The Northern Outpost (Part Two)

 Part Two


Duron Knot was in a small wooden cabin that served both as the Commander’s private quarters and his personal office where he sat at his desk and wrote in the daily log. He was supposed to chronicle the outpost’s events every day, keeping a complete history of the Northern Outpost’s mission progress. There were times where so little happened at the outpost that all he added besides the date was the word “uneventful”.

He sighed, looking at the blank page before him. The last few days hadn’t been uneventful, he just wasn’t sure how much of the events he should record for posterity.

After dipping his quill into a bottle of ink he started scribbling, telling of Ilvuna’s arrival and her healing of Joran Whent. Duron decided not to add any details about how the healing was conducted, and refused to mention how he himself had helped the new cleric recharge her holy powers afterwards. He did, however, make note that she was a follower of Ynara, hoping any who read the book would be able to read between the lines.

As the sun had set on the night of her arrival Ilvuna had insisted on staying with Joran.“To ensure his healing is complete,” she has said. That had left Duron alone when the outpost’s two other Rangers had returned from their patrol. He ended up being thankful that the scantily clad cleric was out of sight when they arrived as they had events to report that he needed to hear, and her presence would surely have distracted them.

Before he had a chance to tell them that they had a new member and fresh supplies they had begun to inform him of what had transpired on their patrol. “The Rangers reported a strange beam of purple light seen in the distance, coming from the World’s End Mountains to the north,” he wrote, still unsure what to make of this. The returned Rangers were unsure as well, and were distracted from that apparition because of what had happened not long after witnessing the brief and distant light.

Not long after seeing the strange light flicker and disappear they heard the howl of wolves in the distance. Both Rangers, Anneyce Andrade and Teyl Dati, not only had years of experience at the northern outpost but had each grown up in small settlements not far from the northern border of Vulfrell.

“We both know that sound,” Anneyce had said firmly.

Teyl had nodded. “I agree. Those were not normal wolves. Those were Ice Wolves. It’s been years since the last packs were driven north out of the Great Northern Forest and into the Frozen Wastes. This could mean that their numbers have returned to their previous size and that there soon could be hordes of the beasts heading this way.”

The animals were monstrously large, nearly the size of a horse. They were fast and agile, and their frightening maws able to rip an unarmored man apart with ease. But they were more than over-sized wolves. The beasts were infused with some ancient magic that made it so the air around them grew colder, and they were able to bellow out blasts of magical energy that could freeze their prey in place or even fully encrust them in ice.

Duron had called for calm. The sound of one Ice Wolf howling in the distance wasn’t enough to cause a panic. He said they’d need to send out more frequent patrols to determine if the wolf they heard was a lone animal or the beginning of a new wave of carnage. If packs of the beasts WERE moving south they would need to know so they could spread the word and call for reinforcements. The Commander reminded the Rangers that they had fended off the last incursion of the breasts, and they would be able to do it again.

“But there were nearly three times as many of us then,” Anneyce had protested. Duron had taken that moment to inform them of the Ranger that had joined their ranks, as well as telling them that more Rangers were supposedly on their way.

The ink in his quill ran dry as Duron finished recording the possible return of the Ice Wolves. He dipped it in the ink pot once more and finished his sentence, then put the quill down. The meeting between the two newly returned Rangers and Ilvuna had been tense, but he didn’t think he need include that bit of drama in the log.

But the meeting was now on his mind, and he began to go over the events again in his head. He was the Commander of the Northern Outpost, after all, and it was his job to make sure all the Rangers under his command were able to work together. As he sat alone in his small room he pondered just how he was going to do that now that Ilvuna had joined them.

From the instant both returned Rangers had set eyes on the cleric, Duron knew there were going to be issues. As Ilvuna had approached from across the courtyard both Rangers had stared at her, a mix of disbelief, bewilderment, and anger playing across their faces.

Like him, Anneyce and Teyl both dressed in thick layers of warm clothing and leather armor, all covered in thick fur cloaks. But Ilvuna, kept magically warm by the blessing of her goddess, wore little more than a few strips of white cloth that barely counted as clothing. Enough of her almost inhumanly curvaceous body was exposed to see that, like an Elf maiden, she kept her crotch shaved of all hair. And her breasts, the largest Duron had ever seen on a female, were barely covered at all. The areolas of her nipples peaked out form the sides of the two white strips of cloth that attempted to keep her voluminous breasts in check.

During the initial introductions both Anneyce and Teyl had looked visibly uncomfortable by Ilvuna’s chosen outfit. Duron was sure that part of this had been the strangeness of her magical resistance to the cold, but it was clear that it was far more than that.

It was easy to tell why Teyl was so uncomfortable and agitated by her presence. The other Rangers were unaware of it, but Teyl had not become a Vulfrellian Ranger by choice. He had at one time served as a member of the town guard where he had grown up. He had been imprisoned by his fellow guards after taking liberties with an inebriated woman. A woman that turned out to be the daughter of the town’s Mayor.

The man had been furious. He vowed to keep Teyl imprisoned in a cell for the rest of his life, never to be allowed to see another woman as long as he lived. It wasn’t known by most in the Kingdom of Vulfrell, but there was an ancient law that dictated that all but crimes short of murder could be commuted if one vowed to spend the rest of their life as a member of Vulfrellian Rangers. It was a law rarely used any more, but Teyl had invoked its use.

Since coming to the Northern Outpost the man had made it clear to Duron that he was ashamed of what had happened. He confessed that yes, he had a weakness for women, but he intended never to let that weakness make him act in such a wicked way again. He had even gone as far as to take a vow of celibacy before the Commander to make his point. And as far as Duron knew the man had managed to keep to that vow.

Of course, the vow hadn’t been hard to keep over the last few years. Anneyce Andrade had been the only female Ranger stationed at the outpost for some time. Like Teyl she was a highly skilled swordsmen and tracker. She was also the best archer any of them had seen. Like Teyl she preferring to spend the majority of her time in the wilds, hunting monsters and bandits. She had never shown any interest in men, and none of the three Rangers could ever remember her mentioning sex in any manner.

It wasn’t that she was unattractive. She in fact had a fairly pretty face with petite, rounded boyish features that Duron didn’t find personally pleasing but figured many would. Unlike the majority of women in Vulfrell she kept her thick wild hair short, like that of a man. She carried herself in such a masculine way that most who met her thought she was a man till she spoke.

And her figure did little to reveal her gender. She rarely took the thick layers of clothing she wore off, even when back at the outpost and in a building heated by a raging fire. So her figure mostly remained hidden in a way that left her figure and gender impossible to tell at most times.Duron had seen once that she had wide, feminine hips but he’d never seen more than a vague outline of the rest of her body.

So Anneyce was not a woman that many would feel tempted by, barely recognizable as a sexual being. And after a few years of serving next to her, slaying beasts and spending weeks at a time in the cold wilds, it was clear that Teyl thought of her only as a fellow Ranger.

But here was a new woman, one the currently chaste Teyl had never seen in combat and that walked around practically naked, showing off a body that could be easily described as “indecent”. The man was clearly struggling with demons he had long tried to keep at bay.

When he came to Duron directly after the initial introduction and asked if he could return to patrolling the wilds before even spending a single night of rest in the outpost, the Commander understood. He kindly told him to resupply and head back out. “But keep your patrol close to the Border Road. If packs of Ice Wolves are returning, our primary goal will be to keep any travelers safe, at least until reinforcements arrive to help us drive them back north.” Teyl had nodded and then quickly left, obviously looking forward to spending time alone in the cold.

If the man hadn’t volunteered to head back out, Duron would have had to send someone anyways. The Northern Outpost sat at the intersection of the Border Road, which ran from east to west just below the northern border of Vulfrell, and the Northern Road, which ran from the capital in the center of Vulfrell and ended at the Northern Outpost. Unlike the Northern Road, which was rarely traveled, the Border Road saw fairly frequent use. There were a number of small towns and villages under its protection and traders and travelers frequently moved between them.

The Northern Outpost even housed a guesthouse for travelers to stay in, as the two nearest settlements in either direction along the Border Road were fairly far away. Even when their supplies were low the Rangers freely gave travelers a warm meal and a warm cabin with soft beds to sleep in for at least one night before sending them on their way.

With Teyl off patrolling the Border Road, Duron would be able to put off managing how the troubled Ranger would deal with Ilvuna’s presence till later. In the meantime he was going to have to iron out things between the cleric and Anneyce. Her problem with the cleric was harder to figure out; although he suspected that Anneyce’s issue was with the way the cleric was flaunting both her femininity and sexuality.  Perhaps Anneyce was afraid the presence of a woman so sexually open would change the way her fellow warriors viewed her – not as an equal but as a woman who needed their protection.

Over the last few days Anneyce had been spending her time giving Ilvuna angry, nasty looks. She treated the cleric with uncharacteristic rudeness and frequently left rooms that Ilvuna entered, even if was in the middle of some task. For her part Ilvuna seemed not to notice the way the other Ranger was treating her, either because she was being polite and ignoring the woman’s actions or because she really was just as oblivious he seemed.

He leaned back in his chair, deep in thought. Perhaps if Anneyce saw that Ilvuna was an able warrior? He stroked his scruffy beard thinking about this. The High Commander wouldn’t have sent her north if she wasn’t able to hold her own in a fight; he had no doubts about that. Perhaps if the two women spent some time alone, out in the wilds slaying beasts?

And then there was Joran Whent. The chubby alchemist had been following Ilvuna around like a lost puppydog since he had woken up. He opened doors for her and rushed to hand the woman anything she reached for. He took any opening to thank her for saving his life and blushed furiously every time she spoke to him.

Joran had grown up in a small village that lay along the Northern Road that was in the process of dying out. He had been the only one of his generation that had been born and grew up with no peers his own age. He’d joined the Rangers to see the world but had spent only a short time in the capital being trained as an alchemist before being sent north. As such he’d seen and interacted with only a few young women in his life, and almost certainly never seen one as openly sexual as Ilvuna.

It was hard to tell if the young man was following the cleric around because he felt in debt to her after she saved his life or if he was physically infatuated with her. It occurred to Duron that it could easily be both of these things.

Duron was startled from his thoughts by a loud knock on his door. He quickly got to his feet, instinctively placing a hand on the hilt of his sword. Even though they were inside the walls of the outpost one could never be too safe. “Yes, who is it?” he asked loudly, standing ready.

Through the thick wooden door he heard the muffled voice of Joran Whent. “Commander Knot, there are travelers at the gate asking to stay the night.”

“Well, go let them in,” Duron said to the pudgy alchemist as he threw the door open. “I know you slept for weeks due to your illness, but our mission is still the same: guard the borders of Vulfrell and give aid and comfort to those who travel its roads!”


* * *


The three Rangers present at the Northern Outpost sat at their dining hall’s large table, across from their two guests. Joran Whent had just finished bringing the dinner to the table: bowls of steaming hot soup along with mugs of heated spiced cider and chunks of cheese served alongside hunks of bread. All of the food they were eating had arrived with Ilvuna and was an appreciated change from the normal rations they ate.

Joran had made a production of making sure Ilvuna had received the mug of cider he said was heated to her exact like before sitting down next to her, his face bright red. Commander Knot thought little of this, thinking that the young man was simply continuing to fawn over the cleric as he had been doing for the past few days. But he was VERY wrong.

Afterwards Joran sat in silence, looking down at his soup as he slowly ate it. He was unable to look up, to meet the eyes of anyone that sat at the table. He knew no one there had any way of knowing that he had slipped something into Ilvuna’s drink, but he was afraid they would be able to see the guilt he felt in his eyes.

And Joran DID feel a great deal of guilt, but he also felt no regret. Since waking from his illness he had been able to think of little other than Ilvuna. It wasn’t just that she was the most beautiful, sexually charged being he had ever set eyes on. Her beauty, her over-powering sexuality even followed him into his sleep.

He’d spent every night since being cured, tossing and turning as vivid images of Ilvuna filled his dreamscape. He saw her naked, doing indecent sexual things with and to him. Things he had never seen happen before, things he had never even imagined possible. The dreams were like visions, so intense and real that he awoke shaking. And always, when he woke, it was with a painfully hard erection that needed immediate attention.

Laying in his bed alone he’d furiously masturbate, thinking of Ilvuna. Thinking of her lips, of the plump curve of her large ass, of the hairless slit of her womanhood; but mostly he thought of her breasts. They were so large that they overwhelmed his young mind, sending his budding libido into overdrive.

The previous night had been the worst. The dreams had seemed to last forever. He’d begin to wake, aware of his rock hard erection, but unable to begin masturbating as he was quickly pulled back into his vision-filled sleep.

Eventually a shadowed figure had appeared in his dream, standing behind Ilvuna. The figure had been impossible to make out. They seemed to be eternally hidden in shadows that were colored dark purple, shadows that seemed to writhe and twist at the edges as if they were made of countless tentacles.

The shadowed figure spoke to him with a feminine voice that was deep and husky, yet lyrically enchanting. “You want her?” the mysterious figure said. “You need her… need her breasts, don’t you Joran Whent?”

