Sexualis Lamia

Jane Olson pulled her car into her driveway. Well, it wasn’t really HER driveway, it was her parents. She was twenty-one and still lived with her parents, something most of her friends poked fun at. But Jane had decided to go to college before making it on her own, and since the school she was attending was in her home town she hadn’t seen any reason to leave the house she had grown up in.

Sitting in the car she thought about how the friends she had been out with that night had been making fun of her for still living at home. When she explained her reasons to her friends they had laughed. “Yeah, Jane, but what if you want to bring a boy home? Oh wait, little Janey-poo doesn’t like boys, does she?”

“Of course I like boys!” she’d said angrily. “I dated Fred, and James, and Harry; remember? I even slept with all three of them!”

“But boring old Jane didn’t have any fun sleeping with boys, did she? And now she’s happy being all alone, burying herself in books and living with mommy and daddy.”

“I don’t know, I think its cause Jane is a plump little lesbo,” another one of her friends had said.

“I’m not gay,” Jane had declared angrily. “I just don’t get what all the fuss is about boys. They SUCK at sex. I’ve never been with a guy that was able to really please me.”

Their conversation had moved on, but she had dwelled on the accusations all night. She sat in her car, her hands tightly gripping the steering wheel. I don’t even know why I hang out with those bitches, she thought to herself. They are always mean to me and calling me fat. I might be a little on the plump side, but I’m no fatter than most of them!

Deep down she knew why they called her fat all the time. It wasn’t her thick build, she was thick but not really “fat”. No, she knew what drew their ire were her breasts. She’d developed early and girls had been jealously ragging on her since then. And since Jane was as short as she was her overlarge breasts tended to look almost indecently large on her short frame, making her look a lot heavier than she really was.

Taking a Deep breath and turning her car off she decided it was time to go into the house. She didn’t see any lights on which she hoped meant her parents were already asleep. She loved them, but they had been becoming a real pain in her ass. They seemed to think that she was still a little kid that needed their constant supervision.

Before she opened the front door she looked around the street outside. She lived right in the middle of a sprawling suburban empire, full of two story middle class houses, depressingly boring middle class families, and boringly manicured front lawns. It was one of those neighborhoods full of people that liked to think it was traditional, but where no one actually knew the names of their neighbors.

Looking up and down the street she thought about how all of the houses that seemed identical in the daylight, but looked far more interesting and diverse at night. The street lights cast forbidding shadows over front lawns and two car garages, leaving black voids that could be filled with anything the mind might imagine. When she had been little she had loved staying up late and sneaking out of her bed to sit at her window, looking out at the street. She would concentrate on the shadows and imagine what kind of dark creatures lived in them, wishing one would appear in her room and save her from her boring life.

But as she grew up she had found the world, even when shrouded in shadow, was lacking magical creatures of darkness. The world had darkness, for sure, but it wasn’t magical. Reality could be terrifying; she knew that from listening to the news. But in her little corner of the world, it was mostly just boring.

There was something different about the air that night though, something she noticed but couldn’t quite identify. Something that smelt off in the night air, an electric charge that made the small hairs on the back of her neck stand up. It was something thrilling… But unable to see it she gave up looking for the unplaceable something, deciding it was just her imagination.

Once Jane was inside she found that her parents were, in fact, already asleep in their bedroom. It was downstairs, in the back of the house. Her room, on the other hand, was upstairs with the spare bedroom and her father’s office. That spare room had always mocked her when she was growing up. Her parents had never made it a secret that they had wanted a boy. They had tried for years, but for reasons they had kept private her mother had been unable to conceive again. They never said it, but she knew they were disappointed that she was all they had gotten.

It was late and she knew she should head to bed, but she wasn’t tired yet. And Jane still had to wash off all the makeup she had put on for her night out with the girls. So instead of heading to her bedroom she went to the large bathroom down the hall.

Being it was upstairs her parents barely used it, so it had always felt like a safe space for her. During her early teenage years, when she had been most self-conscious about her body, she had spent countless hours locked in the room inspecting her it. She had wished her thick curves would melt away and leave her with a body more like the thin stick figures she saw on television. But no matter how hard she had wished her curves had only ever grown.

