’s constitution—”

“They might not,” Lyithion says, interrupting her, “but as an Elf mine is superior to even yours.” She looks at Camneveth. “Let us all share a drink together. It will be good to bond over such a thing, and even if the drink affects you two humans the Orc and I shall remain clear headed enough to keep watch until we all retire to our rooms. Besides, if you hadn’t felt safe here you wouldn’t have rented us individual rooms.”

“Oh, I suppose you’re correct,” Camneveth says. She turns and waves down the innkeeper and orders ale for the four women sitting at the table.

Nur feels herself practically quivering with anticipation when the ale shows up. All eyes seem to turn to her as she takes her first sip. All three women erupt into laughter when her face squishes up and she spits the drink back into the cup. “Ugh! It tastes awful!”

“Not awful,” Lyithion says as she takes a swig between chuckles, “just strong. Make sure if you decide to try drinking it again you go slowly. You too, Camneveth.”

The fire mage takes a small sip, curling her lip in disdain at the taste. “I much prefer wine,” she says, placing the cup back down on the table. “But if this is the drink the party has decided to bond over, I will drink it.”

For a time they all sit and drink their ale, their conversation light. They make no mention of their quest nor the fact that they are members of the Sisterhood. They feel safe in the inn, but not safe enough to discuss their quest openly. Instead they talk of light matters, Camneveth leading them in a discussion on how the magic they use all differs.

Shiira mostly stays quiet, claiming she has no experience with using magic. Lyithion tries to explain what it’s like drawing upon the magical powers of nature, but none of the other women really seem to understand. And it’s clear that Camneveth looks down on the druid’s “simple and primitive” magic as equally as she looks down on Nur’s god driven magic.

Nur-Ayya says less and less as the conversation goes on. Partially this is because she has been determinedly drinking the ale and it is now making her head swim, filling her with a warm lazy feeling that is making it hard for her to keep up with the conversation. But she’s also distracted, her mind returning to memories of what the bandits had been doing to the Orc. The memories bring out strange, unfamiliar feelings in her, feelings that leave her feeling warm and moist between her legs.

“Nur? Nur, are you okay?”

“Hm? What? I’m sorry, were you speaking to me?”

“Yes,” Camneveth says. “I was asking you… Oh, never mind. I think the ale is making you too sleepy. Why don’t you head up to bed?”

“Yes,” Nur says, realizing just how nice bed sounds. “I think I should. Besides, I need to do my nightly prayers before I get any more drowsy.” She pushes her chair back and gets to her feet. “Have a good night, and I’ll see you all in the morning.” The other women nod at her and go back to their conversation as she walks away.

As Nur makes her way past all of the men sitting around them she’s aware of the fact that nearly every one of them turns to watch her pass. Their eyes all seem to be drawn to her, or more accurately to her breasts. This makes her feel self conscious about them for the first time in her life, causing her to walk faster to get out of their sight.

Once in her room she kneels besides her bed and begins to pray. “Oh mighty Ynara, goddess of fertility and the female form, I pray that you give me guidance tonight. The journey before us shall be trying, and I have such little experience compared to my fellow travelers.” She closes her eyes and bows her head. “In the past you have given me visions, shown me which way to choose in life. I implore you, show me the way again tonight in my dreams.”

Once her prayer is over she climbs into bed, pulling the warm blankets up around her and almost immediately beginning to drift off to sleep. As she falls into a deep slumber the ring on her finger begins to hum with magical energy, opening her mind to the influences of the dark gods that watch over her. Soon she will be visited by one of those gods in her dreams, just as she has prayed for. But it won’t be Ynara that enters her mind…


* * *


“I just don’t know how we can continue this conversation when you’re ignorant of the basic principles that run through all magical talents. Why, you don’t even know Gump’s Third Law of Magical Resonance, how are you even able to cast spells? Your magic is just so… primitive!” Camneveth’s voice is loud, a little too loud.

Shiira laughs, leaning in to whisper in Lyithion’s ear. “I think this human can’t take her ale either. Good to know a drink or two is all it takes to get that stick out of her butt.”

“What was that?” Camneveth asks, glaring at the two women sitting across from her as they giggle. “Nothing, Cam,” Lyithion says quickly. “Shiira was just commenting on how good the ale is.”

“Oh, yes, it does get better as you drink more of it,” Camneveth says. She looks down at her mug and opens her eyes in surprise. “Oh! It looks as though I’ve nearly finished it.”

“Well then,” a deep raspy voice says from behind her, “perhaps I should buy you another.”

The three women at the table turn to look at the woman standing behind Camneveth. She is a tall Human, thin and dressed in robes traditionally warn by a battle mage. Her outfit is sleeveless, showing off muscular arms, one of which is covered in glowing and shifting blue tattoos.

Her facial features are slightly boyish, but in a pretty feminine way that is complimented by a short man’s haircut. Her eyes glow the same blue as the tattoos on her arm, leaving no doubt the woman’s body is coursing with powerful magical energy.

“I’d be more than happy to share a drink with you while we discuss Gump’s Third Law of Magical Resonance, maybe even the fourth and fifth ones as well. I find few mages during my travels that have come far enough along in their magical education to be able to discuss such matters.” The strange woman glances at the Elf and the Orc sitting across from Camneveth. “You won’t mind if I steal your friend away for a moment?”

“Of course not,” Shiira says quickly. “I’m sure she’ll have a much better time talking to you than two magically ignorant savages such as us.” She snickers, letting everyone at the table know she is only joking.

Camneveth gets to her feet, holding her empty mug up. “I think that sounds lovely! Why, I haven’t unwound like this since… well, never! Come, let us drink and talk of the laws that govern all magic!” She stumbles slightly as she begins to follow the mage with the glowing eyes.

The woman grabs her by the arm and steadies her. “Excellent. My name is Plicevira, by the way.”

Lyithion stares after them, deep in thought. “There was something strange about that woman… did you notice the wreath of flowers in her hair? There was something familiar about them, about the strong scent coming off of them. Something that has me worried.”

Shiira slaps a hand on the Elf’s back. “Aw, lighten up! She’s just another mage looking to talk about her trade with someone who understands. Probably just an adventurer staying here on her way to rob some ancient tomb of its treasures. She’s not likely to be an agent of Elduni’s, secretly looking to ensorcell your brave leader.”


* * *


Camneveth was having a progressively harder and harder time following the conversation. The multiple glasses of ale were clearly going to her head, but there was something else… It felt like there was a thick, muggy cloud of relaxing, even stupefying, scent in the air. It had a pretty, floral smell to it; a scent that put her mind and body at ease. So at ease that even as she thought about how the smell was affecting her she was unable to do anything about it.

