Sexualis Lamia 3

Jane’s life felt completely changed. She was no longer bored by her existence, no longer simply just going through the motions because that was what was expected of her. She had a reason to live: him, the mysterious sexual vampire that she now thought of as her Master.

She saw him every few nights. She’d wait till she felt her sexually energies fully recharged, wait till she felt she was ripe and ready to be drained. Then, once the sun had set, she would leave her home and head to his. Once there she would allow him to ravish her breasts, enjoying the overwhelming orgasmic release of being fucked by him. Then she would lay peacefully content with him, naked and their bodies pressed together as warm pleasure cascaded off of him and into her.

Finally morning would come and she would leave his side, feeling sexually satisfied in a way no mortal man could leave her. She would return to her home, tired and drained. She’d prepare for her normal life, heading to class at the university with dark bags under her eyes but a satisfied smile spread across her face.

The days began to blend together. She still did what she needed to do to continue her life, he had commanded that she do that. But the once bright days seemed pale compared to the nights of passion she spent with him. As time passed the moments lived in between her visits to his home seemed less and less important.

After several weeks of their time together it occurred to Jane that although they had had what seemed like endless sex, he had never properly fucked her. Her new Master had made it very clear that it was the sexual energies in her breasts that he fed off of and that he had only a passing interest in the rest of her body. Still, he always seemed willing to give her what she wanted in moments of passion. In fact, he seemed to get off on bringing her pleasure.

Jane decided it was time she felt him inside of her. She was certain he would give this to her if she asked at the right time and in the right way. But she had to make sure she was ready for him…

Her large, dark bush had always been rather wild. Her hair was thick and she had never groomed herself down there. She decided if she was going to ask him to enter her there she would need to shave her hair away. She wanted to be able to feel her bare skin up against his as he entered her, didn’t want her bush preventing even an inch of contact.

She started to imagine what it would feel like to have his electric fingers touch her there… What it would be like having his cock enter her, feeling the pulses of pleasure that flowed from it moving into her body from the inside. And she’d notice that his tongue gave off the same kinds of extra intense pleasure. Thinking on this she started to fantasize about how it would feel to have him go down on her…

Jane set about researching how to shave her pussy. She looked up instructions online, hunting down how to videos. As she did her research she discovered something surprising: as she watched women shave their privates bare her mind was filled with sexual thoughts. She began to wonder what it would be like licking the vulva of another woman, exploring her fleshy folds and feeling their bodies intermingle. She’d never had sexual thoughts about women, but now her mind was flooded with them.

At one point she even had to stop and masturbate to clear her mind. As she did she found herself picturing some of her girlfriends in bed with her. She pictured Aubrey lying next to her, her large breasts pressed up against hers. Then she pictures the thin, flat chested Samantha between her legs, her tongue exploring Jane’s most intimate of places.

Once Jane came and had cleared her mind she went about shaving herself. She found the act strangely cathartic, as if she were removing the last remaining part of who she once was. When she was done her vulva was bare, the skin of her pubic mound and outer labia smooth and exposed.

Afterwards she dressed for a visit to her Master. He liked her best naked, but she knew she couldn’t walk down the street without clothes on. Instead she dressed in a loose fitting pair of pajama bottoms and a black hoodie that was a couple sizes too big.

The outfit didn’t look strange to anyone that happened to pass her by as she walked between houses, and was easily removed as soon as her Master’s front door was closed behind her. The two articles of clothing would remain on the floor by the front door, forgotten and unused till she left the next morning.

Jane had blushed and looked away in embarrassment when she had undressed for her Master that night, something she hadn’t done since their first nights together. As she had expected, he noticed right away that she had shaved herself. “What is this?” he asked her, stepping up to her and lifting her chin up so she had to look into his eyes.

They still effected her, although not as much as they had the first night she had met him. His gaze was no longer able to freeze her in place, but when he locked eyes with her she still felt compelled to do as he said and tell him only the truth.

“I was hoping that tonight you would fuck me properly. That you would touch and lick and use my pussy. I wanted to shave it for you, present it clean and neat as a present to you.”

He smiled. “Thank you, my pet, I appreciate the act. But you are already mine, every inch of you” He turned away from her, placing his hands behind his back and locking his fingers together. He began to pace. She stood nervously by, trying not to be distracted by the sight of his naked manhood dangling between his legs as he moved back and forth before her.

“You are a very good pet. You give me all the nourishing sexual energies you can, and then some. Your breasts are… magnificent,” he said quietly, as if still stunned by their size and shape and the energies they produced. “Even though it is not how I wish to spend our time together, yes, I will do this for you tonight. And in the future there may even be times that the mood to do so again strikes me. But be warned: I will still need to feed from your breasts before the mornings light.”

“Yes, Master, I understand,” Jane said quickly. She was practically bouncing with eagerness. “Shall we head to the bedroom now?” They usually fucked there, although they had spent time in the house’s other rooms as well. If he was particularly hunger for her he would even use her right here in the entry way. The only part of his home that they hadn’t fucked in, that she hadn’t even seen, was the basement he slumbered in during the day. He had forbidden her from ever entering there.

They walked up the stairs together in silence. He remained a few steps behind Jane, intentionally avoiding physical contact with her before their sexual session began. She had grown to expect and enjoy that. It added to the anticipation of things to come and did a great deal to help work her up.

