Lyari Fenyarus’ Tale

“Pardon me saying so, my Lady, but this trunk here sure is heavy,” Hob the Halfling says to the tall woman walking beside him. “What you got in here? It’s big enough to be holding a body! Heavy enough too.”

“What’s inside is my own business and none of yours,” the woman says with an indignant sniff. “Just take it up to my room, you little miscreant, and no more questions.” She watches as the small, plump man grunts and hefts the large trunk onto his back and begins carrying it towards the back of the tavern they stand in.

“Hob meant no harm by his questions,” the tall slender Night Elf standing nearby tells her. “Most of the folk who stay here at the Crossroads Inn are in a talkative mood after traveling in the wilds for so long before they get into town,” he says.

“Well I’m not in a talkative mood,” the woman replies in a stern voice. She turns to the innkeeper, disapproval fouling an otherwise angelically pretty Elven face. “I’ll have no more questions from you or your staff or I’ll be taking my business elsewhere.”

She stands tall as she says this, trying to strike an imposing or maybe even intimidating pose. But she suspects, thanks to the glance of the man’s eyes down towards her overlarge breasts, that the act has back fired. When travelling she normally keeps her rather attractive body covered by a thick traveling cloak, but the top seemed to have opened enough to give the man a peak in at her ample cleavage.

He licks his ashy blue lips then looks back up at her, a very telling glint now in his eye that makes it all too clear that he is now picturing the rest of her body, most likely naked, in his mind. “I promise you there will be no more questions. But I should tell you there are no other inn’s in Grayfair. It’s the largest town for over a week’s ride in every direction and we get plenty of travelers coming through, as the crossroads meets here, yet there isn’t enough to support two inns.”

The woman sniffs and turns her nose up at him. “Well I’ve paid my coin and expect good service and all the privacy that can be given,” she declares. “Will your servant see to my horse once he’s stowed that trunk in my room?”

“Oh yes,” the man says quickly. “He’ll see to your beast. Before the hour it will be fed and stabled. In the mean time can I offer you a meal of some kind? We’ve a hearty stew brewing for dinner and I dare say it should be ready by now if you would like a bowl. Perhaps with some fresh bread and,” he stops, looking her over before continuing with his eyes lingering on her pointed ears, “Elven wine?”

She rolls her eyes. “Even if I was hungry, which I am not, I would not want any of that watered down fruit juice with my meal. You assume too much,” she declares. “Obviously you have recognized me as a Silver Elf, but do not assume what my taste may be.”

“Oh, yes, of course my Lady. Who could overlook your silver hair and that, uh, unmistakable physic. Even hidden under that big cloak you were one would not mistake you for what you are. But I promise, I will make no more assumptions about you!” The man then bows and turns from her, muttering something under his breath as he leaves to return to his counter in the back of the room.

Lyari Fenyarus is almost certain the man spoke just loud enough for her to overhear his obvious complaint about her but she chooses not to hear the specifics of his words. Instead the tall, curvaceous Silver Elf turns from the man and begins heading towards the stairs to the second floor where her rented room can be found.

On the way up the stairs she passes the Halfling who tries to engage her in conversation but she shoos the small man away. “Do not bother me now,” she grumbles. “I am weary from my travels and need to rest. And tell your master that I am not to be disturbed in my room until I leave it again!”

As soon as she enters the rented room she locks the door. She is fairly certain the innkeeper will have a key but trusts that the man will not disturb her. Then she turns and looks at the room. It’s large and well furnished, at least for a room in a backwater inn. “It will do” she says to herself. She hadn’t expected luxury, even at the price she had paid.

Now that she has her privacy she moves to take the heavy traveling cloak off. She curses the thing for coming open at the top, allowing the innkeeper to glance at her impressive cleavage before she was ready. Yet all the man got was a glance, being that the majority of the bulk of her breasts had been covered. She imagines the man will be happily surprised when she comes down for a meal later, as the clothing she wears under her cloak is scant and very revealing and it was clear that the innkeeper is a man of strong sexual hungers.

As a Silver Elf her body is naturally thick and curvy, her breasts so large that most races view them as too big to be natural. Yet they are, thick and heavy and each nearly as large as the pathetic Halfling that brought her trunk up to her room. And where most Silver Elves struggle to keep their large breasts in check and as hidden from view as possible Lyari normally flaunts them. The outfit she wears is little more than a few strands of glimmering purple straps with a few well placed cloths to cover her nipples and her privates.

She needs the freedom of movement to cast spells, spells that as a wild mage she must use every inch of her body to cast. Most other magic users look down on the wild mages. They say their casting is much more like dancing then proper spell work, and there is some truth to that. They also look down at the way they draw magical energy to themselves: not through study or meditation, not through staffs or arcane devices. Wild mages draw from the natural and unpredictable energies that surround all in Alaria. Many draw from the earth itself. Then there are those like Lyari that draw their energies from a much more reliable source: the primal sexual energies of all sentient beings.

Right now, though, Lyari is almost totally drained of her magical energies. But now that she has privacy, and her trunk, she can remedy that.

She saunters over to the large trunk and procures a key from a pouch tied to her waist. She then unlocks the item, opening it up and peering in. Inside the trunk is packed full of clothing and gear, everything a traveling adventurer like her could need and then some. There are even a few well hidden treasures, wrapped with clothing or cloth to hide them. Booty from her many adventures. Yet nothing that could remedy the draught of magical energies that she feels down to her very core.

Nodding at her gear, happy to see it is all safe, she then closes the lid. Again she puts the key in once more even though she has already unlocked the large chest. But this time as she starts to turn the key she mumbles a prayer.

“Praise be unto Eczotl, the swarming mass that hungers in all its many angled glory. May it bless me in my moment of need and give me the power to draw forth from its dark dimension.”

She then turns the key and once more there is the clicking sound of a lock being undone. She takes a deep breath then slowly opens the lid.

The gear that had filled the trunk just a moment ago is now gone. In its place is a deep chasm, one far larger than the trunk itself. It’s as if she has opened a portal to some dimly lit cave full of slightly glowing purple rocks. And there, just below the opening on a small perch barely large enough to lie down on, is a naked man, shivering in the cold.

“Come, Boff,” she says, leaning over and reaching into the trunk to help the quavering man out. As she pulls him up he looks down into the pit, staring in fear at a swarming mass that can just barely be seen out of sight in the depths below. The man seems weak yet he manages to scramble out of his prison with an eagerness few have ever shown.

“Where are we, Lady Fenyarus,” he asks, looking around at the room he now stands in. He is a human male, young and just barely a man. He looks as though at one time he was strong and virile but has gone too long without proper nutrition and exercises. His eyes are sunken into his head with dark bags around them and everywhere he looks those eyes show weariness and fear.

“Never you mind that,” Lyari says to him as she closes the trunk and locks it. Seeing her do this causes the man to look relieved. “I have need of your services right now,” she tells him. She looks him over, tutting at the dirt that covers his naked body. “I had planned on lying with you in that bed over there,” she says, watching his face brighten then smiling as she prepares to crush the moment of joy out of the young man, “but you’re too filthy. You’ll need to bathe before you can lie in and sleep in my bed.”

He visibly slumps. It is clear that he had been looking forward to being in the soft bed more than the implied prospect of being with the attractive Silver Elf sexually. He turns to her and with a weary look and asks, “Then how shall I service you?”

For a long moment she ponders his query. She is tired after riding so long and doesn’t really want to do any work. And the young man had been in the trunk for a very long time. Perhaps there was a way to give him a treat that required her doing very little work AND that would let her leach off the sexual energies she needs to recharge her magical stores.

The side of her mouth rises in a half smile. “I am weary,” she tells him as she starts to kneel down before him, “and you deserve a treat after remaining hidden in there for so long. I know how you feel about my large breasts. Why not fuck them as I recharge my stores?”

Once down on her knees she grabs her breasts, hefting them up as if presenting them to him. She smiles up at him then her face becomes filled with an almost frightening hungry look.

He stares at her breasts, licking his lips and with a sudden happy and eager glint in his eyes. “Oh yes, my Lady, if that is what you want.”

He starts grabbing at his cock, spitting into his hand first them tugging on it to get himself hard. He’d been her servant for some time with no hope of escape, yet he rarely complained no matter how cruel her treatment of him at times was. He had been but a poor farm boy who had never in his life beheld beauty such as hers and enjoyed the fact that his servitude to her almost solely consisted of sexually pleasuring and fucking the beautiful Silver Elf.

Pretty soon he was stepping up to the kneeling woman, jamming his now hard cock up into her massive breasts and starting to fuck them. She needn’t even remove any clothing, so scant was what she wore. Her massive breasts had barely enough cloth over them to cover her nipples, a bit of areola peeking out depending on how she moved, and the skimpy outfit left the center of her cleavage totally exposed save a single strap that connected the two clothes that covered said nipples.

Lyari held her breasts together, pressing them in around the youth’s hard cock as he pounded her chest. She tilted her head back and grinned madly in delight, breathing in deeply as she started to drain the sexual energy form the boy fucking her tits. For his part he grunted and groaned, pounding her tits harder even as he gasped in discomfort as he felt the energy being drained from himself.

He fucked her tits till he came, groaning in pleasure and exhaustion and then collapsing onto the floor with a loud thud that surely was heard in the tavern below them. He lay on his back, breathing heavily and looking so weak that he barely seemed alive.

Meanwhile Lyari was busy collecting up the man’s meager cum from between her breasts and hungrily licking it off her fingers. “I need every drop of raw power I can siphon form you,” she declared, “and a man’s cum always has at least a little in it.” She then climbed on top of him, looking recharged and more energetic yet even hungrier then when she they had started.

With one hand she grabs the small cloth covering her privates and pulls it to the side, revealing her hairless vulva. Her pussy is already swollen and damp. She fingers herself for a moment, then with her other hand reaches back behind herself and grabs the boy’s cock. “I still need more,” she hisses, stroking his soft cock in an attempt to make him hard again. “I know you are tired and weak but I bet you can find it in you to—”

Lyari stops talking. She lets go of his cock and jumps up and away from his body. She stares down at him in shock, mortified by what she sees.

Boff is dead. Not just dead but so drained of his natural energies that he looks to be half mummified, little more than a dry husk.

“Well shit,” she says, sounding more annoyed then anything. “I suppose I’ll need to get a new one now.”

With an almost disinterested shrug she rights her clothing then opens the trunk back up revealing the pit once more. She leans over and looks down into it, staring at the swarming mass of purple tentacles that could just barely be seen in the bottom.

“Alright, Eczotl my dearest god, I know that you always hunger. This is a bit dried and drained, but hopefully you will appreciate the offering.”

She then picks Boff’s body up and non-ceremoniously tosses him into the pit. She watches as it falls down the cavern, crashing into the walls and tumbling like a rag doll. As it nears the bottom the swarming tentacles lash up, grabbing hold of the body and quickly pulling it down into the dark.

After that she slams the lid closed and locks the trunk, standing up and dusting her hands off. “I suppose I’ll need to take better care of the next one. Boff certainly didn’t last very long. With the task I am about to undertake I’ll need someone whose energies I can drain steadily.”

