The Game Master’s Inter-dimensional Labyrinth of Peril and Perversion: Gravity Girl



Greetings intergalactic and inter-dimensional viewers to this exciting episode of the Game Master’s Inter-dimensional Labyrinth of Peril and Perversion! We’re going to start the way we always start: by explaining the game our “contestant” is going to be ran through for any first-time viewers.

I’m talking to you from the control hub of what can simply be described as a pocket dimension, separate but connected to ALL possible realities. Thanks to unimaginably advanced technology I have the ability to copy, alter, and even create smaller pocket dimensions. Each one of these little realities that I create and control is referred to as “challenge rooms”.

Our contestant will be a powerful, sexy female swiped from her home and placed in a starter room. She will not be aware that her every move here is being filmed for your titillation and enjoyment, but she WILL know that if she wants to go home she’ll need to pass through an unknown number of challenge rooms.

She’ll begin her journey in a room of choice, an octagonal room that contains eight “doors”. On each of these doors will be a single video screen that shows a simple, repeating clip that hints at the challenge the door leads to. She will have to choose which door to activate, and upon doing so she will be ported into the chosen challenge room.

What is in each of these challenge rooms is limitless. Each will provide our contestant with a unique challenge, a test they must pass to move on and get one step closer to being sent home. Yet she will not be told what the test is or the rules. She will have to figure it out all on her own less she be trapped there for eternity!

Many of these challenge rooms contain creatures or beings from the vast cosmos or even the endless multi-verse that must be defeated in combat. Others are larger biomes, a microcosm of some world or unique location full of perverse dangers that must be passed through. Others are more… surreal. Places where the normal rules of reality are altered or even pocket realities where our contestant will be altered!

We also look into each contestant’s mind, drawing inspiration from her fears, her past, her present, and even their potential futures! Recreating them, but altered and made far more perverse for your viewing pleasure. We also make sure challenge rooms inspired by the contestant’s home planet are in heavy rotation, things that maybe she is not personally familiar with but that are inspired by her home none the less.

The contestant will have to pass through at least 3 of these challenge rooms. Once the first challenge is completed she will be ported to another octagonal room with eight more doors leading to more challenges. After the third challenge is completed it will be randomly determined if she has earned her way home. A random number generator shall be “rolled”, displaying a result from one to ten. After the third room a ten will allow her to go home, if any other number is rolled she must pass through another challenge room. And after that the roll shall be made again, but then nine or ten will allow her home. And then eight, and then seven, until her ordeal is over!

So, with the basics out of the way, it’s time to learn about our contestant! Our target today comes from Earth, a fan favorite, beloved for their horny so-called superheroines. We’ve snagged a particularly interesting candidate today, a young and inexperienced yet incredibly powerful heroine who goes by the name of “Gravity Girl”.

You should all be seeing an image of her now. As you can see she’s a petite young woman, so small and dainty she practically looks frail! But don’t be fooled by her appearance. The active Power-Gene that gives her superpowers also makes it so her physical strength and durability is far greater than it looks. Those little twig arms and long slender legs tantalizingly revealed by her skimpy silver costume are MUCH sturdier than they look.

And then there are her powers. Like most human superheroines she has mild super strength and durability as well as an innate healing factor. But what makes this young, and inexperienced, heroine such an interesting candidate is her main superpower. Gravity Girl, as her name suggests, has the power to control a fundamental force of nature itself! She can turn gravity off and back on, altering its effects or intensity or even the direction it flows in the area around her. She uses this ability to “fly” as well as to disorient and even attack her foes!

But this power comes at a potentially great cost. The more often and more intensely she uses her gravity control powers the more her petite almost none existent breasts will GROW. The more she pushes her powers the larger they grow, potentially reaching deliciously inhuman size. What’s more, the larger her breasts grow the weaker her powers will get. This means that if she pushes herself too far she’ll be left not only with breasts so large she’ll barely be able to move, but totally depowered as well!

The longer she goes without using her powers the more her breasts will return to their “natural” tiny size. A good night’s sleep usually does the job, but as any repeat viewers know she’ll not be likely to get a chance to do THAT once the game starts.

We’ve snagged Gravity Girl from Earth just as she started her day, her breasts their natural size. She’ll be starting the game at peak efficiency!

As any repeat viewers know when each contestant is snatched from their home a very basic explanation of what is happening to them is implanted in their mind. They do not know they are being watched, but they are made to understand they are in a pocket dimension and that the only way home is to go through and defeat the unique challenges before them. They also know that the number of rooms they must go through is semi-randomized, a nice added level of stress that always seems to throw them off.

And now, with the introductions out of the way, onto our show!


Choosing Room One


Gravity Girl woke with a start, sitting up and gasping as she looked around the strange room she was in. This can’t be real, she thought. This can’t be happening! It’s a bad dream… Any minute now I’m going to wake up. But as the moments passed it became more and more clear that this WAS real.

She rose to her feet, smoothing the silver fabric of her costume out nervously as she stood. Slowly she began to turn, taking in her surroundings. The room she was in was metallic and well lit but she couldn’t see where the illumination was coming from. The room was octagonal shaped, with eight even length well segments, each containing a door in their center. On each of the doors was a small monitor, all of them playing different but repeating little videos.

“I have to choose one to go through,” she whispered, moving cautiously to one at random. “I have to… face the challenge on the other side if I want to get home.”

