Lady Centurion Vs the Bout of Jealousy

The Great Crime Wave had been declared over. The public was convinced that every criminal, from the lowliest pick pocket to the richest of crime boss, were now behind bars.

Lady Centurion knew this was far from the truth. Many criminals and villains had smartened up and fled the city till things calmed down. Even after that mass exodus there were still many criminals and super powered villains roaming the streets of Megatropolis, they just had the good sense to keep their heads down for the time being. And even though a large portion of the city’s criminal element had been incarcerated most of them were busy using America’s inadequate justice system to weasel their way of prison.

These American’s are fixated on Freedom, Lady Centurion thought. Their legal system makes it too easy for criminals to quickly return to the streets. They give too many chances, are too obsessed the fear of incarcerating the innocent. There are times I wish  I was back in Italy…

She took her helmet off, letting the cool night air blow through her long blond hair as she flew through the night sky. Even though The Great Crime Wave was over and overall crime was now at an all time low she refused to take even a single day off. She was determined to still conduct her nightly patrol; even if most of the city’s other superheroines were taking some time off. As long as there was still a chance of a single criminal act being conducted she wouldn’t rest, and she had learned that there was ALWAYS more crime to be found in Megatropolis.

I won’t rest. Not like those glory hogs, the Megatropolis Amazons. I stopped nearly twice as much crime as the five of them put together yet who gets all the publicity when the crime wave is over? Who gets all the public thanks? Who does the sniveling city council decide to erect a statue too? Archbaroness, their team leader, that’s who.

They even managed to erect and unveil the damn thing in a matter of days! In a country where a bloated democracy keeps anything from happening quickly they managed to get that ugly statue ready with stunning speed.

Fuming with anger and frustration Lady Centurion turned and, without being conscious of it, began flying towards Greenway Park where the statue stood. As she flew ever nearer to it she continued her mental tirade.

God damned stupid American slut! I can’t believe the city council decided to build a statue of HER and not me! I stopped more crimes and arrested far more criminals than her, AND I didn’t need the backup of an entire team of emptied heady followers to accomplish it.

On top of that I didn’t get defeated and fuck a single time during the entire crime wave! If the tabloids are to be believed, and most of the stories I read were complete with photographic evidence, she got temporarily defeated and fucked almost every day. Sometimes multiple times in one outing!

Yet they build HER a statue! Maybe it’s her costume… I mean, it’s more revealing than mine and they ALL seem to have revealing costumes. Maybe a form fitting padded leather top, a short skirt and cut out, that thing they all call a ‘boob window’, just isn’t enough for these Americans. Perhaps if I want the praise I know I deserve I need to get a new outfit…

She looks down and sees the accursed statue below her. She does a loop then lands before the large bronze statue. She glares up at Archbaroness’ smiling face, the statue posed as she stands in a heroic stance, one leg lifted up as her foot rests on a pile of unconscious criminals.

Lady Centurion looked at the large plaque on the base of the statue and reads it aloud. “In recognition of the mighty Archbaroness’ contributions towards putting an end to the Great Crime Wave of Megatropolis.” First making an angry, hissing sound of disapproval Lady Centurion then spits onto the plaque.

What I’d REALLY like is to leave this damn statue soiled in some humiliating way. I could spend all night spitting on the damn thing, but that wouldn’t be enough. It would be a simple matter to destroy it with my bare hands, but as much joy as that would bring me I know I can’t. It’s a public work of art, after all.. But still… I should be able to think of something that will create headlines and humiliate the ‘great and mighty Archbaroness’.

Lady Centurion stood, glaring up at the statue and trying to think of a fitting way to leave the work of art befouled. So intent and deep is her thought, she failed to notice a man sneaking up behind her. She wasn’t aware of the man’s presence till he drew a pistol and pushed it into her back.

“Hands where I can see them lady, this is a stick up. Looks like you just come from some fancy dress party, but I bet you still got some cash on you.”

Twirling around with superhuman speed Lady Centurion spun to face the man. As she did she whipped her arm up and grabbed the barrel of his gun. “You DARE accost me, Lady Centurion!?” She closed her hand tightly around the barrel of the gun, her strong arm muscles flexing as the metal began to give. A moment later the weapon’s barrel was crushed and useless.

“Oh fuck, you’re a superheroine! I thought all you bitches were on vacation!”

“No, not all of us you pathetic minded, common thug.” She dropped the now ruined gun to the ground and took a step towards him. Clenching her hands into fists she raised them up, signaling she was prepared for combat to begin.