She sat on the edge of the bed and fell deep in thought. Maybe she’d been going about this all wrong. Maybe this called for more subtly. Perhaps instead of acquiring a new servant to simply drain she needed to gain companions that knew not her true self or the dark mission she was on. Perhaps she could find one or more naive souls to “join” her in her quest, ones that she could play with and drain at will.

She decided to have an evening meal first. Perhaps see if any of the travelers staying at the inn or visiting the tavern on the first floor would be fitting for her needs. “Yes,” she mumbled as a devious grin spread across her face, “maybe I’ll make some new friends tonight.”


* * *


Lyari sits in the tavern, moodily drinking a mug of ale. There isn’t a single soul in the whole place to her liking, not a single man or woman that makes her lady parts dance with excitement. “Wasted a whole evening,” she mutters into her mug.

Moodily she gets up, leaving a few coins on the table as a tip for the busy innkeeper. Idly she glances at the man, wondering if he’d do. Surely she couldn’t abduct and keep him, but in a pinch he might help her recharge her internal batteries. He is rather attractive for an older Night Elf and unlike High Elves as a Silver Elf she harbors no racial ill will towards his kind.

She shrugs, keeping the idea in the back of her mind as she moves through the tavern towards the stairs that lead up to her rented room. On her way she passes the Halfling, Hob, who seems to wince at the sight of her and skitters away in fear.

This brings a smile to her face. “Fear me, little man,” she whispers, “for how little you know what evil sleeps in your home this night.”

Lyari then laughs loudly, drawing a few odd looks as she finishes moving through the tavern. ‘Evil’, what a silly worthless word, she thinks to herself. The majority of the world views her god, Eczotl, and its followers as “evil”. How little they know, how little they understand. Yet it was what the world thinks, so she keeps her pledge to the god that always hungers hidden from most, a necessary lie if she wants to travel the world freely and conduct her business without opposition at every turn.

All the way up the stairs and down the hall to her room she is deep in thought. “What to do, what to do,” she mutters. She HAS to find a steady supply of sexual energies, without that her current task will be impossible to finish.

As she enters her room her mind turns to her trunk and what is contained in it. Not the void to her god’s realm but rather her gear. There, inside the trunk are many tomes of ancient knowledge that few in Alaria could still read. Many of the books she has barely looked through. Perhaps there she could find an ancient and forgotten spell to solve her problem.

“Yes,” she says, nodding to her trunk, “as always my books will be my best friends.” She unlocks her trunk and pulls out a stack of the books, placing them on a nearby table and lighting a few more candles to give her better light. Outside the sun has already set and darkness is all around, the perfect time for such studies as these.

For hours she sits, late into the night, reading through her books. A few times she stops and mutters an incantation, using some of her remaining precious magical energy to test out a spell or two. But none of the spells she dabbles in seems to be what she needs.

But then she finds something. The book she reads is the most ancient she owns, old enough that if not for its magical properties it would have long ago turned to dust. She’s not even sure how old the book really is, older than the great collapse that left so much of Alaria moldering ruins and caused so many once great civilizations to simply disappear. The book was even older than most recorded history.

It is in this book that she finds a spell that might solve her problem. The spell is complex and hard to make out in its ancient language but after some study she is sure she can cast it, although doing so will almost certainly drain what magical energy she has left inside.

“But that matters not,” she mumbles to herself. “For if this works I’ll have a fount of nearly endless sexual energy!”

The spell details a way to summon an ancient “daemon” of pure sexual lust and bind it to the summoner. She can tell that the spell shall summon a specific daemon, a lesser “divine” being that is created to service some of less pure gods. Why this book would contain such a spell is beyond her, as these lesser beings seem of little worth to summon.

Except, she realizes, specifically in her case. A daemon of pure lust is just what she needs, some goatee half-man whose blood runs pure with sexual desire and perversion. If she had control of such a creature she could fuck and drain it of its energy at will, never worrying about its energies running low!

The summoning spell is complex but far from beyond her. She has to procure some chalk from her trunk and draw arcane symbols on the floor of her room, arranging the lit candles along with the circular lines on the ground. After preparing things she then strips, the ritual requiring her to be naked. For a moment she revels in being unclothed then turns back to her task.

There is then a great deal of muttered enchantments that bring about a great deal of swirling, sparking red magical energy all around her. She chants, staring at the energy as it starts to gather in the center of the room, starting to take the form a massive, hulking figure. Slowly the daemon takes shape before her, taller than her by at least a few feet and its male form rippling with massive muscles, it’s arms so thick they looked like the trunks of trees. And there, between its legs, hangs an impressively massive cock, a sight that makes her giggle with excitement.

Yet as the beast starts to slowly take physical form, the red energy slowly becoming solid and the dark red skin of the massive horned figure solidifying before her, she begins to feel that something is wrong. A daemon is a lesser being, yet as the creature grows more solid she can feel almost overwhelming raw power emanating from it. And she should feel her will entering the things mind, allowing her to dominate it. Yet the more real it becomes the more she feels her own mind bending to this ancient thing’s will.

Far too late she realizes what a mistake she has made. Far too late to stop the massively powerful being from materializing in her room and far too late to run. With a final burst of sparking red energy the being fully materializes, its overpowering aura overwhelming her and sending her reeling back, stumbling onto the floor as she gasps in horror.

The monstrous red skinned hulking figure looms above her, looking down at the naked Silver Elf with anger and derision on its bestial face. “YOU DARE?” he booms, his voice making the very floorboards under her shake. “You dare to summon and try and enslave me, Baedor? Bringer of The Corruption? God of sexual indulgence?”

“N-no,” Lyari stutters, fear oozing from every syllable. “No! I meant to summon an ancient daemon, not a god!” She quavers and shakes, sweat pouring out of every inch of her body. She knows who Baedor is, knows he is a god to be feared. Even if she hadn’t known who he was she would have felt the power emanating off of his body and been just as afraid. “My book spoke of a daemon, a lesser being—” she begins to explain.

Baedor shoots her an angry, mesmerizing glare that silences the scared woman mid sentence. “Me? A mere daemon?”

Lyari glances from the god standing before her to the ancient tome on the nearby table. He follows her gaze and then his angry visage cracks, the anger washing away and replaced by an amused grin. He starts to laugh, a deep booming laugh that echoes all around her.

He takes a few steps, his huge feet booming down and buckling the wooden floor under his massive weight. Picking the book up and flipped through its pages then laughing again. “I see what has happened,” he says, still chuckling.

The sounds of his amusement sends chills of fear down Lyari’s spine.

Holding the book up Baedor turns to her and begins to explain. “This book is old, very old. So old in fact that it predates the acceptance of those like me, gods touched by The Corruption, as true gods. You poor, stupid meddling mage. In the ages since this tome was penned the meaning of the word ‘daemon’ has changed! Now the word means a lesser being, a servant to one such as me. But when this book was written it referred to the gods touched by The Corruption. At that time we were shunned and even imprisoned by the other gods. But now, now we are their equals.”

He puts the book down and then aims his fiery glare at her. It hits her with physical force, sending her reeling back and making the world around her spin. She loses all semblance of composure and begins to scream in terror, yelling for help.

Again Baedor begins laughing, deep and hearty. “No one can hear your pathetic, mewling cries for help. I’ve surrounded this room with my power and not a single sound can escape. Besides,” he adds with an almost disinterested shrug, “there are none who could save you. None powerful enough to challenge me less they be another god.”

Lyari’s eyes widened as she remembers the mighty god she serves. “Eczotl,” she whispers. Then she says the name again, calling out for the god that hungers to save her.

Once more the mighty being before her laughs. “Ah yes, Eczotl. More ancient then me but far less powerful in this realm. See, we gods, we draw our strength through the worship of mortals. It is our sustenance. And poor Eczotl, it has few worshipers in Alaria. While I have many and the number grows every day! No, your god won’t be saving you. It abandoned you to me the moment you started summoning me.”

She begins to whimper. If she had any of her magical stores left she’d try and protect herself, push the god back and attempt an escape. But summing the being has totally drained her and for the first time in her entire life she feels totally helpless.

“Now,” Baedor says, as if brushing aside the previous conversation, “you must be punished for the insolence of summoning and trying to enslave me.” He takes a step towards her, his foot slamming into the ground, and points his powerful gaze at her. “STAND,” he bellows.

For a moment she is able to fight the command, although doing so pains every inch of her body.

He takes another step closer. “Stand,” he repeats, his voice lower but his tone more commanding. “Stand you pathetic, fat-uddered cow.”

Lyari feels the words echo through her mind and then feels her body responding. With a jerk she begins to get up, her body no longer under her own control. With spasmatic, wild movements she rises to her feet, her back ridged and straight, pressing her huge breasts out before her. She finds herself unable to move, only able to stand perfectly still and stare up at the looming god before her.

“I will give you this,” he mutters as he begins to move closer to her, “you have a marvelous body.” Moving with the grace of a cat, something that is startling from such a hulking figure, he slides behind her, wrapping his massive arms around her naked body. Everywhere his skin touched hers there is fire, heat the emanates from his skin and burns her, but in a way that sends waves and confusing sexual pleasure flowing into her core.

He slides his hands up the soft curves of her slightly pudgy belly, moving up towards her massive, heavy breasts. Carefully, as if wanting to enjoy every moment of it, he cups them. Slowly he lifts them up, testing their weight in his large hands.

Lyari shudders and moans at his touch. Everywhere his fingers touch her skin there is burning pleasure. And as a Silver Elf her inhumanly large breasts have always been overly sensitive, yet now the pleasure just form his simple touch is nearly enough to make her cum.

He starts to gently, but firmly, grope her breasts. Squeezing and massaging, his thick fingers sinking into her soft and firm tit-flesh. He slides his fingers to her hard nipples, rolling them between his finger tips and then pinching them.

She gasps then moans in pleasure, feeling a warm wet orgasm slowly ease out of her loins just from the gentle yet insistent tit-play.

As he continues to play with her tits the god leans down, pushing her head to the side then opening his mouth and breathing heavily onto her exposed neck. His breath is hot, like the furnace of a fire and the warmth makes the Silver Elf melt inside. She can feel her juices running down her thighs, feel this being’s touch overwhelming her senses.

“Such glorious tits,” he whispers in her ear as he continues to fondle her breasts, pinching and tugging gently at her nipples. “You Silver Elves are always such a treat. But normally I need to sexually corrupt your kind, yet I see that your mind is already full of sexually perverse and even cruel desires and thoughts. Yet you are always the one in control, how humbling it must be for you to be controlled and used in this way.”

Lyari is unable to respond, only moan in pleasure. But it is a moan that makes it clear that the pleasure is not coming on her terms, that if she could she would pull away from this beings intense touch.

Her hands move down to her crotch and she begins to finger herself as she moans in delight. She has never felt such pleasure, so intense and powerful. Yet she is unable to drain any of the sexual energy flowing from the being touching and groping and kissing her. If anything, she realizes, SHE is being drained of her own natural energies!

