Dyson City

Dyson City

Keith Baily rolls over, tumbling off the couch he is sleeping on. He falls to the floor with a heavy thud that wakes him from a deep sleep. “Mother fucker,” he snarls, sitting up with a bleary expression on his face.

The room he’s in is unfamiliar and looking about he feels confused and disoriented. “Where the fuck am I?” he mutters as he rubs his eyes. Keith struggles to grasp the last waking memories he has. His mind feels as though it’s filled with mud, thinking slow and difficult. But after sitting on the floor for a while things begin to come back to him.

He’d worked for a few months for a big corporation, doing janitorial work in their corporate headquarters. The money was decent, more than enough to pay for his shitty studio apartment and enough spending money to keep him happy. But the apartment he was sitting on the floor of, this wasn’t his apartment. It was too big, the furnishing too nice.

But this IS my apartment, he thinks, at least it is now. He’d taken a new job with the company, been moved to a new city and placed in a new home.

Some bigwig in the company he had worked for had approached him about a better job. He hadn’t really understood the details of job, all he’d really cared about was how much it paid. For a year’s work it would be more money than he could probably have earned doing janitorial work for the rest of his life. The job would require him to put his life on hold for a full year, going where the company sent him to take part in some kind of experiment or test of some kind. He hadn’t really understood, just knew that they promised it would be easy.

He remembered agreeing almost right away. He hadn’t been doing anything important with his life and after the year taking part in whatever the experiment was he’d have enough money to never need to work again. After agreeing to take the job they had run a bunch of medical tests on him and he’d had to sit through a ton of psychological evaluations where they asked a lot of very personal questions about his deepest desires and wants.

Keith hadn’t understood what any of it was about, but had kind of liked all the attention. He had always been a thoroughly average guy that always seemed to kind of just disappear into the background of life. He liked having a countless stream of scientists and doctors prodding and exploring his body and psyche.

“But that was all weeks ago,” he mumbles, getting up from the ground and moving up onto the couch. “How did I get here?” He looks around, still feeling disoriented. This wasn’t his apartment, yet he knew somehow it WAS his apartment.

And then the memories of his most recent life began coming back to him. The company had injected him with a number of drugs in preparation for their experiment’s start. He’d been packed at that point, ready to start his new life. Things after that were a jumbled blur. There had been an airplane ride to somewhere maybe? Yes… yes, to some island city the company owned. That’s where he was now, where the experiment was taking place.

Dyson City, he thinks, the memory coming back to him. They told me this place is Dyson city. We arrived at night and I was still all loopy from all the drugs they shot into me. They drove me from the airport, helped me up into my new home, this apartment.

He must have passed out after they brought him here. Had he slept through the night, or had it been longer than that? He isn’t sure… Keith realizes he has to piss more than he’s ever needed to in his life. So he gets to his feet, feeling wobbly at first but after a few steps feeling normal, and heads to the bathroom.

Once his bladder is emptied he realizes how hungry he is. He heads to the kitchen, admiring once more just how nicely furnished the apartment is. And it’s big, too. Certainly the largest place he’s ever had all to himself.

The kitchen, however, isn’t what he expects to find. There are almost no cupboards and a quick look through them reveals only a handful of plates and absolutely no food. With his stomach growling he turns his attention to the refrigerator. The machine is strange looking, bulkier than any he’s ever seen before. And it looks as though it’s built into the floor and wall.

With a shrug he opens the door, finding shelves full of prepared meals in sealed containers. All of the plates are full of foods he loves. Happily he chooses one, pulling it from the fridge and noticing a little type written tag instructing him how long to heat it up in the microwave.

As he waits for the plate of food to heat up he leans against a counter, looking around the rest of the kitchen. He’s noticing that there is no stove, only a sink and dishwasher. “What, am I supposed to only eat these pre-made meals? What am I supposed to do when they run out?”

His eyes continue to wonder through the room, falling on a large screen built into the counter on the other side of the room from him. He scratches his head, wondering how the hell he missed that till now. He walks up to it, inspecting the device. There is a large flat screen, like a computer monitor, but no visible keyboard attached. As he stares at it the screen flickers on, revealing a blue background with the rotating logo of the company that’s hired him.

After a moment of nothing else happening he places a finger on the screen, testing to see if it’s a touch screen. The screen flickers, the logo disappearing and a white screen replacing it. Writing begins to appear on the screen one letter at a time, as if someone were typing the message out in real time.

“Keith: Welcome to your new life in Dyson City. You will find the meals in the fridge replenished every few days. We request that at least two of your meals come from it every day. Aside from that you can do whatever you wish. Should we need to contact you it will be through this console, in the meantime we suggest you go out and explore your new home city.”

