Ena’s Curse

Alaria is a realm watched over by countless Gods and Goddesses. Some are minor deities whose influence extends over only a small region while others are primal forces of nature who can affect every inch of the realm. There are good Gods, evil Gods, and indifferent Gods, everyone knows this. But what almost no living mortal in Alaria knows is there is another kind of God watching over them and pulling the strings of their fate.

The Gods can mold and shape Alaria but there are even higher powers than them. One of these is The Corruption. It is neither an innately good nor evil force, although it is often antagonistic. It has only one true driving nature: sexual perversion.

The Corruption had, at one point, been contained. All of the Gods that had been tainted by it had been imprisoned, banished, or so diminished that they were no longer a concern. The ages went on and the other Gods forgot all about The Corruption. But it has begun to creep back… Those that were imprisoned or diminished once more are free and grow in power as more mortals convert to worshiping them. And those already infused with The Corruption strive to taint and convert the other Gods and Goddesses.

Baedor, God of Sexual Indulgence, was one of the first Corrupt gods to reawaken. He was the first to help the Corruption convert another deity. Through his machinations Ynara, Goddess of Purity became Ynara, Goddess of Large Breasts. Both have become incredibly powerful deities and often keep each other company, standing together in the aetheric plane that looks down on Alaria. They watch mortals, aid their faithful and often pass the time playing games with the lives of the mortals below them.

This is a story of one of those games. For Baedor and Ynara it is both an amusing way to pass the time and part of a larger plot to spread the Corruption through Alaria.

The centerpiece of their game is a Human woman named Ena Elton. The Gods are patient and have eternity to play their games and her part in this game was something both Baedor and Ynara helped set up years before the game itself began.

Ena Elton was a woman who had always had a heart filled with wanderlust and a strong thirst for adventure. As soon as she had come of age she had taken up the life of an adventurer. Soon the pretty young woman was a skilled fighter, questing for riches while battling evil in all its forms. Every year she became a greater warrior and her adventures, along with those of the party she traveled with, became renown in song.

But her career as an adventurer came to a sudden halt thanks to the unseen meddling of Baedor and Ynara. The gods, having decided to make her their plaything, saw fit that at the end of one of her adventures a powerful curse befell her. It was one never seen in Alaria, a custom creation combining both Baedor and Ynara’s powers.

Ena did not understand how the curse had fallen on her but the effects were painfully obvious. She had always been a beautiful woman with striking curves that had only barely been kept at bay by the physically strenuous life she led. Before the curse her breasts were considered large for a Human but not uncommonly so. After the curse had befallen her the young adventurer’s breasts had quickly begun to grow, tripling in size till they were unnaturally large.

That alone might not have been enough to end her career as an adventurer, although such a large bust size would have been problematic. But the curse did more than just increase her breasts to inhuman size, it also made it so any man who saw them exposed was filled with an overpowering need to fuck them. The curse also ensured that having them covered in almost any way was so uncomfortable, both physically and mentally, that Ena found wearing a top almost impossible.

She had a reputation she was proud, was an adventurer sung about in songs. Ena did not want her name to become a joke, for the songs about her to stop being grand tales of adventure and instead become bawdy tunes sung in brothels for the amusement of lecherous men. So she retired, disappearing with little explanation so as to hide her curse from those she had adventured with. She headed off to spend the rest of her life in secluded shame, hiding herself and her curse from the world.

Ena settled in a small cabin deep in the Forest of Emberstone Peak, far from any town or villages. The years passed and Ena learned to enjoy her simple life of seclusion and self-sufficiency out in the forest all alone. But years of easy living have changed her. She’s grown soft, putting on weight and growing thicker, exaggerating her natural curves even more. Her waist has grown soft and wide, her ass huge and round, her thighs thick and soft. And her huge breasts? They’ve grown even larger!

Yet she doesn’t really notice the changes in her body. In her mind she’s still a world class fighter and adventure able to defeat any foe she faces. She does not realize how soft and weak she’s become nor how much her martial reflexes have slowed.

Baedor and Ynara, however, are very aware. It’s all part of their game, just as they planned it. Baedor has always enjoyed taking powerful, headstrong women and seeing them brought low in every way before being showered with sexual humiliation.

It’s a game that Ynara has enjoyed playing too. She used her power to create the curse on Ena that has so warp her breasts. Not just enlarge them but increase their sensitive many times beyond what most Human women would even imagine possible. Ena, disgusted by her breasts, has mostly left them as untouched as possible since the curse fell on her. She does not understand how sensitive they are nor how intense the pleasure from having them stimulated would feel.

What she DOES know is that even though she has never been with child she constantly lactates. So far her breasts have only slightly leaked milk, an oddity of her curse she’s mostly been able to ignore thanks to her chaste lifestyle. She doesn’t know that sexual climax will increase her milk production and that the more full her breasts are with milk the more she’ll crave to have them “drained”.

She’s FAR more aware of how uncomfortable, even painful, having her breasts covered in nearly any way is. That, combined with what happens when a man sees them, was the main reason she went into seclusion. Most days she goes about topless, letting her titanic breasts hang free. She chose the Forest of Emberstone Peak as her new home partially because of the year-round warm climate, allowing her to remain topless at almost all times.

When she does feel the need to cover her top she uses a special garment she had made before going into seclusion. It is a large, brown cloth so thin that it can barely be felt against her body but dark enough to hide her pale skin or the dark flesh of her large nipples. It can easily be wrapped around her body, tightly around her plump midriff and lightly around her breasts then secured around her shoulders to form what looks like a shirt. The cloth is enchanted to keep her far warmer than should be possible from such a thin cloth, making it far more useful than it might look to others.

Even when wearing it she has the tendency to, without noticing, slowly pull down the front little by little till eventually her breasts hang free and exposed. It’s a habit that so far has not been an issue. But as our story starts our ample bosomed heroine will discover just how significant the habit is…


* * *


Ena whistled to herself as she hung some freshly picked herbs above the small stove in her cabin. She’d spent the morning searching the nearby forest collecting them and was proud of her haul, they’d last her a good many meals before she had to go pick more.

She was still a little out of breath form the morning’s activities. At one point in her life the idea that such a simple task could have winded her would have been laughable, but now? Now she was plump and soft and out of shape. It was a fact she pretended not to notice but reality had an irritating way of asserting itself.

When that happened she compensated by indulging in nostalgia. Today she did so by opening the chest of gear left over from her old life and taking out the skirt of leather armor she had worn on her adventures. The strips of leather that made up the bulk of the garment were decorated with coins from the many lands and kingdoms she had visited, all sewn tightly into the leather.

As she shimmied into the skirt she tried to not think about the way she’d had to alter it over the years. As her waist had expanded she’d had to expand the garment as well, cutting the leather strips in half to gain material to widen the waist. Thanks to this, and also the increased bulk of her now rather large ass, the skirt that had once gone done below her knees know barely went to her mid-upper thighs.

Still, wearing the garment made her feel like she was still the warrior she had once been. And now that she had begun to indulge in the joy of nostalgia she went all in, putting on her cloth top to feel “civilized” once more and pulling out her old enchanted short sword.