Then she cums again, only this time harder. She convulses, the orgasm so powerful it feels as though it is shattering her mind. Her legs give out from under her and she begins to fall. Baedor lets her, letting go of her breasts and taking a step back as she tumbles down.

She collapses to the floor, landing weakly on all fours, her thick plump ass pointing up at Baedor.

He stares at the sight and makes an appreciative sound. “You are no mighty wild mage, no powerful sorceress,” he tells her as he steps forwards and grabs her hips, pulling her body back towards his. She whimpers, looking over her shoulder and seeing his massive cock now fully erect and knows he is preparing to enter her. Her heart races with fear, fear that his member is far too large for her body yet she knows there is nothing she can do to stop him.

“You are a nearly worthless cow,” he continues, “a piece of desirable fuck meat and nothing more.” As he speaks he grabs his cock and starts rubbing it on her wet pussy, moving his huge swollen cockhead up and down in her wet lips. Then he starts to press into her and she screams.

He takes her hard and quick, more forcefully than any man has ever dared try. She bellows in pain at first as his massive member is forced into her far too small cunt hole. But impossibly she feels her body painfully stretching to accommodate his huge girth and impressive length. And then, as he pounds her hard and fast, the pain begins to lesson and her screams of discomfort become screams of pleasure as the god begins to fuck-tame her.

Her massive tits swing wildly under her as she is pounded form behind, her hard nipples rubbing up against the wooden floor and becoming red and raw. She screams, begging for it to end and then a moment later is begging for more. She cums, hard and often. The savage fucking seems to last forever, minutes feel as though they stretch on for hours. Soon she can barely feel her body she’s cum so much. Her knees and arms give out under her and she collapses flat onto the floor. Still Baedor fucks her, pounding her hard from behind as he pulls her ass up towards himself so that he can still enter her.

At one point she starts to black out and it is only then that Baedor pulls away from her. The feel of his massive cock leaving her pussy is like the creation of vast chasm inside of her. She moans at the emptiness, thankful her ordeal is over yet wishing to be filled once more.

She lay on the floor, breathing heavily with her eyes closed and hovering just on the edge of consciousness. She feels drained, drained physically and spiritually. She starts to sob, never having felt so helpless and defeated. Lyari knows she has done this very thing to countless others but she never imagined the tables would be turned to completely on her.

“Up on your knees, you worthless slut,” Baedor commands.

Even though she is totally exhausted her body finds the energy to follow the command. Slowly, weakly she gets up on her knees, turning to face the god who stands looming above her, his massive red cock still standing erect and glistening with her pussy juices.

“Grab those fat udders of yours. Hold them up to me and press them in around my cock. I wish to cum while fucking your overlarge Silver Elf tits,” he tells her.

She does as he commands, staring down and marveling at just how big his cock is. Even with her massive tits wrapped around it a third of its length extends out the top. How in the world did that ever fit inside of me? she thinks in alarm.

Once more she experiences the pleasure that comes with having any part of the god of sexual indulgence touch her flesh. As he humps her chest she feels as much sexual pleasure as when he was fucking her cunt. She cums, over and over again. It is only because of his command that she remains upright on her knees and doesn’t simply collapse and pass out.

“This is how women’s bodies are meant to be used,” Baedor says between grunts. “Great mighty tits like yours were created to be fucked, created to be the pleasure pits for men’s cocks. You understand?”

Lyari’s head lolls from side to side and her eyes roll up into her head. She is beyond understanding. It is all too much pleasure and she is far too drained. She is on the verge of breaking, physically and mentally.

Seeing this Baedor is pleased and begins to cum, even as he keeps fucking her tits. His cum bubbles and spurts out from the top of his cock, thick and gooey like a great muddy yogurt. It keeps flowing like a volcano, covering her huge tits in semen till not an inch of her massive tits remain uncovered.

Finally done unloading his godly ejaculate he sighs in satisfaction and takes a step back, looking at the woman who dared to summon him. She kneels on the floor, her massive tits covered and dripping thick semen. Her mouth hangs open stupidly, her eyes glazed over as she stares blankly ahead of her. Her body sways back and forth looking as if a slight breeze could knock her over.

Lyari is defeated, humiliated, and broken.


* * *


The hulking red skinned god took a step back, admiring the sight of the broken Silver Elf kneeling before him, her massive tits covered and dripping cum. “What a beautiful sight,” he rumbled happily in his deep, echoing voice.

“You are mine now,” he tells her. “My servant. You will pledge yourself to me and only me. Say the words.”

Lyari, her body swaying weakly, looks up. Her eyes are out of focus and she barely sees the figure looming above her. “I am yours,” she mutters weakly. “I pledge myself to you, Baedor, and only you. I forsake all other gods and will live my life in your service.”

The words come easily. She’d made a similar pledge to another god. But now she can’t even remember that other deity’s name. Whatever hold it once had over her has been released.

The Silver Elf arches her back, moaning in pain. The moan then melts into one of pleasure as the god of sexual indulgence’s will overtakes her body. She shivers, feeling herself changed down to the core, feeling something reaching deep into her and wrapping itself around her mind and spirit. Red sparking energy surrounds her.

She gasps. This is more than Baedor’s power, more than any one god’s will infusing her very soul with its presence. For a brief moment the world bleeds away and she connects with this strange otherworldly force. For just a moment her understanding is total.

This is The Corruption. It is a force alien to Alaria yet invading every corner of it. She sees that ages ago it first seeped into the world through the godly beings then known as demons. She sees that they embraced it and were shunned by their brother and sister gods, saw them cast down. There was a great slaughter, many of the demons permanently banished and many others imprisoned.

The few that remained were viewed as lesser beings for a time, yet even though its followers were diminished The Corruption continued to seep into Alaria, little by little. She saw how the few gods it had infused with its power plotted, began to gather The Corruption around them and find ways to infuse it into other gods and goddesses.

Lyari sees that The Corruption is not evil but that it is sinisterly perverse and corrupting in all who it seeps into.

She sees flashes of Demons growing mighty, corrupting other gods with The Corruption. She sees that this is why so many deities have such sexually oriented forms of worship: these are the gods who have been touched and changed by The Corruption.

The Silver Elf also sees that many of Alaria’s gods still battle The Corruption, even though they don’t really understand it.

And then she blinks, the moment of understanding quickly fading and mostly forgotten, little more than a fever dream.

She sways, feeling changed. “I am yours, my Master,” she says staring up at Baedor. “Embrace me and mark me as yours.”

The god smiles, taking a step closer and waving one of his massive hands before her breasts. Energy sways and sparks dissolving the cum covering her breasts and then sharp pain shoots through her nipples. She yelps and looks down to find her nipples now pierced, a silver ring hanging from each one. The rings glow faintly with red energy, glowing energy that occasionally sparks with power.

“This shall mark you as my follower and allow me easy entry into your mind,” Baedor tells her. “I shall be able to guide your actions now as you carry out my will. But be warned,” he says, “it also marks you as one of my followers to those that appose me. When working in secret you will need to keep your glorious breasts covered and hidden.”

“I understand, my Master,” she mutters, staring at his massive, clawed feet.

“Good,” his voice rumbles. “I see you are a fast learner. You’ll be a good servant. And with that in mind I already have a task to send you to accomplish.”

She looks up, her face a mix of fear and eagerness. “What task, Master?”

“Not far from hear, barely over a day’s ride, is a keep that is manned by The Sisterhood of Righteousness. These accursed women are my greatest foe on Alaria. They work constantly to hinder me and my plans and above all to battle back The Corruption, although few know that forces proper name. It would be a simple matter for me to appear amongst these women and break their wills but they have grown smart in recent years. They put powerful protective enchantments on their keeps and safe houses, enchantments that keep me and the other Gods who work closely with me out.”

He paused, waving his hand before him. As he did so red sparking energy formed in his hand, coalescing into a small item. “This necklace is powerful. If placed around the neck of the woman in charge of the keep it will allow me past those enchantments, allow me to appear right before her.”

Lyari already saw what her task was, but she waited for her new Master to say the words.

“You must gain entry into their keep and find a way to place this around the neck of their high commander.”

“I understand,” the Silver Elf says. “How do you wish me to accomplish this task?”

The God shrugs. “I do not care how. Use your magic, your guile, anything at your disposal. But know I shall be watching and if you fail there shall be swift punishment. I reward those who serve, and punish those who fail.”

He pauses, giving the kneeling woman an appraising look. “But I don’t want you to fail,” he adds. “Tomorrow you shall ride away from this inn and when you do you shall feel the direction you need to ride. Follow that impulse and it will lead you to another of my servants. They will join you in your quest and be someone you can use to fuel your wild magic.”

Lyari starts to ask a question but as she opens her mouth she watches as Baedor starts to step back away from her. As he does billowing red-black smoke starts to swirl up and around him.

“Now sleep,” he bellows, the sound of his voice shaking the room and causing Lyari to collapse. Even as sleep starts to overtake her she hears her new Master’s last words. “You shall wake with a new disposition on life and clarity on what to do next.”


* * *


Lyari is slowly awoken by the warmth of the morning sun shining in through the rented room’s window and bathing her naked body in relaxing heat. She stretches, raising her arms above her head and arching her back, luxuriating in the heat on her overlarge and sensitive breasts. The heat feels so good that she decides to keep her eyes closed, simply enjoying its warmth.

Her mind wanders to the strange dream she had the night before. So vibrant is its memory in her mind that she questions for a moment whether it was real. More of a nightmare than a dream, she thinks to herself. Yet as she remembers the dream of the red skinned god fucking her into submission she feels a warmth building in her core, a warmth not related to the sun shining in through the window.

Unable and unwilling to ignore that warmth in her core Lyari lets her hands begin to wander, caressing her naked skin and building the internal flames into a vast hungry fire. She’s eager to move her hands down to her pussy, eager to begin masturbating. More eager, really, then she’s ever felt for self pleasure before.

Strange, she thinks, I’m normally not so self indulgent in my sexual desires. Masturbation can feel gloriously good yet it serves little purpose beyond pleasure. She can’t siphon magical energies from herself. She’s always preferred to have a partner nearby, to leach off their energies as she fucks.

Still, she finds the urge to pleasure herself undeniable.

She lets one hand move down her body, the tips of her fingers tickling her naked skin as they move down her soft stomach towards her pussy. Her other hand moves to the bulk of one of her overlarge breasts, cupping its side and grabbing at it. Again she arches her back, this time moaning at just how good it feels to touch her breast so.

Just as her fingers begin to dance around her clit, slowly working to coax it out of its fleshy hiding place, her other hand moves up the bulk of her breast. She has just started masturbating when her fingers move in to pinch her nipple.

Her eyes fly open and she sits up so fast it makes her dizzy. She looks down at her nipple, her eyes darting from one and then to other. Her heart is racing and her breathing is fast.

Her nipples are pierced. Pierced with metal rings that glow faintly with red energy.

It was no dream.


* * *


“Thank you, Maaleas, for sending your man Hob to gather the supplies I need,” Lyari says to the innkeeper.

