The Rigged Wager

“Would say I’m a good client, Madam Lillenna?”

The scantily clad yet dignified High Elf sitting across from the red haired man smiled at him then placed a card down on the table. “A good client? No, Mason Pennywise, I would not say you are a good patron of my brothel.” She paused, waiting for the look of shock and offense she knew would appear on his face. As soon as it was there she continued. “No, Mason, you are not a good client. You are my best client. There is no man who visits this establishment as often as you do and no man who spends as much coin gambling in these halls or fucking my whores.”

His lips curled up into a shameless smile of pride. “Well, there is no other brothel in all of Alaria that has such fun gambling tables and such enjoyable whores. You’ve comely Humans, fat titted Dwarves, kinky little Halflings, even sultry Night Elves.” He tossed a card forward with almost no interest in the game. “But no High Elves other than you.”

The elegant High Elf tossed another card down. “I’m afraid I win,” she said with a sympathetic smile.

Mason sighed and pushed the small pile of coins that had been next to him across the table. “You always win,” he replied. “But no opponent is as enjoyable to lose to as you.” He moved his eyes down her body, drinking in the sight of her.

She was dressed in lacy, transparent black underwear that left nothing to the imagination. Her body was like most High Elves: narrow and tall yet with thick pleasing curves. Her breasts were large and so perfectly firm and round that to his Human eyes they looked fake although he knew they weren’t. Her skin was beautifully pale and the black see through top she had on allowed him a view of her little pink nipples.

“From the way your eyes linger on my nipples I surmise you’re done with games of chance for the time. Which of my girls would you like to take upstairs, ser? You have your pick at the moment, no other clients are in at this time of day.”

He leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms, ignoring her question. “Why is it that a man can’t pay to be with you? I’ve been in countless other brothels in at least twenty kingdoms. Madams in every land sell their bodies. Oh, sure, they do so at prices far higher than their employees but still, they make themselves available to those with enough coin. Is it just that I’ve never offered you enough money?”

She laughed prettily. “Oh, I’ve no doubt you’d find the coin should I name a price, no matter how high. But no amount of money could be put before me that would make me willing to spread my legs, not for you or any of the lesser races.”

“There’s no amount that would make you even ponder the request?” he asked.

Mason Pennywise stared at her with frightening intensity. He had rugged good looks and the expression on his face would have spread the legs of almost anyone and without the exchange of any coin.

He wore hardy clothing with a thick double breasted leather vest that was as elegant as it was functional. His hair was red and cut short and wild, thick red muttonchops on his cheeks. He’d look like a noble if it wasn’t for the singes all over his clothing, but he was a fire mage so the singes were always present. The magic of the element he was devoted to always coursed through his body barely held in check. And now as he stared at the elegant High Elf before him some of that fire burned in his eyes, changing their color to orange then red.

“I can see the fire burning in you,” she said, nodding at him. “Why not go choose a partner? Work the fire out till you’ve exhausted it. I know you’re good for the cost, no matter how long you keep one of my girls busy, so I won’t even ask you to pay upfront.”

The fire in his eyes grew more intense, burning so brightly is eyes began to steam. “But it’s not one of your girls I want,” he replied calmly, still staring at her.

“Well my girls will have to do, I’m not for sale. Now come, choose a woman or ante up for another game.”

He sat up, reaching out to hold her hand in place as she moved to start shuffling the deck of cards. “I want you,” he insisted.

She pulled her arm back, glaring at him. “I’m not for sale,” she said firmly. Her own eyes began to glow with blue magical energy. “And should you touch me again without permission you’ll be very sorry. You are a skilled fire mage, everyone knows this. But your magic would be nothing should I choose to unleash my own.”

He threw his hands up and pulled away. “My apologies. Still, there must be a way to convince you.”

“There isn’t,” she said simply, her annoyance at his insistence showing.

“No amount of money?” he asked, reaching for his coin purse.

“No amount,” she said firmly, watching him pull the coin pouch up to the table. She recognized at once it wasn’t the pouch he’d been using previously. “Is that a purse of holding?”

“Oh yes,” he said. “Able to hold far more than it seems physically possible. My last quest paid handsomely, although not in coin.” He tipped the pouch over. Sapphire gems that glowed with blue magical energy began pouring out till there was a small mountain of them on the table.

“Those are blue mage stones! I’ve… never seen so many in one place.” She stared at them, awe on her face.

Mason picked one up and held it before her. It was translucent and as he held it in his fingers the blue glow coming from within it intensified. “Very valuable,” he said. “So small yet each can be turned into enough raw mana to top off even the most powerful mage. Of course,” he said, dropping the gem back onto the pile, “I can’t use the things. The mana stored in them won’t fuel my elemental magic. But your magic, they’d fuel that. And then there is their worth. A small handful would be enough to buy your establishment twice over, wouldn’t it?”

“It would,” she agreed.

He pushed the mountain of blue mage stones towards her. “Is this enough to tempt you?”

Madam Lillenna bit her lip and furrowed her brow. “Enough to tempt me, yes, but not enough to actually buy me.” She shook as she said this, barely able to resist such an offer.

“I made a vow,” she began then faltered. She’d never shared this with any of the clients that came to her brothel but Mason was a good man that had always treated her girls right and he’d spent more money in her establishment than any other ten men combined. He deserved the explination.

“When I came to this land I made a vow,” she began again. “My people are proud and they looked down on the lesser races. To go out and be part of their world, it was shameful but it was what I wanted. Still, I made a vow. I’d never be with one of you sexually. I could turn my back on my people and even take up the profession you see me in now. But I’d never sell my body and I’d never be with someone who wasn’t a fellow High Elf.”

“But this mound of blue mage stones is tempting you to break your vow, isn’t it?” he asked her, leaning in and grinning at her.

“Tempting but… not enough.”

“You love gambling, don’t you?” he asked, suddenly changing the subject.

She blinked, looking away from the glowing gems, confused by the change. “Yes, of course. It’s why I offer such games here. I love spending my day gambling with men and winning their money.”

“Then how about we play a game,” Mason declared, pulling back and reaching into a satchel he had slung around the back of his chair. He pulled out a small ornate stone box that was big enough to hold a deck of cards. He put it on the table and tapped the large gem inlaid on its top. It started to glow with intense red light. “This is an enchanted duelist’s deck. A very rare object that contains powerful magic. Do you know about it?”

“I’ve heard of it…” she said slowly, looking at the box with awe. “But only whispers. I never thought I’d see one in person! It contains a card game of chance and skill that requires stakes be set before it can be played. The game is magically binding and cannot be stopped once it is begun and the loser will be magically compelled to give up whatever they bet.”

“All true, although I’d say it’s a game of skill more than chance,” he told her. “And I remind you that I’ve never lost a game to you. So, I challenge you. If I win you become my sexual play thing, if you win you don’t. Either way this mound of blue mage stones are yours.”

Her eyes opened wide. She looked from the gems to him. “You are serious?”

“Oh yes,” he said. “I’m willing to lose all the treasure I own for a chance to have you. And this is a gamble that isn’t at all in my favor. Yes, this is a game of some chance,” he said, patting the stone box, “but it’s more of a game of skill. Haven’t you always bragged you can win any game of skill on your first try?”

She bit her lip again, staring at the gems. It was insane any one man had so many of them and even more insane he was willing to throw them away on a bet he would almost certainly lose.

“Vow be damned,” she mutter, looking up at him. “Okay, I’ll take the bet and play the game with you.”

For a moment she looked grim, instantly regretting her choice. But then something occurred to her: there were no other patrons in her brothel. It was very unlikely that she would lose but even if she did there would be no witnesses. No one else would know she DID have a price. When the game was done she’d remember to make the Human vow not tell anyone of their wager. Since she was positive he’d lose and that the loss would shame him she was confident he’d agree to keep the loss a secret.

Mason was grinning like a mad man. “Alright, let me explain the game to you.” As he opened the stone box two transparent gems floated up out of it, each taking a place in the air next to both players. “When we begin these stones will fill with red energy. When that energy is gone the player they belong to loses.”

He took out the decks of cards. Each card was thick and the artwork on their backs was stunning. It was clear that this game had been created before the great collapse for no one had lived in Alaria for ages with the skill to craft something so beautiful and so full of magical power.

“Each turn you’ll get to play a card,” he told her, flipping one of the cards from the deck over revealing that the face was blank. “The cards remain like this till the game begins. Then you’ll find they will explain everything to you, telling you what they do.” He put the card back and pushed the deck towards the center of the table.

“To begin the game we must each place our hands on the crystals and proclaim our willingness to play the game willingly and to state the stakes.” He turned and reached up to the touch the gem floating beside him. “I, Mason Pennywise, enter into this game of my own free will. Win or lose my opponent will lay claim to all the blue mage stones on the table. Should I win then my opponent shall become my complete and total sexual slave.”

He turned to Lillenna. “And now you just need say you agree.”

She reached up and touched the floating stone. “I, Madam Lillenna, enter into this game willingly and agree to my opponent’s stakes.” She was so eager to begin the game, a game she was confident she would win, that she failed to take note of the specific wording the man across the table had spoken.

As soon as she was done speaking there was a blast of magical energy that made the whores in the room gasp, a few screaming in surprise. Lillenna felt something around her ankle and looked down to see a chain made of glowing red energy connecting her to the table. The sight did not alarm her as she had known the game would be magically binding. A moment later the deck of cards began to glow. The top cards began floating up into their hands till each player held five of them. Lillenna smiled eagerly as the blank fronts of the cards started to fill in with writing.

“You can go first,” Mason told her, nodding kindly.

Another card from deck floated up into her hand joining the other cards there. She began reading them pleased to see that the writing on them was easy to read and very self explanatory.

She chose one and placed it down on the table. It glowed, sucking some of the red energy out of Mason’s crystal. Then the writing on it disappeared and it floated over beside the deck, forming a discard pile.

“Very well played,” he replied, looking at his crystal. “An early blow that I’ll be hard pressed to recover from. But you’ll soon find these cards do more than alter our crystals.”

