The Breaking of Miss Mexicana

Miss Mexicana header

Countless women have worn the mantel of “Miss Mexicana”, going all the way back to the first generation of supers during World War Two. All of them have been women born in Mexico and who have fought crime in their home country, although many have left the borders of their home country to pursue criminals abroad.

All heroines eventually fall, whether it be to their enemies or simply to the ravages of time. And in Mexico the careers of heroines tend to be even shorter than those of their American sisters. The cartels don’t play nice, and are fond of “disappearing” troublesome heroines. But no matter how many Mexicanas have been publicly defeated or disappeared there is always another young, superpowered woman willing to take up the mantel.

It’s been years since the last Miss Mexicana stepped into the role. When she first started she seemed no different than the countless women that came before her. But as time went by she proved to be something special, someone that the cartels learned to fear. Above all she, unlike most other heroines, seemed to be in control of her strong sexual urges.

After singlehandedly dismantling many of the cartels a few of them made a temporary truce to take her down. But Miss Mexicana had learned from her predecessors. The young heroine had spent her career building up a powerful support system of other heroines, police officers she knew couldn’t be bought, and informants in all the major cartels. When they came for her she was prepared, battling against all their attempts to defeat and publicly humiliate her. In the end she won, becoming the greatest Miss Mexicana in history, and chasing the cartels out of central Mexico.

Years passed and the cartels licked their wounds, keeping their distance. Miss Mexicana seemed happy to keep her small area of her country clear of the cartels, letting heroines in other regions worry about the remaining criminal organizations. As time went on she began spending more and more time fighting superpowered criminals and some of the cartels thought this meant she had forgotten them, some even dared to move back into her territory.

They found Miss Mexicana older, wiser, but no less formidable. Even though she only has the average run of basic superpowers (enhanced strength, agility, and physical durability) she was able to quickly put an end to these daring cartels re-entry into her territory. Before long nearly every member of these groups were behind bars.

Only one important member seemed to elude her: a mysterious man named Alejandro Regalado. He was the money man for the last cartel she took down, a man few had never seen firsthand but that everyone said had held their organization together. When things started to go south he had disappeared, taking much of his criminal organization’s money.

Once the dust had settled it was easy for Miss Mexicana to gather leads and discover that Alejandro had escaped to America, specifically to the city of Megatropolis. This specific Miss Mexicana had never been to America, but she decided now was the time. Confident that she would be safe away from her support system she brushed up on her English, chartered a private flight to Megatropolis and left to hunt down Alejandro.

She expected her excursion to America to be short, and that the mysterious Alejandro would be easy to find. But things would not turn out this was, as Alejandro Regalado never existed. He was simply a tale, a piece of bait that was set to draw Miss Mexicana away from her support system and into the jaws of an enemy she didn’t even know had been plotting against her for years…


* * *


Miss Mexicana stepped out of the small private plane and began walking down the steps onto the tarmac. She was momentarily stunned by how different the climate was in this teaming metropolis, and she had to concentrate on not showing how cold she felt.

I shouldn’t have worn my normal costume, she thought as she started heading to the nearby terminal. The short, curvaceous woman was dressed in a skimpy red, green and white bikini that showed off her thick curves. The small bikini bottom was little more than a thong that covered her pubic mound and showed off her plump ass and the bikini top barely kept her large breasts in check. But it was the costume that nearly every Miss Mexicana had worn since the late 60’s and she was proud to be in it. And she knew her body looked stellar in the costume, her long golden brown hair accenting her large lips and curves.

Besides, she liked showing off her copper colored skin. It gave her a slight sexual thrill to have her powerful body so exposed yet know no man (or woman) had ever had it without her permission. And wearing such a revealing costume helped distract criminals and supervillains. They all knew that a woman with an active Power-Gene like her had a supercharged libido, and seeing her dressed in a skimpy, sexy outfit made them think she would put out if she were defeated.

She scoffed at the idea. She was the longest serving Miss Mexicana and she had NEVER been fucked by one of her enemies. That alone was a greater achievement then the length of her career. Heroines got defeated and fucked all the time, giving in to their body’s strong sexual urges with the slightest provocation.

But now me. I am always prepared, making sure my mind is clear and my body’s needs as satisfied as they could be before I head out to fight crime. That’s why I’ve been so successful.

Even in a foreign country she had prepared. She had a few leads on Alejandro Regalado’s whereabouts and already knew where she would be heading during her first hours in Megatropolis. She had even arranged to have a taxi waiting for her, the driver paid been paid to drive her round the clock till she had located Alejandro.

The only thing she hadn’t done was taken the time to masturbate and clear her mind before heading into action. But this is a whole different country, she thought, surely I have no enemies waiting for me here other than this Alejandro. And he doesn’t know I’m coming for him yet!

She quickly found the waiting driver, holding a sign up with her name on it. She was surprised to see that the driver appeared young, barely in his early twenties form the looks of him. Even more surprising, she saw that the young man was Hispanic. He greeted her in an accent almost as thick as hers.

She returned the greeting, shaking his hand and thanking him for the help he was going to give her over the next few days. “Hopefully, I won’t need it for more than a couple of days,” she told him, ignoring the way he was looking at her body.