“You look sleepy,” Plicevira says, a knowing smile pulling on the edge of her lips. “Perhaps it would be best if we continued this conversation somewhere more comfortable, somewhere that you could lay back and relax if you wanted to. Perhaps my room? I have rented the largest in the inn and it comes with a luxurious couch we could lounge on.”

The mage is up and lifting Camneveth onto to her feet before she has a chance to answer. “Come on, sleepy head, lets head upstairs and get comfortable then continue this conversation.”

“Yeah,” Camneveth says, her voice dreamy and distant, “continue our conversation.”

Moving through the crowded room and then up the inn’s stairs feels like moving through a dream. The world swims and spins around Camneveth, the air feeling thick as water and swirling about her in strange distorted patterns. What is going on, she thinks. Her mind struggles to make sense of the situation, but it’s so muddled she is unable to see the plain fact that she is being magically charmed.

Once in the privacy of the room the woman tells Camneveth to sit on the couch. “It’s comfortable, yes? Far finer than is normally found in an inn like this. I hear the owner put it in to help accommodate all the travelers coming to and from the brothels in Cliffshield. I’m sure a Sisterhood member like you wouldn’t know this, but one can actually buy a prostitute from the flesh markets there now and keep her as a personal slive!”

Camneveth is lying back on the soft couch, her head swaying from side to side. “Never said… Sisterhood… How you know?”

Plicevira laughs. “Oh, sweetie, your kind is impossible to miss. Knew who you were the minute you walked in the door. EVERYONE knew. We were warned by Elduni to be on the lookout for your party.”

“Elduni?” Camneveth says, confused by the mention of the evil sorceress. “Evil… must stop…”

“Shhhhhh,” Plicevira says, “don’t worry about that now. Instead look at me, tell me what you think.”

Camneveth looks up, noticing now that the mage has undressed. Her body is slender, but her thin body is covered in well shaped muscles. It’s a body that seems to be both masculine and feminine at the same time, a fact that confuses Camneveth even more.

The woman has tiny, perky breasts with small metal piercings through the nipples. The glowing, dancing blue tattoos that cover one arm extend up onto her shoulder and down onto the top of one breast. Along with her eyes they glow more intensely now, as if her magical power has increased now that she is naked.

But it is what hangs between the woman’s legs that draws Camneveth’s full attention. The woman has a large phallus hanging between her legs, but it’s strange and obviously out of place. There are no testicles below it, and Cam can see that the woman still has a vulva under her shaft. It is as if the cock has grown out from where her clitoris should be.

“Not… right… not… natural…” Camneveth says, lifting an arm slowly and pointing at the woman’s crotch.

“You would think that, wouldn’t you? Perhaps your half right, it isn’t natural. I was born a woman, just like you. And at most times I remain that way. But like my Master Elduni, I worship Naserette the futa goddess. At times she gives me her blessing, letting me experience sexual pleasure in the way a man does.”

She saunters across the room, sitting down next to Camneveth on the couch. She gets comfortable, spreading her legs wide open in a very masculine way while she rests both her elbows on the back of the couch. She stretches out one of her arms and wraps it around Camneveth, pulling the stupefied mage in close to her.

“Come get a closer look, see firsthand and up close the marvels that the gods you Sisterhood fools mock as ‘corrupt’ can bestow upon their worshipers.” She pulls Camneveth in and down, leaning her over sideways on the couch and pressing her face towards her cock.

“It’s so big, and smells so strong,” Camneveth slurs sleepily.

“Why not grab hold of it? Give it a squeeze and see if you can’t make it hard.” A moment later Camneveth is doing just that, using one hand to grab the meaty shaft and gently squeezing it in a steady pulsing motion, feeling it grow thick and full in her hand.

Plicevira moans in pleasure, letting her head fall back and rest on the wall behind the couch. “Yes… this is how you Sisterhood sluts should be spending your days.”

She lifts her head up and looks down, pleased to see how fast her cock has gotten hard in the fellow mage’s hands. “Now why don’t you take it in your mouth? Try sucking on it a little. Maybe it’s something you’ve never done before, but I can teach you how.”

Camneveth mumbles something incomprehensible then shifts closer, lifting the woman’s cock to her mouth and taking it in. She begins sucking, bobbing her head up and down slowly in uncertain movements that seem to grow more skilled with every bob of her head.

“Ah, maybe this ISN’T your first time doing this,” Plicevira proclaims happily. She still has an arm wrapped around Camneveth, and she now snakes it around the woman’s shoulders and reaches down into the front of her top. “With big tits like this I’m not surprised. So large and thick and heavy…. Mmmm, just grabbing at them is making me harder. You feel that in your mouth, feel what your indecent cow-tits do to my cock?”

She pinches one of Camneveth’s nipples, causing the stupefied heroine to moan in surprised pleasure. “Oh, you like having you nipples played with? Knew you had to be a slut deep down under all that Sisterhood training. You Sisterhood sluts are all the same, lying to yourselves as much as you do to the rest of the world.”

The ring of corruption on Camneveth’s finger throbs with magical energy. It flows into its wearer, giving her skills far beyond those she would normally have. It also works its magic on Plicevira, making the woman more aggressive than she would have normally been.

She pulls her hand out of Camneveth’s shirt, abandoning her tit and instead running her fingers into the mage’s bright red hair. She grabs a handful of hair tightly in her hand and then begins jerking the woman’s head up and down on her cock. Camneveth chokes slightly, gagging as the cock is forced deeper into her mouth faster and faster. Saliva begins to run down her shaft, Camneveth struggling to breathe, yet she doesn’t try to pull or push away. She simply lies in Plicevira’s lap and follows the woman’s lead.

“You sisterhood bitches are all the same, assuming you can trust all women. I bet I could have gotten you up here even without the charm that’s left you so stupid and obedient. Your world view is so simple, everything and everyone good or evil, with or against you.

“But the real world is more complex, isn’t it? Here you are, sucking me off, my cock in your mouth. Yet I’m a woman! I hear you Sisterhood sluts view Naserette and her blessing as unnatural. But tell me, with the cock her godly powers has bestowed upon me in your mouth, does it feel unnatural to you?”

She waits for an answer but the only sounds that come from Camneveth are loud wet cock sucking sounds mixed with the occasional choke and gag.

“Ungh! You’re MUCH better at this than I thought you would be,” Plicevira says. “I don’t know whether that will please or anger Elduni once she gets her hands on you. Either way, I’m not going to last much longer, which means it’s time to get down to business.”