She stopped a few steps away from the door before her, watching the strange video being repeated on it. It was not a live-action recording, instead it was a stylized animation, the artwork simple yet easy to understand. The video showed what she thought was a small office, a humanoid figure sitting on a chair with their legs crossed and a notebook in their lap with another figure sitting on a couch before them. They appeared to be talking, although there was no audio playing.

“It looks… like a therapy session,” she whispered, confused. She watched it run through its repeating cycle a few more times then turned and headed to the next door.

As soon as she saw the next video she gasped, taking a step back and placing a hand on her mouth. The animation clearly showed a naked woman, bound and suspended from the ceiling, being lowered onto what looked disturbingly like a large dildo. Beside her was a female figure holding a control, her head being thrown back in laughter.

Disturbed, she quickly moved on to the next door.

She had to stare at the next video for a few cycles before she felt she understood what was being conveyed. At first she thought it showed a giant fighting off a swarm of smaller beings, but on closer inspection she realized the “giant” was supposed to be a normal sized human woman and the creatures around her small aliens with green skin.

“Little green men?” she mumbled. “Well… why not. Something alien MUST have brought me here and created this whole thing!” She started to walk to the next door but stopped, looking around. She felt intensely that she was being watched, yet there was no one else in the room or any video cameras in view.

Shaking the feeling off she continued to the next door. This one showed a muscular humanoid figure rising up and flexing its powerful arms, its eyes glowing red. At first its body was only a green silhouette but when the eyes began to glow the shape of its face came into focus, revealing a swarm of small undulating tentacle-like appendages where the lower part of its face should be.

Shuddering at the image she quickly moved on to the next door. The repeating image on this door seemed to show a running female figure rushing past shadowed figures that were shooting or blasting something at her. At first the woman dodged, but eventually was hit. It was then that the animation would start over, making it seem the woman was stuck in some loop until she could dodge all the blasts coming at her.

Not sure what to make of this she moved on. The next video was the most mysterious so far. She saw a woman walk into a room, empty except for a small orb sitting on the ground. There was then a flash and the animation started over.  Puzzled, she pressed on.

At the next door another woman was shown bound, this time to a pillar of some kind. Ropes ran around it and then up off the monitor, with a single rope running back down with what was clearly a weight of some kind attached. The bound figure seemed to be struggling in a vain, ever repeating attempt to break free.

“I… don’t like the looks of that,” she whispered and moved on to the final door.

The final video made her stomach sink. The artwork was simple, showing a female figure moving down a hall, entering a never-ending series of doors, going in and coming out and moving on to the next one. It was simple artwork yet the hall and the doors were intimately familiar to her: it was clearly the hall of the dormitory at The Academy, the superhero university that she had so recently graduated from!

She backed away, all the way to the center of the room. She stood, biting her lower lip and looking back at all the doors. She didn’t know what any of them really meant, didn’t feel she could choose. So instead she closed her eyes, spun around till she was dizzy, and lunged forward choosing one of the doors at random.

Gravity Girl opened her eyes just as her hand touched the door before her, noticing that the one she had chosen was the one showing the naked woman being lowered onto the dildo. “Oh no,” she gasped as her hand touched the door.

It instantly slid open, revealing not a room behind it but instead a swirling mass of blue energy that sparked and sizzled. For just a moment she stood, awestruck by the sight and unsure of what it was. Then the spinning blue energy began to swirl faster and she felt herself being pulled forward. As she flew into what she now recognized was a portal she tried to turn, wishing she had selected another door. But it was too late. She was sucked into the portal and the world around her disappeared in a flash of sizzling blue energy.


Challenge Room One


For what might have been a moment, or might have been an eternity, there was nothing. No world around Gravity Girl, so sights, no sounds, not even the feeling of her body. And then, with a pop, reality exploded back into existence around her. She opened her eyes and gasped for air, feeling as if her very essence had been ripped apart and just now been forced back together.

“My plaything is finally awake,” a female voice said before laughing cruelly.

The voice was coming from below Gravity Girl and looking down at the woman who was speaking to her the young heroine realized she was suspended from the ceiling of the large room they were in. “Where am I?” she asked, confused and scared. “Who are you?” she demanded. Then, realizing she was tied up, with her arms secured behind her back and her legs pulled up and behind her, she demanded, “And why am I bound like this!” Looking down as she struggled to break free she realized her costume was also missing and that along with being tied up she was also naked!

“I am Madam Dominator and you are in my secret lair,” the woman replied, “because you’re a dumb slut that let me defeat you. And as every heroine in Megatropolis knows any heroine weak enough to be defeated is fair game sexually. It’s why I fight you troublesome whores, because it brings me great joy to torment and sexually play with you stupid vapid bitches.”

Gravity Girl glared at the woman, at first only noticing the gloating, cruel look on her face as she stared up at her. But a few moments later she was able to really see the woman. She was Asian-America and was dressed in a black leather outfit that might have been a supervillainess’ costume or could just have easily been some kind of BDSM kink wear. The costume showed off a lot of skin, failing to cover either the woman’s small perky breasts or her hairless privates.

Looking up and away from the villainess Gravity Girl could see that a metal chain with a hook at the end was secured to the ropes behind her, keeping her held up in the air. The animation playing on the door came back to her, causing her eyes to open wide in apprehension before she glanced down. She gasped, seeing that directly below her attached to a small metal frame was a HUGE black dildo. It looked to be nearly as long as her forearm and possibly as thick.

