The Fall of Almerry Keep


The realm of Alaria is changing.

Ages ago the gods fought a battle that nearly destroyed Alaria. The losers of that war were the gods and goddesses who had given themselves over to a power known simply as The Corruption. Although not evil, the perverse power is antagonistic and tries to corrupt all its tendrils can touch, even the gods themselves.

The corrupted gods lost their war and the powers that stood against The Corruption were victorious. They believed they had removed all traces of The Corruption from the realm of Alaria.

They were wrong.

As killing a god is not a simple thing most of the corrupted gods were banished or imprisoned in a way that the uncorrupted gods thought equivalent to death. In many cases they were right, but not enough to keep The Corruption from eventually seeping back into Alaria.

Now, so many ages after the initial war against The Corruption that most gods have no memory of it ever happening, a new war has begun. Some of the corrupted gods that survived have escaped their ancient prisons. They work to free others while moving to corrupt new gods. Everywhere across Alaria The Corruption spreads its power, yet most in Alaria remain blissfully unaware of its existence.

Some, however, ARE aware and work to stop the spread of The Corruption. Mortals and gods and goddesses who see the threat The Corruption poses, or simply those who oppose its perverse influence, have begun to band together.

It is through the Sisterhood of Righteousness that these powers muster their strength. It is an all-female order dedicated to stopping the spread of The Corruption’s influence, although not all within its ranks understand this. Since the very knowledge of The Corruption’s existence can corrupt the mind and souls of mortals and gods alike many within the order, and most without it, think it is only a group dedicated to fighting evil and sexual perversion.

The Sisterhood of Righteousness has spread across Alaria, founding outposts everywhere their order reaches. Some are small halls in cities while others are imposing keeps, a place for the military might of the righteous to gather their forces. Wherever there is evil and perversion the Sisterhood will do its best to send its agents and it is often from these keeps that they ride out.

They wish to stop the spread of The Corruption and in standing opposed to the force they make themselves glowing targets for its corrupting hunger. The Corruption knows that no matter how strong a group of Sisterhood members are they can be corrupted and defeated. It is a game The Corruption, and its servants, enjoy.

Almerry Keep and the members of The Sisterhood of Righteousness that reside there have become The Corruption’s newest target. Their fate was a doomed one as soon as the power’s focus fell on them, they just don’t know it. One by one the Sisterhood members will be picked off, corrupted, and made into secret servants of The Corruption. Or, if that is not possible, dealt with in a way that removes them from the chessboard that is the game The Corruption is playing with them.

The Corruption WILL be triumphant. Almerry Keep WILL fall as will each member of the Sisterhood of Righteousness that calls it home.

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The Quest to Kill the Forest Witch

Commander Amaleen Eldenbrow stood on an inner balcony of Almerry Keep, watching the group of armed and armored women in the courtyard below forming up into ranks around a handful of empty carts being hitched to horses. As she watched them the concern and weight of the last few weeks played out across her face.

A Human woman approached, cautiously taking a place by the commander’s side. “I noticed the young ones are down there,” she said.

“And so they are,” Commander Eldenbrow replied. She glanced at the woman standing beside her, Vignette the keep’s Master of Messages. “More bad news?”

Vignette shook her head. “None that came by raven or rider if that’s what you meant. But you may not like what I’ve come to say.”

“Speak your peace,” Commander Eldenbrow said with a heavy sigh. She’d encouraged the senior staff to speak their mind since she’d taken over command of the keep and Vignette more than anyone had run with that freedom.

“They aren’t ready for this,” she said, quick and full of passion. “They are too young. Too inexperienced. Your mother and the twins are marching an army to reinforce us and deal with this abomination growing in the heart of the great forest. They will be here soon.”

“Which is exactly why we need to ensure the keep is fully stocked,” Commander Eldenbrow replied, fists clenching the railing. “You’ve heard Riowondail’s visions the same as me. If there is going to be a siege we need to be able to withstand it if it happens before my mother and her army arrives. And if it happens after? Then we need the stores to feed that army.”

She paused, looking weary. “Every day it grows more dangerous for us out there. Every day more perverse monstrosities wander out from the corrupted forest. If we are to journey to the nearby towns to purchase all the supplies we must act now. We can’t take any chances with this, it may be our last chance to get such supplies for a long time. Those carts need to be protected with every able body we have.”

“But why send THEM? Why send those four young girls along with the rest of those seasoned warriors? Everyone calls them the ‘girl squad’ for a reason, that’s all they are!”

Commander Eldenbrow laughed. It was a cold laugh, a hard laugh. “Three of their number are missing. The Blood Elve Amoera, the Faun Peare, and the innocent plump little Night Elve Teldy. We still have no idea what happened to any of them, but at least with the last two there was evidence they somehow sneaked out of the keep.”

She paused, looked at Vignette. “They were close, all of them. Some of them have grown up together in the Sisterhood, others bonded stronger than family since they began their training here. Do you remember what it was like when you were that age? Do you remember what you would have done for your friends?” She shook her head. “I did not decide they were ready, THEY did. They demanded they be allowed to join the others.”

“They are looking for a fight,” Vignette whispered.

“Yes,” Commander Eldenbrow replied. “They want to avenge their missing friends, but they have no idea where to point that fury. They hope to find danger out there on this little quest to resupply the keep, some enemy to kill. And I fear they will find it.”

* * *

Four cloaked figures dashed through the night, keeping low to the ground and near each other as they moved through the hilly, open ground towards the enchanted forest that was their destination. They stopped a stone’s throw from the tree line and huddled together, throwing their hoods back.

The tallest of the four girls was a freckled Human with long orange-red hair. Under her cloak was heavy armor and a massive two-handed sword hung from her hip. She looked to be barely of age but the determination on her face suggested she’d done a lot of growing up in a short time.

“We’re far enough away now, there’s no chance anyone saw us or is following us,” Dunla, their leader said.

The second tallest girl was a petite green-skinned Orcish girl with dainty, pretty features for one of her race. She had long dark hair that had flowers and vines growing in it and held a large staff made of gnarled wood. She tapped it on the ground and faint green light began to glow from its tip, allowing them all to see each other’s faces better.

“How long do you think it will take them to notice we’ve slipped off?” Resi, the Orcish Druid asked.

“Not soon enough,” a short, stout blond girl with pink-tipped hair declared proudly. She gripped a wand in one hand and gave it a dramatic whirl through the air. “A couple of quick enchantments and they won’t know we’re gone till morning,” Gwynaetha their Battlemage declared. “Not normally the kind of magic I use but we’ve been planning this for weeks, I had time to prepare.”

“Won’t they be worried about us once they notice we’re gone?” the final girl asked.

She was Emiko, their healer. A small Kittaran girl, a member of a race with cat-like ears and tails. Her hair and fur were light pink in color and her cute, innocent face was twisted up in worry as she clung to her healer’s staff.

“I feel terrible doing this. They are going to think whatever happened to the others happened to us.”

Dunla shook her head. “They’ll know what happened this time, I made sure of it. Gwynaetha helped me write a letter explaining everything. It will appear in the detachment leader’s hand the moment she notices we’re gone.”

“What does the letter say?” Resi asked.

“That we know where Amoera, Peare, and Teldy are and that we’ve gone to save them. But it doesn’t explain anything past that, just that this was something we had to do on our own and we knew they wouldn’t let us.”

“Did you mention the Forest Witch?” Emiko asked, her voice quiet and full of fear.

“No,” Dunla replied quickly. “But… Well, with my family history, they may figure it out.”

They were all silent for a long time, unsure what Dunla meant. Finally, Resi spoke up. “We all agree the Forest Witch has them?”

“We’ve all had the same dreams,” Gwynaetha said, glancing at the nearby forest with angry determination. “Amoera begging us to come to her. We all know what we have to do.”

“Save her,” Emiko whispered.

“And Peare and Teldy, too,” Resi added.

They all looked at Dunla. She was staring at the forest, a hard, cold look on her face. “You’re all here to save them. Each of you has talents and abilities we’ll need once we enter that evil place. And I’m going to lead us, I’m going to help you save them. But that’s not why I’m here. I’m here to kill the Forest Witch.”

Emiko gasped, throwing a hand over her mouth. “Dunla! You’re scaring me.”

“Dunla… you CAN’T kill the Forest Witch. We read all about her when we sneaked those books out of the library last week, remember?”

The tall redhead shook her head. “This is why I am here. Why I was brought to THIS keep at THIS time. Don’t you all get it?” She looked at them, annoyed they couldn’t see what she did. “Didn’t you all wonder why my mom was so famous within the Sisterhood? What great dead she accomplished?”

When no one answered she continued. “She killed one of them. And do you know what HER mom did? She killed a Forest Witch too. And so did HER mom. I always thought it was just a coincidence, they’ve done so many other things to bring themselves glory. But I can’t believe I didn’t see the pattern, didn’t see it’s the destiny of my bloodline to kill one of them.”

“But Dunla, the book said-”

“Never mind what the book said! It was wrong. There isn’t just ONE Forest Witch. There are countless ones, all copies of the same base but they each become their own evil thing after enough time. You can’t kill THE Forest Witch, there will always be another one, but you can kill A Forest Witch.” She pointed to the forest. “THAT Forest Witch.”

“But how?” one of the girls asked her. They had all pulled back from Dunla, scared by how intense she’d gotten.

“With this,” Dunla said, patting her sword. “I’ve had it the whole time we’ve been training, I’ve just never used it. It was my mom’s. And her mom’s. And HER mom’s. It’s already killed three of the Forest Witches.”

“It can’t be as simple as stabbing her with an enchanted sword,” Gwynaetha said combatively.

“It’s not. I know what else we’ll need to do but you three don’t need to worry about that right now. You three need to worry about keeping us all safe until we find the witch’s cabin. I’m pretty sure that’s where we’ll find the others or at least Amoera.”

“What is going to happen when we go into the forest?” Emiko asked nervously as they all turned to look at it.

“It’s not a normal forest,” Resi said. “I can feel it… It’s not even an enchanted forest, it’s like it’s not real, like it is pure magic.”

“I can feel it too,” Gwynaetha said. “I think things are going to get really weird when we go in there.”

“It doesn’t matter what the forest sends against us,” Dunla declared. “It doesn’t matter what the Forest Witch tries to do to us. We know she can’t kill.”

“Dunla, we’re still going to be in great danger,” Resi said.

“We all know that,” Gwynaetha replied. “Come on, let’s stop putting this off.”

“We go in together,” Dunla said. “We stick together. We find Amoera and Teldy and Peare.”

“We save them all,” Emiko said.

“And then we kill the Forest Witch,” Denla added as the four entered the forest together.

* * *

“Dunla, I think we’re lost,” Gwynaetha said, pushing her way through a bit of thick underbrush. “Nothing in the place makes sense. It’s like the forest keeps shifting and changing around us.”

“It is,” Resi said, tapping her staff on the ground and making a patch of undergrowth that had been slowly creeping towards them pull back. The top of her staff radiated green light that grew gradually brighter as she strained against the magic she was fighting.

“What are you doing?” Emiko asked, biting her nails nervously.

“Trying… to keep… the forest… back…” Resi said, gritting her teeth from exertion. With a grunt of pain she stumbled back, the light at the top of her staff dying. The underbrush she’d been pushing back began to quickly creep towards them, easily recovering the ground it had lost.

“Quick, everyone, this way,” Dunla called out, drawing her sword and cutting a way through the underbrush till they were out of it. Once clear of it she put her sword away and threw her head back, groaning in frustration. “It’s like this place knows where we want to go and is doing everything it can to direct us somewhere else.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what it’s doing,” Resi said weakly, resting on her staff for support.

Emiko rushed to her side and placed a hand on the tall Orcish girl’s chest. Pink light radiated from her hand and when she pulled it away Resi looked refreshed.

“Thanks, Emiko. I don’t know what we’d do without our healer.”

“It’s nothing,” the shy Kittaran girl said, blushing and looking away with her big fluffy pink tail lashing behind her.

“How long have we been lost in here?” Gwynaetha asked, holding her wand out and making the tip light up like a lantern. “Shouldn’t the sun be rising soon?”

“I don’t think it works like that in here,” Dunla replied, grunting and kicking away a vine that had been trying to wrap around her ankle. “I don’t think we see sunlight unless this place wants us to.”

“Great,” Gwynaetha grumbled. “So we just have to keep stumbling around in the dark like this?”

“But you have your wand,” Emiko pointed out.

“Yeah, but the light spell keeps fizzling out,” she said, just as the illumination coming from her wand began to flicker. “SEE! GAH! This is so annoying.” She grunted, stumbling forward on a root as the light died completely for a moment. “Come on you stupid frick’n wand. Light up!”

The others could see through the dimly illuminated forest that she was angrily shaking her wand.

“Gwynee, please be careful,” Dunla called out. “You’re pretty far away from the rest of us. If something-” The stocky Battlemage’s wand lit up. “Don’t!” Dunla called out, too late.

“Don’t what?” Gwynaetha ask as she stepped into a patch of big puffy red mushrooms. They exploded, expelling a thick spore cloud that flowed unnaturally up to her face. She began coughing and trying to wave the cloud away, then remembered her want and summoned a blast of air that blew the spore cloud harmlessly away from her and her friends.

“That tasted really weird,” she groaned. She groaned again, throwing her free arm up to hold her chest. “Something’s wrong with my breasts,” she told the others.

Resi chuckled. “What breasts? For a girl as bottom-heavy as you are you’re almost as flat-chested as me.”

“That’s very inappropriate,” Emiko chided her. “And mean? I think it’s mean.” She stomped her foot. “Things like that always confuse me since I’ve never been in heat.”

“Emiko, please don’t stomp your foot like that again,” Dunla said, her voice suddenly serious. “Everyone, please stay still. Gwynee, are you okay?”

“I don’t know,” she said, holding her chest and wincing as the light coming from her wand died again. “I think that spore cloud did something to me. My breasts feel weird. Really sore and tender all of a sudden and very, very warm. I— Oh!”

“I’m coming,” Emiko called out.

“Don’t,” Dunla said, grabbing the Kittaran’s arm and pulling her back.

“But she needs healing!”

“But we can’t see where we’re going. There might be more of those mushrooms.”

“Dunla,” Gwynaetha whined, “I don’t want to alarm you but… But I think my breasts are growing.”

“Did Gwynaetha just say her breasts are growing?” Resi asked. “I’m going to go grab her, you can’t stop me Dunla so don’t try. I’ll- AH!” Resi had stepped on more of the mushrooms, sending a thick spore cloud up into her face and her scream of alarm only ensured she’d sucked plenty of the spores in. She fell to her knees, dropping her staff and coughing.

“Resi!” Emiko called out, moving to go to her aid.

“Don’t,” Dunla said, grabbing the Kittaran girl and pulling her back. “I am NOT letting you go over,” she said, holding her by her side.

Gwynaetha groaned and dropped her knees, doubling over and hugging her chest. She whimpered for a moment then screamed as she sat up, arching her back and thrusting her chest out. The tight-fighting Battle Mage armor, designed more for mobility and to look intimidating than to provide actual armor, bulged and then ripped open as the Human girl’s breasts ballooned in size. She screamed again when she looked down and saw massive heavy breasts bounce free of her clothing.

She collapsed onto the ground, curling up on her side and hugging her enlarged breasts. “I don’t like this,” she whined. “They feel so tender and so… I don’t want to walk around like this. Emiko, please! Come heal me!”

Before the group’s healer could respond Resi groaned and doubled over, holding her chest. “I think it’s happening to me,” she whimpered. She scrambled to her feet, abandoning her staff, and stumbled towards Emiko. “Help me,” she moaned as she reached Dunla and Emiko.

Emiko reached out to grab her just as Resi started screaming. Her outfit was low cut so she was able to tug the front down before her breasts began to grow. She was right in front of the others and the trees above shifted, letting moonlight shine down so they all saw clearly what happened. Resi’s breasts swell like they were being inflated, at first just a little then exploding into huge mounds of soft flesh that sagged under their own weight.

“I’ve got you, Resi,” Dunla said, grabbing hold of her. She held her to comfort her and looked at Emiko. “You have no idea how to heal something like this, do you?”

The pink-haired Kittaran’s eyes were huge. “No! Dunla, we shouldn’t have come here. We are not prepared for this!”

Dunla could see the girl was terrified and that she was going to panic and do something unpredictable. She shifted Rezi to one arm and grabbed Emiko’s wrist. “Do NOT run off,” she told her firmly. “We CAN do this. Do you hear that, Gwynee?” she called out to the other girl nearby. “You pull yourself together and come back to us even if it means going through those mushrooms again. If we stick together we can overcome anything. We WILL save the others and we WILL kill the Forest Witch.”

They saw Gwynaetha get to her feet, one arm wrapped around her enlarged breasts. “Dunla,” she whimpered as she struggled to regain her composure after reaching the others, “I lost my wand. And the mushrooms are all gone like they were never there.”

“It’s going to be okay,” Dunla said, trying to calm the others.

“Is it?” a woman’s voice called out.

The four girls all drew in close together, turning so their backs were together and they were looking out in every direction.

“Where did that voice come from?”

“I don’t know, it sounded like it came from that way.”

“No, it came from THAT way!”

“Try to remain calm,” Dunla hissed, putting her hand on the handle of her sword.

“Such scared pretty-pretties,” the woman’s voice called out again.

“It sounds like it’s coming from every direction at once,” Emiko said, her chest heaving as panic threatened to overtake her again. Her large fluffy pink-haired tail was lashing wildly behind her, slapping into the other girl’s backs and adding to their sense of panic.

“Emiko, don’t run away! Stay with us.”

The Kittaran grunted. “I can’t even if I wanted to! My feet are stuck, there are vines or roots or something wrapping around them.

“Oh gods, me too,” Gwynaetha said.

“And me,” Resi moaned.

“Just hold on,” Dunla said, drawing her sword. “They have me too, but I’ll cut us free.”

A vine whipped down from above, wrapped around Dunla’s sword then ripped it from her hands. “No!” she screamed as the vine flung the sword away from them. She grunted, trying to break free of the vines and roots keeping her feet stuck in place. “I can still see it, I just need to get it. I need it to kill the Forest Witch! That’s who’s talking to us, you all know that, right? I need to get my sword before she gets here.”

“But I’m already here, pretty-pretty,” the Forest Witch said, stepping out of the shadows behind a tree just out of arm’s reach in front of Dunla.

The other three girls screamed and thrashed desperately to break free. Dunla, however, did not scream and she stopped struggling. She stood tall and stared defiantly at the Forest Witch.

“What’s wrong, pretty-pretty?” the Forest Witch asked, swaying her hips sensually as she began walking around the trapped girls, allowing each of them to get a good look at her. “Not what you expected?”

Her overpowering presence forced the three screaming girls to calm down. The roots and vines around their feet retracted with only the ones holding Dunla in place remaining. Freed, the three girls crowded behind Dunly, cowering as they stared in awe at the Forest Witch as she stood before their group’s leader.

“Y-y-you’re not an old crone,” Emiko said, voice shaking.

“Of course not,” the Forest Witch said. She spread her arms out and slowly turned so they could see all her body. “I’m a shapely woman. Sexy. Sensual. Alluring. And beautiful to behold, am I not little pretty-pretties?”

The Forest Witch was a Faun whose age seemed to shift as they stared at her. Sometimes her figure would be a bit slenderer and her face would look as young as theirs. Other times her body would seem thicker and her face would look far more mature, never old, just no longer young.

No matter how her face and body looked some things always remained the same. She was always wearing a green dress with thickly layered skirts that dragged on the ground. The dress had very short sleeves and the front was low cut, revealing ample cleavage that was pressed up by a brown leather corset she wore over the dress.

Her gray-silver hair was thick and hung past her shoulders and at times would glow faintly so they could see her face clearly. She had deer-like antlers that extended from her head and just above them were two furry deer-like ears that stuck up at attention. There was something of the deer in the rest of her body, a slenderness and quickness to her movements reminiscent of the animal, only far more predatory.

“She is pretty…” Gwynaetha whispered.

“Gwynee, get a hold of yourself,” Dunla hissed. “She’s messing with your mind. She’s trying to mess with ALL our minds.”

The Forest Witch stepped up to Dunla. She was a tall woman and towered over the other three, but Dunla was so tall too and stood almost eye to eye with the imposing woman. “What makes this pretty-pretty so special?” she purred, reaching out to brush a finger across Dunla’s cheek. The girl started to pull away but stopped, refusing to show weakness. “Ah, there it is,” the Forest Witch said as she stroked her face. “Your mother killed a Forest Witch, yes? And her mother, and HER mother? You think it is your destiny to join them?”

Dunla didn’t reply, she just continued to glare at the woman.

With a laugh that echoed through the woods around them the Forest Witch pulled back. “I think if not for you the other pretty-pretties might have agreed to have some fun with me before my Amoera saved them. But not with the one driven by destiny at their side.”

She turned from them and walked to where Dunla’s sword was laying. She bent down and grabbed it then held it up in the air to inspect. It was a large and heavy sword and Dunla had to use two hands to wield it yet the Forest Witch held it up with one hand as if it weighed nothing. The trees around her shifted so a bright beam of moonlight illuminated her, making it seem for a moment that the sword was glowing.

“With this,” she asked, staring at it as she held it above her head. She looked at Dunla and waited for an answer.

“Yes,” she replied. “And I’ll use it to kill you too.”

The Forest Witch lowered the sword and the trees pushed back together, taking the bright beam of moonlight to them. As the patch of woods was plunged into the darkness the four girls lost track of the Forest Witch. A moment later she was standing in front of Dunla, the sword still in her hand. The three girls not held in place yelped in alarm and jumped back, leaving Dunla alone.

“It is a powerful blade,” the Forest Witch said, lifting the sword and turning the blade to look at it from different angles. “A lot of power soaked into it along with a lot of fulfilled destinies. It’s killed three Forest Witches and is destined to kill more.”

She looked past the sword and met Dunla’s eyes. She took a step back and aimed the tip of the sword at her chest. “Sharp and deadly,” she said, her voice and expression suddenly cold. The forest around them shifted to match her change in mood. It grew darker, colder, and pressed in as if ready to attack Dunla.

The Forest Witch took a step forward and rested the tip of the sword on the center of Dunla’s chest where it met armor. “Sharp enough that I could easily plunge it through that armor and skewer you. The pretty-pretty would not be able to fulfill her destiny if the Forest Witch did that, would she?”

“No,” Dunla said, showing no fear. “But you can’t do that, can you? A Forest Witch can’t kill.”

Their eyes remained locked for a few moments as the witch’s hand trembled as if she was struggling to push past a force keeping her from acting.

“No,” she finally said, dropping the sword. It landed with a loud thud that made all four girls wince. They’d all blinked and when they opened their eyes a moment later the Forest Witch was standing toe-to-toe with Dunla and had hold of her head, each hand gripping her red hair and squeezing till she yelped in pain. She held her head in place and moved her face close to hers and spoke in a near whisper that only Dunla would hear.

“Listen to me, Dunla Dhuarcain, you are destined to be the one that kills me. I’ve seen it, it is a thing I know. But you could deny your destiny, that is something I also know. Turn away from it, leave my woods and never come back. Do that and I’ll stop working with the forces moving to take Almerry Keep. Leave me and my precious Amoera to live in peace here in my forest and I’d even aid you and the members of your precious Sisterhood so they could withstand the horrors closing in on them.”

“Never,” Dunla hissed. “And I don’t believe any of that.”

The Forest Witch’s expression shifted. She looked scared for a moment and there seemed to be earnest pleading in her features when she next spoke. “The Forest Witch is a liar but not Amoera’s Faun. Let us live out our lives in peace here. I AM telling the truth, Dunla Dhuarcain.” She paused, her lip trembling. “Please.”

Dunla stared into the woman’s eyes and saw the desperation there. She opened her mouth to speak then closed it, the hard expression on her face faltering.

PLEASE,” the Forest Witch hissed, squeezing her hair tighter.

The hardness returned to Dunla’s face. “You almost had me convinced,” she whispered, angry at herself. “But I won’t fall for your tricks. I will kill you and I will save Amoera and the others.”