Most men had a hard time not staring at her breasts when they were this close to them. The man before her was practically a boy, and had probably seen few women as well developed as her in person. Almost certainly he had never seen the breasts of a superhumanly endowed woman this close before. Each of her breasts were practically the size of the man’s head, a fact that had seemed to awe the man.

After giving him a moment to ogle her she politely pulled her hand away and got into the cab. As she sat down she wiped her hand on the seat next her, as the youth’s hand had been incredibly sweaty. She was used to that too; most commoners became nervous and clammy in her presence.

The driver got into the front of the vehicle and turned to speak to her, his voice still nervous. “So, where are we going first, Miss Mexican?” His voice came through a small speaker placed in the middle of the transparent glass that separated the front of the taxi cab form the back. She looked around, searching for a button that would turn on the speaker on her side. The man understood and shook his head. “No need to push a button, just speak and I’ll hear it. Speaker’s always on.”

Miss Mexicana recited an address from memory. “It’s a motel in a seedy part of town… I believe the locals call it ‘the Curb’?”

“I know exactly where you’re looking to go,” he said, putting the car into gear and driving out into traffic. It wasn’t long before they had left the busy airport and were headed deep into Megatropolis. “We’ll need to drive through downtown to get where we are going. Hope you’re not in a rush, this could take some time.”

“No, I’m in no rush. I don’t really expect that my target will still be staying at this location, but I’m sure I’ll be able to beat some information out of the lowlifes there and get some new leads.” She sat in silence for a moment then decided she needed to find out more about the man who would be driving her for the foreseeable future. Besides, it’s never too soon for a heroine to start building up a support system, she thought.

“I can tell from your accent that you’re from Mexico,” she said in her most charming tone. “How long have you lived in America?”

“Oh, for many years now. Long enough to make a name for myself in my chosen career. Following in my father’s footsteps actually. In fact, my father spoke about you frequently. He actually met you, only once, but the meeting changed his whole life. I don’t think it’s something you would remember, and I doubt he made an impact on you. But the way he’s talked it up… it’s had a real impact on my life. It’s why I was sent to America, why I started my career here.”

“Really? I’d be interested in hearing how exactly your father meeting me led to you being a cab driver.” She turned and looked out the window, watching the tall skyscrapers of the busy city go by as they drove slowly through the traffic. It all looked so alien to her, reminded her how out of place she was here. Everything was so different, even the air smelled different!

She took a deep breath in, the strange scent of the foreign taxicab filling her senses. The scent was both subtle yet strong. It had an almost sickeningly sweet tinge to it. Yet there was an even stronger undertone, something that was positively calming. As she continued breathing in she felt herself feeling overwhelmingly calmed, her muscles relaxing and her eyelids getting heavy. The more she breathed the stronger the smell got, eventually a pungent smell joining the mix, something that she couldn’t quite place but had an oddly familiar male smell to it.

The cab driver knocked on the glass window, shocking Miss Mexicana awake. “I’m sorry,” she said as she rubbed at her eyes. “I think I started to doze off there for a moment. I’m just so relaxed back here…”

“I know,” the driver said loudly. “My cab was designed to put its riders at ease. Help them relax and make sure their mind is properly pliable.”

“What did you say?” She wasn’t sure she had heard him right.

“Oh, it’s not important. I was talking about my father, remember? Before you started to doze off?”

“Oh yes,” she said sleepily. She lay back in her seat and fought to keep her eyes open. “Tell me about him.”

“I loved my father,” he said quickly, as if the words had been building up inside of him for some time. “He was, is, a deeply flawed man. I know he deserved what he got, deserved it by being fool enough to be caught and sent to prison. I was always driven to be better than him, not make the mistakes he made.”

“And here you are,” Miss Mexicana said in a drowsy voice, “making an honest living as a cab driver.”

“Oh, I’m not a cab driver,” the man said.

“What did you say?” she asked, trying to sit up but finding the simple act hard to preform. Her body felt relaxed to the point where her muscles seemed to be unresponsive.

“I said I’m not a taxi driver. I’m a crime boss, like my father. But I’m not part of some backwater drug running Mexican cartel like him. No, I’m a Boss of one of the greatest criminal organizations in the world: The Red Dragon Syndicate.”

Miss Mexicana’s blood ran cold as ice. “What?” she said, managing to lift one of her arms and trying to pull the door open. The handle moved, but the door seemed locked. Even in distant Mexico she had heard tell of the Red Dragon Syndicate.

“Oh, you’re not getting out of this car, not till I tell you to. Lay back. Relax.” He said the last three words in a firm, commanding tone. As the words hit Miss Mexicana’s ears they echoed through her head, her mind responding to them with a warm, soothing reaction. She felt her body go limp as she laid back and relaxed.

She finally realized how much danger she was in. Something was affecting her body and her mind. As she breathed in she concentrated on the smell of the air. She realized there must be some kind of gas being released into the back of the cab! “Drugged me,” she said in a soft, exhausted voice.

