Sexualis Lamia 2

It had been two weeks since Jane Olsen had come home and found the sexual vampire waiting in her bathroom. Two weeks where her life had felt utterly changed. Two weeks before she saw the mysterious stranger again.

For the first time in her life she was thinking about sex, and mostly about getting off, almost nonstop. That next day she had remained in her room, alone for the entire day, masturbating furiously. When her parents had knocked on her door and asked if she was sick she had said yes and told them she was just going to sleep all day. Instead she kept masturbating till her cunt was sore and she fell asleep from physical exhaustion.

She woke up later that evening, her mind still aflame with the memory of how amazing it felt to be controlled by the mysterious man. But most of all she dwelled on how great it had felt being pleased by him, even though all she had done was give him head and let him fuck her tits. Again she masturbated, this time till her pussy was sore and numb, and then again till she had passed out from exhaustion once more.

The next day she had class. Part of her wanted to continue faking illness, to remain in bed pleasuring herself, but she knew better. She made herself get out of bed, take a shower to wash away the smell of the previous day and a half’s marathon masturbation session, then got dressed.

But once she was at school she found her mind wandering. Walking through the halls, sitting in class, even while taking a test all she could think about was which of the men sitting around her could please her the most. Which of them could make her feel like that strange man had made her feel. To her great surprise she even found herself wondering at times if some of the women could make her feel that way!

Halfway through the day her thoughts were too out of control, her state of arousal too high. She escaped to the relative safety of a stall in a nearby bathroom. There, filled with shame and fear that she would be caught, she sat as quietly as possible and jilled off. It didn’t take her too long to reach climax, and once she had she was able to think straight and finish her day without her mind wandering too much.

Later that day her friends asked her to go out drinking with them. Normally she would have turned them down, passing up most social engagements on school nights. But by then she was starting to feel recklessly horny again and knew she needed to keep out of her house, less she spend all night masturbating once again. And, she figured, being at a bar might lead to meeting a boy or two.

She was a nonstop flirt all night long. It was something that was very uncharacteristic of her, and something her friends noticed almost right away. “Ooooh, look who’s finally horny and ready to take a guy home,” they chided.

With a sly look on her face she had responded, “No, I want him to take ME home. I don’t want him able to find me again if he isn’t good enough in bed.” Her friends had whooped and laughed and bought her another drink.

By the end of the night she had zeroed in on a guy that reminded her of the mysterious stranger that had awoken her strong sexual urges. As she had walked across the room to speak to the man she had been nervous. Men had approached her in bars before, but Jane had never been the one to do the approaching, much less done so with the intention of getting him to sleep with her that very night. Her mind was filled with insecurities and worries. What will I say? What if he isn’t into girls as thick and curvy as I am? What if he doesn’t like breasts as big as mine?

As she stepped up to him and got his attention all of her concerns disappeared. Standing close enough to smell the man, she found her mind flooded with hopeful images of their bodies intermingling later that night. She found herself so hungry for sexual release that all of her self-doubt simply melted away, leaving in its place a confident and hungry sexual predator.

An hour later she was at the man’s home. An hour after that she was laying naked in his bed, the man asleep and naked beside her. Jane lay with a sullen, discontented expression on her face. Sex with the man had been utterly disappointing. He had been clumsy and unskilled, and there was no electric thrill that came with his touch. She had barely even started to get into it when he had blown his load and the romp was finished. And worst of all, he had barely paid any attention to her breasts.

Once she was sure the man was sound asleep she sneaked out of his home and returned home. And once there she masturbated, feeling frustrated that it was so hard to get off. It seemed that her body was becoming numb to the stimulation of her fingers and they were no longer going to do it for her.

The next evening she went out with her friends again. She tried to talk to them about the previous nights disappointing sexual romp, but she had never discussed such things with anyone in any real detail. She stumbled on her words and blushed and all around made herself look like a fool. Her friends giggled and laughed at her, but were surprisingly sympathetic.

“The problem is that most guys are shit at sex. And, like, unless you actually want to go all lezbo on us, you just have to learn how to get yourself off.”

“What, you mean like masturbate?” Jane asked, thinking about how she had been doing plenty of that over the last few days. She held her hand up and looked at her fingers with a skeptical look. “I’m not sure that really does enough for me.”