The metal was dull and dusty but she knew the edges would be as sharp as ever thanks to its magical nature. Ena decided to do more than simply hold the weapon in her hand. She left her small cabin, walking out into the bright light coming through the forest canopy and began to go for a walk. She did this often, wandering as she thought of her old life. She’d hold her sword and pretend she was on an adventure, searching a forest for long-forgotten ruins and the treasures that lay within. Often she’d spend whole days like this, slowly walking through the woods as her mind wandered through her memories.

But that day was not fated to be like others. That day was one that would put an end to her peaceful seclusion.

As she wandered, lost in her memories, the peaceful quiet of the forest was interrupted. Ena’s heart began to pound as long unused instincts kicked in. She knew this deep in the forest there shouldn’t be anything making noises like that, and that meant only one thing: danger!

Gripping her sword tightly in one hand Ena quickly moved behind the largest nearby tree, putting it between her and the approaching sound. As her heart pounded she crouched down, falling easily into old habits. Her body tensed, although what had once been firm and strong muscles were now… lacking. Still, she didn’t notice. In her mind she was the same adventurer she had once been, skilled and deadly.

She also didn’t notice the way her free hand began tugging at the thin cloth covering her massive breasts. As she peeked around the tree trying to get a glimpse of what was approaching without being spotted she kept tugging at the fabric, pulling it down little by little, inch by inch. All the way down till her gigantic, thick, heavy breasts were free and hanging out of her top. As the sound drew ever closer she was blissfully unaware that her cursed breasts hung exposed, to be seen by whatever was coming.


* * *


Ynara giggled girlishly, grabbing her own overlarge breasts as she lifted them up and squeezed them to her body. “Oh my! Look at her, poor thing doesn’t even realize how exposed she is!”

Beside her Baedor loomed, a massive hulking red skinned beast, black horns protruding from his head. “Yes, now the game will truly begin,” he said in his deep, booming voice. “As soon as her unwanted guest arrives they’ll see those monstrous hanging udders and lose all control! They’ll HAVE to try and fuck her tits and she will almost certainly not be able to stop them.”

Ynara looked up at him, grinning wide. “Just as you planned, you sly horned-devil. I don’t know what it is you have coming to disturb her peace but I’m sure it will be deliciously perverse.”

Baedor grinned down at the smaller, plump and curvaceous Goddess and grinned. “Of course! But don’t pretend you haven’t set forces in motion too. It wouldn’t be a game if there weren’t stakes. I know what I want her fate to be and you know what you want it to be. Now we play with her and the world around her till one of us has what we want!”


* * *


Ena pulled back around the tree, her heart pounding. The thing coming through the woods was massive, she could hear it shoving through underbrush and trees and as it drew ever nearer she could even feel the ground starting to shake under her feet. Her hand tightened around her sword and the muscles in her arm tensed. She knew whatever was coming would be big and her only hope fighting it alone was to get a debilitating blow in early.

For a few more moments she stood, crouched behind the tree and waiting. It seemed to be coming right towards her although she hoped that was just a coincidence. If the thing knew she was there any hope of catching it by surprise would be dead on arrival. Another moment passed and she could hear the thing’s breathing which meant it was nearly close enough to strike. Her body tensed a bit more and then she leaped out from behind the tree, ready to strike.

The sight of the creature made her pause then stumble back. She’d expected some kind of big monster, maybe a troll or Ogre, but not THIS.

Before her was a Grangdrag, one of the most feared monstrosities in all of Alaria. The creature loomed over her and was covered in layers of thick muscles and even thicker fat. It had leathery green skin with patches of hair in very Human-like places. But it had a thick mane of coarse dark green hair that covered its neck, the top of its head, and extended partially down its back.

Its face was trollish and jutting down from out the top of its mouth were two short tusks. The tusks combined with its flat misshapen nose and small beady eyes that were set deep into its skull gave the initial impression that this creature was a simple mindless beast. The huge brutish muscles and the ape-like way it walked added to the impression of the creature being a mindless beast, but Ena knew better. Grangdrags were definitely not as smart as even the most dimwitted of the greater races, but it was intelligent enough to be capable of simple speech.

In that moment whether or not the beast before her could speak didn’t matter. What mattered was that even when Ena had been at the peak of her power she would have had difficulty slaying a Grangdrag alone, and that would have only been while fully kitted out. She was then alone in the woods, armed only with a single weapon and no real armor.

Yet even though her surprise attack had faltered at the sight of the monster the thought of retreat never entered the mind. Grangdrags looked big and slow but their powerfully muscled legs could propel them forward at astounding speeds when they needed to. She knew if she turned and tried to run the thing would be on her almost at once and then all hope would be lost, for the fate of a woman captured by a Grangdrag was FAR worse than what the monsters did to males.

Grangdrags are one of the species in Alaria that are made up only of males. To breed the beasts must capture a female of another race and impregnate her. The races of monsters like this are the most feared by female adventurers, for they know if they should be defeated by them they face a fate worse than death.

Ena had jumped into sight with her weapon at the ready but faltered at the sight of the Grangdrag. Luckily for her the lumbering green beast hadn’t seen her jump out. She was able to re-gather her composure then restart her attack. As she began to rush forward she screamed out her most fearsome battle cry, realizing her best hope was to startle and scare the beast off. If it turned and retreated she’d have time to slip away and disappear into the forest.

Her scream got the Grangdrag’s attention and it turned to her, its dumb beastly face looking surprised and for a moment then afraid. It took a single step back and looked as if it were preparing to turn and flee. During that moment Ena’s heart rose and she thought she’d succeeded, but the moment of hope wasn’t long-lived.

The beast’s small, beady black eyes looked down, at first drawn to the glint of Ena’s sword. But then its gaze fell on her massive breasts. It stopped, its eyes opening wide and a hungry smile spreading across its big ugly face.

It was in that moment that Ena looked down and realized her breasts were exposed. In fact they were more than just exposed, as she dashed towards the Grangdrag they flopped and bounced about. She looked back up and saw its little black eyes following them as they loped from side to side. Her heart stopped as she saw a slight red glow appear in its eyes and knew instantly that the curse on her breasts was now activated and affecting the beast.

The Grangdrag grunted then growled, a mingled sound of sudden discomfort and swelling sexual lust. She knew what was happing to it, as it was what happened to every male that saw her breasts. Its balls would be magically filled with more cum then was normally possible in the being. At the same time their penis would grow instantly erect. Their mind would be filled with thoughts only of her breasts; filled with a driving, impossible to ignore need to fuck her tits till orgasm was attained.

At the same time the curse worked its magic on her. Her charge forward was halted as she was magically stunned. She dropped her sword and felt as though a bolt of magic had suddenly struck her weak. Her legs gave out under her and she dropped to her knees, unable to move or even speak for a few moments.

A few moments were all the huge green beast needed. It roared, a sound of savage lust that echoed through the forest, and charged Ena. In that moment of helplessness she finally looked down between the naked beast’s legs and saw its dick. Standing erect under its large gut was the hugest, fattest cock she’d ever seen in her life. It was thicker than her arm and almost as long. The massive green shaft was covered in pulsing thick veins and the disgusting swollen green cockhead was already leaking so much thick precum that it seemed almost like it had already ejaculated.

