Freckles Is a Good Girl

He woke up slowly, the bed he was in strange. He had spent the night with her in her home, having fun with his new pet.

He’d wanted her the moment he’d seen her. She was everything he wanted: thick curves, large breasts, and a plump ass. She had a face covered in freckles with a smile that was all joy and charm. More than her body he’d been drawn to that smile. It was so pure and innocent, yet underneath there was something perverse about it, about her whole face. Maybe it was the way she moved her lips… She had a mouth that was made to suck cock.

He’d known that no matter what kind of person she presented herself as to the world at large that deep down she was a filthy slut. And he’d been right. Freckles had almost immediately agreed to become his fuck slut, his little pet whenever they both had free weekends. Their busy schedules had only matched up a handful of times, but it had been good so far.

She’d been shy at first, acting like maybe she was changing her mind being about being in such a submissive sexual relationship. Then he had bought her the collar. When it was on her Freckles was his little fuck toy. When it wasn’t she was just Freckles. The collar freed the sexual beast that lived inside of her, and once they started using it she had given herself over to him freely, doing whatever she was told while it was on her.

Their last visit she had been so good that she had earned a reward. The night before, even though the collar had been on her, everything had been about pleasing her. They had fucked late into the night till they were both sore and tired. She’d passed out first, and he had taken the collar off her before falling asleep beside her.

With the morning light then spilling through the curtains, he had sat up. He stretched and yawned, realizing she wasn’t in the bed with him. He was still naked. He looked around, listening to the silent house they had all to themselves. There was noise coming from the bathroom.

As soon as he heard her she filled his mind, and he felt his cock start to throb and chub. He grabbed himself, giving his dick a squeeze. As he pulled his hand away he realized he could smell her cunt on him, which made him grow a little harder.

He jumped to his feet, knowing he had to find her. He grabbed the collar from the night stand and quickly headed to the bathroom. Freckles was sitting on the toilet. She had thrown on a low cut green shirt, but other than that was totally naked. She smiled at him, embarrassed as she was just wiping herself after pissing. “Good morning,” she said with a sweet smile.

He didn’t return the smile. Instead he held the collar up. “Put it on. NOW.” She blinked, surprised by the intensity and need in his voice. Then she looked down and saw his cock, saw that he was partially erect and knew what that meant. She reached up and took the collar from his hand, leaning her head forward to put it on while she still sitting on the toilet.

When she looked up he was holding his semi-erect cock in his hand, stroking it lightly. Once the collar was on all the way he smiled. “Good girl.”

Freckles started to get up, thinking it was time to move things back to the bedroom. But he stepped up to her, using his free hand to hold her in place. “Close the toilet lid,” he said. Once she did this he pushed her back down onto the toilet. Her face was left level with his cock, and even though he was still stroking it she could see that pushing her back down had made him harder.

He took another step closer, using his free hand to grab a handful of her hair. He grabbed it tightly, paining her scalp a little. The pain sent shivers of anticipation down her spine. He moved even closer, practically shoving his cock in her face. “Suck,” he said in a firm voice that had a tinge of desperation in it. “Suck till I’m good and hard.”

She didn’t get a chance to respond. He shoved his semi-erect cock into her mouth, pressing it past her lips and using the hand holding her hair to press her face up against his body. At first he moved her head with his hand, holding her hair tightly. But as his member started to engorge with blood and grow first fat then hard in her mouth his grip loosened. Soon he was letting her suck all on her own.

“Make more noise as you suck, my little fuck pet,” he purred at her. “Make my cock good and hard, and plenty wet. I took good care of you last night and now I want what I want. And you’re such a good little fuck slut that you’ll be giving it all to me, won’t you?”

Freckles looked up, her eyes big. She tried to smile with his cock in her mouth and moaned a sound that she hoped sounded like a yes. She started to suck him faster, allowing her mouth to fill with salivation and letting the ample fluids ooze out of her mouth and onto his cock. She schlurped loudly at his cock, letting even more of the thick spit fall out of the edges of her mouth. Her lips became swollen and puffy from giving intense head, but she enjoyed the sore feeling.