He put a card on the table. “Draw three cards and play two more this turn,” it read. A moment later the text faded and the card floated to the discard pile as three new cards floated up into his hand.

“I fear I might have drawn a better hand then you,” he said with a smirk, reading his new cards.

He rearranged the cards in his hand then chose one, tossing it out onto the table between them. As it landed on the table Lillenna was only able to see the words on its face for a moment before there was a flash of light that obscured them.

Energy shot out from the card up into her chest making her gasp in alarm and pull back. By the time she had regained her composure the writing on the card had faded and it had floated over to the discard pile. She looked to her crystal and saw that the red energy inside of it was unchanged. “What did that card do to me?” she demanded angrily.

“Wait a few more moments and you will understand,” Mason said with a chillingly eager grin on his face.

She stared at him feeling incredibly uneasy. The magic contained in this game was immense. She’d felt it in her core as soon as he had taped the top of the stone box. It had the potential to do nearly anything to her.

Her unease increased as she felt her large, perfectly shaped breasts start to tingle. She shifted slightly then gasped, throwing her hands up to grab her breasts protectively. The slight shift of her body had caused her lacy top to ever so slightly move across her nipples. The tiny sensation had almost made her moan in pleasure and caused them to harden so fast it nearly hurt.

When her hands reached and grasped her breasts she DID moan, a surprised explosion of forced pleasure. She quickly pulled her hands away from her breasts, grinding her thighs together under the table as she felt herself moisten from sudden and extreme arousal.

“W-what did it do to my breasts?” she demanded, her face flushing as she struggled not to let on how disorienting the maddening increase in her breast’s sensitivity was. Her heart was pounding and she was trying to control her breathing. Every time she breathed in and her chest started to rise the fabric moved across her nipples. The sensation, the pleasure, was so strong it made her want to shudder with weakness.

“The card has simply made a substantial improvement to those magnificent breasts of yours, one that will last at least until the game is over although knowing how powerful this thing is you might find it’s a permanent change.” He smiled at her as he said the words. It was a smile that was all warmth and charm yet it sent cold chills running down her spine.

“I’ve one more card to play,” he said, tossing another onto the table.

It landed and slid towards her, glowing, although not enough to obscure the words on its surface. As she started to read them the cards she held in her hand tugged free of her fingers, floating up and away from her. Her eyes flew up from the unread card towards her cards. Her impulse was to reach up and try to grab them but she hesitated. Moving that much would cause her shirt to move over her breasts and she wasn’t sure she could handle that.

“Why did my cards do that?” she asked, looking down from them to her opponent. The expression he wore was totally changed from when she last looked at him. It was one she was very familiar with as the madam of brothel. It was the happy, triumphant look of a man about to have his way with a woman.

When he didn’t answer she looked down, reading the card the card before her. She read it a second and then a third time, her mind refusing to accept the words were really what they seemed.

“That’s right,” Mason said with a happy chuckle. “You won’t be able to take your turn till you’ve cum and the orgasm won’t count unless it comes from breast play. Of course I was kind enough to play the other card on you first.” He stood up and started to walk around the table towards her. Looking down she saw the magical chain around his ankle lengthen to allow him to approach her. “Thanks to that last card I should be able to help you along quickly.”

“No,” she said quickly. “I won’t allow it!”

He stopped, cocked his head to the side and smirked. “Alright, Madam Lillenna.” He turned and returned to his chair, sitting down and crossing his arms. “I’m willing to wait till you change your mind. I enjoy being here and I’ve nowhere to be for many weeks. Tell me, how long are you willing to sit at this table? Because the game is not letting you leave till you finish it and that won’t be happening if you don’t take your next turn.”

Her brow tightened into an angry glare. She looked down at the magical chain on her ankle and knew he was right. She wouldn’t be leaving this table till the game allowed her to and she was confident that even if she used the pile of blue mage stones to fuel every spell she knew none of them would have the power to break this enchanted duelist’s deck of its hold over her.

She gritted her teeth, seething with anger. “Fine,” she finally blurted out. “Do it.”

As he got back up she pushed her chair back slightly and carefully, slowly, lifted her arms up. When he got to her he grabbed her top, slowly pulling it up off her body. The feel of the soft fabric sliding up over her large breasts made her shudder and she fought to suppress a moan of pleasure.

It was now clear to her that Mason Pennywise was not the man of honor she had thought him to be. This game was not what she thought it was. But one thought helped calm her: she’d never lost a game that included any kind of skill. This game might force her to live through some indignities but she was certain she would win. Then the blue mage stones would be hers and she’d have the mana to make this Human scum suffer for whatever indecent things the game allowed him to do to him.

“Gods above,” Mason said, staring at her naked breasts as he tossed her top to the floor. “You always wear clothing that leaves very little to the imagination and that top was see-through. Still, seeing your breasts totally exposed is… breathtaking. So large and perfectly round and firm! Surely Ynara, goddess of huge tits, has blessed you?”

Lillenna heard some of her whores snicker at the comment. She turned and glared at them, making them cower in fear. She’d make the sluts pay for enjoying her humiliation.

“What are you waiting for,” she demanded. “Just get it done so we can move on.”

“It would be a crime to rush this. Besides, I’ve never beaten you in a game. How can I not take the time to enjoy this knowing it might be the closest I get to bedding you?”

He dropped down to his knees so that his face was more level with her breasts. The lust in his eyes burned so bright they started to turn orange then red again.

“I’ve found during my life,” he started to say as he reached out for her breasts, “that for many women their nipples are their weak spot. Tell me, Lillenna, was that true of you? No, never mind. Don’t answer. The last card I played makes it irrelevant.”

Gently he grabbed her breasts as if afraid they’d disappear the moment he touched them. As soon as his fingers touched her flesh Lillenna moaned and started to melt, her eyes rolling up into her head. The immense pleasure from him simply grabbing hold of her breasts was incredible. She moaned even louder as he started to firmly squeeze her breasts.

“So firm,” he muttered, squeezing and gently groping her breasts. “It’s always amazed me how different the breasts of the different races are. Human women are so varied in size and density and softness. Dwarfs so dense and heavy and squishy. Orcs so saggy and soft. Little Halfling women so plump and squishy. But you High Elfs, no other breasts are so firm and rigid.”

Lillenna was panting as she ground her thighs together. Her slit had grown so moist she could feel the moisture leaking out and dampening her thighs. What he was doing, just groping her breast so lightly, already had her rising towards orgasm.

He leaned forward and she felt his warm breath on her nipples. The feeling caused her head to fall back and she heard herself moan long and low. “Yesssssss,” she hissed, losing all self control.

A moment later he had opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out. She nearly climaxed as he started licking her nipple. Her breasts felt as if they were exploding with pleasure. He gently pressed her breasts in together so her nipples were closer and started to move from side to side, licking one then the other.

“From the way you pant and moan I assume you’re getting close,” he said, letting go of her breasts and standing up.

She whimpered and looked at him with a pathetic expression of needy desire, a look she’d seen on her most hopelessly slutty employees and had been certain would never cross her own face. “Please,” she whined at him. “I’m so close. Please!

He shifted so he stood behind her chair, stroking her bare shoulders with his finger tips. The slight touch sent chills down her spine and she felt her breasts ache for his touch again.

“Please,” she whined, pushing her head all the way back against his body and staring up at him, her eyes pleading.

“Since you asked so nicely,” he said, flashing an evil, cruel smile down at her.

His hands darted around her body and in a flash he had hold of her nipples, pinching them painfully between his finger tips. There was an explosion of pleasure that made her open her mouth to gasp but a moment later Mason yanked up on her tits, pulling them roughly up into the air by the tips of her nipples. Her gasp became a yelp of overwhelmed pleasure as the pinching tug forced a powerful orgasm from her body.

The world spun around her as his fingers remain tightly clenched on her nipples. He ground them from side to side, tugging her breasts ever upwards. He’d pulled her breasts as far up as he could and was holding them there, pulling her up off her seat slightly. Her orgasm deepened, the forced pleasure making her howl in delight. The orgasm was so strong that she wasn’t aware of the moment he let go. Her breasts had bounced down, the heavy shifting of their dense weight only intensifying her climax.

When the orgasm began to fade she slowly became aware of the world around her once more. She was leaned back in her chair, her body arched over the back of it. Her breasts were sticking up into the air, her nipples still tingling from the painful yet maddeningly pleasurable abuse they had just endured. Her arms hung limply at her sides and she was breathing heavily.

“I believe it’s your turn now,” Mason said as he returned to his chair. He voice was perfectly calm and full of confidence.

Lillenna made herself sit back up, trying to calm her breathing. Her muscles felt weak and shaky. It had been a very long time since she’d gotten off. She didn’t like to pleasure herself and it had been decades since she’d interacted with a fellow High Elf she felt worthy of spreading her legs for. She had grown unaccustomed to such sexual release and had never had it forced from her body in this manner.

Her cards floated back to her, reminding her that the game needed to continue. Still breathing heavily she grabbed hold of them, another card floating up from the deck and joining the others in her hand. She furrowed her brow and looked at the cards with determination. She had to win this game, the sooner the better.

None of her cards she held had text anything like the cards he had just used on her but that didn’t mean they were useless. She chose one and placed it down on the table. “Take that, you son of a bitch,” she snarled. It glowed and some of the energy in his crystal was siphoned out, dissipating in the air. When it was done his crystal was left only six tenths filled.

“Good play,” he replied, looking at his nearly half empty crystal. “But I wouldn’t get to confident. An early lead in this game is easily lost.

A card floated up into his hand and he smiled. “Things seem to be looking good for you,” he said, staring happily at his new card. “Your crystal is full and mine is nearly half empty. I’m sure you are feeling very confident.” He looked up at her. “Are you confident you’ll win?”

She glared at him. The truth was her confidence had been shaken by what the magical card game had already done to her but she refused to let that show on her face. “I am confident,” she declared, hoping the lie was as apparent as she felt it sounded. “I’ll win. The blue mage stones will be mine and I’ll make you pay for the indignities you and this game have made me suffer.”

Mason nodded. “I see. Well, since you are so confident why don’t we up the stakes?”