“Remember this moment, Dunla Dhuarcain,” the Forest Witch hissed, her eyes full of sadness. “When you meet YOUR destiny when Almerry Keep falls remember me, remember that I had the power to change your destiny along with all the other women in that keep if you’d only abandoned this quest to kill. When you all meet a doom worse than anything you’ll find in this forest remember the blame lays on your shoulders for you were offered a way to avoid it.”

She let go of Dunla’s hair and took a step back. Her expression was blank for a moment then she smirked. She tilted her head to the side and smiled serenely at the four girls as the others returned to cower behind Dunla.

“Your brave leader has made a choice,” she said calmly smiling at them. “You pretty little fools shall see your quest through till the end.” She pointed at Dunla. “THAT pretty-pretty WILL kill me,” she declared with perfect calm and poise. “But not until my precious Amoera has saved the rest of you. I know you will not run but know even if you were to try there will be no escape. Three of you meet your fate tonight, but here in my forest a night can last an eternity.”

She lowered her arm and turned her back to them. For a moment her voice was sad and her head hung low. “I offered the Faun to you. You rejected her.” She stood up straight and began slowly walking away from them. “So I shall be the Forest Witch. Know that everything your Sisterhood has told you about me is wrong. I am worse. FAR worse, my little pretty-pretties.”

As she continued walking away roots and vines began twisting up around all of their feet then creeping up their legs. The others began panicking but Dunla tried to bend down to grab her sword. Roots pushed out of the ground and wrapped tightly around it, leaving it encased and visible but unretrievable.

“Remember pretty-pretties,” the Forest Witch called out as she stepped into the shadows of the woods and began to disappear. “I can not kill you. You may come to regret that. Pray my precious Amoera saves you quickly.”

“She’s gone,” Dunla said.

“H-how do you know?” Resi asked, struggling against the roots and vines slowly creeping up her legs while also trying to hold her enlarged breasts in place.

“I can feel her,” Dunla answered, not offering any further explanation.

“What did all that stuff about Amoera mean,” Gwynaetha whined. “It didn’t make sense. What did she mean about her saving us? Does that mean she’s not imprisoned by the Forest Witch?”

“I don’t know,” Dunla replied. She began to say something else but stopped, letting out a girlish squeal of alarm. “Get out of there!” she yelped, grabbing a vine that had twisted past her armor to rub against her crotch.

“They are trying to get into my clothes,” Emiko gasped as she struggled against the vines.

“Me too,” Resi said. “Stop it! Don’t touch me there!”

Gwynaetha grunted. “Don’t do that! Dunla, they are trying to tear my clothes off!”

“Me too,” the other two girls called out.

“Remember that she can’t kill us,” Dunla said, grunting as she struggled to keep vines from ripping off her chest armor.

“But she said she could do worse! What does that mean?”

The canopy above them shook, drawing all their attention up. They saw thick, long vines beginning to snake down towards them. They were unlike anything they had ever seen, plant life but the vines looked almost like their green surface was flesh. Pulsing veins ran down their length. Near the ends of the vines they grew more rigid and even more flesh-like, with ends that could not be mistaken for what they were.

“What are those,” Emiko screamed, hyperventilating.

“They look like they have dicks on their ends,” Resi said hysterically.

Gwynaetha had closed her eyes and was repeating, “It’s not real,” over and over again.

“I WILL kill her,” Dunla said as the first of the cock-tipped vines neared her.

Everything erupted into chaos a moment later.

Just as the cockvines reached them the vines that had been working to strip them tore the rest of their clothing off. Only Dunla was left with anything on. The vines had managed to pry the armor off her torso and crotch and rip off the clothing left exposed but her limbs were still covered in armor.

As soon as they were finished being undressed the roots holding them in place erupted from the ground, plunging them up in the air towards the cockvines. All of them, even Dunla, had screamed as they were thrust up into the writing swarm above them.

Their screams did not last long. The cockvines crowded around each of the girls, one ramming into each of their mouths to silence them. As the cockvines began pumping in and out of their mouths the roots and vines holding them in place slithered further up their bodies, wrapping around their arms as well as their legs and stretching their limbs out.

Fully exposed, it was easy for more of the cockvines to find their way towards the girls’ pussies. Their ends vibrated in excitement, growing hard and leaking ample green-colored precum. When they reached their destination they did not simply ram their way into the girls as the ones using their mouths had. Instead, each rubbed its swollen, fleshy green cockhead up and down the length of their cunts.

As they smeared the messy greenish precum all over them every one of the girls felt it affecting them instantly. They writhed in vain trying to pull away from its touch, most of them trying and failing to scream past the cockvine violating their mouths. They all felt their bodies heating with forced arousal as the precum was smeared into their womanhoods.

Dunla remained defiant, never stopping her pointless struggle to break free. Even as her body warmed then ignited with desire, even as her cunt began to gush, even as she felt the mind-melting pleasure of a cockvine pressing into her pussy she never stopped fighting.

Gwynaetha who had always acted tough submitted instantly. She was already sobbing, her body limp, by the time the cockvine reached her cunt. By the time it was pressing into her she was moaning in confused, forced pleasure, her eyes rolled up into her head as her mind began to shut down.

Resi thrashed about even more than Dunla. As a Druid her connection with nature, especially plants, had always been intensely strong. They had always been her servants and often her friends. The nightmare of being sexually assaulted by a forest was something so terrible it had, till that moment, been unimaginable to her.

It was Emiko, however, who dealt with everything the worst. As a Kittaran she was biologically incapable of understanding anything sexual unless she was in heat. When the cockvines had come into sight she’d felt sick to her stomach and found looking at them for more than a moment nearly impossible. She understood intellectually they were dicks but emotionally she was unable to process their existence.

When the first had entered her mouth and began fucking her face she began to feel disconnected first from her body and then the world around her. When the next one began rubbing up against the pink fur around her cunt she’d wanted to retch, but the cock forcing its way further into the back of her mouth and down her throat prevented that.

As the greenish precum forced her body into a state of hyper-arousal the sense of being disconnected from her body and the world swelled. Kittaran’s bodies could experience arousal when not in heat if forced, but her mind would never be able to process what she was feeling. The more aroused and wet she got the more her body would feel like an alien thing she wasn’t connected to.

More cockvines approached Resi and Gwynaetha, heading for their enlarged breasts. They began wrapping around them, pressing them together so cockvines could take turns fucking their tits. Having a part of their body they didn’t feel was truly part of them violated in this way caused strong reactions in both girls, something the cockvines seemed to sense. More began moving towards their enlarged breasts, waiting for their turn. Each would cum, spraying a huge load of greenish cum in between their tits or into their face. Some even pulled back at the last moment to shower their overgrown breasts with cum, ensuring there was always a fresh oozing mess on them.

The cockvines in all their mouths and cunts came at the same time. Their cheeks ballooned from the explosion of cum and their insides were filled with intense pressure as huge loads of cum were blasted deep into them. Each cockvine began to go soft as soon as it was done cumming, withdrawing slowly as they went flaccid.

As soft cockvines fell from mouths Dunla and Resi gagged and threw their heads forward to spit out the cum in their mouths. Emiko and Gwynaetha, who had gone limp as their minds shut down, were unable to process or deal with what was happening to them. They simply let their mouths fall open, the greenish cum oozing slowly out. The cockvines that fell limply from their pussies all left a flood of cum pouring out after them, but so much else was happening to them the girls barely noticed.

After that the roots and vines holding them in place shifted their bodies. They forced Resi down onto her knees, pulling her arms above her head. Others wrapped around her skull, forcing her to look at what was happening to the others. When she tried to close her eyes to avoid seeing her beloved plants tentacle-rapping her friends a root wrapped tightly around her neck and began constricting till she opened her eyes to watch.

A cockvine pushed out from the dirt under her to fuck her cunt while others crowded around her enlarged breasts, fucking her tits and adding to the oozing mess already covering the front of her body when they came. None returned to her mouth, ensuring she had a clear view of the others.

Gwynaetha and Emiko were simply dropped to the ground, both so catatonic there was no longer any need to hold them in place. The cockvines took turns fucking their mouths and cunts, leaving load after load of greenish cum in them where it would ooze out of their holes as they lay limp and awake but unmoving. But fewer of the cockvines came for them, their inactivity making them uninteresting targets.

Dunla never stopped fighting. She never stopped thrashing about, trying to break free. Never stopped trying to jerk her head away when a new cockvine would come to invade her mouth. Never stopped trying to push her legs closed to prevent another one from sliding into her cum-oozing cunt. There were even times when she succeeded in pulling a limb free or keeping a cockvine out of a fuckhole for a time. But it would never last. The vines and roots would jerk her body about and reposition her to grab a tighter hold of her then find a different way for the cockvines to fuck her.

When it was over they all lay abandoned on the forest floor, leaking and covered in greenish cum. Emiko and Gwynaetha lay limp and unmoving, frozen in shock. Resi had rolled over on her side and had her arms wrapped protectively around her breasts as she sobbed hysterically.

Only Dunla showed any sign of recovering a bit of composure any time soon. She was sprawled out on her back, panting and struggling to stop crying. Her armor was still on her limbs but it was so drenched in cum that as soon as she could she began pulling it off. Only after it was removed did she remember her sword.

“It’s still there,” she gasped. She wanted to jump to her feet and run to it but her body was too exhausted from what had happened to it. So she crawled. She crawled through the dirt and the puddles of greenish cum, past her friends who needed her.

When she got to the sword she expected the roots around it to remain, even feared when she reached for it that they would pull it down into the earth. Instead, the roots began slithering back into the earth, abandoning the sword. She gripped the handle, pulled it to herself then rolled over onto her back so she could hug it to her chest.

She erupted into tears again. “I… will… kill… her…” she sobbed.

* * *

Dunla recovered quickly and went about comforting the other girls. “The witch told me I’ll be the one that kills her. She can’t stop us, only prolong it. We WILL win and we WILL save the others.”

The fierce redhead had expected her party members would take a lot of careful coaxing to recover but after some initial emotional and physical support all of them were ready to continue their quest. The traumatic event they had all just endured had solidified the resolve they had as well as banishing the doubts most shared.

“I didn’t think we could do this,” Emiko had confessed. “Part of me was certain I’d never return from the forest, but I felt it was my duty to at least try and save the others. But you’re right, the witch told us she’s going to die by your hand.”

“I had my doubts, too,” Gwynaetha confessed. “And I was terrified. But I’m not anymore. If we can endure this,” she said, waving to her enlarged breasts, “and all of that,” she added, waving to the forest around them, “then we can survive anything.”

Resi nodded. “I feel the same way. But Dunla, what was the witch saying to? When she first arrived, she was whispering to you and we couldn’t hear her.”

“It was nothing,” Dunla mumbled. “She was trying to get in my head, convince me to leave. But it was all lies. She knew it’s my destiny to kill her and she was trying to turn me away from that.”

“You look like you’re not as sure now as you were then,” Resi said.

“Just drop it,” Dunla growled, making the other girls pull back. “I’m sorry… I just… she DID get in my head a little. I know we can do this, but I’m as terrified as any of you were. I think maybe I wasn’t before we met her, but we understand what she can do now. This isn’t going to be easy. And all we have is my sword,” she said, hugging it to herself.

“I don’t think that’s true,” Resi said, getting up from where they were all huddled together. “Look,” she said, pointing into the dark of the forest around them. In one direction was a faint green glow, in two others pink glowing.

“Is that my wand?” Gwynaetha asked hopefully, jumping to her feet.

“I think that’s my staff,” Emiko declared excitedly, her fluffy pink tail lashing behind her in excitement.

“Don’t run off,” Dunla said firmly as she rose. “We stay together and go for them one at a time. It might be a trick and if it is we need to at least have each other’s backs.”

The others nodded and let Dunla lead the way. One by one they retrieved their weapons. They returned to where they had been sitting and gathered around, each hugging their implement.

“I know I can’t trust the plant life here, but with my staff back I can at least focus some meaningful control over it,” Resi said.

“And with my staff back I can heal you all. Without it I’m fairly useless,” Emiko said.

“I can cast some spells without my wand,” Gwynaetha added, “but none of them will be very powerful. If I have this I should be able to help fight away whatever attacks us next.”

“Do you think will be attacked like that again?” Emiko asked, shaking in fear.

“I don’t know,” Dunla said slowly, deep in thought. “I think the Forest Witch was trying to scare us, show us how terrible she can be. And it worked, of course. But I think the next challenge we face won’t be like that. THAT was brute force and I don’t think that’s what she normally uses. We have to be careful going forward and expect the next attack to be more subtle.”

“Like the mushrooms,” Resi said, leaning on her staff and letting her enlarged breasts hang down. “I hate the way they feel.”

“Me too,” Gwynaetha whined. “But maybe it will go away after a little bit.”

“I’m sorry I can’t heal that,” Emiko said, her ears downturned.

“I’m sorry all of our clothing is ruined,” Dunla added. “But even if we knew a way to magic some up for ourselves I don’t think we’d get to keep them on for long. I think we have to accept we’re finishing our quest naked. Can you all handle that?”

When they nodded she said, “Good. I think we’ve rested long enough. It’s time we continue.”

“Which way do we go?” Gwynaetha asked.

“That way,” Dunla said, pointing.

“How do you know?” Resi asked.

“I can feel the witch,” Dunla said simply. “Although I don’t know how much that matters. I think she can be wherever she wants in the woods. And whatever way we set out the forest is just going to force us to go in the direction she wants us to go in.”

Driven to accomplish their quest, the four girls set out naked but armed.

It was only a short time before they came across a lighted path. Dunla had cautioned the others to hold back but Emiko had pushed past her.

“Look how pretty it is,” she’d said, stepping out into the path and raising her staff above her. The fireflies spread throughout the path began coming towards the heart-shaped top of her staff, gathering inside it. “It’s sooooooo pretty!”

“It really is,” Resi said, moving past Dunla to join Emiko on the path. “And look at these,” she said, pointing her staff at one of the lanterns hung evenly along the path. “It’s not actually a lantern.”

Gwynaetha slipped past Dunla to join the others. “Oh, wow, it’s full of fireflies! And look at how pretty all the woven sticks they are inside are. It’s like art. Who do you think made it?”

“We know who made it,” Dunla said grumpily as she joined the others. “Come on girls, you know better. Don’t be fooled by her tricks. She’s just trying to ensure our guard slips by showing us pretty things.”

“It’s more than pretty,” Gwynaetha said, holding her wand up and watching fireflies swarm around it. “This path has far more magic coursing through it than the forest we were in. And it’s much less antagonistic magic. It’s inviting.”

“I feel it too,” Resi said.

“Me too,” Emiko added. “It wants us to go that way,” she said, pointing her staff down the path.

Dunla bit her lip. “then we should go the other way…”

“Which way is the witch?” Resi demanded.

“That way,” Dunla admitted. “Fine. But no matter how pretty it is keep your guards up.”

The four made their way down the path, all but Dunla smiling at how pretty the fireflies lighting their way were.

When the path made a sharp turn Dunla threw her arms out to stop the others. “Wait,” she demanded. She pointed ahead where every twenty feet along the path were beautiful archways made of twisted together dead branches. “Gwynee, are those any more magical than anything else around us?”

She concentrated for a moment. “No… I don’t think so. Less, actually.”

“I could use Druidic magic to easily make something like that,” Resi told them. “But it would leave a mark. There’s nothing like that on them. I think these were made by hand. They should be safe.”

“Nothing here is safe,” Dunla grumbled but led the way down the path and through the arches.

“Look, that one ahead is different,” Gwynaetha said.

They all stopped when they reached the archway she’d pointed at. “The wood is crimson,” Emiko said, investigating it. She sniffed at it and pulled away, excited. “It smells like Amoera!”

“Is your nose that good?” Dunla asked.

Emiko nodded. “Not ALL Kittarans can smell better than Humans, but I can. I think Amoera made this.”

“What does that mean?” Gwynaetha asked.

“I don’t know,” Dunla said, falling silent and thinking hard about something she was choosing not to share with the others.

“The way the witch talked about Amoera, it felt almost like she was her daughter,” Emiko said.

“Or her lover,” Resi added. “Do you think Amoera’s been enchanted by her? Turned into some kind of sick love slave?”

“Maybe,” Dunla said. “Some of the things she said to me were about Amoera… But… she was lying.”

“You sound even less sure now,” Resi said. “Maybe she wasn’t lying. Tell us what she told you.”

Dunla shook her head. “No. It was a trick, a lie. She just wanted to convince me to leave. And even if it wasn’t all lies… we HAVE to save Amoera. Come on, let’s keep going. This path has to be leading us somewhere.”

“Maybe it will lead us to Amoera,” Emiko said hopefully.

The path twisted and turned through the forest eventually leading to a clearing with a beautiful building made of living trees. Their limbs and branches were bent and twisted, growing together to form walls and a domed roof. Their greenery was shaped into artistic patterns and all through the vibrant green leaves fireflies fluttered, making the place look as though it was lit up by countless torches.

“It looks like a temple,” Resi said, awed by the sight. “I’ve seen Druidic temples like this, but none were this pretty.”

All of them were entranced by the arboreal temple’s beauty, even Dunla. She was only able to shake out of the trance when she realized the other three girls had begun walking towards the open doorway leading into the temple. “Wait,” she called out, dashing after them but knowing there would be no point in trying to prevent them from entering. “At least be ready,” she demanded.

“For what?” Emiko asked dreamily.

“I don’t know,” Dunla replied, hefting her sword from her shoulder and holding it ready.

The inside of the arboreal temple was even more beautiful and brightly lit than the outside. The arched dome ceiling was full of fluttering fireflies and the walls were covered in art made of twisted living greenery. The floor was made of roots so closely twisted together it was nearly flat.

In the center of the temple was a large, ornate mirror. The tall, oval-shaped glass surface was taller and wider than Dunla. Branches twisted up from the ground, wrapping around its edges and covering its back.

“Can you hear it?” Emiko whispered, moving towards the mirror.

“Yes,” Rezi said dreamily, following her and unable to pull her eyes away from the reflective surface of the mirror.

“I can’t hear it but I can feel it calling me forward,” Gwynaetha whispered.

“Don’t go towards it,” Dunla called out, frustrated and unsure what to do. “I don’t hear or feel anything! Get a hold of yourselves, this is all just another trick.”

“We just want to look in it,” Gwynaetha said, following the others to the mirror.

Dunla followed close behind them, keeping her sword ready. She tried not to look at the mirror but it was impossible not to. When she finally allowed herself to take a long look in it she pushed past the others and turned to stop them from drawing closer. “What do you see in it?” she demanded.

“The same thing you do,” Resi said as if the question made no sense.

All three leaned to see past her, beginning to shuffle forward. Dunla took a step back and held her sword out before them, not a threat but an act of desperation to draw their attention to her. “Tell me what you see,” she said, eyes pleading. “Please.”

All three girls blinked in confusion when they looked away from the mirror and met Dunla’s eyes.

“I… I can’t remember,” Resi whispered.

“Neither can I,” Emiko added.

“Gywnee?” Dunla asked.

“I saw Amoera,” she said, looking confused. “It was like I was looking through a viewing spell. She was in a cabin. She didn’t have any clothing on but she had these leather cuffs on her hands and wrists like a slave would wear. And a collar, too. But she looked… happy. Dunla, what did you see?”

“Nothing,” she said. “I didn’t see anything. I saw the room reflected in it but not us. We should leave. Now.”

“Look!” Emiko called out, pointing at the portal.

Dunla spun around, lowering her sword. They all watched as the mirror’s surface shimmered and their reflection faded, replaced by a starry void filled with distant red gas.

“What is that?” Emiko asked, moving to where Dunla was but not drawing closer.

“I don’t know,” Dunla said. “But look at that red gas… does it look like its sparking to you?”

“Yes,” Resi said, moving in close to Dunla.

“Something’s there, just out of sight around the edge,” Gwynaetha whispered as she joined the others.

None of them could look away. They were so entranced they failed to notice the roots they were standing on slowly twisting up around their ankles. Only after they were all held in place did Dunla realize what was happening. “No! Not again.”

Before she could draw the other’s attention to their feet the things that had been lurking just out of sight on the other side of the mirror moved into view. It was a swarm of red fleshy tentacles writhing in a twisted mass. Most had pointed, dexterous tips but a few had ends that were penises. At first the swarming mass of tentacles just came into view but once they filled the mirror they all turned, their tips pointing towards the mirror’s surface.

The surface of the mirror shimmered then the glass faded from existence. The mirror had become an open portal that the swarm of tentacles quickly reached out through. Dunla screamed, swinging her blade up at the tentacles coming for them.

Glowing, the blade cut through the first of them. Those that had been cut quickly pulled back through the mirror and retracted out of sight, the severed parts of their appendages shriveling up on the floor till they disappeared. The room responded, shaking as if it had felt the pain the tentacles had felt. In response the roots that had wrapped around their feet and ankles retracted.

“With me!” Dunla called out as she held the long blade up and prepared to fend more of the tentacles off, hoping her friends had been able to shake free of the trance they’d been in.

“There’s so many coming out of the mirror,” Gwynaetha screamed, voice full of panic as she waved her wand wildly about, sending blasts of pink energy at any tentacles that got too close to her.

Beside her Resi was swinging her staff through the air, trying to bat tentacles away. “I can’t use any of my Druidic magic, this place is overpowering my control over any of the plant life.”

Emiko was close to her, swinging her staff about even more wildly. “I don’t like this! I can only focus on some of them, on the ones with normal tips. But the other ones, my mind won’t let me look at them.”

“Stay near me,” Dunla called out before grunting as she slashed her sword through the muscley length of a disturbingly thick and cock-like tentacle. As the severed end of the appendage fell to the ground it began to flop and twist like a fish out of water. Dunla snarled in disgust, kicking the severed dick away from her. When her foot hit it the thing split apart, becoming a swarm of smaller penis-snakes that began slithering up her body.

While Dunla was distracted Emiko was drawn away from the others. Once alone one of the larger, thicker, most cock-like tentacles came after her. It used her inability to focus on it to push her further from the others, eventually backing her into a wall.

Many of the tentacles that had come out of the mirror had plunged down, disappearing into the twisting roots that made up the temple’s floor. The girls had all been so busy fending off the other tentacles they’d not noticed them. Emiko was caught completely off guard when red tentacles erupted from the walls and floor around her, wrapping tightly around her wrists and ankles and pulling her tight against the wall.

She opened her mouth to scream for help only to be silenced by the huge throbbing cock-tentacle that had backed her against the wall. It rammed into her open mouth, so girthy it painfully stretched her jaw open as it began thrusting into her, working its way deeper into her.

When it hit the back of her mouth it started thrusting into her throat, stretching the Kittaran’s throat open the same way it had forced her jaw open. The “gak gak gak” sounds the thrusting monstrously sized cock had been causing her to make become more wild chokes as her body convulsed, trying desperately to force the fleshy appendage invading deep into her back out.

It was happening on pure instinct. By that point the sight and feel of such an offensively huge sexual organ had shut the Kittaran’s mind down. Her body had gone limp and her eyes had rolled up in her head. The only sign she was still conscious was the wet gagging sounds as she choked up thick vomited saliva that coated the cock as it savaged her face and throat.

Without the aid of her magic Resi hadn’t been able to fend the tentacles off for long. Tentacles had quickly wrapped around her limbs and hoisted her up in the air. They held her body facedown parallel to the ground so her enlarged breasts hung and dangled below her. Her panicked thrashing about only left her huge green breasts swinging and flying about which drew the attention of the cock-tipped tentacles.

The sight of her wildly undulating breasts drove two of them into a mad rush of lust and they flew at her, forcing themselves into her mouth and cunt at the same time. They thrust in and out of her in perfect rhythm to make her hanging tits swing back and forth so hard they eventually began slapping her in the face.

Gwynaetha had fared better, but not for long. The pink blasts of magic she was shooting at the tentacles coming for her kept them back at first but just like Emiko she’d failed to notice the appendages coming from the mirror that had plunged into the floor. They erupted out from under her in a mass that caught her off guard, quickly enveloping her legs and yanking her off her feet.

When she slammed into the ground she dropped her wand. Before she had a chance to reach for it other tentacles were wrapped around her arms, keeping her from retrieving the weapon. The tentacles holding her to the ground began rubbing and probing her naked body. She groaned in disgust and tried in vain to wiggle free of their ever-tightening grasp.