The man seems crest fallen that she is leaving his inn so soon. His eyes dart down frequently to the top of her traveling cloak, glancing into the darkness at her hidden cleavage. It is clear the man had hoped to get a better look at her breasts before she left. The thought makes a smile tug at the edge of her lips.

Maybe next time, she thinks. And she’s certain there WILL be a next time. She’s certain at one point before long she’ll be back here at the Crossroads in.

“Of course,” he says, smiling and trying to hide the disappointment that the attractive, busty Silver Elf is leaving his inn so soon. “Where do your travels take you now?” he asks.

“My business is my own,” she says quickly and in an angry tone, more out of habit than anything else. Then she feels a tug on her mind, a pulling in a specific direction and somehow she innately knows that her destination is not far. “But I have a feeling I shall not be traveling far,” she adds, her tone more friendly. “And who knows, perhaps I shall be returning soon.”

The innkeeper seems to brighten at this. “I hope you do,” he adds, helping Lyari up onto her horse.

She nods and gets comfortable in her saddle, checking one last time to make sure the side bags and her trunk are well affixed to the beast. “Good day to you,” she says then kicks the beast to get it moving forward.

Riding out into the street before The Crossroads Inn Layari finds herself standing at the crossroads it’s named after. For a moment she has the beast ride in a small circle as she concentrates on the feeling inside of her. “North,” she mutters, turning to head down that road. “Definitely North,” she adds, making the horse gallop faster.


* * *


Lyari Fenyarus rides north for a few hours at a steady pace. Then the feeling inside that is leading her urges her to turn off the road and head into the wooded hills on her right. She quickly finds an overgrown path, a trail that had once been heavily used but was now so overgrown few would notice it lest they stand upon it.

Her insides tell her to follow the path so that’s what she does. She rides at a slow but steady pace following the path as it leads up into the hills. The forest around her quickly begins to thin, replaced by rocky outcroppings that make seeing ahead hard.

The path winds and turns through the rocks, leading her deeper into them. Soon she begins to see swirling images and strange geometric runes carved into the stones. Some of the stones covered in carvings stand tall and narrow, ancient monoliths that are now half covered in moss. Many of them lay tipped over or broken in half, weathered by the ages.

“Ruins,” she mutters, slowing her horse down. Alaria is covered in them. Before the great collapse the world was covered in vast cities built with now long forgotten skill. The great collapse had depopulated the world and led to whole continents being drained of almost all their people.

Now the ruins lay forgotten in the wilds, many full of long forgotten treasures. Yet where there is treasure there are monsters and far worse. Lyari becomes painfully aware just how helpless she is at the moment. Her magical energies are empty and she feels as though should she face danger she would be unable to cast even the simplest of defensive spells.

Yet something pushes her on, making her feel that she is doing the right thing riding into the labyrinthine ruins.

She rides around a large rock, one that looks as though it might have at one point been a building carved out of the very living stone that stands tall out of the ground. As she comes around the corner she sees before her a tall hill, a circle of standing stones on its top. And there, in the center of the stones, sits a hooded figure on a horse covered in supplies much like her own.

“This is the servant Baedor has sent to me,” she says. “I can feel it.”

With a kick to her horse and a loud, “Hiya!” Lyari Fenyarus began riding towards the ominous figure perched atop the hill before her. Her horse easily trots up the hill but as it nears the figure it pulls back, kicking its front legs out and whinnying in alarm.

“I’m sorry about that,” a soft, pretty feminine voice calls out. “Animals usually react that way to my presence till they are used to the chill air that surrounds me.”

The cloaked figure pulls down her hood revealing herself to be a stunningly pretty Human woman with vibrant blond hair. She has an elegantly narrow face with pretty, full lips. But most striking are her eyes: they are ice blue and glow faintly even in the midday sun. Seemingly inset into the skin of her forehead is a diamond shaped blue gem the exact same shade of blue as her eyes and it too glows.

She throws back the rest of her traveling cloak to reveal a blue outfit marking her as an ice mage. She has large, full, perky breasts that are prominently displayed and barely covered by a wrapped blue cloth around the top of her torso that does more to lift them up then cover them.

Around her waist is a small belt with a large buckle in the front, a square blue gem that glows dimly and seems to hum with power. Attached to the belt are straps of blue cloth that hang down, barely covering the woman’s privates and ass and leaving her long, full legs fully displayed.

The only true bulk to any of her clothing comes in the form of thick, bunched up cloth arm bracers made of vibrant blue cloth held in place by a few golden bands. Lyari can’t be sure but she suspects the strange arm wrappings actually hide small items, perhaps vials filed with magical potions.

The woman hops down off her horse moving with the ease of an acrobat. Her body is beautiful to behold in motion, elegantly thin but well muscled. Only in her large breasts or her perky ass is there any sign of unnecessary weight on the slender mage.

“I am Villette Rutherford, skilled ice mage and devoted follower of Baedor. The glorious god of sexual indulgence appeared to me three nights ago in a dream,” she declares with pride. She then runs her hands down her slender body, taking time to feel the curves of her breasts and the perk of her ass as she does. “After enjoying the pleasures of my body my god told me to ride to this place and wait for another of his followers. He said I was to become this persons servant, helping them in any task they required help with and,” she pauses, looking at Lyari and for the first time seeming to notice the huge bulk of Silver Elf’s over-sized breasts. She takes a deep breath, suddenly seeming more excited. “He said that I would also be giving my body freely to my new master.”

She moves closer, cocking her head. “You are a Silver Elf?” She asks.

Lyari throws back her own hood revealing her platinum hair and pressing her chest out. As she does the button holding her cloak in place pops open revealing her massive cleavage. “Yes, I am,” she declares proudly.

She’s used to men looking at her with the intense hunger this ice mage now has in her eyes but is surprised to see if from a woman. Oh, sure, Lyari has been with many women. But she’s found that most need to be “convinced” to be with other women sexually. Those that seem to prefer the company of women are frequently lacking in the more traditional feminine qualities. Yet this woman, more feminine in her beauty than nearly anyone the Silver Elf has ever seen, seems more intensely interested in her, and especially her large breasts, than any man she’s ever met.

“How comes a Silver Elf to be a servant of Baedor?” the woman asks, her curiosity clear on her perplexed face. “I understood your people to be… Well, that they tended to fight for matters more ‘pure’ than for the god of sexual indulgence. In fact I had heard most Silver Elfs shied away from most sexual pleasure and view it as a corrupting force.”

Lyari turns, swinging her leg up and over the horse then hopping down from her mount, standing before her new servant. She realizes this woman is intensely self confident and that if she is truly to be Lyari’s servant that the Silver Elf will need to establish her dominance, and soon.

“Perhaps in time I will tell you how I came to serve Baedor,” she says, intentionally giving the woman no real information. “Let us just say I haven’t always worshiped him and that before that I had a history of worshiping the darker gods. And how a Silver Elf came to be swayed by such gods is a very private matter.”

Villette bows. “If it pleases you to keep your secrets please do so, I wish only to serve Baedor and he has tasked me with serving you.”

As she stands from her bow she takes a step closer, closing her eyes and inhaling deeply. Yet it does not seem she is truly smelling, she seems rather to be inhaling some unseen force.

Her eyes shoot open and she looks at Lyari with surprise. “You are a wild mage! I can sense the wild untamed magic flowing off of you, weak as it is.” She starts to wave her hands about as if feeling the magical energy. “It flows and swirls around you, the natural energy of the world being pulled towards you.” She stops, her brow furrowing. “No, not the natural energies of the world. My energies!”

A sly smile pulls at the edge of her lips. “You draw your mana not from Alaria but from its inhabitant’s sexual energies, don’t you?”

Lyari nods. “Very perceptive. I thought it took decades of practice in the magical arts for a mage to be able to read such energies.”

“Oh, more than decades. It took me nearly one-hundred years just to sense them and even longer to read them.”

“But—” Lyari begins, her eyes darting to the woman’s ears. They are covered by her long flowing blond hair. She had assumed this ice mage was human by her facial features. But perhaps she had been mistaken. She was clearly no High Elf, but perhaps a mongrel Common Elf with shortened ears able to be hidden by her hair? How else could she have lived so long yet look so young? If she was Human she looked no older than her second or third decade at the most.

Villette laughs and throws her head back, wipping her long hair back and reaching up to pull it to the side to expose one of her ears.

Lyari gasps when she sees that the ear is short and rounded, not a hint of even a drop of Elven blood. “How?” she asks, suspecting the woman will understand exactly what she means.

Still laughing happily Villette straightens her hair then touches the glowing gem set in the middle of her forehead. “I spent my life in search of the instructions and ingredients required to forge this gem. Towards the end I feared I had taken too long. I was an old shriveled crone lying on my death bed when I infused it with a powerful enchantment then become one with it.”

She stands tall, glowing with pride. “It is the greatest achievement possible with ice magic. Cold, frozen, everlasting eternal youth.” She pauses to smile sadly. “Only real downside is the cold. See,” she says holding her hand out, “feel. Everlasting youth, as if I was frozen in time. Frozen being the key word.”

Lyari reaches out and feels the woman’s bare hand. It is cold to the touch, feeling as though she had been standing outside in freezing temperatures for some time. Lyari wrapped her hand around the woman’s, trying to warm it but there was no sign of the heat from her hand doing anything to warm Villette’s hand.

Villette pulls her hand away. “It will never warm. I’ve been told that once someone is used to it the chill can be quite nice in moments of physical intimacy, although it’s not for everyone. I’ve had enough partners over the last few hundred years to be able to predict, though, who will like it and who won’t.”

“Hundreds of years?” Lyari asks. “How old are you?”

“I’ve lived some four hundred and some odd years, most of that time looking exactly as I look now.”

Lyari’s jaw fell open. “Why, you’re older than me! And I’ve outlived generations of Humans!” As she adjusted to the shock something occurred to her. “If you are so old and powerful why has Baedor sent you to be my servant? Why is he not sending others to be YOUR servant?”

The woman laughed again, flipping some of her blond hair out of her face. “Why? Because I’m no leader, no accomplisher of great tasks. This gem,” she says, pointing to it again, “I was only driven to learn the skill to create it out of selfishness. See, I am a VERY selfish and indulgent person. I care only for my own pleasure, especially sexual pleasure. The thought of my life ending and never feeling an orgasm again? I couldn’t stand that.

“But once I had eternal life I had no purpose, that was till I discovered Baedor. Worshiping him is the greatest joy I have ever experienced. His followers are all as self indulgent as me. I feel at home with them. And he has seen fit to lead me forth to those who both need my services as a mage AND as a very attractive young woman.”

Lyari was seeing why this woman was being used as a servant. No matter how old, how experienced, how skilled she was if she lacked the drive that Lyari was filled with she’d accomplish little. It made Lyari comfortable with using the woman as a servant.

Villette ran her hands down her body again. “You can only imagine how good I am with this body after hundreds of years of constant practice,” she says, finishing her previous thought.

Lyari raises an eyebrow at this. “Oh really? Well, it just so happens I’m in need of sexual attention. My stores of magical power, ‘mana’ as you called it, are nearly empty. Do you understand how wild mages like me refill our stores?”