Jane still locked the door behind her when she went into the bathroom. The small lock made the room feel safe, like it was her private sanctuary that no one could invade, not even her parents.

Standing in the locked room she relaxed, realizing her shoulders had been full of tension. Her friends had really upset her, more than she had realized at first. It had been some time since she thought about her body and how much she hated it, but those bitches had brought all of her insecurities back to the surface. Looking in the mirror at herself she felt nothing but frustration with the body she had been cursed with.

Her body had never been something she liked. She wanted to be thin, but her frame had always been thick. As soon as puberty hit there had been no turning back. She had a large, plump ass and wide hips that made her back side look even bigger. Her thighs were thick, her stomach pudgy. Even her face was round, nothing but soft plump curves for cheeks and full lips, all looking fatter because she had a small, round nose.

She hated all of it. And it didn’t help that every time she had confessed her dislike of her body to someone they had dismissively told her not to worry. “So what if you’re not thin and sexy, you’re cute!” they would say. She loathed the word cute. She wanted to feel sexy, to be sexy, not cute.

It wasn’t even about getting boys attention, she had plenty of that. She was a nerdy girl with big breasts, and there would always be nerdy guys looking to paw at her tits and get between her legs. Thinking about this made her look down at her chest. Her breasts were large, had been since she had started puberty and they had only gotten bigger since then. They would look big on almost any woman, but on her short body they were practically overwhelming in their size.

Jane hated them: two big mounds of fleshy fat that hung heavily from her chest and pained her back. They were always in the way. And the fact that she hated the suffocating feel of a bra, even one properly fitted to her large bust, ensured that she was always having to struggle with the choice of wearing a bra and being uncomfortably or going without one and having her breasts unchecked and getting even more in the way of everything.

The day Jane had discovered tops with built in support had nearly changed her life. They were hard to find in a size that was both big enough for her body and her breasts. The few Jane had found she made sure she took good care of and wore almost daily, enjoying the feel of support for her breasts yet not feeling them suffocated in a restricting bra. Sure, the support wasn’t good enough to allow her to say run, but it was enough for the day to day life of a college student.

That’s what she had on that night: a simple top with built in support for her girls. The top of her shirt hugged the underside and sides of her breasts, keeping them in place. Of course, the support pushed her breasts up and together ensuring that an almost indecent amount of cleavage showed through the low cut top of the shirt. She’d made her peace with that, and learned to ignore the way men would stare. Never being able to carry out a conversation with a man for more than thirty seconds before they got distracted and looked down was a small price to pay for comfort.

And men sure did stare. All the boys she’d ever dated had been obsessed with her breasts, to the point that she had felt the rest of her body was ignored. It was like her tits distracted men from sex so much they couldn’t be good at it while they were with her. And more frustratingly they had never seemed to really want to do anything with her breasts. Sure, they would grab and grope them, but not in any way that felt good. They just wanted to lay her down on her back, spread her legs, and watch them bounce and jiggle as they fucked her.

My thoughts are all over the fucking place tonight, Jane thought as she started washing her makeup off. I think I might be horny, I get all scattered brained when I am, just like this. Well, that’s easy to fix. Once I’m done washing my makeup off I can head to bed and masturbate. Besides, jilling off always helps me get to sleep and I could use the help tonight. It’s about two a.m. and I don’t feel tired at all.

Eventually she thought she had all of her makeup removed, but she wanted to make sure before she left the bathroom. She leaned forward, placing the palms of both of her hands on the bathroom counter in front of her. Her face was close to the mirror as she investigated her eyes, making sure her face really was clean.

Then something caught her eye in the mirror. There had been a flicker of movement from the shower behind her. Her eyes looked at the shower through the mirror and watched as a man pulled the shower curtain aside and stepped out towards her.

Jane started to open her mouth to scream just as her eyes met the man’s. They were… mesmerizing. As soon as her eyes had locked onto his she felt her entire body lock up as she lost the ability to move or even speak. All she was able to do was stare into his eyes and breathe heavily.