“Yes!” he had screamed in his dreamscape before falling to his knees and beginning to sob uncontrollably. “What is happening to me? Why can’t I control my desires for this woman?”  He looked up at the shadowed figure, feeling that it could give him relief. “What should I do?” he asked, his voice full of desperation.

“You don’t need to control these desires,” the figure had whispered. “You have all you need to take what you want from her…” Her shadowed arm reached out towards him. For a moment he thought he could see pale, feminine fingers reaching for him, but they seemed to melt away into shadows that then transformed into multiple purple tentacles. They reached behind him, disappearing momentarily out of sight, before returning with their suction cupped undersides wrapped around a collection of glass bottles.

“Those… those are some of my alchemical ingredients,” Joran had said, confused.

“Yessssssss,” the voice hissed. “Look at them, together these specific ingredients can make a potion that will put the drinker into a deep restful sleep for one night. You need only make this sleeping draught and slip it into Ilvuna’s drink at dinner, then you shall be able to do whatever you wish with her…”

“I… I can’t,” he had stuttered. But then his mind filled with images of him standing naked beside Ilvuna’s bed. He saw all the things he could do to her body while she slept, saw himself getting away with the act. Saw that he would be a fool NOT to take advantage of her so.

“She wants you too,” the voice said from the shadows. “Look at the way she dresses. Look at the perverse goddess she worships. It would PLEASE her goddess if you took her so, as long as you paid most of your attention to her breasts.”

“Y-yes… Yes, she wants me to do this,” he said, certainty growing in his voice. “It’s what I am meant to do!” He’d then woke with a start, sitting up with his eyes wide open. He leapt from bed, vaguely aware that for the first time since being healed he had not woken up with a painful erection. He dashed across his small room to the table where he kept his alchemical components and mixed his potions.

He quickly gathered the ingredients he had seen in his dream and began mixing them together. Somehow he knew exactly how much of each ingredient to add, knew how long to mix and boil them even though he had never made a sleeping draught before. When he was done, when he held the potion in a small vial in his hand, it was as if a mad fever had just run its course. He was himself again, and as he stared down at the potion he knew he had everything he needed to make his fantasies and dreams a reality.

All he had had to do was wait. Again, he wasn’t sure how he knew, but he was certain that the potion would take a little bit to begin affecting Ilvuna and that he’d need to put it in her drink as they began dinner. She’d start to grow slightly drowsy as she ate, able to finish her meal before feeling suddenly tired. She’d ask for someone to help her back to her quarters. Joran would volunteer. She’d fall into a deep sleep by the time he led her to her bed and then nothing would wake her till morning…

His only worry was the other Rangers. Commander Knot and Anneyce might notice when he didn’t return from her quarters. Maybe he’d need to wait till later, till after they were all asleep?

“Don’t worry,” a husky voice said in the back of his mind as he continued to eat his soup. “They will be too preoccupied to notice. You go have your fun with Ilvuna; they will all be busy with fun of their own…” The voice faded away, becoming a whisper that he immediately forgot he had heard, leaving behind only certainty that his plan was safe to carry out. All he had to do was sit and wait till Ilvuna proclaimed she was too tired to remain in the dining hall.


* * *


Teyl Dati marched at a steady pace through the thick snow that covered the Border Road. Near the Northern Outpost the road was more of a trail, barely wide enough to handle a single cart. And it was so infrequently used that the fresh layer of snow that lay on the ground had yet to be disturbed by person or beast.

Tall pine trees towered above him on both sides of the road, looming more than forty feet above his head. Their thick, dark needle filled branches were covered in snow as well, making them seem even more like a solid arboreal wall that pressed in on him. A thick ice fog had begun to descend on the path just as dusk had set in, making the world before, behind, and above him begin to disappear. As the mist grew thicker his world shrunk, till he could barely see the tree tops above him or more than thirty feet or so before him.

As the sun set the fog before him lit up with a final burst of light. Slowly it changed from white to yellow to orange then began to fade into a dark purplish green, same as the shadows in the trees that surrounded him.

He stopped and pulled an emberstone torch out of his traveling pack. The top of the torch was wrapped in a black cloth, which he removed to reveal a chunk of semi-transparent orange stone about the size of his fist. As the open air hit the emberstone it lit up, bathing the surrounding area with an orange hued light. The stone shown about as bright as a flame tipped torch would, but its orange-hued light was steadier and the glowing stone required no fuel. Emberstone had a long life and his torch would last years if he remembered to wrap it well when not using it.

Holding the torch up he saw that its light barely lit the distance from one side of the road to the next because of the thick ice fog. And as he stood trying to decide what to do next the fog only grew thicker.

“Won’t be much good to try and patrol in this…” he mumbled. He trudged forward a little more till he found a small clearing on the side of the road that was used as a resting area. There were places like this all along the road: patches where the thick underbrush had been cleared out and the ground was relatively flattened. Remnants of past fires could be found in them, or maybe even small makeshift shelters made of tree branches.

The trees above this small area gave natural cover, leaving the ground mostly free of snow. There was the chance this was a natural occurrence, but from the way the tree trunks were shaped and the branches of different trees were interwoven above, Teyl was fairly certain a druid had used their magic to shape this little rest area.

The night was young but already growing bitterly cold, the ice mist only adding to the chill he felt. It pressed in on him from every angle, filling his body with a damp chill that would eventually freeze him to the bone. He took his pack off and planted the emberstone torch in the ground, moving out into the illuminated forest to find some firewood. As he had hoped, there was a pile of wood hidden under the nearby snow, collected and left by someone who had previously used the spot. “Hell,” he mumbled as he picked the wood up, “might even have been me that left it here.”

With an armful of wood in hand he sat on a large rock, obviously placed there to function as a makeshift chair, and began building a fire. Before using his flint to ignite the piled wood he had built up in the fire pit, he held his hands out above it. He mumbled a few words in an arcane language, watching as his hands glowed green for a moment before the green energy transferred down into the fire pit and soaking into the wood as it disappeared from view. The simple , one all the Rangers knew, would ensure that a single load of wood burnt all night and that the heat that came off of it was far warmer than its size would normally allow.

With a strike on his flint the kindling below the stacked wood ignited in green flames that quickly enveloped the wood, creating a large flame that quickly warmed his cold flesh. For a few minutes Teyl simply sat, enjoying the feel of the warmth from the flickering green flames chasing the chill from his body. He was just about to get to work building a shelter for the night when out of the corner of his eye he saw a light appear in the fog, down along the Border Road.

He quickly got to his feet and drew his sword, crawling into the shadows of the nearby trees, far away from the green light of the fire and his bright emberstone torch. It was the sworn duty of all Rangers to protect those that traveled Vulfrell’s roads, but this far north anyone met on the road was just as likely to be a bandit as an honest traveler. And bandits, knowing the Rangers were sworn to protect others from ones such as them, were in the habit of attacking Rangers on sight.

Keeping low to the ground he waited. The bobbing light slowly moved forward, casually taking shape. It was a traditional torch held in a cloaked traveler’s hand. The figure was walking in the center of the road, doing nothing to hide their advance. Bandits didn’t act like this… And the way the figure was dressed indicated they were no skulking bandit. They were either a mercenary or adventurer, although most Rangers saw little difference between the two types of travelers.

Crawling out from his hiding place Teyl got to his feet, brushing snow from his clothing. He stood tall, making it clear he held a weapon but not holding it up in challenge. “Ho!” he shouted, his voice echoing through the imposing forest around him. The cloaked figure froze where they stood, one arm moving to grab the hilt of their own sword. “I am Teyl Dati of the Vulfrellian Rangers. I watch over this road. Come forward and identify thyself.”

He watch as the figure relaxed, their hand falling from their weapon. “Ho!” a feminine voice called back as the woman began to approach. “I am Rothais Pianta. My legs are weary and my feet tired, may I join you at camp this night?”

It was the traditional exchange of strangers on the road, declaring they were both beings of honor and were to be trusted. Teyl put his sword back into its sheath and waved her over to his small camp. The stranger put her torch out in the snow as she approached, tucking it into her traveling pack then approached in shadow.

From a distance Teyl had thought the woman fat and under dressed for the cold, perhaps maintained by her significant bulk. But as she came into the light of his torch and fire he could see he had been mistaken. Under her green traveling cloak she had on many layers of thick furs that were more than enough for the winter cold that surrounded them. And although it was hard to tell for certain under all those layers, he suspected the woman actually had a rather petite figure.

“I’m glad I found you,” she said as she sat down on a rock near the fire, shivering as the green flames began to warm her body. “This fog seems to be growing thicker by the minute and I was starting to worry I would lose my way. The road is easy enough to follow in the day, but if the fog grew any thicker I might have missed a turn and found myself taking a side path and getting lost in the woods.”

She turned to Teyl and threw her hood back, revealing a young and pretty face with narrow, thin features. She had thick, dark eyebrows that made her large eyes look even bigger than they actually were. Her brown hair was cut short in the back but long in the front and would have covered her face if it hadn’t been pulled to the side behind her ears. As she spoke the hair on one side fell from ear, cascading forward and covering one side of her face.

Faint steam came from her mouth as she spoke, the fire not having had enough time to fully warm the air around it. The wisps of frozen water vapor drew Teyl’s attention to the woman’s mouth. It was small, but wide. Her lips were thin and narrow, yet compared to the rest of her narrow and small features they looked plump and inviting. He immediately felt himself grow hard as images of this woman using that pretty mouth on his manhood filled his mind.

He shook his head, chasing the mental images away. “I’m sorry,” he mumbled. “I got lost in my own thoughts there for a moment. What were you saying?”

Rothais laughed. “Obviously! I asked if I could make camp with you for the night. I’d be more than happy to share some of my provisions with you,” she said, pulling her traveling pack off her back and setting it by her feet before reaching into it for some food.

He held up his hand. “There is no need for that! If anything I should offer you some of mine. I’m less than a day’s journey from the fort I call home. My guess is you’ve already been on the road for a long time and won’t have the chance to get new provisions anytime soon. Tell me, what brings you so far north? Does your destination lay further east along the Border Road?”

She began chewing on some provisos from her pack, stopping only after a few bites to answer his question. “No, I actually planned on heading north into the Great Northern Forest soon. I’m looking to explore some of the ruins that lay beyond. I was hired by the College of Magic to look for ancient artifacts to bring back to them at the capital for study.”

“So you are a mage?” Teyl asked, suddenly thinking he had misjudged the traveler.

“Oh no,” she said before taking another bite of her food. “I’m just an adventurer working for the new bounty they recently decided to pay for such artifacts.”

Teyl tried not to let the disappointment he felt show on his face. Rangers looked down on mercenaries and adventurers. Both groups had the skills and experience to keep Vulfrell safe, and in fact most of their actions did just that. But mercenaries did it when paid, while adventurers… well, they worked for coin too, but seemed far more interested in the personal glory that came from their hectic and dangerous lifestyle.

For a time they sat in silence, Teyl pulling some provisions of his own out and joining her in the evening meal. Rothais seemed exhausted from her day of travel, happy to just sit and stare into the green flames of the fire. Her state of weary distraction was a good thing because Teyl was having a very hard time not staring at her pretty lips. He was certain that if she had noticed there would certainly have been problems.

Once his stomach felt full he got to his feet and began building a shelter for the night, hoping to distract himself from the pretty young adventurer sitting so near. Using branches covered in thick pine needles he cut from nearby trees he weaved a kind of thick covering that he placed over skeletal framework made of thicker stripped branches. Together it formed a domed hut that sat low to the ground, just all enough for a man to sit up in. The side facing the fire was left open so the heat from the magic infused flames could warm its interior. When finished the structure was big enough for both he and adventurer to spread their bed rolls in.

It would keep some of their natural body heat in while they slept, but on its own it wouldn’t be enough to keep them warm enough to survive the night if it grew any colder. Teyl stood between the hut waving his hands about and muttering another incantation. Using another simple cantrip he made it so the heat coming off the fire would flow mainly into the small hut, making the makeshift shelter more than warm enough no matter how cold the night grew.

“There we go,” he said, rolling his own bedroll onto one side of the hut. “It might end up being a little crowded in there, but it should keep the cold out.” He turned back to the adventurer and gave her a kind smile, waving at the side of the hut he had reserved for her.

She didn’t look particularly impressed. She was probably able to construct similar shelters if she was traveling out her on foot. But as she got to her feet and spread her own bedroll into the hut she did thank him for his work before sitting back down by the fire. She stretched, yawning. “I tell you what, I’m beat and looking forward to the warmth I can feel flowing in there, but I’m not yet ready for sleep. Sit down with me, Ranger, and tell me what you know about the ruins I’ll be heading off in search of once the sun rises.”

Teyl sat down across from her, filled with disappointment. He didn’t realize it till then, but he had been eager to get in the small shelter and spend the night sleeping close to a woman. Sure, he slept next to Anneyce like that when they went on patrol together, but he didn’t really think of her as a woman.