“That’s right,” Madam Dominator said with an amused chuckle. “That’s one of my favorite toys, the Black Dragon. So big and scary, do you like it?”

“No,” Gravity Girl said, defiantly glaring at Madam Dominator.

She had no idea whether any of this was “real” but it certainly felt that way. Was the woman before her a robot? An alien that just looked human? Was this all happening in her head? She realized the answer didn’t really matter, not if it felt real. And judging by the ropes biting into her skin the Black Dragon would certainly feel real if it entered her.

Then she recalled the room was supposed to be providing some challenge she had to get passed to move on. She looked around, trying to figure out what it was. They were in what looked like an abandoned warehouse that had been turned into a sex dungeon. There were kinky BDSM gear and toys all over. She could see a few doors, but no windows.

Do I have to escape? She thought.

Before she could really ponder the question Madam Dominator picked up something from a nearby table, a small controller with a wired antenna sticking out the top. “I think it’s time we start our fun,” she said, clicking a button on the device and beginning to cackle evilly.

Above Gravity Girl machinery came to life and the chain she was hooked to began to extend, lowering her slowly down towards the sex toy below her. Gravity Girl’s eyes flashed down as she realized that the way her legs were bound behind her back had them pulled apart as well. If the chain continued to extend she’d be lowered right onto the black dildo, her body being impaled on the huge sex toy!

“No,” she yelled, beginning to wiggle and try to break free. She was stronger than a normal woman of her size, but she didn’t have proper superhuman strength. The ropes were strong and tied very tightly around her. She had little to no hope of breaking free and with every moment that passed she was being lowered closer to the huge dildo.

Madam Dominator was cackling. “Struggle all you want, my pink-haired little fuck-toy. It won’t help, you can’t break free. Just accept your fate! The Black Dragon feels rather good once it’s all the way in. And it’s rigged to vibrate, although I won’t activate that feature till you’re impaled on it.”

“No,” Gravity Girl yelled again, still struggling in vain. “I won’t! It’s too big!” Then, remember who she was and what she could do, she stopped struggling. She calmed herself and closed her eyes and began to activate her powers.

The air around her tingled and then she stopped being lowered. The chain above her was still unwinding and growing longer, but now it coiled in the air just above her head, floating as if there was no gravity about it.

“Ah, I see your gravity control powers are working again,” Madam Dominator said, annoyed. “But that’s okay, they won’t be able to save you forever.”

Gravity Girl opened her eyes, continuing to use her powers to make it so she floated in place. “Yes, they can.”

“Liar,” the supervillainess barked. “I know how they work. I can already see your tiny, nearly nonexistent titties growing.”

The bound heroine didn’t bother looking down. She could FEEL her breasts growing. Not very fast, but fast enough that she knew their growth could be seen to be happening.

“I know that eventually, when your tiny little breasts get too big, your powers will stop working,” Madam Dominator said.

Gravity Girl simply glared down at her, knowing she spoke the truth. But what she was doing wasn’t causing her breasts to grow too fast. On top of that, her breasts would have to grow incredibly large before her powers stopped working completely. Yes, after they got big enough her control of her powers would lessen, but what she was doing at the moment didn’t take much finesse. She could hold herself in place for hours.

For a few minutes she floated in place, Madam Dominator glaring up at her as she glared back down at the villainess. Nothing changed till the machinery lowering the chain above her loudly ground to a halt. She looked up and realized that the full length of the chain must have been let out.

“Oh my, what a precarious position you are in now,” Lady Dominator said, smiling as she put the controller she had been holding down on a nearby table. “The chain is fully extended. As soon as your powers give out you’ll drop right down on to The Black Dragon! Seeing you drop down all at once because you’ve failed yourself might be even more fun than lowering you slowly down myself.”

Gravity Girl remained silent, glaring at the woman than looking down. She could use her powers to move her to the sides, but that wouldn’t really help her escape. Eventually her powers would peter out then she’d be right back where she started. She MIGHT be able to use her powers to throw the villainess across the room and maybe knock her out, but what good would that do her? She’d still be trapped and unable to escape.

Maybe I just have to remain off the vile sex toy till a timer runs out, Gravity Girl thought as she pondered what it was she was supposed to do to defeat this “challenge”. It didn’t seem like escaping was what she had to do, as she’d woken up in a situation where that was basically impossible.

Seemingly echoing her own thoughts Madam Dominator looked up at the floating heroine and asked, “Going to just try and wait it out, eh?”

Still looking down at her, but turning her chin up defiantly, Gravity Girl replied simply, “Yes.” The comment made her think she was onto something.

The villainess just smirked back up at her, staring into her eyes then, after a while, slowly lowering her gaze. “I guess the question is, how long do you have? Your tiny little A cups are already at least C’s. How much bigger before your powers start to falter?”

Gravity Girl bit her lit, not wanting to answer. The truth was she didn’t know. The way she was using her powers wasn’t very intense yet she could already feel that holding herself in place like this was starting to strain her. Her powers were like any muscle, when held in place too long they’d start to grow weak. She could feel that the growth of her breasts was starting to increase, although with as big as they were now she doubted her capture would notice.

Still, she had to do something or else her breasts would begin to grow even faster. So instead of simply holding herself in place she let herself lower, just a bit and very slowly, by increasing gravity ever so slightly. As soon as she started lowering she let out a long sigh of relief. Even the slight change left her powers feeling less sore and she instantly felt the growth of her breasts lessening.