Ena screamed in terror as the Grangdrag charged her, its huge cock bouncing up and down with beads of precum flying about. It grabbed her neck with one huge hand in a smoothly terrifying motion, picking her up as if she weighed nothing and slamming her back against the nearest tree. With its other hand it reached down and grabbed the cloth that was failing to cover her breasts and tore it off of her, tossing it to the side and leaving her properly topless.

It then squatted down, slapping its monster cock onto her chest and pressing her back into the tree. At the same time if let go of her neck and grabbed both her huge breasts, pressing them up and around its cock. It started moving its hips, the ample precum leaking from its cockhead lubricating its member as it started savagely titfucking her.

A normal Human woman’s breasts would never have hoped to have been big enough for a Grangdrag to use in this manner. But her breasts had been magically enlarged so much that they wrapped fully around its massive, fat cock.

At first Ena screamed in horror as the Grangdrag pinned her to the tree and pounded her chest. But within moments the scream of terror became a scream of surprise and then melted into loud moans of forced pleasure.

Since being cursed she had done everything she could to avoid her hated breasts from being touched. Once she’d gotten away from people she’d led a completely celibate life, for she’d learned early on that any kind of sexual stimulation led to her wanting to have her breasts played with. So she’d gone without for years now, not getting off even a single time since entering seclusion. She was completely unprepared for how what was being done to her breasts would feel.

It started when the Grangdrag had grabbed her huge breasts, its big leathery hands roughly grabbing hold of them then squeezing their massive bulk around its monster cock. The rough gropes and squeezes had sent flares of sexual pleasure shooting through her body so suddenly and so strongly she didn’t properly recognize what the pleasurable feelings were at first. The monster had her pinned to the tree and was pounding her chest so ferociously all she could feel at first was terror.

The terror she felt was soon nothing compared to the immense sexual pleasure she was feeling from having her cursed breasts pressed around the huge fleshy monster cock, her soft tit-meat ground into its warm, rigid cock-flesh. By the time her mind started to process the pleasure and her screams of pain had become screams of surprise her pussy was already so wet that her cunt-juices were running down her thick thighs.

As the monster pounded her chest it pressed her tits in tighter around its cock, so tight it hurt. Yet that pain instantly and confusingly morphed into even more sexual pleasure. The world around Ena melted away as she had a powerful orgasm forced from her body by the savage titfucking. It had been years since she had cum, so long she barely remembered what sexual release felt like. But it was more than that, the curse on her tits ensured any orgasm caused by the use of her breasts would not just be stronger than a normal one but feel better in every way.

Even though the monster had her pinned to a tree, even though her weapon was dropped and gone and there was now no hope of escape, all Ena could think as she came was that she wanted more. It was a desire that wouldn’t go unfulfilled.

As soon as the pleasurable release of the first orgasm started to fade another erupted, titfucked forcefully from her plump body. And then another. And another! Soon the world was a confusing blur of pain and pleasure and it felt as though her mind was being pulled apart at the seams. She never imagined sexual release could feel so good, especially just from having her tits used in this way!

Before long the Grangdrag grunted, thrusting up hard through her breasts as its massive cock quivered. The beast began to cum, blasting a huge amount of cum up into Ena’s face. The creature’s race already ejaculated what was a staggering amount of cum by the standards of Humans, more than enough to fill a stein of ale. But thanks to the curse on her breasts this beast’s ejaculate was at least doubled in volume. It sprayed into her face like an exploding volcano, an eruption of thick cum that left her entire face drenched and dripping, and much that gooped off her face dripped down onto her breasts.

She had her mouth open and was moaning in pleasure as the beast began to cum. Thanks to this fact much of its cum shot straight into her mouth causing her to gag and accidentally swallow much of it. As the Grangdrag was pulling away, it’s massive cock starting to soften as cum dripped from it, Ena fell forward slightly, overcome suddenly with an undeniable need for more of the beast’s cum.

The creature’s cum had foul, bitter, salty taste that overpowered all her senses yet there was something about it that left her desperate for more. Soon her hands were on her face, scrapping the dripping cum covering her pretty features into her open mouth. After that she used her hands to scoop up all the cum that had spilled on her tits up into her mouth. And once she had all the cum off her face she fell down onto her hands and knees, lowering her head to the ground to lick the little bit of the cum that had fallen on to the forest floor.

Only as she lapped up the last of the cum off a fallen leaf did her mind start to clear and she remembered the danger she was in. She looked up and saw that the Grangdrag had stumbled back and was leaning against a nearby tree. It seemed to be out of breath and slightly confused by the sexual rage that had come over it. Ena saw her sword by its feet but knew going for it was hopeless. Instead she turned, starting to crawl as quickly away from the beast as she could.

But as soon as she started to crawl her massive breasts started dragging on the ground. The feel of her unnaturally sensitive breasts being dragged across dirt and roots and leaves sent a confusing mix of pain and pleasure up through her tits and into her body. She gasped and fell, rolling over onto her back and wrapping her arms protectively around her massive mounds of tit-flesh.

The sound she made led the Grangdrag to look up at her. It saw her breasts and at once the curse sparked between the two of them. Ena was stunned and the monster’s balls were refilled and its massive cock was made instantly hard. It growled with uncontrolled carnal hunger and leaped at Ena, pinning her to the forest floor as it sat on her chest, its huge frame nearly suffocating her. Within a few heartbeats the monster had her tits wrapped around its huge cock and was once more fucking them.

Once more Ena suffered through a confusing blur of forced pleasure and multiple orgasms. And once again when the monster came it shot what might have been nearly a bucket’s worth of cum onto her, covering her face and tits.

Sleepily the Grangdrag rolled off her, slumping up against a tree and closing its eyes. It was clear that the frantic curse-induced fucking was not just confusing it but tiring the beast out as well. She could hear it mumbling in heavily accented common speech, disjointed words that barely made coherent sentences.

Ena wished she had been able to take that time to escape, but she was unable to. As the thing had gotten off of her she had begun lapping up as much of its cum as she could. She sat up, lifting her huge breasts to her face and hungrily licking all the cum there that she could. As she licked the last few drops up her mind began to clear again and she realized the Grangdrag must have something in its cum that helped it breed with the females of other races, something that bound women to it. When she had first seen its massive erect cock leaking precum she had thought this was because of the curse on her, but now she wasn’t sure. If its cum was addictive then leaking so much precum would be a good way to tame women.

Yet even as she realized all of this, as she realized the need to get away from the beast she felt herself struggling to try. There was an intense hunger for the creature’s cum churning inside of her. But she wasn’t yet so entranced she was unable to try and escape. Her instinct was to attempt to crawl away again but she fought the impulse, making herself stand up. She had planned to take off running but once more the noises she made moving about made the monster open its eyes, see her hanging tits, and trigger the curse.

As it rose to its feet it grunted, “Pretty Fuck-Thing with magic tits!” A moment later it growled and lunged at her.

Ena realized there would be no escape, not now. The Grangdrag would keep seeing her breasts, keep being magically refreshed and put into an obsessive sexual rage. Feeling hopeless she simply went limp, letting the monster savage her breasts as much as it wanted, letting whatever happened next come without a fight.