Terror filled her as the figure slowly moved towards her, quickly closing the distance to her in the small bathroom. She wasn’t terrified just because the man had been hiding in her shower, no, there was more to it. Even though he looked normal, almost painfully plain, he felt alien. It was as if he wasn’t really a man, but something ancient and primal that had temporarily and frighteningly taken human form.

She had managed to take in his whole form before her eyes had locked onto his. He appeared to be in his late twenties or early thirties. He was dressed in jeans and a black hoodie that fit tightly over what appeared to be a thin, well muscled body. His hair was a short, dark, messy affair. He was attractive, but in a wholly forgettable way. He had the kind of face that could easily disappear into a crowd.

Except for his eyes. Eyes Jane couldn’t look away from, even as he drew closer to her.

As he drew near she felt the air around her start to vibrate. It was the same thing she had felt outside before coming in, that electric, unplaceable buzz in the air. Jane took a deep, shuddering breath in as he took another step towards her. Now the air was filled with a powerful, intoxicating smell. It was strong and heady, full of an overpowering musky staleness that confusingly warmed her insides. She was fascinated by it, and how familiar it smelt. After a moment she realized it reminded her of the smell that came off her panties after she had been aroused for a long period of time, only less feminine and much more male.

The mysterious man took another step closer, bring him near enough to touch her. He reached out and wrapped his arms around her waist, stepping even closer so that the front of his body was pressed up against her back side. For a moment she was aware that his manhood was hard and pressing into her hindquarters, which made cold fear run up her spine. But that feeling was quickly washed away by calming warmth that radiated from where his hands rested on her stomach.

Amazing heat emanated from his hands through her shirt, cascaded up her stomach and sending relaxing warmth through her whole body. When it hit her head she felt her brain warm and her mind relax, no longer fearing this man, instead feeling totally at ease by his presence.

He pulled her body tighter against him and smiled at her through the mirror. His smile sent chills of excitement down her spine. His smell was overwhelming her, warming her insides and, she realized in surprise, making her moist with sexual arousal. Once this dawned on her she realized she was hornier and more turned on than she had ever been in her life, which only added to the confusion she was feeling.

With one hand still wrapped around her waist the man pulled some of her dark hair aside and leaned in to gently kiss her neck. He kept eye contact with her through the mirror as he did this, his eyes never leaving hers. As his lips slowly came into contact with her skin she felt an explosion of warm pleasure. Staring at her, he planted light kiss after kiss on her neck, each making her want to moan in pleasure.

Pulling his lips away from her neck he straightened out and began to speak in a hushed, breathy voice. “I’m hungry,” he said, whispering barely loud enough for her to hear. “I’m nearly dying I’m so hungry. I’ve had to take refuge in your neighborhood from… well, I don’t expect you to understand. But I’m in hiding and have been unable to feed.

“Then I saw you leave your house earlier tonight. Saw you. Saw your breasts. So big… so full… I need them, need you. I waited for you to come home, hoped it would be before dawn. Can’t survive in the sunlight…” His voice trailed off into silence as if he were deep in thought.

What is going on? What is this strange power this man has over me, Jane thought quickly. What the hell is he talking about? Needing me, my breasts, to survive? Is he going to kill me and eat me? Is he some delusional sexual predator? Nothing was making sense, especially the fact that, as frightening as his appearance had been, how quickly that fear had left her. She didn’t understand why, and in that moment she only wanted to please and comfort this man, whose intense hypnotic eyes also radiated a deep sadness.

His hand that had brushed her hair aside returned to her waist. Then, in unison, both his hands raised up to softly cup the underside of her breasts. Again, Jane could feel a pleasurable warmth emanating from his hands through the cloth of her top, but even though her shirt was just as thick here she felt the feeling even more intensely on her breasts.

Slowly he slid his hands up over the shapely bulk of her large breasts. She breathed heavier as he kept touching her, her heart racing as waves of pleasure seemed to wash over her breasts and echo inside their thick flesh. She wanted to moan from how good it felt, but she still couldn’t move or speak.