The roots making up the floor under her began to shift, pulling away to reveal a mass of thick tentacles making up the ground under her. “No,” she screamed, more terrified than she’d been of anything in her life. “They are going to pull me down into them!”

“I’m coming to save you,” Dunla called out. She’d just cut herself free of the cock-snakes and turned to rush towards Gwynaetha. So focused on her friend she failed to see the fresh barrage of tentacles coming at her from behind.

They managed to grab the tall red-haired girl’s legs, yanking her back off her feet. She slammed face-first into the ground, stunned and dropping her sword. As the tentacles began dragging her towards the open portal Dunla screamed and thrashed to break free, desperately clawing at the roots that made up the floor to try and pull herself back towards her sword.

As strong as the thick tentacles wrapped around her thighs were Dunla was so driven by fear and righteous anger that she managed to begin to make progress, pulling herself inch by inch closer to the blade. She reached out with one arm, her fingertips brushing against the handle. “Almost have it,” she groaned as she strained to reach a bit further.

Just as she wrapped her fingers around the handle she felt something pushing against her asshole. Her eyes flew open. The girl let out a whimpered gasp of pain as a cock-tipped tentacle began pushing into her tightest of holes, its way lubricated by ample flowing precum oozing from its tip.

As it pushed its way into her the tentacles wrapped around her thighs yanked her off the floor, hefting her up into the air. They hung her upside down, legs pulled wide open as the cock-tentacle began fucking her in the ass. She groaned in pain, the anal invasion so unexpected and unsettling she was momentarily stunned.

Yet she managed to keep a tight grip on her sword. As her ass was violated the long blade began to glow ever brighter. Only after the thing in her ass convulsed and pumped a thick load of cum in her did and it pulled out did she snap out of the daze she’d been stunned into.

Dunla, sword glowing brightly, snarled and twisted her body up. Her blade flew through the tentacles holding her in the air, severing them like they were blades of grass. She landed with a graceful tuck and roll before springing up onto her feet. She crouched in a combat-ready stance, blade held flat before her in an on-guard pose.

“Alright you perverse red fuckers, I’ve had enough.” Not just her sword was glowing but the long red hair that ran down past her ass as well. “This is over,” she snarled, swinging her blade and cutting through all of the tentacles nearest her no matter how thick and muscular they were. She became a whirlwind of slicing doom for the tentacles, moving through the room with her blade flying from one severed appendage to the next.

She reached Gwynaetha first, the top half of her terror-filled face and one arm all that was left above the swarming mass of tentacles she was being pulled down into. Dunla plunged her blade into them, sending a wave of magic that caused them to convulse in pain. As they began to pull away Gwynaetha was able to pull herself out. Dunla slashed at the mass on the ground, cutting it into pulp until the roots of the floor retracted, covering the pit of shriveling tentacle bits.

Gwynaetha retrieved her wand and joined Dunla as she turned her focus to saving Resi. With the fierce redhead doing most of the work they cut the helpless Orc free, chasing off the tentacles they didn’t slaughter before turning their focus to Emiko. Although Resi had retrieved her staff and came with the others she was far too shaken to be of much aid, but that didn’t matter. Dunla was all they needed.

The sight of the poor pink-haired Kittaran pinned to the wall, the huge cock-tentacle forced into her mouth and down her bulging throat, pushed Dunla into a rage beyond what she’d already been in. After cutting her free she turned and charged the mirror, leaving the others to comfort the freshly traumatized Kittaran.

What remained of the tentacles fled back into the mirror as Dunla charged. As the last pulled through the surface shimmered, becoming glass again as if trying to prevent her rage from following them into whatever perverse pocket dissension that had spawned them.

Dunla simply thrust her blade into the center of the mirror, shattering it. She plunged it deeper, sending a wave of arcane power that shattered the mirror’s magic as well. The remains of the mirror crumbled to the floor, the glass convulsing and shattering further till all that was left was glittering powder.

It began to move, rolling around on the ground and trying to sneak into the cracks between the twisted roots that made up the floor. “NO!” Dunla snarled, thrusting her blade above it to pull the dust into the air. The shimmering powder that was all that remained of the mirror flew up and twisted around the blade. Dunla groaned, focusing the power of the sword, and sucked the powder into it. The blade glowed intensely as it burned the remains of the mirror from existence.

Once the last trances of the mirror were gone Dunla turned to face the others as they approached. Gwynaetha and Resi were supporting Emiko between them, the poor Kittaran looking as though all she wanted was to lay down and never get back up.

“Dunla, look at you,” Resi whispered.

“What about me,” she snarled at them, body drenched in sweat and freckled chest heaving as the rage from the battle still coursed through her.

“You’re scaring us,” Gwynaetha whispered.

“I’m doing what I need to do to protect you,” she spit back. “The three of you are useless!” When they all winced and took a step away from her she blinked. “I’m so sorry,” she said, the fierce expression on her face and mean tone of voice melting away. “Oh, girls, please, I didn’t mean that!”

“It’s okay,” the freshly traumatized Kittaran whispered. “We have been useless… You saved us, that’s all that matters.” She looked up, eyes full of tears. “You keep telling us we can do this but we can’t. But YOU can. You and that sword, you’re going to kill the Forest Witch.”

“I swear I am,” Dunla declared. “And you’ll be there when I do.”

Emiko smiled weakly. “Sure we will, Dunla,” she said, convincing no one she believed the fierce girl.

Before Dunla could object the temple began to shake violently. Looking up they could all see the trees and roots and vines that made up the walls and ceiling were withering and dying, causing the building to start to collapse.

The four girls all screamed, panicking and making a mad dash for safety as the temple fell apart around them. They had to dodge falling debris and focus on their feet to avoid tripping into the holes in the floor opening as the roots that had made it twisted and pulled themselves back into the earth.

As the temple fell in upon itself and was sucked into the earth each of them thought they were the only ones that had survived. But as the last of the temple was pulled down into the earth leaving only a clearing behind they were able to see each other standing on the sides of the empty clearing.

Gwynaetha screamed, sobbing in relief as she ran to Emiko. She jumped at the Kittaran, clinging to her. “I thought you didn’t make it out!”

“You both made it!” Resi called out happily, wiping tears from her eyes. “I thought… but it doesn’t matter, we all made it!”

Emiko stood in silence, staring past Gwynaetha as the girl clung to her. She was staring at the ground where the temple had disappeared with no emotion on her face.

“Wait,” Resi said, looking around. “Dunla? Dunla, where are you!”

“She didn’t make it out,” Emiko said, her voice devoid of emotion.

Gwynaetha let go of her and threw her hands over her mouth. “No. She had to have made it out!”

“She didn’t,” Emiko assured her.

“She can’t be dead,” Resi proclaimed defiantly.

“She’s not.”

The three girls turned and stared in disbelief at the person who had spoken. She stood in the forest, shadowed by the dense trees at the edge of the clearing they stood in. Only her eyes could be made out clearly, glowing in the darkness.

“Amoera?” Resi asked, taking a cautious step forward. “Is that you?”

“Yes,” Amoera replied, stepping out of the shadows into the moonlight illuminating the clearing. “Hello, girls. I’ve missed you all so much.”

The young Blood Elve was naked except for leather bondage cuffs on her wrists and ankles and a matching collar around her neck. She stood with confident poise they’d never seen in her, her hands clasped peacefully together at her front. She looked exactly like they remembered her except her skin was a darker shade of red, but even that wasn’t too odd. Her skin tone had always seemed to shift in different light, at times hiding her race.

Gwynaetha squealed in delight and ran to Amoera, jumping and throwing her arms around her. “Oh, Amoera! You have no idea how good is to see you. Are Teldy and Peare with you?” She let go of her, looking expectedly at her. The sadness she saw in the girl’s face left her stepping back in discomfort.

“No,” Amoera said slowly. “Teldy and Peare aren’t here. But I saved Teldy before she left the woods and the Forest Witch assured me Peare was saved too.”

Gwynaetha pulled back further just as the other two girls came to join them. “The Forest Witch saved Peare? Amoera, she’s evil.”

“The Forest Witch IS evil,” Amoera agreed. “But not my Faun.”

“Amoera, that doesn’t make any sense,” Resi said.

“How do you know Dunla is alive?” Emiko asked, pushing past the other two and crossing her arms as she glared at Amoera. “How do we even know your real. You could be an illusion or something masquerading as Amoera, just another cruel trick of the Forest Witch.”

“Emiko, stop,” Gwynaetha pleaded, placing a hand on the Kittaran’s shoulder.

“No,” the Emiko snapped, flinging her fluffy pink tail at the stocky girl to bat her away. “I won’t stop.” She turned to the others. “Don’t you get it? We don’t survive this. Maybe Dunla does, but us? The witch is toying with us.” She pointed behind her. “That’s just another cruel trick like the mirror was. I’m NOT falling for it this time. Maybe YOU both want what happened in there to happen again but I don’t.”

Resi and Gwynaetha looked at each other then looked at the Kittaran, confused and unsure what to say or do.

“Emiko, it’s okay,” Amoera said calmy.

The Kittaran whirled around and hissed angrily at Emiko. “You shut your fucking mouth, monster!”

Resi and Gwynaetha gasped. “I’ve never heard you swear,” one of them said. “I’ve never even heard you angry like that,” the other added.

Emiko turned back to them, eyes mad. “I just want it to be over,” she said, shaking as she began to sob hysterically. “You can’t understand what it’s been like for me as a Kittaran. Maybe if I’d been in heat I could handle it as well as you two have. But I’m not.”

Amoera stepped up to her and wrapped a calming arm around the Kittaran. For a moment the other two thought Emiko would pull away from the Blood Elve, maybe even attack her.

The moment passed and Emiko threw her arms around Amoera, clinging to her tightly and sobbing into her shoulder. “Gods, Amoera, I missed you. We all did. It really is you, isn’t it?”

Amoera held her and patted her back reassuringly. “I can make it better,” she told her. “I can’t save you, not yet, but I can make it better. Would you like that, Emiko?”

The Kittaran sniffled. “I don’t understand but yes. Please, Amoera, make it better.”

Amoera grabbed her face and held her in place while she kissed her. It was a long, deep, wet kiss that the Kittaran tried to pull away from at first, but the resistance quickly died and a moment later she was leaning into the kiss.

When Amoera pulled away Emiko stumbled back, gasping for air. “What did you do to me,” she asked, holding her chest and looking down at herself. “I saw a flash of crimson light when we were kissing and now I… I feel different.”

“You’re in heat,” Amoera said, smiling serenely. “Isn’t that what you wanted? You said if you were in heat it wouldn’t be as bad.”

All three girls backed away from Amoera and drew in close together.

“What happened to you?” Resi asked. “You’re different… What did the Forest Witch do to you?”

“She helped free me,” she replied. “I know that might be hard to believe but she helped me discover who I am. I’ve been so very happy here with her. I don’t expect you to understand that either, especially since you’ve come to kill her.”

“Amoera, where is Dunla,” Gwynaetha demanded, disturbed by everything her friend was saying.

“Dunla has business with the witch. But it’s going to be okay, the terrible Forest Witch has been appeased and my Faun is mostly in control right now. And I have dominion over my Faun and through that dominion I have control over the forest.”

She turned to look at it. “I didn’t understand it at first, but I think the forest and her aren’t separate things. I wasn’t with her long before I realized she wasn’t just a woman. She’s something more, much more. Not a god, but god-like. She’s tied to Alaria and limited in her powers by some rules I don’t think we could ever understand.

“The witch is going to be distracted by Dunla for quite some time,” she said as she turned back to face the others. “As long as she keeps her distracted I can try and assert control over the forest so I can save you all. Would you like that? Would you like me to save you like I saved Teldy?”

The three drew in close, holding each other. “Do we have a choice?” Resi asked.

“No,” Amoera said, smiling in a way that disturbed them all. “No, you do not.”

* * *

As the temple had started to crumble and the other girls had screamed and scattered Dunla had remained rooted to the ground, unable to move. Her sword had begun vibrating and her hands felt as if they were being fused to it. For a moment the blade had turned to glass and she’d seen her reflection in it as if it was a mirror. The blade shifted slightly and the reflection of her and the crumbling temple had disappeared, replaced by Amoera’s smiling face.

Then there had been a flash of crimson light and the world had felt as though it was being sucked into the sword. She had the strong unsettling feeling of being turned inside out then fell, landing with a thud on a hard floor.

As she scrambled back to her feet she struggled to make sense of the world around her. The crumbling temple was gone and instead she was standing in a cluttered cabin, at least that was what she thought at first. The air was still and she felt neither heat nor cold. When she tried to focus on something, a table or shelf or even a wall in the distance, it would shimmer and distort like a mirror turned at a strange angle.

“Hello?” she called out. “Amoera?” she added, remembering the glimpse of her she’d seen in her sword.

She held it up, looking at it curiously. Aside from her, it was the only thing that seemed to be real. She could also feel that the sword was different. It felt more powerful in her hands and the blade was more reflective than it once had been.

“The mirror,” she gasped. “I remember sucking the remains of the mirror into the sword. It felt like that’s what I needed to do to destroy. But did I?” She looked at the world around her again. “It’s like I’m inside a world on the other side of a mirror. Or maybe I’m inside the sword? Whatever it is, there has to be a way out.”

Looking around more slowly she realized there was one thing in the room that didn’t shift and distort when she looked at it. A full body mirror, the same size as the one she’d shattered but with a much different frame. She went to it, reaching out to run her hand along the ornate frame. It was beautiful and carved with skill that would be breathtaking if its presence didn’t feel so unsettling.

“A sword,” she whispered, tracing the outline of the blade carved into the top of the frame. “My sword.” She looked down at her sword and watched as it vibrated, feeling it being pulled towards the mirror.

The mirror had been showing her a reflection of herself and the strange mirror dimension she seemed to be trapped in but once her sword had its moment of connection with the mirror the glass rippled and changed. Suddenly the mirror’s surface was more like a pane of glass. On the other side was the cabin she was standing in, only real.

“I’m inside the reflection of a mirror that’s in the witch’s cabin,” she realized, gripping the sword tighter. The glass rippled again, fading and becoming a shimmering portal. “This is my chance.”

Dunla tried going through the portal. The world felt like it was being inverted through her, her perception of reality twisted and reshaped as she stepped from the world inside the mirror back into the real world. Once she’d begun it was less like she was stepping through and more like she was being sucked through. At the last moment she’d felt resistance. The sword couldn’t be pulled through the mirror with her. Feeling as though her hand would be ripped off if she held on any longer she let go of it.

Dunla tumbled into the Forest Witch’s cabin, landing with a loud thud on her hands and knees.

“Hello, pretty-pretty,” the Forest Witch said calmly standing nearby so Dunla hadn’t been able to see her from inside the mirror.

Dunla scrambled to her feet, knocking things off a nearby table as she did. She began looking around franticly for anything she could use as a weapon.

“Please, there is no need for that. It is not yet time for the pretty-pretty to kill this Forest Witch. Besides, she knows she can’t kill me till she has her nasty sword back.”

Dunla calmed down slightly but backed further away from the witch. “What are you going to do to me?” she demanded.

“For now I only wish to talk,” the witch replied, holding her hands up to show she meant no harm. “Will the pretty-pretty come and sit?” She waved to a round table in the center of the room that had a crystal ball sitting on it. “Two chairs,” she said, pointing at them. “One for the witch, one for her guest.”

Dunla narrowed her eyes in distrust. “This is just another trick.”

“No trick,” the witch said, shaking her head. “Please, let us sit and talk.”

More out of curiosity than anything Dunla went to the table and sat. She remained tense, ready to leap away or lunge at the witch at the first sign of an attack.

“We must make a deal,” the witch said as she sat across from Dunla. “The pretty-pretty wants her nasty sword back so she can kill this Forest Witch while the witch wants a little more time to enjoy existing in this world. I will agree to give the sword back when the time for my death is right if you stay and be my plaything for a time.” She paused, tilting her head and giving the girl an appraising look. “You understand what I mean when I say I wish to use you as a plaything?”

Dunla was surprised to feel her face flush. After what she’d endured in the forest so far such a suggestion should have felt like nothing. But this IS different. This is more intimate and… less deadly? No, it was never deadly. She can’t kill. But there is not the same kind of threat here in this cabin as I felt outside in the forest.

“I understand,” Dunla said, suddenly feeling self-conscious about being naked. She moved her chair closer to the table so the witch couldn’t see below her belly and crossed her arms over her chest to hide her small breasts. “But I’m not agreeing, not yet at least.”

“The pretty-pretty needs a better deal, the Forest Witch understands. The witch agrees to tell the pretty-pretty things she knows, to even show some of them to her in the crystal ball. In between playful fun she will learn things.”

“Playful fun?” Dunla scoffed. “Like what you did to us in the forest? Like what came out of the mirror?”

“No,” the witch said, shaking her head. “Not like that. That was The Forest Witch. She was angered when you refused her off. But she’s been sated. Sitting across from you is the Faun, Amoera’s Faun.”

Dunla’s eyes grew large. “What have you done to her?”

The witch shook her head again. “It is what she did to me. The Amoera tamed the Faun. She has dominion over her and when I am the Faun she has dominion over my forest as well. Amoera sent you to me to distract me while she saves the others. She wants you to remain with me till all three are free from the dark fate they, and everyone in the keep, are destined for.

“I see the pretty-pretty biting her lip. She did that before when she struggled to believe my offer. It was The Faun that made the offer and it was no trick, but it’s too late for that. My death is unavoidable now and I’ve made my peace with that. I want only a little more time. Amoera wants time to save her friends and I want time to enjoy existing a bit longer, but more than that I want time to gather my power so that after you kill me I will be able to finish two final tasks.”

“What tasks?” Dunla demanded, choosing for the time to believe everything the woman was telling her.

“A revenge against a former ally who threatened my precious Amoera. And then after that a final gift to a lover. You see, my lover shall decide one of her friends is not worth saving but after the chance to save her is gone she will regret it. I want to have the power to save her friend as a parting gift of my love.”

“You’re talking about Amoera, she’s your lover. But which one of us is she going to decide isn’t worth saving?”

“Isn’t it obvious,” the witch asked, perplexed Dunla didn’t know. “You, dear girl. Amoera does not understand you are destined to kill me. She thinks after saving the others she can save you and that I have never been in any danger. When you kill me in front of her she will be furious and will try to kill you, but she won’t be able to. You’ve power in you that matches hers for now and the love you have for each other will be too great for either to kill the other.”

Dunla stared into the witch’s eyes, unsure how much to believe but wanting every word to be true. “How would you use the last of your power to save me?”

“Does the pretty-pretty truly wish to know such things? You understand as a Forest Witch I know things. I knew what could have been if you’d accepted my first offer to leave, and I knew when it was too late to make the offer again.”

“Why?” Dunla asked, uncovering her breasts and gripping the edge of the table. “I… I think I believe you now. So why is it too late? We could leave!” She tilted her head to the side and read the pained expression on the witch’s face. “You’re not the master here, are you? It was some fluke that you had the power to make that offer to not just free us but aid us as well.”

“No Forest Witch is her own master. Yet when Amoera tamed me and won me from my old master I had a moment of freedom when I WAS master of my fate. I could have done all I promised and more. But as I said, it is too late now.”

“But why?”

“How long do you think you’ve been in more forest?”

Dunla blinked, caught off guard by the sudden change in topic. “I guess maybe two days at the most? The sun hasn’t risen but I don’t think that matters, time moves differently here.”

“You are right,” the witch told her, “time does move differently here. My forest is a place of magic where the laws of reality are less strict. Time here can go faster or slower than that outside. Till now it’s gone slower.”

She put her hands on the crystal ball. It filled with sparking red mist that soon pulled back to reveal images. “Do you know these three women?”

Dunla stared, watching the three women on horseback talking, an army of Sisterhood of Righteousness soldiers marching behind them. “The middle one looks like Commander Eldenbrow, only… I don’t know, I want to say older but Silver Elves don’t really age that way.”

“It is her mother.”

“Then those other two women must be the twins,” Dunla said. “One of them is the most skilled fire mage in the Sisterhood, the other the best ice mage.”

The image in the crystal pulled out, showing the marching army from above as it approached a forest. “Much time has passed outside the forest. The army is nearly here and once they arrive the fire mage will burn it. You see how they seem to slow now? The magic flames that shall wipe my forest from Alaria will not begin till the moment you kill me. It will seem that dawn has come to the forest then, but it will be the fading of my powers combined with mage fire consuming the trees. Of course, she will only be able to do so because you’ve killed me, which you know how to do.”

“Yes,” Dunla said, the last doubt she’d felt about it slipping away. “I kill your body with the sword and then I must burn this cabin down, only then will your power be broken.”

The Forest Witch nodded. “That is one way, the way YOU will kill me.” She leaned back and closed her eyes, taking a long slow calming breath. “Will you agree to the deal?” she finally asked when she opened her eyes.

“You won’t harm me while I’m your… plaything?”

“Harm you? No. Although our play may become rough and there may be pain. But you will not be ‘harmed’. If you agree to be my plaything you are agreeing to do as I say until the time comes for it to end.”

Dunla glanced at the mirror. The sword floated just on the other side, close but out of reach. She knew she would not be able to retrieve the sword, but she wasn’t sure if the Forest Witch was the power that controlled that. “You will be doing sexual things to me, that is how you will ‘play’ with me?”

The witch nodded. “I normally know how the pretty-pretties will answer. But not you, Dunla Dhuarcain. I don’t get to know your answers ahead of time.”

“What happens if I refuse?”

The Forest Witch pointed to the front door. “You will be sent from my cabin and returned to the woods. Things will go back to how they were. Amoera will need to find a new way to distract me so she can save the others. She may not. The mirror is tied to the sword now and the sword is tied to you. If you leave my cabin both will find you and although I do not know it for certain I must assume you’d be able to pull the sword from the mirror whenever you wanted. But in the woods the sword can only protect you so much, you’ve already seen that.”

Dunla bit her lip, looking from the mirror to the Faun to the door. “If I agree Amoera saves the others? If I agree it is certain I’ll kill you and one day you’ll save me from whatever dark fate you say the others in the keep will suffer?”

“Yes,” the Forest Witch replied, her body tensing. She sat up straight. “You have made your choice?”

Dunla stood up, standing with all her height and staring fiercely down at the witch. For a few moments nothing of the girl was left, only a fierce warrior facing down their foe on the field of battle. “I have decided,” she said coldly. “You look scared. I bet you haven’t looked scared very often. You are afraid of how things will play out if I walk out the door.”

“Yes,” the witch whispered, averting her eyes.

Dunla reached out and grabbed the Faun’s chin, lifting her face to make her look at her. “You are an evil monster. But I can see you have made your peace with your death. I do not understand what you and Amoera have and I don’t think I want to, but I can see she’s changed you. She does that, doesn’t she?”

“The pet makes others feel things, feel them strongly. It is her destiny.”

Without warning Dunla dropped to one knee beside the Forest Witch. She bowed her head as though she was submitting to a lord. “I accept your agreement. You shall have your time and you shall have me. Amoera shall have the time to have dominion over the forest and save the others. And when the time is right…”

“You will kill me,” the witch finished. “Look at me, please. Thank you Dunla Dhuarcain. I do not know what whims shall take me as we play, but know I intend to make the most of every moment I have left.”

“What will you do with me first?” Dunla asked. There was no fear in her voice, only a hint of eagerness.

Whether the eagerness was for what would come at the end of her temporary servitude to the witch or whether it was for what would happen in between the Forest Witch did not know. But she would find out.

* * *

“Emiko, you look sick,” Resi said, staring at the pink-haired Kittaran with concern. “Amoera, you have to undo what you’ve done to her!”

“She’s not sick,” Amoera replied, her calmness driving the Orc mad. Amoera cocked her head and stared at Resi, looking at her like she’d never really seen the girl before. “You’re afraid of me, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” Resi and Gwynaetha replied.

“You’re like the witch now,” Gwynaetha added, meekly hiding behind Resi who seemed slightly less afraid of their former friend.

“Emiko’s not afraid of me,” Amoera said, smiling serenely. “Are you?”