The master bedroom was sparsely furnished, just like the rest of the house. A luxuriously large bed was one of only two pieces of furniture in the room (the other being a sturdy wooden chair), and it did a good job of filling the space.

The only other feature of note in the room was a large mirror on the wall at the end of the bed. Jane had learned to enjoy using it, watching him use her body through their reflection in it. She had also learned to enjoy the look of her own body, getting off at the sight of herself being fucked almost, at times, as much as by the feel of it.

She stood at the end of the bed, waiting patiently to be told what to do. Her Master moved towards her, suddenly radiating magical, comforting warmth. His eyes glowed slightly as he neared her, exuding an overbearing intensity. She had noticed over that last few weeks that he had seemed to grow more powerful, that he shimmered with barely visible energy more often. At times it scared her, but in the end the energy always led to pleasure so her body had learned to respond to its appearance with sexual anticipation.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled himself to her, seeming to float slightly off the ground as he did so. As his limbs enveloped her body and his bare skin came in contact with hers she felt warm sexual pleasure radiate off of him. She arched her back slightly, pressing her large breasts into his bare chest and allowing her head to fall back, moaning deep and long as sexual pleasure began to fill her senses. She allowed her body to go limp, falling back into his strong arms.

“Yessssssss,” she purred as he held her. He then began to lower her onto the bed. She was intensely aware of every inch of his body that touched hers as her body was shifted slightly in his arms.

She reveled in the feel of being placed down on the bed. He laid her on her back at the end of the bed so that her pussy was on the edge of the mattress. He then placed his hands on her face, then slowly ran them down her body. First down her neck, then over her large breasts, then down the soft curve of her stomach. He ran both hands across her newly shaven pubic flesh, his touch electric yet alien on skin that had never been touched without the interference of hair.

A sound of disappointment escaped her throat as his hands continued to move further down her body. They left her vulva and slid down the inside of her legs, spreading them apart. As he did this he dropped to his knees and leaned his face in close to her slit, breathing heavily onto it. The damp warmth of his breath made her sex rise and warm.

After moaning in appreciation for a moment she lifted her head slightly, looking down between her large breasts to see him kneeling between her legs, his eyes looking intensely up at her. She could see only from his eyes up, which made the look he was giving her even more powerful. It was a look that melted her insides, one that said he was looking forward to what he was about to do as much as she was.

He broke eye contact with her and moved his face in closer to her body. He placed the tip of his nose onto her clitoral hood. Pleasure flowed into her, the shock of how great it felt on her clit catching her off guard. She gasped, and felt herself rise towards an orgasm, stopping just short of one.

Next he moved his nose down the center of her slit, touching just the tip of it on her inner labia. Pleasure flowed like a river into the fleshy folds as he moved his nose down them. He went all the way down to her taint, then reversed direction, moving his nose back up.

He pressed his face into her harder now, forcing her labia apart. As he moved his nose up through her damp inner lips he pulled his head back, pulling his nose away but replacing it with his tongue. The electric thrill coming off his tongue was twice as strong as the feeling that had come off his nose. He extended his tongue deep into her folds, tasting her moist canal as he moved it ever up. She shivered as he licked her vaginal opening.

Then as he neared her clot again her heart rate picked up. Slowly he moved his tongue onto her clit. It was already swollen and exposed. He barely touched it with the tip of his tongue, but it was enough to make her cum. She squeezed her thighs tightly around his face. He responded by keeping his face where it was and running his tongue in slow circles around her clot till her orgasm subsided.

Then he pressed his face into her body, pressing his tongue out and making it wide. He dragged it up her clit on one long, slow lick that sent her body back over the edge. As he continued to lick her she came long and hard. She thrashed and moaned till he pulled his face away from her body.

“And that is after I’ve conditioned your body to be used to my touch. Can you imagine what that would have done to you when I first encountered you? Such pleasure might break one’s mind.”

Jane was only half listening to his words. She was still riding the adrenaline rush of two powerful orgasms so close together. Her hips were thrusting in the air before his face, her moist cunt desperate to be touched again. “More,” she whined. “Please, more. If not your mouth then give me your cock, put it in me and fuck me!”

He rose to his feet and she could see that his impressive cock was fully erect. He spit into his hand and stroked himself then stepped closer to her, aiming his dick at her vaginal opening. She grabbed the sheets under her tight in her hands and closed her eyes, wanting to concentrate on the feel of his cock entering her for the first time.

She had expected him to just shove it in as most men she had been with had done, but instead he started slow. He rubbed just the head of his cock in her labia, easing them apart and getting it even wetter. He moved it up and down, pressing slightly into her. His cock lined up with her wet hole, and gradually he began to enter her.

Jane started to wiggle, pulses of hot, intense pleasure flooding up from his cock and into her body. She wouldn’t say it was stronger than when he fucked her tits, but it was different and new. As soon as she thought about her breasts Jane realized how odd it felt to be receiving sexual pleasure yet not having them stimulated. She let go of the bed and began to play with her breasts. Squeezing and massaging them, pinching and tweaking her nipples, all while her Master slowly pressed his long, thick cock deep inside of her.

He pressed himself forward till he was balls deep in her. She had never felt so full in her life, and she was a little stunned she could take his full size without it hurting her. He held himself deep in her for a moment, then he whispered a single word. “Cum,” he commanded her.

She screamed in pleasure, arching her back and writhing as if it was too much for her body to contain. She wiggled her hips, moving his cock from side to side inside of her as her vaginal walls tightened around him. She came hard and long, her eyes shut so tight she started to see stars.