She begins chanting, muttering arcane wards in an ancient language under her breath. She continues to pump Camneveth’s head up and down her cock, but as she does so she begins moving her free hand. Her fingers dance and trace magical glyphs in the air, blue energy glowing gradually more intensely around the hand.

Once the spell is ready she gently places the glowing hand before Camneveth’s head, the energy slowly seeping from her hand into the red haired woman’s forehead where it enters her mind. She chants a few more words in the ancient tongue then loud and clear in the common tongue she says the phrase, “Show me your fat cow tits.”

For a moment Camneveth’s eyes glow blue, the trigger phrase Plicevira has magically implanted into her mind burning into place. But the spell is not done, it still needs a catalyst to be permanent.

Plicevira delivers the catalyst into Camneveth’s mouth a moment later with a shuddering groan. “Drink it,” she says, “drink all of cum and the spell will be permanent.”

With a long, satisfied sigh her body goes limp. She lets go of Camneveth’s head after pulling her away from her cock. It hangs semi-erect between her legs, covered in spit and some cum that the mage didn’t manage to swallow, slowly growing soft.

“All right my pretty fat-titted fire mage, I’m just going to take a little breather then we’ll take you to your room. I’ll need to cast a couple memory charms, make sure you don’t have any conscious memories of what really happened tonight and that all you remember is a friendly conversation about magic. In the morning you’ll be starting out on your grand quest none the wiser to the fact deep in your mind is a phrase that will return you to this stupefied, obedient state.”


* * *


“I just like the good the Sisterhood does in the world,” Lyithion says to Shiira with a smile. She’s enjoying the conversation with the Orc, happy the woman is more civilized than most of her race. “I had traveled to many distant corners of Alaria before I decided to take up with them. I felt I could do the most good working with them.”

She lifts her mug to take a drink only to find her cup empty. “Ah… this ale really is quite good. I think I’d like another cup.” She starts to get up, but Shiira quickly reaches out and grabs her arm.

“Please,” the Orc says, “let me go get another mug full for you.” She grabs the mug and quickly gets to her feet.

While she is gone Lyithion looks around the room. About a third of the inn’s patrons have retired to bed, but there is still a rather boisterous crowd all around her. All of them men, all except her and Shiira.

The Orc returns, placing the mug full of ale in front of the Elf. “Here you go, drink up.”

“Thank you,” Lyithion says, taking a long drink of the ale. “Mmmm, delicious.” She pauses then. “Although… there’s something different, a subtle taste that wasn’t there before.”

“The innkeeper just opened a new cask,” Shiira says quickly. “I’m sure that’s all you’re tasting.

“Oh,” the Elf says dumbly. She’s feeling suddenly flush and a tad dizzy. “I’m sure your right,” she says, not wanting to Orc to see that the alcohol seems to be finally affecting her.

Thankfully Shiira chooses that moment to stand and stretch, yawning loudly in a way that shows off her ferocious looking lower canines. “I’m feeling pretty tired,” she says. “I think I’m going to head up to bed. But you should finish that ale before turning in, wouldn’t want it to go to waste.”

“Yeah,” Lyithion says, trying hard to keep her composure till the Orc is out of sight. As soon as she is she begins to sway slightly, lifting a hand up to her forehead and using her other hand to right herself on the table.

“It’s really hitting me now,” she mumbles. As an Elf getting intoxicated is a rare occurrence, and the feeling is kind of exhilarating. Recklessly she takes another large gulp of the ale, nearly draining the mug in one go.

As soon as she swallows it’s like a pile of bricks is dropped into her mind. The world begins to sway around her violently, making her lose her equilibrium and fall back off her chair. She lands ungracefully on the inn’s floor with a loud thud, causing a number of nearby men to jump to their feet and crowd around her.

“Are you okay,” one of them says, reaching down and lifting her up into a sitting position.

The words echo in her head, the world around her seen through an intense heat haze. The air feels so warm and thick, and her body seems as though it’s suddenly been lit on fire. There is heat everywhere, intense tingling in EVERY inch of her flesh. And her throat is parched, so dry…

“Thirsty,” she says. “Need…” She intends to say “drink” but as she begins to utter the word she realizes it isn’t exactly right and stops from saying it out loud. She needs something, something that will quench the thirst filling her more and more with every breath. But it isn’t simple drink she needs.

One of the men crowding around her hands her a drink. She pours the liquid down her throat, desperate to cool the fire inside of her. But the drink has no affect.

The men help her to her feet. The world spins around her, everything a hot blur. There is only the heat, only the thirst. She stumbles from table to table, knocking things over and bumping into people. She takes drinks from tables, seeing if their contents can help quench her thirst.

One man takes offense to this, jumping to his feet and pushing the thin, tall Elf hard enough to send her falling down onto her ass. He stands above her, grabbing his crotch and jeering crudely at her.

Lyithion’s eyes shoot open. “That,” she blurts out, pointing at the man’s crotch. “That’s what I need to quench my thirst. I need your seed!”

The crowd of men grows silent. Many look about, waiting for someone else to make the first move. The man she’s pointing at curls his lip up in a happy, cruel sneer. “This Elf bitch is a real desperate slut, eh boys? Well, I say we give her what she wants.”

A moment later his cock is out and he’s shoving it in her face. Lyithion takes it in her mouth, grabbing it with both hands and hungrily beginning to suck him off. The red gemmed ring on her finger is glowing, energy pulsing into her mind as it shows her how to get the man of quickly with her mouth.

The ring also works its magic on the men in the room, making them all aroused and convincing them they too need to give the Elf druid their cum. Soon they are all crowding in around her, pulling their cocks out and shoving them at her.

For Lyithion the world is a hot blur of cocks and confused motions. The herbs that Shiira slipped into her last mug of ale were strong, making her act with desperation to get cum. The Elf takes in load after load, using her mouth and hands to coax it out of cock after cock. She takes in every drop, the thick bitter tasting liquid helping cool the fire deep inside of her.

The ring works with the drug, ensuring her thirst isn’t just for cum but for cocks as well. Soon she is riding a man who lies under her, his hands on her naked ass as she bounces up and down on his shaft. She doesn’t remember undressing, doesn’t remember getting on top of the man. She only lives for the moment of wetness when his seed explodes deep in her.

With each load of cum she takes in the fire dies down little by little, but as the fire calms inside of her the world grows more blurry. Eventually she is uncertain what is real, confused by what is happening to her. Is this just a fever dream she’s having? Her repressed sexual energies unleashed in a cock filled vision of desire?

In the morning when she wakes this is what she will think. Even though the evidence, the cum stains on her clothing and the smell of semen in her hair and coming from her pussy prove otherwise. The ring ensures she doesn’t think too hard on it. Ensures that to the Elf it is all “just a dream”, but one that leaves her wondering if something is missing from her life.