Consoling himself that he’d still end up sleeping beside the young beauty before long he made himself comfortable. “They are much like the ruins spread over the rest of Vulfrell,” he began.“No one really knows who made them. Most are simply empty ruins of forgotten and abandoned keeps or outposts. Someare tombs, crumbling with age. There are some that hold ancient treasures, but those tend to be guarded either by defenses their builder’s left behind or monsters that have been drawn to the treasure hidden within.”

He took a deep breath then continued. “We Rangers tend to ignore them. Unless something sinister that’s attacked travelers has made home in a ruin we mostly pass them over on our patrols. And almost all of the ruins lay beyond the Border Road on the other side of the Great Northern Forest out in the Frozen Wastes. We rarely travel that far north unless it’s to chase specific prey. We are concerned with keeping things out of Vulfrell, not with exploring those lands that lay beyond our borders.”

She nodded her head. “So you don’t know much about what lies in the Frozen Wastes?”

“Well…. Our patrols do take us there at times. As the name suggests it’s mostly a vast wasteland, hilly tundra covered in thick blankets of snow and rocky outcroppings. Little is to be found there other than the occasional ruin, at least until you get to the World’s End Mountains. Few Rangers have ever traveled that far north, and those that have rarely return. There are ruins there; you can see them from a distance built into the mountains. They are rumored to be haunted by ancient evils. But, well, you hear such tales about all places now abandoned and infrequently visited by people.”

While Teyl spoke Rothais sat and listened. He suspected he hadn’t told her anything she didn’t already know. He noticed that she hadn’t eaten beyond the first few bites of her food. He pulled his out again and offered some to her. She shook her head no.

“Please,” Teyl said. “I really think you should have some of mine.”

Rothais blinked then looked down at the food as if seeing it for the first time. “Well… okay, I suppose it would be prudent. You can resupply sooner than I can.” Teyl was surprised that she had changed her mind so suddenly. She had seemed determined not to accept the food he was offering.

As she reached out to take the food he noticed a strange ring on one of her fingers. He’d seen a ring like that before, been shown it while he was being trained to become a Ranger. His teachers had made all of the Rangers in training memorize the rings by sight, warning about what the enchantment placed upon such items did to those that wore them.

“Ring of suggestion,” he exclaimed under his breath.

“What did you say?” Rothais asked as she chewed on the food she had just taken. Obviously she hasn’t heard him clearly.

“Oh, uh… I was just admiring that ring on your finger.”

She held her hand up to the firelight and admired the ring. “Oh, this old thing? I found it in the treasure pile of a troll I slayed. I’d thought it was magic, but as far as I’ve seen it doesn’t do anything. Still, it’s pretty and since putting it on I’ve found myself unwilling to part with it. Somehow it just feels right to wear it. Strange that, isn’t it?”

“Yes,” he mumbled, “strange.” It was, in fact, not strange at all. Once on your finger the wearer would be magically compelled to never part with the ring unless it was suggested they take it off or removed by another. As long as the ring remained on her finger the adventurer would be compelled to do just about anything that was suggested to her. Not commanded, but suggested. It was subtle but important difference. Upon being given a suggestion the ring would then work its magic on her mind, making her believe she agreed with the suggestion given.  Her taking his food after he suggested it a second time began to make sense to him.

His mind immediately filled with all the things he could do with an attractive woman wearing a ring of suggestion. His eyes rose from her hand to her mouth, taking in the sight of her lips once again. All he could think about was how perfect her mouth was for sucking cock, and he knew all he had to do was suggest that she come suck him off and she’d do it.

For a brief moment he started to steer away from the temptation. But then he remembered why he was out on patrol alone. Ilvuna had awakened the hungry sexual beast that he had managed to keep subdued inside him for the past few years. He felt it rumble to life, demanding he satiate its carnal hungers.

Besides, he told himself, no one would know about his actions. None of the other Rangers need ever know what he did with this adventurer or even that he had met her. And because of the ring she would think everything he suggest she do was her own idea, something she wanted as much as him.

“Why are you looking at my mouth like that?” she asked, a cutely perplexed expression on her face. The expression included a smirk that made her lips look even more delicious.

It was too much for him to bear. He had to have her, had to take advantage of the situation that had presented itself. “I think you should come kneel before me,” he said to her, sitting up straight and spreading his legs.

For a moment she stared at him, then slowly blinked. “Yeah,” she said softly, “yeah, I think it would be good if I came and knelt before you.”

Slowly she rose to her feet, throwing her cloak back. “Wait,” Teyl said, holding a hand up. “The fire is nice and warm now; I think it might be a good idea if you took all those layers of furs off before coming over here.”

Again she held still, staring ahead for a moment before blinking and beginning to move again. “You know, you’re right. I am getting rather hot. You did a good job enchanting this fire!” She began taking the furs off, tossing them towards the shelter, intending to use them as blankets later on.

Under the furs she wore a simple gray garment that clung tightly to her thin, fit body. It was sleeveless and low cut, revealing small perky breasts that looked to each be about a plump handful in size. He smiled, pleased at the sight and thinking they perfectly fit her petite body. With the furs removed and the cloaked pulled back all the skin form the top of her breasts up to her neck was exposed to the light of the torch and fire. Green and orange light mixed strangely on her bare skin calling to Teyl and making him grow hard with anticipation.

His eyes returned to her lips as she came forward and carefully knelt before him. She looked up at him, giving him another cute smile. Then she started to look confused. “You know,” she said with a nervous laugh, “I’m not even sure why I thought this would be a good idea.”

He knew he had to act fast, plant another suggestion before it occurred to her something was off. “Oh, I thought maybe you had found me attractive. I thought, maybe, that you wanted to come over here and pull my cock out of my pants. It might be a kind gesture of thanks to give me a blow job after providing you with warmth and food and shelter for the night.”

For a long moment she stared up at Teyl, her pretty features looking painfully innocent in that moment. Then she blinked and afterwards the corner of her mouth moved up into a sultry half grin. “You know, I think that’s a pretty good idea. You’ve done a lot to make me comfortable, now I’ll do my part to make YOU comfortable.”

She gave him a strange and distant look, as if she was in a dream and only half experiencing the world around her. Then she bent over, raising her hands to the crotch of his pants and beginning to pull it open. Slowly she pulled his cock out, holding it in her hand once it was out in the open. He was not quite fully erect, his shaft full and long but still spongy to the touch.

Rothais held it in her hand, looking at it as if she wasn’t sure she wanted it in her hand. “I think you want to feel my cock in your mouth,” he told her. “I’m pretty sure you NEED my cock in you, that you NEED to suck me off till I cum for you.”

Her head was turned down so he couldn’t see her face, but he imagined her blinking just before she began to speak. “Yes,” she said, giving his cock a firm squeeze, “yes, I need it…”

She then bent lower, lifting his cock up and taking it in her mouth. As soon as it was in her she closed her lips around him, sucking in and sealing them tight around his shaft.

Teyl moaned, growing all the way hard in her mouth. He let his head fall back and looked up at the trees above him. It had been so long since he had been with a woman, so long since he had felt someone take him into her mouth like this.

He placed a hand on her head, leading her movements as she began to bob up and down on his shaft. It was obvious she had done this before, but her technique wasn’t exactly what he preferred. She sucked well, making a perfect vacuum with her mouth around his fleshy shaft. But she moved her head up and down too slow for his liking. He placed a second hand on her head and helped lead her movements till they matched the speed he desired most.

With a shudder of pleasure he lowered his head back down and looked at the woman kneeling before him, watching her head bob up and down his shaft. He could see the top of her small breasts jiggling prettily as her body moved. The sight made him grow even harder and he knew right away he needed to see more of her tits. He let go of her head, happy to find she kept sucking at the steady speed he liked.

Reaching down into her tight top he grabbed her two small breasts and pulled them up and out of her shirt. They were just big enough to be pulled out, sitting plump and pleasantly misshapen on top of her shirt. She had small nipples, the areolas barely larger than the small hard nubs in their center. He pinched them each before returning his hands to her head, enjoying the surprised moan she made in response.

His hands removed and her tits pulled out he simply watched the small mass of fatty flesh jiggle and flow while she continued to suck him off, the combination of the sight and feel of her mouth around his cock was more than enough to send him rocketing quickly towards orgasm.

Just as he began to ejaculate he pushed Rothais away from him, grabbing his cock and aiming at her tits. He groaned in pleasure as his cock convulsed and cum spurted out, splashing onto the exposed surface of her plump little titties.

“Thanks for not cumming in my mouth,” she said. “I do so ever hate the taste of cum.”

Teyl barely heard the words. He was staring down at the thick load of cum he had spread on her tits, watching it begin to ooze down the surface of her small breasts. He suddenly imagined Ilvuna’s massive tits covered in cum, not just his but multiple men’s seed. Enough to totally cover her massive titters. The mental image filled his insides with fire and ensured that his cock remained erect.

Rothais noticed this and laughed. “Why sir Ranger, you’re still hard!”

“Yes,” he said, a sudden recklessness in his voice. “And I think you should let me do whatever I want to finish so I can stop being so hard.”

“I…” she started to say, then stopped and blinked. “Yes… anything you want, use me as you will. That sounds wonderful.”

“And,” he said, “I’m pretty sure if you think about it you will realize that you LOVE the taste of cum.”

She grabbed hold of his cock and stroked it absentmindedly as she pondered this. “You know, I think I DO love the taste.” With her free hand she took two fingers and collected some of the semen running down one of her tits and brought it to the mouth, sucking it off. Her eyes closed and she moaned in pleasure. “Mmmmmm, fuck, so delicious! How did I never notice before?”

Teyl’s eyes were focused on her lips as she spoke. He was no longer thinking of Ilvuna and her indecently large breasts, only of the woman before him and her perfect mouth. He grabbed a handful of hair with one hand and his cock with the other then shoved himself into her mouth.

He pressed himself deep into her mouth till he felt his cockhead bump against the back of her mouth. Even then he kept pressing forward, re-angling her head so he could enter her throat until he was balls deep inside of her. She began to choke and gag and tried to pull away but his grip was firm and he held her head firmly in place.

For a moment she pushed against his body out of pure instinct, choking and gagging on his cock the whole time. But after a few more moments she stopped struggling as much. The ring on her finger was working its magic. Teyl had suggested that she allow him to do whatever he wished to her, and now she was allowing that to happen convinced it was what she truly wanted.

Teyl got to his feet, still holding the adventurer’s head with both hands. He began savagely fucking her face, pounding his cock hard and fast into her open mouth and down her throat. She allowed him to do this, remaining on her knees before him, but she couldn’t help but continue to choke and gag as she struggled to breath around his cock.

Thick strings of saliva began to leak from Rothais’ mouth. They dripped from the sides of her mouth, running down her face and hanging of her chin. They ran down Teyl’s cock as well, running through the light hair on his balls and dripping from there as well.

Looking down at the sloppy mess brought great joy to Teyl. “It’s been too long,” he muttered. “This is what life is supposed to be, men fucking women. Men taking what they want, when they want.” As he spoke he felt another climax swell inside of him. With an aggressive, mean spirited grunt he pressed as deep into Rothais’ mouth as he could, cumming directly down her throat.

As soon as he was finished he stepped back from her, enjoying the feeling of his wet cock leaving her throat. His body wanted to collapse, his legs shaky with post-orgasmic weakness. But he willed himself to stay standing, looking down at the adventurer kneeling before him.

Cum and saliva leaked from her mouth, dripping down on to her small tits which were still pulled out the top of her shirt. Her eyes were teary and she was coughing and rubbing at her throat. She looked confused and dazed.

Guilt filled Teyl. He tucked his now soft cock back into his pants, quickly closing his pants. “Stupid, stupid, stupid,” he muttered. “This isn’t me, not anymore.” The woman kneeling before him seemed not to notice his mutterings. She seemed lost in her own mind, frozen in place as she stared blankly ahead while various fluids dripped from her face.

He took a step towards her, for a moment planning on confessing everything. Telling her what the ring she wore on her finger did and how he had taken advantage of her.

But then the wind began to blow and a distance voice came to him through the icy mist that surrounded them. The voice was feminine, yet deep and raspy and with a lyrically magical tone. “Tell her not the truth,” the voice whispered in his ear. “The truth will do her more harm than good. Besides, you’ve worked hard now for years keeping your animal impulses in check. Spend the night with her taking, taking whatever you want from this wench and making up for lost time. You deserve this and will find your body more than up for the task… then in the morning set her free, making her leave the ring behind.”

The words ran through his head, filling his mind and clouding his emotions. Yes… yes, it made perfect sense. He’d earned this night, and he’d make the most of it. In fact, he was positive that after so many years of celibacy he’d find himself able to fuck for hours straight. And in the morning he’d suggest to the woman that she leave the ring behind. In a way, spending the night fucking him was proper payment for his kind action of ridding her of the cursed ring.

“Come,” he said, looking down at the dazed adventurer and using his sleeve to clean some of the spit and cum off her face. “I think we should move to the shelter I built where it is even warmer. I think you’d like to get undressed and get comfortable and close with me in there.”