She opened her legs, spreading them wide so she could reach her cunt. It was throbbing and in need of being touched. As she reached an arm down towards her crotch but he grabbed her wrist, squeezing it painfully tight. “No,” he told her. “I said this is about ME. You don’t get to touch that needy little cunt of yours unless I say so. You either get off on getting me off or you get nothing.” The words made her head spin. She sucked him faster as she swam in the delight of denial, at the thrill of being under his control.

After letting go of her wrist he reached down into her shirt. He grabbed her breasts, large and soft, and gave them each a painful squeeze. He then grabbed them tightly and pulled them up and out of her shirt. As soon as they fell into view she felt his cock get even harder in his mouth. She moaned, loving the way he loved her tits, knowing that just the sight of them could enrage him sexually. He wasn’t just harder then, but moving his hips and forcing his cock further into her mouth as she sucked him off. She arched her back, pressing her tits up to please him even more.

The sight nearly made him lose all control. He made an animal sound of desire. He grabbed the hair on the back of her head, painfully tight, then yanked her head back and away from his cock. It popped wetly out of her mouth as she sucked on it, savoring its taste and feel as it left her. As it came out of her mouth it was covered in thick slimy spit. Strings of the fluid dripped heavily off his cock in thick strings, lowering down onto her exposed tit flesh. He saw this and was pleased.

“Sit up straight,” he growled. His voice was firm, almost angry. She loved seeing him like this. Not just in control but nearly out of control. He needed to fuck her now, she knew that. She smiled, pleased to bring this side out of him.

As soon as she was sitting up straight he stepped a little closer, grabbing his wet cock and slapping it down on her chest between her breasts. He grabbed them, squeezing them around his cock and moaning in pleasure at the feel of their fat warmth enveloping his hardness. He squeezed them tighter then began to move his hips. He slid his cock up into her tits till the head was popping out of the top of her cleavage. He looked down at the sight and made a sound that was part moan, part growl. And then, he truly began.

A moment later he was humping her chest, fucking her tits hard and fast. Freckles looked down and watched as his cock head popped out of her breasts. She saw a ripple move through her thick tit flesh every time his body slammed into hers. She felt the ripple move out into her body, reverberating through her and making her cunt ache even more.

She watched his cock, her mouth watering. She wanted it more, wanted it back in her mouth. Leaning forward, she opened her mouth. Slowly she moved it closer to her tits, to his cock, opening wider as she got closer. He saw what she was doing and started fucking her chest harder, making his cock pop further out of her tits. Soon his head was popping into her mouth every time it pushed out of her breasts. She sucked hungrily at it for the brief moment it was in her mouth, flicking her tongue over it and letting her drool cover it.

“You need to hold your tits now,” he told her. They awkwardly shuffled hands while he kept humping her chest till she was holding her breasts and his hands were free. “Good girl,” he said, but then added that she needed to hold them tighter. She did as he asked, wanting to please him, but curious why he wanted his hands free.

In just a moment she found out. With both hands he grabbed her head, pushing it down closer to her tits so he could get more of his cock into her mouth. He humped her front harder, pressing more of his shaft into her mouth. Before long he had abandoned her tits, clearly just wanting to fuck her mouth. She let go of her breasts, letting them fall down her front. She shifted her body, making it so he could fuck her face better.

He was pounding her mouth, pressing his cock deep into her throat. His balls slapped up against her chin. His cockhead pressed into her throat, making her gag. Once she started gagging he started pressing further into her, wanting to hear her gag more. Soon she wasn’t just gagging but chocking. Tears were streaming from her eyes. She placed her hands on his thighs and weakly pressed against him, not wanting him to stop but acting on pure impulse. Thick spit fell from her mouth as she choked and gagged, running down her face and off his cock. The mess only turned him on more.