* * *


Moonlight shone into the small cave the Grangdrag called home, dimly illuminating the interior. The huge beast sat on its bare ass, its back against the cave wall and its legs spread open. Its “pet” was between its legs, laying on the cave floor but pressed up against its hard cock. The pet Fuck-Thing’s huge udders were wrapped around its cock and was bouncing them up and down as she licked and slurped at the top of his cockhead, eagerly awaiting the moment she’d make him cum.

The Grangdrag lovingly stroked his pet’s hair, cooing in pleasure from the feel of huge tits and her mouth. He drooled happily, lost in what felt like a never-ending bliss of repeating sexual pleasure. Time had lost nearly all meaning for the Grangdrag but it was okay with that. All that mattered was that the pleasure continued, that the Fuck-Thing with the magic tits kept making him cum with them.

Memories of life since finding the pet were a blur of bouts of overpowering sexual lust and far too short moments of exhausted rest. It knew it had taken some time to get the pet back to its cave. How could it not have when every time it looked at its magnificent huge breasts it would lose control and need to fuck them?

At first when he had brought his prize home he had been frustrated. Never had he seen a Fuck-Thing he wanted to fuck and breed with so intensely, yet he seemed unable to put a baby in it! Even after all this time he had failed to get his cock in the pet’s proper fuck-hole even once. Her breasts were just so big and unavoidable, and as soon as he saw them he HAD to fuck them. A few times he had tried closing his eyes and flipping the Fuck-Thing over to take it from behind, but as soon as it opened its eyes to look down and find it’s fuck-hole he would see mounds of tit-flesh pressed out from under her. He’d then lose control, flip her over, and start fucking her tits.

The Fuck-Thing that was his pet had fought at first, although much less than other Fuck-Things the Grangdrag had captured before. It seemed to enjoy having its huge tits fucked even more than he enjoyed fucking them. It wasn’t long before the Fuck-Thing stopped fighting, and not long after that before it even stopped its pathetic escape attempts. Before long she wasn’t just limply laying and letting him have at her tits, she was proactively using them to pleasure him.

The Grangdrag was even aware that the Fuck-Thing had slowly been losing the “intelligence” that seemed to make other Fuck-Things think they were better than Grangdrags. Looking down at its face he could see the way its eyes seemed to have lost all intelligence, leaving it looking more animal that even the Grangdrag looked. And it now constantly had its mouth half open, drooling on itself when not licking and sucking his cock or greedily lapping up its cum.

He petted it again, sighing happily. There was a part of the Grangdrag that knew life couldn’t go on like this forever. He hadn’t eaten since finding his pet. Every time he looked at her tits he felt refreshed, but after cumming he would feel how truly weak he had become. Deep down it knew if this continued it would eventually die, yet it didn’t care. This life was perfect sexual bliss and the idea of simply getting up and leaving his Fuck-Thing pet with the huge magical tits behind was simply unthinkable.


* * *


“This isn’t boring you?” Ynara asked Baedor, looking down on the physical plane and watching Ena sink deeper and deeper into madness. The constantly forced orgasms mixed with the effects of the beast’s cum were melting her mind. “It seems our game has ended nearly as soon as it began.”

“You don’t really think that,” Baedor replied with a chuckle. “I know you’ve set things in motion, events that might soon save her. And don’t think I haven’t noticed you tugging at her reality, making it so cum is all sustenance she needs to survive. Why, I even think the pudgy little slut has put on a few pounds.”

Ynara laughed prettily, tossing her curly red hair up and out of her face as she stood and turned to face Baedor. “I’m pleased you noticed!”

“Is the change a permanent one?” he asked.

A sly smile tugged at the goddesses pretty lips. “I’m not going to tell. But what about you? Is this REALLY what you intended for her?”

Baedor shook his head. “No, this was never intended to be the end game. This is just the prologue of what she’s going to go through, a way to readjust her view on the world around her and make her understand just how much pleasure her cursed breasts can bring her and the men she interacts with.”

Ynara smiled at him then looked back down on Ena. “I suppose the real question is what happens next? We’ve both put forces into action to ‘save’ her from her current state. Will one of them find her and rescue her before the dumb beast fucks itself to death? Or maybe an even worse fate will come, something that dispatches the green monster but is in no way a savior.”

“Let us wait,” Baedor said happily, “and watch and see…”

“Yes, let us,” Ynara said, turning to look up at Baedor. She jumped a little, surprised to see he was no longer there. Her eyes narrowed and she looked back down at Ena, waiting for Baedor’s presence to be felt on the mortal plane of Alaria. “Cleaver…” she whispered, “cleaver and unexpected…”


* * *


Ena moaned and rolled over, feeling confused and disoriented. She couldn’t feel anything under her body and as she rolled over she lost all sense of what was “down” and what was “up”. She moaned again, her mind and body both feeling sluggish and slow to respond. This isn’t right, she thought, struggling to open her eyes to try and get a bearing on the world around her.

At first her mind felt as if it had been shattered into a million pieces, that it had been broken and she’d been left little more than a beast that ran on pure instinct. All intellect was gone and she was but an animal. But as she floated there in that confusing void she felt her mind being stitched together, bit by bit. She felt her mind being slowly repaired, returned eventually to what it once had been. Only after her mind was back to normal did she feel able to actually open her eyes, yet she was still so weak that even that was a struggle.

When she finally did manage the task she found herself staring out into a vast starry void that surrounded her, the vision leaving her more confused than before. Where am I? What is this strange place? She turned and looked in all directions finding the same thing all around her: an empty, star-filled black void.

It was a cold and empty place that made her feel alone in a way she’d never experienced before. And the void stretching out in every direction was both empty yet felt as though it was pressing in on her, creating a feeling that she both didn’t belong and that this place didn’t want here there.

All of the stars were distant and unreachable, except for one. It was close and the light from it seemed to be connected to her, warming her from the inside out and keeping her alive. She turned and looked at the star and had the impression, even though it made little sense, that this star was her home.

“That’s Alaria,” a deep, booming male voice said, startling Ena.

She turned towards it to find a massive, muscular red-skinned monster of a man “standing” nearby. He had curved black horns coming out of his head and stood before her naked, a massive red cock hanging between his legs. Power radiated off the being, power that left Ena feeling small and insignificant.

“W-what are you?” she asked, feeling suffocated by the immense being’s presence. It seemed to be growing larger the longer she looked at it, adding to her sense of insignificance.

“What am I?” it asked, stopping to ponder the question for what felt like an eternity to Ena. “You would say I am a God, although there was a time where the mortals of Alaria called me and those like me ‘Demons’. But that’s a word that is no longer used in the same way.” He paused and chuckled, “funny how malleable mortal language is, how the power of words can falter and disappear as the usage of words change.”

“I don’t understand,” Ena said, confused.

“Of course you don’t. Let me help you,” he said, seeming to remain floating in the same place yet feeling as though he drew nearer. “You should not have asked ‘what’ I am but rather ‘who’ am I. I am Baedor, God of Sexual Indulgence.”

“A God?” Ena asked, stunned. “W-what do you want from me?” she stuttered. She knew the Gods of Alaria were very real, but she also knew how rare it was for one to appear to a mortal. It was even rarer that one would appear to a person who had not devoted themselves to worshipping that god.