The message stays on the screen till he touches it again. The screen then flickers and disappears just as the microwave begins to beep, starling him slightly. As he sits down to eat he thinks about the message. There was nothing in there about giving him spending money or a car. The company had taken his wallet, telling him he’d be provided with everything he needed once in Dyson city. So he has no money. He doesn’t even have any identification.

His thoughts are interrupted as soon as he takes the first bite of food. It is delicious! He tears into it, nearly inhaling the meal. Once the plate is empty he retrieves a second one from the fridge, impatiently waiting for it to heat up then devouring that one as well. After that he is thirsty. He finds a bunch of unmarked can’s on one of the shelves in the fridge. Popping the can’s cap and taking a sip he discovers they were filled with some kind of energy drink, one that makes him instantly perk up. “And tasty, too,” he mutters, quickly draining the drink.

“Well, at least I won’t go hungry or thirsty. And I can’t imagine ever getting sick of this shit, its god damned delicious.”

While he digests he goes and sits on the couch. “Damn… no TV. And they took my cell phone away! There isn’t even a computer in here. What the hell do they expect me to do with all my time?”

Realizing he’s talking to himself Keith feels foolish. Need to get out of this apartment, he thinks, need to at least get out on the street and see some people. That’s at least something to kill time with until I figure out what the hell I’m actually supposed to be doing here.

It’s the middle of summer and a quick look out the window shows him the sky is clear. He simply puts his shoes on and heads out of the apartment. Once outside his front door he realizes that he has no keys, but then notices that there doesn’t seem to be locks on the door. “Weird,” he says, turning and walking down the hall. None of the other apartments seem to have locks on them either.

Looking out the window before had revealed that his apartment was at least a few floors up, so he takes the buildings elevator down to the ground floor. When the doors slide open there is a pretty woman already standing inside. She seems annoyed that the elevator has stopped and before Keith has a chance to get in she is reaching out to hit the button to close the doors.

“Hey,” he says, leaping forward as the doors start to slide close. He gives the woman an angry look, but she simply ignores him. “Fucking bitch,” he mumbles, intentionally just loud enough for her to hear him. She doesn’t respond which actually impresses him a little. When the elevator reaches the ground floor the woman pushes past him almost as if she doesn’t even see him trying to leave the elevator at the same time.

The front lobby is full of people coming and going from the building. “Excuse me,” he mutters, moving though the crowd and expecting to have to push his way through. But as he advances people shift out of his way, clearly making room for him yet none of them appear to look at or acknowledge his presence.

“Weird,” he mutters again, moving out onto the streets. They are just as busy as his apartment’s lobby, maybe even more so. Looking around he can see that Dyson City, at least the part he’s in, has a fairly high population density. The buildings around him are tall and closely packed in together. Judging the city just from this stretch of downtown he figures the population has to be pretty large.

They always talked about the city being run by the company, I think even saying everyone in it was directly employed by them, he thinks. I never imagined the city would be this big with this many people!

Walking down the sidewalk he sees coffee shops and clothing boutiques, entrances to tall apartment buildings and large lobbies for even taller office buildings. He could be in just about any large U.S. city. But the thing he notices most is how the crowd of people on the sidewalk seems to part before him. None of them make eye contact with him, if anything he might have doubted they could even see him if not for the way they all obviously step out of his way as he approaches or they move past him.

It leaves him feeling strange and isolated, an uncomfortable sensation he wants to be rid of. After a few minutes he decides to duck into a corner convenience store to buy something just so he can speak to someone. He grabs a candy bar and a bottle of soda, but as he sets them down on the front counter he remembers he has no money.

“Shit… I’m sorry, I don’t have any cash on me,” he says to the sales clerk, giving the woman an awkward smile.

She ignores him, simply leaning back against the wall behind her and staring at the cell phone in her hand.

The rude way the woman is ignoring him fills Keith with anger. “Hey, I’m talking to you,” he says loudly. Still the woman continues staring at her phone, totally ignoring him. “What are you, some kind of bitch?” he snarls. “What, are ALL the women in this city rude bitches?” he asks even louder, looking about to see how the handful of people wandering through the aisles of the store react. But they all seem to be ignoring him as intensely as the woman behind the counter.

“You think this is funny,” he shouts at the woman, his frustration beginning to bubble over. He grabs the drink and candy bar. “You know what, I think if you’re going to ignore me I’m not even going to pay for these. I’m just going to fucking take them! You going to stop me?” he asks, turning to leave the store.

The woman simply continues to stare at her phone.

“Fine! Fine, I’m going out the front fucking door! I’m fucking robbing you, you dumb bitch!” He’s screaming now, walking backwards out the front door of the store and waving the drink and candy wildly about. Yet no one does anything to stop him, almost as if they can’t even see him.