Her friends erupted into laughter again. “Well, yeah, jilling off helps. But don’t use your fingers! You’ve got to get a vibrator! God, I bet a goody-goody like you doesn’t even have one, do you?” Jane quietly admitted she didn’t. “That’s it,” her friend said. “We’re taking a field trip before any of us get too drunk to drive! Who’s up for going to the sex shop down the road from here and helping Jane pick out her first vibrator?”

Her friends all raised their glasses and cheered. Before long the ruckus gaggle of women were in the sex shop, loudly carousing the shy, plump woman in their midst around as they told her the virtues of different kinds of vibrators.

“I really like the little clitoral stimulator on this kind here.”

“Yeah, that’s nice, but this brand here REALLY fills you up. I find I need that to get off.”

“No, what Jane here needs is this one. It’s got a clitoral stimulator and is designed to rub against the G-Spot. I ALWAYS flood the bed when I use this one.”

Jane was slightly overwhelmed by the choices before her. And she was perplexed by the conflicting opinions of her friends on which kind was best. She decided that there must be no actual “best” one; that different woman’s bodies must enjoy and need different stimulation. And from the sound of things some of her friends even had different vibrators for different moods.

In the end she decided she needed to buy a few different toys and try them all out. She selected four of the cheaper ones, each that worked slightly different. Her new toys in hand, she thanked her friends and headed home to try them out.

A couple of hours later she lay in her bed, the sheets under her soaking wet from the multiple times she had gushed fluid out of her cunt as she came. She had never squirted so often and so fast. She had a large smile across her face, feeling for the moment as if she were satisfied sexually. She fell asleep, happy and content in a wet puddle of her own fluids.

By the next morning that satisfied feeling was gone. She realized the toys had gotten her off fast and well, but that the satisfaction from them had only been temporary. Okay, she told herself, I have a back up. But I think what I really need to is to find a guy that can fuck me right, surely THAT will satisfy me.

That night she was out with her friends again. When asked how the toys worked she told them, realizing she was quickly growing comfortable discussing her sexuality with her friends.

“I feel the same way about my toys,” a girl named Aubrey said. “They get me off fast, and hella good, but it’s not satisfying in the same way as getting off with a guy is.”

Jane smiled at Aubrey, glad someone seemed to feel the same way as her. She had always liked Aubrey the best out of all her friends. She was the least catty of the group and had always been the nicest to her. Maybe it was because the light skinned African-American woman was almost as thick and curvy as she was. She was certain Aubrey’s breasts were nearly as big as her own, and had always been jealous that the group had never seemed to pick on Aubrey the way they picked on her.

“But, like, how do you tell if a guy is going to be good in bed? I NEED some quality action,” Jane said with desperation in her voice, “but I don’t want to have to fuck twelve guys to find one that can get me off.”

Samantha, a thin blond girl that was the alpha of the group, leaned across the table and started to talk in a hushed voice. “Like I was saying yesterday, before we got distracted by sex toys, you need to learn how to get yourself off. I get off with every guy I’m with, even if they blow their load within a minute of sticking it in. You just have to make sure you’re turned on enough, that you’re getting yourself worked up before you even start and not just leaving it up to him. You have to know how to grind your body against his to work your own clit. You have to take charge and lead his hand and mouth to all the right places before you even let him take his pants off.”

Other women around the table agreed, telling Jane that unless she got lucky, or wanted to take the time with a single guy and really train him, she’d have to learn how to do most of the work herself.

Armed with new knowledge she left her friends and went looking for a guy to go home with. She eventually found another man that reminded her of the mysterious stranger and again found herself so confident and hungry to fuck that she was easily able to get him to take her home.

The man was as bad at sex as the first one, his touch lacking the supernatural pleasure that had come from the stranger. Yet she managed to get off with this man, even came more than once. She did all the work, showing him where and how to touch her. Once she was properly worked up she mounted him, grinding her body up against his in just the right ways. And above all she made sure he gave her large breasts all the attention they craved, demanding he squeeze her breasts and suck endlessly on her nipples.

She went home sexually satisfied, but by the time she woke up the next morning the sexual high, and satisfaction, had already worn off. Regardless, Jane was determined to continue down this road. She went out and bought an all new wardrobe, one that was a lot more provocative then her old one. She got contact lenses so she wouldn’t have to wear her old, thick rimmed glasses. She got a sexy new hair cut and started wearing her makeup in a way that made her face look more natural, but far more sexual.

Jane still went to class every day, but for the first time in her life she was only doing the minimum work required of her. The formally frumpy nerd who always read ahead was now frequently just skimming the required chapters right before class. And instead of staying up late studying she was staying up late going to bars and heading home with different men every night.