Then, as her orgasm began to subside, he quickly pulled himself out of her. She was left momentarily feeling hollow. But then he was on the bed with her, moving with supernatural speed. He lifted her into the air and flipped her over and up onto all fours. She looked up, realizing he had faced her towards the mirror so she could see him. He was kneeling on the bed behind her, one hand on one of her large ass cheeks while the other held his cock.

Again, she felt him rub his cockhead in her pussy, then ease it into her. But this time once he had pressed into her he quickly buried himself deep inside her. A moment later both of his hands were holding her plump ass as he began to fuck her from behind.

Jane moaned loud and deep, the feel of his large cock moving in and out of her pussy overwhelming at first. She tried to make eye contact with him through the mirror, to try and tell him with her eyes how thankful she was for this. But his eyes were locked on something else and refused to look away. She realized he was watching her large breasts as they moved back and forth under her.

She lifted her back, picking her large, fat breasts up off the bed. Their ample flesh stopped flowing back and forth and began to swing. “YES,” he growled, pounding into her harder, making them swing more wildly. Jane enjoyed their heavy weight pulling at her body as they swing back and forth. Her nipples occasionally would drag across the sheets under her. This burnt, yet felt incredibly good, a confusing mix of pain and pleasure.

Her body rose quickly to another orgasm. It came upon her like a flood, and she realized she had squirted as she came. Her Master pressed deep inside of her, allowing her to enjoy his full girth and length as she finished cumming. Then he pulled out, and she knew by the hungry look on his face he was ready to feed on her.

With a blur of motion she found herself lying on her back once more, but this time her head was hanging off the foot of the bed. Her Master stood above her, his balls hanging in her face. She let her head drop down, giving him room to step closer and crotch down, placing his long shaft on her chest. He grabbed her large breasts and wrapped them around his pussy-moist cock, then began to fuck her tits.

With her head hanging upside down she was able to watch his perky ass thrusting back and forth in the mirror before her as he fucked her tits. She got a distant, dazed look as the sexual energies in her breasts began to flow into him. As he emptied her the energy was replaced by sexual pleasure that was something greater than an orgasm. She sighed, happy to have had hers and now overjoyed to be feeding her master. She closed her eyes, knowing her would fuck her tits till she was drained, then he would cum in her mouth, giving her one last dose of pleasure before cuddling with her for the rest of the night.


* * *


Jane drifted peacefully in and out of sleep. Her Master lay beside her on his back. She lay next to him on her side facing him. He had one arm wrapped under her neck, knowing she enjoyed the feeling. Pleasure still radiated where their skin touched, but it was more relaxed in nature now. Even her breasts, which she had lifted up and onto his chest, were filled with a warm, almost nonsexual pleasure that was now familiar in moments like this.

He absentmindedly ran his fingers through her dark hair. Her eyes were closed, but his were open, staring at the ceiling above him.

“I love this,” she whispered. “I love you,” she added, almost as an afterthought.

“You think you do. Maybe you’re even right. It’s been so long since I was able to feel an emotion like that,” he said. She wasn’t hurt by his words, she had come to understand that he ceased being human when he became whatever it was he had become. She didn’t hold him to the expectations she had for other humans. What emotions he felt were strange and alien to her.

His fingers kept running through her hair, the action calming him as much as it calmed her. “There is still so much you don’t know… still so much I’m not ready to tell you. Not sure I ever will tell you. But it’s time I told you at least a few things.”

Slowly she opened her eyes, looking sleepily at him. “Like what, Master?”

His face twitched. She’d noticed that there were times where it pleased him immensely to be called “Master” and others when it seemed to bother him, although he had never actually said as much. She knew his name, but had never used it. The name “Master” just felt more fitting to their relationship.

“Like the fact that at one point, and soon, I will need to take another woman,” he said, pulling her mind back into the moment.

Jane’s body tensed and she sat up slightly. “What? Did I do something wrong? What can I do to—”

He raised a hand to silence her and signaled that he wished for her to lie back down. She did as he wanted, but her eyes were now narrowed in angry suspicion and she was suddenly wide awake.

“The energies that come off of you are amazing… intoxicating, even,” he said. There was a bit of awe in his voice as he continued. “They are the most plentiful and strongest I have ever encountered, and they return at a speed I have never seen. I’ve never in my long life encountered a woman who could come and be drained by me nearly every other night.

“But my kind, we can’t live off of just one mortal, not for long. No matter how incredible your energies are I will soon need to add another woman’s energies into the mix. I’ve grown stronger every time I’ve fed off you. With your help I’ve nearly returned to my normal strength. Soon I’ll be able to leave this hiding place and hunt on my own, maybe even go face those who chased me into hiding.”

There was silence for a long time. Then Jane broke it, speaking with slow caution. “So… you’re going to be leaving me?” She was aware that he had stopped stroking her hair during the prolonged silence.

He started stroking her hair again, making a shushing sound to calm her. “No, not at all. I just need to reclaim the city from those that overthrew me.  But it will take time and I’ll need to gather allies. I’ll have to make sure I have support before I fully come out of hiding, till then I’ll still return here most dawns. When the time comes that I can return to my real home I may just take you with me…”

His voice trailed off. She could tell that what he had just said was true, but that he might not have realized it till he said it out loud. Jane wiggled in closer, assured that he wouldn’t leave her, but jealous none the less at the idea of him being with another.