As he steps all the way out into the street he yells at the top of his voice, “I just fucking robbed you!” Out of the corner of his eye he sees a cop walking up to him and instantly regrets his actions. Swearing loudly he drops the drink and candy bar, holding his hands up and turning to the cop. “Look, I can explain,” he says quickly. But the cop simply walks by him, showing no sign that she even sees him.

“What the fuck is going on,” he says, his heart sinking. “Hello,” he screams, “can anyone hear me?”

The people walking by show no sign of hearing him, although obviously they can see him because they all walk around him. He leaps in front of one person, trying to get in their way. They simply step to the side and go around him. He jumps in front of someone else, moving from side to side and preventing them from moving around him. After a few moments the person simply stops moving, standing perfectly still and staring blankly ahead of them and looking as if they have entered a dormant state. “What the fuck is wrong with you,” he screams at them. After a moment they seem to come back to life, stepping around him and showing no sign they are aware of stopping in the middle of the sidewalk.

Keith starts running up and down the street, screaming at people. He stops one person, grabbing them by the arms and shaking them. As soon as he touches them they go limp, their eyes glazing over. The whole time he shakes the person it’s as if they have gone catatonic, only waking and returning to normal once he lets go and steps away.

Next he tries grabbing someone having carrying on a discussion with someone else. Both of the people go limp and catatonic until he lets go and steps back. After a second they blink and continue their conversation as if nothing strange had happened, seemingly not noticing they had stopped talking for a time.

Finally Keith begins to scream in frustration and fear. He turns the yells at a woman walking by, getting up in her face and screaming at her. “What the fuck is going on,” he bellows. “Why won’t anyone talk to me? Can’t any of you see me?” He lifts a hand to her face, half tempted to slap her and see what happens. But instead he begins snapping his fingers at her.

He had snapped his fingers out of frustration and in an attempt to be rude hoping to get a rise from the woman. As soon as his fingers snap the woman’s body goes rigid. She stops walking, standing tall with her eyes open wide as if frozen in a moment of total shock. For a second she stares blankly ahead of her, but then her eyes turn to Keith’s and for the first time since waking up someone has visually acknowledged him.

“Can… can you see me? Hear me?” he asks her.

“Yes,” she says in a slow, emotionless monotone.

“Could you see and hear me before I snapped my fingers,” he quickly asks.

She thinks for a moment before answering, her face twitching and looking confused before becoming blank and emotionless again. “No, I could not.”

He snaps his fingers in her face again, curious to see what will happen. The woman blinks, shaking her head as her posture and face return to normal. She seems confused for a moment, but then starts walking forward, side stepping around Keith but showing no other sign that she can see him.

Quickly Keith moves after her, asking her if she can hear or see him now. She gives no response, shows no sign that she knows he’s walking beside her. Then he snaps his fingers in her face again and once more she stops walking and her body goes rigid, her expression becoming blank while her eyes open wide.

“Look at me,” Keith barks. The woman turns to look at him, making eye contact with him now. “Um…. Jump up and down,” he says, suddenly curious to see if she’s just doing what he tells her. A moment later the woman is stupidly jumping up and down where she stands. “Stop,” he shouts, the woman immediately stopping.

His heart is racing. How far can he take this? Will this woman do ANYTHING he tells her? He takes a deep breath, then says “Pull your shirt up and show my your tits.” Barely believing his eyes he watches as the woman grabs her shirt and begins to lift it up.

His jaw drops open, not fully believing what is his eyes are showing him. The woman, who is blond and pretty although slightly on the plump side, is dressed in expensive clothing. It’s clear she is wealthy. Yet here she is, this high class woman with an expensive pearl necklace around her neck, lifting not just her shirt but her bra up and showing him her tits right here in the center of the street!

Keith can’t help but stare at her tits as they hang free. They are large and heavy, wide and plump along with the rest of the woman’s body. Her nipples grow hard in the open air, her areolas pebbling. He licks his lips, suddenly hungry to taste her hard numbs in his mouth. He starts to move forward to do so, but stops as he remembers where they are.

He looks around, expecting someone to have noticed the woman exposing herself. But numerous people simply pass them both by, now ignoring the woman with the plump tits just as she had moments ago been ignoring him. “What the fuck is going on,” he mumbles, quickly returning his attention to her large, exposed breasts. He has to see how far he can take this, see if the people passing by will notice if he begins playing with her tits.

After taking a step forward he reaches up slowly, taking one heavy tit in his hand and lifting it up. The meaty weight feels amazing in his hand, her flesh warm and substantial. His cock instantly starts to swell in response. He then gives her tits a little squeeze, looking up to see how she responds. The woman has the same blank, nearly emotionless look on her face she’s had since he snapped his fingers at her. As he squeezes her tit her facial muscles twitch slightly, but a moment later her face is as blank as ever.

He looks around, reaching up and grabbing her other tit. He starts groping and massaging her breasts, looking from side to side for any sign that the passersby’s notice. Clearly they know Keith and the woman are standing in the middle of the sidewalk since they all step around them. But other than that there is no sign that anyone is actually aware they are there.