He worked his hands up her breasts, stopping for a moment at her nipples to feel her hard nubs through the fabric of her top. The slight attention to her surprisingly oversensitive nipples sent electric thrill through her.

Then he moved on, sliding his hand over her breasts till his fingers reached the edge of the fabric that held her them in place. He slowly moved the tips of his fingers on to her bare skin, the warm pleasure becoming so hot it almost hurt as their skin touched.

He curled his fingers, grabbing the top of her shit. With sudden and surprising speed he tugged her shirt down her front, causing her large breasts to come spilling out of her top. They fell out, heavily bouncing into the open air of the bathroom.

Their sudden exposure caused the man to break eye contact to look at them. Jane’s eyes were pulled toward her breasts reflection in the mirror too. Her breasts were overlarge and wide. She had always thought the best description of them was “fat”. They weren’t perfectly shaped round things like she had seen in the few pornos she had watched online. Instead, her breasts were large and heavy and hung down her front like two large, misshapen fleshy pancakes. The nubs of her nipples looked too big, her areolas even larger. Jane was white, but he skin had always been slightly darker than most other white girls, and her nipples were even darker: dusky reddish brown instead a pleasant pink.

Staring at them she remembered why she hated them so much. But then she looked away from her breasts and saw the way the strange man was staring at them. He was licking his lips hungrily and looking at her breasts like they were the most amazing, beautiful, desirable and precious things in the world. She didn’t understand why he would look at her fat tits like that but she had to admit she liked it. It made her feel… sexy.

Then he raised his hands again, once more cupping the bottom of her breasts in his open palms, lifting them up slightly. This time, with her breasts hanging out of her shirt and him hefting them up, it was more like he was weighing them. As soon as his skin came in contact with her breasts she lost the ability to think straight. Wave after overpowering wave of hot pleasure started shooting through her body.

The pleasure cascaded through her breasts. It washed up to her head, flowing over her mind and leaving her unable to process a single thought. It flowed down her body, filling her now aching cunt with an overpowering desire to be touched, and maybe even filled. It kept going past there, down into her legs making them feel weak and shaky.

The overpowering sensations only intensified as his hands began to move. He lifted her breasts up, lightly squeezing them and pressing them against her chest, sliding his hands up their mass towards her nipples. The full heft of her flesh seemed to ooze out beside his hands, as her breasts were each far too big to be contained in a single hand. Once his hands were at her nipples he pulled his palms away and had his fingertips zero in on the large nubs of her nipples. He started to lightly pinch them, gently tweaking and twisting and stimulating them.

Confused and highly alarmed, Jane felt her body start to crest towards climax. She gasped and moaned, realizing she was able to move again but so worked up sexual she was too afraid to make use of her regained bodily functions. Then the man let go of her nipples, grabbed each breast and squeezed them tightly. His grasp was strong, and the grope was almost painful in its intensity, and most surprisingly it pushed her over the edge into orgasm.

Thinking was almost impossible for Jane in that moment of sexual climax. But she did manage to think one clear thought. If having my breasts played with had always felt this good I would have let a lot more boys have at them.

As her body shuddered in pleasure and her muscles tightened her legs did give out from under her. The man was prepared, catching her from behind and grabbing hold of her waist and propping her up. He led her weak body to the nearby toilet, closing the lid and spinning her around to sit her down on it.

Jane looked up at the man, intending to ask a question. But as soon as she made eye contact with him again her body froze once more.

“Relax,” he said to her in a soothing voice.

Relaxation washed over her and she found she was able to move once more even though she still looked him in the eye. “Who— no, what are you?”

“I told you: someone who needs you. Who needs these,” he said, grabbing one of her breasts. Again, the grope made her cum, causing her to double over forward, moaning as she was caught totally off guard by the sudden burst of orgasmic pleasure.

The man shushed her. “You must stay quiet. We aren’t alone in this home, and I have no desire to interact with any mortal other than you on this night. Now, no more questions for the time being.” As he said this Jane felt the thousand questions she had been preparing to ask disappear in her mind.