* * *


Nur-Ayya is aware that she is dreaming, but she also knows that this is no normal dream. This is a god’s dream, a moment of heightened reality where one of Alaria’s deities has chosen to speak directly to her.

She rises from her rented bed, moving silently through the inn. She is being drawn to the lower floor, to where she had dinner the previous night. The inn around her is familiar, yet not. The wooden walls all have cracks and holes. Behind them she can see the ethereal plane, a vast never ending expanse of glittering stars and glowing colored gasses. The place the gods live.

There is a particular orange glow to the gas out there, an almost fire like quality to it. She can feel heat emanating from the holes in the walls, as if the inn is surrounded by great fires. The orange light intensifies, heat haze misting in through the holes.

This is not magic she knows, not her goddess’ magic. As she comes down the stairs she feels that she will soon see who has summoned her and she knows it won’t be Ynara.

The inn is empty, the only figure standing on the ground floor her. But no, that’s not right. In a far corner, standing behind one of the large wooden tables, is a shadowed figure. She moves towards it, drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

The shadowed figure is tall and thin and hard to make out. It looks as if it is male, but it is impossible to tell what race the being is. There is the hint of horns on its head, but beyond that the only feature she can make out are glowing eyes. The eyes glow bright and intense, failing to illuminate the shadowed figure yet lighting up the room around it. It is a deep orange light, that of an immense flame. A steady even color, no hint of pupils.

“Nur-Ayya Tattannu, you have prayed for guidance. You have prayed for the ability to see what is before you to better guide you through your quest.” The god’s voice is deep and crackles like a fire. “I can give you this and so much more, you need only accept the cost.”

Nur steps closer, nervous but eager. “Yes, I want this,” she says. “I accept the cost, whatever it is.” Her goddess has only ever been kind to her, she doesn’t think that a god could ask for more than she would be willing to give.

The god’s eyes grow momentarily brighter, for a just a moment illuminating part of his face. His features are all narrow and sharp and he has a pointed goatee on his chin.

“Very good,” he says. “But to see the future is to test fate, and doing so requires a roll of the dice.” As he speaks he holds his hand out across the table. His finger tips burn with small wispy flames, illuminating his open hand. Resting in his palm are two dice, cubes that look to be carved out of bone, the dots on their surfaces glowing with the same orange as his eyes. “I am Nolo, god of chance and fate. Take the dice and make a roll. If you roll well I will then show you your future, and afterwards I shall tell you the price fate has randomly determined for you.”

Her hand shaking, Nur reaches out to take the dice. Nolo’s hand is hot, as if he himself is made of fire. She takes the dice, marveling at the feel of them in her hand. The bone is cold, like ice, yet there is an immense heat radiating from inside at the same time, a heat that burns her hand even as the cold surface freezes her skin.

“Roll,” Nolo says, placing his hands on the table and leaning forward in anticipation.

Nur does as he says, rolling the dice. They clatter along the table, landing on a five and a six. She looks up and thinks she can see a wide grin on Nolo’s shadowed face.

“Was a good roll,” he says. “I will show you everything.” With alarming speed his hand reaches out across the table. He seems to grow larger as he moves, making it so he can easily reach her face. He places a burning oversized hand over her face and there is a flash of heat in her mind and then the visions begin.

Nur sees Sasha in this very inn, sees the bard with her doing things to her… doing things with her breasts! She sees visions of what happened to the knight, sees her massive breasts that she tried so hard to keep hidden form the world revealed first to the bard and then for all in the world to see. Nur sees her final fate, sees her brought to Cliffshield and made to work in the brothel known as The Dairy Farm. She sees the moment where the woman’s mind is broken and she submits fully to Elduni.

She shudders in horror as she sees the indecent things the large breasted women working at that brothel are made to do. She is revolted by the way they are all magically enchanted to lactate, disgusted by the way the men that come to fuck them happily drink their milk as if it was a delicious ale to get drunk on.

Nur then sees flashes of her and her traveling companions. She sees a vision of the Orc betraying them. She sees the dangers that lie on the road ahead of them, sees all the terrible sexual things that are going to happen to them. She sees them finally reaching Cliffshield, entering The Dairy Farm in secret and trying to save Sasha only for some of their troop to become captured and become “cows” who work in the establishment.

And through all the visions she sees the rings of protection they wear. Except she REALLY sees them, sees them for what they truly are: not rings of protection but rings of corruption. She sees how the gods the Sisterhood fights against have tricked them, how they created these rings and how they use them to corrupt the greatest or most promising members of the Sisterhood. She sees how each of her party was doomed the moment they put the rings on.

She stumbles back as soon as Nolo removes his hand from her face, the visions ending as quickly as they began. Once she rights herself she looks down in horror at the ring on her finger. She wants to reach for it, the pull it from her and toss it across the room. But she can’t. The more clearly she pictures herself doing it the less her body seems to move.

“There is, of course, the cost,” Nolo says. “And I’m sorry to tell you that the game was rigged from the start.” She looks up, suddenly realizing that this god is one that has fallen to The Corruption. “Yes,” he says, clearly having heard her thoughts, “I am one of the gods responsible for those rings. And even though I have shown you your future I can’t have you changing it.”

He laughs then, a deep laugh full of dancing fire. “This is your fate Nur-Ayya Tattannu: to know all that is going to happen to you and your Sisters, yet being unable to do anything to stop it. Not even being able to warn them.”

“No,” she says quietly, stepping back.

“Oh yes, it is fate now. There is no escaping it. My suggestion? Learn to enjoy all of the deliciously sexual things that are going to happen to you and those massive breasts of yours. Revel in your abuse and downfall and ultimate corruption. Cause if you don’t, well, you’re going to have a rather rough ride.”

He then steps back, disappearing into the shadows of the room. A moment later the room starts to fade, the inn disappearing and leaving Nur floating in the void of the ethereal plane. And then, a moment later, that fades and her dream vision ends. But when she wakes she remembers it all, remembers but is unable to say a single word or take a single action to change any of it.


* * *


Breakfast the next day is a subdued event. All four women seem to be lost in thought. Camneveth is fondly remembering the exhilarating intellectual discussion she had, wishing she could spend more time with Plicevira and sad that she hasn’t seen her this morning. Lyithion is troubled by the strong sexual dream she had the night before, vaguely aware of the strange way the men around them look and snicker at her. Shiira is mostly silent, knowing at least a little of what happened the night before to the mage and the Elf and not wanting those at the table to grow suspicious.