She blinked and began to rise to her feet. “Yes,” she said in a distant, dreamy voice. “I think I would very much like to get close and comfortable with you, but first I must undress…”


* * *


Duron Knot sat at one end of the large table in the dining hall, Anneyce next to him with Ilvuna and Joran sitting beyond her. Across the table from the four Rangers sat their two guests, a man and a woman. They were all eating and drinking at a laid back pace, the conversation light and relaxed.

The visiting man was tall with narrow features and sallow skin. He had sunken eyes and no matter the expression on his face those eyes always looked angry and disapproving. He wore fine purple robes with a satchel full of scrolls over his shoulder that he had refused to be parted with, even during the meal. Various magical amulets hung from golden chains around his neck, some tucked into his robes other left out for all to see. Everything about the man screamed “wizard”, and everyone in the room could feel the electric buzz of potential power that naturally flowed from him.

“Tell us again, good sir, what was your name?” Duron asked the wizard.

“Diagoras…” he said, pausing before adding his surname. “Trentin.” He puffed out his chest as he said the name, pride running through every syllable of the word. He seemed surprised that no one remarked at the revelation.

His companion, who was identified as “Ysmene”, laughed. She was a thin, middle-aged woman that stood nearly as tall as the wizard. Her body was narrow and thin, but unlike her companion it was clear her frame was covered in tight wiry muscles. This woman was no wizard; she was a deadly warrior whose body was as much a weapon as the two swords hanging from her narrow hips.

She had long, fiery red hair that fell down below her shoulders and that was kept pristinely straight. Her facial features were narrow along with the rest of her body, her nose long and thin and pointed making her look like some kind of predatory bird.

But the most striking feature on the woman’s face was her left eye. A large scar ran down that side of her face, and it was clear that the blow that caused it had left her eye ruined. It was now a slightly misshapen orb, cloudy and pure white with no visible pupil. She must know that the sight made others uncomfortable, but she either didn’t care or enjoyed the sight of those she met averting their eyes from the ghastly display.

“The Trentin family is a big deal in the capital,” she said with a snicker. “He’s so proud to belong to the family, knowing that in most places uttering the name will be enough to open doors for him. Course, he tends to leave out the part about his father disowning him. Why else would a noble’s son have taken up mercenary work along with the likes of me? A young pup like this one wouldn’t normally take up with anold warhorse as ugly as me unless he was truly desperate.”

She laughed again after saying all of this. Duron was unsure what that laugh meant. Neither of the mercenaries was particularly young, but neither was very old. He’d guess they were both in their late thirties or maybe early forties, although a hard life made them look a tad older. And Ysmene was far from ugly. If not for the gnarly scar and disturbing eye she’d have been a highly attractive woman that probably would have drawn the attention of most men.

Diagoras lifted his mug and took a slow sip, glaring at Ysmene as he did so. “I apologize for the crudeness of my companion,” he said as he put his mug down. “We’ve been weeks on the road with no company other than our own and I fear she’s forgotten her manners. Or simply never had them to begin with. Regardless, we both appreciate this food and the warm beds for the night.”

“Yes, yes,” Duron said, waving the thanks away. “Tell me, what brings two mercenaries such as you so far north? We don’t see your kind up this way very often.”

After taking another sip Diagoras proclaimed that he expected that would all be changing rather soon. “The College of Magic has put out a large bounty on artifacts recovered from the ruins north of Vulfrell. Oh, I’m sure at first you’ll only see a few of us, but once we make it back to the capital with whatever we recovered and the other mercenaries and adventurers see how much coin we get paid there will be a horde heading this way hoping to follow in our footsteps.”

Duron furrowed his brow. “That… could be problematic. Anyone heading that far north will be certain to be stopping here, and until recently we barely had the supplies to feed ourselves…” his voice trailed off. He turned and looked at Ilvuna. “Is this why the High Commander sent so many supplies with you?”

She furrowed her brow in return. “Perhaps? I know I was sent north because you needed a healer. But it would make sense that this is why the outpost is being so heavily resupplied and reinforced. As the message I carried said, more supplies and Rangers should be arriving soon. I know there was even talk of sending an engineer up to look into turning this outpost into a stone keep like the ones to the south.”

“Oh!” Duron said, surprise on his face. “Ilvuna, this is information you should have told me before now! But, we can talk of it tomorrow in more detail after our guests leave.” He turned back to the wizard. “You will be heading out in the morning I assume?”

“Oh yes,” he said, his voice suddenly eager. “We want to begin exploring the ruins as soon as possible.” He placed an elbow on the table and leaned forward conspiratorially. “What can you tell us about them?”

He looked to Duron but it was Anneyce that answered. “We know that they are ancient, predating the founding of Vulfrell. Some of them are small, empty tombs or long forgotten outposts of an ancient civilization. Although empty all of these are dangerous, full of crumbling walls and hard to see patches of ice that one can easily fall on. And that is what lays in ones that various monsters and beasts haven’t decided to take up residence in.”

The man stared at Anneyce as if noticing her for the first time. He looked her up and down, seemingly judging her worth with a quick glance. He licked his lips hungrily, making the Ranger feel instantly uncomfortable. But when he began speaking she thought that his hunger was not directed at her, but rather the ruins they spoke of.

“And what of the ruins that aren’t simply empty tombs or forgotten outposts? What treasures layhidden within them and what dangers guard those treasures?”

She shrugged. “We rarely enter them. Our duty is to guard the border from encroaching dangers. We mostly ignore the ruins unless some monster or beast that is coming south has made home in them. I’ve only ever entered a few, and those that weren’t simply empty seemed to be shrines built for gods now long forgotten.”

At this Ilvuna began to laugh. “Gods cannot be forgotten! The gods are eternal,” she said, stating it as if it was a fact that all knew.

Again Anneyce shrugged. “I’ve never been a very religious person. I trust in my bow and sword and the safety they bring and little else. But I can tell you that the symbols in those shrines, they are clearly religious embalms of gods I’ve never seen anywhere else in Vulfrell.”

“Well, the answer is obvious isn’t it?” Ilvuna looked around the table, clearly flabbergasted that everyone else didn’t see it as plainly as she did. “The gods are eternal, but they can be changed over the ages. Why, legend tells that at one time the goddess I worship, Ynara, was a very different being. Before she embraced her true self and became the goddess of breasts she was a much less known goddess of purity and sexual chastity.”

Diagoras nodded enthusiastically. “I’ve heard this very tale as well. The priests of the god both Ysmene and I follow tell a similar tale of how he, ages ago, changed the parts of the mortal world he holds influence over.”

Ilvuna opened her mouth to speak but was cut off, overtaken by a sudden long yawn. When she was done she suddenly looked as if all the energy had been drained from her. She slumped forward, her massive breasts resting on the edge of the table. Her eyes drooped heavily and she looked as if she was having a hard time staying awake.

“I apologize,” she said sleepily, fighting off another yawn. “I think perhaps the day has caught up to me and that I need to retire for the night.”

She began to get up, and as she did Joran Whent, who had been sitting in total silence, jumped to his feet. “Please,” he said, draping an arm around her and helping her up onto her feet, “let me help you to your room.”

“Yes,” she said leaning against him and yawning once more. “I think that would be much appreciated.”

As they made their way to the door Joran did his best to hide the joy he felt.

While the other two Rangers watched their compatriots make their way to the exit Diagoras leaned in close to Ysmene. “Keep the Commander busy,” he whispered quickly. “I’ve decided I want to have some fun with the archer. I hadn’t noticed she was a woman, but now that I know I think I want to spend some time exploring her most womanly of parts…”

Duron was watching Ilvuna and Joran leave, confused by cleric’s sudden tiredness. Just as he was thinking about getting up and following after them to make sure she was okay but he was distracted by a loud yawn coming from the wizard.

“You know, I think I’m rather tired myself.” He got to his feet, thanking Duron for the meal. “I’d like to retire to the guest house your small outpost has, but I fear I’ve forgotten which building it is.” He looked at Anneyce. “Would you be kind enough to show me the way?”

She looked at the Commander. Once Duron Knot nodded his approval she rose to her feet. “As you wish. I suggest you grab your cloak and furs though, even though we will be going just across the courtyard it will be quite cold out there.”

“Of course,” he said, grabbing his clothing and following the Ranger to the door as he dressed. He gave Ysmene one last meaningful look before leaving the warmth of the dining hall and following Anneyce out into the cold night.

As the door closed Ysmene cleared her throat. “Well I’m certainly not ready to retire to bed.” She leaned her chair back and put her arms behind her head, smiling at Duron. “So, Commander Knot, why don’t we continue our conversation? I believe we were talking of the gods.”


* * *


“This is a pretty thick fog that set in while we were eating,” Anneyce said as she led Diagoras to the guest house. She was glad she had lit the emberstone torches around the courtyard before joining everyone for diner.

“Is this mist a pretty normal occurrence?” Diagoras asked, not really caring about the answer. He simply wanted to keep the Ranger talking and distracted.

“I suppose. The ice fog rolls in from the Northern Wastes about once every week or so cutting off visibility for the night and leaving behind fresh hoarfrost. And it ALWAYS comes at night.”

Diagoras made a sound signifying his interest in the subject. “Is the mist natural?” he quickly added, hoping to keep her talking and distracted. Meanwhile, he reached into his collar and began pulling necklaces out, looking down at the magical pendants and emblems on them till he found the specific one he was looking for.

“I don’t think so,” Anneyce said. “Teyl, the Ranger that’s out on patrol, says the tradition in the village up here that he grew up in is that the mist isn’t natural. They tell the tale of an ancient queen frozen in the World’s End’s mountains that wakes once a week to breath her icy breathe down upon the world, but that’s always sounded like the kind of legend bored peasants invent to make their boring, simple lives more interesting.”

Just as she began to drone on about the mist the wizard found the pendant for which he was searching. The metal charm was a large, pupil-less white eye surrounded by red scales and topped with small demonic black horns. “Ah, yes,” Diagoras whispered under his breath, “my trusty old friend: the Eye of Baedor.”

He quickly lifted the chain connected to the charm from around his neck then grabbed hold of it and began rubbing the pendent on his crotch. Looking down he saw the white surface of the charm’s eye begin to glow red. He smiled, unafraid of the charm even though it was now activated. He knew its powers worked only on women.

He waited till they were nearly to the guest house then crept up right behind Anneyce. Holding the end of the golden chain attached to the Eye of Baedor he lifted the charm up high above the rangers head then lowered it in front of her face.

“What—” she began to ask, startled by the sudden appearance of the glowing charm before her, but her voice cut off. Two beams of pink-red energy shot from the glowing charm into the Ranger’s eyes. As soon as the energy hit her she stopped moving, her body locking up as the charm froze her in place.

While still holding the charm in front of her face Diagoras walked around to stand before her. The charm continued to face Anneyce as if magnetically connected with her. Streams of glowing energy moved from the metal eye to her eyes which were wide open in surprise. The rest of her face was slack and expressionless, her mouth hanging dumbly open.

“That’s right,” Diagoras purred. “Let the Eye’s magic flow into you… feel it sapping your will away, leaving you a blank vessel unable to think and only able to obey men. And, I suppose as the only man around, I will have to take charge of you.”

He laughed cruelly, and as he did the beam of energy connecting the charm to Anneyce cut off. The Eye of Baedor stopped glowing, its magic worked. Anneyce, for her part, was left standing slightly hunched over. She was staring straight ahead, her wide eyes looking at nothing in particular.

“Now, my dear, its time you showed me some this Ranger’s hospitality I’ve heard so much about. I’m in need of female companionship, and because of my lovely magical charm you’re going to give me everything I want.” He put the charm back around his neck then slid an arm around the Ranger’s waist. “Come, my dear, let us enter the guest house and see how many ways I can think of to defile that body of yours.” Anneyce immediately began walking, but the blank, distant expression on her face stayed the same.

As the two figures entered the guest house Diagoras stopped for a moment and looked out at all of the other small wooden buildings in the outpost’s compound. He could see that lights were still on in the dining hall and knew that Ysmene would be keeping the Ranger’s young Commander busy. She could be a real pain in the ass at times, but she always pulled through for him when it really mattered.

All of the other buildings looked to be dark. But then he looked closer and noticed one of the smaller buildings seemed to have a dim candle lit inside it. Quickly, hoping he hadn’t been seen, he moved into the guest house and closed the door behind him, one hand on Anneyce’s pleasingly plump ass.


* * *


After stumbling about in the dark cabin and managing to get Ilvuna to her bed Joran had lit a single candle. By the time it its faint, dancing flame illuminated the small room the curvaceous cleric had fallen into a deep, sound asleep. For a few minutes he simply stood there, his body quiveringin nervous guilt as he stared down at her.

He wondered if he should blow the candle out, afraid someone leaving the dining hall might see it and come investigate. But if he blew it out that would leave the small room in total darkness, and with the thick fog that had settled in outside the room wouldn’t even be lit by the torches in the courtyard. No, if he was going to do this he wanted to be able to SEE her. See what he did to her as he did it to get the most enjoyment as possible.

Again he began to quiver. He was full of doubts, no longer sure if he could go through with this. It was wrong to take advantage of a woman the way he planned. But then, just as he was preparing to turn and leave Ilvuna behind she moaned in her sleep, shifting slightly.