Emiko swayed, looking like she was going to pass out. Resi and Gwynaetha grabbed her and held her up, distraught by the look on her face. The Kittaran’s pink fur-covered cat ears were turned down, her face flush and her eyelids heavy.

“Help her,” Gwynaetha whined at Amoera. “Can’t you see how sick she looks?”

“She looks drunk. Or drugged,” Resi added, glaring at Amoera. “If you have any love left for us you’ll fix her.”

Amoera held out a hand. “You’re not sick or drunk or drugged Emiko, are you? It’s okay, come away from them and come to me.”

The two other girls had not expected Emiko to go to Amoera, if they had they would have tried to hold her back. But by the time they realized what was happening the Kittaran had already stumbled to Amoera, arms held out to grab hold of the red-skinned girl’s arm.

Amoera pulled the Kittaran in and held her tight, arm wrapped around her hip with her hand resting on her crotch.

“Oh!” Emiko gasped, looking startled before her body eased as she leaned into Amoera. “That’s very nice,” she moaned dreamily before she began to purr. Not a mock purr, but the purr of a cat, only much deeper and louder.

“What the fuck,” Resi gasped.

“Did you not know that Kittarans in heat begin to act more feline?” Amoera asked. “I can’t remember if I knew that when I lived at the keep with you. Sometimes it’s hard remembering that long ago.”

“Long ago?” Gwynaetha asked. “Amoera… it hasn’t been more than a few months since you’ve been missing.”

“I was never missing,” she replied calmly. “I left to get answers and found them. They helped me discover my true self. And for you girls maybe it’s only been a few months but not for me. Time moves differently in here. But never mind all that, did you know the thing about Kittarans?”

“No,” they both replied.

“They are just people,” Resi said, pleading as if trying to convince herself as much as Amoera. “They have those cat-like tails and those cute furry cat ears but they are just people like us! Maybe Emiko’s a little more agile and her hair is a bit thicker but she’s always been JUST a person. You must have done something to her.”

“Tell them Emiko. Explain that this is cause you’re in heat.”

“She’s right,” Emiko said, purring louder and nuzzling into Amoera. Her huge fluffy pink tail lashed about in agitation then wrapped around Amoera. “But I’ve never been in heat. I’ve never felt anything sexual before now. I didn’t understand how pretty and attractive women were. Amoera, I don’t understand these things I’m feeling, they are all so new and confusing. I just know I want you. I want them too, but when I look at you I feel it more.”

“I want you too, Emiko. How about I take you somewhere private and help you understand these new feelings? I can give you the relief you need, help you find the joy you’ve been missing out on. And then I’ll save you.”

“What does that mean,” Resi demanded. “How are you going to ‘save’ her? Are you going to lead her out of the forest?”

“Yes,” Amoera answered.

“You’re lying,” Resi spat back. “I can hear it in your voice. Or maybe you’re telling the truth but not the whole truth.”

Amoera looked her in the eyes, smiling serenely. “You don’t need to know the whole truth, you just need me to save you. And I’m starting with Emiko. You two, though, will be on your own till I return.”

“What about Emiko?” Resi demanded.

The serene smile on Amoera’s face faltered. “You’re starting to annoy me, Resi. You shouldn’t do that. The witch is distracted and the forest is mine right now. You REALLY don’t want the last thing I feel for you to be a bad emotion. The forest will take that and manifest that feeling. Say you’re sorry.”

“We’re sorry,” Gwynaetha said, voice shaking as she clung to Resi.

Resi glared at Amoera then looked at Emiko, the anger fading from her face. “Please don’t go with her, Emiko. Please! Come back to us. We’ll be okay, I promise. We’ll go find Dunla and we’ll get out of the forest, go back to the keep where it’s safe.”

“The keep ISN’T safe,” Amoera said firmly. “It’s doomed and so is everyone in it. You’re all lucky I’m saving you. You’re lucky you’ll never know the horrors I’m saving you from.” As she spoke she began walking back from the other two girls, bringing the purring Emiko with her.

“I’m going to save both of you, I promise,” she said kindly as she stepped back into the shadows. “But,” she snarled, tone changing to one of bitter anger, “Resi is REALLY pissing me off. I don’t think you’re going to enjoy your time in the forest while I’m gone.”

“She’s gone,” Resi said, staring into the darkness Amoera and Emiko had backed into. “I could feel it when she left. I’m sorry I made her so mad,” she told Gwynaetha, hugging the terrified girl. “I didn’t want to, it’s just she was making me so MAD. The moment she showed up I felt everything more strongly.”

“I did too,” Gwynaetha whispered. “Resi, what’s going to happen to us?”

The tall Orc Druid looked around the forest, feeling the anger rippling through it. “I don’t know, Gwynaetha, but we’ll endure it together.”

* * *

“I like seeing you on your knees at my feet,” the Forest Witch told Dunla, reaching down to stroke the girl’s face.

She jerked away and got to her feet, taking a step back from the witch. “Don’t get used to it.”

The witch began circling Dunla, smiling and nodding as she inspected the girl’s naked body. “The pretty-pretty is quite tasty. Such long legs. Those slender limbs so well-muscled yet still so feminine. Such a fiery orange-red bush! And just look at those freckles covering your cheeks and chest, they do much to make up for what you’re lacking in tits. And this long slender neck? So enticing. I desire to slowly kiss my way up and down it.”

She’d been speaking softly and seductively, giving Dunla a flirtatious smile every time the girl’s eyes met hers. “The pretty-pretty does not mind the scary witch’s words so much, does she?” she asked as she neared completing her circle around the girl. “Her cheeks flush. Her heart beats faster. Her sweet little pussy moistens. The pretty-pretty should not bother lying, the Forest Witch KNOWS.”

Dunla refused to answer, simply turning her nose up at the witch.

“Does the pretty-pretty know what else I desire to do when I look at that slender sensual neck of hers?” she asked lasciviously. The alluring, seductive expression on her face twisted into a predatory look of carnal hunger as her tone became forceful and angry. “I want to grip it in my hands and tighten my fingers till the pretty-pretty claws at my hand, gasping for air. I want to watch its face turn blue as it kicks and punches uselessly at me. I want to savor the sight and feel of its eyes rolling up into its head and its arms falling limply at its side as it blacks out.”

Dunla reeled back, terrified by the sudden and unexpected change.

“Dunla Dhuarcain, I WILL be playing roughly with you, how could I not when I know you will kill me soon? But first I need you to want me. The Forest Witch does not take women the way her forest does. You must want me to do terrible things to you, understand?”

“You can’t make me want you,” Dunla declared, backing up into a table as the witch advanced on her. She started and reached back to keep the table from tipping over. “If that’s how this works you’ll never get what you want. Just punish me, do the terrible things you want to do to my body and get it over with.”

Even though Dunla was as tall as the Faun the way she shrunk back from her as she advanced left the witch towering over her. Shaking in fear, she cowered as the imposing woman grabbed her face and squeezed her cheeks, digging her nails into her face.

“Liar,” the witch snarled. “The pretty-pretty is like so many that find their way to the Forest Witch, a filthy little liar that needs to be cured of their pathological need to lie. And like so many it is herself she lies most viscously too. Its cunt is gushing with arousal, it likes being scared, especially by an attractive woman. It LIKES women, but it lies to itself.”

She shoved Dunla into the table and turned away, standing with her back to the girl. “The pretty-pretty did not come into the witch’s forest for the reason she believes. She lies to herself. She tells herself she is meant to be a great hero, that she came to fulfill the destiny of her bloodline and save all her friends. My Amoera, the pudgy Night Elve, and the nasty little Faun.

“But she lies!” she snarled, turning back and pointing an accusatory finger at Dunla. “The pretty-pretty cared not for the nasty little Faun. She did not come to the forest for her. The plump, sweet Night Elve, now SHE was a reason. The pretty-pretty liked to look at the shy girl, especially when she could see her soft and inviting curves. The pretty-pretty lay awake at night sometimes, touching herself as she tried to imagine being close to her softness. But always after there would be shame and she would lie to herself, convincing herself she had not done what she’d done.”

Dunla clung to the table she was pressed against, unwilling to leave it even though the witch was not stopping her. She was shaking her head vigorously from side to side in denial yet couldn’t bring herself to say the denial out loud.

“Yet the plump sweet Night Elve would not have been enough to bring the pretty-pretty here, her softness not enough to make her lie and tell herself she just wanted to be a hero. It was my Amoera she came for. To save her, to steal her away. The pretty-pretty has been in agony since she left the keep. Only in her absence did she begin to admit the things she felt for the girl, admit in her most secret thoughts how close she wishes to be with her.

“No longer was it the softness of the Night Elve she lay awake touching herself thinking of. It was Amoera. Oh, the fantasies she played out in her head. The Amoera would swoon to be saved, the Amoera would realize she wanted the pretty-pretty the way it wants her. They would meet in secret in their keep and the Amoera would show her thanks. The fantasies were always vague beyond that for the pretty-pretty knew little of sex before the forest took her and knew even less about passion between women.

“Admit it. Admit the truth, the pretty-pretty must become her true self. It is what the pretty-pretties do when they find the witch’s cabin. It is how the magic works. Just because it will kill this witch does not change things. Admit it, Dunla Dhuarcain, say the words.”

She’d stalked back to Dunla, towering over her once again with all her imposing might. The supernatural power she had radiated from her, pressing Dunla back into the table.

“I’m a lair,” she whispered, voice shaking.

“Louder,” the witch commanded.

“I’m a lair!” Dunla gasped loudly, throwing a hand over her mouth to keep more words from coming out. Her chest heaved and sweat poured down her face. She shook and her jaw trembled.

“What does the pretty-pretty lie about?” the witch asked, pulling back both her body and her presence. As her voice calmed she returned to feeling like a person again and not the terrifying demigod she’d seemed mere moments ago.

Dunla still shook. Her chest still heaved. It had not been the terror of the Forest Witch fully revealed that had so shaken her, it had been being forced to face the truth about herself.

“I lie about wanting women,” she said, speaking quickly. Once the words began they kept pouring out. “I’ve lied about it for as long as I’ve had such feelings. But I always suppressed them, not because sexuality is considered a weakness in the Sisterhood but because of my mother. She’s always put such pressure on me to continue the bloodline. It will end with me if I never have a child. If I were to love, to give in to desire and passion it would have to be with a man even though the thought as always made my stomach churn.”

The witch relaxed completely. “Thank you, pretty-pretty. Every step one takes towards being a truer version of their selves makes our world a better place. Now tell the truth about my Amoera, about why you came.”

“I love her,” Dunla said desperately, still clinging to the table behind her. “I want her but it’s more than that, I love her! I look at her or think about her and I feel such strong things. I’m terrified I’ll never see her again, never get to tell her. I’ve been obsessed with her. When we trained and I always found reasons to fight with her so we could be close. I want her so bad it hurts here,” Dunla said, putting a hand over her heart, “and here,” she added, moving the hand down to her crotch.

“The Amoera makes people feel things. She makes them feel more things and makes them feel those things more intensely,” the witch said with a nod. “I did not see it clearly till you came into my cabin, but it is a power my Amoera has. She uses it without knowing. She tamed me, made me the Faun. She uses it now to tame my forest, not realizing what a feat that is. The one who makes the Blood Elves, my former master, he did not realize what he was making when he created Amoera.”

“What are you saying?” Dunla asked, relaxing slightly and standing up. “What is Amoera?”

“I still cannot quite see it,” the witch replied, eyes glassed over. “But I will before the end.” Her head snapped to look at Dunla. “But enough about my Amoera. We talk about the pretty-pretty now. She has said the words, admitted how she feels for women. Now she must be made to feel the same for the witch. It will not be hard, now that she has told the truth she looks at the witch differently, yes?”

“Yes,” Dunla said quietly, eyes darting to the witch’s cleavage. “And you seem less terrible…”

“Mmm yes, the pretty-pretty no longer thinks like the warrior hero, she thinks as a woman whose cunt thinks for her. Ah! The pretty-pretty’s eyes flare so at the mention of pussy. She has seen others but never truly gotten to look and never gotten to taste as she so desires. Would the pretty-pretty like to change that?”

Dunla had begun shaking again, reaching back to cling to the table. “Yes,” she whispered. “Yes,” she said louder a moment later, afraid the witch hadn’t heard her.

The witch stalked sensually towards Dunla, grinning like a cat about to pounce. “The pretty-pretty does not yet want the Faun specifically, but her thirst for pussy is enough to begin. Back on your knees, the witch did so enjoy you in that position.”

Dunla hesitated for a moment, biting her lip, then slowly lowered herself to her knees. She clung to the edge of the table for as long as she could, wrapping her arms protectively around her chest when she finally had to let go.

“The pretty-pretty is excited to be submitting. Not just to a woman but to an enemy. Mmmmm yes, the pretty-pretty will not forget this feeling. The Forest Witch thinks it will define the pretty-pretty even after she is no longer Dunla Dhuarcain.”

“What does that mean?” Dunla asked nervously as the witch drew closer. “Why would I no longer be me?” The witch shrugged. “But you know. You KNOW things.”

“Does the pretty-pretty really wish to know?” the witch asked as she stopped a step away from Dunla, looming over her and grinning down at her. “Does it wish to know its future? The essential moment, when the witch asks the pretty-pretty to make a choice, I cannot see the choice she chooses. The futures I know beyond that are only possibilities.”

“I want to know,” she said, breathing heavily. “Gods, you smell amazing,” she added, her eyes falling from the witch’s to look at her crotch.

“The smell of pussy entices it?” As she asked she grabbed her skirts and hiked them up past her ankles. “Has it ever smelled another’s pussy?”

Dunla bit her lip in excitement at the slight reveal of the woman’s lifted skirts. She saw the blue knit stockings the witch wore and began to reach for her ankles then stopped.

“It can touch,” the which cooed. “The Faun wants the Dunla girl to want her. She must NEED the Faun before any of the Forest Witch can come back out.”

Dunla hesitated for a moment then wrapped her hands around the woman’s ankles.

“Good girl. It likes to touch a woman so, does it not?”

“Yes,” Dunla whispered, caressing the Faun’s ankles.

She responded by hiking her skirts up to just below her knees. “But now it is realizing how greedy it is. The pretty-pretty wishes the Faun did not have stockings on. She wishes to see and touch bare flesh.”

“Yes,” Dunla said, louder and more confident. “Gods, you smell so strong! All women can’t smell this strong. Is it because your aroused or just because you’re… you?”

“The Faun IS very aroused. The danger of being so close to her death is an erotic thrill she never expected to experience. Such arousal can make a woman fragrant in most enjoyable ways but what it smells is more than that. Some is because the Faun is who she is, but it is mostly because she IS a Faun.”

“I don’t understand,” Dunla sighed, moving her face closer to the woman’s crotch to slowly inhaled her powerful fragrance.

The witch replied by hiking her skirts up further, past her knees to her thighs where her stockings ended. She pulled her skirts up just enough to flash a sliver of tantalizing skin.

Dunla moaned at the sight, sliding her hands up the back of her calves. “Gods, look at you. Is the skin on the inside of your thigh lighter than the outside?”

“This Faun has much of the deer in her,” the witch agreed. “But does it not wonder what being a Faun has to do with the smell intoxicating it so?”

Dunla slid her hands up a little further, past her knees and onto the back of her thighs. She stopped where she could still see them then after a moment’s hesitation went further, reaching up into the witch’s skirt till her hands were on bare skin.

“You’re so soft,” she sighed, caressing her thighs. “Hairier than I expected but is so soft I can barely feel it. I want to put my face up your skirt and feel it on my cheek.”

“The question. It must answer first.”

Dunla inhaled deeply, swooning from the smell. “Yes,” she sighed, “tell me why being a Faun makes your pussy smell so good.”

“Fauns can expel a musk to attract a partner,” she explained, beginning to hike her skirts up slowly. “Especially in Faun women it is strong. You smell the difference now, yes? As you get closer the womanly scent of my pussy will become clearer, separate from the musk as both grow stronger.”

By the time she was done speaking she’d pulled her skirts up high enough to expose herself. Dunla had only a moment to look at the woman’s pussy before the Faun picked placed a foot on the edge of the table behind Dunla.

“Gods, the smell,” the girl moaned as the witch, leg braced on the table, moved her sex closer to Dunla’s face. She used it to pin her head to the table, pressing her cunt into the girl’s face.

Dunla wrapped her arms around the Faun’s thighs, pulling her body closer as she opened her mouth to taste her. Dizzy from the smell of the woman she began licking her, savoring the strong taste of her moist folds. She used her tongue to explore them, sliding the tip up and down her fleshy bits then finding her moist opening and pushing her tongue in to explore the taste and feel of it.

The witch moaned appreciatively and reached down to slide fingers into the girl’s long orange-red hair. “Mmmm, yes, good girl! Your cunt-hunger is making you a fast learner but let me help you along. Follow my lead, let me move your mouth to the places it best belongs. Yes! Deeper, girl, deeper. Plunge your tongue in and out. Gasp for air quickly, your mouth belongs on me till I am finished.”

Dunla moaned and slurped happily at the woman, feasting on the tastes and losing herself in the overpowering smell. She reveled in the moistness being spread around her mouth and on and up her nose. Wanting more she pressed her face harder into her pussy, wiggling her face from side to side trying to get more of her wetness up her nose.

“Like so,” the witch hissed. “You surprise me! Keep going, girl. It must finish me off. I am so close… taking innocence always helps me finish quickly. Mmm… yes, keep going! So close,” she moaned, grinding into the girl’s face.

Unable to breathe, Dunla began to panic and started slapping at the Faun’s thighs.

“Keep going,” the witch hissed, “I’m so close!”

Dunla moaned, struggling to breathe as the woman kept grinding her cunt into her face, rubbing it up and down and grinding the back of her head painfully into the edge of the table. Unable to escape and understanding it wouldn’t be over till the Faun came she did what little she could to intentionally help her long, doing all the things with her mouth the woman had responded positively to.

“Yes, girl, I’m cumming all over your pretty little face,” the witch moaned in delight, reaching up to grab a breast with her free hand. “Let me soil those sweet freckles covering your face with my juices!”

When she pulled her foot off the table and stepped away Dunla doubled over, gasping desperately for air. “You nearly suffocated me!” she gasped.

The witch dropped her skirts and grabbed a handful of Dunla’s hair, yanking her up to her knees. “Yes, but it loved it, didn’t?” As she asked the question she slipped a foot between her legs and rubbed at her pussy. “So wet I feel it soaking through my stocking.”

“I want more,” Dunla moaned, her chest heaving. “Please. I want you. No, I NEED you.”

Still holding her hair, the Forest Witch grinned down at Dunla. The predatory smile sent a confusing mix of fear and excitement running down her spine. “Please,” Dunla whined. “Please. Do anything to me, even if it hurts. I just need you.”

The Forest Witch smirked. “Do not worry, pretty-pretty, it will hurt so deliciously your pretty little cunny will be dripping as it demands more.”

* * *

“Are Gwynaetha and Resi going to be okay?” Emiko asked, still purring and rubbing against Amoera as the red-skinned girl led her deeper into the forest.

“Once I save them they’ll be safe,” she told the distracted Kittaran, knowing she wouldn’t notice she hadn’t answered her question. “But before I can save them I need to save you. And before I do that I need to help you. You need help, don’t you Emiko? Cute, pretty Emiko. Sweet, innocent Emiko. You need so desperately yet you don’t even know what it is you need.”

“Yes,” Emiko sighed. “Yes to all of that. But when, Amoera? When will you help me?”

“Soon,” she promised. “We are almost there.”

“Where?” Emiko asked, pulling away slightly and looking around. She stopped purring the moment she noticed the strange building they were headed towards. Tensing, she stopped walking. “What is that? Like a cozy little cottage but made of living trees and plants. I don’t like it, it looks too much like the temple.”

“Be calmed, Emiko,” Amoera commanded, stroking her arm to reassure her. “This place is nothing like the temple. This is the home of two dear friends of mine. They are going to let us use their home and in a little while they will join us. They helped me save Teldy and they are going to help me save you. You WANT to be saved, don’t you? You don’t want to suffer more than you have to?”

“No,” Emiko said quickly. “I just want it all to be over.”

“It will be,” Amoera promised. “It won’t be long before you’re saved. And till then I promise there will be only pleasure. Now come, their home is very nice. I’ve spent a lot of time there. They didn’t like me when I first got here but we’ve warmed to each other. They are quite fun and I spend many nights with them.”

“Who are they,” Emiko asked as they neared the green cottage’s doors.

“Servants of the witch. Denizens of the forest. Dear friends. And passionate lovers. You’ll meet them, I promise, but not till you are ready.”

Emiko was awed once they entered the strange home. It looked exactly like she pictured a quint secluded cottage would look like, only everything was made of living plants. Not just the walls and furniture but the art and cups and dishes and even the strange petite clothing she saw piled on the floor in one corner.

“Come to the bed,” Amoera said, pulling the Kittaran by the hand. “It may look strange but it’s very soft and comfortable. Trust me, it’s been my bed nearly as much as the witch’s has. You first, lay down on your back and get comfortable. Let’s get this pretty fluffy pink tail to the side here. I’ll come and lay on the other side of you.”

Amoera gently pulled the girl’s legs open and sat with her thigh between her legs. Keeper her leg wrapped around hers, she shifted to lay on her side beside the Kittaran. “It feels nice having me close, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, very nice,” Emiko sighed, pressing her body into Amoera’s. “I want to be closer but I don’t know how. My body is trying to tell me things but I don’t understand them.”

“Shhhh. You just lay and relax.” Amoera placed a hand on the girl’s pussy, gently grasping the furry tuft of pink hair covering her sex. “We’ll go slow,” she whispered into her ear, nuzzling the furry edge of it with her nose. She giggled when it twitched then moved her face closer to Emiko’s. “Close your eyes,” she whispered.

“Kiss me,” Emiko whined. “I’ve never been kissed. I want to feel your lips ag—”

Amoera silenced her with a kiss, firm and with closed lips. Emiko tensed then went soft, her body from the neck down going limp as she lifted her head and pressed her mouth into Amoera’s. She wrapped her arms around the Blood Elve, moaning happily as their lips began to part.

As Amoera taught the Kittaran how to kiss she stroked her pussy, petting her to build slow heat so as not to overwhelm her. As the girl’s kisses became more passionate and sloppier Amoera adjusted the elbow she was resting on so her hand could reach one of the Kittaran’s small breasts. She began playing with it, soft caresses and gentle squeezes before finding her nipple and teasing it lightly till it swelled and engorged.

“Oh Amoera, this is amazing. You all get to feel this all the time?”

“All the time,” Amoera assured her. “You poor Kittarans only get this pleasure when you’re in heat. But I promise, Emiko, you’ll know nothing but this pleasure till your saved.”

“I don’t want it to be over anymore,” she sighed, arching her back slightly as Amoera began doing more than stroke her pussy.

Instead of answering her Amoera pushed her head to the side with her face and kissed her neck. She kissed it again after dragging her lips down it. She kept going, stopping every few inches to plant another kiss. Down her neck onto her chest till she reached one of her nipples. She licked around it, teasing her areola with the tip of her tongue before pressing her mouth around it.

Emiko hissed in delight as Amoera began sucking on her nipple. “Yes, please, don’t stop! And your hand, more, please. I feel so messy and wet there, but it’s good. My hole aches, what does it ache for Amoera?”

Amoera answered her question by slipping a finger into her. The Kittaran moaned, shifting to the side to wrap her leg around Amoera’s hand and leg. Amoera pulled her finger out of the girl, making her whimper in longing, then grabbed the leg she’d just wrapped around her. She pushed herself up, adjusting till her sex was pressed against Emiko’s.

“The witch rarely does this with me,” she told Emiko, pinning her to the bed as she began to move her hips. “But my friends who live here love it, the giggling little sluts love a good scissoring. The first time they did it to me I thought it would hurt, but it doesn’t, does it?”

Emiko moaned in surprise, rocking her hips as their womanhoods rubbed against each other. “It feels amazing,” she gasped. “Don’t stop! I feel this strange swelling in my core, near where we are rubbing.”