The men were always a bit of a disappointment, but she learned how to use them to get herself off a little better each time. Still, the more men she slept with them the more she felt she was missing something. After another week of sleeping around she admitted to herself what it was she needed: the mysterious stranger. She longed for the supernatural pleasure of his touch, for the way his powerful eyes had made her feel content and fulfilled in simply pleasing him.

The nerd in her came back out. She grabbed a fresh notebook and started making notes, jotting down everything she remembered about him in it. She had been doing this for subjects at school since she was little, making herself re-write whole passages from books or trying to copy down a teacher’s speech from memory. That’s what she did now, trying to rewrite every word the man had said to her.

When she had written down everything she could remember she went back over her notes, looking for clues that connected and revealed something. Going by things he had said she knew he had been hiding somewhere near her home, close enough to have seen her coming and going from her house. She figured that meant he must be holed up in a house on her street.

At least, she thought, it means he WAS hiding nearby. I have no idea if he is still here. He had said he was weak and starving for the energy he got from me and my breasts. Maybe once he had that he was able to move on? But if he hasn’t moved on he must be growing hungry again… perhaps I can entice him to come back out of hiding!

He had also said he had to come out at night, that the sun hurt him. So that night she decided to set a trap for him. She bought a new shirt; one that was made of thin, tight, black fabric and that was a couple of sizes to small but with a VERY low cut front. She stretched the front out, ensuring it would show off even more of her cleavage. Once on her body, with her breasts as large as they were, the top would show an indecent amount of her cleavage off. She wore the shirt with no bra, pulling the article of clothing down so that the fabric only covered the very top tip of her nipples on down.

She knew the outfit looked ridiculous. Her breasts were practically falling out the front of the shirt; her large, fat tits practically hanging out. But that’s what she wanted. She knew the black fabric made her white skin practically glow. And without the distraction of the darker skin of her nipples anyone looking at the exposed part of her breasts would instantly notice the thick, blue veins running under skin. The mysterious man had said he had loved seeing those veins.

Once the sun had set and her parents had gone to bed for the night she moved from her bedroom to the front porch. Her father had a chair there that he liked to sit in and smoke his pipe. She pulled it to the most visible part of the porch and sat down. She had brought a pillow with her. She stuffed it behind her, making it so her back was arched while she sat, her chest pressed out.

She sat for a long time, breathing heavily so her massive breasts rose and fell as her chest moved up and down. She looked around the neighborhood, seeing if she could find a man spying on her through one of the dark windows nearby.

Occasionally a car would drive by and she would feel self-conscious, knowing how ridiculous she looked practically showing her bare breasts off. A few men even slowed down, rolling their window down and hooting at her. Each time she blushed, but felt a surge of sexual excitement rush through her body. She realized that this little bit of exhibitionism was making her hot…

Her mind started to wander, as she began to fantasize about being topless or even naked in a public space. She started to picture the eyes of strangers upon her, then fantasize about their hands touching her, exciting her, then things getting more serious. She closed her eyes, breathed in deep, and touched herself through her pants.

“You have no idea how dangerous what you are doing is,” a calm yet angry voice said to her.

Jane’s eyes shot open to find the mysterious stranger standing on the porch before her. She gasped, shocked by his sudden appearance. I didn’t even hear him approach, she thought in alarm. She felt that familiar buzz in the air, as if there was something magical and wholly different simply in this man’s existence. Something that was powerful, something that altered the very air around him.

Looking up at him her eyes met his. She immediately felt his power take control of her. She was frozen in place, her chest pressed out, one hand pressed against the crotch of her pants, her mouth open in a surprised “o” as she stared up at him.

He stared at her for a time, his glare intense and almost angry. She lost herself in his eyes, feeling as if time meant nothing. Then he spoke and partially broke the spell. “I’m starved again, but I knew I couldn’t visit you again. It’s too dangerous, couldn’t have you looking for me. But you were already looking for me, weren’t you? What other reason could you have for sitting out here like this? You were trying to entice me out of my hiding place, weren’t you?” His voice was accusatory and demanding, but his questions were spoken in a way that suggested he already knew the answers to his questions.

Jane was unable to speak. Instead she nodded her head slightly. She was aware that her cheeks were bright pink. She could feel her insides aflame with desire. Her slit felt warm and newly moist as well. She wanted the man to touch her. To use her. And that’s just what he did.