Almost as if he had read her mind he kept talking. “That’s not to say I would never leave you. Right now you fascinate me, but if you ever grow boring I would lose interest and abandon you. And you would never find me again once I was gone.” His voice grew more firm. “And I find dealing with jealousy to be both destructive and tediously boring. I can’t tell you how to feel, but I will demand you keep any such feelings to yourself.”

“Yes, Master,” she whispered, snaking her arms around him and pulling him closer to her. She was suddenly afraid she would lose him, and vowed to get her jealous feelings quickly under control.


* * *


The next day after class Jane’s friend Aubrey stopped her. “Jane, wait! We need to catch up, babe. A couple weeks ago you were coming out with the girls every night and finally coming out of your nerdy little flower. Then you just up and disappeared. Samantha thinks you chickened out and have retreated back to your parent’s house to hide, but I’ve got a bet going that you found a man. Well, am I right?”

Jane looked her friend up and down. She wasn’t sure at first what to tell her. Her impulse was to lie, do anything to protect the truth. But then she remembered that Aubrey, more than any of the other girls in her social clique, had been nice to her for the most part. She had earned at least part of the truth.

“Yeah,” Jane finally said. “I met a guy.”

“He must be a good one,” Aubrey said, giving her a conspiratorial wink. “They way you were sleeping around there for a bit, he must be a monster in the sack to keep your interest.”

“You have no idea,” Jane said. She walked with Aubrey for a bit, making small talk. As they talked her mind began to wander and for the first time she began to look at Aubrey not as just a friend, but as a woman as well.

Aubrey was short and plump much like her; with breasts almost, but not quite, as big as her own. But unlike the white skinned Jane, Aubrey was African America, although her skin was a light tone that was more golden brown then black. She had round, soft facial features that made her look far younger then she really was, although her large breasts ensured no one mistook her for being underage. Her eyes were large and round, her nose small and almost child like. But she had large, plump lips that reminded the world that she was a sexually active adult.

The main difference between Jane and Aubrey wasn’t in their skin tone, no it was in how they carried themselves and how they acted. Jane had always hated being called cute, desiring to be seen as sexy even when she had been shy, nervous, and hiding from the world. But Aubrey, she had always reveled in being cute. She wore cute clothes, cute jewelry, and she wore her long frizzy hair in two cute braided pig tails. She even covered her possessions with stickers of cute anime characters. Yet somehow she took that cuteness and turned it into something sexual, some sexy.

Until that moment Jane had never been able to look past how sickeningly cute Aubrey was to look at her as a sexual being. But something had changed. Women were suddenly interesting sexual creatures to her, and Aubrey was present and familiar. Suddenly, Jane could see how someone who found her body pleasing could find Aubrey’s pleasing.

Partially she was thinking of herself. She had spent a lot of time watching herself in the mirror, learning to love the look of her naked form in mid coitus. But mainly she was thinking of her Master. What if she were to bring Aubrey to him? If the other women he fucked and drained were ones she brought to him it might help her deal with her jealousy, maybe even remove it completely.

“Hey, Aubrey, how would you like to meet my new boyfriend? Be the first in our little group to get the privilege of deciding whether you approve or disapprove?” Jane knew the last bit would seal the deal. Their group of friends was very catty and loved being able to tell one another why, exactly, their current boyfriends weren’t good enough.

Aubrey’s large eyes lit up. “You mean I can meet him before Samantha? Hells ya!”

Samantha was their clique’s alpha. Not letting her meet him first would be a total social taboo, but right then Jane didn’t care. She smiled, Aubrey missing how predatory the expression was. “How about you come over to my place tomorrow night, a bit after sunset? He actually lives just down the road from me. I’ll let him know we’re coming over, maybe he’ll make dinner for us or something.”

All of it was a lie. He certainly wasn’t going to make them dinner, they would BE dinner. Jane didn’t even plan on telling her Master she was bringing company; she wanted it to be a treat. She wanted to show what a good pet she was.


* * *


Jane had to dress in proper clothing, needing to convince her friend they were going to her boyfriend’s house for dinner. She had on a tight pair of black yoga pants and the low cut top with built in breast support she had been wearing the night she first met her Master. She wore no underwear under the outfit, something her friend wouldn’t be able to tell unless she looked really hard.

Aubrey was dressed in tight jeans, a cute pink tank top with a loose fitting hoodie over it. Jane was happy to see the hoodie was unzipped partially and that plenty of her friend’s ample, lightly mocha colored cleavage was showing.

Together the two young women walked down the street under the night sky. “Sorry we’re not getting started till so late. He works weird hours, and I wanted to make sure he had time to clean up after work.”

“Sure, no worries Jane. You know I don’t mind being up late, especially if there’s going to be wine. There IS going to be wine, isn’t there?”

“Yeah, of course,” Jane lied. “Oh, here we are!”

Aubrey stopped and looked at the home before her. “Damn, this really IS right down the street. Place looks kind of abandoned,” she said. “And it looks like the only light on is in the entry way, you sure he’s home? And that this is even the right place?”

Jane waved her hand dismissively. “Yeah, it’s fine. He just moved in and most of his stuff isn’t even here yet. And he likes to save electricity, once we are inside he’ll turn more lights on.”

“Er… okay, Jane. Whatever you say.”