She furrowed her brow and felt apprehension as he picked a card from his hand and tossed it out onto the table. How could the stakes of the game get higher than they already were for him? He had a fortune that could buy an empire on the line, one he was guaranteed to lose. What else could he possibly have to offer? The answer was obvious and she realized it a moment later. His stakes weren’t being raised, hers were.

The card he tossed down started glowing so brightly she was unable to read the text on it. The brightness increased, causing her to throw her arms up and block out the blinding light.

Suddenly screams started sounding from all around her. She threw her arms back down and forced herself to open her eyes. The bright light was gone and now ethereal red chains made of pure magic were erupting out from the card, snaking quickly out all around the room.

Lillenna looked around and saw the snaking chains chasing after her whores, whipping at them and wrapping around their wrists and necks and ankles, magic shackles appearing where they were grabbed. As each whore was captured any clothing they wore dissolved and they were dragged, many screaming and clawing at the ground or furniture around them, towards the two players.

“What have you done!” Lillenna screamed as she saw all of her girls gathering around them.

Some had their arms pulled and bound behind their backs before the magic chains hoisted them up into the air, leaving them hanging from the ceiling. Many were left bound in sexually suggestive positions while others were simply bound upside down, their bodies slowly rotating around as the whores screamed helplessly.

Others were magically lashed and chained to the walls, while some were pulled down onto their knees. Many of those on their knees had their hands secured up above their heads, their wrists chained tightly to the ceiling. She saw one of her whores, a pretty Dwarf with huge breasts, wailing in pain. Two of the magical chains had erupted from the ground and shot to her nipples, piercing them with bars made of magical energy. The chain had secured to the edges of the bars pierced through her nipples then tightened, pulling her large tits painfully down.

“Help! Please, Madam Lillenna, save us!” The whores screamed and pleaded but the cacophony of helpless wails quickly began to die down. Magic gags began to form in their mouths, silencing the women.

Lillenna looked around, mortified by how her brothel had been so altered. Every one of her girls was now in the room with them, naked, bound, and helpless. The attractive gaming parlor had been transformed into something that looked more like a sinister torture chamber.

“Why?” she asked, turning to look at Mason. “Why do this? What is the point?”

He just smiled at her, looking immensely pleased with himself. “Now they are part of the wager. If you win they will all be freed. But if I win I get them all as my totally devoted sex slaves. They will remain magically bound to me and my desires for the rest of my life, compelled by an unbreakable spell to do whatever I tell them.”

Around her the whores groaned and cried, many of them trying to scream through their gags. Lillenna looked at many of them, seeing the looks in their eyes. They were terrified and pleading with her to save them.

Lillenna turned back to Mason. “You are a monster,” she spat. “I do not understand how you’ve kept your true self hidden for so long from me. You always treated my girls with more kindness then they deserved. I thought you a good man, Mason Pennywise, but nothing could be farther from the truth.”

He simply shrugged, showing her opinion of him mattered not at all. “I believe it’s your turn, Lillenna. Better choose your play carefully, there are many lives on the line now. Wouldn’t want to disappoint your girls, I doubt they’d ever forgive you if you lost them all to me. I know you’ve always worked them hard but what you’ve put them through will be nothing compared to what I’ll use them for.” A card floated up from the deck into her hand. “Play, Lillenna. I’m eager to see how the added pressure affects you.”

As Lillenna started to move her cards about in her hand Mason could see the added pressure already affecting her. She was beginning to sweat and her face had lost the calm composure that he’d always seen on it. She placed a card down that lowered a little bit more of the energy from Mason’s crystal but did nothing else.

“You’re turn,” she practically growled at him. “Your crystal is now half empty and mine is full. You’re going to lose.” She was trying to sound confident but he could hear the worry in her voice. She’d seen how unpredictable the game was and knew anything could still happen.

A new card floated up into Mason’s hand and he smiled across at his opponent as he tucked it into his other cards, pull up one that had already been in his hand. “I’ve actually had this one since the first turn but I held back on playing it. But as you’ve pointed out I’m losing. I think I need a little help.”

He placed the card on the table. It glowed, the magical energy from it stretching out towards Lillenna. She gritted her teeth as the energy entered her body, feeling something inside of her changed but not knowing what.

“What did it do to me?” she demanded, refusing to look down and read the card. The card’s surface had already been wiped blank and a moment later it floated over to the discard pile.

“Potentially nothing,” Mason said as a new car floated into his hand. “But most likely quite a bit. From now on every time you have an orgasm you’re going to find yourself a little more horny and little less smart.”

She furrowed her brow. “And when this foul game is ended I will return to normal?”

“What?” he asked, looking confused then he laughed. “Oh, no, win or lose this is something that will affect you the rest of your life! From now till the day you are buried every single orgasm will make you a little more hopelessly slutty at all times and a little less intelligent. It’s wonderfully devious, isn’t it? Every time you cum you’ll become sluttier and dumber which will only make you want to fuck and cum more which will only make you even DUMBER and sex crazed. I imagine that before long you’ll become little more than drooling cock hungry slut, barely able to form words and always wanting to get off.”

Her jaw fell open and she stared at him, horror on her pretty face.

He simply smirked. “I suppose if you can live the rest of your life only getting off only a few more times you MIGHT be able to avoid becoming a dumb sex crazed bimbo. Perhaps that’s even something you could accomplish with as unwilling as you are to spread your legs. But first you have to win the game and do so without cumming too much.”

Mason paused and looked down at his cards. “My, such choices I have!” He looked back up at her. “I’ve six cards in my hand right now. How many will lead to you cumming and getting just a little dumber, just a little more horny at all times?”

Her face was a mixture of fear and anger. She didn’t speak. She simply sat, breathing heavily, waiting to see what his next card did to her.

“Which to choose,” Mason muttered to himself, looking over his cards. An evil, cruel smile tugged at his lips as he started to pull one of the cards out. “This one, I think.” He flipped it over and placed it on the table, turning it around and sliding it towards Lillenna.

The card was already glowing with arcane power as her eyes moved to begin reading it. The words written on the card seemed to shift and blur, quickly growing harder and harder to read.

“Card is so… dif- Uh…. Hard to re- No, what’s the word? When you look at little letters and make them into words in your… your… brain?” She furrowed her brow, looking up from the card with confusion. “What wrong with brain?” she asked, her voice slow and halting as if remembering the words she wanted to use was nearly beyond her.

Mason pushed his chair back, setting his cards on the table and rising to his feet. “Having a hard time thinking straight, aren’t you?”

“Uh……” Lillenna looked at him, her eyes large and seemingly devoid of almost all intelligence. “Brain no work right! What bad man do?”

“He played a card that has stupefied you,” he told her, starting to take his clothing off. “You are going to have the intellect of an idiot until you’ve swallowed a full load of cum.”

“Cum?” she asked. “Cumming bad. Make me dumb! No want be dumb.”

Mason laughed as he undressed down to his underwear. “No, not you cumming, you eating MY cum. You know, my semen. And you’re already dumb thanks to the card I just played.”

“Oh!” Lillenna said, her face lighting up. “Yes, me want cum! Drink it, eat it, make brain no hurt no more!”

“So you are hungry for my cum?” he asked her, pausing as he started to take his underwear off.

The stupefied High Elf nodded eagerly. “Need bad man’s cum. Need eat it, swallow it all down!”

“So you’re going to need this?” he asked, tugging his underwear down. His cock was already hard and as the garment was tugged down past it the rod of man-flesh popped up into view.

Lillenna’s eyes bugged out of her head and she leaned towards him, opening her mouth and letting her tongue fall stupidly out of her mouth as she stared at his hard member. “Cooooooooock,” she moaned, starting to drool on herself. “Need cock!”

Mason, now naked, walked around the table towards her. All around him the magically chained and gagged whores started to moan and try to scream at him. None of their muffled words were clear but Mason understood their meaning.

He paused and looked out at them. “You don’t want me getting nearer to your precious Madam, do you?” Almost all of them began to shake their heads from side to side and moan angrily at him. “I wonder, are you concerned for her well being or are you all just worried anything I do to her will lead to all of your enslavement?” They all began to moan and shout muffled words of rage through their gags. “You know what? I don’t really care. You are, after all, just whores. And soon you’ll all be mine!”

Mason then turned and continued walking towards Lillenna. She was slouched forward in her chair, turned slightly as she stared at Mason’s hard cock. Her head moved up and down as she watched his dick bobbing with each step as he walked up to her. “Duuuuuuuuuh,” she said, drooling down onto her breasts. “Bad man give me cock now? Give me cum?”

“You mean you want this?” he asked, grabbing his cock by the base and lifting it up then starting to wave it in the air before the High Elf.

She panted like an animal and bounced with excitement in her chair. “Yes! Cock! Give cock! Me want it bad!”

Lillenna started to lean forward, opening her mouth as she neared his dick. Mason took a step back, moving his cock out of reach. She leaned as far forward as she could and started to whine. She wanted his cock so bad. All she’d need to do was get up out of the chair to reach it but she was so stupefied that thought didn’t even occur to her.

“Beg for it,” he said, cruel delight in every syllable of the words he purred out.

“Need cock,” she whined, staring at it as if transfixed. “Please, bad man, please give hard cock to me! Need to suck it, need to get cum out of bad man’s balls!”

“How pathetic you are, drooling on your tits and begging for my cock. But you know what brings me the most pleasure? As soon as I give it to you your mind is going to clear so you can take your next turn. But you’re going to remember every moment of this. You’ll have a crystal clear memory of being too dumb to think straight and that will help you understand what too many orgasms is going to do to your mind. Then there is how deliciously humiliating this all is for you. Oh, you can’t understand that now but once you gulp down my cum you will!”

She simply continued to stare at his cock, whimpering in desire.

“I want to hear you beg for it again,” he told her, moving half a step closer.

Her eyes grew large as his cock came nearer to her face but it now seemed she was so dumb that forming words was beyond her. She drooled and moaned stupidly, begging for his cock with her eyes and half open mouth.