With a shrug Keith turns his full attention to the heavy tits in his hands. He leans down, lifting one up to his mouth and sucking on it. He grabs and squeezes at her the tit while he enjoys the taste and feel of her hard nipple in his mouth.

By now his cock is rock hard, his boxers moist from precum leaking from the tip. He’s always been a man that loves big, natural tits and these are both all natural marvels. And to be sucking on them here in the middle of a busy street is only making it all that much hotter. His cock is throbbing and he’s going to need to put it to use soon.

He’s half tempted to press the woman down on her knees and fuck her tits right here in the middle of the street, but he’s afraid that might be too far. He still has no fucking idea what’s going on, why no one seems to be able to see him except for when he puts them into the weird obedient trance. He’s not even sure if the snapping will affect others the way it’s affecting this woman. Whatever the truth, he’s not ready to push the limits of whatever is happening here.

After forcing himself to pull away from her tits he tells her to pull her bra and shirt back down. “You’re going to follow me home,” he says, his voice shaking with excitement. “You’re going to follow me home and let me do whatever I want to you.” He begins to turn back towards his apartment bet then stops, turning back to face the woman. “And the idea of that is going to turn you on. I expect you to be so wet by the time we get there that it’s going to look like you wet yourself.”

With a pleased nod he turns away from the woman, confidently marching down the street back towards his new home. After a minute he looks back over his shoulder, suddenly unsure whether she is still following him. But there she is, plodding behind him like a zombie with her expression blank and her movements oddly awkward and unrefined.

On the way back to his apartment Keith notices something strange. Everyone he can see is a woman. Every pedestrian, every person driving by in a car, hell even all the cab drivers, every single one a woman. He starts looking in the windows of business as he passes by, searching the faces of the figures inside. Every single face is that of a woman.

Even stranger still is the fact that not a single woman seems to be younger than eighteen. Most appear to be somewhere in their twenties and thirties, with a few older but no one appearing older than their early fifties. And all of them are at least a little attractive.

He also notices, now that he’s looking, that the average breast size here in Dyson city seems to be much larger than he is used to. He still sees plenty of women with small or even flat chests, but far fewer than he is used to and far more women with incredibly large bust size.

“What the fuck,” he mumbles, wondering if this is all some kind of amazing dream. He thinks back to all of the incredibly personal questions the psychologists had asked him leading up to his arrival here in Dyson city. There had been a lot of questions about what kind of women he liked, what kind of body shapes her preferred. One session they had even explored a fantasy of his: what he would do in a city where he was the only man and he was able to fuck any woman there with no consequences.

Is that what Dyson city is? Some strange city that had, without his knowledge, been populated just like his dream? Could it be that he was the only man in the entire city? It seemed likely, there was no sign of other men anywhere. They had told him he was going to be taking part in some kind of grand experiment, was this all part of it?

His thoughts are interrupted when he realizes they have reached his apartment building. “Okay,” he says to the plump blond woman, “let’s go have some fun.”

He decides they should take the stairs as his apartment is only on the third floor. He tells her to go before him, wanting to stare at her ass the whole time. She wears a tight skirt that hugs her wide hips and plump, meaty ass. On the way up he’s tempted to see what would happen if he reached up between her legs and tried to feel her pussy, but he holds off. Things are going so fucking well, he doesn’t want to risk it. He’s still worried that if he goes too far the woman will wake up from the trance she’s been in…

During the walk back to the apartment building Keith had lost his wood. But by the time they get to his door his cock his hard again from anticipation, and of course helped on by the sight of her ass before him. He reaches into his pocket with shaky hands to grab his keys but remembers he doesn’t have any.

Keith has a moment of revelation. What if the whole city is like his apartment building: no locked doors anywhere. What if this entire city, seemingly populated only with attractive women, has been designed so he can come and go wherever he pleases? If it’s even partially true he realizes that the next year of his life is going to be amazing.

But discovering the truth can wait, right now he has a plump, hot, rich blond that he needs to fuck. He opens the door to his apartment and pushes her in.

Once the door is closed behind them her tells her to stand in the center of the room and take her top all the way off. She does as instructed, pulling her top off over her head and tossing it to the floor. She then reaches back and unhooking her bra and letting that fall to the ground as well. The whole time her expression is totally blank and unchanging as she stares blankly ahead of her.

Those dead, emotionless eyes make him even harder. He starts stripping, quickly pulling his pants and boxers off after kicking his shoes across the floor then throwing his shirt onto a nearby chair. For a minute he stands naked staring at the topless woman before him. He’s holding his cock in one hand, enjoying just how fucking hard he is.