If Jane really was taking Aubrey to meet her new boyfriend she would have just made a very bad first impression. But she was taking Aubrey to meet her Master, and he would be able to make a memorable first impression all on his own, no matter what her friend already thought.

As they stepped up to the front door Jane’s heart began to race. She was suddenly filled with doubt. What if her Master wasn’t pleased with the surprise? What if he grew angry that she had brought a stranger into his home? Jane turned and looked at Aubrey. She was standing in shadow, the streetlight behind her. One look at the outline of her impressive bust and Jane new she was doing the right thing.

She turned around and opened the door, telling Aubrey to enter. Jane quickly followed behind her, closing the door and locking it just in case.

Aubrey didn’t seem to notice her friend locking her in, instead she was looking around with a disapproving on her face. “I guess you weren’t lying about him having just moved in. The place barely looks lived in. So where is he?” She started to turn back to face Jane but the door to the basement flew open, followed by a rush of air. A fraction of a second later the sexual vampire, Jane’s Master, was standing tall, angry, and very naked before Aubrey.

He glared at Aubrey. Jane watched as her friend’s body froze in place, her muscles becoming instantly rigid as she stared up at the tall figure before her. Jane had counted on this, assuming Aubrey would be held motionless by her Master’s gaze, just like she had been when she had first met him.

She walked around her friend, taking in the sight. Aubrey looked like a living statue frozen in time. Her eyes were open wide in surprise, but her large pouty lips closed tightly. The man looming before her stepped slightly to the side, drawing nearer to Jane. Aubrey’s eyes followed him, her head turning slightly and lolling to side as it did. It made her look confused as well as surprised.

“Who is this woman,” he asked Jane in a cold voice that was simmering with anger, all while he kept his eyes fixed on Aubrey’s. Jane saw that they were glowing. Had they glowed that first night? She didn’t remember them doing that then.

“Why have you brought her into my home,” he said, his voice full of supernatural command.

Jane felt her body stiffen and felt herself beginning to answer. She fought against the compulsion to blurt an answer out. It took great willpower and left her sweaty and shaking. She took a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves, then walked behind Aubrey so she was standing before her Master’s line of sight.

She stepped up, pressing her body against the frozen form of her friend. She stood up on her toes and put her face on Aubrey’s shoulder, pressing her face against hers. His eyes remained locked on Aubrey’s, but it felt slightly like they were looking at each other now.

“Relax, Master. I brought her here for you. You said you needed another woman to feed from, and I thought you would enjoy her. She’s a friend of mine, and I was able to get her here without her growing suspicious.” She spoke with controlled slowness, quietly snaking her hands up the back of Aubrey’s shirt and unclasping her bra.

“I thought you would appreciate these,” she said, reaching around Aubrey’s front and pulling her clothing up. She felt her friends large breasts fall free from her bra and imagined them bouncing prettily before her master.

His eyes immediately moved down to take in the exposed breasts hanging before him. His angry expression softened, then he smiled. “Well, well, you’ve taken some pleasing initiative, my pet. Could you be trying to prove you’re no longer jealous?”

“Maybe,” Jane said playfully, lifting Aubrey’s clothing up over her head and off her body. Her arms were limp and easy to move, and once they were free of her sleeves they fell back down to her sides. Jane walked around and stood next to her Master, eager to see her friend topless.

Her first thought was that Aubrey’s breasts were weird. Now that her bra was removed and they were free to take their natural shape she saw that although they probably filled the same cup size as her, they were shaped totally different.

Jane would have described her own breasts as “fat”. They were overlarge on her short body. They hung heavily down her front, like two large misshapen fleshy pancakes. But over the past weeks she had grown to appreciate how pleasing her body was. She was white, but her skin had always been more naturally tan then most (although she seemed to have grown paler in recent weeks). Her nipples were even darker, not a light pink color but a reddish brown flesh tone that made them stand out in stark contrast against the rest of her large breasts. And as her nipples were rather on the large size this only made them look bigger.

Looking at breasts that were so similar to hers, yet so different, was disorienting at first. Aubrey’s flesh was a faded mocha color. Her breasts, unlike Jane’s, were surprisingly perky for their size. They still hung heavily down her front, their sheer weight already losing the ongoing war with gravity and age, but instead of taking the shape of a fleshy pancake like tear drop they were plump ovals, wider then they were long but very round.

Strangest of all, to Jane’s eyes, were Aubrey’s nipples. Her areolas were huge, nearly the size of Jane’s palm, yet the nubs of her nipples were tiny. They were hard and erect, reacting to the cool breeze blowing through the room, but even hard they were barely raised up from her areolas. And her areolas were strange in ways other than their massive circumference. They were nearly the same color as her breasts, making it hard to tell where the edge of each nipple ended and her breast began.

“Do you like them?” Jane asked, not sure if he would find the differences pleasing.

“Yesssssss….” He hissed. She looked over at him and saw that his cock had grown large and erect. She was filled with a raging burst of jealousy, but she swallowed it down. Instinctively she realized she’d need to take an active part in what happened that night to keep the rage monster inside her at bay.

Looking at Aubrey she noticed that her friend was still staring blankly in front of herself. Her head was cocked to the side, her eyes still wide in surprise. Her plump lips had parted slightly, adding to the general look of utter stupefaction on her face.

“Is she okay?” Jane asked, worry in her voice.

“Yes, she’s just had her mind temporarily… well, turned off. I did this to you if you recall.”