“You think you’re moving slowly,” Madam Dominator said, “but look down. You don’t have a whole lot of space between you and the Black Dragon. An hour at most and you’ll be there. I can wait, and by then your tits will be so big I’ll be able to have all sorts of fun with them!”

Gravity Girl gritted her teeth, knowing the woman was right but feeling she had no other options before her. If her hunch about a timer was right maybe she’d be past this challenge before the hour was up.

Time passed, the naked and bound heroine lowering down at a glacially slow pace. Yet what the villainess had said was true, after an hour she was almost to the huge black dildo. And by that time her breasts had grown so big that each tit was larger than her head. They were thick, full, pale white breasts with pink nipples that had stretched and grown with the rest of her breast. They floated oddly in front of her, the low gravity holding her up affecting them as well.

“I won’t allow myself to be dropped onto that disgusting thing,” Gravity Girl snarled defiantly. She furrowed her brow and made it so she was once again floating in place, unmoving with the dildo inches below her exposed pussy.

“We both know you can’t keep this up for much longer,” Madam Dominator said, walking up to Gravity Girl. The heroine had been lowered far enough down that they were now almost looking eye to eye. “But I don’t think I want to wait.” Without warning she lunged forward, reaching up and grabbing Gravity Girl’s enlarged breasts.

With each hand full of soft, floating tit meat she grabbed and squeezed, pushing them up into the young heroine’s body. For a moment the villainess, now standing within the bubble of zero gravity around Gravity Girl, start to float up even as she groped and mashed her enlarged tits.

Gravity Girl, like every woman with an active Power-Gene, had breasts that were far more sensitive than a normal woman’s. And as she’d found out long ago they larger they grew the more sensitive they became. With as large as they were the way the villainess was painfully squeezing and groping her tits was more than enough to force an orgasm from the young heroine.

She screamed, shuddering as an orgasm powerful enough to make her squirt was forced from her body. That was enough to momentarily make her lose control of her powers. Gravity snapped back to normal. Cackling madly Madam Dominator let go of the heroine’s tits and stepped back, watching happily as the still cumming woman dropped down onto the huge dildo.

Thanks in part to the gushing fluid squirting from her cunt Gravity Girl slid onto the dildo with almost comical ease, her body impaled on the huge sex toy as she dropped down onto it. The feeling of the thick, long dildo ramming into her only intensified her orgasm. She sat, seated on the Black Dragon, the dildo deep inside of her as she moaned and shuddered while continuing to cum.

Then there was a strange ripple in the world that blasted out from her that seemed to leave an odd shimmer in the world as it expanded out from her. Gravity Girl, still cumming uncontrollably, looked at Madam Dominator who suddenly began to shimmer along with the room around her.

“Oh, bother,” the villainess pouted. “You figured out what you had to do to complete the challenge: cum with the Black Dragon in you.”

Still shuddering from her orgasm Gravity Girl gasped a response. “D-didn’t f-f-figure it out.” She paused, moaning, then blurted out another word. “Accident!”

Madam Dominator crossed her arms, her and the world around her shimmering brightly and looking as if it was all fading out of existence. “Doesn’t matter if you did it on purpose. You still get to move on and I don’t get to have any more fun.”

A moment later Gravity Girl’s orgasm ended and the world around her blinked out of existence.


Choosing Room Two


Reality blinked back into existence and Gravity Girl found herself standing once again in the metal octagonal room. She felt weak from her orgasms, temporarily depowered. Looking down she saw she had her costume back on but that her breasts were as large as they had been at the end of the first challenge room. Looking around she saw that the animations on the doors surrounding her were all different, but at the moment she didn’t care. She felt tired and weak so she simply lied down on the cold, metal floor.

For a while she laid there, her eyes closed. She couldn’t sleep, but she was able to rest until she felt the effects of the orgasms wearing off and her powers returning. During that time her breasts shrunk back down a little as well, although they were nowhere near their natural state. Sitting up and gently cupping them in her hands, thankful as always that the fabric of her costume expanded and shrunk with them, she figured she’d fill up a DD bra cup.

“I want to go home,” she whispered, knowing that meant she had to go through at LEAST two more of the challenge rooms. With a resigned sigh she got to her feet and walked to one of the doors as she began looking at the animations playing around her.

The first showed a woman with a towel wrapped around her walking into a steamy bathhouse, dropping the towel from her body and lowering herself into a pool of water. As the woman relaxed in the water shadowed figures began to appear in the steam around her, but as they approached so did the thickness of the steam till nothing could be seen. The steam then cleared slightly and that the video began started over.

After that the next video showed a woman, dressed in a generic superheroine costume, standing in the center of a room with her fists up. Around her were looming huge green men with bulging muscles and they were menacingly moving towards her. They lunged in unison at the heroine and there was a cartoon explosion that burst out as they all met and started fighting. Once the animated explosion had filled the screen the video repeated.

The next door showed another generic superheroine spinning around then stopping, her costume gone and replaced by what appeared to be a doctor’s lab coat with a stethoscope around her neck. She then turned and starting walking, a patient sitting on the edge of an examination table coming onto the screen. There was a flash and the animation started over.

It took Gravity Girl a moment to understand the next video totally. The animation clearly showed two figures fighting, but who they were confused her until she realized one of them was supposed to be a female human. The other was… strange. The simple cartoon animation made it look like it was a feminine figure with large breasts but it also seemed to have cat-like ears and a big furry tail. “Is it… some kind of rodent or cat lady?” With a shrug, Gravity Girl moved on, not noticing the cat-lady strike a pose, the silhouette of an erection momentarily visible on “her” body.