“We must continue, I NEED you, need to drink from your life sustaining sexual energies. But my tastes are perhaps too refined. I need the energies that large breasts give off, and your breasts are a banquet of what I crave. But you are too sensitive to my touch right now. We need to connect our sexual energies, make you able to handle my touch so I can properly feed from you.”

As he spoke he began to unzip his jeans, reaching in and pulling his dick out. The toilet left her sitting perfectly level with the man’s crotch and as his dick was brought out into the open it was mere inches in front of her face Jane. His member was only partially hard and yet it was bigger than any dick she had ever seen before! Not just long, but wide as well.

More than the size of it she was shocked by the smell coming from it. It was a heady musk that hit her like a brick way, far stronger than the other smell that was coming off of the man. It was intense, thick, the smell of pure male sex and lust. It made her vaginal muscles twitch, her mouth water, and her heart race.

The mysterious man grabbed hold of his cock as it filled with blood and grew ever larger before her. He lifted it to her face and drew closer to her. It was as if her mouth were magnetically drawn to it, as it drew closer she leaned forward, opening her mouth as she did so. Before long she had taken his cock head into her mouth and wrapped her lips around his shaft.

As her lips enclosed around his manhood and their flesh touched the burning waves of pleasure returned, dizzying young Jane. She had expected his dick to taste bitter and of stale sweat, like all of the other men she had gone down on. But this man, his large cock, its taste was overpoweringly pleasurable. She couldn’t even find the words to describe it… then, her tongue came in contact with a small bead of precum leaking from to tip of his cock and her taste buds exploded. It was like pure ambrosia.

Jane had never been good at giving head. It was something she had never enjoyed doing, so hadn’t had much practice. But now she found that deep inside her were the instincts to suck dick like her life revolved around it. She worked his cock with her mouth like a pro, enjoying the way it finished hardening as she snaked her tongue around it. She moaned and slurped as the taste of his cock and his precum filled her senses, blasting her mind and overwhelming her senses.

As she gave the stranger intense head she began to notice something else, a feeling like a deep humming passing between them. Jane felt it passing from his cock into her mouth and spreading through her body, only to collect up and pass back into him. It seemed to be dulling the waves of pleasure that was coming from the places where their bodies touched. The contact still felt good, it still warmed her between her legs, but it was no longer so overpowering that his mere touch could bring her to the edge of climax.

As her head cleared and she was able to think past the pleasure of being in contact with the man Jane realized she had unbuttoned her jeans and slid a hand down her pants. As she continued to suck the cock before her she fingered herself, quickly rising towards another orgasm. She used her fingers to move into the orgasm slowly, ensuring it was a light, long climax that didn’t interfere with her cock sucking.

Not long after she came the man stepped back, pulling his now spit covered cock wetly out of her mouth. “There we go, now you should be able to handle me touching you without cumming yourself stupid.” He stroked his cock as he spoke to her. “I need your sexual energies, specifically the kind given off by your breasts. With as big as your breasts are and as young and fertile as you are, you can’t help but be filled with them even if you can’t feel it. Don’t try and make sense of any of this, just sit and enjoy.”

He stepped closer to her, so close that his cock was pressed up between her large breasts. He grabbed them and started to wrap them around his shaft, but stopped. “Has a man ever fucked your tits before?”

Jane shook her head no. She hadn’t even realized it was a thing men did, although it wasn’t hard for her to imagine what he meant to do. As he squeezed her breasts around his long, hard shaft and started to hump her chest she found her assumptions were pretty accurate.

Looking down and watching his cock move in and out of her breasts she imagined that a man with a more normal sized cock would have been totally enveloped by her large breasts. What surprised her most was how good it felt having her breasts fucked. The smooth friction of his spit lubed cock sliding up and down her pressed together breasts sent warm pleasure washing through her body. She kept fingering herself, quickly building up to another orgasm as she looked down and watched him fuck her tits.