“That’s right,” the man said. “A special mix of drugs I had concocted just for you. Some to make you calm, weak and easy to deal with. But I’m sure you’ve had men try and use such drugs on you before. But I’ve used something else, something that I don’t think has made its way to Mexico yet. They call it Formula CCP, and it ensures that women like you will do whatever a man like me tells you.”

“No,” she whispered quietly.

YES,” the man said back confidently. “I’ve been planning this moment for a long time. Since the day you sent my father to prison for life. I’m the youngest Red Dragon Syndicate Boss ever, and it’s an organization that’s far more impressive than my father’s cartel ever was. But like I said, I loved my father and I knew I had to avenge him. It took all my recourses to set this little trap for you.”

“What trap? How did you know I would be coming here?” she asked. Her eyes were barely open and she could barely move her body, but her mind was still wide awake and she was hanging onto his every word.

“Why, the trap that has been the last few months of your life, you dumb titted bimbo! The cartels moving back into your territory, they did it on my orders. I knew you’d go after them as soon as they moved in. I’ve spent years following your career, finding out everything I can about you. I sent agents to Mexico to get first hand reports on you from men you have sent to prison. I’ve learned more about you then probably even you know!

“I knew the first thing I had to do was get you away from that pesky support system you had around you. Get you out of where you were safe and protected and get you into my territory. I knew you’d be driven to hunt down every member of the cartel invading your territory. I planted rumors of a man who had run away with all their money, set it up so you would chase a man that doesn’t even exist right to my front door step.”

“Alejandro? Not… real?”

“Nope. He never existed, but you were too stupid and too overconfident to know that. I played you every step of the way, and now you’re mine…”

Her head lolled to the side as the vehicle took a sharp turn. A moment later they were driving into dimly lit building. “Where… are we?” she asked.

“Some where no one will find you, even if they come looking for you.” The car came to a stop. Looking out the window she could see they were in some kind of garage, one that could fit about ten cars but was for the time being totally empty aside from them.

The man knocked on the window, drawing her attention to him and making her realize that she had started to fall asleep again as soon as the car had stopped. He had put on some kind of mask over the bottom half of his face, clearly something that would prevent him from breathing in the gas in the back of the car. “Listen to me. In a moment I am going to unlock the back doors. You are NOT going to try and leave the car. You’re not even going to try and open the door. You’re simply going to lie there, limply, not moving. Do you understand?”

Again, Miss Mexicana felt a warm sensation of obedience wash over her mind. “Yesssss,” she hissed angrily, wanting to fight against his commands but unable to so.

He nodded his head in pleasure at her acquiescence then unlocked the doors. A moment later he had exited the front of the car and walked around to the back door opposite of her. He quickly opened the door, practically jumping into the seat next to her, and slamming the door closed behind her. “Can’t go letting too much of this potent, but invisible, gas out of back here. Not after I went to all the trouble of slowly piping it into this airtight little container back here.”

He had told her to go limp and not move, which she had done. Her head hung to the side, her cheek practically resting on her shoulder. She was facing away from the man, and couldn’t see him. But she could feel him moving in the seat next to her. Hear him breathing through the filter he wore over his mouth and nose.

“I’ve waited so long for this moment… Revealing myself to you, making you realize how doomed you are. I’m just realizing you don’t even know my name, do you?”

“No,” she whispered.

“I think that’s fitting. My name doesn’t matter anyways, I stopped using it once I become a Syndicate Boss. I think you should just call me ‘Master’.”

“Say it,” he said in a suddenly angry voice.

“M-master,” she stuttered, shocked at how her body started to act before she told it to.

“Good girl. Now, I think it’s time to get a look at these famous breasts of yours. It’s amazing, how long your career has been yet there isn’t a single picture of you topless in existence! I don’t think any other heroine who has served as long as you have can say that. You’ve protected them as if… well, we’ll find out if my theories are true soon.”

She could see out of the corner of her eyes that his hands were hovering above her breasts. She knew what he was going to do. He was going to do what so many other men had tried, and failed, to do: he was going to pull her bikini top down and expose her breasts.

His fingers shook in anticipation then, like a striking snake, he grabbed the fabric and tugged it down over the heft of her large breasts. He gasped at the sight, then made a pleased sound as he stared at them in all their glory.

“My god…. These tits! I’ve dreamed of them for so long. But seeing them, they are more magnificent than I ever imagined. So fucking big, so fucking heavy, just fucking draped there across your front. Look at them, so full and firm, yet pleasantly sagging just enough to make it known that they are one hundred percent real.

“And look at the lovely tan lines on your breasts. All the best parts are so much paler then the rest of your dark skin… like special little tit treats just for me. And holy shit, look at this nipples! Fucking huge!! Your areolas are almost as big as the palm of my hand, and the nubs of your nips, look at them poking up all hard and engorged in the open air, they are nearly as big as my thumb! If your tits weren’t nearly the size of my head it would look weird, but on tits that big nips like that look even more delicious…”

He licked his lips and held one hand up over her breast, his palm hovering an inch above her hard nipple. Slowly he lowered his hand, pressing his palm down onto her warm flesh and enjoying the feel of her hard nipple up against his hand. Gently he squeezed her breast, the act causing a small moan to escape from her mouth.

His hand shot back. “You liked that, didn’t you?”