“Okay,” he says with a deep, nervous breath. “Moment of truth.” He steps forward till he’s close enough to touch the topless woman. Her pearl necklace is still on, the white beads glisten in the artificial light of the room. He likes that, likes the way they make her look like a rich bitch even as she stands there with her heavy tits hanging out and the stupid, vacant look plastered all over her face.

“Down on your knees,” he says in a firm, commanding voice.

The woman drops down onto her knees, her tits bouncing heavily as she lands on the ground. The sight makes him moan with a rush of sudden desire. Fuck I loves big heavy tits, he thinks. He wants to just slam his cock down in between them and fuck them right now, but he holds off. He fully intends to fuck her tits, it’s his single favorite sexual act, but he wants to work up to it.

“Open your mouth,” he says. As soon as she does so he steps forward, swinging his cock into her mouth and ramming it down her throat. He then grabs her pretty blond hair and holds her head in place as he starts to pound her face, unconcerned with whether she can breathe or not.

She chokes and gags but doesn’t try to pull away. “Oh fuck, so damn good,” Keith moans. He’s always wanted to fuck a woman’s face this way but never had a partner he dared try being so rough with.

Before long thick long strings of saliva are pouring from her mouth as she continues to choke and gag. The spit runs down his cock, dripping off his shaft and balls down onto her tits. Looking down Keith can see that her big breasts have become a slobber covered mess. He stares past his cock, loving the sight and enjoying the way her plump tits shake and jiggle as he pounds the woman’s face.

“Can’t fucking wait any longer,” he mumbles, pulling his cock out of his mouth then slamming it down between her tits. He grabs her, lifting her body up so her chest is more level with his cock. He then grabs her tits, his hands sliding in all the spit before he can finally get a good grip. Once he has a firm grasp he presses them in around his hard cock.

A moment later he is fucking the woman’s tits. Thrusting his hips and sliding his cock in and out of her cleavage. “So fucking good,” he moans, still only half believing all of this is really happening.

He’s so worked up that he almost instantly starts cresting towards climax. For a moment he thinks about trying to slow down, to make this moment last longer. But he’s already too close. Instead of slowing down he starts humping her chest faster.

With her tits wrapped tightly around his cock he moans, his body shuddering as he feels his cock quiver. A moment later the pressure inside of him explodes and he feels cum shooting out into the tit-flesh pressed all around his cock. He keeps her tits pressed tightly around himself, enjoying the feel of his cum shooting out and filling in the space around his shaft.

When he finishes cumming he lets go of her tits, stumbling back. He’d cum so fucking hard, and looking at the huge mess he’d left on her tits he can see that he’d released the largest load of cum that’s ever left his body. His legs feel weak and shaky, but he barely notices. He simply stares at the cum dripping down the woman’s chest. It looks more like he’d cum on her tits two or even three times rather than just once.

“Did that all really come from me?” he asks.

“Yes, sir,” the woman says in an emotionless monotone voice as she kneels before him, her tits dripping cum while she stares blankly ahead.

Sir? I like the sound of that, Keith thinks.

He then looks at the kneeling woman, admiring the sight of all the cum on her tits. All of MY cum, he thinks. God, I hope every fucking load is this big from now on. I don’t even care that it means the egg heads did something to me, it will totally be worth it. Maybe it’s from that food they want me to eat? Have to make sure I keep eating it.

Keith looks down to glance at his cock, proud of how much cum came out of it. Doing so he sees that he’s still hard, something he hadn’t expected. And now that he’s aware of the fact that he’s still erect he notices that he’s still incredibly horny.

His eyes flash back to the woman kneeling before him, to her cum covered tits. Always wanted to fuck a woman’s tits using my own cum as lube, he thinks, staring at the messy fluid oozing down her chest. He looks back to his cock then back to her chest. Just thinking about cum-fucking her tits has him even harder than before. His cock is throbbing, begging him to try it out.

The woman is still kneeling on the ground, her arms hanging limply at her sides. Her head is tilted slightly to the side, the vacant unseeing look in her eyes making her appear intensely vulnerable and making her even more enticing.

He steps back up to her, slamming his cock down into the cum running down her chest, a fleshy wet thudding sound echoing through the silent apartment. He grabs his cock and rubs it around in the cum, enjoying how dirty and perverse this is.

After getting his cock good and cummy he grabs her tits, lifting them up and around his cock as he leans into her chest. The semen makes a squelching sound as her tits are pressed tightly around his cock. A moment later he is moving his hips, humping her chest. He does so slowly, partially because his cock still has post-climax sensitivity and partially to revel in the feel of this new act he is experiencing.

He wanted to try this purely for the kink factor, for how perverse the idea of cum-fucking a woman’s tits is. But now that he’s doing it, now that the movements of his cock are being lubricated by his own cum, he’s discovering just how fucking good it feels. His cock slides against her skin with a silky smoothness far superior to that he would get from spit, better than even some of the actual lube he’s used. Thinking about lube he realizes that he needs to pick some up to keep with him.