The next video began a lot like the one showing the heroine spinning and turn in to a doctor, only this time she spun and was left wearing a dress with what appeared to be a feather duster in hand. The figure then began to move around a house, cleaning, as a male figure with its arms crossed and visible erection watched.

“What?” Gravity Girl mumbled in confusion as she began watching the next video. The simple animation seemed almost not up to the task of what the video was trying to convey. There were two cars and one was maybe a police car, at the very least it was clear it forced the other car to pull off the side of the road and come to stop. Then a female figure got out of the maybe police car and approached the other before Turing back and getting back into its car. Then they both returned to the road and the animation started over.

The next video was the longest she’d encounter so far. It began with a generic heroine standing before a wall of portraits, looking at them then pointing at one. The portraits all faded from sight as a shadowed figure jumped from the one that had been pointed at, turning into another generic superheroine. They then turned and flew off the side of the screen. It went black then seemed to show outer space, or at the very least a black field with distant white stars. Suddenly a huge red monstrous figure with demonic horns appeared in the center of the screen, seemingly laugh. The two heroines flew onto the screen, much smaller than the red monster, and began to fight it. After watching it play a second time she moved on to the final door.

This video started with a generic heroine with light colored skin standing with her hands on her hips in a triumphant pose. A moment later a number of male figures, dressed in white t-shirts and jeans, walked onto the screen. They all had dark skin and began moving in, surrounding the pale-skinned heroine who was throwing her fists up in preparation for a fight.

“Weird,” Gravity Girl said, moving back to the center of the room and looking back out at all of them. “Well… I have to pick one of them,” she muttered.

She felt scared and alone and REALLY wanted to be able to kick something’s ass. Looking back over the simple, repeating animations on the doors it seemed like there was only one that could potentially provide all of those things.

Turning, she strode across the room to the door showing the selection of another heroine and then the fight with the big red space demon. She reached out to touch the door, hesitating just before placing her finger on it. She bit her lip for a moment, looking around one more time, then touched the door.

It slid open, revealing another swirling blue portal. A moment later she was sucked in and the world around her disappeared.



Challenge Room Two


With a strange gut-wrenching feeling reality popped back into existence around Gravity Girl. She was disoriented and it took her a moment to take in the new world around her.

She was in another brightly lit metal room much like the choosing room, only this one was narrow and more like a hallway. It wasn’t very big and both ends of the room were empty, no doorways out. The only thing in the room beside her was on the wall before her: a series of repeating videos in small frames.

Cocking her head and watching them she realized they were all showing a single figure, each screen a different superheroine who she knew from her life in Megatropolis. Many of them she’d never met personally but they were all recognizable to her. She thought back on the animation that had hinted at what was in the challenge room and knew what she had to do: select one of the heroines.

Gravity Girl hadn’t been an active superheroine in Megatropolis for very long. During that time she’d only teamed up with a few other superheroines and only one of them more than once. She looked from looping video to looping video, searching for the other superheroine she was closest to.

“There you are,” she whispered once she saw her. Gravity Girl took a few steps to the side and watched as the busty, curvy, purple-clad woman flew through the air. She turned and smiled at the camera, the tiara on her head glinting in the sunlight.

“Archbaroness,” Gravity Girl said softly. She was the most famous heroine in Megatropolis, leader of the city’s official super team and in charge of mentoring all the new heroines that arrived in the city. They had teamed up a handful of times, usually while Gravity Girl’s inexperience had led to her needing to be saved.

“You’ll know what to do,” Gravity Girl whispered, reaching up towards the repeating video. “I just hope you’re real.”

She pointed at the picture and the other videos began to fade, as if they had ceased to exist. At the same time the video of Archbaroness grew larger until it was life sized. The screen rippled and to Gravity Girl’s amazement Archbaroness flew forward and through the screen, stepping out into the little room!

“Thanks for choosing me, Gravity Girl,” Archbaroness said confidently, striking a heroic pose while smiling. “I won’t fail you. Together we shall defeat this foe!”

Gravity Girl gasped and took a step back, reaching out to touch Archbaroness’ shoulder. The woman before her felt solid but she wasn’t sure what that meant. There was a look of awe on her young face she pulled her hand back and whispered, “Are you real?”

Archbaroness cocked her head to the side and blinked. “I don’t understand your question. But I know that together we shall defeat this foe!”

Gravity Girl’s heart sank. “You’re not real. Not really,” she whispered, feeling defeated and alone. She was a robot or a shape-shifting alien or this was all in her head or part of some incredibly convincing virtual reality machine. If the superheroine before her had been real she’d have had a much different response and wouldn’t be repeating herself.

“I don’t understand what you mean,” Archbaroness replied to the whisper, like a robot replying to something it wasn’t programmed to understand. “But I know that together we shall defeat this foe!” she turned and started striding down the hall away from Gravity Girl. As Archbaroness turned after her Gravity Girl noticed that there was now a door at the end and clearly that’s where the other superheroine was heading.

“Wait,” Gravity Girl said, reaching out and grabbing Archbaroness by her shoulder and holding her back. She turned her around and stepped up to the much taller woman, looking up into her intense lavender colored eyes. She seemed so real. “I need to know if you’re real, if ANY of this is real!”