“Yesssssss,” she hissed, mad she had to reveal how much she had enjoyed the simple grope.

“I knew it. I’ve heard how women with an active P-Gene can have super sensitive breasts. And from the reports of how you’ve protected these monsters from every touch or grope I had suspected yours were extra sensitive… not just suspected but planned on it.”

There was a moment of silence, a dark calm in the back of the car. Then he struck, his hands shooting out to grab both her swollen nipples. He grabbed them painfully tight and twisted them as fast and hard as he could before letting go just as fast.

Miss Mexicana arched her back and screamed, her voice a mix of pain and pleasure. A moment later her body began to convulse, her large breasts jiggling fluidly as she did. Her legs closed and she rubbed her thighs together as she came hard and fast, then collapsed again into an unmoving pile of exposed flesh.

“I knew it. You stupid fucking slut, you just came from that, didn’t you?”

Her eyes closed, her voice barely loud enough to hear, she responded. “Yes…”

“How I’ve dreamed of these tits… dreamed of tasting them. Fucking them. Hurting them. But above all, I’ve dreamed of using them to break you, to tear you down and utterly destroy you until you are ready to become something better than you once were.”

Mexicana had no words, only fear. She had never been in a situation this dire, never been so vulnerable with so little hope of escape. And being this man knew how easily her breasts could be used to make her orgasm she knew she was truly doomed. Already she could feel that the powerful orgasm he had forced from her had weakened her powers. Even if the gas had disappeared that moment and its affects dispersed with it she would, for the time, be too weak to escape. And if he made her cum frequently enough she would never be strong enough to escape…

“But I’ve talked enough. I’ve waited long enough. It’s time to sample the goods.” He leaned over, lifting one of her breasts up to his face and locking his lips around her nipple. He started to suck on her nipple, the vacuum like pressure of his sucking motions sending chills of pleasure reverberating up through her fat tit and down her spine.

As he sucked, her nipple grew even harder. He closed his teeth around it, biting lightly on it as he continued to suck. He bit down a little harder, then started to tug on her nipple each time he sucked, pulling her tit harder and harder with each suck.

As he did this he used his free hand to spread her legs open. Starting at her knee he slid his hand up the inside of her leg, enjoying the meaty feel of her thick thighs. Once his hand got to her bikini bottom he slid it to the side, exposing her sex to the open air. Mexicana shivered from the feel of the cool air on her damp pussy lips, then she shivered harder as the man began to snake one of his fingers through her lips and into her cunt hole.

He sucked on her nipple faster, biting down a little harder on her nipple as his finger entered her. She shivered again as his finger plunged deep into her, curling up and being dragged across her g-spot. Her muscles tightened reflexively as he started to stimulate her insides, petting her g-spot in rhythm with his mouth as he continued to suck rhythmically on her nipple. She started to moan as she began cresting to orgasm.

Miss Mexicana never let her sexual partners even touch her breasts. They were so sensitive that just being groped while she was being fucked was enough to make her cum hard enough to lose some of her powers. Having her over sensitive nipple sucked on and painfully bit as the man fingered her, it was too much. She screamed as she started cum, the orgasm washing over her and taking more of her superpowers with it.

With a wet sound of suction, the man released her nipple then pulled his finger out of her cunt. “God damn, your tits make you cum so easily! This is even better than I had hoped. But that’s two times you’ve gotten to get off, and I haven’t even pulled my dick out yet. I think it’s time we change that. You just stay right there, while I get out of my clothes.”

Miss Mexicana lay in the car seat, her head to one side, and waited. She breathed heavily, still recovering from her last orgasm. She was aware that breathing this heavily would make her large breasts rise and fall in a way that the man would find pleasing, but she couldn’t stop herself. Never had one, much less two, orgasms forced from me! It’s so humiliating… so shameful…. Yet part of me is enjoying this, she thought, filled with shame.

Pushing the thought aside, she tried to prepare herself for what was going to come next. Out of the corner of her eye she could see that the man was stripping all of his clothes off, and that his cock was rock hard. She was ashamed at how warm and tingly the sight of his manhood made her feel, ashamed that a very large part of her was looking forward to feeling it inside of her…

She thought that it would be awkward to be fucked in the back of the cab, but she figured a man with a stiff prick and a waiting cunt could make it work. Soon he was naked, his cock in hand, and he was climbing on top of her in preparation. It seemed like he was going to try and fuck her just like she was, sitting up in the seat but slightly slumped over.

Then he surprised her. Instead of spreading her legs and preparing to enter her he straddled her body and got up on his knees. Then he sat her straight up, moving her head so it was lying back on the seat. His body was pressed up against her stomach, his warm, hot cock pressed into her soft stomach. What is he doing? She thought.

He looked down into her eyes, his own eyes on fire with the intensity of carnal desire. Slowly, he ran two fingers across her bottom lip. “So plump…. I bet they’ll look divine wrapped around my cock, these big lips of yours. But there will be time for that later. Right now I’m going to do the thing I’ve fantasized about for years: fuck your tits!”