Mason moved closer, waving his cock in her face. “You want this?” he asked. She nodded and moved to take it in her mouth but he pulled it away. “No,” he said firmly. “Not yet. Let’s get you properly warmed up first.”

Lillenna’s only response was to moan and drool more on herself.

“Look at all this slippery spit you’ve helpfully drooled all over your tits,” Mason said as he stepped up close to her. He pointed his cock at one of her tits and pressed his cockhead down into its fleshy bulk. “God’s be praised, such firm fucking titties you have,” he moaned as he started to rub his cockhead around on and into her tit, the spit lubricating the movement. Lillenna moaned in pleasure and rubbed her thighs together.

He slid his cock down the bulk of her tit till he reached her nipple. The pretty little nub was engorged and hard. He started rubbing his cockhead around and over it. Mason had dragged some of her spit down to the nipple but now his cockhead was leaking a steady flow of sticky precum that was being rubbed all over her nipple.

Her nipples were so sensitive that this was enough to make her eyes roll up into her head as she began to cum. She shuddered and moaned and more drool poured wetly out of her open mouth.

Mason chuckled as he kept rubbing his cockhead on her nipple. “Uh oh Lillenna, looks like you came! Shame, now even after you have my cum you’re not going to be able to return to your full intelligence. I like the thought of that so let’s see if we can make you cum a few more times…”

He moved in closer till the underside of his cock was pressed up against her breast. He no longer needed to hold it and instead started moving his hips, humping the side of her tit. At the same time he grabbed her other breast with both hands, massaging, groping, tugging, and squeezing it. Lillenna moaned louder as she came a second time.

Mason was cackling with evil delight. As he kept humping the breast closest to him he let go of her other tit. He grabbed her body and started to turn her to face him, letting his cock slide sideways across her tit till it fell into the fleshy canyon between both her breasts.

“You still want my cum?” he asked her.

Her head lolled stupidly form side to side and she moaned and drooled, barely able to understand the world around her. Yet she managed to mumble something that sounded a lot like a “yes”.

“Good. I want you to grab these big firm tits of yours and press them around my cock. I want to fuck your tits before I cum in that pretty mouth of yours.” Lillenna adjusted her body and reached up to press her breasts in around his hard cock. “Tighter,” Mason barked as he started humping her chest, “and lean down and drool some more into your tits, I need plenty of lube.”

She did as he said and as soon as the added spit had oozed down between her breasts he started thrusting hard, the movements now silky smooth. The sounds of her gasps of pleasure made Mason grin with delight and he responded to the sound by fucking her tits harder. Before long he had hold of her shoulders and was pounding her breasts with savage abandon.

Lillenna shuddered and moaned. Her eyes rolled so far up into her head only the whites of her eyes remained. She had multiple orgasms tit-pounded out of her.

“Almost there,” Mason groaned, slapping her hands away from her breasts. His cock bounced up form between her tits and he grabbed it quickly with one hand, jerking it off while he reached up and grabbed the back of her head with his other hand. He roughly pulled her forward and down as he stood up on his toes and jammed his cock into her mouth just as he started to cum.

The High Elf moaned in delight as she started swallowing every drop of cum shooting into her mouth. Mason released a big load in her mouth, big enough that she had to swallow a few times to get it all down. With each swallow a little more intelligence returned to her eyes. By the time she swallowed the last of it she was mostly back to normal.

Her brows lowered and tightened and she glared up at Mason. She growled, his cock still in her mouth. A moment later her hands were in the air, glowing with blue energy that sent the man flying back away from her.

The magical was strong enough to have sent him flying through walls but the ethereal red chain running from his ankle to the table stopped him. For a moment he hung in the air then the chain pulled him back, slamming the naked man into his chair. He laughed nervously. “Holy shitballs! So glad this game stops you from doing any real harm to me. That blast might have killed me!”

Lillenna just glared at him, wiping as much drool form her chin and tits as she could with the back of her hand. He had been right: she remembered everything with painful clarity. What he had done to her had been incredibly humiliating and the worst part was her temporary stupefaction only served as a taste of what she might become if she didn’t keep from cumming to much.

Six times, she thought bitterly. The bastard made me cum six times through that all. She could already feel how it was affecting her. Her mind still had a fierce intellect fueling it but there was now a sluggishness to her thoughts, like a weight on her mind that slowed all her ideas that her mind tried summon. And she was aware of a strange undeniable sexual craving deep in her core. She was horny and she could tell that the level of sexual desire she felt would now be a constant for the rest of her life. This was where she’d start, arousal would only make it worse.

“Well, Madam Lillenna, now that your mind is mostly back to normal I think it’s time you take your turn,” Mason said, grinning at her happily.

A card floated up from the deck and joined her cards on the table where they had been dropped earlier. They all floated up into her hand, their magic pulling at her mind and pushing her to make her next play.

Lillenna read through the text on all of her cards, growing frustrated that none of them had any of the drastic reality bending affects like those her opponent was playing on her. She also became horrified when she realized she had to struggle to read a few of the larger words.

I just have to get this damned game over as soon as possible, she thought. Then she reminded herself it only FELT like she was losing. Her crystal was still full of red energy while his was half empty. The sexually depraved cards he was playing were humiliating but they were just a distraction. As long as he kept playing those kinds of cards he’d keep losing.

As all of these thoughts ran through her head the muscles in her right arm twitched. She could feel the enchanted game urging her to play a card and the longer her turn took the more compelled to finish it she felt. Finally with a grunt of annoyance she picked a card and put it down on the table, hoping it would be as helpful as it seemed.

Mason’s cards tugged out of his hand, jerking out to float above the card she had just played on the table. “What is this?” he demanded, looking shocked something bad was happening to him in this game.

“I’m trying to keep you from doing anything else distasteful to me,” she said, glaring defiantly at him. She had to look away almost immediately. He was still naked and his body was incredibly attractive for a Human. He had firmly sculpted chest muscles that made her want the foul man inside of her. She cursed under her breath, scared that even if she won the game she’d soon give in to the urge to fuck and be left dumber and hornier. Even if she won Mason might end up having bested her.

Mason’s cards floated in the air then began to shuffle themselves. At the same time red energy started to flow from his crystal into them, draining a little bit more out of it. Then, the cards freshly shuffled, those on the top started to flip over and float to the discard pile. As they did so the text on their faces was wiped clean.

“My cards! You foul Elf bitch,” he snarled. “There were so many deliciously perverse cards there!” As he berated her the cards continued to flip over and get discarded until only a single one remained. It then floated back into his hand.

He sat, staring at it. “Ugh,” he groaned, furrowing his brow. “I didn’t want to play this one. Felt boring…” He looked up and waiting for the deck to give him a new card as his turn began. He quickly read it after it floated into his hand and he was left looking even grumpier.

“Sometimes I think this game has a mind of its own,” Mason started to say sulkily. “No two games are ever the same and there are times that it feels the cards given out are chosen by committee while other times the deck seems to have a particular obsession.”

He held up his new card and looked from it to Lillenna. “You know what it gave me this turn? Another card that would affect those glorious breasts of yours. I admit, a big part of the reason I started the game was to get some quality time with them but I’m ready to be giving other parts of your body attention. We’re how many rounds in and you’re topless but you’ve still got that skimpy little bottom on. I’m ready for some Elf pussy or maybe even some Elf ass!”

Lillenna simply glared. In any other situation if a man had spoken to her this way he’d be a pile of smoldering ash. She felt the mana held in her body flowing towards her hands. A moment later her hands were heating and they had started to glow with blue magically energy that steamed as she instinctively readied a deadly spell.

Mason looked at her hands and chuckled. “Would be a waste of mana,” he smirked. “Try it if you want. Send a great big fireball or blast of ice my way. The game will make the spell fizzle out before it can reach me or any of the cards.”

“I thought as much,” she said through gritted teeth, willing the magical energy to flow back into her body as she stopped casting the spell. “What about your other card?” she asked, changing the subject.

“What?” he asked, confused for a moment. “Oh! Yes, I suppose that would interest you. If I’m not interested in playing this breast centered card then that leaves me only one other choice, doesn’t it? I’ve had this one for a while.” He looked down and reread the card. “I never gave it much thought, so many more exciting cards. But now that I give it a closer look I suppose it could lead to a lot of fun. Yes, I’ll play it.”

As he started to play the card Lillenna put her own cards down. She put her hands down on her chair besides her legs, gripping the edge of her seat. She took a deep breath, bracing herself for whatever was about to happen to her.

Her chest rose all the way and left her large firm breasts pressed out just as Mason put his card down on the table. A blast of magic shot out form the card at her, slamming into her body. Instantly she felt an icy coldness spread through her entire body, locking her muscles in place. Her body was frozen, her hands gripping the chair and her chest pressed out.

She started to scream in alarm expecting not to be able to but her mouth opened slightly and the sound of alarm and anger came out of her. Her body was locked in place but it seemed she could still move her mouth enough to talk and was also able to move her eyes. Quickly she looked down to try and read the card but its text was already gone.

“What did you do this time?” she asked. A very large part of her didn’t want to know. But NOT knowing would be worse.

He pushed his chair back and stood up just as the card shot a small blast of energy at him. Mason inhaled deeply as the magic flowed into him, looking as if it had left him refreshed. He smiled at her, making eye contact, then looking down. “The card is so helpful,” he said, staring at his crotch.

Her eyes darted down and saw that his cock was rock hard even though he’d only gotten off a few minutes before. She quickly forced herself to look away, painfully aware of how much the sight of his hard member excited her.

“I can’t take my turn if I can’t move,” she said, glaring at him. “I thought the game wanted us to finish it.”

“Oh, it does. But it doesn’t mind fun being had along the way.” As he spoke he grabbed his cock, holding it up as if he were wielding a weapon. He started walking around the table, the red ethereal chain attached to his ankle growing longer to allow him to approach her. “You’ll be unable to move till I get off. Had the game not refreshed my body that might have taken some time, I’m not as young and virile as I once was and as glorious as your body is I doubt I could have gotten hard and gotten off again so soon. But now my balls are full and my cock is hard and I feel driven to cum.”