And then there is Nur. She eats her breakfast in silence, her heart pounding. She knows what this day will bring, the first in a long line of days full of sexual perversion and humiliation. She wants to warn her Sisters, wants to tear the rings from their fingers, from her own finger. But she can’t. She gambled with fate and lost.

Soon they leave the inn, riding their steeds down the road towards Cliffshield and their ultimate doom.


 * * *


The group made good time on the road to Cliffshield but around midday Shiira stops the party, demanding they leave the main road. “I know this area well, and up ahead there is a vicious band of Orcs loyal to Elduni that has taken to raiding this part of the road. We’ll need to leave the road here, and take to the wilds for a day or two worth of travelling to bypass them.”

Camneveth thanks the Orc for being such a helpful guide. Shiira smiles, pleased at just how gullible the stuck up leader of the Sisterhood group is. The fact is she is only telling the fire mage a half truth: there really IS an Orc band loyal to Elduni in the area, but they only rarely sending raiding parties all the way to the main road. Instead, they keep to their territory off the main road and it is into this area that she now leads the Sisterhood band.

Nur-Ayya knows all of this. Her face twitches as she struggles to warn her partners of the danger they are riding into. She even wants to warn Shiira that the allies she’s betraying them to will soon betray her in turn. But the deal she made with Nolo ensures she keeps silent, having to ride forward and face the same fate as her partners.

The four women ride for another stretch of day, but traveling through the woods where there is no good path is hard riding. They decide to stop early, all of the women and their horses needing the rest. “Besides,” Shiira says, “once it begins to get dark riding through these woods will be much harder. We wouldn’t want any of the horses tripping and hurting their legs. That would slow us down much more than stopping to make camp early will.”

Soon the four have set up a small camp near a crisply running stream. All four of them are tired from a day’s hard riding and each are unwinding in their own way.

Lyithion, wanting to clean herself and commune with nature, has gone to the nearby stream to bath. Once out of sight of the others she strips naked then enters the stream and lays down, allowing its cool water to flow over her bare skin. Her green tattoos glow as she soaks up the natural energy of the earth all around her, filling her with druidic strength.

Meanwhile Camneveth sits by the party’s campfire, perched with perfect posture on the edge of a large overturned tree. Her spell book is open in her lap and she is busy studying the magical enchantments within its pages, trying to memorize any and all spells they may need as they get closer to Cliffshield.

Nur-Ayya sits nearby, her legs crossed and her back to a tree. Her eyes are closed and she mutters prayers to her goddess. She’s praying for release from the deal she made with the god Nolo. She’s praying that all she has seen won’t actually come to pass. And as her mind dwells on the perverse mental images of her and her partner’s fate she feels her body growing aroused.

Her nipples harden. Her slit grows moist and warm. Her breathing increases. She tries her hard to ignore her body, praying more fervently. She even thinks that her goddess is listening, as she feels the pleasant tingling sensation she associates with Ynara’s blessing. But a few moments later the feeling seems to shift, filling only her massive breasts and making them hungry for stimulation.

Shaking, she takes a deep calming breath. Her body, especially her breasts, are hungry for sexual stimulation and release. And if her goddess does not intervene she knows they will all soon have more than they can handle.

And finally there is the Orc, Shiira. She sits near the fire, nervously watching Camneveth and Nur-Ayya. Everything has been leading up to this moment: her betrayal of the Sisterhood members. She’s done what she was tasked with, earned their trust and now walked them into the Orc tribe’s territory. She knows the Orcs should discover them soon, and hopefully they will manage to get the drop on the women. She’s seen what they can do if they have the chance to gather their strength and Shiira does not want to face them in open combat.


* * *


The cool water flows over Lyithion’s naked Elven body, washing away all the sweat and filth from the day away. The water running over her bare skin also washes in the power of the forest around her. She closes her eyes, concentrating on that power flowing into her. It is so pure, so primal, so powerful…

But wait, there is something else there that she can feel. A strange feeling… something that doesn’t belong. She concentrates on it, trying to place what the nameless feeling is. It feels like someone else tapping into the natural magic of the forest, a single powerful caster or perhaps a number of lesser ones. Yet there is a taint to the power this other being or beings are siphoning off; a hint of red energy in her mind’s eye mixing with the green of the earth.

“The Corruption,” she whispers, realizing what it is she feels.

She starts to sit up, knowing that she needs to warn the rest of the party. There is a caster nearby, one touched by The Corruption. They must be on their guard against this evil!

But before she has fully sat up in the stream there is a rustling in the trees next to her. Just as she turns to look at the sound a blast of magical mist shoots forth from the trees. It flows quickly towards her, potent druidic magic but laced with the sparking red energy of The Corruption.

Lyithion starts to open her mouth to scream a warning to the rest of the party, but just as she inhales for her scream the mist hits her. It surrounds her head, tendrils of magical vapor pouring into her mouth and nostrils. The smell sends her world spinning around her. The Elf loses her balance and falls back into the stream as an orgasm explodes from her loins, the sudden forced pleasure making her forget that she was about to scream a warning to her friends.

A moment later a massive hand reaches into the stream, grabbing her long hair and jerking her naked form out of the water even as the forced orgasm continues to rack her body. Lyithion barely understands what’s happening, the spell that hit her has stupefied her completely. The smell of it still fills her senses, heady and strong and male, yet sweat and addictive.

Soon she’s on her knees, looking up at a number of large muscular green skinned figures. They are all covered in tribal trinkets and armed for battle with primitively forged hand weapons, but other than that the band of Orcish warriors before her are all naked. There massive green cocks hang between their legs, menacing and freighting to the stupefied Elf.

“Pretty Elf,” the one holding her hair says in guttural, heavily accented common speech. “Small tits but pretty mouth.”

Another of the Orcs guffaws and elbows the first. “Tits aren’t everything. Like you say, Elf has nice mouth. Why not use it?”

The first Orc turns, looking to a figure that still stands on the edge of the tree line next to the flowing stream. The figure takes a few steps forward, revealing itself to be an older Orc shaman. His back his bent with age and he leans on a gnarled staff for support. The staff is covered in feathers and bones carved into shapes that look like large dicks.

The shaman nods at the first Orc. “Yesssss,” he hisses in a deep, creaky voice. “Let us test this one. Clearly these are the warriors Elduni wanted us to capture. We shall test this one’s worth as a vessel to worship the dick god. Put your mighty cock in her, Garb-Zul, and see if her body pleases Azel.”

Garb-Zul, the Orc holding Lyithion’s head, growls in pleasure. With his free hand he grabs his cock, holding it up to the Elf’s face. Her eyes grow large as she sees the massive slab of green man meat swelling before her face, growing ever more large and thick.