Archbaroness stared down at Gravity Girl for a moment then suddenly reached out, wrapping an arm around her small waist and pulling her in close to her body. Gravity Girl gasped in surprise, surprised by how sudden the move was, by how strong the older woman was, and by how real her body felt pressed up against hers. Archbaroness then leaned down, pulling the young heroine even closer, and began kissing her. It was a deep, long, passionate kiss so intense that Gravity Girl’s fluttered closed as she went limp in Archbaroness’ arms. For a long time there was only the kiss and the feel of their two bodies pressed together, Archbaroness’ large breasts pressed up against Gravity Girl’s body.

The kiss was so intense that Gravity Girl momentarily lost control of her powers and the gravity around them started to lessen. Archbaroness’ short, dark hair started to float up and a moment later they both lifted up off their feet.

They both fell back to the ground as soon as Archbaroness pulled away, ending the kiss. Gravity Girl gasped, feeling breathless and confused.

“Was that real enough for you?” Archbaroness asked, smiling at Gravity Girl before turning and beginning to confidently walk towards the door. “Now come on, I know that together we shall defeat this foe!”

Gravity Girl didn’t say anything. She simply followed after the woman striding confidently down the hall. That felt real, she thought, reaching up and touching her lips. They were still moist. That woman before me, she’s as real as these walls. She’s physically here, but it’s NOT Archbaroness, it can’t be. But she realized it didn’t really matter. All that mattered was pressing on and getting through this challenge so she could get one step closer to getting home.

Archbaroness got to the door at the end of the hall and reached out to touch it. As soon as she did the doors slid open, revealing a sight that made Gravity Girl gasp and take a few steps back. Beyond the door was nothing… or maybe everything? It appeared to be the vast, endless expanse of space; black but with distant stars in every direction.

“Come on,” Archbaroness said, glancing back to smile at Gravity Girl before turning back and leaping out into the void. She flew out into space, one arm before her.

“But what about being able to breathe!” Gravity Girl called after her, but watched as the purple clad heroine showed every sign of being able to breathe just fine. “None of this makes any sense,” she muttered but knew she had to follow after her. She took a deep breath then, with a running start, leapt out after Archbaroness.

She used her powers to “fly” out into the void. She expected there to be some kind of change as she went out the door, a loss of natural gravity which would have required her to adjust her powers to keep “flying”. But once out in the endless void everything felt… the same.

Looking back she saw that there was no sign of the door they had just gone through. Behind her was the same endless starry void that stretched out in every other direction. “This is so surreal,” she whispered, breathing normally and turning to fly after Archbaroness. “Where are we going!?” she called out to the heroine ahead of her.

“Just ahead, that’s where we will find the foe we must face together,” Archbaroness called back.

Gravity Girl put on a burst of speed and caught up to her fellow heroine, flying beside her for a few minutes. When she began to slow so did Gravity Girl till they floated in the middle of nothingness.

“He comes,” Archbaroness whispered, nodding ahead of them.

At first Gravity Girl couldn’t see anything. Then she noticed a star, red in color, and brighter than the others in that direction. And then she noticed it was growing brighter, larger, and seemingly getting closer!

“What is it?” she said, feeling suddenly apprehensive.

“The Space Demon. We must face him. We must fight him. And then, we must do what must be done so that you can move on.”

Gravity Girl furrowed her brow and turned to look at the heroine floating next to her. “But what, exactly, do we have to do to move on?” At first she thought Archbaroness hadn’t heard her, then after repeating her question she realized the woman next to her was choosing not to answer.

The red star grew fast, becoming a comet shooting towards them then exploding in a flash of light that left a red mist floating before them. The red cloud seemed to gather in on itself, taking the form of a massive red bipedal figure looming above them. As it took shape a deep voice began to laugh, the sound echoing in the space all around them.

YOUR DOOM HAS ARRIVED!” the red monster proclaimed, the vapor around it exploding out to reveal its true form. It was a giant red demon, roughly the shape of a man only far more muscular and three times as large. It had frightening curved horns protruding from its bald head and its face was a twisted grimace of malformed evil that sneered down at them.

The Space Demon was immense. It appeared to be the single most physically strong being Gravity Girl had ever seen. Its red-skinned body was covered with bulging muscles. She floated in space for a few moments, in awe of the monster before her.

Only slowly did she realize the monster was naked, and only after realizing that did she allow her eyes to lower. When she saw what was between the monster’s legs she gasped and flew back away from it. Hanging between its legs was not one, but TWO massive red cocks. They came from its body near each other, inches from the other, and together the huge veiny shafts shared three balls, one between them and one each on the far sides of each shaft.

“The thing’s got two!” she blurted out stupidly.

“It matters not, valiant Gravity Girl,” Archbaroness declared, throwing her arms up. “We must fight this monster. It is a mighty challenge, but one we surely shall be strong enough to face.”

After speaking those words Archbaroness flew forward, swing up and landing a superpowered blow into the monster’s mid-section. The battle had begun and Gravity Girl’s instincts took over. She flew forward, using her powers to boost Archbaroness’ flying attacks while trying to push the monster off balance.

The monster roared at every blow that was struck against him, swinging back at the two small heroines flying around him. Both Gravity Girl and Archbaroness dodged and weaved out of the way of the thing’s massive fists as they swung through space at them. Its size seemed to be making it slow, turning what should have been an advantage for it into one for the superheroines instead.