“Oh yes,” Villette purrs, moving in closer and wrapping her arms around Lyari’s thick waist. “I understand perfectly.”


* * *


Lyari lay in the grass atop the hill, the standing stones looming over her and the two horses grazing nearby. She gasped as Villette sucked on one of her nipples. The woman had striped her with more sexual skill than any partner she had ever had. It was like a strip tease, but with her own clothing being removed. By the end her pussy had been dripping wet and throbbing with anticipation before Villette had even laid a hand on her naked skin.

Still Villette had yet to even brush a knee against her slit. The woman had quickly disrobed out of her own clothing then pinned Lyari to the ground. Lyari had barely the time to notice this woman had the same piercings as her, metal rings through her nipples, before she was pinned down. Once on top of her Villette had begun working on the Silver Elf’s massive breasts.

Lyari was used to this. Men especially had a hard time paying attention to any other part of her. Her breasts, like the breasts of all Silver Elfs, were truly enormous and perfectly rounded yet heavy and full. No woman of any other race naturally had breasts as large as a Silver Elf. Most other race’s bodies couldn’t even hold such large breasts, they’d be doubled over and in pain from the weight. Yet Silver Elfs were innately magical in nearly everything they did, more so even than the High Elves. They might all look pleasantly plump but each was nearly as strong as a Minotaur.

So Lyari was used to her partners showering her massive breasts with attention. She was used to endless fondling and gropes, used to having her nipples tugged at and sucked on. She was especially used to men fucking her breasts. And as a Silver Elf her breasts were highly sensitive, making it all, even mammary intercourse, enjoyable to her.

But no man, no woman, no being natural or magical had ever showered her breasts with the detailed and skilled attention that Villette Rutherford was giving her. Her chill fingers danced lithely upon every inch of her breasts, paying close attention to the area just around her areolas and the sweaty underside of her breasts, an area few bothered to pay attention to.

After some time of simple, pleasing caressing with her cold fingers the woman leaned in and began to kiss and lick every inch of her breasts. By this point Lyari was breathing heavily, her body and her skin feeling heated and hot. Villette’s cold touches, her cold lips and even her cold wet tongue, soothed the heat yet at the same time stoked her internal fires and made her grow warmer.

Villette works her mouth around Lyari’s breasts, licking and kissing every inch. Villette works in from the base of Lyari’s tit meat, going in circular motions that move in closer to Layri’s large nipples.

Once she reaches her areolas she closes her mouth and runs her cold lips across their surface, making her flesh pebble and harden. Only after her areolas are covered in ripple like raised bumps of hardened flesh does her tongue dark out to lick at Layri’s flesh.

And then her tongue darts into the swollen nub of her nipple. Just a few cold flicks before she moves with sudden speed and takes the nipple into her mouth where she begins to suck and flick the nub with her tongue. Occasionally biting down on the rings pierced through her nipples and giving them pleasurable little tugs.

It feels good from the very start but it’s clear that Villette knows how to read her partner’s body, knows how to quickly zero in on just what exactly pleases them. Soon she is sucking just right, flicking her tongue just right. She’s moving from one nipple to the other at just the right moment.

Lyari gasps and arches her back. It all feels so good.

Her eyes shoot open. She realizes that it’s all felt so good she’s simply been indulging in the pleasure, not siphoning off this woman’s sexual energies. She closes her eyes again, reveling in the feeling of having her nipples played with so pleasurably all while reaching out and grabbing hold of the strong sexual energies flowing off her partner.

She gasps again, stunned by just how strong the energies are. She’s never felt so much come from one person. The only thing she’s ever felt like this was the energy that came from a massive orgy, over thirty people fucking simultaneously.

Once she starts draining the energy from Villette she feels the need to be less passive. As the energy flows from Villette into her, turning into mana for her to use to fuel her spells, she feels energized. She grabs hold of the thin woman and flips her over, rolling over on top of her.

Villette gasps in surprise then giggles in joy. “Ready to take me, my Master?” she says.

“Yes,” Lyari growls aggressively, moving her body up and shoving one of her nipples into the woman’s face to silence her while reaching down with the hand not holding her up. It quickly slides between Villette’s legs, spreading them open then greedily begins fingering the woman’s pussy. Her blond pubic hair is soft to the touch but as Lyari’s fingers start to explore the folds of her outer labia she feels only the ice cold of the woman’s skin.

Villette’s pussy is sopping wet and Lyari’s fingers slide in easily, yet doing so she finds the woman’s insides even colder than her skin. As she curls her fingers and explores her insides she wonders idly how long she’ll be able to keep fingering her before the cold starts to bother her. She also wonders if men find the chill of her insides exhilarating or painful.

As Villette sucks on Lyari’s huge breast that’s shoved in her face her arms wrap up around her Master’s back. Her cold fingertips dance in little circles on the soft plump flesh of Lyari’s back, caressing and teasing. One of her hands starts to wander down the curve of her back, her hand pressing down into the chubby flesh of Lyari’s fat ass. She pulls away then slaps her ass, a cold sting that echoes through the hills around them.

Then her hand is snaking down through Lyari’s thighs, spreading her legs and finding the slit of her hairless pussy.

If Lyari had been surprised at how good this woman was at playing with her breasts she’s even more so now as the woman begins to finger her. The woman is so skilled that Lyari barely has words to describe it.

She shudders and moans and is brought to orgasm almost immediately. As she cums she inhales deeply, drawing in not just air but magical power from her partner’s oversexed body. Her eyes open wide and start to glow intensely. Lyari has never been able to siphon this much energy from one partner. In fact, she’s never been so full of mana. She has to stop, unable to hold any more.

As she starts to come down from her orgasm her impulse is to pull away. Sex has always been just about getting the mana she needs. But now… the rings in her nipples burn and she hears a deep growling voice in her head. Keep going, indulge, it says.

Hearing the words of her god Lyari decides not to pull away. She presses in closer to the cold body of her partner and she indulges in all the sexual skill she has.


* * *


“That was amazing,” Lyari says, still breathing hard and feeling flush. She rides on her horse, Villette on her own horse beside her.

“Thank you, it’s been some hundred years or so since I’ve had a complaint,” the ice mage says. “So, where do we ride to now? What is our task?”

For a few minutes Lyari is silent, trying to decide just how much to tell the mage. Finally, she decides to tell her everything. She explains about the necklace and how their mission is to get the item around the neck of the commander of the Sisterhood keep.

“And how do you plan on accomplishing this?” Villette asks.

Lyari makes note that the woman is clearly asking out of curiosity. She is showing no drive to come up with a plan of her own. As skilled as she is the woman is truly a follower.

“I haven’t decided yet,” Lyari tells her. “My plan, for now, is to ride back to the inn at the crossroads in Grayfair not far from here. I was thinking someone in the town must know a bit about this keep. Maybe there is a weakness we could use to gain entry.”

She looks over at the ice mage. “How skilled are you in combat?” she asks.

“Very,” Villette says simply.

“Well, should we discover no way to sneak in the two of us could probably fight our way in. I’ve mostly stayed clear of the Sisterhood of Righteousness in my life, so I have no sense of how good of warriors they are. But together—”

“Even together a keeps worth of them would probably slaughter us,” Villette says, interrupting Lyari. “I’m sorry, but I’ve dealt with them many times. They are truly troublesome women and their might seems to have only grown over the last few hundred years. Their warriors are some of the most highly trained and skilled fighters, their mages powerful, and their commanders smart.”

“Surely these women must have some weakness,” Lyari says, her frustration mounting.

“Oh yes, a large one. Almost all of them are incredibly naive and good natured. And trusting. And although their order is not celibate once a woman becomes a member she has little time for the pleasures of the flesh, and enjoying those pleasures is discouraged.

“In fact,” she adds, “one of the reasons they are so troublesome is that they seem to battle against any open displays of sexuality. They detest sex in all forms other than for procreation and they try to suppress the worship of any god that is sexual in nature or that is prayed to in a sexual manner.”

“So they must hate Baedor worshipers,” Lyari says.

“Oh yes! Most Sisterhood members will kill someone on the spot should they learn they have given themselves to Baedor. They view him as a truly evil god. We’re actually quite lucky that his mark of servitude is so easily hidden under our clothing,” she said, nodding down to her breasts and the nipple rings hidden under her clothing.

“Well, let us ride to Grayfair. On the way there I want you to tell me all you know of the Sisterhood. We’ll stay at the Crossroads Inn for a night or two as we plan our next move, perhaps asking around amongst the locals to see what they know about the keep. It’s barely a day’s ride from their town, they must know something!”


* * *


Maaleas the innkeeper smiles happily as he sees Lyari come in through the door. His smile grew even larger as he saw the pretty blond walking not far behind her. “You’re back so soon! And with such lovely company,” he says, bowing at Villette.

Although the Night Elf man is clearly happy to see the two attractive travelers he seems agitated and upset about something. Looking past him Lyari can see that the tavern on the first floor of the inn is empty, a strange sight so late in the evening.

“What has happened?” Lyari asks.

“Ah,” the innkeeper says, wringing his hands together and looking back over his shoulder. “Well, not long ago a knight of the Sisterhood of Righteousness rode into town. We know that they have taken over the keep up the road but we rarely see them here. She strode into my inn, fire in her Elven eyes. Word seemed to have reached the keep that I had allowed a shrine to Ynara to be set up in my establishment.”

“Let me guess,” Villette says, stepping forward and looking around. “She demanded the thing be smashed.”

He nods. “That’s right. And when I wouldn’t allow her,” he shrugs and turns, pointing to a far wall. There was the remains of the shrine, a simple wooden alter smashed to bits and now scattered across the floor. The ceramic idol of the goddess Ynara that would have been the center piece of the shrine, a carved likeness of the goddess naked and holding her massive breasts up, was smashed and in pieces that were mixed in with the wood of the alter.

“A few of the locals tried to stop her and she, well, let’s just say we’re all thankful she didn’t kill any of them. I went to the town guard but they refused to help. There are only a handful of them and the Sisterhood has an entire brigade of troops stationed at their keep, at least that’s what we have heard. They were too afraid to do anything. Said I’d just have to live with it.

“Honestly,” he continues, “I don’t think they were too upset. Ynara worship isn’t exactly looked upon kindly by the locals. I had allowed a traveling missionary to set the shrine up for the travelers that come through here.”

“Where is this knight now?” asked Lyari.

The innkeeper points above him. “She rented a room and said she’d like to head to bed early. She seemed quite satisfied with herself and didn’t even stop to think that maybe after smashing an alter in my inn that she wouldn’t be welcome.”

The two women exchanged glances.

“How would you like us to help you rid yourself of this troublesome Elven knight?” Lyari asks.

Maaleas smiles a crooked evil grin. “What can I do to help?”


* * *


The three figures stand silently by the door to the rented room the Sisterhood knight is staying in. Maaleas has the key to the room in his hand and is prepared to unlock the door for them. Villette stands back, her stance one that is ready for combat and her hands raised before her. Quietly she mutters the words to a spell, her pale hands glowing with faint blue energy.