“You should fear me,” he snarled, then grabbed her top and pulled it down, causing her breasts to fall all the way out of the top. Then he grabbed her tits, one in each hand, and squeezed them tightly. As soon as his fingers touched her skin she felt her body explode in delight. She moaned and shuddered as she felt a small orgasm spread warmly though her body.

His expression still angry, he broke eye contact with Jane and began to unzip his jeans. A moment later he had his dick out and in his hand. Jane stared at it, her eyes growing big. She had forgotten just how large his cock was. In that moment she felt it was the most amazing sight she had ever seen. She began to salivate and lick her lips.

The man spit into his hand, then stroked the saliva onto his cock. Then he stepped closer, leaning forward and spitting into the crevice of her breasts. A moment later he was pressed up against her, his massive cock sandwiched between her large breasts. He wrapped their thick flesh around his hard, warm shaft.

Wherever his skin touched hers Jane felt radiating pleasure. This was what I needed, she thought as she stared down at his cock head poking up through her breasts. She inhaled deeply, taking in the strong, sweet, yet heady masculine smell of his cock. I needed this… I needed him.

“This is what you needed?” he asked, his voice firm. Then he started to hump her chest. He didn’t start slow. He squeezed her tits around his cock and then fucked her tits, slamming his cock up and down her bust. He humped her chest savagely fast, right there on her front porch and out in the open for anyone passing or looking out the window to see.

The friction quickly caused his spit to evaporate. Before long the skin on her breasts was dry, painfully sticking to the skin of his cock as it slid up and down the mass of flesh enveloping it. The friction was painful, yet she found incredible pleasure in that pain. Before long she was moaning as she came again and again, over and over. Eventually cumming so hard that she squirted, soaking her panties and pants, the sexual fluids pooling up in the wooden seat of the chair she sat on.

Still the mysterious man kept fucking her tits. Staring down at her, his expression angry and determined. At one point he inhaled deeply, but as he did it wasn’t air that he took in. Jane shuddered temporarily in fear as she felt something draining from her body, flowing out through her breasts and into his cock as he breathed in. As the nameless thing left her she was left momentarily empty, then a moment later the emptiness was replaced with even more pleasure and she came one final time.

He joined her in orgasm, pulling his cock back down into her breasts and pressing them tightly around his member as a flood of liquid sprayed out form his cockhead. Jane, mid orgasm, felt the thick liquid filling the space between her breasts, the pressure from it making it flow up and down the space between her breasts and around his cock.

Then, with a deep, energized sigh, the man pulled away from her. Jane saw that his cock was still hard and covered in cum, but he quickly tucked it back into his pants. She sat still, her muscles tired and sore after cumming so much in such a short time. She breathed heavily; vaguely aware that his large load of semen was slowly running down her front.

The stranger suddenly looked around, as if just now realizing what he had been doing and that it had all happened out in the open for all to see. He made an inhuman hissing sound and glared at Jane. “Never again!” he said then turned. With a blur, he was gone.

Jane blinked, unsure of where he had gone. Had he teleported, or just moved so fast that she hadn’t been able to see? Thinking on it she realized it was the later, but that she HAD seen a blur as he disappeared. In fact, she had even seen where the blur had gone.

She got to her feet, having to use the arms of the chair for support for a moment as her tired muscles struggled to keep her up. Once she was sure of her footing she began dashing off the porch and out into the street. Yes, she thought as she ran down the street, I saw where he went. She was so obsessed with following the man she didn’t even notice her breasts bouncing heavily as she ran, the cum running down her front wetly flying off as she dashed forward.

A minute later she was standing at the door to the house she was certain he had ran inhumanly fast to. She reached for the door, placing her hand on the door knob and starting to turn it. Then she stopped. He had seemed angry with her, and he’d certainly be even angrier if she followed him into his home now. She wanted him. No, needed him, but she was still terrified of him. Tomorrow, she told herself as she let go of the doorknob, tomorrow I’ll come back.


* * *


She struggled to make it through the next day. Every ounce of her body wanted her to go to that house and enter it, searching for him. She felt a little like a junkie, desperate for her next fix. That, more than anything, convinced her she needed to wait. By the time she headed to the house she had stopped worrying about how the mysterious man would react to her presence in his home and was just worried about satisfying the overpowering need she had to see and be touched by him again.

Jane approached the man’s house just as the sun was starting to set. She thought about knocking on his front door, but decided not to. Instead she tried opening the door. She found it unlocked and let herself in.