“Suck, she-Elf,” the Orc grows as he shoves his now hard cock into her mouth.

Lyithion has to struggle to get her mouth open wide enough for the Orc’s cock to fit in. The cock isn’t just far longer than a Human or Elf’s cock, but nearly double the circumference around. If not for the way the Orc shoves it so violently into her mouth it might not have had any chance of fitting at all.

Once his cock is in the Elf’s mouth the Orc grabs her head with both hands. A moment later he is pumping it up and down his shaft as he moans and growls in pleasure. “Yesssss,” he says, “her mouth is very pleasing.

The stupefied Elf gags and chokes, saliva falling from the side of her mouth around the massive cock. The other Orcs laugh and slam their weapons against their naked thighs, goading Grab-Zul on. Lyithion can think of nothing but the cock in her mouth. It’s so large, and smells so strong and good. It smells is exactly the same as that of the spell that stupefied her. It’s a smell she’ll learn well over the next few days, the enchanting smell of the cocks of those blessed by Azel, the dick god.

The shaman steps forward, looking at the Elf with a penetrating gaze. “Yes, this one will please Azel. She shall make a good cock-sleeve for the tribe. But there are others nearby. We must capture them all, for that was the deal we made with the sometimes-woman Elduni.”

“Perhaps they will all be as easy as this one to capture?” one of the Orcs asks. “Perhaps you can use the same spell on all of them?”

“No,” the shaman says, shaking his head. “Won’t be able to use it again for some time. And we need them alive, that was the deal with Elduni. We must use brains for this, not brawn.” He stares at the Elf. “These women are not Orcs, they will be weak as all none Orcs all. We shall use this. They will be unwilling to endanger one of their own.”

He turns to Grab-Zul. “She has a good mouth, but we all know Elf pussy is small and tight. Perhaps you try that hole now? Impale her on your mighty cock, Grab-Zul, and we shall go forward as you fuck her into utter submission and use the sight to cow the others.”


* * *


“Would you stop fidgeting so,” Camneveth says without looking up from her tome. “It’s ever so distracting.”

“I’m sorry,” Shiira says, her voice obviously distracted. “I guess I’m just nervous.”

“Why,” Camneveth says, looking up at her. “We’re out here in these woods because you said it would be safe. Is there something you’re not telling us?”

The Orc bites her lip, as if struggling over whether to reveal some hidden secret. But before she can speak there is a not so distant sound of weapons being banged against flesh and vicious cheers. As one the three women all began to stand, reaching for their weapons.

“It’s beginning,” Nur-Ayaa says, a hint of despair in her voice. She’s drawn her mace, but she holds it with no enthusiasm and seems to know she won’t get a chance to use it.

Camneveth, on the other hand, leaps to her feet with her spell book in one hand and her other raised in the air with magical energy already emanating from it. There is a faint blue glow that then erupts into blue magical flames that slowly turn red and cover the mage’s hand in large flames. “Could you have been wrong about those Orcs,” the Camneveth asks Shiira, staring ahead at the tress where the sounds are coming from.

Before the green skinned woman standing beside her has a chance to respond a number of hulking figures emerge from the tree line. The large, savage Orcs all have crudely forged weapons drawn and at the ready. Swinging between their legs are their large cocks, large enough to be almost as menacing a sight as the weapons held in their hands.

Leading the pack is the largest of the Orcs. Standing a few paces behind him is the old shaman, his back hunched over as he leans on his staff and cackles happily. The Orc before him stands tall, holding the limp body of Lyithion by the waist as he pumps it up and down his massive shaft. Her body faces her friends and they are able to see the weak, stupefied expression on her face as her head sways and bounces back and forth as the Orc pumps her body up and down. Her limbs bounce too, like those of a small child’s doll.

Camneveth screams in horror and anger at the sight, lifting her hand and pointing a flame covered finger at the Orcs. She is filled with righteous anger and summons all of her magical power to send a massive fireball blasting towards the Orcs.

The shaman leaps forward, swing his staff in the air and casting a magic ward that blocks the fireball Camneveth sends flying towards them. It explodes in a burst of flame, swirling green and red energy forming a protective shield around the Orcs.

The Orc shaman cackles loudly then gives the mage an evil grin. “No more spells,” he says, “no more magic or this one dies.” As he speaks his threat he moves the tip of his staff to the Elf’s neck. The Orc fucking her stops for a moment, holding her still and impaled on his cock as the shaman’s staff glows with red energy.

Shiira steps up beside Camneveth, a sword in her hand. “You better lower your hand,” she whispers to the mage. “I’ve dealt with these Orcs before, they mean any threats they say.”

For a moment Camneveth glares at the shaman, but then her gaze shifts to Lyithion’s face. She looks so weak, so beaten down from what the Orc fucking her as has already done. With a sigh of defeat she lowers her hand, shaking the magical flames from around it and dispelling her prepared spell.

“Gooooood,” the shaman croons. “And don’t fight, or we kill the Elf too. All you women drop your weapons, NOW!”

With another sigh of defeat Camneveth drops her spell book and a moment later Nur-Ayya does the same with her mace. The dark skinned, large breasted cleric comes to stand next to the mage. Shiira, on the other hand, draws a second sword. With alarming speed she ducks behind the two Sisterhood members, placing the blade of a sword on each of their throats as she stands behind them.

“What is the mean—” Camneveth starts to say, but her voice cuts off as Shiira moves the blade closer to the soft skin of her exposed neck.

“Silence,” she hisses. “By the gods, how great this moment is.”

“I don’t understand,” Camneveth rasps.

“She’s betraying us,” Nur-Ayya says in a weak and defeated voice. “She’s working with Elduni, has been from the start. She earned our trust then led is into a trap.”

“Yes,” Shiira says, a wicked cruel smile spreading on her green lips.

The band of Orcs standing before them all began to laugh and shout jeers in their own guttural language. The one holding Lyithion begins fucking her again, grunting in pleasure as he pumps her body up and down his massive shaft. The others begin moving forward tentatively, the shaman in the lead and now pointing his magic staff at the captured women.

“You women are now our captives, our spoils war. We shall test your holes here, see if you are worthy of being brought back to our village and helping us worship Azel,” the shaman says.

“The god of penis?” Camneveth yells in alarm. “No, never!” But even as she screams her protestations two of the large Orcs grab hold of her, forcing her down onto her knees and tearing her red robes open to reveal her large, full breasts.