Lyari, meanwhile, stands just before the door. She is glaring at the imagined figure on the other side, planning the attack. Magical energy seems to swirl around her silently as if she was surrounded by an untamed wind.

Mages like Villette need tried and true spells to cast their magic. They have to say the words to the enchantment and at times move their hands in perfect alignment with the ancient forms of those spells. It is different for a wild mage. They don’t cast spells as so much as imagine a result and will it into being, riding the waves of the magic energy that flows through Alaria. It makes for less consistent spell casting but the potential for power is greater.

“Silently unlock the door,” Lyari says. “Then I’ll kick it down and subdue this knight. Hopefully we will catch her off guard. Villette, if my spell doesn’t work I’ll need you to freeze her in place.” She turns to her servant and sees the blond woman nod. “Good,” Lyari says, turning back to the door. “Now!

Maaleas slides forward and silently unlocks the door before stepping back. A moment later Lyari kicks it open. The wooden door flies open, slamming loudly into the wall on the other side.

There before them is the Elven knight. Her armor and clothing lay in a neat pile on top of a nearby dresser and she stands in only her under garments. She whirls to face her attackers, alarm on her face.

She starts to dive for her weapon, a massive sword resting on the edge of her bed. Lyari acts fast, lunging forward and throwing a spell at the women. There is a blast of energy that seems to warp reality between her and the Elven knight. It hits the woman with enough force to send her tumbling back onto the floor.

But the spell hadn’t been cast fast enough. The knight manages to grab the handle of her sword and as she flies back and the weapon is pulled free from its scabbard. Lyari’s spell has hit true yet the Elf seems protected from such magical attacks and she is already recovering and beginning to spring back to her feet.

Villette pushes into the room, her hands together and a ball of blue energy between them. She calls out words in an ancient language then thrusts her arms forward, spreading her hands apart as the ball of blue energy shoots forwards towards the knight.

With a scream of anger the knight takes a step back and swings her sword at the ball of energy. It slices the ball in half but doesn’t stop the magical attack. The blue energy impacts into her body causing her to scream.

But the scream dies out almost as soon as it starts. Her body is frozen where it had been at the instant of impact, her arms out before her with the blade swinging through the air. Her face is frozen mid scream, her eyes open in alarm and anger. For a moment she stands perfectly still then tips over, falling to the ground. She lands with a thud, her limbs still frozen in the position they had been when the spell hit her.

“She won’t be able to move till I release her form the spell,” Villette says, standing at ease.

“Perfect,” Lyari says, moving into the room and looking down at the Elf. She is tall and has an impressively muscled form, yet has thick full breasts that are barely contained by her undergarments. And it is clear from her long, extended pointed ears that she was no Common Elf, she is a true Elf. A High Elf.

“What are you going to do to her now?” Maaleas asks nervously. “If the Sisterhood finds out we allowed one of their members to be attacked in our town—”

“You need not fret,” Lyari says, kneeling down to look the woman in the eye. Those eyes moved, startling her slightly. She makes eye contact with the Elf and glares. “I’ve got plans for this one. And after that all her fellow Sisterhood members will be doomed.”

Lyari looks up at Maaleas. “Do you have somewhere a little more private we can take her?”

He frowns, seeming to be deciding how to answer. Slowly he says, “Yes… But you must promise not to tell anyone about it.”

“I promise,” Lyari says quickly. “And any vow I make will be followed by my minion over there.” Villette nods at this, confirming the words to be true.

“I have a secret basement, entered through a hidden door in the larder,” the innkeeper tells them. “I keep the magical items I trade in hidden there along with, uh, other things. Things that might be quite useful right now.”


* * *


The Sisterhood knight was naked and secured to a padded table designed to keep a being strapped down. There were many such things in Maaleas’ hidden basement, the place looked like a sex dungeon more than anything else. He had even had a drawer full of gags and they had placed one in the knight’s mouth.

“It’s not really necessary,” he tells them, pointing to the gag as the knight screams muffled protestations and struggles in vain against her bindings. “I told you, this room is enchanted so that no sound from it will leave and none from outside will enter.”

Villette stands close by the bound woman and leans over, stroking her pretty face with the back of her hand. The Elf pulls away, repulsed by her cold touch. “I for one like it. And this way we don’t have to listen to her empty threats about how there will be retribution for treating a member of the Sisterhood this way. Their members always say the same things, no originality in it. Quite boring.”

“I’d also rather not listen to her screams,” Lyari says. “And there WILL be screams.”

Maaleas shrugs. “The screams can be enjoyable,” he says but lets the subject end there. “So what is your plan?”

Lyari steps closer to the woman, running her hands up her exposed stomach and then groping her large breasts. “I’d thought we’d start with these,” she says, letting go of the woman’s breasts then hovering her hands over them.

She narrows her eyes as they start to glow. Her hands glow as well, magical energies flowing from the palms of her hands down into the woman’s breasts. The Elf starts to scream again, the sounds muffled by her gag. She wiggles and tries desperately to pull her breasts away from Lyari but is unable. Her eyes shoot open as the spell starts to affect her. Everyone in the room can see her already large breasts swelling and increasing in size.

“The growth is just a side effect,” Lyari says through gritted teeth as she keeps channeling the spell. “I’m making them more sensitive. Never had this much mana to play with. Think I’ll double, no triple, no quadruple their sensitivity!”

Villette sidles up beside her, staring down at the Elf’s perfectly shaped large breasts. She leans in and whispers into Lyari’s ear. “Why stop there? If you need more mana you need only siphon more from me.” She stops to look first at the Elf then at the innkeeper who eagerly watches. “And if I suspect properly what you are about to do you’ll have the energies of these two to siphon off as well.”

A wicked smile grows on the side of Lyari’s mouth. “Well, since you put it that way.” She clenches the muscles of her arms and hands and sends even more magic flowing into the Elf.

The Elf arches her back and screams, her eyes rolling up into her head.


* * *


With the enchantment finished Lyari steps back, breathing heavily.

“What now?” Maaleas asks.

She looks up at him, an idea popping into her head. “Tell me, Night Elf, do you feel the same racial hatred all of your kind is supposed to feel against women of her race?” She was referring to the bad blood between the Night Elves and the High Elves. Supposedly at one point the Night Elves were High Elves but due to some long forgotten slight their kind was cursed by the other High Elves, their ears shortened slightly and their skin changed to various hues of blue and purple.

“Well, as an innkeeper in a city that sees travelers of all races I rarely let it show, but yes, I feel that hatred for her kind.”

“So you’d like to see her suffer?” Lyari asks.

“Yes, very much so. She wouldn’t be strapped to that table if I didn’t.”

“And what do you think would be a fitting punishment for a woman so devoted to the Sisterhood of Righteousness? One who came into your inn and smashed your alter to Ynara, goddess of the fat tits. Her followers prefer to worship their goddess by engaging in mammary intercourse, yes?” She looks to the Elf whose eyes open wide in realization. “Perhaps you could use this troublesome bitch to worship Ynara? I promise, with as sensitive as her breasts are she’ll enjoy it. She’ll cum her pretty little Elven brains right out. As a member of the Sisterhood of Righteousness I bet that would be a very fitting punishment for her crimes against your inn and a goddess you have at least some liking for.”

Maaleas was nodding and already undressing.

Eagerly he got up on the table like device that the busty Elf was strapped to, sitting on her torso so that his hard cock rested between her breasts. “On that table there is a vial of lubricating oil,” he said, pointing. “If you would, please?”

Villette happily retrieves the vile, lovingly pouring its contents down over his cock. She makes a cooing sound of appreciation as she does. “And what an impressive cock you have, Maaleas. I assume you have the blessing of Azel, the cock god upon you?”

Maaleas nods. “Indeed I do. He has seen to it that my cock is far larger than it should be and that when I cum there is ample amount of seed.” The Night Elf then turns his attention to the struggling Elf and tenderly grabs her large breasts, pushing them up and around her cock.

Her eyes rolled up into her head and she begins to moan just from the pressure of his hands on her magically oversensitive breasts. A moment later when he begins fucking her tits her moans grew louder. She still wiggles and struggles but it is clear now that she is suffering immense pleasure.

As he fucks her tits he begins praying to Ynara, muttering words of worship. They Elf seems to protest this more than anything else happening to her. It is clear she hates the goddess of large breasts and to be used as a vessel to worship her seems to be filling her with despair and anger.

Villette sidles up to Lyari and whispers in her ear. “He is blessed by Azel, but he is still a man. When he cums his usefulness in torturing this woman’s breasts will be ended.”

“Not necessarily,” Lyari says. She points to a nearby cabinet full of bubbling potions. “Many of those are reinvigoration potions. If he wants to continue he needs only drink a little. But, that is not my intention. No, this is more to placate this man. Once his turn is done we shall step in.”

Villette raises an eyebrow. “And do what?”

With a wicked, cruel smile on her face Lyari says, “Anything we can to drive her mind to madness.”


* * *


Maaleas was standing back, leaning against one of the many tables in the basement, watching the two women as they worked the Elf. Villette was on one side of her, leaning over and sucking on the Elf’s nipple as she caressed and squeezed and groped her breast. Lyari was on the other side doing much the same.

Then Lyari pulled away and said, “Switch.” Villette pulled away too. In unison the two women began slapping and pinching and painfully tweaking the Elf’s nipples and breasts. The Elf, for her part, howled muffled screams of pain and pleasure. Her back was arched and she thrashed about. It was clear she was suffering through another bout of powerful orgasms.

It had been this way for some time. First the kind and tender attention on her swollen and sensitive breasts and then the rough and pained action. From the crazed look on the Elf’s face it was clear that all the pain and pleasure and forced orgasms were driving her mad. If they continued for much longer she’d surely be driven insane. But he figures this is the point.

Happily he watches as Villette climbs up on the table and leans down, lovingly working the Elf’s breasts. She gropes and massages, licks and sucks. He can tell when she nips at the woman’s nipples because the Elf gasps and moans every time.

Meanwhile Lyari has moved to the bottom of the table where the Elf’s legs are spread open, her dripping wet pussy fully exposed. She reaches out and begins fingering the woman, gently at first but once she has worked three of her fingers knuckle deep in the woman she begins pounding her cunt with her hand.

The Elf howls in pleasure, convulsing as yet another forced orgasm shakes through her body. Her eyes are glassed over now, staring blankly up at the ceiling above her. Drool pours forth from her mouth, oozing out from around the edges of the gag. Her mind is going, breaking from intense and prolonged pleasure she had probably not even imagined existed.

Maaleas suspects that the wild mage has continued to cast spells on the captive women, spells to make her body more sensitive, spells to increase how acutely the Elf feels the sexual pleasure she is being made to endure.

Finally, after what must have been hours, the Elf’s mind seems to be totally shattered. She limply lies on the table, moaning in only the most primitive ways as she endures even more pleasure. There is no intelligence left in her eyes, no sign of conscious thought. Still the two women continue. They sexually torture the busty Elf till she shudders one last time and passes out.