Once inside she found the large house mostly empty of furnishing. She could see that whoever lived her did so with a Spartan lifestyle. The kitchen showed no sign of there ever having been food in it, the refrigerator totally empty and all of the cupboards bare.

Quietly, and carefully, she climbed the house’s stairs and investigated the rooms upstairs. Most were empty, although one contained a large bed that looked to be infrequently used. Nowhere did she find any trace of the mysterious stranger. She was starting to doubt herself, starting to think she must have been mistaken about which house he had entered.

Returning to the downstairs she realized there was a door she hadn’t looked behind that must lead to a basement, but upon trying to open it she found it was locked. That’s where he must be, she told herself. He must hide down there during the day, safely away from the sunlight.

She sat down across from the door, sitting with her legs crossed and her back against the wall. She sat and stared at the door, her expression that of a lost puppy dog waiting for its master to return home.

Outside the sun lowered and finally set, darkness overtaking the neighborhood. Then, after much waiting, Jane heard the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs hidden behind the door in front of her. She began to bounce in anticipation as the door started to open. It stopped, then flew open with a loud bang.

The man practically flew across the room, grabbing her by the throat and picking her up into the air with shocking ease. He slammed her against the wall as he snarled savagely.

Jane’s body was overcome by the sudden physical contact with him. Pleasure radiated from where he grasped her neck tightly, flowing down through her body and warming her breasts and genitals. Then, when he slammed her against the wall, she felt an orgasm explode from her loins. Fighting to breathe through his tight grip she had moaned, “yesssssssss.”

“You!” he said, realizing who he held in his powerfully strong hand. He started to loosen his grip, to lower her to the floor, but then his expression grew dark. His grip grew even tighter then before and he lifted her back up. “How dare you follow me! How dare you enter my home! You stupid, reckless woman! What if THEY had seen us, had followed you to me!”

“Please,” she gasped. “I don’t understand. But I can’t stop thinking about you. I need you! I need to feel you touch me, to use me sexually! I’ll do anything, be your slave! Just fuck me again, please!!!”

“Is that really what you want?” he asked her, holding her in place against the wall before him. “You want to be my sexual plaything? My slave? You want me to drain you, take all you have to offer and leave you an empty husk?”

“Yes,” Jane whispered, staring at his intense eyes. For a moment they looked at each other. Jane’s eyes were desperate, hungry for the unique sexual pleasure and joy his touch could bring. Even as he held his hand tightly around her neck she felt pleasure coming from his touch. He, on the other hand, was looking at her with anger and a touch of pity.

Jane was afraid he would reject her, in fact certain that was what he was going to do. She acted out of desperation. She grabbed her shirt and lifted it up, exposing her breasts to him. “Use me,” she said. “Use my breasts again.”

She watched as he tried to keep eye contact with her. The muscles of his arm began to convulse and shake. The corner of his mouth twitched up in a mock snarl. Then his will broke and looked down at her breasts. She saw him lick his lips, felt him adjusting his stance and knew that he was growing hard.

“Fine,” he said. “I’ll use you. Drain you. Show you what a monster I am.”

A moment later he slammed her body onto the ground, so that she was on her back. He momentarily released his grip, then with alarming, supernatural speed undressed. Before she had time to adjust he was on top of her, pinning her to the ground and sitting on her chest. He pulled her shirt up over her head and threw it across the room, leaving her topless.

He grabbed her neck again with both hands and lightly squeezed his fingers around her throat. “Wrap your tits around my cock,” he snarled. She did as he asked, shuddering in pleasure from the feel of his naked body sitting on her bare midriff. She felt a small orgasm escape her body as she wrapped her thick, large breasts around his iron hard cock.

Then, squeezing his hands tighter around her neck and using his other hand to brace himself against the floor, he started fucking her breasts. Like the night before he pounded them savagely hard and fast. Once again her breasts’ unlubricated flesh burnt with furious friction, the pain quickly becoming pleasure for her.

Jane started to cum. He kept fucking her chest. As her orgasm started to subside another rose up, replacing the first. Still he fucked her tits. Again, her orgasm bled into another, giving her no time to recover between climaxes.

She began to feel the strange sensation of that nameless something leaving her body, escaping through her chest and into his cock. As she felt herself emptied, hollowed out, she felt the space replaced with pure, carnal pleasure. Her seemingly never ending orgasm intensified, a flood of liquid spraying forth from her cunt as she started to cum again.

Still he choked her, held her in place and savaged her breasts. “Is this really what you want? To be used by a monster? To feel yourself drained of your precious sexual energies?”