As he neared her he stopped, barely an arm’s reach away from her. She couldn’t turn to face him and could only see him out of the side of her eyes. She had to strain to make out clearly what he was doing. He seemed to be waving his cock at her, grinning evilly.

“So how should I go about getting off so you can take your next turn? I suppose I could stand here and jerk off in your face. I’d enjoy seeing your expression as I blast a huge load of cum into your eye. Or maybe I should jerk off and cum all over those firm, pretty tits of yours? Everyone knows tits are more beautiful covered in cum.”

He paused, turning away from her. “Or maybe I should go use one of your whores. So many are bound bent over ready to be entered and used as a living cum dump.” The whores nearest him started making angry muffled sounds through their magical gags. “Sounds like they don’t much like the idea but I bet you do. If I’m using them then I’m not using you.”

Lillenna remained quiet, not wanting to respond to any of his sexually humiliating suggestions. She knew that was what he wanted and suspected that the first thing she objected to was what he’d end up doing.

Mason turned back around, taking a step closer to her. “Of course I could just take the easy way since it seems to be what the deck wants.” He moved even closer, holding his cock out before him and gently touching the side of one of her breasts. She moaned in pleasure just form the slight contact.

“If I used my cock to play with your tits some more I’d surely get off before long. Of course, so would you. And then you’d be just a bit dumber, a bit hornier.” As he spoke he started rubbing his cockhead into her firm breast, sliding it from side to side and tipping it up to rub the underside on her.

He grabbed the back of her chair with his free hand and started to turn the chair so that she was facing him. She was unable to move, unable to do anything to prevent him from turning her. As her body was rotated he kept rubbing his cock on her tit, sliding the tip down towards her nipple. He rubbed around her areola, slimy precum now leaking out and leaving a wet trail on her skin.

She was panting, her core swelling as she neared climax from the simple rubbing of his cock on her overly sensitive breast. “Don’t,” she gasped, nearly cumming. Thankfully he pulled away, grinning at her.

“Don’t what?” he asked, his tone mocking. “Don’t rub my cock all over your big firm tits? Don’t use them to get off? Why? Cause you know it will make you cum your pretty Elf brain away? That each orgasm turns into more of a bimbo? That if you cum too much you’ll be left a bigger slut then your most hopeless whore?”

“Yes,” she said quickly. Her voice was frantic and she sounded unhinged. She continued talking, so fast he barely understood her. “Please, just get off some other way! Fuck one of my whores. Hell, fuck every one of them! Use my mouth, my pussy, my asshole! Just please, don’t touch my breasts anymore!!!”

“So you are saying the very last thing you would want me to do is grab those big firm tits and pound the living shit out of them till I cum?”

She yelped in fear at his words. “By all the gods, PLEASE not that! It will destroy me!!!”

“But you are doomed,” he said coolly. “You don’t realize it but you are. You’re not going to win and even if you do you’ll be left so altered it won’t matter. You’ll never be the woman you were before you agreed to this game. Embrace your downfall. Beg for me to fuck your tits and I’ll end this game sooner than later.”

Her eyes darted from side to side, wild and full of fear and confusion. What was he saying? Was this game rigged? No, it couldn’t be! But it would explain a lot… Explain his willingness to bet such a fortune. Explain why everything seemed to favor his pleasure and that even though he was losing the game he acted not at all concerned by the score.

She was starting to panic, her mind racing back over the day’s events. She cursed that the orgasms she’d already suffered had left her brain feeling so sluggish. Then her heart stopped. She recalled the specific words Mason had used when beginning the game.

“I, Mason Pennywise, enter into this game of my own free will. Win or lose my opponent will lay claim to all the blue mage stones on the table. Should I win then my opponent shall become my complete and total sexual slave.”

She had been so distracted by the pile of blue mage stones she had only half listened to his words. If he won she would become his “total sexual slave”. At the time she had not really paid attention to the word “total”. She’d not just be his sexual slave for a night. Knowing what the game allowed him to do to her she realized that wouldn’t have been much of a reward if he won. But to become his total sexual slave? The implication was that she’d be enthralled to him for the rest of her life. And then it wouldn’t matter if she had the gems even if he won. She would be his property, his slave. What she owned would be his.

If her body hadn’t been locked in place she’d have slumped limply to the floor in despair. She was doomed! Or was she? He hadn’t come right out and said the game was rigged. He was only implying it. Perhaps he was merely trying to throw her off her game, perhaps she still had a chance.

“I will embrace nothing,” she snarled, feeling a surge of fresh determination. “I won’t beg or plead. I can’t stop you, do whatever you want to my body. Use my breasts if that’s what you desire. But you’ll not get the satisfaction of my verbal surrender to you. You’re a villain, a monster! I’ll resist you till the very end and should I win I will ensure you suffer for every moment of the rest of your pathetic Human life.”

“You’ll resist me to the very end?” he asked, looking more amused than annoyed. “Well then I suppose that means dragging the game out won’t really be all that entertaining. I suppose it’s time to end things but I won’t really be able to beat you at a card game till you’re MUCH dumber. And that is going to mean making you cum like crazy.”

Lillenna glared up at him. He was going to fuck her tits, she knew it. It would make her cum enough to leave her significantly dumber. By the time she took her next turn she’d be so dumb she’d start making mistakes and losing points. At least that was what she thought. In reality she was underestimating her opponent’s cruelty.

He grabbed both of her breasts, squeezing them in tightly together. The sudden firm squeezing was more than enough to startle an orgasm from her. She yelped in pleasure and discomfort, her muscles tightening and rebelling at not being able to move as she came.

She expected him to press up against her body and slide his cock between her breasts but that wasn’t what he did. Instead he continued pressing her breasts tighter together, mashing her nipples in towards each other till they were touching. She gritted her teeth as he started rubbing her the buds of her nipples together, convulsing as it made her cum a second time.

“What are you doing?” she said between gasps and moans. She could already feel what the orgasms were doing to her body, how they clouded her mind making her thoughts slow and filled her with a throbbing desire to let him do even more sexual things to her. After the fourth orgasm she was beginning to crave the abuse.

“I’m making sure that by the time I cum and you can take your next turn you’ll be too dumb to read your cards,” he said, happily continuing to rub her overly sensitive nipples together.

She moaned and came. Her nipples started to feel rubbed raw but the new sensation of pain only made her cum harder. Her body shook desperately wanting to curl up as orgasm after orgasm flowed in pleasurable waves through her but the card affecting her kept her locked in place. Her moans were becoming a steady howl that was a perfect mix of discomfort and pleasure. She suffered through orgasm after orgasm and soon it was just too much. She could feel it melting her mind, feel herself wanting the next orgasm more badly, eager for it to melt her mind further.

Finally he did move closer to her body, pressing his hard cock up against her tits. He kept tight hold of her breasts, keeping them mashed together, but used his thumbs to grab his cockhead and press it up against her nipples. His cockhead was oozing precum and soon the fleshy little nubs were slimly covered with the stuff.

The sensation of his cockhead being pressed between her nipples only made Lillenna cum more and her orgasms grew even more intense as he started pressing into her tits, his throbbing cockhead pushing her nipples apart. He pressed his shaft only an inch or two into her pressed flesh, using his thumbs to grind the tips of her nipples against his fleshy throbbing rod. A moment later his hips were thrusting. He was only slightly fucking her tits, mostly he was just fucking her nipples.

Lillenna was howling in delight, tears streaming from her eyes. Her brain felt muggy and trying to think felt like moving through molasses. Before long all she could think about was cumming and then cumming again. Sexual pleasure was all that mattered in the world. The simple joy sexual delight brought quickly becoming all her mind could understand.

Mason could see the intelligence draining from her. See it in her expression, hear it in her moans and gasps. But mostly he saw it in her eyes. With each orgasm they became more glazed over, more bovine in the way they looked at the world around them. He reveled in nipple fucking the intelligence from the beautiful High Elf and he saw her turn from a powerful, intelligent and independent woman into a nearly mindless sex crazed slut. Seeing this he came, pressing his cock into her magnificent breasts and ejaculating a messy load of cum into them.

He stumbled back, nearly falling over. He’d cum hard and it had left him incredibly drained. After righting himself on a nearby table he looked at Lillenna. Her body was no longer locked in place but she was barely moving. She sat hunched forward, her hands on her cum covered breasts as she pinched and teased her own nipples. She was making herself cum now, ensuring she grew ever more brainless and hopelessly horny.

Grinning widely Mason returned to his seat. “I’ve as good as won,” he declared loudly to the room. The magically bound whores all around him wailed in despair.

As he sat his cards floated up into his hand and across from him Lillenna’s cards tried to do the same but the High Elf was too busy playing with her breasts. The cards started bumping into her face to try and get her attention but she simply ignored them.

“She’s too far gone,” he said, speaking to the stone box the cards had come from. “You’re going to have to finish the game for her. I know you can do it, I’ve seen it a few times now.” He looked up at Lillenna after he said this and smirked. “You’re not the first I’ve tricked with this game, although I’ve never seen it melt a woman’s mind so thoroughly. Truth now? The deck is rigged. As soon as you began the game you were doomed. It ONLY allows the owner to win.”

He paused and smiled at his opponent, watching her pinch and tweak her nipples and make herself cum what little must have been left of her mind away. “Although I suppose telling you at this point is a bit pointless, your mind is probably too far gone. Well, let’s get this game done so my ownership of you and all your whores can be official.”

Lillenna’s cards stopped colliding with her face. They shifted and floated down and took up a space in the air that made it look as though someone invisible was now playing the game. A new card floated up from the deck and joined the cards in the air. They were shuffled about and one was placed on the table.

It glowed as Mason read the words. “Oh my, what a terrible play! Really should have saved that card. Lose a turn for a bunch of energy back into your crystal? But it’s already full! Almost seems like you WANT to lose!” He then started laughing, wiping tears from his eyes as a new card floated up into his hand.

“Oh, look! Simply amazing I would draw THIS card now!” He put the new card down. It glowed and then four new cards floated up into his hand, giving him a full hand once again. “Your turn,” he said. “I wonder what card ‘you’ will play. Oh, that’s right, you played a card that gave up your next turn! So I suppose I get to play again.”