Before long he was ready to cum. He quickly pulled his cock out of her face, grabbing it with one hand and pushing her back against the toilet seat with the other. Freckles gasped for air, her face wet and messy. She watched as he held his throbbing, dripping wet cock and wielded it like a weapon. He gave it one final stroke then his muscles contracted, his body tensed, and his cock bounced. His cum came out in little spurts which he aimed it at her tits.

Still trying to catch her breath, her face bright red and dripping, she started to say something. With shocking speed he reached out and grabbed her throat, squeezing tightly so her words can’t escape. “No,” he growled and squeezed tighter. The slight pain made her cunt ache and throb. “I didn’t say you could talk. I didn’t say I was done.

She looked down at his cock, which hung limply from his front. It was shriveled and totally soft. Then she looked back up at him, as if saying “He looks done.”

With a nod he told her he understands what she was saying with her eyes. He grabbed her throat tighter, just enough to make her struggle to breathe. “Well then,” he says, “you’ll just need to get me hard again.” He let his words hanging in the air for a minute, still holding her neck tightly in his hand. “Suck,” he said firmly. “Suck my cock till it’s hard again. As you do it I want you to start playing with that needy cunt of yours. And while you’re sucking me hard and playing with yourself I want you to close your eyes and keep them closed. I want you to concentrate on the feeling of my cum running down these big glorious fat tits of yours.”

She did as she said, because she was a good girl and she wanted to prove it. He put his hands on her head as she started sucking diligently at his limp dick. She played with herself, her fingers dancing faster as she felt him start to swell in her mouth. She closed her eyes. She used one hand’s fingers to start massaging her clit. The other hand’s fingers slipped into her moist hole, curling up and being dragged over her G-spot.

All the while she kept her eyes closed, enjoying the feel of him hardening in her mouth and the pleasure she was bringing herself with her fingers. But more than all of that she concentrated on the feel of his cum running down her front. The fluid was no longer hot, but cold in the open air. She can feel it growing less thick, more watery, as it slowly oozed down her front.

He grabbed her tits while she sucked and fingered herself. He pressed them together, mashing them up and down and smearing the cum on them all over the skin where her breasts meet. Then he pulled them apart. Her flesh stuck together where the cum was, making a velvety “shhhhhh” sound as her skin wetly separated.

Before long his cock was hard again. Not as hard as it was earlier, but plenty hard enough. He pulled out of her mouth and once more slapped his cock down onto her chest, but this time it landed wetly in some of his cum making a slight splattering sound that echoed through the small bathroom. He grabbed her tits again, once more wrapping them around his shaft. He started moving himself up and down inside her bust, but this time his cock wasn’t lubricated just by her spit. This time it was his cum that mostly lubricated his cock’s movements.

“I’m cum fucking your tits while you sit on the toilet and masturbate. What a dirty fucking slut you are,” he growled at her.

“Yessssss,” she hissed in pleasure. “What a dirty fucking slut I am!”

His dick was still overly sensitive from having gotten off so recently and they both knew it wouldn’t be long before he came again. Almost right away he started fucking her tits faster, working himself towards the crest of orgasm.

Looking down, eager to see him cum again, she watched his cock popping out of her tits. She’d never had a guy cum fuck her like this and she was surprised to see that the cum was being churned up into a lathered, frothy mess. It built up on her tits where his cock popped out of her flesh, and every time it appeared the head was covered in more of the foamy cum. The smell wafted up to her face, filling her nose with the bitter heady smell of semen.

Freckles began to wonder what the frothy cum covered cock would taste like, wondering if the texture of the churned up cum would make it taste radically different. But then he thrusts hard against her chest while he groans as if in sudden pain. His cum covered cock is pressed out from her tits, and as he continues to groan a small trickle of fresh cum leaks from the tip, running down his cock head and onto his shaft.

With a deep sigh he lets go of her breasts. He staggered back, his legs weak as the post orgasmic haze overtook him. He managed to stay standing, but he looked as if his muscles were then weak and unresponsive. She could see that his cock, from the very tip all the way down to his balls and onto his belly, was covered in messy cum. She looked down and saw that she was just as messy.

“I want more,” he mumbled weakly. Then his voice grew louder, less weak. “I need to have more.”