The would-be stickup artist threw his hands up in defeat. “I give up! I don’t got no powers or nothing. Take me in. Arrest me. Just don’t hit me!!”

“Ha! What a pathetic coward you are. I suppose I will take you in, but first I need to search you for any illicit goods you may have on your person. Turn around and keep your arms in the air while I frisk you.”

She proceeded to pat the man down, finding that his jean pockets contained a collection of wallets. “I assume all of these don’t belong to you?” Opening them one by one she finds each has contains a different person’s drivers license, none of them pictures matching the criminal’s face.

“Okay scum, one more pocket to go. But I’ve already found enough evidence to ensure your locked away for a long time. Let’s see… and what is this? A syringe? You a junkie too?”

“Nah, it ain’t like that! That stuff might not be legal but I got it for medical purposes. It’s Semenall. I use it cause Viagra just ain’t good enough and I planned on going to visit my girl when I got done making my rounds.”

“You disgusting degenerate,” Lady Centurion spits out. “I’ve heard of this drug… it makes it so a man can remain aroused enough to orgasm multiple times, yes?”

“Well yeah, and it makes sure he has plenty of, uh… you know, fluids, when he finishes. I only take a little bit of what’s in that needle at a time. I’m not one of those freaks that likes to take a full dose so they can cum enough to cover… well, something pretty fucking big.”

Lady Centurion fell deep in thought. “Something big you say? Something like, oh I don’t know, this statue behind us?”

The thug looked confused. “Uh, sure. I guess if a guy took a full dose he could cum enough to cover that. But I hear guys like me need medical attention after stuff like that. That once they inject that much they lose all self-control and just fuck and fuck till they pass out from exhaustion and dehydration and shit.”

A mischievous smile spread across Lady Centurions face. She grabbed a hold of the man with one hand and popped the cap off the syringe with the other.

“Wait, what are you doing? No, don’t inject me with that stuff right now you crazy bitch!”

Lady Centurion ignored the man’s protestations. She pulled his sleeve up then jabbed the needle into his arm before he could pull out of her grip. She jammed down the plunger, injecting the needle’s full contents into the man’s arm.

As soon as Lady Centurion removed the needle from the man’s arm he doubled over in pain, groaning and holding his crotch. “Fuuuuuuuuck,” he muttered through clenched teeth. “It hurts! Feels like someone is pumping fluid into my balls. And my dick… it’s so fucking hard. Never been this hard… I need… need…” He suddenly flung his head up, looking at Lady Centurion with an alarming, wild intensity in his eyes. “I need to fuck,” he snarled.

He lunged, trying to grab hold of Lady Centurion. Out of instinct the heroine jumped back out of reach. “My goodness, that stuff works fast! But I suppose this is what I wanted…”

While she was talking to herself the man was busy unzipping his pants and pulling his rock hard cock out. Even in the dimly lit park she could see that his member was swollen, visibly pulsing with each heart beat.

“Need…. Fuck… NOW!” He lunged at her again, but this time Lady Centurion was prepared. As he came at her she spun around and bent over, thrusting her ass out and bracing her hands against the base of the statue. She spread her legs and presses her ass up even higher into the air.

Her skirt was short enough that her privates became visible to the man. She heard him groan in appreciation at the sight. She never wore underwear under her skirt as she rather enjoyed the feel of the air on her vulva as she flew. Turning her head and looking behind her Lady Centurion saw the man standing there, holding his raging erection and staring at the sight of her bare pussy and ass.

Lady Centurion wasn’t likely to admit it to any one, especially herself, but she has found she liked how things work in America. Originally she was horrified at how often criminals turned a battle or temporary defeat of a heroine into a sexual encounter. There were villains whose whole careers were based around hunting down heroines and fucking them, they even had a name: cape chasers.

She had always tried to deny the urges her super powered libido caused. But after dealing with a few “defeats” on American soil she found she could easily use the sexual attention criminals and villains gave her to get some quick enjoyment then turn a defeat into a victory. And if she managed to get off in the process? All the better, and even more reason not to wear panties under her costume.

The sexually enraged man standing behind her was easily able to step forward and jam his dick into her tight slit. It hurt at first, as she was stone dry. But it only took a few deep thrusts of the man’s pulsing hard cock to get her natural juices flowing in copious amounts. This was yet another double edged sword of the easily awaken libido that came with superpowers.

“Yes. Fuck me,” Lady Centurion said as the man grabbed her ass and started thrusting harder into her. “Pound my fica! Jam that cock in me till you cum your fucking brains out!”