Baedor smiled kindly at her, tilting his head slightly. “It is not what I want from you but what I can do for you.” He paused, turning and looking past her.

Ena shifted and looked behind her, seeing that Baedor was looking at the bright star she felt connected to. There was a sudden spark between her and the star and then a moment later she saw a vision of herself in a dimly lit cave, lying between the Grangdrag’s legs and using her huge breasts to pleasure it. The sight made her shiver and all at once everything that had happened to her came rushing into her mind with perfect clarity.

She turned and looked away from the star, the vision disappearing with it. “I don’t want to think about that,” she whispered softly. “I don’t want to go back there, to live that life any longer.”

Baedor placed a hand softly on her shoulder, warmth flowing from him and easing the pain of remembering her recent life. “You have to return,” he told her, “even I cannot prevent that.” Calming warmth continued to flow into her, although now it brought warm tingles of arousal with it that make her cheeks flush and left her feeling damp between her legs. “You must return, but if you let me I can give you the power to escape the doom you now face. In fact, I can give you the power to turn the curse placed on your breasts into a blessing. My blessing.”

Ena looked up at him, her mind muddled by the waves of calming arousal washing into her through the god’s touch. Even so, she knew gods did not give their blessing freely. “And what do you want in return?”

The kind expression on Baedor’s face melted away, leaving his face blank and unreadable as he spoke his response. “Only that you carry my blessing as a mark on your being, that it wash over you and leave you changed. That you allow me to give you the power you need to escape your current peril and then lead you as you live out the rest of your life.”

For just a moment she paused to wonder what the price would really cost her. Then her mind turned back to her reality and flashes of her imprisonment at the Grangdrag’s feet appeared in her mind. She turned to Baedor and spoke quickly, not caring at that moment what the cost would be. “I agree,” she said. “Give me the power to escape and you can do what you will with me.”

A huge smile appeared across Baedor’s face. “Then it shall be so.”

The calming, warm arousal flowing into Ena’s body through Baedor’s hand intensified. It shifted, growing from calming warmth to burning power. It washed over her body, flowing into every inch of her. It burned her insides with an intensity that wasn’t quite pain but was undeniably not pleasurable.

She screamed, trying to pull away from the God but unable to do so. “What are you doing to me?” she shouted, the burning feeling now so intense she felt it in her soul, sizzling and changing the very essence of her being.

“Placing my blessing upon on you in a manner that can never be removed,” Baedor told her.

Ena felt the truth in his words, knew that whatever was being done to her could not be undone. She tried to look down at her body to see what was being done to her but could no longer see herself. She felt suddenly torn apart from her old self, as if it had been cast out into the endless void and lost forever. In its place was something new forming, something that wasn’t her yet was at the same time was more herself than she had ever been. As if only now was she truly in a form to meet her true destiny.

“Go now,” Baedor said, pulling his hand away from her.

She felt a vacuum of power pulling her to him as he pulled away, then that power swelled and exploded, pressing into her and sending her back towards her mortal body as she left the strange void behind.


* * *


Ena gasped, sitting up and opening her eyes. It felt as is if she had fallen from an immeasurable height and slammed back into her body, causing a ripple of power to explode out from her.

That ripple hadn’t been a physical thing yet the Grangdrag sitting near her had felt it. She realized the monster had been sleeping but now it sat up, surprised awake nearly the same way she had been. Looking up at it she saw the beast was so tired it didn’t even look at her, its eyes shot open then quickly fell back closed. Sleepily it leaned back against the cave wall and yawned, reaching its big green hands up to rub its eyes as it tried to fall back asleep.

Ena doubted the monster would be able to do that, figuring she’d only have a few brief moments to collect herself. She remembered her meeting with the God Baedor more clearly than any even in her life and she knew at once that her mind had been repaired by the meeting. But she also felt her body was changed, and took that time to look down and inspect herself.

She fought against the urge to gasp out loud as she looked down at herself, afraid to draw the Grangdrag’s attention even as what she saw shocked her. Her breasts were still as huge as they had been only now her skin, which had been pale white in color, was now a deep, vibrant red almost identical to Baedor’s. Looking down and inspecting her body further she at first thought it was otherwise unchanged from the neck down: still curvy and thick. Yet as she shifted she could feel that under the thickness were muscles that hadn’t been there before. It seemed she had regained the finely muscled body she had once had, only the plumpness she had gained over the last few years was now layered on top of it.

Leaning back slightly to look past her huge breasts she spread her legs to see if her womanhood was unchanged. Again she fought against the urge to gasp out loud as she saw that she was now hairless down there, just like an Elf. Looking closer at the rest of her body she notices she was completely hairless from the neck down.

Wondering how Elf-like she had become she reached up to her ears. They were now elongated and pointed, although only by a few inches instead of the hand length elongated ear’s full-blooded Elves had. She then pulled some of her hair out before her face to look at it. It seemed to have remained the same length, though it too had become red in color (although a few shades darker than her skin).

As she had pulled her hair out she had felt something strange on her head. She then reached up with both hands to feel it, thinking she knew what it was but wanting to make sure. On both sides of her head, just on the edge of her hairline, extended two hard protrusions. She couldn’t see them but could clearly picture them in her head as she ran her fingers along their length. They were curved, ridged horns; bending back like a ram’s horns and curling around in a circular pattern.

“I’m no longer Human,” she whispered, not sure what to think about the changes to her body.

The softly spoken words were enough to wake the Grangdrag up. It shifted, sitting up and rubbing its eyes again before looking down at Ena.

She had started to pull back, instinctively reaching up to try and cover her massive breasts. But something stopped her, like a thought whispered into her head telling her to let the beast see her breasts. So instead of hiding them she sat up more, thrusting her chest out so the sight of her breasts was unavoidable.

As it laid eyes on them she felt the spark of the curse connect them. Only this time it was an altogether different feeling. She saw the red light momentarily flash in its little beady black eyes and could feel its massive cock hardening beside. But she didn’t feel the connection coming back at her and stunning her.

Instead, she felt connected to the beast with a strange sense of control over it. There was an instinctual understanding of this new power and she was able to wield it with ease, concentrating on it and mentally pushing against the Grangdrag’s mind. She couldn’t stop the beast from coming at her, from needing to fuck her tits, but she could manage how it did that.

She realized that Baedor had told the truth, he had changed her and given her the power she’d need to get out of this situation. She shifted and used her new power to make the monster lay back, its arms limp at its side. Soon her breasts were wrapped around its monster cock and she was bouncing them up and down, working it towards orgasm.

Ena found herself enjoying this far more than she expected. It felt good, enough to bring her to the edge of climax herself, yet it was a pleasure she felt in total control over. That feeling of control only intensified as she continued to work the monster’s cock. The closer to release it got the more in control she felt she had over it.

In fact, as it neared climax she felt something else. At first it was a spark connecting something inside of her that hadn’t been there to something deep in the monster that very much had always been part of the creature but that she’d never been able to sense before. As it crested up she felt this energy flowing out towards her. She grabbed onto the energy, feeling she could pull it into her and drain the beast of this energy.