A new card floated up into his hand. “Hmmm…. Which to play? I know, THIS one.” He slammed the card down on the table. Magical energy blasted into the table, glowing cracks that burned red and almost shattered the piece of furniture. Both their crystals glowed and the energy in his started to slowly fill up while the energy in hers was nearly drained all the way out.

“Your turn, Lillenna. Better play something good, I think I’m one play away from winning.”

As soon as a card floated up to join those in the air before her one was played. It glowed and her nearly empty crustal refilled ever so slightly.

“Hmmm… I doubt that’s going to be enough. All I’m going to need to is—” Mason’s sentence was cut off as the doors to the brothel were thrown open loudly behind him. The violent bang made him jump and twist around, alarm on his face. “Who dares? The deck should have sealed the doors!”

Standing in the open door was an imposing figure. Tall and covered in red and white robes that were interwoven into heavy full body plate mail. The ornate armor was covered in glowing green gems that magical energy seemed to be seeping out of. It swirled around the figure, sparking and turning into a green mist that hung around their feet.

He blinked, recognizing at once that the figure standing at the door was a member of the Sisterhood of Righteousness, an all female order devoted to battling sexual perversion in all its forms.

The figure was unmistakably female. The form of her curvaceous body could be made out even through the heavy layers of ornate armor. This woman’s body was pleasingly thick yet her breasts made the rest of her body seem thin and narrow by comparison. Certainly her clothing and armor was constricting and maybe even hiding their true size, even so her breasts looked HUGE.

Mason suspected at once the race of the woman. When she reached her metal armored hands up and pulled the red hood that covered her face back he saw he was right. The woman had a beautiful but terribly fierce Elven face, with large pointed ears that stuck out of her shoulder-length silver colored hair.

“Silver Elf,” he said, narrowing his eyes. They were a rare sight in Alaria although hard to miss due to their almost comically over-sized breasts. But it was not their titanic breasts they were most known for. Silver Elves were perhaps the most naturally attuned of any race to all of Alaria’s various kinds of magic.

Most importantly they could sustain the presence of more magical power than most. Any one being could only handle so much raw magical power at once, making it so the most powerful artifacts would only be wielded by the most powerful beings. But this was no concern to a Silver Elf and the weapon strapped to her back proved it.

Behind her was a massive sword, the blade nearly as large as her body. It was jet black, made of ebony that glowed with power he could feel from across the room. The thing looked like it would take three men simply to lift but the imposing woman casually reached behind her and drew the massive blade with one hand.

The building shook as the power in the ebony blade came under her control. She glared at Mason and pointed the huge tip of the sword at him. “Mason Pennywise! I am Loaen Hothmoare, paladin of the Sisterhood of Righteousness. Long have I followed your trail, witnessing the perversions you have spread throughout many lands in Alaria.”

She turned slightly, pointing her weapon at the table behind him. “That cursed artifact, that Enchanted Duelist’s Deck, has been behind much of the perversion you have sowed through the world. It is a foul artifact seeped with The Corruption. The Sisterhood of Righteousness exists to protect Alaria and all who dwell here from the sinister, perverse power of The Corruption. It is our pledged duty to fight it and push back its creeping influence on this world.”

Mason looked frightened and all too aware of the fact he was naked and unarmed. He was also still chained to the table, the ethereal binding preventing him from moving more than a few paces from where he sat.

Loaen Hothmoare looked around the gambling hall, her pretty features twisting up with anger and hatred as she saw the naked women magically bound all around. “This place reeks of The Corruption,” she snarled. “I’ve no love for the women who choose the profession practiced in this establishment but even they do not deserve what that cursed item can do to them.”

She then looked Lillenna. The High Elf sat in her chair, moaning and drooling on herself as she kept playing with her breasts and making herself cum over and over again. “That poor woman must have been your opponent. I hope I’ve arrived in time to save her.”

Mason took a deep breath and stood, trying to look brave but not succeeding. “She was doomed the moment she agreed to play the game with me,” he said, his voice shaking from fear. “But I suppose you know that.”

The Silver Elf narrowed her eyes and she glared at Mason. “Oh yes, I know all about that thing behind you. I’ve come to make you pay for your crimes, but first I intend on destroying the Enchanted Duelist’s Deck so it will never harm another woman.”

“You can’t destroy it,” Mason declared, although he sounded far from certain. “Its magic is to powerful, to ancient.”

Loaen Hothmoare took a step forward, raising her massive ebony blade and wielding it with both hands. It throbbed with power that made Mason stumble back into the table. “its power is nothing compared to what is contained in my weapon. It will take only a single blow to shatter the cursed artifact and rend most of its power from it. Once weakened my power as a paladin will allow me to banish the thing for good from this world.” She started to move forward, green magical energy and mist swirling around and after her.

Mason threw himself between the woman and the cards on the table behind him, his eyes and hands igniting with flames. “You’ll have to get past me first,” he snarled, pulling a flaming hand back as a swirling fireball started to form in it. He threw the flaming ball at the paladin and it blasted towards her, growing larger and hotter with every inch it traveled through the air.

Loaen Hothmoare simply stepped to the side as she strode forward, swinging the blade of her massive sword up. The ebony blade sliced into the fireball as it neared her and the ball of fire turned into harmless wisps of black smoke.

“Your elemental magic is nothing to me,” she declared, roughly elbowing the naked man aside as she strode up to the table.

Mason landed on the ground, the wind knocked out of him. He looked up just as the paladin was lifting her huge weapon up into the air above her head. “NO!” he screamed, reaching out for the stone box and deck of cards on the table.

Loaen Hothmoare screamed in righteous fury and started to bring her blade down towards the table. It throbbed with so much power that the air around it shimmered and green lightning arced out towards the Enchanted Duelist’s Deck.

The magically bound whores in the room all screamed in joy through their gags. They were about to be saved. They could see it, feel it. The magic of the ebony blade and the paladin that wielded it was pressing the magic of the card game back. Their magic bindings started to spark and fade as her blade swung down. Lillenna blinked, letting go of her nipples. A hint of intelligence returned to her eyes.

For a few brief moments every pair of eyes in the room was on the blade and everyone was certain the magic of the Enchanted Duelist’s deck was about to be shattered. But as the arcing green bolts of magical lightning neared the components of the artifact there was a flash of red. A crackling force field made of red magical energy popped into existence around the table. The green lighting hit it and the field seemed to suck the energy up. A moment later Loaen’s ebony blade swung down into it and there was an explosion of powerful magic meeting powerful magic.

The blast sent nearly everyone in the room reeling back from the table. Mason and Lillenna flew back, the red ethereal chain on their legs preventing them from going very far. Loaen Hothmoare was knocked back onto her ass, her ebony sword flying from her hand and clattering onto the ground. “Impossible,” she snarled, already scrambling to retrieve her weapon.

Mason didn’t bother to try and get to his feet. He simple pressed himself up on one arm and reached out with his other towards the Silver Elf. A huge jet of flame shot out towards the paladin. She rolled, snarling in anger as she grabbed her huge sword and swung it up, a blast of magic blunting the flaming attack.

She leapt to her feet, thrusting the huge blade towards Mason. He tried to roll out of the way, throwing his arms up and summing a wall of flame around himself that should have prevented anything from nearing his body. But the ebony blade’s magic was far stronger than his and the flames simply parted, allowing it and the woman holding the weapon through without even as much as a singe to the billowing red robes extending from her armor.

There was a moment where the Silver Elf wore an expression of joy and triumph. Her blade was about to plunge into Mason and cut him in half. Once he was taken care of she’d be able to turn all her attention to the Enchanted Duelist’s Deck.

But the artifact had other plans. Its magic protected those playing it from all harm it did not itself inflict on them. The tip of her blade was mere inches before Mason’s chest when the shimmering red force field reappeared. As soon as the ebony blade met it there was another blast of energy that sent her flying back once more.

Mason yelped in joy, reaching up to place a hand on his chest were the blade would have impaled him. He laughed, sounding slightly insane. “You can’t hurt me!” he shouted, his flaming eyes wild. “The deck won’t allow it!”

“All magic, no matter how strong or ancient can be overpowered,” Loaen said, narrowing her eyes and looking at Mason with unrestrained hatred. “Your perversion will be put to an end this day.” Both figures rose slowly to their feet, staring each other down. Loaen held her ebony blade up, ready to deflect another magical attack.

Mason held his hands up, fire burning in swirling jets around them, but he did not attack. “You Sisterhood cunts really are stupid, you know that, don’t you?” he asked, punctuation the question with a cruel laugh.

“Your taunts mean nothing to me,” she replied, circling around him and slowly closing in.

“They should,” he quickly shot back. “Because I have the upper hand here. The Enchanted Duelist’s Deck will protect me from all harm. And although you are a great warrior I can already see the strain of the battle in your face. You must know that this ends with me triumphant. Save yourself some pain, lay down your weapon and surrender.”

“Never!” she snarled, lunging forward and swinging her sword at him. Again the red force field appeared, easily blunting her attack and sending her reeling back.

Mason unleashed the fire swirling in his hands. Jets of flame shot out and snaked around the ebony blade, wrenching the weapon from the Silver Elf’s hand and pulling it away from her. She screamed in alarm as the blade was thrown to the other side of the room, far out of reach.

Loaen hopped up onto her feet, drawing two smaller blades from her sides. “I can still fight you even without my ebony sword,” she declared but without the confidence that had formally been in her voice.

“You’re free to try,” Mason said, standing up straight and crossing his arms. “Come on then, warrior of the Sisterhood. Come make me pay for my perverse crimes.”

She screamed in rage and rushed forward but once again the force field popped into existence and prevented her from getting near to him.

As she stumbled back Mason threw both of his hands up, balls of fire bursting into existence in them that spun and swirled. Fire smoldered in his eyes as he muttered an arcane incantation and just as Loaen started to right herself jets of flame shot out from the ground around her, quickly reaching up and wrapping around her wrists and neck. She screamed in pain as the magical fire enveloped her flesh. The flame did not actually burn her skin but Loaen felt it was doing so. A moment later the fiery chains around her wrists and neck pulled her down onto her knees, pulling her arms out and down as her weapons dropped to the ground.