“Yeah,” Jane said, “But only when I was looking you in the eye. As soon as you looked away I was able to move.”

“Well,” he said with a shrug, “I was much weaker then.”

Jane could tell he was telling only half of the truth, but she pushed the thought aside for now. “You want to fuck her tits,” she said simply.

“Yes,” he replied.

She took a deep breath, centering herself. “Well okay then, let’s do that. But I’m going to get undressed first.” Once her clothes were off she walked behind Aubrey. Her Master still stood in front of her, but he was watching Jane not Aubrey. He seemed to be waiting to see what she would do.

Placing her hands on Aubrey’s shoulders, Jane forced her friend down onto her knees. Her body gave very little resistance. It was almost like posing a human doll, one that would stay in any position it was put in. Jane then got down on her knees behind Aubrey, reaching around her and gently grabbing hold of her breasts.

Jane had never touched another woman’s breasts and found the act odd and arousing at the same time. Aubrey’s breasts were far firmer then hers. Because of this it was less of a struggle to grab and lift them than it would have been to do the same thing with her own soft and malleable breasts. She held Aubrey’s breasts up, as if presenting her Master with a present. “Here you go, all for you.”

“Thank you, my pet,” he said as he took a step closer. “But I’ll need to get my cock wet before I start.” He repositioned himself so his dick was aimed at her face and moved forward.

She happily opened her mouth and took his manhood inside of her. Once she felt him reach the back of her throat she wrapped her lips around his shaft and began to suck him off, making she her saliva flowed thick and messily. She closed her eyes and savored the warm sensation that flowed into her wherever her body touched his. She snaked her tongue around his cock feeling electric sparks of pleasure burst into her mouth. And she inhaled deeply, taking in the dizzying, sweet, heady smell of his cock.

Jane was only marginally aware that her cheeks were pressed up against Aubrey’s as her head moved back and forth on her Master’s shaft. In that moment she cared only for pleasuring him, and feeling the pleasure his touch gave her. But then he had pulled away, his large cock dripping thick strings of saliva, her head cleared and she remembered her enthralled friend was with her.

He stepped back in front of the kneeling woman and placed his cock between Aubrey’s breasts. Jane still held them in her hands, and as soon as his cock was in place she wrapped them tightly around his shaft. She looked up and saw him stretch, placing his hands behind his head as he began to thrust his hips, sending his cock sliding up and down between her breasts. Jane ensured her tits remained pleasurably wrapped around him as he fucked them.

Before long his hips were moving faster, and she knew he was cresting towards orgasm. Aubrey’s breasts were new and were getting him off fast. Jane had seen this before, he seemed to get off much faster the first time he did something sexual with Jane. The more they used a particular act or position the longer it would take him to get off from it.

Just before he started to cum he grabbed his cock and swatted Jane’s hands away. He grabbed Aubrey by the head and forced his cock into her mouth, pressing himself deep into her throat. The dazed woman gagged slightly, but then he began to ejaculate and her body relaxed.

Jane understood, she’d experienced the same thing. His cum wasn’t semen, but some amazingly delicious supernatural drug that could calm and befuddle the person. And it seemed to be able to have different effects on the woman ingesting it depending on her Master’s mood and desires. She wondered what he would make this load of cum do to Aubrey.

He pulled his long cock out of her mouth causing Aubrey to cough slightly. She looked around as if waking from her mentally frozen state. But her eyes still looked distant, as if she were lost in a waking dream. After a moment her eyes locked in on the sexual vampire’s cock.

Holding it above her head, he stroked it slightly. Jane watched as a small stream of cum began to trickle, not spurt, out of the head. “Drink,” he told Aubrey. She eagerly leaned forward, took his cock back in her mouth, and began to drink. He held the base of his cock, massaging it slightly, as Aubrey continued to swallow as if a steady of stream of cum were being leaking into her mouth.

This continued for far longer than Jane had ever seen him cum, but she was unsurprised. There was nothing he could do that would surprise her. “Come stand next to me,” he told Jane as Aubrey continued to drink from his cock. She did as she was told.

A moment later he spoke. “Enough.” He pulled his cock out of Aubrey’s plump limps.

She smacked them and made a pleased, “mmmmmmm,” sound as if she had just finished a sweet desert of some kind. She looked up at the man before her and smiled. “What would you like now?” she asked in a voice that was almost her own, yet slightly off.

Jane furrowed her brow. “What did you do to her? She’s acting almost normal now, but doesn’t seem at all concerned by what’s going on.”

“I’ve ensorcelled her mind,” he said plainly. “As long as I keep my mental grip on it she will be my thrall, doing whatever I say and living solely to please me. And when I’m done with her and release my mental grip I can make her forgot what has transpired if I wish.”

“Oh,” Jane said. “Is that what you’ve done to me?” Her heart turned to ice. Was everything she felt for her Master the result of some magical control over her mind, all of it to be forgotten once he grew bored of her?

“No Jane. I actually tried to ensorcell you multiple times and none of them have worked. At first I thought it was because I was too weak. I really was dying, starving to death. But I’m nearly at my full strength now and you are somehow immune to many of my powers. I couldn’t control you this way even if I wanted to. But this is not the time to talk of such things; I believe your gorgeous, big titted friend here asked me a question.” He looked down at her. “I want you to pleasure my cock with your hands and your mouth and especially your beautiful breasts.”