She begins to struggle, screaming again. “Off of me you fiends!” But it is all in vain, the two Orcs are both far stronger then her and easily manage to keep her under control. One stands behind her, grabbing hold of her head and holding it in place with both hands as the other grabs its semi-erect cock and prepares to force it into her mouth.

“No!” she screams again, struggling for a moment to pry the large, strong hands form her head. She then gives up and starts muttering a magical incantation, her hands starting to glow. But before magical fire can erupt from them the Orc before her takes its massive cock and swings it at her face as if it were a blunt weapon.

The fat, long cock slams into her face with a meaty “swap” that echoes through the small forest clearing they are in. She screams in pain, her incantation interrupted by the massive dick slap. The Orc then slaps her in the face again and again till the curvy, soft bodied mage is sobbing in pain.

“No more,” she begs. “Please, I submit! The pain, the humiliation… I’ll do what you want.” A moment later the massive rock hard cock is being forced into her small mouth.

Not far away Nur-Ayya in on her knees before a small crowd of Orcs, her cleric’s robes ripped open leaving her lightly colored dark-skinned chest fully exposed. One of the Orcs stands before her, fucking her huge tits. Two are on either side of her, their own massive cocks pressed up under her huge udders as they fuck the undersides of her tits as well.

The three Orcs chatter in their native language, talking about how amazingly large her tits are. “Surely she has been sent to us by Azel himself, how else could a human cow’s tits grow so large and fuckable?” one asks.

Nur-Ayya doesn’t understand the words, but in her vision when she had seen this moment the meaning had been translated to her. She sobs slightly, hating how good it feels to have her breasts savaged in such a way. Ynara DID bless her, that she can feel, but all the blessing has done is make it so her breasts are highly sensitive. The savage three way tittyfucking now brings her so much pleasure she soon has an orgasm forced from her.

“And this,” she says between sobs as she kneels and lets the Orcs do as they please, “is only the beginning.” She looks over to Shiira, seeing the Orcess looking at the Sisterhood members being fucked into submission with joy in her eyes. Even though the woman betrayed them Nur feels sorry for her. She has no idea she too is about to be betrayed.


* * *


“What a truly satisfying sight,” Shiira says, walking up to Camneveth. The fire mage is now on all fours, an Orc fucking her from behind while another kneels before her and forces its massive cock into her mouth.

Both her face and cunt leak ample amounts of cum as these are not the first Orc’s to test out her fuck-holes. Shiira kneels down beside her, using two fingers to collect some of the cum leaking from her mouth and tasting it. “Mmmmmm,” she says. “Nothing like Orc cum. So tasty when compared to the seed of all the other races. And as you’ve now discovered, compared to that of a Human or an Elf, Orcs give forth at least three times the amount of cum with each orgasm.”

Camneveth moans something in response as her eyes roll up into her head, but there is no way to determine what the sound means.

Getting down closer to Camneveth’s cock filled face Shiira continues talking. “I’m happiest to see you fucked this way,” she says. “I’ve always hated Humans, especially magic users. And you, you’re the most stuck up bitch of a Human slut I’ve ever encounter. And look at this body! Tits bigger than mine and big, fat, wide ass. You were MEANT to be fuck meat. I was only helping make your inevitable fate a reality.”

“Of course, I did it all because Elduni commanded it,” she adds. At this Camneveth moans again, struggling to look at the Orc as she’s reamed from both ends. “Yes, I serve her. Those bandits you saved me from? All part of her plan and in her employee too. It was a way to earn your trust. She knew you stupid cows would trust any woman you saved that way, even an Orc like me.”

She pulls back, smiling wide and flashing her tusk like teeth. “And that’s what you’ll all be before long: cows. It’s what happened to that fat-titted slut Sasha. After Elduni’s agent revealed the truth about her massive breasts she was taken to Cliffshield and put to work in one of Elduni’s brothels, The Milk Farm to be exact. Lovely place where all the ‘cows’ are enchanted to have huge milky tits for the men to drink from before they fuck them senseless.”

She stands, a look of triumph on her face. “It’s your fate as well,” she says. “These Orcs will get to fuck you all for a day or two, but then I’ll be taking you three to Cliffshield to become the Milk Farm’s newest cows.”

At this the Orc shaman sidles up to Shiira. “This is what Elduni has told you?” he asks, a curious smile on his face.

“Yes,” she says, not looking at the shaman and continuing to stare at Camneveth as she’s fucked.

“This is not the deal that Elduni has made with us,” the shaman says.

“What are you talking about,” the Orcess says in annoyance, turning now to face the shaman. As she turns to him he swings his staff, impacting her in the forehead and sending her crumbling limply to the ground.

“Elduni promised us the mighty Shiira in exchange for these cock-sleeves,” the Orc says. He then jabs her body with the staff, send a blast of magical energy into the Orc that weakens her even further than the savage blow to her brow had.

“We only make a deal with Elduni because she has the powerful magic of her god that gives her a mighty cock,” the shaman says, pinning Shiira to the ground with his staff. “Azel has commanded we deal fairly with all who have cocks. But those that don’t, they must be shown no respect. And any without cocks that defy the honor or an Orc tribe must be put in their place.”

“Every Orc in this region know of Shiira, the un-tamable She-Orc that follows the command of no man, be he Orc or not. Such an affront cannot stand in face of my tribe’s honor renown, not while we worship only Azel the cock god. Your life was what we wanted in exchange for helping Elduni the sometimes woman.

“But Elduni, while powerful, is no true man. Now that we have these new cock-sleeves, see how pleasing they are to our mighty Orc dicks, we think we will not hold up our end of the bargain.” The shaman turns to the other Orcs as a few flip Shiira over, holding her down and beginning fuck her. “The tribe shall keep them all,” the Orc shaman says loudly. “And if Elduni the only sometimes woman has a problem let her come and challenge the might of our tribe!”

The other Orcs cheer, fucking the four women with savage abandon. After an orgiastic release of sexual energy that leaves the raiding party all tired and unable to fuck any more the women are all gathered. Each one has been fucked into totally submission, their temporarily shatter minds hovering somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness. Their eyes are rolled back into their heads as their mouths hang stupidly open.

All of them are covered in and leaking cum as they are thrown into one large pile of naked flesh in the center of the camp. The defeated heroines are piled like the treasure horde after a successful raid, for to the Orcs that is exactly what the women are. They all lay motionless, their eyes open in shock after their savage fucking. Their gaping holes all leak ample amounts or thick Orc cum onto the dirt or bodies below them.

The Orcs begin to chant in their native tongue, praising their cock god for the gifts he has bestowed upon them. The Shaman leads the chant then calls for silence. “Now, my tribe, we take our spoils back to the village to make them vessels of worship!”