Her moaning as she came seemed to turn the man on and cause him to hump her fat tits harder and faster. She watched as his cock head popped in and out of her breasts. It was a repetitive, hypnotic sight that she had a hard time looking away from. Every time he slammed up into her breasts she could feel a ripple run through her breasts, a wave of thick flesh exploding out form his impact. The waves rolling through her tit meat made her cum again and again.

The orgasms started to bleed into one long, mind shattering and body numbing climax. And through it all there was this strange feeling, like her breasts were being drained of something. It was a something she had always had but never noticed, like they had been full of some invisible force. She felt it slowly being sapped from her and flowing into the man, being replaced with the pleasure she felt just from being in contact with the man’s cock.

The orgasm stretched on, her body starting to feel tired and her muscles growing sore. She realized that she was growing weary, light headed and dizzy. It was as if whatever energy he was pulling from her breasts was leaving her exhausted. Jane was afraid she was going to pass out, but everything felt so good she couldn’t even contemplate trying to make any of it stop.

Jane’s head fell forward, her body too weak to hold it up any longer. The man let go of her breasts then she felt him grab hold of her hair and lift her head up slightly. A moment later his huge cock was back inside her mouth. He thrust it deep into her, to the point that his cock was pressing against the back of her throat.

Then she felt an explosion of thick, warm liquid. As the man’s hard cock quivered and thick cum spurted out he slowly pulled back, allowing his mind bogglingly large load of semen to fill her mouth. As Jane’s cheeks ballooned she struggled to mentally process just how much cum was coming out of this strange man and flooding into her mouth.

The taste was overwhelming, ten times stronger and greater than his precum had been. She started to swallow it all, struggling to get it all down before it started leaking from her mouth and not wanting any of the delicious fluid to go to waste. As the thick goo went down her throat she felt her insides burning, as if she had drunk pure pleasure in hot liquid form.

It was too much for her to take. She had one final orgasm, so strong that she felt her insides release as a flood of liquid gushed out of her. She’d never squirted while with another man, only while masturbating, and surely never from the mere taste of cum.

The intense, overpowering orgasm was too much for her drained and exhausted body. She passed out, slipping into unconsciousness…


* * *


As Jane began to wake she thought of the intense, kinky dream she had been having about a strange man assaulting her in her bathroom and giving her more sexual pleasure than she had ever experienced in all of her life combined.

When she opened her eyes she found that she was in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet and laying back. She looked down, struggling to keep her eyes open, her whole body sore and tired. She saw that her breasts were hanging out of her top, one of her hands still in her pants. She realized her panties and jeans were sopping wet and that there seemed to be some dried cum on her face, as if it had leaked out of her mouth.

It wasn’t a dream! But how could it have been real? How could any man’s touch have felt that good?

Jane got up on shaky, weak legs. Her cell phone was on the bathroom counter, next to the sink where she had left it. She looked at the time. It was nearly 6 A.M. She quickly grabbed her things, opened the door (which she noticed was no longer locked) and stumbled to her bedroom.

As she started to take her clothes off she realized she hadn’t pulled her shirt back up over her breasts. She was glad her parents weren’t awake yet, what would they have thought if they saw their daughter stumbling around the house with her tits hanging out?

The weirdest thing was how natural having them exposed felt. That was a feeling she had never felt, always feeling they were disgustingly large and needed to be hidden. But now? Now she wanted to be naked and let them hang free.

Once Jane was undressed she got into her bed, pulling the covers up over her. Her body felt drained, and she had no doubt she would soon fall back asleep. All of her muscles were sore, clearly from the large number of orgasms she had had. She’d never cum that much in her life. She’d never enjoyed sex that much and she hadn’t even properly fucked the strange man!

Laying down and thinking about him she decided he couldn’t have been human. Her mind wandered as she got drowsy and started to fade into sleep. She imagined that he was some kind of sexual vampire, one that needed the energies in large breasts to survive. Hadn’t he basically said as much? She knew she should be terrified of the creature, afraid he would return. He had, after all, said he was hiding in her neighborhood. But instead of fear she felt exhilaration.

The last thought Jane had before sleep overtook her was that she hoped the sexual vampire would soon return…

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