“I like how your pussy feels,” Amoera told her, grinding harder into her. “Your pretty pink pubic hair is so thick yet soft. I always wondered if the hair on your ears and tail where the only hair that was like fur. You’ve got such thick long hair on your head and around your ears the fur blends slowly into normal hair. I always liked to imagine your bush was like that, soft and almost like a cat’s fur. I’m glad I was right, it feels so good against me.”

“It feels like a bubble is swelling inside of me,” Emoko gasped, gripping the bed and digging her nails into it. “Like I need the bubble to pop.”

“Let me help,” Amoera told her, pulling her pussy away from hers and quickly sliding down the bed to put her face between her legs.

“What are you doing? Why are you putting your mouth on my— Oh! YES. Lick me there, please, that feels so good! Gods, Amoera, don’t stop. The swelling in me is growing.”

Amoera wrapped her arms under the Kittaran’s thighs, pulling her body into her face as she ate her out.

Emiko rocked her hips, pressing into the girl’s face as she gripped the bed. “More, please,” she moaned, thrashing her head from side to side. “I’m so close!” She began to purr as the pressure inside built. “Almost there!”

When the pressure “popped” her entire body tightened and she yawled in confused delight. She hooked her legs around Amoera’s body, clinging to her desperately to keep her face on her cunt. She gasped and bucked and wiggled, her first orgasm overwhelming her senses.

“Better?” Amoera asked after Emiko went limp, letting her legs slide off the Blood Elve’s back.

“Better,” Emiko sighed. The Kittaran felt so content and relaxed that she started to fade into sleep. For the first time since entering the forest she wasn’t scared and she felt safe.

She would have fallen asleep if not for the sudden loud girlish giggles that came from just outside the cottage. “What’s that?” Emiko sat up slightly and looked to the door with apprehension.

Amoera put a calming hand on her chest and pushed Emiko back down. “Shhhhh, it’s just the cottage’s owners. Now that you’ve cum they are going to join us. When I tell them to they will come in. They may seem strange, dear sweet Emiko, but they want to help you the way I have. Together the three of us are going to make you feel so good.”

“All three of you at once?” the Kittaran asked, apprehensive and excited.

“Yes. All three at once,” Amoera confirmed. “Until you’re saved you’ll be the center of attention. Nothing will matter more than making you feel good. That sounds nice, doesn’t it?”

“Yes.” Emiko looked at the door, a little fear returning to her eyes. “What are they, Amoera?”

“Forest Nymphs,” she told her. “Come in, little darlings, she’s ready.”

The door to the cottage opened and the two Forest Nymphs came in, clinging to each other and giggling shyly. Emiko stared at the two strange beings that looked almost like two naked girls the same age as her and Amoera.

Aside from their skin being green and their hair seeming more leaf and branch than hair there were oddities in their size and shape. They were both just a bit too small and thin, both in height and proportions, while their strange black pupilless eyes were FAR too large for the small, pointed features of their faces.

The way they giggled and cutely clung to each other unsettled Emiko as well. Their little hands were constantly wandering all over each other’s bodies in overtly sexual ways. Yet they giggled and bashfully fluttered their thick eyelashes as if too shy to be sexual beings.

“Come join us, little darlings,” Amoera called to them. They giggled and whispered something together then nodded, skipping hand-in-hand to the bed.

“I don’t know,” Emiko said, pulling away from the Forest Nymphs and hiding behind Amoera. “They are cute but something about them feels wrong…”

“You don’t need to worry,” Amoera reassured her, holding her and forcing her out from behind her to face the giggling Nymphs. “They can save you just like they saved Teldy. Easier, in fact. I’ve been helping them prepare. It will be nice, I promise. And I’ll be here the whole time.” She leaned in, whispering in her ear. “Teldy was so happy when I saved her. I want to see you that happy, Emiko. I love you. I care about you. Let me do this thing, let me save you.”

“Okay,” Emiko whispered back, reaching up to put a hand on the one Amoera had on her shoulder.

Amoera pushed the Kittaran down onto her back in the center of the bed. “You just relax. I’m going to help you feel good here,” she told her, stroking her pussy, “while they make you feel good elsewhere. You’re going to find their mouths delicious. Once they start kissing you you’re not going to want them to stop.”

Before Emiko could respond Amoera pushed her legs open and knelt between them. She caressed her abdomen while stroking her pussy for a moment before sliding her two middle fingers into the Kittaran. “Relax,” she cooed. “Just let yourself feel the pleasure. I know how to please a woman with my fingers as well as I know how to use my mouth. Remember how good my mouth was? Let the little darlings show you what they can do with their mouths and hands.”

Emiko was gasping in short breaths as Amoera fingered her, thrilled and confused by how good the girl’s digits plunging slowly in and out of her felt. Her body tightened and she rose onto her elbows, leaning towards Amoera. “I want to kiss you,” she whined.

“Let them kiss you,” Amoera replied as the Nymphs climbed onto either side of the bed.

They giggled shyly as they crawled towards Emiko. One pointed at her furry cat ears and giggled again. “Cute,” she said in a voice that was far too high pitched and strange sounding. The other stroked Emiko’s fluffy pink-haired tail, nodding in agreement. “Very cute,” she said in a voice identical to the other.

“Emiko has always been cute,” Amoera told them as they began caressing the Kittaran’s body, gently easing her back onto her back. “Such a sweet girl always wanting to be there to heal us whenever we got banged up in the training yard. The kind of innocent cuteness oozing raw sexuality, all the more appealing for her obliviousness to it. Do you know how bad I wanted you, Emiko? How bad I wanted all of you?”

“I couldn’t have,” she gasped as the Nymphs both began sucking on her nipples. “Oh, gods! Their mouths. Their saliva tingles, it feels so good.”

Amoera nodded. “Just wait till they kiss your mouth. It’s not really saliva anymore, more like honey now that I’ve helped them prepare for this moment. It’s so sweet, I promise the taste will be one you can’t get enough of. The precious little darlings just like to play, don’t you? They like the pretty-pretties the witch doesn’t need.”

Emiko wasn’t listening. She was gasping in delight and wiggling under the attention of the three girls. Amoera continued to finger her, plunging in and out of her with increasing intensity. She’d let her other hand wander down and had begun stimulating her clit, gently and cautiously at first to coax it out then more vigorously as the Kittaran began to lose herself in sexual pleasure.

She watched eagerly as one of the Nymphs pulled her mouth away from Emiko’s breast and went to kiss her. “Open your mouth,” Amoera told her. “Let her tongue invade you. Once you taste her you will need more.” Amoera saw the moment Emiko had her first taste of the Nymph’s saliva, saw it in her eyes and felt it in her cunt. “There you go, like pure ambrosia. A little sticky and thick like sap or honey, but oh so good.”

Amoera sighed sadly. “I’m jealous of you. The little darling’s more extreme charms don’t work on me because I’m a Blood Elve. When I spend the night here and play till we pass out from exhaustion I enjoy it, but I don’t get to taste them like others do. That exquisite mind-melting sweetness is something I can’t ever taste.”

The other Nymph went to Emiko’s face, grabbing her cheeks and pulling her mouth away from the first Nymph. She greedily took over kissing her, pressing her tongue deep into the Kittaran’s mouth as the girl opened her mouth to her. Soon the two Nymphs had their faces pressed nearly together, passing Emiko’s mouth back and forth between them.

“You see?” Amoera asked. “So much pleasure. Already all the pain and fear and stress melt away along with your mind. It won’t take much more to save you, will it?” She pulled her fingers out of her cunt and held them up, looking at the thick moisture glistening on them. “I can already see and smell a bit of their sap in you.” She closed her eyes and licked her fingers clean, moaning indecently as she did.

“She’s ready now,” Amoera told the Nymphs, her voice firm and full of authority. They tittered and pulled away from Emiko’s mouth. One straddled her head, sitting on her face and helping her mouth find her oozing green pussy. “Lick her,” Amoera commanded Emiko. “Her cunt tastes even better than her mouth. Feast on it till there’s nothing left of you.”

The other Nymph laid down beside Emiko and began sucking on her tits, pinching and twisting whichever nipple wasn’t currently in her mouth. Together the three girls worked Emiko to orgasm after orgasm, gradually dialing up the intensity.

“Emiko?” Amoera eventually asked. “Little darling, remove your cute cunt from her face. Give her a chance to answer. Emiko? Can you hear me?”

The Kittaran did not answer. She lay limp, eyes half-closed and her mouth hanging open as she drooled. A disturbing smile pulled at the corners of her mouth as she stared into nothing.

“All gone,” one of the Nymphs squeaked, the other tittering in agreement.

“All gone,” Amoera agreed, pulling her fingers out of the Kittaran and getting off the bed. “Thank you darlings for helping me save her. Will you help me a little more? Now that she’s safe we have to send her to that awful Gardner’s vile forest. The witch showed me how we can open a portal between here and there. We’ll be able to toss what’s left of Emiko through and those nasty Grumplocs won’t be able to get to us.”

The Nymphs whispered, looking concerned as they talked to each other. Eventually they nodded sternly at Amoera, agreeing to help.

“Thank you, darlings. But even though they shouldn’t be able to come through the portal you stay close, okay? I don’t want to see either of you harmed.”

Together they carried Emiko out of the cottage and into the forest till they came to a ring of twisted wood and vines, like a doorway but with nothing on the other side. Amoera placed a hand in front of it and closed her eyes, sending a ripple of crimson energy out. It filled the doorway, shimmering and becoming a portal to the Grumploc’s village.

The frog-like monster men jumped back in alarm and began croaking loudly. A moment later the Gardner appeared before the portal, tall and imposing and angry. Naked and covered in obscene red tribal tattoos, the imposing woman had a presence that terrified most, but even though the Forest Nymphs cowered at the sight of her Amoera showed no hint of feeling that power.

“For your monsters,” Amoera declared, snapping her fingers. The Nymphs quickly tossed Emiko through the portal and then scurried away into the forest far away from the terrifying woman on the other side of the portal.

The Gardner glared at Amoera through the portal. “How do you have this power, girl? You should not be able to open a portal between your master’s forest and mine.”

Behind her the Grumplocs had grabbed Emiko and tossed her over a log so they could start fucking her. Amoera tried not to look, reminding herself she’d saved Emiko and there was nothing left of her to suffer.

“I can feel how scared of me you are,” Amoera replied lazily.

The Gardner hissed. “Step through the portal and see how scared I am.”

“No,” Amoera replied, waving a hand and closing the portal after taking one last look at Emiko. “I saved you,” she whispered after the portal was gone. “Now I just need to save the others.”

* * *

“The pretty-pretty will sit in the chair, just so. Does it understand?”

Dunla nodded. “What are you going to do to me?”

“The pretty-pretty’s voice shakes with such excitement,” the witch teased. “It is eager to play and be punished, yes? Now that it has admitted how it feels for women it wants oh so much more. But this Forest Witch wishes to make it suffer. It will sit. It will remain sitting. And it will keep its hands to itself or it will be punished.”

Dunla sat, putting her hands in her lap then tucking them between her legs and squeezing her thighs closed to hold them in place. “But what are you going to do to me?” she whined with pathetic eagerness.

“Nothing,” the witch replied slyly as she sauntered towards Dunla, swaying her hips enticingly. “The scary Forest Witch will not touch the pretty-pretty and it will not touch the witch, not till they are in the bed together,” she said, pointing at the bed in the back corner of the cabin. “And they will not go to the bed till after the witch has stripped.”

Dunla’s eyes grew wide with excitement. “You’re going to strip for me?”

The witch nodded. “Stupid girl, it is not the treat it thinks it is. Remember, no touching or it will be punished. Severely.”

“I understand,” Dunla told her, squeezing her thighs tighter around her hands.

“Will the pretty-pretty answer the witch’s questions as she undresses?” she asked as she took up a place in front of Dunla just out of arm’s reach.

Dunla bit her lip, eyes darting from the witch’s cleavage to the mischievous look on her face. “The questions would be part of the game you’re playing with me, wouldn’t they? They’ll be chosen to torture me somehow?”

“The pretty-pretty is so very smart.” She tucked her hands under her hair and gathered all the wild tangled mess she had cascading down the front of her body, tucking it behind her shoulders. Dunla’s eyes practically bulged out of her head as her cleavage was fully exposed. “But the pretty-pretty is so easily distracted.”

Licking her lips and staring at the witch’s tits, Dunla asked, “And the torture will be… sexual?”

“Yes,” the witch said with a nod, grinning like a cat who had just cornered its dinner. “The pretty-pretty’s inner slut has been awoken. It hungers for anything, even torture and debasement.”

Dunla bit her lip again, looking up from the witch’s tits to meet her eyes. “Yes,” she said meekly. “Is this how you ensorcelled Amoera?”

“The pretty-pretty will leave my Amoera from her mouth or risk ruining the witch’s mood,” she snarled. She took a calming breath. “Please, girl. Let us keep the Faun present. Will you answer questions as I strip?”

Dunla had pushed herself back into her chair, eyes wide in fear as the Forest Witch had momentarily returned. Her chest heaved as she gripped the seat of her chair. “I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I won’t mention her again. I just want to…” her voice trailed off and her face flushed as she looked away in shame.

“You want to enjoy this?”

“Yes,” Dunla whispered. “I’ll answer your questions. I want you to… to do whatever you want to me.”

“Good girl,” the witch said, taking a step closer. “It will spread its legs,” she barked.

Dunla started, throwing her legs open. “But you said you wouldn’t touch me!”

“I’m not,” the Faun told her, putting a foot on the edge of her chair between her legs. “See? I do not touch the pretty-pretty. And she will not touch me,” she reminded as she saw Dunla’s hands begin to move to grab her ankle. “It wants to run its hands up the Faun’s leg but if it does it will be punished.”

Dunla began breathing more heavily and forced her hands away from the Faun’s leg, tucking them behind the chair. “I won’t let you trick me,” she told the Faun. Her eyes were locked on her leg as the witch began slowly pulling her skirt up.

“The pretty-pretty has already been tricked so many times,” the witch told her, punctuating the accusation with a pretty laugh. “What is one more?” She watched Dunla’s face with a predatory smile as she kept pulling her skirt up. “So hungry for female flesh. It wishes the Faun did not have her stockings on, yes?”

“Yes,” Dunla said a bit too quickly.

“It could take them off,” the witch told her slyly. “It could reach up the Faun’s skirt and pull the stocking down. Or it could wait till the skirts are above the stocking and do it with her teeth. The pretty-pretty would like that, yes? The thrill of her face being so close to pussy again.”

“I would be allowed?” Dunla asked as she pulled her hands out from behind her back. “I wouldn’t be punished?”

Her hands were almost to the woman’s legs when the Faun asked, “Why would the pretty-pretty think that? It knows it cannot touch. If it does it will be punished.”

Dunla scoffed, throwing her hands behind her back. “You’re trying to trick me!”

“Of course. But the pretty-pretty does not care now, does she? Now all she thinks of is the bit of thigh that has been revealed above the Faun’s stocking. It wants to run her nasty little murderer’s hands up their softness. It wants to press its face under the skirt and huff the Faun’s intoxicating womanly scent. Why doesn’t it? It will only be punished. It might ENJOY being punished.”

“No,” Dunla groaned, gripping the back of the chair so hard her knuckles turned white. “I won’t let you tempt me.”

“Not even for a whiff of pussy?” the witch asked. She pulled her skirts up to her waist, exposing her furry muff. “Oh my,” she said sadly, looking down at herself. “My corset is in the way. I will not be able to undress till it is off.” She let her foot slide off the chair and dropped her skirts, enjoying the little whimper of desire that slipped from the girl.

The brown leather corset the Forest Witch wore over her green dress had lacing running up its front with a leather belt secured tightly near the top of it. She moved closer to Dunla, stroking the belt. “Would the pretty-pretty like to help?”

“No,” Dunla hissed, leaning further back in her chair. “I won’t be tricked.”

“Then it will answer questions as it promised. The belt on the Faun’s corset, does it remind the pet of anything?”

“Yes,” Dunla said, biting her lip and looking up to meet the witch’s eyes. “You know exactly what it reminds me of, right? You ‘know’ things. So why even ask me?”

“The pretty-pretty will say the words. It will tell the Faun what the belt makes her think of. If it stops the Faun will stop undressing.”

Dunla hesitated for a moment. When the witch grabbed the belt and began to unfasten it then stopped she began speaking in desperation to keep her hands going. While Dunla spoke the witch slowly unfastened the belt then slowly undid the lacing running up the front of the corset.

“It reminds me of the leather straps and buckles on the training armor we use in the keep. The other girls would need help getting theirs on and I’d always volunteer to help, especially when it was Amor— er, the girl I liked the most. It was such a thrill being so close to them, getting the have my hands on their bodies. I’d always find excuses to touch them more than I needed to, always told them the straps and belts needed to be tighter. But even though it was a thrill to help put their armor on I was always most excited to help take it off.”

Dunla stopped talking when the witch undid the last of the lacing, letting go of the corset and letting it drop to the floor. The witch bent forward slightly and took in a long, deep breath. “Feels so nice to be free of it,” she sighed, enjoying the wild look in the girl’s eyes as she watched her breasts rise and fall. Without the corset on her cleavage was not pressed as far up but leaned over the way she was they hung more loosely in her dress, allowing Dunla a better look into the dark void between her breasts.

The witch leaned further forward, putting her tits in Dunla’s face. “Gods,” the girl moaned, throwing her hands up to push the woman away from her. Her hands brushed against her breasts only slightly before she hissed and moved them back to the side of the chair.

When the witch pulled away Dunla breathed a sigh of relief. My hands only lightly brushed up against her breasts, it wasn’t enough to count or she would have said something. It’s only fair with how she was shoving them in my face!

“The pretty-pretty is so flustered by being teased. It is impatient, it wants to see ALL of the Faun. It will see her body in all its glory, but only slowly.” She bent her knees to grab her skirts and stood, slowly beginning to lift her dress up. When she passed the top of her knit stockings she slowed, revealing bare flesh at a much more gradual pace.

“What is the pretty-pretty most excited to see?” When Dunla hesitated to answer she stopped pulling her dress up.

“Your breasts!” Dunla shouted, desperate for the witch to continue. “I NEED to see your breasts. Gods, I want them so bad and I don’t even know what I’d do with them. They seem so big compared to mine and all the other girls I’ve trained with, except maybe Teldy. But you’re older than us, I want to see what that means. I want to see if they are as soft as I expect. I want to see their shape, I want to see your nipples. I want to feast on the sight with my eyes so I can commit them to memory and compare them to the next woman’s breasts I see.”

As she rambled the witch pulled her dress slowly up. She’d gone a bit faster after passing her pussy, slowing once she revealed her belly button. She was a tall and slender woman yet much of her body had a pleasant softness to it that wasn’t quite plumpness. Her belly especially was soft looking, something that was accented by the lighter color of her skin that ran up the middle of her body.

When the dress was pulled up to her breasts the witch stopped, bunching it up around her breasts to keep them in her hands as she continued to lift. Dunla moaned in greedy anticipation, waiting for her breasts to be revealed. When they dropped free of the dress Dunla groaned in delight, grinding her thighs together as she watched the way they fell and bounced.

“So big and soft,” she moaned, leaning forward. “I know they aren’t huge, but gods, they seem like the biggest things in the world to me.”

The witch pulled the dress over her head and tossed it to the floor, shaking her head to settle her wild mass of hair. She stood with a hand on her hip and gently grabbed one of her breasts, lifting it. “They are lovely, aren’t they? Not all the pretty-pretties get to see them. I do not undress in front of many. This one should consider itself lucky.”

“Will we go to the bed now?” Dunla asked, starting to rise from the chair. Her eyes were locked on the Faun’s breasts so she didn’t see the evil grin on the woman’s face.

“But this Faun is not naked! She wears no small clothing under her dress yet her stockings are still on. They will need to come off.” She turned around and bent over, sticking her ass out with her legs spread slightly so Dunla could see her womanhood from behind. “I must peel them off slowly,” she told Dunla as she began pulling one down. “I must make the pretty-pretty suffer impatiently as she feasts on the sight of my backside. What does the sight make it think of?”

“How much I want you,” Dunla said quickly, not wanting to give the woman a chance to stop undressing. “I want to get up and slap your ass. I want to kneel behind you and press my face into your womanhood and do what you made me do to it earlier. I even want to stand behind you and grab your hips as I thrust my crotch into you like I was a man having his way with you.”

The witch stood, kicking the stocking bunched around her foot off. “Spread your legs,” the witch commanded as she approached Dunla. After she did as she was told the witch put the foot of the leg with the stocking on it on her chair between her legs, teasing her bare snatch with her toes.

“You said we wouldn’t touch till we got to the bed,” Dunla whined, rolling her hips and rubbing herself against the woman’s toes.

“The Faun changed her mind. The pretty-pretty’s wild helpless arousal has excited her. She needs the girl to touch her. She will not be punished for this. She will help the Faun remove her last garment. She will pull the stocking down but she must go slowly less she ruin things.”

“Thank you,” Dunla gasped, greedy hands grabbing the top of the stocking. She pulled it down slowly only for a few moments before losing patience and tugging it down the rest of the way in one quick motion.

The witch slapped Dunla hard across the cheek, sending the girl falling out of the chair with a yelp of pain and surprise. After landing she grabbed her cheek and looked up at the witch, eyes wide with confusion and fear. “You hit me!”

“You misbehaved,” the witch said firmly as she finished taking the stocking off. “You were told to go slow less you ruin the moment. Then you ruined it.” She tossed the stocking away and placed her hands on her hips, glaring down at Dunla. “This one ruins everything, doesn’t she?”

“No,” Dunla said, cowering on the floor. “I don’t!”

“It LIES!” the witch hissed. “It has ruined my peaceful happy life with my Amoera. It has led her friends into the witch’s forest when it knew they were not prepared and ruined them. It did not care what happened to them when it convinced them to come into the forest, it only thought of its own needs. And now its greed ruins this moment. Why does it ruin everything?”

“I don’t,” Dunla whispered, still holding her cheek. “I’m sorry,” she added, her expression hinting at an admission of guilt.

“Come,” the witch said, her tone of voice completely changed. She clapped and pointed to the bed. “The pretty-pretty will go to the bed. We will move on and it will try not to ruin this.”

Dunla went to the bed with her head hung low, her mind filled with confusing and painful memories. The witch’s wording had been close to things her mother used to tell her. “Why, Dunla? Why does your impatience and willfulness ruin everything?” The words had haunted her since she was young.

She always wanted more from me, she thought bitterly. I had to live up to the family history. So many brave warrior women who had done so many great deeds. I was ridiculed and punished for any moment of frivolity or distraction.

I resented it so deeply that I didn’t realize how much I hated it. I can see it now so clearly, I DID ruin things! My relationship with my mother, my training, everything. I sabotaged myself even at the keep. Never enough to not live up to what was expected of me but enough to disappoint and frustrate nearly everyone around me…

“You did that on purpose,” Dunla told the with, voice full of bitterness and self-loathing. “You chose your words just right to make me realize those terrible things about myself. Is this part of your torture for me?”

“No,” the witch said as she retrieved a red glass bottle. “Those that come to the witch’s cabin come for a reason. Killing me is only part of your reason, Dunla Dhuarcain. You, like most, come to learn about yourself. You know I know things. The knowing comes and goes and often I do not get to know the ‘why’ of a thing. Right now I know it is important you realize you ruin things but I cannot see why.”

She snapped and pointed at the bed the girl was standing by. “Up.” The witch climbed up after her, slapping the girl’s ass before flopping down in the middle of the bed on her back. “The sad look on the pretty-pretty’s face goes away so quickly. Was it the playful slap or does it perhaps see something it likes?”

“Both,” Dunla said as she sat on her knees beside the witch, her hands in her lap. She wanted to reach out and touch the witch’s body, to explore every inch of it with her fingertips. But the woman had gotten into her head. Will I ruin things if I grab her without permission? Is she sprawled out like that as another trap to try and trick me into doing something she can punish me for?

“The pretty-pretty will take the jar,” she said, handing it to Dunla. “She will pour the oil inside on her hands and then she will massage it onto the Faun’s tits. She will work the Faun’s breasts till every inch is covered and if she is enjoying herself she may continue.” She then put her hands behind her head and waited.