Fuck my tits? What the hell is he talking about? Miss Mexicana had never heard of such a thing. But as he lifted his body up and moved his cock between her voluminous breasts she was started to imagine what he planned to do.

Once his cock was in place her grabbed her tits, doing the best to hold their large size in his hands. He pulled them apart and leaned over, spitting down onto her chest where his cock rested against her flesh. The act repulsed Mexicana, but as he wrapped her soft, full breasts around his hard shaft and started to move his hips she realized why he had done this. Now his cock’s movements were pleasantly smooth and lubricated, if not for the spit the friction of his movements would have been painful on her bare skin.

He started slow at first, casually moving his body up and down. Mexicana was confused, part of her disgusted by the fact this man was humping her chest. Yet she couldn’t deny that the sexual act felt amazing. Her breasts were just so sensitive, and the combination of having them squeezed tightly around his sexual member, as the rigid rod of flesh thrust up and down in her breasts, made her body explode in pleasure.

She had already cum twice. She knew from experience that once she had gotten off it was like opening a flood gate: each orgasm would come easier and easier. The feeling of having her tits fucked was overwhelming and, quite possibly, the greatest feeling thing she had ever experienced. It wasn’t long before she had an orgasm tittyfucked out of her.

By that point the man seemed not to notice her orgasm. He was moaning and humping her chest ever faster, working towards his own climax. As he drew nearer he squeezed her tits even tighter, his cock thrusting up and down in her bust ever faster. Miss Mexicana had started to cum for a fourth time just as he groaned and unloaded. Her breasts were wrapped tightly around his shaft, and she felt the explosion of thick fluid expand out in her flesh mounds.

As soon as he was done cumming he let go of her tits and pulled away from Mexicana, turning away from her and collapsing into the seat next to her. “Amazing,” he said as he breathed heavily.

Miss Mexicana could feel his thick load of cum running down the crevasse between her breasts. She had always hated the feel of cum on her, and was surprised now to find out that the feel of the fluid oozing down her breasts was highly arousing.

Her body was drained. Four powerful orgasms in such a short time had totally sapped her of all her power. Worse, she wasn’t even sure she now had the energy to stand. This fact was tested a moment later when the man opened his door and got out, leaving the door open as he dressed.

With great effort she turned and looked out the open door. It would be so simple to leap out and knock this vile man out while he dressed… She struggled to gather what little strength she had left and attempt to escape. She managed to lift herself up but as she turned and started to move out of the vehicle she felt herself stop. She realized it was simply impossible to leave the car.

The man laughed. “The drugs are still affecting you. And they will be for some time. You won’t be able to leave that car till I tell you, not till they wear off. Of course, we don’t want to risk letting that happen.” Once he was dressed he opened the door to the front of the car and pulled something out from under the seat.

The item was about the size of his hand. As he climbed back into the car she saw what it was: another mask, but this one had a small canister attached to the front. It was clear what its purpose was: not to keep gas out but to pump it in. He affixed it to her face and commanded her not to try and remove it.

She fought as long as she could not to breathe, but eventually she had no choice. As she breathed in she tasted and smelt a familiar mix of sickly sweet, overpoweringly male smell. More of the Formula CCP, she thought, cursing the mind controlling drugs existence.

“You’ll be wearing this for a while. Till I know I’ve started to break you down or ensured that you’re too weak to escape even if you can. But by the end you won’t need this, because you won’t want to escape. You’ll only want to serve. Now let’s begin: who am I?”

Miss Mexicana took a deep breath, knowing each time she inhaled only ensured she would be more subservient but not knowing what else she could do. “You’re my Master,” she said, utter defeat in her voice.

“Very good. Now you can get out of that car, and we can really begin.”


* * *


Her new Master blindfolded her, led her into a nearby building, down a confusing array of twisting corridors and finally into a room that would be the only thing she would see for some time.

Once the door to the room was closed her blindfold was removed. The room before her was middling in size. The walls were painted a faded white. The floor was mostly covered in old ratty mattresses, except in the center of the floor. There sat a metal chair, bolted to the ground. There were metal bindings attached to the back of the chair, obviously made to secure the arms of whoever sat in the chair behind them, as well as leather straps on the front legs of the chair.

“Sit,” her Master said, pointing to the chair.

Miss Mexicana moved to the chair and collapsed into it. She didn’t care that the chair was obviously created to keep heroines such as her captive. She didn’t care that her tits were still hanging out of her top, cum still running wetly down her front. She didn’t even care that her Master was painfully securing her arms behind her and strapping her ankles to the legs of the chair.

All she cared about was how tired she was, and how nice it felt to be off her legs. It had nearly strained her drained body past the breaking point being made to walk all this way, and now that she was sitting she quickly slumped back, her eyes closing as she faded into unconsciousness.


* * *


Miss Mexicana was woken up by a confusing mix of intense pain and even more intense sexual stimulation as someone punched her savagely in one of her exposed breasts. She woke with a scream of pain that was muffled by the mask over her face, followed by shudders of pleasure as the impact reverberated through her meaty tit.

Panting, she looked up at the imposing figure standing before her. The man was large, large in only the way a man with an active P-Gene could be. He loomed over her, his body covered in bulging muscles. He wore a black leather jacket with torn off sleeves, exposing the muscles on his bare arms. He was looking down on her with a sickening grin.