“Oh yes, sir, I’d love to do that!” Jane was happy that Aubrey hadn’t called him “Master,” that would have been too much for her to handle.

Jane watched as Aubrey then grabbed the base of vampire’s long, thick cock. She looked down at it, as if it were the most beautiful thing in the world. Then she sat up straight, arching her back and pressing her round tits out. She started to slap his cock onto her breasts, first one then the other then back again. His shaft was still moist, covered in a thin layer of saliva and cum. It made a wet, fleshy sound as it was slapped repeatedly into her tits. Her breasts jiggled with each impact, although her firm flesh jiggled far less then Jane’s would have.

Jane felt odd just standing there, especially because watching was making her so hot. She looked around the mostly empty house and saw a chair in a nearby room. She quickly went to get it, carrying it back into the entry room where her friend was sexually servicing her Master. She placed it next to them and sat down, spreading her legs open as she did. “Master, my I play with myself while I watch?”

“Yes, my pet,” he said.

Aubrey paid little attention to Jane. She stopped slapping the man’s cock on her breasts. Then she let go of his cock, spitting into her hand then grabbing it again. Jane could see Aubrey had grabbed his cock with an iron grip. She began to slowly, but firmly, jerk him off and sat up further as she did. She pressed the head of his cock into one of her breasts, jerking him off harder and faster. The motion caused her large breast to jiggle, ripples of mocha colored flesh moving out away from where his cock was pressed into her tit flesh.

She grabbed his balls with her other hand and began to lightly stimulate them. When he failed to respond to this she let go of them then pulled his cock to her mouth and began giving him intense head.

Leaning back in her chair, Jane moved from simply touching herself to outright masturbating to the sight. Her mind was filled with how good it must feel for Aubrey. She knew that her hands, breasts, even her mouth must be on fire with pleasure wherever she touched him. As Aubrey’s head bobbed up and down, struggling to take even a quarter of his size into her mouth, she moaned in pleasure, confirming she was receiving more than her own fair share of pleasure.

The vampire looked over at Jane, noticing for the first time how into watching she was. He responded to the sight by tensing up and moaning slightly. He grabbed his cock and pulled it out of Aubrey’s mouth. Thick, creamy white cum came pouring out of his cock like a small waterfall. Jane masturbated more furiously, watching it ooze and drip off the tip of his cock and down onto Aubrey’s chest. Jane loved it when his cum came out slowly like this instead of spurting out and flying across the room.

He returned his attention to Aubrey. Much of his cum had landed on her tits and quickly oozed into the space between them. His cock still rock hard, he slammed it down into the mess of cum. He grabbed Aubrey’s breasts and squeezed them tightly around his shaft, then started to hump her chest hard and fast. The cum lubricated his movements, but was quickly churned into a frothing white mess.

Jane watched as his look became intense. His eyes began to glow again, and she knew that he was draining some of the sexual energy from Aubrey. She moaned in confusion and pleasure. Then she did something Jane had never thought of doing. While her Master continued to fuck her large tits she grabbed one of her breasts and pressed it up towards her face, angling her nipple towards her mouth. She then leaned forward and started to suck on her won nipple!

The sight was nearly enough to push Jane over the edge, but she forced herself to slow down. She wanted to save her orgasm for the right moment.

Her Master too seemed to be turned on by the sight of Aubrey sucking on her own nipple as he continued to fuck her tits. Jane watched as his body began to tense again. He let go of her breasts, then grabbed her head with two hands and forced it down around his cock. He came in her mouth again, but this time near the front instead of deep in her throat.

A moment later he pulled away. Aubrey doubled over, her mouth open in shock. His cum, another large load, started to leak from her mouth. She gurgled out a cummy scream and one hand shot up as she closed her mouth slightly, catching the cum that had escaped. For a moment she was still, kneeling and half doubled over, a look of utter shock and confusion on her face as she stared at the cum in her hand.

Then, her mouth still hanging half open, she began to laugh wildly. It was the loudest, most exuberant laughter of joy Jane had ever heard. It was like Aubrey had been overcome with a fit of madness.

Cum leaked from her mouth and down her chin, but her hand remained by her face, easily catching it as it dripped off of her. Every few moments she would hold back the laughter and lick all the cum out of her hand then return to cackling madly as she savored the cum in her mouth, refusing to swallow even a drop of it.

Jane noticed that as she was laughing her body was also jerking slightly. Alarmed and no longer masturbating she sat up. “What’s wrong with her!”

“She’s over blissed,” her Master said, his voice free of all concern. “All the pleasure from contact with me, and from ingesting so much of my cum, caught up with her after that last load. I had temporarily dulled her senses to it like I’ve done with you, but your friends sexual essence is rather vapid and weak. The conditioning didn’t last and she was hit with it all at once. She’s also cumming herself stupid.”

“Oh,” Jane said, understanding now why her body was jerking slightly about.

“Don’t worry, it will end soon.”

“Could that ever happen to me?”

He was silent for a moment, Aubrey’s mad laughter filling the house. “I don’t think so. There is something special about you, and I feel that something like this could never happen to you. But I could be wrong.”

Aubrey finally started to calm down. As her laughter subsided she finally swallowed her mouth full of cum. She then hiccupped before looking around with an embarrassed look on her face. “Sorry for that,” she said.

“It’s okay,” he said reassuringly. “And you’ve still got some sexual energy left in those large breasts of yours. I think I’d like to finish draining you. But, it won’t be enough to satisfy my hunger tonight. I’ve grown accustomed to a much more filling meal.” He at Jane. “Pet, come join us.”