Practically falling, he dropped to the floor and lay down on his back. He spread his legs. “Come here, get down here right now!”

Freckles scrambled off the toilet, pulling her hands away from her cunt for the first time since she started masturbating. She got down on all fours between his legs.

“Lick my cock clean,” he told her. “Every inch of it. But don’t stop playing with yourself!”

She had to adjust her body, moving her weight form her hands to her elbows so she could reach under herself to play with her cunt with one hand. She leaned down once her finger was in her pussy, and started licking him clean. She started with his stomach, then his balls, then worked her way up his shaft. By the time she got to his head he was licked clean, but she took it into her mouth and started to suck anyways. Soon she was sucking at him in an attempt to get him hard again.

He moaned appreciatively. “What a good girl you are,” he said softly. He kept making noises. Sometimes it sounded like he was being pleasured. At other times he sounded like he was in pain as if his cock couldn’t take any more. Whenever he sounded that way he patted her on the head and told her to keep going.

Finally his cock was hard enough to function. “Quickly, now,” he said with desperation in his voice. “Up on all fours, turn your ass to me!” He got up on his knees, grabbing his cock and helping it stay erect. As soon as her backside was to him he grabbed her ass with one hand and spread her cheeks open. She lifted her body up so her cunt was more accessible. As soon as it was in sight he jammed his cock into her wet and waiting hole.

Once he was inside of her he grabbed both her ass cheeks and stared fucking her from behind. His cock was barely hard enough to function at first, barely erect and soft and spongy. But every time he pulled it mostly out of her then pressed back into her more blood rushed into it. As he fucked her she could feel him growing harder. He started slamming into her harder, making her large ass jiggle. He slapped her ass, and she felt him grow ever harder.

“Reach under yourself,” he growled, barely able to breathe he was so worked up. “Play with your clit so you can cum.”

“Yesssssss,” she hissed.

“Cum for me,” he told her, fucking her harder.

A sound of despair escaped her mouth. Sounding as if she was almost in tears she told him she couldn’t yet.

His cock was rock hard now. He fucked her hard and fast, then slapped one of her ass cheeks. “Cum for me,” he repeated with a growl.

“Trying!” she whined.

He slapped her other ass, a little harder. “Cum!”

She groaned in frustration.

He raised his hands and slapped both her ass cheeks at the same time. It made a fleshy slapping sound that echoed through the bathroom. Her ass cheeks stung, and she knew that there would be red welts the exact size and shape of his hand on her ass when they were done.

CUM!” he snarled at her, slapping her ass again even harder. The stinging was worse this time, intensified because her flesh was already red and growing raw.

The added pain pushed her over the edge. An orgasm exploded form her loins, over taking her senses. Her vaginal muscles contracted tightly, popping his cock out of her insides. He snarled, fucking into her cunt hole even harder and forcing his way back in. This only intensifies her orgasm, making her cum so hard that she had to close her eyes tightly as she pressed her face down against the floor.

She bit her lip, moaning then gasping as he kept fucking her, making her orgasm stretch longer than it normally did. She couldn’t remember ever cumming this hard. He pressed down against her body, pounding her painfully hard and fast. He pressed her further down, entered her cunt as deep as he could then stopped. She was vaguely aware of a groaning pained sound, but she was still cumming so hard she was having a hard time making sense of the world around her.

Suddenly she realized her insides were much wetter. He had cum a third time!

Her orgasm started to die down, and together they both collapsed limply onto the floor. They were both breathing heavily, and for a few moments their breathing was in sync. She felt his cock grow soft inside of her, shriveling up and pulling out of her. With a feeling of wet exit she felt it fall free of her cunt, and immediately felt a trickle of cum and lady juices leak out of her hole.

They were both exhausted. They lay there, covered in sweat and cum and now the dirt from the bathroom floor. Their warm, sticky bodies were pressed together, and they both luxuriate in the feel of it.

“Good girl,” he whispered to her. She realized as he spoke them that they were the two most beautiful words in the English language.

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