She looked down at its green cockhead poking out of her breasts just as it began to cum. The energy started to flow out before its semen did, an invisible fount of power that flowed into her making her feel strong and powerful. At the same time she felt that pulling this energy form the beast would weaken it and that if she pulled enough out she could even slay the creature this way. She could, it seemed, use her breasts and a male’s orgasm to drain it of its life-energy.

This is the power I’ve been given, how I will escape, she thought. I shall drain it now, leaving it a dead and lifeless husk. I will not just be able to escape, but do so with more power than I’ve ever had!

As the Grangdrag began to cum she felt its life-energy flowing into her, making her stronger as the beast died. Yet she knew that this energy, although it made her powerful, wouldn’t be enough to keep her alive all on its own. It was a fuel for power, and maybe some kind of magic, but it was not sustenance all on its own.

Her mind flashed back to the way the beast’s cum had been enough to keep her alive during her time as its pet. She saw now that this had been because of some temporary magical spell placed on her, although who had placed it she knew not.

For just a moment she thought the spell was gone now that she was to be free of the monster. But then she saw its cum shooting up into her face. A powerful, driving hunger for the fluid flared up inside of her. Even as the Grangdrag shuddered as it finished cumming and the last of its life-energy was drained from it Ena found herself unable to begin licking up every drop of its cum. She knew that cum would no longer sustain her in any meaningful way but she couldn’t help herself. She’d been left totally addicted to it and she’d be unable to avoid consuming all the cum she saw from that day forward.

After the last drop was licked up Ena pulled away from the now dead monster, standing and wiping her mouth clean. She turned from it, free and not wanting to look back.

She walked out of the cave, out into the calm of the forest. She was naked but at that moment she didn’t care. What if someone or something saw her breasts now? She could control them if they did! Her curse seemed no longer like a curse at all, it had given her power. It had become a blessing!


* * *


Above her in the ethereal plane Ynara and Baedor watched. They had both taken part in changing her, their divine magic twisting and reshaping her into something new.

“A new race,” Baedor said. “At least it will be. This is just the beginning though, there is much more to do.”

Ynara turned and looked up at Baedor. “A mortal race made in your image?” she asked.

“Yes. Something mortal yet infused with The Corruption from its creation,” he replied.

“So is our game over?”

“Oh no,” Baedor said, turning to look down at her. “The game continues as we both pull and tug at her and shape this new race. Like I said, this is just the beginning.”


* * *


Ena stood outside the cabin that had been her home for the last few years of her life, ready to leave it behind. She’d returned to it for just a few days, spending most of that time making the clothing that would serve as her new adventurer’s outfit. She still had on the leather skirt, but now wore knee-high leather boots that left only some of her red-skinned legs exposed. She’d gathered various furs and leathers, cutting them in strips and sewing them all together to make a top. It covered and armored her arms, shoulders, and back but the garment only wrapped around the very top and bottom of her front, leaving her chest area fully uncovered.

This left her huge red breasts free and fully exposed. She no longer thought of them as a curse and a weakness that needed to be hidden from others. No, now they were her greatest asset, one she wanted out front and on display so she could wield them like a weapon.

But she knew there would still be times she’d need to cover her breasts. She had decided to become an adventurer again and that meant sometimes traveling at night or up into the cold of tall mountains. She’d used furs to make a large cloak that normally would hang on her shoulders and run down her back nearly to the ground, but it could be adjusted so it instead wrapped around the top half of her torso, covering her breasts from sight.

Under the cloak she had a traveling pack full of supplies with many more stashed in various pouches she had sewed onto her new outfit. She’d stripped the cabin of everything useful she had. With her magic sword hanging at her side she was ready for anything!

She took one last look at her cabin, stepping back towards it and putting a hand on the door. “You protected and hid me well these last years,” she whispered to it. “But it’s time to move on…”

Turning, whistling a happy tune, she began to head out into the woods in search of adventure. She chose the direction she knew would be the shortest path back to civilization.


* * *


“She’s not taking the right path,” Ynara said as she watched Ena move through the forest.

Baedor looked down onto Alaria, furrowing his brow. “You’re right,” he said. “She knows the way out of this forest, at least she should. Are you making her go the wrong direction?”

Ynara put a hand on her chest, just above the swell of her massive breasts. “Me? No! I thought YOU were doing this. I can feel someone’s hand leading her off course.”

“So can I,” Baedor said. He stood tall and looked around at the vast emptiness they floated in. “It seems someone else has begun playing this game with us.”

“Oh my, how interesting!” Ynara said, giggling happily. “I wonder who they might be?” She started looking around, calling out, “Come out, come out, whoever you are!”

No response came and no other god revealed themselves.

“It’s fine,” Baedor said with a wave of dismissal. “They will show themselves eventually. What’s important is that we keep playing our game.”


* * *


“This… isn’t right,” Ena said, coming to a stop and looking around. “I’ve never seen this part of the forest… But how is that possible? I know every inch of this forest for miles around and I’ve only been traveling for a short time. I’m lost, but that shouldn’t be possible.”

She had also lost the feeling of what time of day it was. Instinctively she looked up, hoping to peer through the canopy above and see where the sun was. To her surprise she found that she couldn’t even see past the top of the trees. A heavy mist had rolled in without her noticing, one so thick she could barely tell it was daylight.

Ena looked around and saw a nearby tree that had fallen over and was now covered in thick, soft moss. She went to it, sitting down. “None of this is right,” she mumbled to herself. “I got lost, that on its own is weird. Then I didn’t notice this fog, how is that possible?” She looked up and around the forest. “It’s getting thicker, too! I can barely see fifty feet ahead of me.”

As the fog thickened it brought with it a cold dampness that made Ena shiver. Although she was hesitant to cover her breasts she knew the uncomfortable feeling of the furs covering them would be far less than the chill from the fog that was growing ever thicker around her.

“Need to just press on,” she whispered, standing with determination. “If I just keep heading straight I’ll eventually get out of the forest or at the very least out of this strange part of it…”

As she pressed on the fog continued to increase in thickness, bringing with it an oppressive pressure that she knew wasn’t natural. It was a powerful force trying to force her away or maybe warn her about something ahead. She would have headed the feeling but there was no sense of direction to it, like the magic creating the sense of dread had been muddled and didn’t properly work right anymore.

The ground she walked on was growing less flat. It started to gradually slope upwards and as she moved on she stumbled over more moss-covered rocks. Before long there were large rocky rises jutting up from the ground with trees and roots half hanging off of them as if the rocks had been unnaturally raised up in one instant simply tearing the trees from the ground. The trees began to change as well, more and more they were evergreen trees full of limp sickly looking needles instead of trees covered in thick, lush green leaves. The dark, droopy looking needled branches added to the gloomy feel the fog brought to the world around her.

Up and up the landscape went. “This isn’t right,” Ena mumbled, having to half climb past certain rocky rises. “It should have been over a week’s travel to reach the foothills of Emberstone Peak. I never saw any smaller mountain while I lived in the forest nor on any of the maps of the area I studied before coming here. This shouldn’t be here,” she mumbled. She decided to turn and head back in the direction she had come from but soon found the landscape continuing to grow rockier and move upwards. “This isn’t natural…” she mumbled, having to climb to move on.