She began to tighten her vaginal muscles as he pressed into her, trying to make him cum quickly. She wasn’t disappointed. Before long she felt his grip on her ass cheeks tighten as he buried his cock deep inside her. A moment later she felt an amazing amount of internal pressure as his cock began to convulse and vibrate. His cum began to fill her hole then started to spray out of her cunt around the man’s shaft.

“Oh fuck yes,” she screamed as she begins to cum as well, enjoying the feeling of having so much male sexual fluids being pumped into her. It was a new sexual experience, and new things always made her cum fast and hard.

After what felt like an impossible amount of time she the torrential flood of cum finally stopped. The man’s cock slide out of her cum filled hole as he stumbled away from her, falling to the ground as he did. Looking back at him she saw that he had fallen to the ground and was once again holding his crotch as he groaned in pain.

From what she’d heard about the drug Semenall she figured he was currently feeling the pain of his testicles going into overdrive and producing a fresh and abnormally large load of semen. She wouldn’t have long before his balls were full and he was ready to fuck again.

Lady Centurion worked fast. She quickly cupped one of her hands around her pussy, ensuring that she caught most of the plentiful cum that was currently dripping out of her over-filled pussy. She pushed off from the ground, then slowly raised up into the air until she was hovering just above the head of the statue of Archbaroness.

She then moved her hand and thrust her crotch into the metallic face before her. Clenching her vaginal muscles, she squeezed out as much of the man’s cum as she could, covering the statue’s face. But it wasn’t nearly enough so she dipped her fingers into her pussy and scraped as much of the cum out as she could, smearing it onto the statue as well.

Once she had removed all of the cum she could she landed back down in front the man. She returned just as he began to stand up.

“More,” he growled.

“Yes, more,” Lady Centurion said as she bent over and presents her pussy once again. “Give me more of your cum.”




The next morning Lady Centurion woke feeling tired, her powers drained. She knew that cumming as much as she had the previous night wasn’t smart, as orgasms temporarily drained a superheroine of their powers. By the end of her interaction with the would be robber she hadn’t even been able to fly. But she had been satisfied, knowing she had managed to use the man just the way she wanted.

Stretching she knew she would have to take things slow today, allow her body to recover its powers. I think I’ve finally earned that day off the rest of the city’s heroines said they deserved, she thought with a smile.

After making herself breakfast she got her laptop out and turned it on. She was eager to check the web pages of the local tabloids and news sources. She clicked on the book mark and waited for the page to load…

There on the front page of the first web site she opened she saw the headline she was hoping for: “New statue defaced!” Below the headline was a large picture of the statue of Archbaroness covered in dried semen. She clicked the article, eager to read.


Late last night Megatropolis’ newest monument was vandalized. The statue of Archbaroness, team founder and leader of the Megatropolis Amazons, was found covered in what was confirmed to be male sexual fluids.

The perpetrator of this act of vandalism, one William Hall, was found unconscious at the scene of the crime. Hall, 28, showed signs of the having used the illegal drug Semenall after being taken into custody. This explains how he was able to produce so much of the sexual fluids on his own. An empty syringe with trace amounts of Semenall was found on the ground near his body when he was apprehended; leaving no doubt it was him that committed this insulting crime.

“I ain’t done what they said I did,” Hall was quoted as saying after being treated for dehydration. “I admit that I robbed a few suckers last night, but I didn’t jerk it all over no statue! It was some big titted superheroine, she made me do it!”

His claim of armed robbery isn’t substantiated. No weapon was found near his unconscious body, and there were no trace of the wallets he claimed to have stolen from a handful of innocent citizens. A handful of robberies were reported in Greenway Park that night, but the perp of said crimes was described simply as a man in a hoodie and jeans. Although this description fits Hall it could easily fit any other number of known criminals.

As for Hall’s claim that a superheroine accosted and forced him to cum all over the statue, well, no one has taken that seriously and even bothered to look into whether it was true or not.

When Archbaroness was asked for comment she had this to say: “I find this act disgraceful and an insult to myself, the Megatropolis Amazons, and the entire city of Megatropolis. I have been ensured the statue will be cleaned and back to its original state before the end of the day. But rest assured I will make sure this perverse William Hall faces the full strength of this city’s judicial might.”


Lady Centurion stopped reading, closing her laptop. She leaned back, a wide satisfied smile spreading across her face.

“That put that stupid bitch in her place,” she said to herself.

She closed her eyes. Now all I have to do is just relax and regain my strength. And maybe start brainstorming ideas for a new costume…





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