Once the thought goes through his head he returns his attention to the big tits he’s fucking. Looking down he can see that the cum pressed around her tits and his cock has begun to become all frothy, causing a messy thick white foam to build up around the top of her cleavage and on his balls.

Messy, he thinks. Kind of gross too, but you know what? I like it. It’s fucking hot BECAUSE it’s kind of gross.

He continues to fuck her tits with slow, steady thrusts. He’s trying to make this last, stretch out every delicious moment. But new things always make him cum quickly so he doesn’t last long. With a shudder and a groan he cums while her breasts are wrapped tightly around his cock. Although the tip of his cock is out of sight he can see semen oozing out the top of her cleavage.

Letting go of her tits he takes a step back, staring at the much larger mess now on her chest. The second load of cum isn’t as big as the first, but it’s still more semen then normally comes out of his body. Looking down he can see that his cock and the area all around it is as big of a mess as the blond woman’s chest. His cock, which is now growing softer with every heart beat, is dripping cum onto the floor.

“We need to get cleaned up,” he says to the woman. He thinks about simply going to get her a towel, but decides to instruct her to get up and follow him into the shower.

He finds the shower spacious, easily able to fit two people. After getting the water to just the right temperature he steps in, instructing the woman to follow after him. She moves with zombie like obedience, her movements slightly stiff and her eyes staring blankly ahead.

Keith stares at her as he washes himself off, paying extra attention to his cock and the area around it. The mess on her chest has only grown worse inside the shower. She’s standing far enough back that none of the water is washing the cum away, but the water splashing off of his body is making the cum on her chest even runnier than it already is.

Once he feels his dick is clean enough he steps out of the water, moving around her and pushing her forward. “Clean yourself up,” he instructs her.

“Yes, sir,” she says without emotion, turning into the water and beginning to wash all the cum off her chest.

The sight of her grabbing her large breasts then rubbing and rinsing the cum off of them makes his dick start to swell once again. “Damn,” he mutters, looking down at the growing chub of an erection he now has. He’s more surprised than anything else. Keith is fairly certain that if he was to leave things as they are he won’t get any harder, but knowing he might be able to get hard and cum for a third time in less than a half hour fills him with a reckless need to fuck again.

This time, though, I’m going to fuck her properly, he thinks as he grabs his cock and starts stroking it, encouraging it to keep getting harder. “Bend over,” he barks, “and brace yourself against the wall.”

She does just as she is instructed, placing her hands flat on the wall just below the showerhead and leaning into the cascading water. Keith steps forward, grabbing her meaty ass with both hands and pulling her body back towards him, enjoying how substantial she feels in his hands.

He then reaches down with one hand, grabbing his cock and directing it into her cunt. He has to use his other to open her legs slightly, but after a few moments of shifting their bodies back and forth he funds her vaginal opening. He presses into her then returns to holding her waist just above her ass.

She’s tight and wet, her soft thick ass pressing pleasantly against his lower abs every time he thrusts forward. He fucks her at a steady, hard pace enjoying the feel of being in side of her but more than anything marveling at being able to get hard to and fuck someone after just having cum twice already.

With a groan he cums inside of her, feeling that this time not much semen has come out of him. As soon as the rushing release of the orgasm is over he has a moment of anxiety, quickly pulling out of her and swearing when he realizes he’s just ejaculated inside her without any protection on. But then he remembers that one of the things the doctors did to him was give him a vasectomy.

Keith never wanted kids and had always hated condoms. When the doctors offered to give him the procedure for free he had jumped at it, although the fact the procedure had been done had been quickly forgotten. Thinking about it now he realizes he can fuck to his heart’s content without having to worry about impregnating anyone.

As they get out of the shower a sudden sleepiness comes over Keith, as if the three consecutive fucks have all caught up to him at once. While drying himself off and fighting back a yawn he decides he’s going to take a nap.

Looking at the woman, admiring her naked body as she stands stupidly dripping water all over the bathroom floor, Keith decides he’s not done with her yet. “Dry yourself off then come join me in the bedroom,” he says. “I’m going to take a nap and I want you there with me. And I want you there when I wake up.”

“Yes, sir,” she says without any emotion. A moment later she grabs a towel and begins drying off.

The bed is huge, more than large enough for two people. Looking at it he thinks that it could easily fit four or even five people if they were willing to all be cuddled up. “It’s almost like the company knew exactly what I would be doing with my time,” he mutters as he pulls the blankets back and climbs into the bed.

The mattress is perfect, just the right mix of firm and soft. Even the sheets and blankets are perfect, exactly what he would have purchased for himself. He thinks back to all the questions they had asked him. Maybe this whole city has been built to my specifications! But why? What could be the point of an experiment like that?