Dunla bit her lip, confused and trying to figure out what the trap was. She’s just lying there, vulnerable. I could do anything I wanted to her! Her eyes kept coming back to the woman’s breasts. The way their soft bulk had shifted to the sides of her chest as she lay down fascinated her. She’d never seen a woman with breasts so large topless laying in that position.

“They won’t bite,” the witch told her playfully. “Come, girl, you’ve always wanted to play with a pair of titties this big. The witch offers them freely. You can even pretend you are not fondling me. It can pretend the oiling is just a task, nothing more.”

Dunla poured a large amount of the oil into one hand and carefully put the top back on the bottle, leaving it on the bed nearby. Cupping her hands together to spread the oil between them, she got closer, shaking with anticipation. Just a task, she told herself. And she’s allowing me. This isn’t some trick, and if it is do I care?

She placed her cupped, oil-filled hands above the Faun’s breasts then opened them, letting the oil ooze and drip out. The sight of it glistening on her chest was too much. Her hands were on her, greedily spreading the oil about. Massaging it into her flesh, panting in excitement at the feel of her breasts in her hands.

“They are so soft, yet so dense,” she told the witch as she kneaded her breast flesh. “And so big. Gods, they FEEL so much bigger than they look.” Her eyes were locked on the woman’s breasts as she squeezed and rubbed at them.

“And your nipples! Your nipples are so different than mine. Darker and larger.” She started rolling the nubs between her oil-slicked fingertips, cooing in delight as they swelled and engorged further. “Slutty hard nipples,” Dunla growled. She pinched and twisted them, making the Faun gasp and moan. “Slutty evil woman,” she growled, twisting them harder.

The shift had happened so fast. One moment she was the scared girl, doing as the terrifying woman wanted, the next she was dominating her. Teasing and twisting her nipples, snarling and grinning evilly at her.

She threw a leg over the Faun and sat on her, pinning her to the bed as she leaned into her. “You made a mistake, witch. I’m the one in charge now. Oh yes, dumb woman, you’re MY plaything now!”

Dunla looked up, eager to see if there was fear in her eyes. The amused look on the woman’s face did much to dull the aggressive confidence she’d been feeling.

The witch cocked her head slightly. “The pretty-pretty thinks it is in charge? It thinks this witch helpless just because it paws so unskillfully at her tits?”

“I— No… I just… got carried away.”

“It ruins the fun,” the witch said firmly. “It will take its hands off the witch’s tits now. It no longer has permission. Or does it still think it is in charge?”

Dunla let go of her breasts and put her arms behind her back to show submission. She started to get off her but the witch clicked her tongue in disapproval and lifted a leg to signal she was to remain in place.

The witch smiled evilly at her. “The pretty-pretty thought this was fun? It thought this was a treat but this is a punishment. Did it remember it broke the rules?”

“What rules?” Dunla demanded.

“It TOUCHED the Faun while she undressed before the pretty-pretty.”

“No, I d—” She cut herself off mid-word. She HAD touched her but so slightly she’d forgotten about it. “You didn’t tell me I was in trouble!” She hated how much she sounded like a whining child.

“The pretty-pretty knew the rules. Now it will receive its punishment. It will suck on the oil-slicked nipples. It will keep sucking until told to stop, although it has permission to switch nipples. It WILL do as it is told or it will regret it. It will NOT stop till it is told it can. Does the pretty-pretty understand?”


“It lies,” the witch hissed. “It thinks this is no punishment. It WANTS to suck on the witch’s tits, yes? Go on, girl. Enjoy my body before you put an end to its sensual perfection. Experience what you are robbing the world of.”

Dunla leaned forward, bracing her hands on the bed beside her. She looked up, confused by the eager and cruel look on the witch’s face. Then, her face so close to the woman’s breasts she could feel the heat of the skin, she leaned closer and took one of her nipples into her mouth and started sucking.

“Mmmm… the pretty-pretty’s hunger for tits makes her a natural. Yes, girl, suck so. But use your tongue more. Yessssss, flick it like so. Now switch nipples! Good girl. Keep going don’t stop.”

She pulled her hands from behind her head so she could run her fingers into Dunla’s long orange-red hair. Once there she gently held her head, prepared to prevent her from pulling away.

“The pretty-pretty’s tit-lust is so great she’s already forgotten this is a punishment. She had not wondered what the oil was for but she does now. It should be feeling it soon. A slight warmth on her tongue. A tingling in her mouth spreading everywhere the oil has spread in her. She’s been sucking and licking so greedily, much of the oil is in her, surely it has swallowed much by now.”

Dunla looked up at her, brow twisted in worry. She moved to pull away from the witch’s breast to ask her a question but the woman held her head in place.

“Keep sucking. It is not allowed to stop unless it is switching tits. No speaking. No questions. But the witch will give answers. What does the oil do, it wonders? It will begin soon. When ingested it makes a woman cum.”

Dunla’s eyes grew large a moment before the first orgasm erupted from her core. She moaned as her eyes rolled up into her head as the climax was forced from her.

“Keep sucking,” the witch commanded. “But you may switch now.”

Dunla whined after switching nipples, looking at the witch and pleading with her eyes.

“The pretty-pretty did not like that. Such pleasure, but forced from her with no build up. A violation from the inside. It sees now how this is a punishment. And it is far from over.”

Dunla moaned, sucking on the woman’s nipple as she had another orgasm forced from her. They came in quicker succession after that, each hitting her sooner than the last. Each flash of pleasure forced from her body brought with it a confusing mix of sexual delight and disturbing violation.

Each time she came she did so a little harder and a little longer. It wasn’t long before the clenching of her vaginal muscles left her feeling tired and sore. As the orgasms went on longer she’d be left with her whole body shaking. Remaining upright as she sucked on the witch’s tits grew harder and eventually she would go limp as she came, face pressed into the breast she was sucking on.

Just as Dunla thought she’d pass out the next time she came the witch gripped her hair and yanked her head away from her body. “It has suffered enough for now,” she told Dunla, holding her head up and making the girl look at her. “Besides, we wouldn’t want it passing out, would we? It must remain awake to play.”

The witch yanked Dunla over, throwing her onto her back and straddling her face with speed and strength that terrified the girl. The discovery of how supernaturally strong the woman could be did much to wake her up.

“You’ve gotten me quite worked up, you vile little bitch,” the Forest Witch snarled as she straddled Dunla’s face. She fingered herself as she glared down at the girl, making it noisy to show how messy and wet she was. “It will submit to the Forest Witch’s cunt again,” she hissed, sitting on Dunla’s face. “The nasty little cunt-hungry murderer was surprisingly good with its mouth last time. It will be better this time. It will make the witch cum on her pretty freckles again and only after will we move on.”

Dunla groaned into the woman’s cunt as she wrapped her arms around her thighs. The groan was one of fear and carnal hunger. She was terrified of the woman’s drastic shift in mood and was painfully aware of how helpless she was. It excited her so much she was ashamed, and that shame only turned her on more.

“Good little slut,” the witch hissed.

Dunla moaned into her cunt, excited and eager to make her cum so she could find out what the woman would do to her next.

* * *

“What should we do,” Gwynaetha whined.

“I don’t know, Gwynee,” the slender Orc told the stocky girl clinging to her.

“Should we stay out in the open here in the clearing or try and hide in the forest?”

Resi grabbed Gwynaetha by her shoulders and squeezed till she groaned in discomfort. “Gwynee, I don’t know,” she growled. “I’m as scared as you are. I don’t have ANY answers!”

When she let go Gwynaetha pulled away, hugging herself. With her breasts enlarged she ended up mostly hugging them which caused her to stomp her foot. “I HATE this place! Why did we think we could do this?” She turned her back to Resi and hung her head as her mood turned darker. “Amoera isn’t coming back with Emiko, is she?”

“I don’t know,” Resi told her, copying the other girl and hugging her enlarged breasts.

“But you don’t think she is,” Gwynaetha said as she turned back around. “I can see it on your face!”

“Gwynee, please, just calm the fuck down. Let’s just… I don’t know, go to the center of the clearing. Maybe if we sit back-to-back we can get a little rest while watching out for whatever is coming for us.”

Both girls sat still hugging their breasts, their knees tucked up close to them.

“Do you think we’ll ever see Dunla again?” Gwynaetha asked. The building panic was gone from her voice, replaced with resigned sadness.

“Maybe,” Resi told her. “I think what Emiko said is right, if any of us survive the forest it will be Dunla. She’s kept her cool this whole time, kept us together. Maybe she’ll manage to kill the witch and all of this will have been worth it.”

“And if not?”

Resi leaned into Gwynaetha’s back. “Then maybe whoever comes looking for us is better prepared and has more luck,” she said, voice full of sadness and defeat.

They both sat in silence for a long time, staring nervously at the edge of the clearing searching for signs of anything approaching.

“My breasts feel funny,” Gwynaetha whined, eventually breaking the silence.

“Mine too,” Resi told her sympathetically. “I don’t like having them enlarged this big. I hope it goes away. I’d hate to live the rest of my life lugging these around.”

“No, Resi, my breasts feel even weirder. They feel warmer and… heavier. I was worried they were growing again but… Gah! I know this is weird, but will you come look at them?”

“Um… sure,” the Orc said bashfully. “Stand and turn so you’re in the moonlight. I don’t know, Gwynee, they don’t look bigger. They—” She gasped, hugging her breasts tight to her body. “I think I feel it to!”

Gwynaetha whimpered. “This is the thing. It’s not another tentacle monster. It’s not another evil temple. That would all be too obvious, we expect that. But whatever this is? This is how it’s getting us!” As she’d gone on her voice had grown more frantic, her eyes wilder. “We can’t run away from this! The threat IS us.”

Resi dropped her breasts, planning on grabbing the other girl’s shoulders to shake some calm into her. As her breasts fell and bounced little jets of white fluid squirted out of her nipples. She squeaked in alarm, grabbing her breasts and holding them to her chest again. “What the fuck just happened!”

Gwynaetha groaned. “I know what’s happening. I can feel it… We’re lactating Resi, but it’s unnatural! Can’t you feel it? Like pressure is inside my breasts, building up and needing to be released.” She grabbed her tits and squeezed them, two jets of milk squirted out and splashed into Resi’s face. “I’m sorry!” she called out, dropping her breasts. “I didn’t mean to do that.”

Resi wiped the fluid off her face. “It’s okay,” she said unconvincingly. “Just don’t do it again, that was gross. Gwynee? What now?”

“Try it,” she whined as she grabbed her breasts. She leaned forward slightly, letting them hang down, then squeezed them starting at the base and working her hands towards the tip. As thick streams of white milk sprayed out Gwynaetha moaned indecently. “It feels so good!”

Resi shook her head, stepping away from her. “No! Gwynee, get a hold of yourself. You look like a fucking cow being milked right now. That CAN’T feel good!”

“It does,” she insisted, squeezing her tits again. “Ngh! It helps with the pressure building up but it’s more than that… It’s making me REALLY horny. It feels goooooood.”

“I won’t,” Resi insisted, still shaking her head and backing away. “I can’t,” she added more quietly before groaning in discomfort. The pressure in her breasts had built to the point it was beginning to hurt. Her body was screaming for release. “Just a little,” she told herself. “But I’m NOT bending over like her, I don’t want to look or feel like a cow!”

As soon as she began squeezing thick jets of milk sprayed out of her nipples. She moaned in delight at the feeling of relief. A moment later she squeezed her breasts again, rubbing her thighs together as she did and moaning in arousal.

“Resi, I need help,” Gwynaetha whined. “It’s not good enough doing it myself. Please, come help me and I’ll help you. I know it’s weird but… I mean, no one else is here to see. No one ever needs to know!”

“Okay,” Resi said, far more open to the idea than she would have been before she had experienced how good being milked felt.

The two were uncertain and bashful at first, averting their eyes as their hands grabbed the other’s breasts. That all changed the moment they both started milking each other. The burst of pleasure the milking brought was twice as intense with someone else doing it. Their bodies heated with intense arousal neither girl had ever expedience. They had fallen to the grass-covered ground of the clearing and sloppily kissed while grinding against their bodies together as they kept milking each other.

“This is wrong!” Resi gasped, pulling away from Gwynaetha.

“I know,” the other girl replied, shoving her mouth against the Orcs as she squeezed more milk out of her tits. “But I don’t want to stop.”

“Me either,” Resi moaned. “I want more. I want YOU.”

“I NEED you,” Gwynaetha hissed. She shoved the pretty, slender Orc to the ground and pushed one of her legs up so she could straddle her.

“What are you doing?” Resi gasped as Gwynaetha began rubbing her pussy against hers.

“I don’t know but it feels good,” the girl moaned. “Squeeze your tits while I do it. Squirt me with your milk!”

“Yes, gods yes,” the Orc cried, sending jets of milk spraying up at Gwynaetha.

They were a whirlwind of wild sloppy mouths and hands, of dripping holes invaded by each other’s hands and tongues. They rolled around on the ground, one on top of the other and then the other. They milked each other. They sucked mouthfuls of milk out of each other’s tits, the heat building till they felt their minds begin to break from the wild wet pleasure.

And still they kept going. They went till they lay side by side on their backs, eyes vacant and wide grins on their faces. Both their tits were back to their normal size, although a bit of milk still trickled from their nipples.

“Poor girls,” Amoera said as she walked out of the edge of the clearing. “Staring up at nothing, drooling like your mind is gone. But it’s not, you’ll both recover from this. You still need to be saved. This was just my way of taming the forest so what it did to you wasn’t as horrible as it could have been.”

She put a bare foot on Resi’s pussy, teasing it with her big toe and making her moan. “See Resi? Even though you pissed me off I still made it nice. I’m your friend, I always have been and always will be. It’s why I’m going to save you and Gwynee. But not until your minds clear up.”

Amoera sat cross-legged at the two girls’ feet, smiling serenely and waiting. “We’ll choose who’s next as soon as you both are awake enough to help me decide.”

* * *

“The nasty little murderer will come and stand here before the Forest Witch.”

Dunla went to where she was pointing, eyes downturned as she did. “Do you have to keep calling me that?” she asked meekly.

“Does it not like being reminded of what it will do? To murder one like me IS nasty. My death will set many things in motion that cannot be undone, nasty things the nasty little murderer will regret she was responsible for.”

When Dunla looked up to meet her eyes she had tears running down her face. “Then let me go! I don’t want to kill you anymore. You’re terrifying but I think I understand why you exist. And you don’t serve whatever evil master you served before Amoera arrived, let me leave you and her here alone.”

The witch raised an eyebrow, judgment on her face. “It does not mention her friends. It speaks only of saving itself.” Dunla looked down, ashamed. “It ruined them when it brought them into the forest, it knows this. Their lives were doomed yet they had more time. This one robbed them of that time, it RUINS things.”

Dunla put her hands over her ears and forced her eyes shut tight. “STOP! Just stop, please! I didn’t want any of this, I don’t want any more of it! I get it, I should have never come here. Amoera didn’t need to be saved, she didn’t WANT to be saved.” She dropped her hands and looked at the witch, face twisted in anguish as tears flowed freely down her face. “I won’t kill you! I’ll refuse to, what happens then?”

The Forest Witch clicked her tongue in disapproval. “It knows it’s too late. It will kill this one, it MUST kill this one.”

“No,” Dunla said, shaking her head and backing away. “I won’t.” She looked to the mirror in the back of the cabin and saw the sword floating in the reflection. “I won’t take the sword out of the mirror, I’ll refuse even when I can.”

“Madness,” the Forest Witch hissed. In a flash she had a hand around Dunla’s neck and had lifted her into the air as if she weighed no more than a rag doll.

Dunla was so shocked by the sudden and unexpected display of terrifying strength she didn’t bother to struggle. She just hung, gasping for air as the witch slowly tightened her grip staring into the woman’s eyes.

“We have come too far,” she hissed, quiet voice full of rage. “We are so close now. I know so many things I did not know even minutes ago. You MUST kill me. You MUST set these things in motion. It will forge Amoera in the fire of rage, it will propel her to a destiny I now understand. Alaria needs her. You will understand one day if, when the time is right, you let me save you. But first you must kill me Dunla Dhuarcain, you must fulfill YOUR destiny.”

The witch’s grip had grown tight enough that Dunla began to claw uselessly at her fingers, trying to pull them away. It was like trying to move the fingers of a stone statue, there was no give. “You- can’t- kill-” she rasped.

“No, I can’t,” the Forest Witch said with narrowed eyes. She held Dunla and choked her till the girl was about to pass out. Only then did she release her grip and drop her to the ground.

“I will help,” the witch declared, turning her back on Dunla and going to a chest on a shelf nearby. “I will help it rediscover its desire to murder this one.” She returned as Dunla was getting to her feet, rubbing her neck and still catching her breath. “We will begin with these,” she said, holding out a ball gag and a blindfold in one hand and rope in the other. “It will allow the Forest Witch to put them on or it will find just how close to killing the witch can get.”

Dunla bit her lip, staring at the items in the witch’s hands and not bothering to hide her excitement.

When her hands wandered to her crotch the witch laughed. “It is excited even knowing it is about to be tortured so pleasurably. It ruins the somber mood with its needy desires. We shall make it so it can’t ruin anything else for a little bit,” she said as she put the ball gag in Dunla’s mouth, securing it in place behind her head with the leather straps connected to it. After putting the blindfold on the witch made her hold her arms behind her back, tying her wrists together tightly.

Dunla couldn’t see, not even a sliver of light around the edge of the obviously enchanted blindfold. The terror of only hearing the witch as she moved about the room around her heightened her arousal and excitement. She moaned something at the witch, grunting in annoyance at the inability to communicate clearly through the ball gag.

“It does not get to speak. It does not get to see. It only gets to obey and feel,” the witch said as she scooped Dunla up and carried her across the room, setting her down on her back on an empty table. “It is scared but excited. What will the scary Forest Witch do to it? Will it hurt it now? No, there will be pleasure first, THEN the hurting.”

She grabbed Dunla’s legs and pulled her ass to the edge of the table, kneeling and burying her face in the girl’s cunt. “So wet and tasty,” the witch purred as she licked and feasted on her pussy.

Dunla moaned through the ball gag, wrapping her long legs around the witch’s back and pulling her in closer. She knew this was just a tease to make her put her guard down and to make whatever came next worse. I didn’t care, the woman is just so damned good with her mouth!

“That’s enough,” the witch said, pulling her face away from Dunla’s sex moments before she came. She whined and tried to pull the Faun back, using the legs still draped over her shoulders. “Release me,” she said coldly.

No, Dunla thought. She can break free if she wants, she can easily overpower me or simply teleport herself to somewhere else. If she doesn’t it’s part of this game and I am enjoying playing it now that we’re back in it.

When the witch grabbed Dunla’s thighs she thought the woman was going to force her legs open. Instead, she repeated herself. “Release me.” When Dunla didn’t she began digging her nails into her thighs. “Release me,” she repeated sounding annoyed as she steadily increased the pressure.

Dunla groaned and wiggled as the woman’s nails bit into her flesh. She’s annoyed with me. I like making her angry. I like frustrating her. This is a game I’ll play with other women.

She repeated the thought. Other women. There WOULD be other women, she was sure of that. Now that she’d tasted such pleasures she would not be able to go without them even if it ended up driving her from the Sisterhood.

“Brat,” the witch hissed, digging her nails deep enough into Dunla that she broke the surface of her skin.

Dunla grunted as she felt the blood begin to trickle down her leg, finally relenting and pulling her legs off the witch.

“It was already going to suffer so enjoyably, but the brat has incurred further punishment.” She flipped Dunla over so she was face down on the table. “Lift your ass, murderous little brat,” she snapped, slapping Dunla’s ass. “Such an eager little slut. Look how fast it raises its backend.”

Dunla groaned in frustration when the woman walked away. Where is she going! Is she getting something?

When the witch returned she slammed something down on the table next to Dunla’s head. “Feel,” she commanded, pressing the thing into Dunla’s cheek and rotating it. “A small jar, but what is inside?” She kept it close to Dunla while she opened it. “The Forest Witch dips her fingers into the jar, her thumb and her two forefingers. She coats her fingers in the oil in the jar, but what does the oil do? Where will she put it?”

Dunla was fairly certain she knew and was unsurprised when she heard the woman move to her backend.

“In here the oil will go,” the witch explained unnecessarily as she slid her two forefingers into Dunla’s pussy. “So wet and so easily entered. What will the oil add? What will it do?” As she asked she worked the girl with her two fingers, curling them inside then thrusting in and out.

Dunla moaned and pressed her face against the table. She could feel the oil affecting her, spreading heat inside of her. Making her more sensitive. Making it so every sensation felt better and knowing instinctively that every pain would be felt more painfully.

When the which began rubbing against her asshole with her thumb she was shocked. “Do not clench so,” the witch commanded. “Relax and you will enjoy what this finger does more than if you don’t.”

Dunla moaned, shaking her ass and trying to pull away from the woman’s thumb. The witch grabbed her wrists where they were tied together to hold her in place.

“It will happen whether the nasty little slut wants it or not.” When Dunla kept her asshole clenched tight the witch shrugged. “So be it. I like it better this way.”

Dunla gasped then screamed through her gag as the witch worked her thumb into her asshole. The oil came with it, heating her hole and making it more sensitive. Once her thumb was in past the first joint she began wiggling it, curling the fingers inside her cunt to press her insides together as she further worked the oil into her. The sensation would have been novel and intense without the oil, with it Dunla felt faint from how overwhelming it was.

“That will be enough,” the witch said as she pulled her fingers out of Dunla.

She clapped her hands and the world jerked and twisted around Dunla. When reality snapped back into focus the blindfold, ballgag, and ropes behind her back were gone. She stood in the center of the cabin which had all the furniture pushed to the walls, leaving most of the cabin open space.

The Forest Witch sat on a well-worn couch, reclining back with her legs spread wide open. Dunla swooned at the sight of her naked in all her glory. She wanted to go to her, to drop to her knees in front of her and beg to be allowed to use her mouth on her pussy.

“It does not have permission,” the witch said firmly. She held up a long black ribbon, stretching it tautly out with both hands. “Does it know what this is?”

Dunla blinked, confused, and distracted by the throbbing sensitivity in her cunt and asshole. “It’s just a black ribbon,” she said dumbly, knowing the answer was wrong.

The witch held it up and looked at it. “Looks can often be deceiving.” She let go of one end and lashed the ribbon out like it was a whip. As it flew through the air it shifted, becoming a whip that stretched out towards Dunla. The witch yanked it back, sending a wave running down its length that cracked perfectly onto one of Dunla’s nipples.

She howled in pain, dropping to the ground while holding her breast with both hands. “That hurt!” she whined.

“That hurt,” the witch repeated back, cruelly imitating whine. “It is about to kill this one and it whines about a little pain? It can suffer a little before it draws its nasty sword from the mirror.”

Dunla got up on her knees, holding her small breasts protectively. “I won’t let you do that again,” she whimpered. The witch lashed the whip out again just as she’d expected. She kept her hands firmly planted over her breasts, prepared to endure the biting pain of a whip crack on the back of a hand.

The pain never came. Instead, the witch sent the whip lashing around her neck. It wrapped around her neck, twisting together and constricting. Dunla’s hands flew up to grab the whip just as the witch yanked her forward, making her gag as it constricted around her neck.

She fell to the ground, confused by what she felt. The whip had shifted and only after she got back to her knees did she understand. Around her neck it had become a leather collar. The whip connected to it had changed too, becoming a leather leash the witch held in her hand as she grinned eagerly at Dunla.

“It will not think it has become a pet,” the witch said menacingly as she stood. “Pets are treated well in this cabin. It is a nasty little murderer. A vicious animal that cannot be tamed so it must be punished.” She jerked the leash, pulling Dunla onto all fours. “It will remain so. It will crawl like a dog. Come, dog, come to me.”

Dunla whimpered, crawling to her. “What are you going to—”

“It will not speak,” the witch hissed, yanking on the leash. “It is like a bitch in heat and that’s how it shall be treated. That’s how it will act. It does not get words.

Dunla whimpered, too scared to disobey. As the sound left her she was painfully aware of how much it sounded like the pathetic whimpering of a kicked puppy.