Mason took a step towards her, grinning wildly as the Silver Elf screamed and struggled in vain to break free. “Don’t you get it? This has all been a trap to ensnare someone like you. The deck was given to me by my master so that I could leave a trail of perversion and broken women behind, a trail the Sisterhood would pick up on. I let it be known this was where I was heading next, made sure I waited long enough for you to catch up to me hoping you’d arrive while the game was still being played.”

Loaen gritted her teeth as she winced in pain. “You’ll never get away with this! The Sisterhood will come and save me.”

Mason nodded. “Oh yes, of course they will. But they’ll have to find you first. If my master was able to orchestrate you stumbling into this rigged game don’t you think they will be prepared for anything else the Sisterhood sends our way?”

“Who is your master,” she demanded.

The fire mage raised a hand into the air then slowly tightened his fingers into a clenched fist. The flaming bindings around her tightened as he did this, causing her to scream again in pain. “You’ll find out. In time.” He paused and looked around. “But now I think the game is over. Don’t you agree?” he asked, looking at the deck.

The floating crystals flared with magical energy and sent a pulse of power rippling out through the room. Lillenna and all her whores convulsed and started to float up into the air, their eyes burning with red energy. Then, all at once, they all fell to their feet. For a moment they all stood in silence, unmoving. Then, slowly, they all turned to face Mason.

“You are all mine,” Mason declared, ecstatic joy on his face and in his voice.

In perfect unison they all replied. “Yes, Master. We are yours.”

Mason turned to look at the bound warrior struggling on the floor before him. “Even you, you huge uddered fuck-cow. At least that’s what you will be once the master has their way with you.”


* * *


The large room had once been a barn, a very big one. It wasn’t cattle that now filled the room, although the cruel men tending to the figures chained and bound about the place frequently called the women held captive there “fuck cows”.

All around the room women were chained. To the walls, the ceilings, to fence like bars that divided the room into smaller sections. Most of them were the whores that Mason had delivered to this place, although there had already been some women imprisoned there.

Many of the captive women had strange glassy eyes, some spell or potion leaving them stupefied and perpetually horny. The ones who still retained their full minds were mostly gagged, so their shouts and wails not work the other captives up.

Almost all of the chained women were being fucked, some by multiple men at once. Big, strong men that fucked these captive women all day and all night. As soon as one would grunt and unload his cum in one of the women another man would approach to take his place. Lines of captive women were bent over wooden bars, all of them being fucked from behind. Others stood chained to the center floor, big men holding them up by their asses or their waists, bouncing their bodies up and down their hard cocks.

Most of the men were naked. They moved form woman to woman, fucking till they had cum then going to a far corner were a pile of reinvigoration potions and refreshments sat on a large table. They’d have a drink of water or wine or ale, maybe eat a bite of bread or cheese, and then gulp down a potion. A moment later they would feel fully refreshed, their balls full and their cock’s hard again. Then they would return to the captive women, fucking more of them.

Only a few of the men walking through the room were not naked. These men wore black leather outfits and were armed with riding crops of small whips. They would frequently stop to whip or lash one of the defiant captive women till they were obedient. Other times they would stop and reprimand one of the men.

“What’ch ya do’n?” one of the leather clad men said to a naked.

The man was sitting on a stool, leaning back to rest on the wall of the barn behind him. His legs were spread open with a pretty, black haired Human kneeling between his legs. Her arms were tied behind her back and she was bent over, her face in his lap. He had hold of her head with both hands to hold it in place while he thrust up, pounding his hard cock up into her mouth over and over again.

“I said wat’cha do’n!” the leather clad man barked, slapping his riding crop onto the wall beside the man’s head.

He jumped in his seat, his cock pushing into the woman’s mouth and making her gag. “Didn’t see ya,” he replied, still fucking the woman’s face.

“Why ya do’n it that way? Won’t be able to get her pregnant cumming in her mouth. Don’t ya know that? Or is ya simple?”

The naked man rolled his eyes. “Aw, it’ll be fine. I already came in this one twice and as soon as I’m done I’ll just drink a potion and I can do it again. It’s just this one got’s such a pretty mouth, I just had to use it at least once. Side’s,” he added quickly as the man in leather started to raise his riding crop, “she might already be knocked up! We’ve been fucking them all for days now. How am I supposed to know she still needs cum? Cunts won’t start to show they are pregnant for a couple months, right?”

“Suppose so,” the man in leather mumbled. “Just make sure after this time you put your next few loads in their cunts. The master wants them all pregnant.”

The man started to move further through the room looking at the other women being fucked. He smiled and nodded. “That’s right, boys. You fuck their pussies and fill them with cum. We want ‘em all knocked up!”

He stopped to watch two men pressing in around a single woman. She was older with a thick build and was down on all fours, her hands and knees in the straw that covered the barn floor. Her large sagging breasts hung down below her body and swung wildly as the man behind her held her big fat ass and pounded into her as hard as he could.

Another naked man stood before her, one hand holding her hair. He had his hard cock in his other hand and was slapping her in the face. “Dumb ugly old whore,” he was snarling then laughing as he cock-slapped her again. “You’re an ugly bitch but you got big fat tits and a huge sexy ass. And your face, ugh! But damn you got really sexy cock-sucking lips. No wonder you was still a whore at your age.”

He slapped her in the face harder and she screamed, tears running down her face. “No more! Please, my pussy is so sore.”

The man simply cock-slapped her in the face harder and told her to be quiet. But the man in leather came up. “None of that,” he reprimanded the man cock-slapping her. “Don’t you remember the rules? The fuck-cows say they are sore you give them a reinvigoration potion or maybe a small draft of a healing draught. The master says we are to fuck them relentlessly but we are to keep them in good health.” He pulled a potion out of a pocket and poured some of the fluid down the woman’s throat.

A moment later all sign of discomfort was gone from her face. She began moaning along to the thrusts into her back side, her insides no longer raw and sore. Now there was only pleasure. But a few moment later she looked up at the man in leather. “Please,” she pleaded, then moaned in pleasure before continuing. “Please, I’m too old. I can’t get pregnant anymore! Tell them to stop.”

“Shut this slut up,” the man in leather said.

“Happily,” the other replied, stepping closer and ramming his cock into her mouth. He grabbed her head and held it in place while he savagely pounded her face, making her choke and gag.

“We ain’t do’n this just to knock all you whores up,” the man in leather said as the older woman was fucked from both ends. “The master wants you all pregnant but the energy you is giving off as you are fucked powers some magic of theirs.”

“Ain’t the only magic of the master’s,” the man fucking her face said, grunting in pleasure as he pulled his cock out of her mouth and came all over her face.

Her features twisted up in disgust then a moment later her eyes opened wide in shock. The cum all over her face started to glow with sparking red energy. It sizzled and started to dissolve, the magical energy forcing a powerful orgasm from her body. She had been about to scream in disgust and anger from her mistreatment but the scream became a howl of surprised, forced pleasure.

“Love the spell on these whores,” the man who had just cum said, letting go of the woman’s hair. “If the semen ain’t knocking them up it forces them to cum their dumb brains out!”

Not far from them, in the center of the room, a naked figure was chained down on her knees. She was the only woman in the room that none of the men approached which was surprising. She had a body that was all exaggerated curves, with breasts that seemed too big to be real. She was bound, naked, and vulnerable but it seemed her fate was simply to watch what was happening to the women around her.

Beside the woman Lillenna was standing, bent over forward before Mason. They were both naked and her backside was to him. Mason had hold of her wrists and held her up as he pounded into her, over and over again. Her large firm breasts flew wildly about. Her eyes were rolled up into her head and she was moaning and drooling in total sexual ecstasy.

The woman bound on the floor beside them glared up at Mason. “You vile bastards will never get away with this,” Loaen snarled.

Mason turned to look down at her. “Oh really? Look around Loaen, look at the faces of the women that were already here when I arrived with you all. Who do you see?”

The naked Silver Elf looked around, taking in the faces of the other captive women for the first time. She gasped, her head darting to look back at Mason. “I know them! They are members of the Sisterhood! But how?”

“Tricked just like you were,” he replied, grunting in pleasure as he slammed into Lillenna and came deep inside of her. He sighed in satisfaction and let go of her wrists. The nearly brainless High Elf collapsed to the floor, rolling over in the hay and spreading her legs. At once she started fingering herself, noisily squelching the cum dripping from her cunt-hole back into her.

Mason stretched then turned to face Loaen. His cock was dripping cum and slowly growing flaccid. But as he stared down at her, at her huge massive breasts, the sagging stopped and he started to grow hard again. “Those tits are truly a marvel,” he told her, reaching down and starting to stroke his cock. “They look to big to exist. Hell, if you were not a Silver Elf I doubt you’d be able to stand. They each must weigh… well, more than the fattest Halfling.”

She blushed in shame and tried to move her arms to cover her breasts, but the action did little to accomplish her goal. Even if her hands hadn’t been chained to the ground her hands and arms would only have been able to cover a small fraction of her huge breast’s full bulk.

“Why have none of you touched me?” she asked, defiant. “Am I to suffer by watching you fuck these poor women needlessly? And why do you need to impregnate them? What dark purpose does that serve!?”

“So many questions,” Mason mumbled, staring at her tits and jerking off. “Gods above I want your tits. But the master has said we are not to touch you, not even to cum on you. You are to be unspoiled when they arrive.”

Fear flashed over her face but was quickly replaced with anger. “And who is this master of yours? Why have they not shown themselves yet?”

Mason smiled. “Oh, someone you know. Someone you know very well. In fact, I think he should be arriving in just a moment.” The words hung in the air as he finished jerking off, staring at her huge breasts the whole time. When he finally came he pointed his cock down into the straw before her knees, his load landing mere inches away from her.

Loaen glared but said nothing, simply waiting for Mason’s master to arrive.

She didn’t have to wait long. A deep, boisterous voice suddenly called out to her. “Ah! The lovely, fat-titted Silver Elf that brought me such woe! How wonderful it is to see you defeated, stripped, and imprisoned by my men!”