They pull away, covered in sweat but looking very proud of themselves. Lyari, the wild mage, is looking more drained then the other. “Need to recharge,” she says weakly. She looks over at Maaleas. “You, innkeeper, do me another favor.” She steps back and waves to the woman’s legs. “Open and inviting, yes? Fuck her unconscious body for me.”

“Happily,” Maaleas says with a lopsided grin. He’d never bothered getting dressed after earlier and enough time has passed that he can now easily rise to the occasion without even needing a potion. By the time he has got up on the table his impressive cock is already hard and ready.

He likes fucking women this way, when they are passed out and totally helpless. Especially if they are women that are normally stronger than him, and this knight was most certainly so. Had he been face to face with her when she had all her gear and had a clear mind he had no doubt she would have been able to split him in two with her massive sword.

Now, though, he intended on splitting her in two with a very different kind of sword.

As he entered her he found her so wet that he slid in with almost disappointing ease. Leaning down over her he grabbed one of her breasts and starting sucking on it even as he began to fuck her. He’d enjoy this. And if her mind was still intact when she woke he’d be sure to tell her, in excruciating detail, all about how he’d fucked her.


* * *


Lyari makes herself comfortable on a nearby pile of bedding on the floor after taking her own clothing off. Her massive breasts hang down into her lap as she spreads her legs open. Her own pussy is wet and hungry and she immediately starts pleasuring herself.

Villette is soon there beside her. “Let me help,” she says with a jealous whine, starting to take her own clothing off.

“”No,” Lyari says firmly. “I want to do this alone for now as I refill my manna from this man. Let me indulge in this act.”

She closes her eyes and begins playing with her breasts with her free hand. She gropes and grabs and pinches her nipples all while masturbating with the other hand.

As she does so she breathes in, slow and deep. Wild, potent sexual energy flows all around her in the room. She starts pulling it into her, changing the wild energy into usable mana. She pulls it from Maaleas as he aggressively fucks the unconscious Elf. She pulls it from the Elf, her internal sexual energies overflowing after all the forced orgasms. She even pulls some from Villette, feeling how badly the woman wants to join in.

By the time Maaleas cums in the Elf Lyari is filled to her entirety, her mana full to bursting. She opens her eyes to see Maaleas getting off the table and looking at her and Villette with carnal hunger in his eyes. She sees that his cock, although now covered in cum and Elven pussy juices, is still hard.

The sight of his cummy cock makes something inside of her rumble and grow. She feels her nipple rings throb with warm magical power and realizes her divine overseer is granting her a great boon. Her mana stores had been full but now she feels as though they no longer on. She’s lost no mana but the size of her internal stores have been increased.

“Come here, Maaleas,” she purrs. “I’ve further use of you. And Villette and myself will ensure you enjoy it.”

Villette bounces happily. “What are we to do now?”

“See how long and thick this Night Elf’s cock is? And remember how much he loved fucking a woman’s breasts? Let us give him a treat while I siphon off more of his energy.” She turns to Maaleas, getting up on her knees and holding her breasts up. “Come, Maaleas, come place your cock here and Villette shall press hers together around it and together, at the same time, we shall fuck your dick with our breasts.”

“A double tittyfuck?” Maaleas says, grinning happily. “How could I pass that up!”

He quickly comes forward towards the two women, holding his cock up between them. Lyari and Villette spend a minute adjusting their bodies, making it so their breasts are pressed together and his large long cock as is sandwiched between them.

As soon as they are prepared Maaleas begins fucking their tits. He stands with one hand resting on both women’s shoulders, thrusting his hips up and down. His cockhead pops in and out of the top of their pressed breasts, its movements lubricated by the mess of fluids that had been dripping from it.

Villette is a well endowed woman, but even her large breasts look small when smashed up against Lyari’s enormous Silver Elf tits. As the two women press in tighter around the hard cock pounding between their four tits Lyari’s masses of flesh starts to envelope Villette’s cold breasts.

Villette coos at this, leaning in and kissing Lyari passionately. Her ice cold tongue invades Lyari’s warm mouth, darting about and curling back out. They kiss again then pull away, looking down at all the tit-flesh smashed between them. Seeing this Maaleas presses his cock up hard, making the top third pop out. They lean down and together start licking and sucking on it, replacing the cum and pussy juices with their thick saliva.

The man moans and then shudders, a moment later sending out a volcanic explosion of cum that shoots up and sprays the two women in the face.

Villette pulls away, wiping cum form her face and licking it from her fingers. But Lyari is far from sated. She had been so into the kinky sexual act she had forgotten to drain the man of his precious sexual energy. She can see that he’s starting to soften so she quickly casts a spell that makes him remain hard. Then she turns to him, wrapping her huge breasts around his now painfully throbbing hard cock. “More,” she demands. “Pound my tits till you cum again.”

He does as he is told, grabbing her shoulders and starting to pound her tits with savage abandon. She wraps her arms around her huge breasts and back around the man, pulling their bodies in closer. As she does she starts to drain him, sucking his sexual energies out and converting them to useful mana.

“What are you doing to me!” he says, gasping suddenly. Yet he doesn’t stop fucking her tits.

“Feeding,” she growls. “Now cum for me so my meal can be finished.”

He doubles down, fucking her tits even harder and faster. It takes him a couple of minuteness but he finally cums, another staggeringly large loud of cum erupting from the tip of his cock. Hungrily Lyari opens her mouth, catching it all even as it shoots out. Semen contains so much sexual energy and it’s easiest to turn into mana.

When he is done cumming he tries to pull away but she holds him there. She starts to bounce her tits up and down his shaft even as it starts to soften. The added stimulation after his orgasm when his cock is overly sensitive pushes him over the edge and once again he experiences an orgasm, although this time there is much less cum.

Finally she lets go of him, allowing him to stumble back and collapse onto the floor. He looks weak and drained, not just from the sex. “So fucking tired,” he mutters. Weakly he crawls to the nearest pile of bedding and lays down, falling asleep almost instantly.

Lyari stands, cum dripping down the front of her overlarge breasts. Happily she collects it with her fingers and sucks them clean. She turns to Villette and says, “Now I’m all full.”

“Excellent!” Villette replies. “But what do we do now?”



* * *


Villette sits on her horse fidgeting with the Sisterhood armor she is wearing. “I hate having all of my luscious body covered up like this,” she grumbles. “I feel like my skin is suffocating.”

The Sisterhood armor covers nearly every inch of her body. With the helmet on only her neck and her face along with her hands were the only things left exposed. The outer armor is plated mail, shiny and almost golden in color. It completely covers her torso, her lower arms, upper legs and knees. Under that is a shirt of chain mail and below all of that a thick layer of heavy padded wool. The armor is heavy and hot, although Villette doesn’t feel the heat as she is always cold.

“Stop complaining. You’ll only have to wear it for a little while. All things considered your life is pretty good,” Lyari says as she rides slowly beside her.

“I suppose your right,” Villette says, tugging at the chain mail collar constricting her slender neck. “At least compared to that pathetic Elf we left behind with Maaleas. What did you call her? A thank you for all his help?”

Lyari chuckles. “The stupid Elfling is going to spend the rest of her life in that hidden basement as Maaleas’ fuck-toy. We’ve already driven her insane, broken her mind with pleasure. Who knows how long her body will last before that breaks too. Maaleas seems like a man who can dish out quite a bit of sexual energy.”

Villette nods but is quickly distracted by her armor. Once more she starts tugging and readjusting it. “The breast plate is so tight on my breasts,” she mumbles, tugging at it. “If my tits were any bigger I wouldn’t fit into this armor.” She looks over at Lyari, her eyes dropping to the Silver Elf’s overlarge breasts. “That’s going to be a problem for you. We agreed we need another set of armor for you to wear but we’re going to have to find one you’ll fit in.”

“Shit, I didn’t think about that,” Lyari snarls. “Well, Maaleas told us that the Sisterhood patrols the area around their keep. Both on this main road and the wooded area around it. We’ll just have to advance in hiding and wait till we can find a Sisterhood member on patrol that’s nearly as busty as me.”

Villette scoffs at this. “You really think they have any members with tits as big as yours? I mean, seven hells, each one is nearly the size of my torso!”

“Well, you’d be surprised how much they can be squished down if need be. And I might be able to charm a piece of armor to grow slightly. We won’t have to find someone exactly as big as me, just close to it.”

“Okay,” Villette says, fresh determination on her face. “How are we going to go forward?”

Lyari smiles, holding up and hand and beginning to trace glowing arcane symbols into the air. “Slowly and quietly and with a spell around us to hide our presence.”

* * *


The two women had been skulking and slowly riding through the area surrounding the Sisterhood keep for a few hours now. They had seen many members of the Sisterhood on guard, patrolling the surrounding area. A few rode horses but most were on foot and all were alone. Perfect targets to be picked off. And all but a lone mage dressed in robes wore the Sisterhood’s distinct armor. Yet none of them had been busty enough for their needs.

Villette was starting to grow despondent. “There just isn’t one with tits big enough!” she hisses loudly as they slowly ride past another nearly flat-chested Sisterhood guard. If not for the spell Lyari had cast around them the woman would have surely seen and heard them, but the spell was like a bubble around them that hid every living being inside from the senses of those outside of it.

“Patience,” Lyari says soothingly. “This isn’t the first time I’ve had to do something like this. These Sisterhood troops are all female, yes?”

Villette nods. “They don’t let men into the order. Sometimes they will work with men when they are out on quests but never in one of their keeps. They don’t even like to let men into them, even for a short time.”

“Well, with this many women about there WILL be one we can use. I can guarantee it. A naturally busty woman or another Silver Elf or even someone blessed by the goddess Ynara.”

Villette frowns. “Maybe… but from what I’ve seen all the Silver Elfs that are members of the Sisterhood quickly rise to positions of great importance. Commanders and heads of the order. I doubt we’ll find one out here on patrol. And as for someone that worships Ynara, she’s one of the gods they discourage worship of as we’ve already seen. They say she’s been ‘corrupted’ by some evil force and worshiping her helps increase that force. Honestly, it’s a bunch of nonsense if you ask me. Gods might rule over Alaria but there is no power greater than them. Can you imagine a force greater than our Master?”

“All of that may be true,” Lyari says, “but one needs not worship Ynara to be blessed by her. Yes, her favor can increase a woman’s bust size, but she also bestows her blessing on those that are already well endowed. But—” She stops, holding her hand up for silence then pointing ahead. “I told you,” she hisses.

There, ahead of them patrolling through the lightly wooded forest is a Sisterhood guard with breasts big enough for their purpose. The woman walks with a shield in one hand and a polearm in the other, alert and looking all about her. Yet when her eyes reach Lyari and Villette they move past, unseeing.

“Okay,” Villette says, “this is why you’re in charge, not me. I would have given up hours ago. So what do we do now?”

“Now? Now we attack and subdue her. The spell hiding us is centered around me. Let’s get behind her, have you walk out of the spell and hail her. While she’s distracted I’ll slip behind her, drop the spell and subdue her.”

“Sounds like a good plan to me,” Villette says.