Jane got to her feet, unsure of what he wanted. He told her to come and get down on her knees in front of Aubrey, facing her. He then told them to sit up straight and tall, grabbing their own breasts and pressing them together.

“I still don’t understand,” Jane said as he stepped up beside them. He answered by squatting down with his dick in hand. He thrust his hips forward and directed his cock up into the underside of their breasts. Because of its massive length he was able to press it up through their combined tit meat, the end of his shaft emerging from between the sea of flesh.

“Now do you understand?” he asked. “I’m going to fuck both of your tits at once, and drain you both at the same time.”

“A double titty fuck,” both women said in awe.

Aubrey and Jane pressed their bodies tightly together, wrapping themselves more firmly around his cock as he began to fuck both their tits at once. He moaned in pleasure. “Haven’t done this in decades…”

Jane felt herself warm, pleasure flowing in from his cock. She was also aware of how good it felt to have Aubrey’s breasts pressed against hers. In fact, she even thought she felt a bit of the sexual energy contained in her friend’s breasts. A moment later she felt her own energy begin to leave her body and knew she had felt Aubrey’s titty energies. As hers flowed into her Master’s cock she felt Aubrey’s doing the same.

This was the moment she had been waiting for. Without even needing to touch herself she started to cum. Her moaning seemed to push Aubrey over the edge, and she began to cum as well. And then her Master pulled his cock down into their fleshy mounds and they felt thick, warm liquid begin to flow between their flesh. While their orgasms continued both women looked down, watching a pool of cum rise up from between their breasts, forming a small lake.

“So much cum,” they both said, astonishment in their voice.

A moment later the head of his cock emerged from the lake of cum. They watched as it stood erect and large for a moment, then began to droop as he started to lose his erection. He sighed and pulled away from them, muttering that he was full.

Aubrey and Jane were left awkwardly pressed together, unsure what to do with the cum pooled between them. They could feel some of it leaking between their breasts and down their stomachs. They looked up at each other, their eyes connecting. Something snapped inside them, something outside of themselves taking over. Before they even knew what had happened they were lying on the ground, their bodies pressed together, slippery from all the cum. Jane pulled Aubrey’s pants off, then ripped her panties from her body.

Their hands explored their bodies as they began to kiss. They rolled around on the filthy floor, leaving cum behind them everywhere, as they started to finger each other. Jane licked the delicious cum off of Aubrey’s breasts. Aubrey lifted Jane’s face to hers and began kissing her, greedily trying to steal the cum form her mouth.

The rest of the night was a blur to Jane. Somehow all three of them ended upstairs. Jane and Aubrey continued to fuck for hours, each of them exploring latent Sapphic desires neither had recognized they had. And through it all Jane’s Master sat in the chair beside the bed, watching. He never took part, but occasionally gave them pointers. Their actions were clumsy and inexperienced at first, but by the time they passed out from exhaustion they had grown quite skilled at pleasuring each other.

Jane remembered waking up some time later, her Master standing over her with his cock in her mouth. A steady trickle of cum was running into her mouth and she was drinking it hungrily. But it felt totally different this time, still delicious, but as if it were adding something to her to her inner essence.

He stroked her hair and made a shushing sound. “Just drink, my pet. This will strengthen you and mark you as my territory, hopefully keeping others of my kind away. When you wake all will be well. When you both wake your friend will be drained, sore and confused. I planted a false memory in her mind, that I was a normal man and that we all drank heavily tonight. She’ll vaguely remember us having a threesome, then spending the rest of the night with you. But none of it will seem supernatural to her.”

Once he was done speaking Jane drifted back to sleep, her insides filled with a new warmth.


* * *


The next morning went much as he had predicted. Aubrey woke up feeling sore and utterly drained. It was easy for Jane to convince her that she was just hung over.

“God, Jane, I’ve NEVER done anything like that,” Aubrey said as she stared awkwardly up at the ceiling.

Jane moved closer to her in the bed, cautiously seeing if she would allow her to touch her. Aubrey didn’t pull away from her touch, so she slid closer, cuddling up beside her.

“I swear, Jane, I’ve never been with two people at once, and I’ve never thought about doing any of THAT with a girl!”

Jane moved her lips so they where touching Aubrey’s ear. “But you liked it,” she whispered just loud enough to be heard. And she spoke she slid one of her hands down Aubrey’s body till her hand was snaked between her legs. She slid a finger into her friend’s cunt causing her to moan in confusion.

“Yes,” Aubrey replied quietly, “I liked it.”

“Good, let’s try again, but this time while we’re not drunk.”

“What about your boyfriend…”

“He’s out for the day. Besides, I know he won’t mind.” Jane pulled Aubrey closer to her, and they began to kiss.


* * *


Aubrey left tired and confused, yet open to the idea of coming back before long and spending another night with Jane and her “boyfriend”.

Jane was tired too, but she realized after Aubrey left that the hallow feeling she normally felt in her breasts after a night with her Master wasn’t so large. But she knew she had felt normally drained when she initially awoke. It dawned on her that fucking Aubrey might have caused her energies to refill faster. She’d have to test that theory out.

For now she was thinking about her next move. She’d keep her Master to herself for a few days, but then she’d bring him another tasty morsel. And next time, she’d be prepared to have even more fun.

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