She had been lying on her back, her massive breasts resting upon her chest, barely held in place by the strips of white cloth that covered them. Somehow her slight shift caused one of them to slide free of the cloth; her fat, full, wide tit falling fully into view.

Joran moaned at the sight, almost doubling over as he felt himself growing hard painfully fast. As he righted himself the wind picked up outside, carrying the ghostly whispers of a female voice into his mind. The words were so faint he couldn’t make them out, and they seemed to carry a mental fog with them as they faintly echoed though his mind.

Next thing he knew he was standing next to Ilvuna’s bed looking down at her. Her clothes were gone, their meager fabric in a pile on the floor next to his feet. He didn’t remember striping her clothes off, but knew he must have been the one to do it.

For nearly three full minutes he simply stood, staring down at her naked form. Her body was even more delicious to look at when she was totally naked. Her breasts were magnificent, almost oppressively overwhelming in their size. They were so soft, their mass fluidly oozed down the sides of her torso as she lay flat on her back. Her waist was wide and thick and plump, he imagined the flesh there would be almost as soft as the fatty mass of her breasts.

And she lay with her legs spread open, her womanhood revealed fully to him. He marveled at the bulge of her pubic mound, knowing it wasn’t normal that it had no hair on it but finding the sight pleasing. It allowed him to clearly see all the strange, cock hardening fleshy folds that seemed to escaping from her slit. He’d never been able to see a woman’s labia so clearly. And there, at the top of her slit, was a little hood of pink flesh that he knew hid her clit.

As enticing as her pussy was his eyes were quickly drawn back to her breasts. They were what he wanted most. They were why he had slipped the sleeping draught into her drink. They were why he was here, in her room, preparing to have his way with her.

Joran blinked, having the strange sensation that time he couldn’t remember had passed again. He was still standing beside Ilvuna’s bed, staring down at her tits and watching them rise and fall as she breathed in her sleep. But something was different…

Looking down he realized that he was now naked and that his cock was hard and held tightly in one hand. He moaned in surprise as he realized he was stroking himself, his motions silky smooth from some kind of lubrication on his cock. In his other hand was a glass vial, one he recognized as being from belt Ilvuna wore around her waist. He quickly realized it was full of the slippery oil that lubricated his cock.

The hand holding the oil began to shake. He looked from the vial to her breasts. Their mass was like two large fleshy teardrops hanging down the sides of her chest. He felt the oil drawn to them, felt himself moving as if controlled by some outside force.

He lifted the vial above her chest, tipping it over and pouring ample amounts of the oil onto each of her breasts. He then placed the vial on a nearby table, out of the way but within arm’s reach. Letting go of his cock he lifted both his hands up into the air, feeling as if they were being drawn to her breasts. The oil there needed to be rubbed into her flesh… he needed rub it across the entire surface of her tits, making them slippery and smooth so he could better enjoy their mass.

“Forgive, beautiful Ilvuna,” he said as he crawled up onto the bed with her, “and let me pray that you won’t remember any of this in the morning.” Even as the words left his mouth he was certain she wouldn’t be aware of anything he did to her. The potion he had mixed had put her into a deep sleep and NOTHING would wake her up till the morning.

He climbed onto her body, resting his bare ass on her lower abdomen, but keeping most of his weight on his knees. He knew he was a heavy man and didn’t want to squish her.

This left his cock resting on her stomach. He reveled in the warmth radiating from her body, especially onto the underside of his hard cock. The room was cold, although not so cold that he couldn’t handle being naked for a while. And Ilvuna was, as always, radiating heat. Not just where he touched her warm flesh, but out into the room around her like she was a flame that warmed the room around her.

For a time he sat, looking down at his cock resting on her stomach. Then he placed a finger on his shaft and began to slide it from side to side on the soft flesh of her stomach. His shaft was still slippery from the lube and it slid about with ease. He enjoyed the feel of his rigid hardness sliding against her plump flesh and sinking into her softness.

Before long he looked up, drawn back to the sight of her breasts. The oil he had poured on them had run nearly down their mass. Suddenly fearing to let even a drop of it go to waste he reached out with both hands, cupping the sides of her breasts and beginning to smear the oil over their surface.

As he placed his hands on her breasts he felt them sink into their flesh. He shivered, the feeling almost too much to bear. Her breasts were soft and pillowy, their flesh pliable. Yet as his fingers sunk into her softness he found a thick firmness in her tits center mass.

He began to rub the oil all over her breasts, massage and groping at her tit-meat as he did. While he spread the oil across her large nipples her saw them begin to harden. The flesh of her areolas, nearly as big as the palm of his hand, began to pebble. Their flesh hardened into rippled ridges of raised flesh. The fleshy nubs in the center of her nipples, each as large as the end of his thumb, swelled and grew hard and erect.

That was too much for him. With a desperate moan of need he leaned forward and fell upon one of her tits, moving both hands to his target and gathering it in a tight grip. He lifted the meaty flesh in his hands to his mouth and wrapped his lips around her hard nipple, sucking with needy desperation as it entered his mouth. Her nipple was a mass of fleshy firmness in his mouth that seemed to swell grow even more rigid as he sucked on it. He herd Ilvuna moan slightly, obviously enjoying the feel of having her nipple sucked on even though she was out cold.

He was also pleased to find that the shiny oil smeared over her breasts had no taste to it. He could feel its wet slipperiness slightly changing the texture of her flesh, but it seemed to neither add to or take away from the taste of Ilvuna’s bare skin.

Skin that he continued to suck on as if he were a hungry babe suckling at its mother teat. After almost a full minute he shifted, detaching from her nipple and moving to the other breast, grabbing it in both hands and pulling it to his face. Again he suckled for almost a full minute, moaning in perverse pleasure the whole time before detaching from her tit.

By then his cock was throbbing, so hard that it was filled with a painful ache. A large helping of precum had slowly oozed out of his cockhead, its thick sticky wetness having made a mess of the flesh it had been sandwiched between while he leaned forward sucking on her Ilvuna’s tits.

Again, he began to move as if controlled by some outside force. He felt himself sit up straight, shuffling up Ilvuna’s body so he sat just below her breasts. He then rose up on his knees and took his cock in one hand and with the other grabbed hold of one of Ilvuna’s tits.

He grabbed at the flesh just under her nipple, squeezing it and lifting it up towards his cock.  He then moved closer, placing his cockhead on her nipple. He grabbed hold of the base of his shaft with a tight grip then slowly moved his hand up, squeezing the tube that ran on the underside of his cock. He looked down and watched as even more precum leaked out the tip of his cock, oozing slowly down into Ilvuna’s hard nipple.

Then he began moving his cockhead form side to side, smearing the precum all over her hard nipple. He worked the slimy fluid out in a circle, rubbing it into the rippled flesh of her hardened areolas, moaning in pleasure at how good it felt to do this. The whole time his cock’s movement along her flesh was made silky smooth by the oil smeared over her tit.

And then the need to cum welled up inside of him. His cock was just too hard, his balls too in need of being drained. He shifted to the side, sliding his cock so it rested between her massive breasts. Reaching down under their fleshy mass he lifted them up, struggling at first to get a hold of their oil slicked bulk. But before long he had their soft mass pressed around his rigid hardness, his cock totally enveloped in her tit-flesh and no longer visible.

A moment later Joran Whent was fucking Ilvuna’s massive tits. He moved his hips, thrusting his cock into her breasts. “By the gods…” he muttered, sweat pouring down his brow. He had never felt anything so good, never been so happy in his life. He felt his body rocketing towards climax, his body ready to explode his seed in between her massive fleshy mounds.

But then something strange happened. His pleasure plateaued, his body unable to reach orgasmic release. He had no complaints about this, as it meant he could keep fucking her tits. But as the pleasure continued he felt an alien warmth flowing from her breasts, a warmth that seemed to increase his pleasure and fill him with a giddy strangeness.

He moaned again, overcome with sexual pleasure. Staring down at her tits he realized they were, in that moment, the most precious things in existence. They were not just large and desirable, able to bring more pleasure than he had ever imagined, they were BLESSED.

“Goddess be praised,” he heard himself say as he continued to fuck her tits, now with even more wild abandon. “Ynara be praised,” he added, the words coming to him out of nowhere.

The words just kept coming, flowing out of his mouth and lead by an unseen divine intelligence he felt had entered the room and joined them.  “Praise be to Ynara, goddess of the fat tits and bringer of all mammary pleasure. May she bless this coupling, may it please her and our faith manifest in our sexual pleasure flow into her divine being. May this please her, and allow our worship to continue!”

As he finished the final words of the prayer he felt his cock erupt, his body finally able to cum. His whole body tighten as he came harder than he ever had in his life. He felt his cock convulsing as more and more cum shot out of him, far more than he had ever expelled at one time.

When it was over he saw what appeared to be a whole mug’s worth of cum oozing out form between the top of her tits, running down her upper chest and onto her neck. He let go of her tits, climbing off her body and getting to his feet to stand next to the bed. The amount of cum he saw on her chest boggled his mind. Had that really all come out of him? Was that even possible? Looking down he saw that his entire cock, shaft and balls, were drenched in the thick dripping fluid.

His legs felt weak and shaky and he felt temporarily empty inside. The emptiness was strange, as if he was lacking something he had always had but had never been aware of before. But even as he returned his attention to the mess of cum spreading down Ilvuna’s body he could feel that emptiness filling back up, feel whatever it was that had been siphoned from him returning.

He felt drained and confused. Where had those words come from? He’d never heard the prayer to Ynara, but he was certain that was what had come out of his mouth. Slowly it dawned on him that it was his faith that had been emptied from him, that the prayer and mammary intercourse, which had obviously been part of the prayer, had drained him of his faith and gone to keep the goddess Ynara powerful and immortal.

Joran stumbled back, overcome with what had just happened. Had it been the goddess Ynara that he had momentarily felt in the room with him? Had she been the shadowed figure that had appeared to him in his dream and been whispering things into his mind? It didn’t make sense to him that the goddess of breasts been the one that had shown him how to mix the sleeping draught, been the one that had compelled him to use Ilvuna in this way. Why would a goddess do such a thing to one of her loyal followers? But if it wasn’t Ynara that had been influencing him…

It was too much for him to process at that moment. He got to his feet, realizing he had to clean Ilvuna up and make sure there was no evidence of what he had done to her. He grabbed a rag from a nearby table and moved to start wiping up the cum form her chest only to find it all gone. He stared, confused. Where had it gone? It was almost as if her skin had consumed the large load of semen, leaving no trace of it behind.

None of this made any sense. He started wiping the oil off her breasts, knowing at least that he could clean up. But as he wiped at her tits he started to grab and grope at them, not able to resist playing with them some more. And as he played with them he felt his cock begin to swell again, slowly filling and hardening once more.

He needed to get off again. But he wanted it to be over quickly, afraid if he was in here too much longer he would be discovered. His eyes darted from her tits down to her pussy. If he fucked her, fucked her properly, he’d surely cum fast.

Quickly he scrambled up onto the bed, crawling on top of her. Her soft, full body felt amazing under his. Reaching down between their bodies he grabbed his cock and began rubbing it against her cunt, feeling his hard cockhead press into the folds of her womanhood. Her pussy was wet and the moisture lubricated his movements. He continued to rub his cock up and down until he felt it center in on her cunt-hole. It was moist and inviting, waiting to be filled.

With an unmistakably male grunt he thrust into her, her wet hole practically sucking him into her. A moment later he was thrusting in and out of her, fucking her hard and fast. He moved with desperate speed, as if he was afraid she would wake before he finished.

He placed his hands on the bed beside her and lifted his chest up off of hers, momentarily saddened to no longer feel the bulk of her tits up against his body. But this slight change in position made it so her breasts were free to move. He stared at them, watching their mass fluidly shift up and down. He fucked her harder, wanting to see her tits bounce more.

The feel of her warm cunt around his hard cock and the sight of her massive tits bouncing up and down her chest quickly pushed him over the edge. He groaned and came inside of her before collapsing limply down on to her body.

For a moment he laid still, his body rising up and down as she breathed under him. He felt his cock soften and then shrivel, shrinking out of Ilvuna’s body as it did. With a deep breath he got up, feeling even weaker than before but finally free of all sexual desire for the first time since waking from his illness.

Grabbing his rag he did his best to wipe away the small amount of cum that was trickling out of her cunt. He then pulled the blankets up over her before picking up her clothes and placing them on a nearby table, hoping she wouldn’t think their position strange when she woke.

As he dressed he was filled with shame. He knew what he had done was wrong and that if anyone discovered his actions he would pay a dear price. Yet… his coupling had been blessed by a god, he was certain of that. Didn’t that mean that his actions had been justified?

Before leaving he took one last look back at Ilvuna. She was so beautiful… her body so soft and inviting. He bit his lip, knowing this wouldn’t be the last time he would slip the cleric a sleeping draught. The temptation was just too much to deny. It filled him with even more immense shame, but he knew the events of this night were likely to play out again and again in the future.