“Wakey, wakey bitch!” As he spoke he punched her other tit, sending another confusing mix of pain and pleasure through her body. Miss Mexicana gritted her teeth and groaned in pain then moaned in pleasure.

Looking back up she realized there was a smaller figure standing beside and slightly behind the menacing man punching her tits. She had to blink her eyes a few times to wash away the tears of pain that were fogging her vision, but once her eyes were clear she saw that it was her Master.

He smiled at her. “This here is Reggie Blonka, one of the Syndicate’s superpowered enforcers. Until recently he worked for one of the other Bosses, but that man was displeased with him. It seems the same superheroine beat him twice in one week. So he was given to me. I have offered him redemption in the eyes of the Syndicate, redemption he is eager to earn.”

Reggie guffawed stupidly. “Yeah, and alls I gots to do is beat your fat wetback tits till you can’t take any more,” he said, then in quick succession punched her in one tit and then the other.

The young crime boss made a disapproving sound, then in a cold tone of voice began to speak. “That will be the last racial slur that comes out of your mouth, or you’ll be finding out what happens when a Syndicate Boss is REALLY displeased with you.”

“Uh… sorry Boss,” Reggie said, fear suddenly appearing on his face. “Won’t happen again.”

“Good. Now, Reggie, be a good boy and continue.”

“With pleasure, Boss.”

What followed was an hour’s long assault on Miss Mexicana’s breasts. Reggie Blonka punched and slapped her tits with all of his super strength. His blows were at times strong enough to rupture the flesh of a normal woman, and powerful enough to bruise the powerfully resistant heroine’s flesh.

Mexicana sobbed. She screamed for mercy. She moaned. She came. She screamed again. Still Reggie continued.

Before long he wasn’t just striking her increasingly sore breasts. He was painfully pinching her nipples, pulling and twisting them till she feared he would rip them off. He squeezed her breasts. He punched them again. He got down on his knees and bit her breasts, grinding her tit meat in his mouth till his teeth ruptured her skin and blood began to run down her breasts.

Through the whole ordeal she came countless times. That, more than anything, made her feel helpless. The fact such savagery, such pain, could force continual sexual climaxes from her body piled shame upon the agony. By the time Reggie stopped his assault on her breasts she was barely awake, her orgasms and the overwhelming pain paining her just to the edge or consciousness.

She was vaguely aware that Reggie had stepped back and her Master had stepped forward, with something in his hand. Her eyes had just closed and she had joyfully started to slip into the peace of unconsciousness when he placed the items on her nipples, shocking her awake and sending her eyes flying open.

Miss Mexicana screamed as her Master held ice cubes against her sore and bloody nipples. She screamed in pain, thrashing about to escape the ice. But he pinched her nipples against the ice cubes and held her tits tightly, ensuring she couldn’t escape the frozen cubes.

Without a word her Master let go and released her nipples, simply dropping the ice cubes to the floor. He took a step back. “Again, Reggie. But this time don’t stop till she really does pass out.” With those words the assault on her breasts started all over again.


* * *


When Miss Mexicana woke she was vaguely aware that a lot of time had passed since she had passed out from her tit beating. Her body was sore, but opening her eyes and looking down she could see that her breasts were almost fully healed. And sometime during her sleep someone had washed the blood and dried cum from them.

She lifted her head around the room. Sitting in chairs on either side of the door were her Master and Reggie Blonka. Once they saw her looking at them they both rose to their feet.

Blonka glowered at her but her Master smiled kindly. “I knew that healing factor of yours would still work wonders, even with all those dirty little orgasms draining your body.” He walked over to her and lovingly stroked her cheek with the back of his hand.

She pulled back from his touch, disgust on her face.

He made a disappointed sound. “Tell me, what would you do if you weren’t bound to that chair? What would you do if you weren’t so weak right now?”

The words were out of her mouth before she could even think, the drug she was breathing ensuring she answered honestly. “I’d beat you both to a bloody pulp and escape from this place!”

He smiled. “That’s what a thought. Seems we still need the gas, it will keep you honest when I ask you questions. As for keeping you weak, well, another round of forced orgasms will help ensure that. Reggie? Beat her tits till she passes out again.”


* * *


Miss Mexicana opened her eyes slower the next time she woke. She could tell her body had healed again, but it felt even weaker, almost worn thin. She couldn’t go on like this… If this continued for much longer even her healing factor couldn’t help her and she knew that. And she was starting to worry that the forced orgasms were permanently weakening even her healing powers.

Looking up she saw Reggie and her Master sitting by the door again. Once more, they rose to their feet and walked across the room. Again, her Master stroked her cheek lovingly. She was still repulsed by the man’s touch but she was too exhausted to turn from it. “Tell me, my pet, what would you do if I unbound you? Keep in mind the punishment you know you will receive if you answer wrong. But know that gas you are breathing will ensure you answer honestly.”

Her mind raced. She wanted to tell him she wouldn’t try and escape. That she would do whatever he said, anything to ensure she never had her breasts savaged again. Then she heard herself saying just that. She was filled with shame that she had broken so easily. She began to cry. He asked her why she was crying and she explained that she had been broken so easily.