Gravity Girl mostly played support, using her powers to keep the lumbering beast off balance while boosting Archbaroness’ superpowered blows into it. The Space Demon reeled, screamed, and growled at every hit. Its anger seemed to be taking physical manifestation in its huge red eyes. At first the iris’ glowed red, then the glowing became so intense that its pupils and the whites were lost, replaced with a burning red glow that eventually began to steam with the intense light eventually erupting into flickering flames.

As it alternated between trying to swat them away and grab them the Space Demon glared at them both, the fire coming from its eyes flickering hypnotically. Both Gravity Girl and Archbaroness found it impossible not to stare at those flickering flames. It was as if their intensity was pulling each woman in, an unavoidable thing drawing them closer.

Without noticing their attacks began to slow and then falter. They were fixating on the Demon’s eyes, quickly becoming entranced by its burning hypnotic gaze. The Demon seemed aware of what was going on. It stopped trying to smack them away, stopped trying to grab them. It simply stared more intensely, waiting for them to fall completely under its spell.

Before long both heroines were floating before the Space Demon, their arms hanging limply at their sides as they stared wide-eyed and open mouthed into the burning eyes. The Demon floated before them, a gloating look of triumph on its face as it stared at them.

“My mind…” Gravity Girl whispered, finally becoming aware of what was happening and trying, far too late, to fight to look away. But the battle so far had left her tired, making her push her powers too hard too quickly. Her breasts had doubled in size, each now far larger than her head once more. The fast growth, and the fight, had left her tired in both body and mind. Even though she knew now she needed to look away she couldn’t.

“My mind,” she began again, aware that Archbaroness was saying the same words at the same time as her now. “My mind is… gone,” they both said slowly and in near perfect unison. “My mind is gone,” they both repeated more confidently, beginning to float towards the Space Demon.

It grinned, its eyes still burning. “Come to me, my big-titted little fuck-toys. The battle has warmed my passion and I am in need of release.” If either of the heroines had been able to look away from the burning eyes that had enthralled them and look down they would have seen that the Space Demon’s two huge red cocks were now hard and standing erect. “It is your huge tits I desire,” he rumbled. “Reveal your tits to me!”

Archbaroness, still staring up into the Demon’s burning eyes, reached up and yanked the front of her costume down. Her large, full breasts came spilling out the front of her low-cut costume. The front of Gravity Girl’s costume was cut nearly the same, so she too was able to simply reach up and pull the fabric down, allowing her huge enlarged breasts to come spilling out.

The Space Demon stretched, grabbing each of its huge red cocks in hand and holding them up. “Come, fuck-toys, come pleasure me with your big tits.”

Both heroines, still muttering the phrase, “My mind is gone,” over and over again floated forward, grabbing their breasts, and wrapping them around the Demon’s huge cocks. They started moving them up and down his shafts, half bouncing their large breasts and half floating up and down.

The Demon growled then groaned in pleasure. “Tighter,” he demanded. “Press that fat tit-meat in tighter around my cocks! Move your tits faster, I am in desperate need of release and you both shall give it to me!”

Both heroines did as they were told but eye contact had been broken. They were no longer repeating their mantra about their minds being gone and their faces were once more showing emotion.

Gravity Girl’s face showed confusion and fear. I can’t control myself, she thought as she used her enlarged breasts to work the Demon’s huge cock. My mind is my own again but I can’t control my actions yet. The lack of control terrified her.

Looking over at Archbaroness she saw that the much more experienced heroine was not feeling the same things as she was. She had hold of her breasts and was working the Demon’s huge red cock, but as she did so she glared up at the monster, hatred and disgust on her face.

The level of disgust and hatred on her face doubled as the two red cocks quivered and began spurting out huge gobs of thick semen that shot up and drenched both heroines’ faces before oozing and dripping back down onto their breasts. Archbaroness ended up floating before the Demon, her tits wrapped tightly around its cock as cum oozed all over her front. “Foul, degenerate beast!” she snarled up at the monster, yet was unable to pull away.

Equally covered in cum, Gravity Girl also felt revulsion and disgust. But she seemed to recognize something that Archbaroness HADN’T yet noticed: both the Space Demon’s cocks were still rock hard.

“Some of the tension has been relieved,” the Demon sighed, “but not enough. I need more. And since there are two of you I think I shall fuck you both at the same time!”

Gravity Girl’s eyes opened wide in shock. She looked down at the huge cock her cum-covered tits were wrapped around. “No,” she gasped. “It’s too big! It won’t fit!!”

I’LL MAKE THEM FIT,” The Space Demon roared, grabbing both heroines by their mid sections like they were dolls. It lifted them up, glaring down with its burning eyes at their crotches. Their costumes sizzled and then partially burned away, leaving their vulvas exposed.

Both superpowered women were struggling, kicking and screaming and pushing at the giant red hands holding them in place. Neither was strong enough to break free and soon both were being lowered onto the tips of his huge cocks.

IT WON’T FIT!!!” Gravity Girl was screaming in terror as she kicked and struggled, feeling the thing’s massive swollen cockhead being lined up with her all-too-small pussy. “You’ll impale me,” she screamed madly, “I’ll die!”

“You won’t die,” the Space Demon laughed. “No one dies here. Here, anything in possible but death.”

She winced as he started to force her down onto his massive cock. A moment later she screamed in pain as his cock began to spread then tear her open. But her screams were short lived. Soon she was gasping and moaning, looking down in wide-eyed amazement as the thing’s impossibly large cock somehow began to be forced into her, all without harming her. “Impossible,” she whimpered, shuddering from the pleasure of being so filled.