His thoughts are interrupted by the blond woman climbing into the bed and slipping under the covers with him. They are instantly drawn together, cuddling for warmth under blankets and both beginning to quickly drift off to sleep. She rolls over, turning her back to him so he can better hold her.

“Don’t even know your name,” Keith mumbles, pressing into the woman’s back side and wrapping his arms tightly around her and giving one of her breasts a gentle squeeze.

“Abigene,” the woman mumbles sleepily.

“Abigene,” Keith says, repeating the name. “Well Abigene, you’re mine now. I’m keeping you here… till I get bored of you…”

He never hears if she responds, falling asleep as the last word leaves his mouth.


* * *


Keith wakes up a few hours later, hungry and needing to piss. He slips out of bed, leaving Abigene sleeping under the blankets and quickly forgetting she even exists. He pisses then heads to the kitchen to pull a meal out of the fridge. He quickly scarfs it down then eats a second one, chasing them both down with one of the energy drinks in the fridge.

Afterwards he feels totally refreshed and surprisingly horny. Only then does he remember the plump blond woman sleeping in his bed. He’s half tempted to go wake her up by sticking his cock in her, but he decides not to. He has a whole city of women to explore, and he’s still not entirely sure if they are all going to be as easily controlled as her. He wants to discover the truth sooner than later. Besides, if other women don’t react to him snapping his fingers the way she did he can always come back to the apartment and enjoy her body.

His clothes are still on the living room floor just where he left them. After getting dressed he decides he’s going to move from apartment to apartment in the building, exploring the women closest to him. It will also be a good test of whether everyone will keep ignoring his presence even as he invades their personal space. And when he finds someone that his cock wants? Well, then he’ll try snapping his fingers and see what happens.

The first couple of apartments confirm what he had noticed earlier: none of the doors in the building have locks. He’s able to go in and out of each home with ease, although the first couple of apartments have no one home. That’s not too surprising, it’s the middle of the day now and he figures most people are going to be at work. And since there seems to be no other men in the city he figures there aren’t going to be a lot of bored housewives just hanging out at home.

When he opens the door to the third apartment down the hall from his he is immediately met by the sound of multiple women laughing. “Score,” he says, cautiously opening the door wider and stepping into the apartment.

In the living room just inside the apartment are four young women, all looking like they are all in their early twenties. They are sitting spread out on the room’s furniture, a couch and a couple of recliners. They each have a glass of wine in their hands and are having an animated, good humored discussion.

Keith rolls his eye. “Fucking girl time,” he says as he creeps into the room. So far none of the women have shown any sign of noticing the stranger coming into the apartment. None of them give any hint that they hear him when he speaks either, so he figures they are just like all the women he passed in the street this morning. But he wants to be sure.

Throwing all caution to the wind he slams the front door hard behind him. All four women jump slightly, one of them squeaking girlishly in surprise. Clearly they heard the door slamming and were startled by it. Yet other than that first start they show no sign of actually being aware of it happening. No one mentions the door slamming or comments on their startled jumps. They simply continue yammering on as if nothing had happened.

A shiver runs down Keith’s spine. He’s still not used to this…. Its eerie, makes him feel like he’s a ghost. He’s suddenly filled with the need to prove he isn’t a ghost.

He dashes forward, rushing into the living room to stand in the center of the women. The only sign they show that they are aware of his presence is the way some of them lean to the side to look past him and continue their conversation. He wants to shout something mean at the women to see how they respond, but he remembers he tried that earlier and got no response.

Instead he raises his hand and snaps his fingers as hard and loud as he can. The action has an immediate effect on all four women. They all react as if they were blasted by a deafening sound, looks of stunned shock appearing on their faces as they jump back slightly in their seats, one of them even spilling some of her wine on the floor.

The room is silent after that, none of the women speaking any more. Instead they are all staring at Keith, sitting perfectly still. Two of them have blank, emotionless expressions just like Abigene had on her face while she was under. The other two appear to have the initial expression of shock frozen on their face.

“Can you see me, hear me?” he asks, looking from face to face as his heart races.

“Yes,” they all say in unison. The one’s with blank expressions say the word without any emotion, but the other two women’s voices sound nervous, maybe even a little fearful.

Keith takes the time now to get a good look at the women. They are all Caucasian, none of them pretty enough to catch his eye on the street but none of them ugly either. Solid six’s or seven’s. Two of them are brunettes; one with her messy hair pulled back in a bun the other with long plain hair and thick rimmed glasses. One of the others has jet black hair and thin lips and has the prettiest face out of the four. The fourth girl has long strawberry blond hair and exceedingly pale skin. She’s by far the least attractive of the women, but she also has a thicker build then the others (who are all fairly thin) and looks to have breasts a couple cup sizes bigger than the others.