Reaching up she grabbed on to the ledge above her, grunting with effort and having to move carefully not to drag her overlarge and hypersensitive breasts on the rocky rise she was climbing. The sight revealed as she pulled herself up was so unexpected that she almost lost her footing and fell. She just barely righted herself and got up on her feet, quickly stepping away from the ledge.

She was standing near the edge of a rocky cliff with only a short distance in front of her before a sheer rock wall rose up into the thick fog. Looking up she couldn’t tell how far the rise went because of the fog. It might have risen only a few more feet or might have gone on for miles. But that wasn’t what had surprised her so much. She looked back down, staring at the stone doors carved into the living rock before her.

There were roughly carved stairs leading up to them. One side of them was smashed into rubble, a boulder that had obviously fallen onto them resting nearby. The stairs were crudely carved but the doors weren’t, although they were heavily aged and worn down from the elements. Two massive, curved, pointed horns were carved into the doors, extending from where the two doors met out of the doors and up off the top of them into the rocks above.

Ena reached up, touching her own horns as she stared at the carvings. “What does this mean?” she whispered.

As if in answer one of the stone doors began to slowly swing open, the sound of stone dragging on stone echoing through the strange silence that surrounded her and being swallowed by the oppressive fog. The door opened just enough for her to get through.

“Something wants me to go in,” she said softly, shifting to cautiously see into the open door.

At first there was only darkness but when she took a step closer torches inside burst to life, green mage-flame flickering and lighting the way forward. She could see the torches coming to life two at a time, lighting the way forward into a short passage that ended not far ahead with halls leading left and right.

“Well, I did leave to take up the life of an adventurer again. And exploring ancient tombs and dungeons are what adventurer’s do best. I think… I think I was meant to find this place, meant to explore it.”

Slowly she started moving up the stone steps, drawing her magic sword as she did. Because of her overlarge breasts she had to squeeze through the door, but once on the other side there was plenty of room.

The flickering green mage-flames burning in the wall scones lit the hall before her, but the light provided was dim and uneven. It was clear the enchanted flames’ magic was old and no longer very strong. Ena held her sword up before her and muttered the word “light” in an Elvish tongue used in a faraway land. The blade started to glow, at first dimly but after a few moments it was a pure clear white light that fully illuminated the hall around her.

With the way clearly lit Ena began moving down the hall. When she got to the t-section she turned from side to side, seeing if one way looked different than the other. They stretched ahead about fifty feet then turned, with no discernible difference between them. After a moment of thought she turned to the right.

As Ena turned and started heading down the passage she felt something, a strange tingling in the air. She slowed, realizing there was a musky smell coming from around the corner she was heading for. It was a strong smell: gross but enticing at the same time, like the body odor of a male lover after vigorous lovemaking. And it was clear to her that the tingle in the air, a feeling that she realized had made her nipples hard and had begun to make her moisten between her legs, was connected to the same thing causing the musky smell.

For a brief moment she stopped, thinking about turning back. But something made her move forward, something outside of her telling her she was meant to face whatever was around the corner. She took a deep breath, gripped her sword tight, then lunged forward, hoping to catch whatever it was off guard.

The creature standing just around the corner was startled by Ena, snarling and taking a few steps back. That gave Ena the time she needed to get a good look at the monstrosity.

It was big and would have stood over seven feet tall if standing straight up, but it was hunched over forward like an ape. Its body was roughly human shaped but it was too thin and the tough wiry muscles covering its body made it look very inhuman. It was completely hairless with leathery looking reddish-purple skin that was covered with throbbing veins. Its feet had only two large clawed toes while its hands had three clawed fingers.

Ena saw that there were six tentacle-like appendages attached to its back that were thrashing about angrily. They were colored more pinkish-red then the rest of its body, and it was clear that they were made of softer flesh. She couldn’t see what was on their tips, partially because of how much they were thrashing about, but mostly because of how distracted she was by the thing’s terrifying face.

The skin covering its face looked as though it had all been pulled back away from its mouth. It had no lips leaving its huge maw of large sharp teeth and pink gums fully exposed as its purple tongue hung out of its mouth. It lacked a nose, ears, and even eyes causing the rest of its head to be mostly smooth, with all that skin being covered in grotesque throbbing veins.

Ena had never seen nor heard of any creature like this. The thing, a Carnal Hunger, had at one point been eradicated from Alaria. It was a demon of The Corruption and now that the perverse power was spreading through Alaria once more the Carnal Hungers were returning. It was a savage beast with little intellect and driven by pure, unrestrained sexual lust.

Ena had surprised it but the Carnal Hunger quickly recovered, taking a few steps back towards her and leaning forward as it snarled and bared its clawed hands in a threatening display of dominance. At the same time the pinkish-red tentacles attached it its back lashed forward to attack Ena.

She screamed, swinging her sword at the incoming appendages. The tentacles curled and pulled away from her glowing blade, the creature clearly unwilling to let them be cut. Ena noticed this and pressed her advantage, lunging forward and slashing at more of the wildly thrashing tentacles. She was able to press forward nearly close enough to try stabbing the beast, but she had forgotten about the claws. It slashed at her and she was only barely able to dodge back out of the way.

Her attack faltered and now it was the Carnal Hunger that was pressing in on her. She slashed her sword wildly to fend off the tentacles while stepping back to keep out of slashing range. The beast pressed her further and further back until she bumped into a wall. Ena quickly looked to her sides and realized she’d let the monster back her into the corner of the passage’s turn.

The Carnal Hunger stood to its full height, looming over her and snarling down at Ena. For just a moment she thought the thing had made a mistake, moving in close enough for her to strike while pausing its attack to snarl at her. The muscles in her arm tensed and she snarled back at the monster, thrusting forward as hard as she could, hoping to impale the thing’s center mass.

If the attack had landed it might have been a killing blow, but the metal of her glowing sword never reached the thing’s flesh. One of the tentacles swung at her hand hard enough to slap it away. The hit was also hard enough to make Ena yelp in pain, dropping her sword and pulling her hand back towards her body. The weapon clattered onto the floor, out of arms reach. At the same time one of the other tentacles smacked her in the side of her head. The blow was enough to daze her.

As Ena struggled to regain her footing after the dazing blow she finally saw what the tentacles were tipped with: on the ends of the foul pinkish-red appendages were all too Human looking penises! As she righted herself her eyes also darted down, truly noticing the dick between the thing’s legs for the first time as well. It no longer hung limply between its legs, but instead stood tall and erect.

Her heart pounded as she remembered what had happened when the last monster she had faced defeated her, how she’d been driven mad by its sexual use of her breasts. Only through the direct intervention of a god had she escaped, but she doubted Baedor would save her a second time…

Then, as she thought about the God of Sexual Indulgence, she remembered how he had turned her curse into a gift. Ena stood tall, grabbing the furs wrapped around the top half of her torso and throwing them back to reveal her huge red-skinned breasts.

Instantly she felt the spark between her breasts and the Carnal Hunger as they worked their magic on the beast. It shivered, its penis-tentacles pulling back as their ends stiffened and grew rigid. It lunged forward, placing its hands on Ena’s shoulders and pinning her to the wall. She let it, feeling partially in control of the creature and sensing that it was only doing this now to better use her huge breasts.