Loaen turned, her heart pounding. She knew that voice. Her face twisted up in hatred as a fat middle aged man walked into sight. She knew him, knew his voice and knew his face. He looked almost exactly how he had looked the last time she saw him, although the clothing he wore was less decedent.

“Gervase Luckforth,” she snarled. “What rock did you crawl out from under?”

He tilted his head to the side and looked at her with humility on his face. “Why, the very rock you put me under. You remember, don’t you? I was one of the richest men in this land, a noble of the highest standings. I was able to use my money and influence to indulge in all kinds of wonderful perversions. But you and The Sisterhood put an end to all of that, didn’t you? You exposed me, exposed my private activities. Because of you I was stripped of all wealth and standing, cast out from proper society.

“The thing is,” he said, looking around the room, “I’ve found I fit in better with the low born scum I was forced to call my peers. I’ve not had to hide what I am from them. And it hasn’t taken me long to amass wealth and influence again, although I doubt I’ll ever be able to call myself a noble once more. But that’s okay, I find I like this life better.

“Some might even say I should thank you for helping me find a better life and all of these new friends. Some might say that but I won’t. I’d never thank you,” he said, turning and moving towards her quickly. His face was twisted up in hatred and he spat on her face. “I fucking despise you, you fat uddered Elf bitch! I’ve thought of nothing but having my revenge on you since the day you destroyed my life of comfort. And now I’ll have it, I’ll have sweet satisfying revenge AND it end with you helping re-earn the riches you caused to be stripped from me.”

Loaen leaned down and tried to wipe the spit on her face off onto her shoulder. “What are you talking about?” she demanded.

Gervase stood tall and stretched his arms out. “Look around you! All these fuck-cows, comely and soon their bellies will swell as will their breasts. You might not know this but there is no pussy like pregnant pussy. We’re going to fuck these women into madness and once they are all obedient little fuck-cows, only able to moo and drool for cock, we’ll take them all on the road, a traveling brothel full of pregnant fuck-cows! The novelty alone will ensure a steady flow of coin into our pockets.”

Her mouth fell open. “That’s…” She struggled to find a word. “That’s so vile it’s beyond words!”

The man shrugged. “Perhaps. But it’s their fate,” he stopped mid sentence and turned to her, “and yours as well.”

“No!” she gasped. “You can’t. I’d never—”

He lunged forward with unexpected speed. His hands shot out and he grabbed her nipples, pinching painfully tight and tugging up on her breasts.

She was a Silver Elf. That meant her breasts weren’t just over-sized but naturally sensitive to a degree the women of almost any other race would find unimaginable.  Loaen threw her head back and howled. She howled in pain and from forced pleasure, the violent pinch and tugs nearly making her cum.

The fat man let go of her nipples, watching with great joy as her huge heavy breasts plopped down and bounced prettily. “I’ve dreamed so much about what I would do to these tits of yours once I had you in my power.”

She was panting and still recovering from the abuse to her breasts, still she managed to look up, defiance burning in her eyes. “You are a sick, perverse monster that has given himself over to The Corruption. You will pay for your crimes!”

He laughed. “The Corruption? Ha! You Sisterhood sluts are so delusional. There is no dark sinister power corrupting Alaria. Sexual perversion just is. Those of us you claim are infected by this force are just acting out on the desires ALL men feel. And you women are no different, inside all of you is a needy cum hungry slut just waiting to be dominated by a man and his cock.”

LIES!” she snarled.

“Truth,” he replied calmly as he started to undress. As soon as he was naked he grabbed his cock, which was already rock hard, and pointed it at her. “Worship your new master, fuck-cow.”

Loaen glared at him, refusing to look at his dick.

“You can’t ignore your master,” he told her, taking a step closer and waving his cock before her face. “No? Still defiant? Well then, I suppose your new master will have to beat you for your disobedience.”

He then started smacking her in the face with his hard cock. He smacked her cheeks, her mouth, her nose, her forehead. He cock-slapped her over and over again, relentless meaty blows that made her shout and cry in humiliation. He stood, cock-slapping her till the mighty Silver Elf warrior was in tears from the abuse.

“Submit to my cock, fuck-cow,” he demanded.

Loaen sniffled back her tears and look up at him. She was trying to look defiant but she was failing. It was clear that she was already near the breaking point. She’d spent her life fighting against sexual perversion and now, surrounded by so much, she found herself overwhelmed by it. “I’ll never submit,” she said with a shaky voice.

“You will,” Gervase replied firmly. “You will because you are a Silver Elf and thus you have one major weakness. It’s why so many of you join the Sisterhood, deep down you know you need the protection of a chaste life less you give into your weakness.”

She knew exactly what the man was talking about. “You’re a vile pig of a man,” she muttered, arching her back and leaning forward, trying to hide her breasts.

Gervase grabbed a thick handful of the silver colored hair on the back of her head and jerked her head back. She yelped in pain then gasped as he stepped in closer, pressing his cock into her naked breasts. “No!” she begged. “Don’t, not that. Please don’t use my breasts in this way, as if they were my womanhood for you to fuck!”

“Yes,” he growled, pressing in closer to her body till his throbbing hard cock was wedged completely between her breasts. “I’m going to fuck your tits. I’m going to pound them till you cum over and over again because we both know they are sensitive enough for that to happen. I will titfuck you into submission.

“Look around you. You’ve seen my men fucking these other fuck-cows for days without stop. I’ve a mighty store of reinvigoration and healing potions. With their aid I’ll be able to fuck your fat udders for days without end. You WILL break. You WILL become a willing fuck-cow. And then I’ll impregnate you and I will take you and the rest of these fuck-cows on a tour of every land, a traveling brothel where the men of countless kingdoms and nations shall fuck you over and over again and all you’ll be able to do is moo in delight.”

Loaen didn’t have a response. She only had fear, intense fear because she knew his words would end up being true. There was no hope for her and she was doomed.


* * *


“So how did you get all your, uh, ‘fuck-cows’?” the farmer asked Mason.

The former adventurer smiled. “It’s a bit of a long story,” he replied. “The short version is I won them in a game. Of course, it was a rigged game so I knew from the start I’d have them all.”

The man nodded but it was clear he wasn’t really listening any more. He was rubbing at the visible erection in his pants as he stared at the enclosure that the traveling brothel had erected in the field on the side of the road into town.

Inside the enclosure were a large number of naked women. They were mostly Human but there were a few of other races, most notably a stunningly pretty blond High Elf and a Silver Elf with ridiculously huge breasts. They were all walking about on all fours like animals and each had on a leather collar with a big cow bell secured to it.

Men were gathered all around the enclosure. Attendants moved through the gathered crowd taking money from the men then letting them into the enclosure. Once inside the men would take their pants off and choose a woman and begin doing whatever he wanted to them. The women allowed it, most with happy enthusiasm on their faces. But instead of moaning in pleasure the women only mooed.

“What’s wrong with them all?” the farmer asked Mason.

“What do you mean?” he replied.

“Well… It ain’t normal, is it? I know whores are… Well, whores, but this ain’t normal even for them, is it? I thought they would be acting when I first heard about them but looking at them… Their eyes, it’s in their eyes. Vacant. Like they are less than a normal being. They remind me of real cows, you look at them and you can see they’ve got no soul.”

Mason shrugged. “They are fuck-cows.” It was the only reply he ever gave and the one his master had taught him to give. “So, kind ser, are you just looking today or do you want to pay to enter the pen? You can have any one of them, do whatever you want to them as long as you do no lasting harm.”

The farmer eagerly reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of coins. “Here. I’ve never been so hard, I have to go fuck one of them.” He started to move forward but stopped. “I can have any of them?”

“Oh yes,” Mason said with an eager nod. “But if you ask me I’d choose one of the two Elves. The High Elf there, she’s my favorite. I’m proud to say the baby in her huge belly, I put that there. And her tight Elf pussy, it’s only improved as her pregnancy has advanced. Most of them are going to give birth sometime in the next month or two but we plan to get them pregnant again as soon as possible. Fuck-cows should be knocked up. Besides, it makes their tits even bigger and more fun to play with. How they moo in delight when having their tits tugged or sucked on or even fucked!”

Mason watched the man as he entered the pen and undressed. He headed straight for the woman that had once been the owner of a brothel. He smiled, thinking back to the day he tricked her into playing the rigged game with him. She’d been so stupid. He even chuckled when he thought about the wager he’d put down. The pile of blue mage stones had won her over and she had never even discovered they had all been fakes.

He looked away from Lillenna the fuck-cow and saw the woman who had at one point been a mighty warrior of The Sisterhood. Loaen the fuck-cow was being fucked by a hulking Minotaur that helped run one of the nearby farms. The brute had seemed immeasurably pleased by the perversion of their traveling brothel, the idea of women turned into cows making his mighty cock hard. He’d come with his life savings and was happily spending every coin to fuck all day.

The Minotaur had one huge hand wrapped around the top of the Silver Elf’s head and held her in place as he pounded her from behind. Her huge pregnant belly hung down under her, her gigantic swollen breasts swinging widely as the beastly man savagely pounded her. She had a look of pure ecstasy on her face and was mooing loudly in delight.

“What a glorious sight, isn’t it?” Gervase Luckforth said as he walked up to Mason.

“It really is. You’re a man of true vision, it’s why I left the life as an adventurer to follow you.”

Gervase nodded. “It was my vision but you made it come true. And I’m glad you’re here with me. You don’t use your magic much anymore but it makes me feel safe knowing you could.”

“Turns out we didn’t need it,” Mason said, referring to the incident from the previous week.

“No, we didn’t. But when that group of Sisterhood troops approached I thought we would. I nearly shit myself when they said they had come looking for Loaen. But they didn’t recognize her, they were adamant no member of their organization could become what these women had become.”

“Dumb bitches,” Mason mumbled happily.

Both men leaned on the fence to the enclosure and stared happily at their fuck-cows. Each of them knew this was their happy ending and were not bothered in the slightest that it had come at the cost of a band ending for each of the women before them.

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