Once outside in the thick fog he skulked back to his own one room cabin, peering from side to side and making sure no one saw him. The windows of the dining hall were still lit, and he could see the flicker of candle light in the guest house as well. But no one was outside in the courtyard to witness him leaving Ilvuna’s room so long after putting her to bed.

Joran believed he had made it back to his cabin unobserved, but he was wrong. Ynara wasn’t the only god that had turned their attention to the Northern Outpost that night. And a third force had watched over the events of that night full of perversions, manipulating almost all that transpired.


* * *


“The interesting thing is that I don’t even worship Baedor,” Diagoras was saying as he undressed. “You see, it’s not the faith of the wielder of a magical item blessed by a god that is important. No, it’s the faith of the one that CREATES such items that matters. I’m sure whoever created the Eye of Baedor I used to entrance you had an immense amount of faith in the perverted red skinned god. I thank him for his immense devotion, but I reserve all my faith for a different god. Of course, it cost me almost all of my inheritance to purchase and its use on a few virginal noble women was why my father disowned me, but I tell you it was worth it.”

As the wizard spoke Anneyce stood rigidly tall in the center of the room, staring blankly in front of her and not moving. She showed no sign that she heard the man speaking and if not for the sound and movement of her breathing she might have been mistaken for a finely crafted statue.

“The Eye makes it so its victim, that’s you by the way, must give total, mindless obedience to all men. Sadly the effects wear off after a few hours, the length depending on how strong the will of the victim is. And when they wake, well, they have no memory of what transpired while they were under. Most women are even so weak willed that their pathetic minds fill in the empty time with normal mundane memories.”

Once undressed Diagoras sat on edge of one of the beds in the room. His body was gaunt and hairy, his legs looking almost sickly thin. As he spread his legs he revealed a cock that seemed to match the rest of his body: even though it was flaccid it looked long and thin, the dark wiry hair on his balls as thick as that on his chest or legs.

“Come kneel before me,” he said to Anneyce. She turned towards him then walked across the room, her movements that of a mindless zombie. As she neared him she dropped to her knees before him, never ceasing to stare blankly ahead.

“Good,” he said, patting her on the head. He then leaned back, putting one hand on the bed behind him. “Now I want you to suck my cock till it’s nice and hard.”

Anneyce leaned forward, resting both her hands on his hair legs and then took his flaccid cock in her mouth. She began to suck and slurp at it noisily.

“No, no, no, what the hell are you doing you daft bimbo?” He sat up straight and grabbed hold of her head with both hands, jerking it up and down. “Keep your mouth tight around me while you do it. Suck tight to seal you lips around my shaft, don’t just slurp at it like it’s a tasty meal you’re trying to inhale. Good gods woman, have you never pleased a man with your mouth before?”

As her head was moved up and down a muffled sound came from Anneyce’s mouth. Realizing her response was unintelligible she shook her head from side to side.

The wizard erupted in laughter. “Never sucked a cock before? How marvelous! I find your innocent inexperience enticingly charming. Why, I even think it’s enough to make me hard all on its own! Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m ready to be done with your mouth.”

Her hair was short, just long enough for him to grab hold of. He did so, using a firm grip to continue to lead her head up and down his now rigidly hard cock. It was thin, but impressively long. More than long enough that even a sexually experienced woman would have had to struggle to get its whole length into their mouth without gagging. And Anneyce was no experienced cock sucker, so as Diagoras bobbed her head up and down she began to choke and gag on him. Tears began to flow from her eyes and thick, thick half vomited spit leaked from her mouth and ran down his shaft into the thick hair on his balls.

“Listen to you gag and choke on my cock,” he said, reveling in the sound. “And you mighty warrior, a ‘Vulfrellian Ranger’ vowed to protect our kingdom. Ha! You probably think your above servicing men this way, think your service to the empire makes you more than just a common slut. Well I tell you what, ALL women are sluts most just don’t know it.”

“You’re a slut,” he said again, righteous indignation filling his voice. He started pumping her head up and down with more force, seemingly unconcerned with the Ranger’s discomfort or even ability to breath. “You’re a slut,” he barked, repeating himself a third time.“Until today I assume you weren’t a good one, didn’t even know how to suck a man off, but I’m here to teach you.”

“You want to please me,” he said imperiously before continuing to ramble at her. “Remember as I jam my cock down your throat that a man is in control of you now, the way it should be. And not just any man, but a true noble born! Never should I have been disowned… if not for my bastard of a father I might have been on my way to ruling this pathetic kingdom. But now, now I find myself having to head into the frozen north to search for trinkets just to make enough coin to survive.”

He pressed her head down till her lips touched his balls. An explosion of chokes and gags erupted from Anneyce as she struggled to breath around the length of cock extending down her throat. But she didn’t try to push away from him, magically compelled to do as the man before her wanted. He titled his head back, closing his eyes and moaning in pleasure for a moment before letting go of her head, allowing her to pull away for a much needed breath of air.

Anneyce gasped, taking in great big gulps of oxygen as thick strings of spit were dripping from her mouth.

Diagoras gave the woman just enough time to catch her breath before he grabbed her head and forced her mouth back around his spit covered cock. “Your mouth is my property, at least for tonight,” he told her as he began making her suck him off again. “In fact, you’re whole body is mine.”

He leaned his head back again, moaning once more. “Gods, it’s been so long since I was with a woman other than that one-eyed bitch.” Lifting his head and looking down at Anneyce he smiled. “Oh, we fuck, don’t worry about that. We fuck almost every day. We fuck because we are both always horny and we fuck to worship our god, but I never get to really have my way with her. I know better… if I ever used the Eye on her and she found out she’d slit my throat after cutting my balls off and feeding them to me.”

“But the change,” he said, as if suddenly remembering the Ranger was being made to suck his cock, “the change is nice. Even if you are shit at sucking dick. Although really, a warm wet hole is all I need. I think I might even be having more fun using your mouth this way, isn’t that right you cum hungry slut?”

He pulled her head off his shaft, waiting for an answer. Anneyce simply stared blankly ahead, tears running down her face and more thick saliva dripping from her open mouth. “Say it,” he barked at her. “Tell me you’rea cum hungry slut!”

“I… am… a… cum… hungry… slut,” she said in a slow, mechanical monotone.

“Alright,” he said, pushing her back and getting to his feet, “I’m ready for a change.” He looked around the room, his eyes falling on a large wooden chest. He dragged it into the center of the room then grabbed Anneyce by the hair; half dragging her across the floor, half leading her there.

He pulled her to her feet then bent her over the chest. She was left draped over the chest, her torso resting on top of it, her knees on the ground on one side her hands on the other. Walking around to the front of her he grabbed her hair again and jerked her head up, jamming his cock into her open mouth once more. He stood fucking her face as she stared emotionlessly ahead.

After a few savage thrusts into her mouth he stopped. He grabbed his cock, holding it in her mouth as he groaned and came inside her. Cum seeped out around his shaft while he continued to groan, dripping thickly down her lips. A moment later he took a step back, pulling his cock out of her mouth. As he did even more cum came running out of her open maw.

With her ordeal seemingly over Anneyce lay perfectly still, body draped over the chest. Her mouth hung open, cum leaking from it as she stared dumbly ahead of her with the same unchanging emotionless expression on her face.

“You know, I didn’t even realize you were a woman till I heard you speak at dinner,” Diagoras said, standing before her with his now flaccid cock dripping a mix of cum and spit onto the floor below him. “Once I realized you WERE a woman I couldn’t help but notice your feminine beauty. Sure, you hide it under with a man’s hairstyle and thick layers of clothing and furs, but its unmistakable once noticed.” He said this as he reached down and pinched one of her nipples HARD. Tweaking and pinching it, one and then the other one. Nice, long, hard pinches. Then he rolled them between his fingers as she moaned – a moan of pain but pleasure as well.

“Before you layered up to leave the dining hall I took a good look at your figure,” he said as he continued, starting to play with a ring on one of his fingers.  “Couldn’t make out much except for the fact you’ve got a nice, wide, thick ass. I was sure a tomboy like you has little to no tits, but that’s okay. I’ve never been a breast man, I’ve always liked asses. The bigger and thicker the better. That is why I give my faith exclusively to the god I worship.”

He stopped talking, giving the ring he had been fidgeting with a sharp twist. For a brief second it glowed with magical energy. He then groaned, as if in discomfort, but a moment later he stood suddenly tall with a refreshed expression on his face. Looking down he saw that his cock was once again standing tall and erect, his balls visibly larger as if they had been magically refilled.

“Ahh,” he said, sighing happily, “I love this fucking ring. An innocent thing like you, probably never seen one like this before. It’s a ring of Azel, you know, the dick god. Then again, maybe you don’t?

“Anyways, it’s a marvelous little magical item. Every day at dawn if you are wearing it the ring gains a magical charge. A man can then expand one of the charges wash away all weariness and make his cock hard as well as his balls full. Why, with enough charges one could fuck for days!”

As he spoke he walked behind Anneyce. “But, sadly, we don’t have days. So with that in mind, its time to get to the main show.” He pulled her fur cloaks aside then grabbed hold of her thick leather pants. He pulled them down around her knees, revealing a second layer of cloth leggings obviously worn to keep her warm. He pulled these down too and dropped down to one knee, kneeling behind her – eye level with her sex for a moment as he eyed it hungrily.

Finally he stood, looking down at the Ranger’s exposed backside. Anneyce’s ass was as wide and plump as he had hoped. Diagoras whistled in appreciation. “You know, one has to be impressed that you can manage to keep such a thick, pleasing back side with the hard life you have up here.”

Grabbing her meaty ass cheeks he began to grope at her, squeezing them in his hands and enjoying their meaty thickness. As he did this he spread her ass cheeks apart and lifted her body up, revealing her pussy. Again he whistled in appreciation.

The hair on her vulva was thin and sparse and short. Her labia were small, barely visible until he placed a finger on one side of her slit and spread it open. “Such a pretty little pussy,” he said. Still holding her slit open with one hand he began sliding the tip of a finger form his other hand into her cunt hole. “Oh my, and so very wet! You really are a filthy little slut to get aroused by the way I was using you.”  He could feel her knees begin to shake and watched the sweat appear across her back a she turned her ankles out, opening her gash even wider.

He slid his finger deeper into her body, finding her cunt-hole slippery with moisture and easy to enter. “Ooooh,” he said, “tight but not quite as virginal as I expected. Maybe you have a little more experience than I assumed. Well, let’s give you even more.”  Her back began to arch.

With one hand he grabbed her ass and spread her cheek open, with the other he grabbed his cock and lined it up with her cunt. Slowly he entered her, cooing appreciatively as her soft wet insides enveloped his hard cock.  She let out a long, guttural groan like something she had never done in her life.  Then she seemed to push back into him, matching his movement with her own.

“I bet you’re surprised I’m fucking your cunt,” he said, grabbing hold of Anneyce’s thick waist as he began to fuck her with intentional slowness. “I mean, I did go on about being an ass man. Bet you expected I’d fuck that puckered little asshole of yours. Well, don’t worry, I will. I just need to do it properly.”

For a moment he stopped talking, simply enjoying the feel of her cunt as he continued to fuck her at a slow and steady pace. “See, ever since becoming a mercenary I’ve worship Dethys. Oh, at first it was simply because he is the patron god of mercenaries and assassins, but I quickly discovered how enjoyable his favored form of worship is.”  He slid a hand around her body and began pinching a nipple again, hard and without mercy.  She let out another deep moan, arching her back a bit.  He rolled the nipple hard under his fingers, pinching it more firmly.

Diagoras picked up his pace, thrusting into Anneyce a little faster. For a time he stopped talking again, simply grunting as he fucked her ever faster. Finally he began to peak towards his second orgasm of the night. Just before he came he pulled out of Anneyce’s cunt, grabbing his cock with one hand and spreading ass cheek wide open with the other.

His cock convulsed in his hand and began to spurt cum. He aimed his cock like a weapon, ensuring his thick load of semen landed on the Ranger’s asshole. Once he was done he sighed in satisfaction, holding her ass cheek open and watching his thick large, thick load of cum slowly run down her asshole then down over her taint and towards her cunt.

He let go of his cock and grabbed hold of the ring of Azel, giving it a twist. Again there was a momentary burst of magical energy, and when it was gone the wizard’s cock was once more standing erect.

With his cock hard he grabbed hold of it and stepped closer to Anneyce, pressing his bulbous cockhead into the cummy mess covering her asshole. “And now I shall worship Dethys the way he prefers: by fucking a woman’s ass, lubricated by a man’s seed.”

Slowly he began pressing his cock into her asshole. Anneyce groaned slightly in pain as he entered her, moving away from his hard member. He stopped, pulling back out all the way then pressing back into her and entering a little further. He repeated this process over and over, entering her just a little further each time.  Her body was trapped against the dresser.

He didn’t do this to ease the pain of his cock entering her tight plump ass. He cared not if he hurt her and knew she’d have no memory of it if he did. No, he was simply trying to work as much of his cum into her ass as possible, knowing this pleased his god.