Together the two women move to behind the Sisterhood guard and then Villette rides forward, her and horse visually distorted as they leave the field of the spell of hiding. She raises her hand and hails the Sisterhood guard. “Ho! Greetings, fellow Sister.”

The woman turns around, polearm at the ready but as soon as she sees the armor Villette is wearing her body eases and her weapon is lowered. “Ho! Greetings back at you Sister. What word do you have from the keep?” she asks then pauses, narrowing her eyes and looking hard at Villette. “Or are you not from the keep? I don’t recognize your face.”

As the woman speaks Lyari quickly rides behind her back, leaping off her horse and rushing forward with her sword drawn. Just as the edge of the spell of hiding is about to reach the guard she drops the spell. Immediately the woman hears her advancing behind her but it is already too late. Lyari reaches her, grabbing her from behind and placing her blade on the woman’s exposed neck, using her other hand to grab the guards weapon and wrench it away from her.

“Do not scream,” she says in a cold and intimidating voice. “To not struggle or you shall be killed. I don’t wish to spill any blood today, but I will if I am forced to.”

The guard, quivering in fear, drops her shield and holds out her arms. She looks up at Villette, her eyes pleading for help. But all Villette does is smile sinisterly. After a moment the guard realizes Villette is no ally of hers.

“Whatever you are trying, it won’t work,” she says.

Lyari tightens the blade on her neck, making the woman wince in pain as a drop of blood falls from her skin where the blade digs into the soft skin of her neck. “Quieter,” she says. “But tell us, why not?”

“Because there are too many of us, out on patrol and inside the keep. And whatever magic you used to sneak up on me won’t work nearer to the keep or inside of it. The Sisterhood places powerful protective charms on our keeps, to keep the forces of The Corruption at bay.” She turns her head slightly, giving Lyari a pitying look. “I know not who you think your master is, but they are but as much a puppet as you are. The Corruption drives you to do whatever you are doing, this I know if you move to act against The Sisterhood of Righteousness.”

It is the woman’s pitying look more than her words that effect Lyari. Her lips curls up in a half snarl of anger. Who is this woman to judge her? How dare she assume she is being controlled by some imaginary force! A god commands her, one of the mightiest. Lyari has to fight the urge to simply slit the woman’s throat. But no, she thinks, this judgmental woman deserves worse.

Lyari starts to wave her free hand through the air at her side, gathering some of her magical stores and readying a wild spell. She then quickly moves the hand, glowing with red energy, to the woman’s face, slamming it down on her forehead. There is an explosion of light and red energy and then the woman drops to the ground like a marionette that has had its strings cut.

“What did you do to her?” Villette asks as she dismounts her horse.

“A simple stupefaction spell. But I’m so full of mana… it went off far stronger than I had wanted it to.”

They both looked down at the woman lying on the forest floor. Her eyes are open in surprise and her mouth hangs open stupidly, drool oozing out the side. She looks as though she is brain dead, at least for the moment.

“Quickly,” Lyari says, “strip her out of her armor. I’ll recast the spell of hiding around us in case any other guards approach. And bring the horses closer before you start striping her, inside the field of my spell.” She dances her hands through the air and sends out a transparent field of energy surrounding them in a perfect orb shape with Lyari in the center.

Once Villette has the Sisterhood guard stripped both women stand above her, looking down at the naked woman. “Well, her breasts are pretty big, but not nearly half the size of yours. And look at them, so much saggier.”

“No one has tits as big and this firm as mine unless they are a Silver Elf or blessed by Ynara. Or I suppose there are magical spells that could do the job. But none of that matters now, she’s big enough. Or more importantly her armor is.” She leans over and passes her hands over the chest plate, making its metal groan and expand slightly. “There, I’ll fit fine in this,” she says, starting to put the clothing and armor on over her own scant outfit.

As she dresses the guard continues to lie on the ground, staring stupidly up at the trees above her. Villette kneels by her side, running her hands through the woman’s hair. “What are we going to do to her?”

Lyari smiles. “Well, I liked what we did to that elf. Let’s engorge her big tits with milk, make them a little firmer and even bigger. Then let’s play with them for a while, I could do with a little top off of my manna by siphoning off this one’s sexual energies.”

Villette smiles back at her master. “Sounds like fun.”

Ten minutes later the Sisterhood guard’s breasts have multiple enchantments on them. One makes them lactate, another swells them up and nearly doubles their size. A third increases their sensitivity to the point that a simple nipple pinch is enough to make the woman cum.

Together Lyari and Villette lay on the ground next to the woman, both dressed as members of the Sisterhood of Righteousness and both working the naked woman’s breasts. They suck and grope and pinch and slap. They squirt her milk out and drink it. Through it all the stupefied woman rolls about, moaning and screaming in pleasure.

Eventually the screams become howls and after a while longer the combined nonstop pleasure and repeated forced orgasms become too much for the woman to handle. She shudders and her eyes roll up into her head and her mind breaks.

“Awe,” Villette says, sitting up and wiping some breast milk from her face. “This one broke so fast.”

Lyari sits up as well, smirking. “Yes, she had a weak will and was very sexually inexperienced. Might have even been a virgin. Nothing in her life had prepared her for this.”

“Do we just leave her hear?” Villette asks.

“No, then some of the other guards might find her. We need to get rid of her…” Lyari falls into deep thought then her face brightens. “I’ve got it!” She kneels before the woman, waving her hands above her face and muttering incantations. Her hands glow with red energy that flows down into the woman’s temple, streaming into her mind. Sweat begins to poor down Lyari’s face. “Complicated spell,” she mutters, looking up at Villette’s curios expression.

Finally she is finished and pulls away, getting up from her knees and standing. “There,” she says, “it should start in a moment.” Villette stands to and moves to her master’s side, looking down at the naked woman with the enlarged breasts and waits.

Slowly the woman starts to rise. Her expression is totally blank and free of emotion. As she stands her enlarged breasts sway from side to side. It is clear the woman is unaccustomed to their extra bulk as she almost topples over. But eventually she rights herself and for a moment stands, still staring blankly ahead.

And then she begins to dance.

The dance is slow and simple at first, a casual swaying of her hips that sends her enlarged breasts moving from side to side. But with every passing moment her dance becomes more exuberant, more wild. Soon she is swaying her hips wildly from side to side, thrusting out her plump ass and wiggling it. As she dances wildly in place and around in circles her huge breasts sway fluidly from side to side, occasionally colliding into each other and sending ripples through her thick tit-meat. Sometimes when her breasts bounce milk squirts out of them when gravity pulls them both down again.

Villette applauds at the sight. “Oh, marvelous! But now what?”

“Now,” Lyari says, reaching out and placing a glowing hand on the naked dancing woman’s forehead, “I compel her to head to Grayfair and fuck every man she sees. The enchantments on her should last a few days. If she hasn’t been driven mad by the ordeal we’ll hopefully be finished with our mission and be long gone by then.”

As soon as Lyari pulls her hand away the woman starts dancing away from them, wildly swinging her hips and skipping and hopping forward, every now and then twirling around in a circle. They watch as she dances off through the trees, heading in the direction of the town at the crossroads.


* * *


Now both dressed as members of the Sisterhood Lyari and Villette both head back to the main road, confidently riding in the open without any spells hiding their advance. They pass a few guards on patrol and simply wave and ride past, arising no suspicion from them.

Soon they find themselves approaching the sisterhood keep. It’s a small castle with high walls and parapets womanned with archers. The building is an imposing sight and as they approach they can both feel the protective charms on the building. This close they know their magic will be of very little use to them, if they are to gain entry it will be by successfully bluffing their way in.

The main gate into the keep is positioned just off the road that goes past the keep. The building has no moat, but the main gate is an imposing portcullis that would be hard to get past without siege engines of some kind.

Standing before it are two guards, a thin blond Common Elf and a thick bodied dark skinned Human. Both women are armed with shields and polearms and stand at attention, eying Lyari and Villette as they ride towards them.

Villette leans over and whispers to Lyari. “Let me take the lead. I know more of the Sisterhood’s ways and I think I can bluff our way past these women.” Lyari simply nods in agreement.

As they approach Villette raises a hand and calls out “Ho! Greetings fellow Sisters! We’ve ridden hard for days and bring a message of great importance to the commander of this keep.”

The blond guard nods. “Very well,” she says, turning and calling into the keep for the portcullis to be opened.

“This is almost too easy,” Lyari whispers.

“Maybe,” Villette whispers back, “but this is only the start. Things are going to be a lot more complex once we are inside.”

The blond guard nods and waves them in with her polearm. “Quickly,” she says, “we must never leave the front gate open for long.”

Quickly Lyari and Villette ride into the Sisterhood’s keep.


* * *


The woman’s bare feet are sore. She’s been dancing for hours and her body is tired. Yet she must keep dancing, must keep moving forward. When she sees the city walls of Grayfair ahead her heart skips and she dances faster.

The gate into the town is open, two guards standing at it. They stare at the naked, dancing woman as she approaches. They are both speechless and unsure how to react. Before they can gather their composure the woman dances up to them, dancing around the men and reaching out towards them seductively. “Gentlemen,” she says, out of breath, looking up at them with indecently innocent doe eyes. “Please, I need your cocks. Take them out, let me see them. Let me use them.”

One of the guards seems hesitant but the other happily puts his weapon down and starts undoing his pants. As soon as he has his cock pulled out the dancing naked woman drops to her knees before him, quickly grabbing his cock and then hungrily starting to suck on it. It’s obvious she has little experience doing this but what she lacks in skill she makes up for in enthusiasm.

By the time she has gotten the first guard to spurt his seed into her mouth the second guard has warmed up to her presence. He too puts his weapon down and pulls his cock out. She turns to him and begins sucking him off as well.

“By Azel, this is amazing,” the man moans as the woman’s head bobs back and forth. “You can tell she hasn’t done this much but she seems like a fast learner.”

The other man nods. “She was better by the end.”

Before long the second man cums in her mouth. Smiling up at him and making a production of swallowing his seed the naked woman gets back to her feet and starts dancing again. “Thank you, gentlemen,” she says, and then dances past them and into the town of Grayfair.

It is mid day and the main streets are full of locals and travelers. Many of the women gasp and avert their eyes, but a few applaud. Almost every man applauds and hoots at the sight of the naked women twirling and dancing down the street, her huge tits flying all about.

Soon she zeroes in on the nearest man and dances to him. “Please, kind ser. I need your cock. Take it out, fuck me.”

The man looks around, a disbelieving smile on his face. “Is she for real?”

“Maybe she’s a devotee of Baedor. You know how slutty that perverse god’s female followers are,” someone says.

“Does it matter?” another man calls out. He pushes forward and pulls his cock out. “I’ve got a cock for you darling, you want it?”

“Oh yes please,” she says eagerly. “I need all the cocks in this town, every one, over and over again.”

Happily the man moves forward. The Sisterhood guard’s sexual ordeal has begin. She will fuck for hours, till the sun sets. And then she’ll fuck some more, until she is so tired and sore that she passes out. And then, when she wakes she’ll fuck some more. It is an event the town will tell tales of your decades to come.


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