“Come to me, horny little bitch, and turn to show your backend.” Dunla did, raising her ass into the air. “It wants the feel the witch’s hands on it, it wants her fingers in it?”

“Yes,” Dunla gasped eagerly. “Oh gods, yes.”

The witch let the end of the leash she was holding fall slack in one hand then used it to lash Dunla’s ass. As the girl dug her nails into the carpet and hissed in pain the witch reminded her, “Bitches in heat do not speak. If it must verbalize it is only to bark. Bark, bitch, show the scary witch you understand.”

Dunla barked, ashamed but intensely thrilled by the shame.

“Beg for what you want,” the witch commanded her. “Beg like a bitch in heat.”

Dunla raised her ass a bit higher and started shaking it from side to side, barking as she did. She tried to make her barks sound like pleas for attention, desperate to be touched as the oil further warmed her insides. I’d even settle for her fingering my asshole right now, she thought, deeply ashamed of herself but beyond caring.

When the witch grabbed her cunt and slid two fingers into her sopping wet hole she began panting happily. When she teased then forced her thumb into her asshole she yelped and panted more happily, waggling her ass as though she had a tail.

The witch barely had to finger her to make her cum. She groaned and pressed herself to the floor, unable to think past the intense sensation of climax. The oil made it feel different, forcefully more pleasurable and not completely in a good way.

“Up,” the witch commanded, pulling her fingers out and slapping Dunla’s ass. “I will walk the bitch in heat now, it needs exercise.”

The witch led Dunla in slow laps around the cabin as she crawled on her hands and knees after her. The witch showered her with humiliating verbal abuse, always using some form of “bitch” in her cruel taunts.

As they made their laps around the room she’d reach down and fingered her. She’d slap her ass. At one point she stopped and made Dunla suck on her toes. The witch used verbal and physical humiliation to work Dunla up near the point of release then grab her cunt and use her fingers to push her over the edge.

Each time she came was worse than the last. The oil was always warming her insides, always making her more sensitive. Eventually the climaxes become so overwhelming she stopped feeling any of the pleasure. After cumming that way a few times Dunla was too broken to go on. She lay on the floor, sobbing and overwhelmed while expecting to be punished for her inability to continue.

She was immensely confused when the witch sat beside her and took her into her lap. The collar and leash disappeared as the witch cradled her head and lifted it to hold against her breast. “Shhhh,” she soothed Dunla, lightly stroking above her pussy. Warmth spread down from her fingers and Dunla felt the effects of the oil fade away.

The unexpected tenderness made her lose her composure even more. She sobbed hysterically, her whole body shaking as she pressed her face into the witch’s breast.

“It needs aftercare,” the witch said calmly. “It can cry. It can let its guard down. It will not be harmed for now. The witch will soothe it till it is better.”

Dunla wrapped her arms around her and clung to her. “W-w-hy?”

The witch was silent for nearly a minute, holding Dunla and stroking her to calm her. When she finally began speaking it was with slow, calm, deliberate words. “In the witch’s cabin this is how it works. The forest can be unforgiving but not the witch. The witches have rules they must follow. No… not rules. It is more like an instinct, a force of nature we obey. That is what happens when you become like me.”

She paused and made a sound of understanding. “I know it now, that is what much of this has been about. My old master and the force that control him, he wishes to create another like me, but one that only serves The Corruption.”

The witch made Dunla look up at her, wanting to ensure she heard and understood her words. “In another forest nearby a powerful woman tends to a garden, creating a perverse obscene place full of perverse obscene monsters. Powerful the Gardner is yet still mortal. She hungers for more and the gods who have given themselves to The Corruption wish to give her what she wants. She will not understand the price till it is too late. She will choose eternity and suffer for her choice. There must always be great sacrifice and the mortal life must end in pain and despair.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Dunla asked, wiping a tear from her eye.

“To warn you. If you remain at the keep I will be able to save you as my Amoera will wish. But if you go into the Great Corrupted Forest I will be able to do nothing for you. They will ask you to come along with them on their doomed quest to clear the forest the way they cleared mine. Do not go, Dunla Dhuarcain. Remain at the keep no matter what.”

* * *

“You’re both awake now,” Amoera said, smiling serenely at the two girls laying naked on the ground in front of her.

They both blinked and sat up, confused and disoriented. Both looked down at their breasts and were happy to see they were back to their normal size. Gwynaetha hugged her chest with her eyes closed, lost in the joy of having her body returned to its natural state.

Resi had only been happy for a moment. She’d looked up and saw Amoera sitting there and glared. “What fresh torment do you have for us?” she snarled. She slapped Gwynaetha’s shoulder. “Gwynee, pull it together. The monster is back.”

“Monster? Resi, that’s Amoera, not a monster. We decided it really was her.”

Resi looked from Gwynaetha to Amoera, glaring at both. “You’re doing something to her,” the Orc accused Amoera. “Stop it! Get out of her mind.”

Amoera tilted her head, looking quizzically at Resi. “But I’m not in YOUR mind, am I Resi?”

“Of course you are,” she replied bitterly. “I can feel it. I’m angrier than I’ve ever been and I feel the fear more intensely now that you’re back even though you’re just sitting there. And you know what? I don’t think it’s something that came from the forest or the witch. Maybe all of this made it stronger, but I think you ALWAYS did this to people. It’s why we all cared so much about you, isn’t it?”

Amoera shook her head. “I truly do not know what you’re talking about. Why are you mad at me, Resi? Why are you afraid of me? I just want to save you both like I saved Teldy and Emiko.”

“Then where are they?” Resi demanded. “Show us, show us how you ‘saved’ them! Because I think you DIDN’T. I think your mind has become sick and twisted in this awful place and you only THINK you’re saving us. But you’re not, you’re doing something terrible. You did something terrible to Teldy and Emiko and probably Peare too. And you’re going to do something terrible to us.”

“Resi… stop,” Gwynaetha whined. “You’re freaking me out and you’re making her mad. I don’t want… I…” She started looking around the clearing as the panic built in her. “I need to get away,” she gasped, starting to get to her feet.

“This could have been so nice,” Amoera said sadly, lazily waving an arm towards the two girls.

Gwynaetha screamed as roots and vines began pushing out of the ground and wrapping around her feet. More shot up, grabbing her arms and wrapping around her neck. They pulled her to the ground on her back as she screamed and struggled.

Beside her other roots and vines pushed up to wrap around Resi and hold her in place. She didn’t struggle. She didn’t scream. She just sat and glared at Amoera.

“The monsters have me again!” Gwynaetha screamed as she thrashed about.

“Calm,” Amoera said, waving at the girl and sending a wave of faint crimson light flowing towards her. When it hit her Gwynaetha whimpered then fell limp. “Sleep,” Amoera added, sending another wave of crimson light her way.

Amoera got to her feet and loomed over the slumbering girl. “She looks so peaceful,” she told Resi. “I always liked her. Such a stocky tough little Human girl overcompensating with all that pink and girlishness she could never quite pull off. A pretty, false persona over a tough girl that was just covering up a soft scared little girl underneath. This really is better. You think she was scared and panicked here? If she’d been at the keep when the doom came for you all… You all deserved better than what’s going to happen. It’s why I have to save you all.”

“Even me?” Resi asked coolly. “It’s my turn, right? That’s why you put Gwynee to sleep, so she wouldn’t see what you’re really doing. What happens now? How do you ‘save’ me?”

Amoera kept staring at Gwynaetha. “We were never close, were we Resi? Oh, we got along, but we were never really friends. Innocent Emiko loved everyone. Peare and Gwynee here, they acted tough but they just wanted friendship and love and I’d like to think I gave them both in some little way. Teldy… well, I think nearly everyone could see how Teldy felt about me. And Dunla…” She trailed off, deep in thought.

“I think Dunla liked me the way Teldy did. The more I think about it the more it makes sense. How she’d always find reasons to be close to me, it’s why she always wanted to spar with me on the training grounds and help me get my armor on and off.”

She turned to look at Resi. “Do you think Dunla knew she was in love with me? I don’t think she did. I think that’s why she came out here, to save the girl she loved. But I didn’t need or want to be saved.”

“You’re talking about her like she’s already dead,” Resi pointed out.

“You’re all doomed,” Amoera told her, kneeling to meet her eyes. “I’m just helping ease the pain before the doom reaches you.”

Resi groaned and wiggled as the vines and roots twisted further around her limbs. She gasped and gritted her teeth as others began rubbing at her pussy and teasing her nipples.

“I want it to feel good for you before it’s over. Even though you’ve done nothing but piss me off I’m going to make sure you enjoy being saved. It’s better this way, I promise.”

Resi winced as one of the plant tentacles began easing its way into her. “What’s leaking from them?” she asked. “Slippery like oil, I can feel it oozing out of them wherever they touch me. And the one in me— Ngh!”

“It’s going to make it feel better. It’s going to make it feel good till there’s nothing but the pleasure and then it will feel even better till there’s nothing left of you.”

“You’re mad,” Resi barked, moaning a moment later as the vine thrusting in and out of her cunt pounded her harder. “You’ve gone insane! You’re going to make these plant tentacles fuck me into madness! Is that how you’re saving us? Making monsters fuck us till our minds are gone?”

Amoera smiled serenely. “You do understand! But why are you still fighting it? Emiko didn’t fight it. Teldy didn’t either. When they stopped being them they were soooooo happy. Let me make you happy, Resi. What would do that?”

“Explain it,” she groaned as she arched her back as the first of many orgasms was forced from her. “Why are we all doomed, what’s coming for everyone at the temple?”

Amoera’s face grew dark, her smile gone in an instant. “The Corruption, Resi. Everything the Sisterhood told us about it is true but it’s so much more powerful than they think. It will enjoy the terrible perverse things it does to the members of the Sisterhood gathered at the keep. It’s a game to it, a game we’re all just pieces of.”

“Help us fight it,” Resi demanded. She started to say something else but was interrupted as the plat tentacles forced another orgasm from her. “Gods, Amoera, it’s so intense. Each orgasm stronger and longer than the last.”

“You can’t fight The Corruption,” Amoera told her. “There is no power in Alaria great enough to stand against it. It’s won over and twisted so many of the gods. And those it hasn’t tainted yet are too easily distracted and fooled to understand the threat closing in on them. There isn’t a power that can meet The Corruption’s perversion and not be corrupted by it. No god exists that’s powerful enough and as open to sexual perversion in a way that The Corruption wouldn’t corrupt it.”

“There should be,” Resi moaned. Her eyelids were heavy and she was starting to look drained. “Amoera… there should be,” she whined. “This feels so good! Why does this have to be a bad thing?”

“It’s not bad, not on its own,” Amoera told her, reaching out and stroking her cheek. “It’s just too easy for The Corruption to use it to twist people. But how great if there was a power to challenge The Corruption, one that could take all these sexual things, all these delightful perversions, and let them be a good thing? A warm light where passion and even hate could be good things that heat and grow the soul instead of corrupting it.”

Resi’s head lolled to the side. She tried to say something but could no longer form clear words.

“See? It was nice in the end, wasn’t it Resi?”

The Orc grinned and nodded then began convulsing as she had another orgasm forced from her.

“And now you’re safe. There’s no more of you left to be hurt by them.”

Amoera stood and held her arms up. The gateway she’d had Emiko’s body thrown through pushed out of the earth. Once in place its center rippled and a portal opened.

The Gardner was there on the other side, waiting this time. “You bring my Grumplocs more wombs?” she demanded, glaring at Amoera. “Give them and be gone. I do not like the taste of the magic you use to open these portals.”

“I’m not using anything different than what the Forest Witch uses,” she told her as the vines and roots began taking Resi’s grinning, drooling body to the portal.

“I do not know why you lie, little girl, but your games do not amuse me.” She pointed to the portal. “This is not the witch’s power, at least not wholly. It’s a power I’ve never felt before and I’ve traveled to nearly every corner of Alaria doing the bidding of those that command me. It should not be. YOU should not be.”

Amoera glared defiantly at the imposing woman. “But I am. Be glad I have my love, the Faun, to keep me here. If you’re scared of me now you can’t imagine what I’d be like if someone or something took her away from me.”

The Gardner ignored her threat and pointed to Gwynaetha. “I will have that one too. She looks sturdier than the dainty Orc you’ve just given me. She’ll last much longer. Give her to me, girl, NOW.”

“No,” Amoera said firmly. “I need to save her first. You’ll have her soon.” Before the Gardner could respond she waved a hand and closed the portal.

After it sunk back into the ground Amoera knelt by Gwynaetha. “Gwynee, time to wake up. Time to be saved.”

Amoera held her hand out, preparing to send a wave of power toward the girl to wake her up. “No,” she said sadly as she lowered her hand down, “I don’t want to wake you up, Gwynee. I couldn’t take seeing the look in your eyes if you react as Resi has. And even if you’re not like her speaking to you one last time would make me too sad.”

With a heavy sigh she lifted both her hands into the air. A new plant tentacle pushed up from the dirt, one that’s surface looked much more flesh-like than the others and had a cock-shaped tip. The moment it pointed its tip at Gwynaetha thick honey-precum began to leak out its slit.

“Open up, Gwynee,” Amoera said lazily as she made a root wrapped around the girl’s neck shift and pull her jaw open. “Drink up, it will make everything better.”

The new cock-vine began pumping in and out of her mouth, spraying a thick load of honey-cum into her every few thrusts. Gwynaetha’s cheeks ballooned with each load before the sleeping girl greedily swallowed it all down. Each time she did her back arched and she moaned happily around the cock-vine fucking her mouth as it forced an orgasm from her.

“Keep cumming till there’s nothing left,” Amoera told her, voice full of sad disappointment. “This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. I was so excited to see you all again, to save you. I guess it was stupid of me to think you’d understand.”

She sighed in frustration. “Everything has felt wrong since Dunla led you all into the forest. My Faun has been so moody and there has been too much of the Forest Witch in her even in my presence. Our life here was so perfect. I was learning to control the forest. But now everything feels like it’s falling apart.”

The forest around the clearing grew silent and dark along with Amoera’s mood. She sat and watched Gwynaetha guzzle down load after load of honey-cum, the climaxes melting her mind. “I’ve lost nearly all my friends and soon I’ll lose Dunla. If something happened to my precious Faun…” Around her the forest roiled angrily.

“Don’t be stupid,” Amoera reprimanded herself. “Nothing can kill her. She’s a Forest Witch, they can’t die. They are forever. It was silly of Dunla to think she could kill her.”

Around her the forest calmed. She smiled as she thought about Dunla. “I hope I get to talk to her before I save her. I want to hear her admit how she feels. Maybe the witch will let her stay with us for a while or maybe I could hide her away with the Nymphs for a few weeks. They feel like they listen to me more than the witch now anyways.”

“How about you, Gwynee? You all gone yet?” She tilted her head and stared at the girl, making the cock-vine pull out of her mouth. It hung open, honey-cum oozing out. “Looks like it. You’re safe now. Now I just have to deliver your body to that nasty Gardner and head home. Once Dunla is dealt with everything will be perfect.”

* * *

“What are you doing back there?” Dunla asked, trying to twist to see the Forest Witch behind her. Moving her head so fast made her body swing in a manner that made her regret the motion.

She hung in the air with her feet secured to a metal bar that was suspended from the ceiling by chains. Her arms were tied behind her back as well, leaving her feeling incredibly vulnerable. And it doesn’t help that my legs are pulled so wide apart. She’s going to do something to my pussy, but what?

“I was just getting a toy I’ve very much enjoyed using with you.” The witch punctuated her comment by cracking a whip. It snapped close to Dunla’s head, making her squeal in alarm and twist away from it which caused her to begin swinging unpleasantly again.

“What are you going to do with it?” she asked, voice full of panic.

“I’m going to make my murderer’s pretty little pussy pay.”

Dunla heard the whip lash through the air. Her body tensed. Her fear became reality as the end of the whip snapped down on her cunt, biting into her with pain so intense she could barely process it. She screamed and twisted, her hands wanting to grab her abused pussy and hold it but unable to thanks to her arms being tied behind her back.

“Please,” she screamed as she began crying. “Don’t do that again, it hurt too much!”

“But the fun playtime is almost over! Soon this part of the story will end. Perhaps if there was more pleasure with the pain it would be able to endure the pain?” the witch snarled, her anger so strong the cabin shook.

Dunla felt a wave of warmth flow into her body and move to her womanhood. “What did you do to me?!”

“I’ll show you,” the witch barked, sending the whip flying at Dunla’s cunt.

It cracked into her flesh, the pain twice as intense as last time. But with the pain can an explosion of forced pleasure just as strong, forcing a mind-numbing orgasm from her. Dunla screamed, every part of her body that she could move twisting in anguished pain and pleasure.

“Please,” she shouted. “You don’t have to do this!”

“But I want to,” the Forest Witch growled, the lights in the room flaring and then dimming. “You are about to end my life and I need you to suffer for it.” Her voice boomed, shaking the world around them.

The whip cracked down and bit into her cunt again. Then again and again, each biting strike forcing a confusing forced orgasm from her.

“You will end me,” the witch snarled, cracking the whip into Dunla’s cunt again. “You will part me from my beloved Amoera.” Another biting lash as the cabin shook, the lights dimming even more. “And in the end I will use the last of my power to SAVE you! How cruel fate is.”

There was one final lash, one final forced orgasm. The world around Dunla twisted and churned. When reality snapped back in place she was laying on the floor, the constraints gone but her cunt still painfully aching. She curled up into a ball holding it as she sobbed hysterically.

When she felt the Forest Witch approach she forced herself to look up at her. “M-may I h-h-have aftercare?” she asked pathetically.

The lights were back to normal allowing her a clear view of the look of immense sadness on the Forest Witch’s face. “No, it will receive nothing else from me.”

“Please,” Dunla whined, reaching out to grab her ankle.

She moved out of reach. “You want comfort? There,” she said, pointing. Dunla looked and saw she was pointing to the mirror with her sword floating in it. “Let my murder be your aftercare,” she said as the reflective surface of the mirror rippled.

Dunla grunted in pain and began crawling towards the mirror, still holding her cunt with one hand. “You needed me to hate you,” she whimpered. “That’s why you did that. You want me to kill you.”

“No, Dunla Dhuarcain, this Forest Witch does not want to die. But she has accepted her fate. It is time, no more playful fun. We have only murder and fate left in this story. Will you accept your fate and murder me?” When Dunla told her yes she went to her and helped her up, laying a hand on her pussy and sending a wave of healing energy into it. “The sword will not be as easy to retrieve as you think,” she warned as she helped her to the mirror. “Go now, before either of us lose our resolve. And Remember, Dunla Dhuarcain, if you want me to be able to save you in the end you must remain at the keep.”

Dunla looked at her, lip trembling. She wanted to say something. Thanks maybe? That she was sorry?

She nodded at the girl. “I understand. Go, now. Into the mirror.”

Dunla turned and reached into the mirror. Her hand moved through the rippling surface of the glass. Whatever was on the other side pulled on her, yanking her through.

The Forest Witch stood, staring at the mirror with her hands clasped calmly in front of her. After Dunla had been pulled into the mirror all signs of her and the sword had disappeared, leaving only her reflection. She smiled when Amoera came through the front door.

“Hello, pet,” she said, staring at her through the mirror. “Are your friends all saved?”

“Yes. It’s over.”

“No, pet, one remains,” the witch said as she turned her back to the mirror and faced Amoera.

The girl narrowed her eyes as she approached. “Why do you sound so sad? And I know that look on your face. You KNOW something. What do you know? Where is Dunla?”

The Forest Witch smiled at Amoera. “I know my pet was happy. And so was her Faun. Remember that always, we were happy here. It was perfect. Remember the lessons you learned here and continue learning.”

Amoera shook her head and took a step back. “Why are you talking like this? Where are you going?” She saw something behind the witch, something in the mirror. A girl? No, how could there be a girl in the mirror?

“We will see each other again, I promise,” the Witch told Amoera, smiling as a sword plunged out of her chest.

Amoera screamed in terror as the Faun looked down and coughed up blood. When the sword was pulled back through her body the Forest Witch fell to her knees then collapsed on the floor, blood flowing from the gaping wound in her chest.

Dunla stood behind her, bloody sword in hand.

“What have you done,” Amoera screamed, dropping to her knees in tears as she grabbed the witch. “You’re fine,” she sobbed, shaking her. “Wake up! You can’t die. You’re not dead!”

But she was. There was no life left in her body.

“I’ve only killed her body,” Dunla told her. “But it’s not over, Amoera. Come on, we have to finish it. We have to burn the cabin.”

“Finish it?” Amoera snarled, still holding the witch. “This is my home, OUR home. You are NOT burning it down! She’ll come back.”

Dunla nodded. “Yes, in time she would. But there won’t be enough time. I have to be the one to do it, she told me so. Please, Amoera, help me do this thing. I— Amoera, what are you doing?”

Her tears of despair had become tears of rage. Her eyes and hands had begun to glow with crimson light, steaming with power. “You are NOT burning this cabin down,” she snarled, dropping the witch and getting slowly to her feet. “I’m NOT saving you, Dunla. I’m going to fucking kill you.”

Dunla shook her head, backing away from her. “No, Amoera, you don’t understand. She wanted this. She—”

Amoera screamed, leaping at her. As she flew through the air she moved her arms as if she were swinging a weapon at Dunla. Instinctively Dunla threw her sword up to protect herself just as she’d done hundreds of times in the training yard back at the keep.

The ring of metal meeting metal shocked Dunla more than the feel of the weapon impacting hers. She grunted and shoved Amoera back, confused by the glaive the girl was holding. Where had it come from? And what kind of metal was red like that?

“Amoera, how did you do that? What kind of magic are you using?”

“I’m NOT,” she snarled, attacking again.

Dunla swung her sword up, deflecting the blow and kicking the small Blood Elve to knock her back. “You ARE,” Dunla insisted. “Where did your weapon come from? Look at your hands! Look at how they are glowing, what kind of magic is that? Is this something the witch taught you?”

Amoera screamed and attacked again. She yelled at her, punctuating every word with another swing or thrust of her glaive. “I’m. Not. Using. Magic!”

Dunla grunted, counter-attacking and forcing Amoera back to prevent her from backing her into a corner. “Calm down,” she screamed. “Look around you! You’re shaking the place. Can’t you feel it? Look at the walls! The cracks are glowing with red light.”

“I can feel,” Amoera barked, thrusting at Dunla. “I feel anger. Rage. Sadness. I feel the need for revenge. I feel devastated you killed my love. I feel terror at life without her.” Every mention of an emotion sent the light filling the dark spaces around them flaring with brighter crimson light.

Amoera screamed again, thrusting hard towards Dunla’s center. The girl only barely avoided her blade, knocking a candle on a table over as she twisted away. The carpet ignited where it landed, the flames spreading quickly.

“Come with me,” Dunla said desperately as she began backing towards the front door. “Please, Amoera, it’s not too late!”

The door behind her flew open. “LEAVE!” Amoera screamed, coming at Dunla with a fresh flurry of attacks and forcing her out the door. “Leave my home and never come back,” she yelled at Dunla as they began fighting in the clearing in front of the cabin. “Go back to the Sisterhood. Leave us in peace. I never wanted you to come here, I didn’t need to be saved. I didn’t want to be saved!”

“I know,” Dunla told her, holding back a sob to try and hide how much the words had hurt her.

“And you don’t deserve to be saved,” Amoera snarled, attacking. Her rage was so great that given a little more time she could have landed a killing blow but just as Dunla began to falter she noticed the cabin was on fire. The surface of her glaive shimmered, the metal becoming light then disappearing altogether. She twisted to look at the cabin, dropping to her knees and screaming as she pulled at her hair.

Dunla lowered her sword, huffing heavily. “Amoera, it’s done.”

Before she could respond an explosion made them both start and twist to look in the other direction. They watched as jets of blue ice blasted in the distance followed by explosions of fire.

“The twins are here,” Dunla gasped. “Amoera, look, it’s dawn. That mean’s her power is gone. The twins are going to destroy the forest, she’s not coming back.”

“Kill me,” Amoera whispered. “I don’t want to go one without her.”

Dunla put a hand on her shoulder. “You know I can’t kill you.”