“Nothing is impossible here,” Archbaroness said between moans.

Gravity Girl looked over and saw that the formerly defiant and sullen heroine had given in completely and was doing her best to wiggle down the huge cock being forced into her body. The sight seemed impossible to Gravity Girl. The hard cock was nearly as wide around as her torso and as it entered Archbaroness she could see her gut bulging.

“Not… possible,” Gravity Girl gasped, looking down and seeing the bulge in her own gut as the huge cock was pressed further and further into her. Then, the pain and pleasure all mixing together, was too much. Gravity Girl moaned and threw back her head, shuddering and cumming.

She was barely aware of the world around her. Her body was limp and flopping from side to side as the Space Demon began to pump her up and down his huge cock. Looking to the side she saw it was doing the same thing to Archbaroness. The sight was disturbing, not really looking like the monster was fucking them. No, it was more like they were living pocket-pussies the thing was pumping up and down its two cocks. Not fucking them, but using them to jerk itself off.

“Such tight little super pussies,” the Space Demon growled, pumping them faster. “Can’t last… much…” And then, with a ferocious roar that echoed through the stars, the Space Demon came.

Gravity Girl screamed, feeling as if her insides would explode. The amount of cum shooting into her was immense; ten times what had come from the Demon before. The Demon, moaning and groaning in pleasure, let go of the two heroines. At once the pressure of the cum shooting into them exploded them off its cock. With howls of pleasure they shot out like two wine corks, rocketing into space with a trail of semen shooting out of and after them.

“You did it,” Archbaroness said beside Gravity Girl through shudders of pleasure, her body beginning to shimmer. “Both the Demon’s cocks came and now you get to move on. Do me proud, little one,” she said, before reality blinked out around Gravity Girl and the faux Archbaroness disappeared.



Choosing Room Three


Gravity Girl gasped, reality popping back into existence around her. She rolled over onto her stomach, disoriented. She was aware of her breasts still being massive as she rested on them. But slowly as the world came into focus she realized she was no longer covered in cum and other then the size of her breasts everything else that had just happened to her physically was but a memory.

She was exhausted and wanted to lie down and sleep. But as she rolled over onto her side and started to close her eyes the metal floor began to tingle. A moment later she yelped, jumping up as the floor zapped her. Once she was standing the electric current running through the floor was gone.

Tired, she glared down at it. “I can’t rest here, can I?” she asked. There was no response. She didn’t really think there would be one, but she was certain that if she tried to lie back down she’d be shocked again.

Finally, accepting that there would be no rest this time, she began looking around at the animations playing in this third choosing room. As she started to look them over she had one happy thought: once this last challenge was done there was a chance she’d be able to head home. With that in mind she looked them over, tired but eager to get on with things.

The first door showed a video that disturbed her. At first she thought it was a dairy farm, a factory run one with cows lined up off into the horizon all hooked to machinery as they were milked. Then, looking closer, she realized they weren’t cows, they were women! Disturbed, she quickly moved on.

She stood, staring at the next animation for some time, trying to understand it. The woman in the video went through a door into a hall then seemed to climb up into the ceiling. From there she seemed to be crawling through small passageways, making her way through a maze. The longer she watched the animation the more she thought the simplistic rendering of the women resembled her, and then on closer inspection she realized the woman had huge breasts that barely fit in the small passage.

Moving on out of discomfort she came to a video showing what appeared to be a naked man fighting a costumed woman. He seemed to be fighting with some kind of martial arts, and seemed to be winning with ease. But the video only played for a short time before starting over.

Gravity Girl understood what was being displayed on the next monitor at once, even if the animation was simplistic. But understanding what was being shown didn’t help her make much sense of it. It was clearly showing some kind of massive politic demonstration, with figures holding signs and chanting with bull horns as they marched down a crowded street. On closer look she saw that the protesters were all women and noticed that the shadowed figures in the background that she had taken to be riot control cops all appeared male. Not understanding, she moved on.

She took one look at the next video and had to fight the urge to move on without seeing the whole thing play out. It clearly showed a blowup doll lying on a bed. As she made herself watch she saw a male figure walk into the bedroom and saw that what she had thought was a blowup doll start to move as if it was, in fact, a live woman. Unsettled, she moved on before watching it play again.

The next video was incredibly long. She stood, watching, amazed at just how long it was compared to all the others she had seen. It showed a generic heroine making her way through a dense jungle, fighting off snaking vines that tried to entangle her and shadowed ill-defined monsters and leaping over pits. She didn’t know if the video was trying to imply the challenge through that door provided a great variety of challenges within, or if it was trying to say her time there would be longer than the other rooms. Uncertain, she simply moved on.

A prison cell, that was what the next animation showed. That was easy to understand. She watched as a single male inmate paced back and forth, stopping occasionally to grab what was clearly an erection. She thought, at first, that was the whole loop. But saw that eventually another figure was led in and locked in the jail cell, this figure a female one. The male inmate, his erection raging, began to approaching her menacingly. She backed up helplessly into a corner and just as the male figure fell on her the animation started over.

The final video showed a generic superheroine busting through a door and flying into a crowded room. A fight broke out and before long the video began again. On the second viewing Gravity Girl paid attention to the crowded room the heroine broke into, realizing it was obviously meant to be a strip club! The sight far from shocked her as many criminals in Megatropolis liked to meet in such places.

She took a step back, wishing she could lie down but knowing she couldn’t, and began to think about her choice. Which door to choose and why?




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