“Oh my sweet, beautiful, fat titted pet. You are so far from being truly broken. You’ve just moved onto the next step.” He snapped his fingers. “Reggie, go get what we need for the next step.”

Reggie quickly left the room. A few minutes passed and then he returned carrying something in one of his hands. Mexicana was shocked to see that he had returned naked, except that he was now wearing the same kind of mask as her.

Seeing her confused look at the mask her Master spoke. “The drugs will ensure he carries out my orders to the letter.” He snapped his fingers again and Reggie handed a syringe to him. “This syringe contains a strong dose of the drug Semenall. Once injected it will put Reggie here into a uncontrollable sexual rage, thus why I am using the Formula CCP on him. This way he will fuck, but only who and how I tell him. He will fuck till he cums, and then the drug will keep him hard and super charge his balls, filling them almost immediately back up with semen. A dose this large into a man with an active P-Gene will ensure that he fucks and cums till he passes out from exhaustion or dehydration, whichever comes first.”

He stopped to take a breath, then looked up at Reggie as he popped the cap off the syringe. “Reggie: you will fuck this cunt’s tits. You will fuck them till you cum all over them then you will use your cum as lube to fuck them again. And again. AND AGAIN. You will fuck her fat tits till you pass out. Do you understand?” The man nodded his head eagerly. “Good,” Master said then injected the drug into Reggie’s leg.

Reggie doubled over in pain for a moment, then quickly rose back up. It was like the sane, but menacing, man before her had been replaced by a mad lust demon. His cock was rock hard and visibly throbbing in a way that suggested he was so hard it hurt. He grunted then dashed forward, slamming his cock down between the bound heroine’s large breasts. A moment later he had them wrapped around his cock and was savagely fucking her tits.

Miss Mexicana had an orgasm forcefully fucked from her before he came for the first time. It was the first of countless orgasms, and before long they would all bleed together in her mind as the man before her fucked her tits till his cock exploded a mind bogglingly large loud of cum onto her. He’d then double over in pain for a moment, then rise ready to fuck her tits again.

She’d cum. He’d cum. He’d double over in pain then rise, slapping his cock down into the cummy mess all over her tits and start over. Over and over, orgasm after orgasm, more and more cum. He fucked her till she passed out from too many orgasms, her body beyond exausted. She woke, covered in even more cum and Reggie still fucking her tits. He kept going till she passed out again.

The next time she woke it was to the feeling of being covered nearly head to toe in thick, half dried globs of cum that slowly oozed down her body. Reggie Blonka was laying on the ground nearby, passed out and looking utterly drained. She took a deep breath, hoping her ordeal was truly over for the time, and allowed herself to fall back asleep.


* * *


When Miss Mexicana woke again she realized something had changed. As she opened her eyes she realized that her cum soiled costume had finally been removed. She was no longer bound to the metal chair. Instead, she was laying on her back on a metal table, her ankles and wrists secured down by metal bindings. Looking around she saw that she was either in the same room or one that was identical to it other than the metal contraption in the center of the room.

One other thing was different: her drug mask was gone, and in its place was a large, red ball gag held tightly in her mouth. If she was the woman she had been before her capture she would have immediately started to struggle, testing to see if she had regained enough strength to break free from the metal bindings. But she was no longer that woman. Instead she lay peacefully still, waiting for her Master to appear.

Before long he did, coming into the room followed by Reggie Blonka who was pushing what looked to be a medical trey of some kind, although she couldn’t see what, if any, tools were on it. Her Master walked with an energetic bounce in his step, while Reggie moved like a man who barely had the energy to stand. He had obviously yet to fully recover from his drug induced tittyfuck fest.

Blonka kept his distance as her Master approached the metal table. He grabbed her face, inspecting it. Then he started grabbing her tits, inspecting them. She was shocked that his simple, almost clinical gropes were enough to send her heart racing. It seemed that all the stimulation to her breasts had made them even more sensitive.

He grabbed her face again, leaning in so his face was inches from hers. “Such a beautiful creature. I am so enjoying breaking you, and am looking forward to all the ways you will service me once you are the new you. Speaking of which, we need to see how things are coming along.” He pulled the ball gag out of her mouth. “Tell me, my pet, who are you?”

“I’m…. I’m Miss Mexicana,” she said, certain her answer was correct but not sure if it was the answer he wanted.

He looked sad, disappointed. “Ah, not there yet. Well, that’s why we brought this with us. Reggie, bring my tools closer.”

The medical trey was brought closer. Mexicana looked at it, fearful of what she would see on it. The trey was filled with clamps, clothespins, and various vibrators and other sex toys.

He picked a clothespin up and then looked down at Mexicana. “You are no longer Miss Mexicana. You are no longer a superheroine. You’re not even a needy cunt and a pair of fat tits wanting to be pleasured. You are simply nothing till I tell you otherwise.” He then placed the clothespin on her nipple.

She gritted her teeth and moaned in pain, squirming. He clipped a second one onto her other breast. She thrashed even more, slowly becoming aware that running under the intense pain for the wooden clip bearing down on her sensitive nipples was an undercurrent of warm sexual pleasure.