Amoera put a hand on hers, head bowed. “I know…”

“You have to leave,” Dunla said, suddenly desperate. “The twins and the rest of the Sisterhood’s army are coming. They won’t understand about you or the witch. They will want to know where the others went. You have to go before they get here. They might not even know you were still alive and if they do I’ll lie and say you were in the cabin.”

She knelt and helped Amoera up. “I’m sorry,” she told her. “But you have to leave.”

Amoera wiped tears from her eyes, lip trembling. “I DON’T forgive you and I WON’T save you. But maybe you can save yourself. Find a reason to leave. The keep and everyone in it is doomed. Something far worse than this forest is coming.”

Dunla bit her lip. Ask me to go with you, please. When Amoera pulled away she knew she wouldn’t. “I can’t abandon them,” she told Amoera.

Amoera nodded. “I understand.”

When she turned to leave Dunla grabbed her hand and held her back. “I loved you… I DO love you. I’m sorry I didn’t realize it soon enough to tell you.”

“I know,” Amoera said, not returning the hold but not pulling away. “I should save you just because of that but I can’t, not after what you’ve done.”

“It’s okay,” Dunla said, holding her hand to keep her from pulling away as she smiled at Amoera. “I heard from someone who knows things that you’ll change your mind.”

Before Amoera could ask her what she meant another explosion and eruption of ice and fire ended the moment.

“Go!” Dunla said, letting go of her hand. “They are too close. Maybe we’ll see each other again.”

Amoera ran off, stopping to look at Dunla one last time before disappearing into the forest.

* * *

Dunla sat in the back of a horse-drawn cart, blanket wrapped around her shoulders and her sword resting on her lap. Behind her the witch’s forest burned, a conflagration so intense she felt the heat even from the distance she and the army of the Sisterhood were at.

“It’s done,” she overheard one of the twins say. “Her power is broken and her forest burns.”

“The first battle won,” her twin sister proclaimed. “But this war against The Corruption has only just begun. The Great Corrupted Forest growing nearby makes this look like a mere thicket.”

A beautiful, thick-bodied Elven woman with striking silver-white hair and huge breasts climbed into the cart and sat next to Dunla. “Are you up to talking?”

“Sure,” Dunla said, looking at the woman. “Your daughter, Commander Eldenbrow, looks just like you.”

The Silver Elve smiled. “And you look just like your mother. And HER mother and her mother before her. I knew everyone one of them, but I wasn’t lucky enough to be there when they each killed one of those awful Forest Witches.”

Dunla looked away from her. “She was awful,” she said quietly. “But there was so much more to her.”

“What happened to the others?” she asked, ignoring Dunla’s comment.

“They… didn’t make it,” Dunla told her uncertainly.

“Dunla Dhuarcain, please do not ruin this moment of glory you’ve made for yourself.” Dunla winced at the wording but didn’t respond. “We both know a Forest Witch can’t kill. What happened to the Sisterhood members that went into the forest with you? Did you see any proof that the Forest Witch gave them to the Gardner, the woman who controls the Corrupted Forest?”

“I don’t know,” she told her honestly. “The witch mentioned the Gardner but… I don’t think she was working with her, at least not at the end.”

“And Blood Elve, Amoera?”

“She… she was in the cabin when it burnt,” Dunla said, voice devoid of emotion to try and hide the lie. “If she survived somehow I don’t think we’ll see her again.”

“And the sword?”

Dunla looked at the sword on her lip. Her sword but changed. The blade was more reflective, almost looking at times like it was made of glass. “What about it? I used it to kill the witch just like my mother and… Well, you know the rest.”

“I can feel it’s been touched by the witch’s power,” the Silver Elve told her. “But there is another power in it… a strange power. And no hint of The Corruption as I’d expected.”

“She wasn’t its servant in the end, not anymore,” Dunla told her.

“Whose servant was she?” the Silver Elve pressed. “The power in the blade, it’s like nothing I’ve ever felt and I’ve lived far longer than you probably think. Nowhere on Alaria have I felt this power, a crimson light full of emotion.”

It’s Amoera’s power she feels, Dunla thought. “I don’t know,” she lied. “Are you going to take it from me?”

When the Silver Elve laughed she looked up, confused. “Oh, dear girl, you’re no longer a Sisterhood soldier in training that can be bossed around. You’ve killed a Forest Witch. When we return to the keep you will sit on the war council with me and the other senior members. We’ll need your experience if we are to wage a war of righteous fury against the perversion of the Great Corrupted Forest. I’ve no right to demand you give the sword up, you’re my equal now. Besides, I don’t know if the sword could be taken from you.”

“What do you mean?” Dunla asked.

“I can feel the magic in the sword is tied to you. These things are not an exact art, but I suspect should it be taken from you or lost you’d wake to find it at your side before long.”

“It was in a mirror once,” she told the Silver Elve.

“Then perhaps if lost your mirror sword would return to you that way. A magic sword with unknown powers seems a fitting reward for completing your quest.”

Dunla held the Mirror Sword tightly. “Will we go to the keep soon?”

“Yes. I’m sure you want to rest in safety.”

“Of course,” she lied. Nowhere is safe, she thought. But if I stay there the witch will be able to save me.

* * *

Amoera Crimsonsign stood in a sea of fire, the flames of the forest burning around her kept at a safe distance by a bubble of crimson light. She stood in silence, watching the cabin that had been her first true home burn.

“There’s almost nothing left of your cabin,” she said to the empty space beside her.

“It is,” her Faun replied, standing beside her as if she’d always been there.

“Those flames are another sword thrust through your chest,” Amoera told her.

“Even a Forest Witch can die,” she told Amoera. “It is just not an easy thing to accomplish.”

Amoera reached for her hand. Their fingers intertwined and they held each other tightly. “When it’s done burning you’ll be gone.”

“That is how it works,” the witch told her. “But while you saved your friends I was able to gather enough strength to keep a sliver of myself alive to finish two tasks. But yes, in every other sense I will be gone. I have already begun to fade from this world. I use what little I have left to protect the Forest Nymphs. Your time with them changed them, they deserve to survive. Will you take them with you when you leave?”

“Of course. They can stay with me or, if they want, I can bring them to another Forest Witch.”

“There are always other Forest Witches that serve other masters,” the witch agreed. “Always the same Forest Witch, always the same Faun.”

“No,” Amoera said, shaking her head. “You’re lying. It’s never the same Faun. I could spend my life hunting them down and meeting them and none of them will be MY Faun, none of them will be you.” She held her hand tightly. “Not the one I loved.”

“My Amoera can fall in love again. Emotions are easy for her now. They burn in her brighter than the flames that surround us. They ARE her power. A power that will grow till one day it will be a force to stand in opposition to The Corruption.”

Amoera ignored everything she said. “I want to go back to that cabin with you. Back before Teldy arrived. Life was perfect. I was your pet and you were my Mistress. It was simple and there was nothing but pleasure.”

“But Amoera Crimsonsign is not a pet anymore. She knows most things do not last forever. She looks at the fire around her and sees how the powers that control and shape Alaria, groups like the Sisterhood of Righteousness, the gods, The Corruption, she sees that their wars and games bring only suffering as they bring change. She thinks there must be a better path, that Alaria must change. And she begins to suspect she may have something to do with the creation of that power.”

“Yes,” Amoera whispered. “Everything is going to be different for me now.”

“Of course, my love. Alaria must change and with it you must change as well.”

Amoera looked up at the Faun. “That’s the first time you’ve said that to me. You’ve loved me this whole time, haven’t you? Even before I loved you. It was just lust for me at first, but not you.”

“Yes. From the first moment I saw the Amoera in my garden of delights I was in love. I hadn’t seen you coming, not really. You weren’t what my old master intended you to be. I do not think he realized what he was making when he made you. You were a surprise. And our time together has forged something powerful in you.”

“I can’t stay here,” Amoera told her. “I… feel it. I won’t be here to see the keep fall. I’ve played my part in that story. I saved my friends and now my story takes me elsewhere.”

“The Amoera that came to me is gone. This is her funeral pyre as much as mine. Except for me this is the end of a story with only an epilogue left. For you this is only a prologue. This Amoera standing here has other stories to write as she continues to change and grow more powerful and important. This Amoera will help reshape Alaria, can she feel it?”

“Yes,” Amoera told her, voice strange and distant. “I can’t see it yet but I can feel it. I don’t understand the power I have in me.”

“The Amoera always had more power than she thought. She had it over her Mistress. Do not forget your Faun when you ascend to your full power.”

“I’ll never forget you.”

“You say that now, love, but a goddess does not remember things the way a mortal does.”

Amoera’s eyes glowed red as she watched a wall of the cabin collapse. She could feel herself becoming more than she’d been while the woman holding her hand became less. “I will spend the rest of my life trying to have what we had in that cabin.” She spoke with fierce determination and great sadness, holding the Faun’s hand tightly to keep her from fading from the world.

“Yes,” the woman told her, her voice weak.

“But I’ll never have it.”

“Maybe. There is one who you could have this strong of a connection with. I could save her if you changed your mind about her.”

“Dunla?” Amoera thought. “Yes… I’m not mad at her anymore. And you don’t mean saving her in the way I saved the others, you mean actually save her?”

“Yes, but there will be a cost. There is ALWAYS a cost. Shall I save her?”

“This is one of those two tasks you saved your power for?”

“Yes. I need you to say the words.”

“Save her. Save Dunla Dhuarcain so I can see her again. But even if you’re right about me and her I will always want what we had in that cabin.”

“Yes,” the witch agreed. “And the desire will drive you to reshape the world and become a god. You shall radiate crimson light that will change Alaria, bringing light to the darkness The Corruption brings. But first the darkness must spread. Alaria must change. You shall be the dawn, it shall be nightfall.”

Amoera didn’t turn to look and see why her Faun had let go of her hand. She knew she was gone. Maybe not forever, maybe one day she’d have her love back, have their bliss in their little secluded cabin. But not now. The hope would burn in her till she was a force of nature the likes of which Alaria had never seen.

As the last timbers of the burning cabin collapsed she turned and began walking away. The fires parted for her, closing behind her.

She knew where she was meant to go next, knew where she was NEEDED. She’d go there. She’d do what was needed because Alaria DID need to change. All of it. Every inch, every soul. Even the gods. Not just the uncorrupted ones, but those already given over to the Corruption.

“Nothing lasts forever, not even them,” Amoera said. “The darkness of The Corruption falls and in time the crimson light shall rise. Alaria MUST change.”

The Great Corrupted Forest

“Dunla Dhuarcain, you ruin things.” The words ran through Dunla’s mind day and night. She dreamed about the words and thought she heard them whispered to her constantly when she was awake.

The only time the words didn’t haunt her was when she had the Mirror Sword in her hands. She told herself that was why she always kept it as close as she could. When not hung from her belt she would keep it within arm’s reach or resting in her lap and whenever possible kept a rand resting on the handle.

It wasn’t just that it brought her a sense of peace, it was how the others in Almerry Keep reacted to the sight of it. Nearly all of them were in awe of her and her Mirror Sword. She was the naive girl, daughter of a great line of warriors who had always been a bit of a disappointment as she trained. A tall freckle-covered girl with long orange-red hair and pretty looks who was being trained to lead but always seemed not to have quite earned the faith her trainers put in her.

Then one of the girls training with her to become a warrior of the Sisterhood of Righteousness, a Blood Elve named Amoera, had disappeared. And not long after her two more of the young Sisterhood members training in the keep had disappeared as well. Dunla had led four of her other young friends into the enchanted forest where the powerful being known as the Forest Witch lived.

They’d gone to kill the witch and save Amoera. But Amoera hadn’t needed or wanted saving. And now she was gone and so were all of Dunla’s friends. She’d been the only one that had returned from the forest. She’d completed half her quest: she’d killed the Forest Witch. But it had come at a cost. All her friends had been lost and she’d been changed. The witch had forced her to discover and admit things about herself, about her lust for women and how greedy her sexual needs were now that she’d accepted them.

She’d also learned that everyone at the keep was doomed. The Corruption is coming for us all, she thought darkly as she prepared to join the other senior staff at the keep’s morning war council. I’ve told them nearly everything I learned about what is coming for us and they just won’t listen. It’s not that they don’t believe me, they just think they are strong enough to take on The Corruption and its servants.

She looked at herself in the mirror, straightening her new clothes and pulling the low-cut neckline of her shirt down a little more. She liked how much of her freckled chest the outfit showed off. It made her feel much more grown-up than the clothing she’d had to wear as a Sisterhood soldier in training.

Dunla was tempted to grab her small breasts and try to push them up, but she’d already seen there was no point. They were too small for that. Even with a tight corset pushing them up she’d have little cleavage to display. Still, she enjoyed seeing so much of her skin on open display. It made her feel confident and sexy. More importantly, it allowed her to notice how many of the other women in the keep looked at her exposed chest.

They look at me like a woman now, she thought happily. Not a girl in training. An equal and for those of them that like women the way I do they look at me with lust in their eyes. Maybe that lust wouldn’t be there if they didn’t think I was powerful and important now, but what does it matter? I’ll never tire of being looked at that way.

She had no idea how long any of them had left. The doom coming for them all could be coming in days or years. Regardless of how much time they had left Dunla planned on making the most of it. In the keep she was surrounded by beautiful women, nearly all of them highly trained warriors in some way. All of them feeling the stress of the times they were living through, all needing some release. She planned on helping as many as she could find a bit of that release.

The Sisterhood doesn’t frown on woman on woman love the way they do with sexual passion involving men. I don’t even have to be sneaky about my intentions, although I can’t flaunt them too openly. And these new women who have arrived with the army are even MORE open about their sexuality than those who were already stationed at the keep. It would be an exciting time if there wasn’t such a cloud of doom hanging over us all.

After a final straightening of the orange-red hair that hung down her back nearly to her butt, Dunla decided she couldn’t put off leaving to attend the war council any longer. She grabbed the Mirror Sword and hung it from the scabbard on her belt and opened her door.

“Good morning, Dunla.”

Dunla screamed, jumping back and moving to draw her sword.

The woman who had been standing on the other side of her door waiting for her threw her arms up and laughed. “I’m so sorry for startling you, dear girl!”

“Commander Eldenbrow,” Dunla sighed, sliding the Mirror Sword back into the scabbard. “I’m sorry. I didn’t expect… How long were you waiting there?”

“Not long,” the beautiful, curvaceous Elven woman replied. “I wanted to have a private word with you before we start the meeting today. Would you mind walking and talking with me?”

“Of course not,” Dunla told the woman as she closed the door to her bedroom. Taller than the Elven woman, Dunla chose to stand a bit further away from her than she normally would so it would feel less like she was looming over her commander. “What did you need to speak to me about?”

As a Silver Elve, Amaleen Eldenbrow had some of the purest Elven blood of any race in Alaria and along with that came natural power most couldn’t fully understand. Even the weakest of the thick-bodied, silver-haired Elven women could wield magic and powerful artifacts with the ease a child used when swinging a stick. Things others could spend whole lives mastering came naturally to them.

But with that great power came the expectation of taking on great responsibility. Every Silver Elve in the Sisterhood of Righteousness served an important and prestigious role. Amaleen was no different. She was incredibly young for one of her race, considered to be barely of age by their standards, but she had already been given the command of an entire keep.

That position was now in question. As more of the young women in training had disappeared she’d called for help. Her mother had responded, marching an army of the Sisterhood to her aid. Along with her the woman had brought the twins, the Sisterhood’s greatest ice and fire Battlemages.

They’d been responsible for the destruction of the Forest Witch’s enchanted woods and were now stationed at the keep, preparing to assault the Great Corrupted Forest. Although Amaleen was still nominally in charge of Almerry Keep her mother and the twins had supplanted nearly all her authority.

“This meeting this morning is going to be rough,” she told Dunla. “My mother and the twins are ready to push to begin the assault on the forest. I have a feeling they will settle on a smaller advance force to scout it out, but…”

Dunla grimaced, understanding what she was saying. She knew they would push for Dunla to join whatever force was sent out, even if it was just a scouting party. She heard the voice of the Forest Witch in her mind, the warning she’d given just before she’d allowed Dunla to kill her. “And Remember, Dunla Dhuarcain, if you want me to be able to save you in the end you must remain at the keep.”

“They will want me to come with them, won’t they Commander Eldenbrow?”

“Yes,” the Silver Elve said. “But please, call me Amaleen now. You’re not an initiate anymore.” She reached out and put a hand on the girl’s arm. “I’d like to think we’re equals now. Perhaps your even my superior, you’ve at least accomplished something.”

Dunla bit her lip and side-eyed the woman. She thrilled at the feel of her hand on her arm. She’s so fucking beautiful, Dunla thought. Elven perfection in every way along with a deliciously thick body. And those tits! So big they almost seem they shouldn’t exist. Gods the things I’d like to do to her…

Stop it! Stop thinking with your cunt and listen to the woman. She’s upset. She’s jealous, too. Her mother has barely had a kind word to say to her while she’s doted on me endlessly. How she’s managed to remain so kind to me I’ll never understand.

“Killing the Forest Witch wasn’t the great heroic deed everyone thinks it was,” Dunla said sadly. “Your mother makes it something it isn’t. I’m sorry that she… I don’t know. I’m just sorry. My mother expected great things from me, too. I understand what that pressure feels like and what it feels like to be a disappointment.”

They were passing a dark corridor that led to an unused room. On impulse, Dunla grabbed Amaleen’s hand and pulled her into the corridor out of sight of anyone that might pass by. “I know what it’s like to feel alone,” she told her, grabbing her shoulders and slamming her into the wall. “And I know what it’s like to not want to admit certain feelings you have for others.” She held her to the wall, staring into her eyes and searching for evidence she was right.

Of course I am. The woman has been finding reasons to be alone with me for weeks now. She touches me every chance she can. She confides in me. She wants me. I can see it but can she?

Amaleen’s chest heaved as she breathed heavily in panic, staring into Dunla’s eyes. “This isn’t why I needed to talk to you this morning,” she said in breathy tones.

“But this IS something you’d like to ‘talk’ to me about, isn’t it Amaleen?” Dunla knew what she was doing had a bit of madness in it. She had her commander pinned to a wall and was aggressively making a pass at her. It was reckless but she didn’t care, she was growing desperate for sexual release with another and thinking about anything else grew harder by the day.

“Yes,” the woman whispered, her pretty cheek flushing. “But not now.”

“When?” Dunla demanded, the reckless desire in her still in control. “I’m not letting go of you till you tell me when.”

“Ask me again after the council meeting,” she said. “If you’re still here.”

Dunla let go of her shoulders, the confident aggressive woman she’d been melting away. “Right,” she said, stepping back. “That’s what you wanted to talk to me about.”

“My mother is not just going to want you to go with whoever they send out, she’s going to demand it.”

“And you know I won’t leave the keep.”

“Yes. And I don’t WANT you to leave the keep. I don’t know if I believe everything you told me about what happened to you in the witch’s forest, but I DO believe you are meant to be here. Riowondail believes so too.”

Riowondail was the keep’s resident seer, a strange small woman who was blind and saw through her “second sight” in a way that allowed her to function as though her eyes worked. She unsettled most in the keep, Dunla included, but had been oddly supportive of Dunla in their meetings no matter what position she took.

“You’re the commander here,” Dunla told Amaleen as they returned to the hall. “Tell her she can’t have me. Would she override your authority like that in front of everyone?”

“I don’t think she would,” Amaleen told her. “But I wanted to check with you first. She may not be so fond of you after you refuse her. I wanted to make sure you understood and wanted to be here.”

With you? Of course, Dunla thought. With you and those huge fucking tits of yours. With all the other sexy women manning the keep. Here safe behind the walls to enjoy life a bit longer before whatever is out there comes for us all.

“I want to be here,” Dunla said firmly. “And I’ll follow your lead in the council and support whatever you have to say. I don’t think I deserve a place there but since I have it and most of them value my opinion I’ll use that influence.”

And you’ll remember I had your back, something I’ll be sure to remind you of the next time I have you backed against a wall…

* * *

A heavy green haze hung about the Temple of Corruption that sat at the center of the Great Corrupted Forest. Shaped out of living trees and greenery, the domed structure was where the Gardner now spent most of her time. Naked and covered in obscene red tribal tattoos while wearing only an assortment of perverse charms, necklaces, and bracelets, the imposing woman knelt in the center of the temple, head bowed.

“I need guidance,” she said. Above her red wisps of twinkling light floated in the domed ceiling. They all began to lower and swirl around her. “Show me what needs to happen next,” she implored the forces she served.

When she opened her eyes she saw some of the wisps had begun swarming in a circle before her. The area between them glowed and shimmered, becoming a viewing portal. This was how The Corruption communicated with her, showing her images of things that could be, things it wanted her to make reality.

She saw Almerry Keep and the army of the Sisterhood stationed there. The sight made her smile. “The glorious fools rid me of the vexing Faun and her worrying little red-skinned pet. And now they will provide a test of what my stewardship over this forest has created.”

The image shifted. She saw a band of Sisterhood soldiers marching into her Great Corrupted Forest. She saw her perverse creations, the beasts and plant monsters she’d helped grow, taking the women down one by one. The image shifted again. She saw the Grumploc village full of the evil toad-like monsters with their beautiful menacing huge cocks. A group was arriving, dragging the Sisterhood troops she’d seen moments ago behind them. They were tossed at the feet of the King Grumploc who bellowed in joy at the arrival of new fuck-pets to use to breed his army.

“So the plans are unchanged?” she asked.

The image rippled and showed a vast, nearly empty black void. The face of a red-skinned, horned masculine god appeared, grinning evilly.

“Baedor,” the Gardner said, bowing in reverence to the God of Sexual Indulgence.

When she looked up the image had changed. It showed a young girl, perhaps no older than twenty. Tall and heavily freckled with long orange-red hair. She walked through the halls of Almerry Keep, a huge-titted Silver Elve beside her. Around them was an aura of energy the Gardner knew neither woman would be able to see, red and sparking angrily. It pressed in around the girl, unable to touch her but reaching out to touch others they passed and soaked into the Silver Elve.

“I don’t understand,” the Gardner said. “Is the girl another servant of The Corruption?”

The image shifted, showing twin Battlemages and another Silver Elve that looked nearly identical to the last she’d seen, only older and more confident. The image split, the twins in one part and the Silver Elve in the other. Both images were pulled out. The part with the twins showed the Great Corrupted Forest while the part with the Silver Elve showed the Almerry Keep.

“I understand. I will be responsible for taking care of the twins here in the forest.”

The image shifted again, showing the King Grumploc leading an army of his monsters to the keep. She saw quick flashes of a battle, of the monsters making their way into the keep and fucking the women hiding there. She saw the two Silver Elves and women she assumed were the senior staff fleeing and baring themselves in a room. She saw them turn and scream when they saw that Baedor, God of Sexual Indulgence was waiting for them. He grinned as his massive godly cock swelled before the image disappeared.

She’d seen enough to know what was expected of her. What she hadn’t seen in the end was the freckled girl. Where is she supposed to be when the keep falls? And who is she, how does she play into all of this? The Gardner didn’t know but she intended to find out…

Like the last story, I know where I want this to end (which was partially teased in the entry). But there’s a lot I want to happen between now and then and I’m in no rush to get there, in fact I think it would be nice if this one ended up a lot longer than the last two parts.

Going forward the narrative is going to be broken up into three plot lines/point of view characters and will switch between them. Dunla will remain the focus of one and the things she does will tie into the other two but will remain its own thing. One will center on something in the Great Corrupted Forest, eventually building up to the twins heading into it and being defeated (but I am in no rush to get there). The final plot line will be something in the keep that will center on a point of view character that is NOT Dunla and shows that the keep and the women in it are already falling to the Corruption.

At the war council it will be decided that a small but very skilled scouting party is to be sent to the Great Corrupted Forest to scout it out. This party will NOT include the twins or the Amaleen’s mother. Instead it will consist of new characters designed to be thrown away as they are picked off one or two at a time.

What happens first to this scouting party? (Choose up to 7 options from this poll)

What happens with Dunla? (Choose up to 3 options from this poll)

What happens in the castle? (Choose up to 5 options from this poll)

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