Jane gasped as her climax continued. She was beginning to feel light headed, exhausted from the spreading emptiness she felt growing inside of her. Already her breasts felt totally empty, the strange emptiness now spreading throughout the rest of her. As this creature in the shape of a man drained her she grew ever more exhausted. She gasped again, realizing she was starting to see stars. She felt empty enough to float away, yet every bit of that empty space was filled with the most amazing sexual pleasure. Pleasure so intense she had never even imagined it could exist.

She looked up at him, her eyes wide in fear and joy. “Yes,” she said, her voice firm and confident in spite of the fear she felt.

The mysterious man groaned in pleasure, pushed over the edge by the word. He came in her breasts. But he kept fucking her, barely stopping to cum. The movement of his cock was then more fluidly smooth, lubricated by his fresh load of semen. The angry expression on his face seemed to fade, eased by the newly smooth movements inside Jane’s breasts. Even the grip around her neck eased up a little.

“If you want it you must understand what it feels to be fully drained. Only then can you make a true decision,” he said softly.

As he continued to fuck her tits Jane felt ever more light headed. She was vaguely aware that the semen was being churned up into a frothy white mess of smelly foam. But she didn’t care about the mess, she simply kept cumming. And above all she felt herself being continually hollowed out. And even though the space was being filled with sexual pleasure, it still felt empty.

And then Jane truly was empty. With one final cresting orgasm, one last gush of wet lady cum, Jane arched her back and screamed in pleasure, then collapsed onto the ground, unconscious.


* * *


When Jane began to wake it was to a feeling of utter exhaustion, both in inside and out. She felt emptied, hollowed, like a fragile shell of a human being. As she continued to wake she realized the feeling wasn’t exactly physical, but that her body was hollow of something she had always had yet had never noticed. It was a something she had no word for, yet knew it existed as she could now feel its absence.

Then, it occurred to her that it wasn’t truly absent. Even as she lay still, her body drained of everything it had to give, she could feel that nameless something returning. Slowly, but steadily. Instinctual she knew that within a day that nameless something would have totally returned, filling the emptiness she then felt.

Slowly she opened her eyes and looked around her. She was lying in the upstairs bed. Her clothes were on and her breasts had been cleaned. Sitting in a chair next to the bed was the mysterious stranger, a worried look on his face. When he noticed her looking at him he started, obviously surprised to see her awake.

“You’re awake,” he said dumbly.

“Yes,” Jane said, weakly sitting up and already feeling her strength returning to her.

“But… You should have been asleep for days, recovering from how much I drained you.” He lifted a hand and held it up to her cheek, hovering his palm an inch away from her skin.

Jane felt the electric buzz in the air around him and closed her eyes, a smile on her face as she leaned into his touch. A small sound of intimate pleasure slipped from her as their skin touched.

He quickly pulled his hand back. “Amazing,” he muttered. “Your energies are already returning! Why, I bet you’d be full by the end of the day…”

Opening her eyes, she smiled at him. “Yes, I can feel it. I don’t understand it, but I can feel it. Does this mean you’ll have me?”

He stared at her, his expression blank for a moment then confused. “I… I know I should tell you no. That I should disappear, so you can never find me again. But I can’t. Your body is too perfect for me, and you are giving yourself to me so willingly.” He grimaced, as if what he was about to say pained him. “Yes, I will have you as mine.”

“Thank you,” Jane said with a sigh of relief.

“But,” the man said, “you must understand how dangerous this is. Constant contact with one such as me can change a mortal. And there are those that wish to do me harm… if you become my thrall my enemies shall become yours.”

“I don’t care,” Jane said. She looked away, her expression content. Then she looked back at him. “What is your name?”

“Basilius,” he said.

“And what are you, REALLY?” she asked.

“I am a sexual vampire,” he said sadly, as if the fact pained him. “What the ancients called ‘Sexualis Lamia’. More than that I won’t tell you now. Now you must rest, then return home before morning comes. I will take you as my thrall, yes, but you must still live your life as normal. You must return home and go do whatever it is you do during the daylight hours while I sleep.”

“Okay,” Jane said, laying back down and closing her eyes. She lifted her arm up and held her hand out to him. Electric pleasure ran up her arm as the man sitting next to her wrapped his fingers around hers. Holding his hand and drifting back to sleep she whispered one final thing. “Whatever you say, Master.”

You can find the next part of this story HERE.

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