FOR THE COCK GOD,” the Orcs all respond in sexual joy and religious excitement.


* * *


In the center of the Orc camp are a number of stone alters, each carved into the rough shape of a massive sized cock. They lay on their sides, each with a flat cock shaped top. Four of these alters now contain the captured heroines, each chained or tied to them.

Day in and day out the Orcs of the tribe come to worship at these alters, using the captured women as vessels for this ‘holy’ act praise. Sometimes they step up one at a time, other times multiple Orcs step up to use every hole on the imprisoned woman at once. They mutter their prayers to Azel as they fuck the women, filling and covering them with load after load of cum.

Once a day one of the subservient Orc women will come and dump a bucket of cold water on the captured women, washing away the past day’s semen and filth. These women are happy for the new arrivals, happy it is these foreign women helping the men of the tribe worship the cock god and not them. Only when times are hard and no foreign women have been captured in some time do the women of the tribe have to take places on the cock alters.

By the third day the heroines lay tied to the alters they have found that certain members of the tribe have chosen favorites. Those into vaginal sex head for the Elf first, joking and muttering in their native language but in the common speech using the phrase “tightest cock-sleeve” over and over again.

The majority of the Orcs crowd around Nur-Ayya the most. It seems that the Orcs have both never seen a human with tits so impressively large, nor have they ever seen a human with skin the same color as hers. She’s a an oddity they are sexually and religiously fascinated with. Because of the tribes fixation with Nur her massive tits see almost round the clock “worship”. In fact, the tribe is so fixated with her breasts that after a couple of days the shaman declares all but her breasts off limits.

At first Nur-Ayya wails in display. But her goddess is watching over her and is pleased with what she sees. She renews her blessing on her, keeping her breasts highly sensitive. The constant tittyfucking forces orgasm after orgasm from the helpless cleric, and before long she starts to forget a life that isn’t centered on serving cocks with her huge breasts.

Only fear keeps Nur sane. She knows as horrible as this ordeal is, that there is far worse in store for them. She knows that very soon the three Sisterhood members will escape, but that before long they will all be faced with even more sexual indignities, some of them even worse.

Camneveth seems to be almost as popular as Nur is with the Orcs. Her curvy, soft body is exactly what the Orc men like. And her breasts, although not nearly as large as Nur-Ayya’s, are far larger than the Elf’s and far firmer than the saggy tits of the captured Orc.

But the Orcs are not solely fixated on her breasts the way they are on Nur’s. No, for the Orcs Camneveth offers the whole package. They all enjoy fucking not just her tits but her cunt and asshole and mouth. And unlike the hearty Orc, or magically resilient Elf, or blessed cleric Camneveth’s body is barely able to handle the Orc’s massive cocks as they are forced repeatedly into even her tightest of holes. If not for the mild physical protection the ring of corruption she wears gives her body she most certainly would not be able to endure her ordeal for much longer.

And if not for the creators of the cursed rings the three Sisterhood members wear this would have been their ultimate fate. But the dark gods, they have other plans for the trio. The problem is they are now in disagreement over what the women’s fates should be.


* * *


“This is not a fitting end for haughty women such as these,” one of the Corrupt gods is saying to the others as they all watch the Orcs savage them over and over again.

“Indeed,” another chimes in. “If they were allowed to escape now it would only raise the hope in their souls, making it all the more delicious when they are finally beaten and broken.”

“I don’t know,” Azel, the cock god says. “I find this a satisfying end to their short journey. And with the rings so close to their keep think of how quickly they could be returned.”

There is then a girlish, feminine laugh. “Oh, you only say that because their endless fucking fuels you with delicious faith. Even now we can see your divine being aglow with the fresh power the Orc’s faith is bringing you!”

Azel glares angrily at the female deity. “And what about your own glow, Ynara? Do not doubt that I saw how you manipulated the shaman’s mind so that they would ONLY fuck you’re cleric’s breasts. Tell me that isn’t making faith flow into you and I shall declare you a liar.”

ENOUGH,” a deep, menacing voice bellows, silencing the gathered gods. All eyes turn to the red skinned, horned god known as Baedor. “There is an easy way to solve this argument.” He turns to face a burning, shadowed figure standing nearby. “Nolo, is this the final fate you showed that cleric?”

The glow in the god’s eyes intensifies, momentarily lighting his narrow pale face. “No,” he says simply.

Baedor spreads his hands open. “See? Their fate lies elsewhere. We shall use the rings to ensure they manage to escape, but we’ll leave the traitorous Orc bitch behind. Will that please you, Azel?”

“Oh yes,” the cock god says, a wide predatory grin on his face. “Breaking her will make my Orcs VERY happy, especially once all these other distractions are removed from the situation.”


* * *


Camneveth and Lyithion are both surprised by the change that comes over the Orcs around a week into their imprisonment. All at once, as if directed by some divine power, the tribe as one turns their attention from the three Sisterhood members and begins “worshiping” their foul god only through Shiira.

After a day of being ignored they are even removed from the stone alters and tossed into an empty tent. All three women are so exhausted, so physically and mentally shattered from their ordeal that they barely move for a full day. But some of the female Orcs come and visit them daily, feeding them food and water and even giving them a bitter tasting draught that magically heals their bodies and minds. After a few more days of recovery the women even bring them some soiled Orcish clothing for them to wear.

Slowly the three women regain their strength, at least enough to try and escape. They are not chained or bound in any way and their tent has no guards posted in it. The only thing keeping them imprisoned is the Orc tribals moving about the village at all times of the day. For a short time the three plot, planning on waiting till night when there are few of the Orcs awake and about. They hope they can simply slip form their tent without being noticed and escape captivity.

Nur-Ayya contributes little to their plans. She knows their escape will go well, but she also knows what will happen after that. Part of her wishes this had been their final fate, things would have been so much simpler if so.

Finally the night of their escape arrives. Together the three women slip from their tent, crawling along the ground and keeping low and out of sight. They can see a few Orcs still in the center of the village, crowded around the single occupied stone alter. They can’t help but stop and get one final look at the woman that betrayed them.

Shiira has been turned into a living cum dump for the tribe of Orcs. It looks as if she is not being cleaned every day, and now has day’s worth of ample Orc cum covering her naked form. In the dim torch light of the night they can see more white on her body then the green of her skin.  Her eyes are rolled up into her head, the look on her face making it clear that she is beyond saving. With a shiver of fear they realize the once mighty woman has been fucked into mindless madness, a fate they were so very close to meeting.

Together they slip away from the Orc village, disappearing into the dark forest. They have escaped, but do so physically weakened and mentally demoralized.


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