“Who are you?” he asked again.

Still gritting her teeth she replied. “I’m nothing. I’m no one, not till you tell me otherwise.”

“Good,” he said, uncapping the wooden clips and returning them to the trey.  His hands sprung back to her breasts. He grabbed handfuls of her flesh and squeezed and twisted them. “But I don’t think you mean it yet,” he said as she screamed in pain, then screamed louder as she felt an orgasm forced from between her legs as he continued to twist handfuls of tit meat. “And we have a lot more work to do in the coming days.”


* * *


The following days quickly began to bleed together. He worked her body till she was too weak to remain conscious, then she was woken with more sexual tortures before she had fully recover. He used various devices on her breasts. He used vibrators and dildos to fuck her cunt while he tortured her breasts. And the whole time the same question, “Who are you?”

Soon after she lost track of time she lost track of the answer to his question. She really did no longer know who she was. She only knew her cunt was needy and her tits needed more stimulation, and she told her Master this.

At this point he applauded her and told her she was ready for her next step. She was removed from the table and told to get down on the mattresses that covered most the floors. “That needy cunt of yours is about to get more than it ever wanted. Prove to me what a good girl you are, fuck every man that comes through that door and do everything they tell you.”

He then walked to the door, opening it and allowing three men to come in. They were each naked and eying her eagerly. Within moments they were fucking her, all three at once. And when they were done more men came into the room, then more and more. The stream of men never stopped, fucking her round the clock for days and then weeks. They even continued fucking her while she was passed out from exhaustion. Her only breaks were for quick showers ever day or two once she was too covered in cum.

Through it all her Master watched over her, ensuring she did just as she was told and allowed the men to use every inch of her body to satisfy their sick whims. He would occasionally approach, pulling a cock out of her mouth and asking her who she was. “I don’t know,” she’d say. “No one,” she’d sob. No answer was ever right, and he would show her his displeasure by roughly slapping her sensitive tits.

Finally, there came a time where he asked the questions and the once mighty heroine had no answer. She simply stared blankly in front of her, her eyes open wide and her expression devoid of all emotions other than pleasure. Her mind had finally broken. Her mind was gone.

The man fucking her continued, while her Master got down on the ground and put his face close to hers. “Where is Miss Mexicana,” he asked her.

“Gone,” she mumbled.

He smiled and got to his feet. He told the man fucking her he could finish. Once the man was done the crime boss propped the broken heroine up in a nearby corner. Her legs were spread wide open, cum oozing out of her over worked cunt. Her large breasts were covered in cum as well, her head hanging forward and her face practically resting in the cum on her tits.

Standing before her he commanded her to look up at him. She did so, but slowly. Her face looked utterly exhausted, but there wise a wide, satisfied smile across it as well.

“What do you live for,” he asked her.

“Cock… to be fucked. For cum. To cum,” she mumbled wildly.

“And what will you do to keep being fucked? Even if it was just one cock that fucked you?”

“Anything,” she said, suddenly desperate. “Whose cock? Your cock, Master? If I can have only one cock oh please let it be yours!”

“Yes my pet, from this day forward my cock will be the only cock you receive, that is unless I say otherwise. But what will you do to get this cock?”

“Anything,” she said again.

“Will you be my servant, do whatever I say?”

“I already am! I already do!”

“Will you fight for me? Fight for the Red Syndicate? Fight against the superheroines of this city?”

“Yes,” she said. “Anything for you. For your cock.”

“Good,” he said. “We are almost there… now let’s get you cleaned up and moved to my private quarters. You need to rest, and then you need to finish your training…”


* * *


The woman formally known as Miss Mexican lay naked on a large, luxurious bed. She was on her back, her legs spread wide open. There was a naked man sitting atop her, on her chest with her large breasts wrapped around his cock as he fucked her tits. She had one hand stretched down under his leg, reaching down between her legs where she was fucking herself with her favorite vibrator. She was moaning in pleasure, looking up lovingly at the man fucking her breasts.

Between moans of his own pleasure he asked her questions. “Who are you,” he asked her.

“I am the Red Dragon,” she purred at him.

“And what is the Red Dragon?”

“The Red Dragon is a heroine destroying supervillainess,” she replied.

“And who does she fight for?”

“For my Master, the greatest Red Dragon Syndicate Boss ever. And through him I fight for the Red dragon Syndicate itself.”

“Yesssssss,” he hissed, then groaned as he came with her tits wrapped around his cock. His body relaxed, but he remained on top of her. “Who are your enemies?” he asked her.

She looked down between her tits, making a cooing sound at the sight of his cum pooling around his cock and inside her flesh mountains. She kept masturbating and looked back up at him. “My enemies,” she said, “are the enemies of the Syndicate. The superheroines of Megatropolis. Sister Tempest. Ice and Fire. Heleena the Healer. Lady Centurion. Bovine Justice. And above all, the Megatropolis Amazons.”

“Yes,” the man said looking down at his creation. “And very soon each and every one of them are going to meet you. But for now, you may cum my pet.”

The Red Dragon howled in pleasure as she came for her Master.



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