After a time he finally had the majority of his long cock inside of the Ranger’s ass. Now that her tight hole was stretched out around his shaft he was able to start fucking her properly, his movements in and out of his body lubricated with his own cum.

Grabbing hold of her ass and leaning into her he began. At first he just grunted with pleasure, enjoying the way Anneyce’s initial whimpers of discomfort melted and became moans of pleasure. But as time passed and he started to rise towards orgasm for the third time that night he began reciting the prayer to his god.

“Praise be to Dethys, god of the two knives. May he bless this cock as it enters this woman’s ass. May the pleasurable pain and tightness of our coupling please him and the faith manifest in both our sexual pleasure flow into his divine being. Seeing this ass fucking, may Dethys be pleased, noting my seed being pressed into her hole. May he give me his blessing in exchange for our faith and sexual pleasure.”

As the wizard finished the prayer a third presence was suddenly felt in the room. A warm glow filled both the figures just as Diagoras began to cum in Anneyce’s ass. He let out a long, deep male groan of satisfaction enjoying the feel of cumming in the Ranger’s ass as well as feeling his god’s blessing flowing into him.

He pulled out of her, his cock still semi-hard and dripping cum. With a wide grin of satisfaction on his face he walked around to the front of her, grabbing her by the hair and lifting her head up. “Suck me clean,” he told her. She began doing as she was told, the same blank expression still on her face. Her lips wrapped around his dripping cock, licking and sucking all of the cum away. Her head bobbing in the light of the candle, her body bouncing up and down as he commanded.

“Thank you,” he said, his voice suddenly tired. “That will be enough.” He stumbled back, falling into one of the beds. “Now clean yourself up and pull your britches up. After that let yourself out and go back to wherever you sleep. Go to bed, and by the time you wake up this will all be forgotten.”

He rolled over and pulled the blankets on the bed up over himself. His eyes began to close, but then they shot back open. Sitting back up he looked at Anneyce, a mischievous grin on his face. “Tell me, Ranger, I used you exactly as I wanted. I fucked you till my cock was soft and sore, surely something no man has ever done before to you. Even though you never came I want to know the truth, did you enjoy it?”

There was silence in the room for a long time. And then Anneyce responded quietly with a single word, her voice full of emotion for the first time since the Eye of Baedor had been used on her. “Yes,” she said, shame ringing through the word. The sound filled Diagoras with pleasure as he lay back down and drifted off to sleep.


* * *


“And your god, Dethys, is worshiped by mercenaries and assassins both?”

“Oh yes,” Ysmene replied. “He is the god of the two knives and his blessing gives speed, stealth, and prowess in combat. Those are things that are useful in both of those professions.”

Duron Knot raised his eyebrow. “And which are you? Assassin or mercenary? Have you perhaps misled us valiant Rangers, lulling us with tales of an expedition into the ruins north of here when in reality you have been sent to kill us in our sleep?”

For a moment Ysmene thought the Commander of the Rangers was being serious. But then he erupted into laughter. She quickly joined him.

“I’m sorry,” he said as he fought to control his laughter. “I’m enjoying this, talking with good humor with someone who is not honor-bound to follow my every command. It’s been a long time since I had simple, honest conversation like this. I really appreciate it.”

He turned and looked out one of the dining hall’s small glass windows. “Ah, it seems another thick fog has rolled in… I suppose everyone else is asleep by now. Perhaps I should go and check on them, make sure everyone is—”

“Why bother?” Ysmene said quickly. “As you say, everyone else is surely asleep by now. You don’t look tired, and I am enjoying our conversation as much as you.” She leaned in, a good humored and playfully conspiratorial expression on her face. “Between you and me I can’t stand that creep Diagoras. I’m overjoyed just to be spending the evening talking to someone without having to see his ugly, sallow face looking back at me.”

Duron could tell that although her tone was playful she was only half joking. “Why do you travel with him? It’s clear you don’t fully approve of him,” he asked.

Ysmene leaned back, shrugging. “He’s a powerful wizard. I’m good with my blades, but there are some threats no amount of knife work or swordsmanship can vanquish. We’ve also grown accustomed to watching each other’s backs after working together for so long.” With another shrug said, “He’s reliable. Amongst mercenaries that’s a rare find.”

“And,” she started before stopping to choose her words carefully. “And,” she began again, “he might have been cut off from his family fortune, but he spent a good deal of his inheritance before he was disowned. As you saw, he’s got a hoard of magical talismans and charms that he wears around his neck. They’ve saved my life many times,” she said, not mentioning the fun she knew one of them was, at this very moment, allowing him to have with the Ranger that had escorted him to the guest house.

Their conversation continued. At one point Ysmene pulled out some dice and they began playing games of chance. It was clear that Commander Knot hadn’t taken part in such frivolous fun in a long time.

As time passed she thought about trying to seduce the Ranger. He was young and strong and more than attractive enough to keep her entertained for a night. But she had seen how he talked to the cleric: he had been all business and had shown no hint of lust in his young eyes when looking at her. If he was able to ignore the carnal temptations of that fat-titted harlot masquerading as a Ranger then surely he’d be able to resist her own meager charms.

Besides, she was sure such an honorable man would certainly be above mixing sex and religious worship, which would be what she was after. And even if he had been willing to mix sexual congress with worship of the gods she imagined he was too straight laced and boring to be into any kind of anal play. She imagined the very idea would have scandalized a man like him.

It never occurred to Ysmene that Duron Knot was simply good at keeping his true emotions hidden. He was, in fact, struggling to deal with the way Ilvuna’s arrival had reminded him that he was a man with sexual urges and needs. If Ysmene had only asked she would have found that the Commander of the Northern Outpost would have been more than eager to explore new sexual situations with her, especially ones mixed with the worship of gods.

But she never asked. Instead they talked late into the night, long after everyone else in compound had finished their sexual shenanigans and headed off to their individual cabins. When their bodies had both finally demanded sleep, they had said a kind farewell, parting at the door of the dining hall without so much as a handshake.

Duron expected to see the mercenary in the morning before she went on her way, but he’d not see the woman then. By the time he and the other Rangers woke the duo would be gone, sneaking off well before dawn. Duron WOULD see Ysmene again, but by then both of them would be very changed people.


* * *


Teyl was uncertain what time it was. The thick fog still hung to the world outside the small hut he and Rothais Pianta lay in. The enchanted fire still burnt bright and warm, its green flames keeping them warm. They lay together, naked under the pile of fur cloaks they were using as blankets. Both their bodies were sticky and moist from perspiration and various sexual fluids.

He had no idea how many times they had fucked. The night had left him stunned by just how many times he had been able to perform. He had always been a man with strong sexual appetites and it seemed those hungers had been gathering in him over the last few years of celibacy, simply waiting to be unleashed all at once.

Once the initial burst of sexual energy had been expended, energy that had come as much from Rothais as had come from him, they had spent a few hours drifting in and out of sleep frequently waking to find one of them climbing on top of the other or perhaps using their mouth down below to begin things again.

The young adventurer had thrown herself into the sex with enthusiasm that had surprised him. Part way into their lustful unleashing of mutual bent up sexual energies he realized he might not have needed to take advantage of the magic ring she wore to have ended up sharing so much physical intimacy with her. She was an incredible partner, eager to please while knowing exactly what she needed to get her own pleasure. In fact, he was fairly certain she’d cum more than he had.

She lay next to him facing away from him, her body pressed back against his. He reveled in her warmth, the softness of her back against his chest, the feel of her firm perky ass up against his soft manhood. The small shelter they lay in reeked of their coupling, a thick miasma of unmistakable sexual smells. He knew that his cock would reek of her cunt for days. He looked forward to the way that sent would waft up at him every time he had to pull his prick out to piss over the next few days.

As he thought about her pussy, tight and wet and oh so delicious to taste, he felt his manhood begin to swell slightly. For a moment his heart began to race in anticipation, hoping he had one more go in him. But then the soreness in his manhood made itself known and he knew he’d be unable to get another erection for some time.

Even though there would be no more sex he was desperate not to pull away from Rothais. Instead Teyl moved closer to her naked body, sliding an arm under her and reaching around to gently cup one of her small plump breasts. She cooed slightly in her sleep and pressed back into him, but made no sign that his touch had woken her.

He had felt guilty when they had first begun, when he had taken advantage of the ring of suggestion she wore. It hadn’t stopped him, but it had filled him with shame. Only after discovering the young woman craved sexual release nearly as much as he did had the guilt mostly abated.

“I have to tell her about the ring,” he whispered quietly to himself. But no… no, he couldn’t do that. It would spoil their night, perhaps even anger her to the point of violence against him. But he couldn’t let her keep the ring, not knowing the kind of danger it put her in. The very thought of another man taking advantage of her the way he had filled him with a primal, jealous anger. He thought hard, trying to decide what to do.

Finally he settled on a plan of action. He carefully slid his arm out from under her and forced himself to pull away. She made a sad sound in her sleep that nearly tempted him to abandon his plan and return to bed with her, but he made himself push past the temptation.

Quietly he had dressed, careful not to wake. He slipped out of the hut, collecting up his gear and preparing to leave. The mist was still thick, but he’d be able to find his way back to the outpost through it if he was careful and used his torch. Besides, he was fairly certain it would soon be dawn and the mists always seemed to melt away as the sun rose.

Before leaving he crawled back into the hut, leaning over the sleeping adventurer to give her one final kiss on her soft cheek. She moaned appreciatively, smiling happily as her peaceful slumber continued. Before he pulled away he carefully reached down to her hand. Slowly he pulled the magic ring off her finger. He hoped she’d think it had gotten lost in the night, but feared she’d think he had absconded with it. If they ever met again he vowed to tell her the truth, hoping she would understand everything he had done.

Giving her one last longing look he crawled out of the small hut and got to his feet. The fire was finally beginning to die down, which meant the sun would rise within the next ten minutes. He wanted to be gone by then. But first, he needed to get rid of the accursed ring.

Clenching his fist around it he prepared to toss it out into the dark of the woods, knowing that such a small thing would almost certainly never be found in the deep snow. But before he acted the wind began to blow, bringing with it a distant voice he only half heard.

“You must bring the ring back to the Northern Outpost with you,” a husky female voice whispered to Teyl. For a moment he stood still, confused by the unnatural sound of the distant voice. The words echoed in his head like a dark shadow, momentarily enveloping his mind.

He blinked, having forgotten that he had ever heard the voice. He looked down at his clenched fist and realized how foolish he had been. One couldn’t abandon a powerfully magic item like this!

Instead of throwing it off into the darkness he tucked it into his pocket and then started his journey back to the Northern Outpost. He wasn’t entirely sure what he would do with it. He thought about perhaps presenting it to Commander Knot and letting him decide what should be done with the ring, but immediately abandoned that idea.

No, now that he had broken his vow of celibacy he knew he could never go back to living without those pleasures. He’d keep the ring to himself for now, saving it to place on a woman’s finger when he had need of release.


* * *


Rothais woke with a long yawn. She was aware of the fact that the small shelter was much colder than it had been when she had passed out. Before opening her eyes she could tell that the magical fire had finally died out and that the sun was now shinning, having burnt off the thick fog that had filled the night.

Shek new she’d need to quickly get dressed, but before that happened she wanted to wake the man who had shared the night with her with a kiss. He’d been marvelous, the first man that she’d ever encountered who was able to keep up with her sexual appetites.

But when she rolled over she found that the Ranger was gone. Her heart began to race as she jumped into a primal state of defense. Her heart racing, she quickly rolled back over and reached for her sword, drawing it from its scabbard and preparing for danger. But peaking out of the small hut she saw no sign of a struggle or any danger. All of the Ranger’s gear was gone. He seemed to have simply left sometime before dawn.

Once she was dressed and ready to face the cold morning it occurred to her that he may have simply needed to return to his duties. For a time she sat eating breakfast, smiling at the memories of the previous night and fondly thinking of the Ranger. Her body, especially her pussy, was pleasantly sore. When she stood she felt wetness begin to leak from her cunt, running down her thigh with a cold dampness that sent a shiver of pleasure up her spine. She loved the feel of a man’s seed leaking out of her, especially since she wore a pregnancy ward around her neck.

While thinking of that charm her hand absentmindedly moved to the ring on her finger. She stopped, looking down to confirm that it was gone. Quickly she returned to the small shelter, crawling back into it to look for the ring. There was no sign of it.

Crawling back out of the hut she began to ponder the rings disappearance. Where could it have gone? Did the Ranger take it? She abandoned this idea almost immediately. The Rangers were well known for their honor. And although she had doubted the man’s honor early on in the night when their initial coupling had been strange and one sided, she had fully trusted him by the end of the night. He had been too passionate and giving sexually to have been false.

No, the ring must have fallen off during their night of passion and been lost in the nearby snow, or pressed down into the dirt under their bedrolls. She thought about crawling back into the small shelter to look again for the ring, but decided not to bother.

She had thought it magical when she found it, but the damn thing had never shown any hint that it granted her any powers other than the vague sense that it was valuable an important to keep on. Thinking back on her life since finding the ring she even began to wonder if the thing had been cursed. She’d made a lot of bad decisions since finding it and if it had been cursed that would have explained the compulsion to keep it on.