Soon the penis tentacles slithered around and between them. One of them, its cockhead oozing precum, pressed up from below her breasts thrusting up into her tits. She reached up, grabbing the bulk of her breasts and pressing their soft fleshy mass in around the tentacle-cock as it began fucking her tits. Other cock-tentacles pressed up against the side of her breasts, rubbing up against their fleshy bulk or sliding under them. Other’s slithered to her nipples, rubbing their cockheads against them and smearing more precum all over them.

For nearly a minute Ena was in charge and even enjoying herself. Having six of the penis-tentacles rubbing between, under, and against her breasts felt amazing. She even expected to get off before long from the stimulation. But the sense of being in control of the Carnal Hunger soon faltered. Because of the enchantment on her breasts the creature needed to fuck her tits, but it had six penis-tentacles and its own proper cock. It was impossible for all seven dicks to fuck her tits at once, so it started to grow frustrated and more aggressive. That sexual frustration swelled up, becoming sexual aggression that pushed back against Ena’s control of the beast. Its sexual desire turned to rage, growing more intense till she was pushed out of the thing’s mind, losing all control over it.

She had tried to tit-tame the beast and had failed, leaving her weaponless and powerless with the monster already pressing her against a wall. Realizing she was now helpless she opened her mouth to scream but was silenced instantly as one of the cock-tentacles thrust into her mouth, making her gag as it began fucking her throat. She let go of her breasts to try and reach up and yank the thing out of her mouth but before she could two of the other penis-tentacles wrapped around her wrists and pulled her arms to the side.

The Carnal Hunger then grabbed her over-large breasts with its three-fingered hands and pressed her tits up and around the tentacle still titfucking her. As the claws dug painfully into her sensitive breast-flesh she wanted to scream in pain but she was only able to gag as the thing kept fucking her face.

Suddenly it pulled back slightly, grabbing at her and flipping her around then bending her forward. Ena braced her hands against the dungeon wall, leaving her bent over with her massive breasts hanging halfway to the floor. Penis-tentacles wrapped around her, around her thick waist, around her arms and legs, even around her neck. They seemed to have all the length they needed, wrapping around her body and holding her in place even as they slithered out and returned to fucking and rubbing up against her.

One returned to fucking her throat. Another was thrusting in between her hanging breasts, two of the middle sections of other tentacles pressing in on their sides to help press her breasts in around the cock-tentacle titfucking her. She even felt one starting to press into her pussy but realized at once it was much thicker than the others. Her eyes shot open and she tried to turn and look behind her, only able to turn her head just enough to confirm that the monster was mounting her from behind, it’s true cock entering her.

There was nothing she could do so she let her body go limp and stopped fighting. As soon as she did the pleasure her body was feeling overtook her senses. She was being fucked in her pussy and mouth while her tits were fucked. Meanwhile, other cock-tentacles were wrapped around and rubbing against every sensitive part of her body.

The tentacles that had been pressing her breasts together had now wrapped around the base of them, squeezing the tit-meat there. They started sliding down the bulk of her breasts, causing the milk filling them to come squirting out. Jets of thick white fluid shot out of her nipples, wetting the ground below. The forceful milking felt amazing thanks to the enchantments on her breasts. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she reveled in the feeling of being milked.

She was staring down, watching the milk that was being squirted out of her breasts pool on the stone floor below her. Tilting her head slightly gave her a clear view of her hanging breasts, of the cock-tentacle thrusting between then as other tentacles wrapped around them, squeezing their meat as they milked her like a cow. It was a deliciously perverse sight that brought her a surprising amount of joy. It pushed her over the edge and she started to cum. As her vaginal muscles contracted she became fully aware of the thick cock slamming in and out of her cunt, intensifying the orgasm.

As she reached climax something inside of the Carnal Hunger connected with her, a powerful primal magical force that intensified her orgasm. As she came her whole body pulsed with pleasure and she felt the power of the creature connected to her trying to do something to her mind. It was like the beast was trying to melt her mind. It didn’t, instead the power was repulsed. She realized the changes Baedor had made to her body protected her from this creature’s perverse magic, stopping it from melting her mind.

The Carnal Hunger responded to being pushed out of her mind by grabbing her thick waist, pulling her closer to itself, and fucking her harder. As it slammed into her backside Ena could feel ripples running up through the thick flesh of her large ass and lower back every time it slammed into her. She was just starting to crest towards a second orgasm when the thing pressed deep into her, holding its cock in place and shuddering as it came in her.

It let go of her waist and pulled away a bit, its cock sliding wetly out of her cunt. She sighed, enjoying the hollow feeling its cock left inside of her, a feeling that made her aware of just how thick the monster’s cock was.

She also felt its seed trickling out of her, running down the red, soft skin of her inner thighs. She could picture it’s cum so clearly, and mentally picturing it filled her with a desperate need to lap it up and consume every drop. Just then two more of the cock-tentacles pressed into her mouth as if the thing could sense her hunger for its cum. She started sucking and slurping on the three cocks as they crowded her mouth, greedily hoping they would all cum at once.

The Carnal Hunger moaned in appreciation, grabbing her ass and pressing into her backside once more. She was happily surprised to feel that its thick cock was still hard. It started humping her ass, the length of its cock sliding up through her fat ass cheeks. It was slippery, covered in a mixture of its own cum and her vaginal juices. As it humped her ass cheeks it pressed them in tightly around its cock, thrusting harder and faster.

As it picked up speed it forced Ena down onto all fours like an animal, tucking its hands under her and pulling her ass up so it pointed up in the air. As it did this it shifted, pulling back slightly and aiming its hard cockhead towards her puckered asshole. Her eyes opened wide in shock as she felt the monster start to press into her tight hole.

She’d never had a man take her there, although she knew it was a thing some enjoyed. It pressed in firmly but slowly and at first there was pain as her hole was stretched wide enough to take its full girth. But once it was past the tight opening it was able to slide easily into her. By the time it started really fucking her ass almost all of the pain was gone, replaced only with pleasure.

Amazing, she thought as she continued to hungrily slurp at the three cocks pressing into her mouth. I didn’t know being fucked up the ass could feel so good!

The experience was new and felt surprisingly good. Since she had already been close to getting off it was more than enough to push her over the edge into climax.

As she started to cum she felt the Carnal Hunger connect with her mind again, its power trying to melt her mental faculties once again. She was not caught off guard this time and instead of instinctively pushing the creature back out of her mind she grabbed hold of the connection and turned things around.

She was now in control of the beast. Except she still craved its cum, craved it so much that the moment she had control she made it cum with all of its cocks. She felt it ejaculate in her ass, felt the tentacle-cock fucking her tits spray cum between them, even felt the few holding her down cum. But mostly she felt her mouth filled by the three cock-tentacles that had been pressed into it.

Ena drank the cum as it sprayed into her mouth then forced the Carnal Hunger to pull away from her so she could bend down and start licking all of the spilled cum off the ground. As she licked it up, bent over on all fours like a wild animal, she muttered to herself. “I can never say no to cum,” she repeated, over and over.


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