With a shrug she abandoned all thought of the ring. She finished packing up her gear and then prepared to continue on her journey, eager to make use of the daylight as she began her search for treasure filled ruins.

As Rothais began to leave the small camp that had kept her warm through the night she wondered if she’d run into another Ranger on her northern adventure. She hoped if she did it would be the same man, and that they’d have the chance to share such passions again. She figured she’d have few other chances to sate her nearly insatiable sexual hungers.

If only she’d known how wrong she was and how drastically the forthcoming sexual encounters would change her life. Perhaps if she had known she would have turned back, abandoning her quest for treasures. But the forces at play in the north had plans for her.


* * *


Joran Whent had returned to the Northern Outpost in time to join the other Rangers for a late breakfast. They all sat together in the dining hall, the group oddly subdued and quiet. Each of them had heads filled with memories of the previous night and deep important thoughts that pertained only to them.  Most of them had shaking legs and sore crotches, each not knowing that they had shared similar passions from the night before.

Duron Knot was thinking fondly of Ysmene, wishing he was able to converse so pleasantly with the Rangers under his command. But as their Commander he had to keep things professional, he knew that. The night had left him longing for the friendship of a peer.

He was also filled with regret that he hadn’t made a pass at Ysmene. Sure, she had been significantly older than him, but once he had got used to her frightening eye he had found her quite attractive. Her thin, muscled body seemed the exact opposite of Ilvuna’s. Now that his libido had been awoken he found himself wanting to explore how sex might differ between partners, and he could think of no one that would be as different from Ilvuna as the mercenary had been. And he figured that an older woman would be able to show him even more things that he had never thought of doing, the way the young Ilvuna had.

He let out a sigh and aimed a look of regret down at his morning tea. He’d just have to be more daring the next time another female traveler came through the outpost.

Joran Whent was also staring down into his morning tea, watching the steam rise from the mug and thinking about what he had done the night before. He had never known such pleasures, and never felt such guilt. Even with the guilt churning his stomach he was pondering when next to slip the sleeping draught into Ilvuna’s drink. He’d need to wait at least a week. Or perhaps, he thought, only a few days. Surely he’d need to let full day past at the very least, that was certain.

A sudden impulse overtook him, causing him to look up. His eyes fell upon Anneyce. It occurred to him then that the Ranger sitting across from him was also a woman. He realized that he’d never really thought of her that way, always thinking of her simply as the others at the outpost did: as their archer. But now that he was really looking he could see past the man’s haircut she wore to the feminine features he had missed that were present in her face. Actually observing her he realized that she was strikingly beautiful. Yes, her facial features were somewhat boyish, yet unmistakably feminine.

He began wondering what kind of body she had…

She always wore so many layers of clothes and cloaks that he didn’t even know if she was thin or fat like him. The sudden mystery of her body was alluring. Was she flat chested, or did her layers of clothing hide impressively sized breasts like those of Ilvuna? He could think of only one way to find out, realizing that perhaps her drink would need a sleeping draught slipped into it as well.

“Yes,” a voice whispered huskily and distant in his mind. “Have your way with the archer. Then lead her to me… take her north through the forest and through the wastes…”

Joran shook his head, chasing the voice away before it could finish what it was saying. As it left he thought he heard mocking laughter in his mind and saw a brief mental glimpse of a tall female figure, purple tentacles slithering up her long legs.

“No,” he muttered to himself. “Won’t listen to that one…” He was certain now that the voice he had been hearing in his dreams and mind was not Ynara. He knew not what it was, but was determined to ignore it from them on.

Ilvuna noticed the fat alchemist mutter under his breath but didn’t hear what he had said.  If it had been important he would have spoken up, she realized, and gave it no more thought. She looked around the table. Everyone else seemed deep in thought and tired.

She didn’t understand why, she had slept like the dead last night and woke not only more rested then she ever remembered being but also overflowing with the holy light of her goddess. Everyone had told her that life at the Northern Outpost would be tough, but so far it seemed like the easiest job in the world.

Sure, they was talk of the monstrous Ice Wolves returning, but she’d yet to see any real evidence these beasts were actually back. At first the mention of the monsters had made her afraid, but she had quickly decided that even if packs of the beasts did wander far enough south to be a threat the other Ranger’s could easily handle them. And, she thought, if pressed she could add her own silver war hammer to the fight. Glowing with absentminded satisfaction, her momentary fears having left her mind, she sipped at her morning tea.

Anneyce looked at Ilvuna with concern on her face. The cleric seemed to be at total ease, oblivious to how tough life could be at the Northern Outpost. Her time here had so far been simple and easy, no real threat facing either the outpost or her personally. And she’d yet to go out on patrol to face the potential dangers that filled the land around them.

The Commander seemed happy keeping the cleric at the outpost and this angered Anneyce. Even the fat alchemist went out on occasional patrols, and he barely knew how to handle a sword. Ilvuna was only a cleric, but she had bragged frequently about how skilled she was with her silver war hammer.

Anneyce decided that after the meal was finished she’d approach the Commander and demand Ilvuna be sent out on her first patrol soon. She planned on volunteering to be the one to go with her. Then Ilvuna would see the dangers that they were stationed here to fend off, all while Anneyce could make sure she didn’t die in the process. Hopefully, though, Ilvuna would prove as adept in battle as she was at healing and Anneyce would have no need to save her life.

And she’d need to suggest the cleric change her clothing… She understood the woman wasn’t cold, but it was indecent to go about in such a revealing outfit! Didn’t Ilvuna notice the way the other Rangers looked at her? She was distracting them all with her overt sexuality and open display of her body. Anneyce knew that no good could come of it, that no good EVER came of things of a sexual manner.

The archer shifted in her seat, suddenly uncomfortable. She didn’t understand why, but she had woken up to an unfamiliar pain in her… well, in a private place she liked to think of even less then her womanhood. Once she had adjusted the way she was sitting the pain seemed to subside slightly, but by then she had lost her train of thought.

Meanwhile Teyl hummed quietly, happier that morning than he had been in years. He had been a fool to take the vow of celibacy. He understood why he had done it, perhaps even knew it had been what he had needed at that point in his life to get past the dark mistake he had made. But now, after the night with Rothais, he knew he could never go back to going without those pleasures of the flesh.

He didn’t know when he’d be with a woman again, but he was certain it wouldn’t be long. If no women made their way into his presence in the near future there was a highly fuckable woman sitting at the table with him. As he thought lustfully about Ilvuna he absentmindedly reached into his pocket and began fingering the ring of suggestion.

Hell, he thought, even if she wasn’t present there was always Anneyce. She was a woman, although he’d never really thought about the skilled archer that way. But now that it was on his mind he could see that she had a certain boyish prettiness about her. And he had no idea what kind of body lay hidden under her layers of cloaks. In the end, thought, that didn’t really matter. He liked women of all body types, and if he was ever desperate enough to need to fuck her it wouldn’t matter what kind of body she had. All he’d need from her was a warm cunt to bury his cock in.

Teyl hummed louder, thinking about how amazing it felt to be inside a woman. He was unaware that the melody he hummed was one he had never heard before. The tune seemed to be playing in his head, a sound that he didn’t consciously notice was filling his mind.


* * *


The melody playing in the Ranger’s head was that of a song no mortal had heard for many an age. But it had been popular in the court of the Nameless Dark Queen, one of her favorites. It was through her voice that the tune was carried into Teyl’s head, an accidental incursion into his minds as she used her magics to observe the Rangers and read their thoughts.

Her powers were still weak, but they grew stronger every day. And even weakened as she was, she still had the power to enter their minds and influence their actions. The Rangers had already begun to dance to her mental manipulations and she was confident that with time they’d all fall to her influence.

She’d found the Ranger Teyl’s mind was almost laughably easy to enter and manipulate, just like the fat alchemist. But some of the Ranger’s minds still resisted her direct manipulation. She had not yet been able to enter the Commander’s mind, and the cleric was for the time protected by the blessing of her goddess. Then there was the Archer, her innocence and strong will formed a psychic barrier that was like a wall of iron. But she already was plotting ways to corrupt and compromise them through others actions. What she observed last night was a key to breaking that one.


* * *


As the Rangers were blissfully unaware that they were being watched over by the Nameless Dark Queen, so too was the sinister figure unaware that she was in turn being watched by a growing number of divine beings. Their ethereal presence was gathered in the aether above the Northern outpost as they observed what transpired below them.

“Eczotl’s presence hasn’t been felt this strongly in Alaria since before The Corruption began to spread,” one of them said.

“Yes,” another of the beings responded. “The swarming mass that hungers could throw all of our plans into disarray. We’ve worked hard to spread The Corruption to many of the other gods. And we’ve convinced the other’s that the changes seen in them are nothing to be alarmed of, that their new fixation on sexual pleasure and perversion isn’t a sign of anything deeper going on. Most have even forgotten what The Corruption is and how they once worked to imprison those of us infected with its power.”

“But Eczotl, this dark god’s perverse hunger… it could make the other gods untouched by The Corruption suspicious of those that have become overtly sexual in their divine existence. If Eczotl’s hunger is allowed to grow unchecked and the other gods turn against him and his followers—”

“Then a war could begin and we might be lumped in on his side,” one of the others said, finishing the thought. “Or worse, they could realize our plan to spread the infection to all of them.” There was silence then for a time.

“We of The Corruption are not like Eczotl, we are not evil,” a voice said, breaking the silence.

“Good and evil are mortal inventions,” one of the voices said quickly. “We divine beings, even those that were once called demons by the other gods, we are above such matters of mortal morality.”

“Maybe,” another voice said. “But if there is evil, it can be found in Eczotl. He is not like us, not like the other gods. In our eons of existence have any ever walked with him? No… We’ve never even seen his chosen form or heard his voice. Only his followers commune with him. All we’ve ever seen or heard or felt is the vast never ending hunger that desires to be released into Alaria so as to consume it. One cannot even say that Eczotl exists on this plane the way we do, his presence is only an incursion from some other place we cannot see or touch.”

There were mutters of agreement.

“So what is to be done?”

Again there was silence.

“I think…” one of the voices began, hesitant and stopping for a moment before starting back up. “I think we will need to temporarily abandon our personal goals and hedonistic pastimes. We must put on hold the spreading of The Corruption to the other gods. We must turn our attention to this small northern outpost in this insignificant kingdom and fight the growing influence of Eczotl’s reawaken agent. Her power will only grow as she re-establishes her connection with her dark guard. During that time we must gather forces that have the ability and power to oppose and vanquish her.”

Once again there were mutterings of agreement.

“Then it is decided. Let us begin to do what we can.”

It was then that Ynara, who had till then remained silent, spoke up. “It was the presence of my power that awoke Eczotl’s agent, and I feared this crisis would fall upon us from the very start. I have already set pieces in motion to oppose this Nameless Dark Queen. My faithful shall be the vanguard, and through them I shall buy you all the time you need to gather your power below.”

She bowed then, her presence leaving the meeting. Ynara began turning almost the entirety of her divine presence to that small region to the north of Vulfrell. In time her godly aspect would be so concentrated that she would be able to take physical form. Not just for a few moments to commune with one of her faithful, but as a solid being that could shake the very earth with her divine might.

The gods she left behind knew this was a risky move. That much of her being in one place was vulnerable. Falling into the habit of taking form such as that is how the demons of old, the divine beings originally infected by The Corruption, had been able to be tricked into being imprisoned by the other gods.

Even now as the influence of The Corruption spread and grew throughout Alaria there were demons that still lay trapped in magical artifacts. The free demons, now as powerful as the gods that had once shunned and fought to imprison them, still worked to locate and free their hidden brothers and sisters.

The risk Ynara was taking was discussed with fear at first, but all acknowledged the power that could come from taking such a form. They knew more of them might need to do the same to stop Eczotl and his agent. As they spoke together after Ynara’s leaving, they all agreed on this.

As the gathered gods continued to discuss and plan one of their number worked to keep their mind hidden from the others. Unknown to the rest, this one HAD communed directly with Eczotl. They had entered the plane Eczotl existed in and faced the eternity of the void that hungers. They had seen that Eczotl had consumed and filled that entire plane of existence and returned with forbidden knowledge. Eczotl was in fact NOT a god. It was an indescribable beast masquerading as one of them, a swarming mass whose hunger had the potential to consume all of Alaria the way it had consumed its home plane of existence.

This Corrupt god with secret knowledge could think of only one thing that could satiate Eczotl’s hunger and make it retreat from Alaria: a god. It was because of this that they kept their knowledge secret; certain none of their fellow gods would be willing to sacrifice one of their number to Eczotl even if it meant putting an end to the beast’s hunger. Since it was a sacrifice they were unwilling to make themselves one of them would have to be tricked into a position where Eczotl could consume them.

For the time being this god would keep their intent hidden. As the other Corrupt gods moved to challenge Eczotl’s agent, they would work to move one of their number into a situation where they could be fed to the beast. It would be the ultimate betrayal, but it was one they were willing to make for the greater good.

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