“Stand up,” he tells them. Almost in unison the four women get to their feet. “Put your wine glasses down and strip, I want to see you all naked.” The words just come out of his mouth, his most base desire being acted on before he even thinks about its consequences.

They all begin to stripe, pulling off their shirts and unhooking their bras before slipping out of their jeans and skirts. A minute or two later and Keith is standing in the middle of a stranger’s living room surrounded by four naked women who are all staring at him.

Their expressions have all evened out, the shock disappearing from two of them and the robotic blank stares of the other two becoming more natural. They all now uniformly stare at him with rapt attention, as if their whole lives are defined by his words and actions, as if waiting for his next command is the most interesting and important thing in the world.

He’s pleased to see that their bodies are far more attractive than their faces. The brunette with the messy hair has small breasts, less than a handful. As soon as he sees this she basically disappears from his mind. The pretty one with the jet black hair and the brunette with the glasses both have plump little narrow tits, maybe big enough to fill a small c-cup and both starting to sag slightly as their bodies begin to progress from the firmness of their teenage years into the growing softness of adulthood.

The forth woman, the one with strawberry blond hair and the biggest breasts becomes the center of his attention. She’s not at all fat, just wide and thick. Her ass is pleasantly meaty, her hips wide, and her breasts not just the largest in the room, but the fullest and firmest as well. He figures she’s maybe a few years younger than the other girls, her tits still having the firmness of extreme youth.

She also has lovely pink areolas, the color so faint it’s barely a different color than the skin of her pale milky breasts. And in the center of her nipples are little indentations. She’s got inverted nipples! How cool, I’ve only ever seen that in porn before. He steps up to her, grabbing her breasts and giving them a little squeeze.

The woman’s only response is a slight blushing in her cheeks. Keith starts playing with her tits then, squeezing and groping them, massaging them in his hands and enjoying how thick and dense they feel. He leans down and starts sucking on one of her nipples, seeing if it will pop out once it’s hard. It does, the swollen bead of pink flesh a lovely little sight. He sucks on her tits for a few minutes, till he’s good and hard.

“I’m going to fuck your tits,” he tells the woman, placing his hands on her shoulders and preparing to press her down onto her knees. But he stops, a deliciously perverse thought popping into his. “No, wait,” he says, letting go of her and stepping back.

He’s not just here to have fun, he’s also on a fact finding mission. “Okay ladies, we’re going to try a little experiment. In a minute I’m going to snap my fingers again, which should take you all out of this obedient trance you seem to be in. When that happens I want you all to go back to what you were doing, unaware that you are now naked. Can you do that?”

They all nod in agreement. He lifts his hand into the air, his thumb on his pointer finger as he prepares to snap his fingers. He hesitates for a moment, nervous to continue. They had nodded their heads, but would they really follow his commands after leaving the trance? Well… only one way to find out.


The women all blink, looking around in confusion for a moment before sitting back down in their seats, picking up their glasses of wine, and then continuing their conversation in the exact place they had left it. None of them seem to realize they are now naked and not a single one of them seems able to see either Keith or their abandoned clothes on the floor.

“Amazing,” he says loudly, laughing. “It’s like I’m a fucking god!” He steps forward, moving toward the pretty woman with the black hair. He reaches out and grabs one of her tits, giving it a firm little squeeze. She doesn’t show any sign of feeling it. He turns to the next woman, the brunette with the glasses. He grabs both her tits, rubbing them around in circles up against her chest. She also makes no sign of noticing.

Next her turns to the thick bodied woman with the big, firm breasts. He licks his lips staring them, admiring the way her nipples have remained hard. “You know what, I AM going to fuck your tits,” he says to her. She laughs in response to something one of the other women has said, showing no hint that she has heard Keith’s declaration.

Keith then starts undoing his belt and taking his pants off. By the time he has his boxers off his cock is hard and ready to go. The woman is sitting on a couch, one of the other women sitting on the other end. He climbs up onto the couch with her, pressing her back and straddling her chest. He spits into his hand, rubbing the moisture on his cock with a couple quick jerks then spits on the woman’s chest as well.

She still shows no sign of being aware of his presence other than leaning to the side to see around him and continue her conversation. Looking around he sees no sign that any of the women in the room are aware of the strange man practically sitting on their friend’s chest, preparing to fuck her tits.

With a wicked grin on his face he turns back to the woman and presses her large, firm breasts around his cock then starts humping her chest. The kink factor of doing this surrounded by women, none of them stopping him, ensures that he gets off fairly quickly. Pretty soon he’s rocketing towards orgasm, not even caring that this hasn’t lasted long. He decides to lift up just before he cums so he can unload all over the woman’s face.

“Ugh! Take it you dumb bitch,” he shouts; shooting a thick, large load of semen spraying all over her. She winces as the cum hits her face, but shows no other sign of being aware of it. Keith gets off her, standing up and staring at his handy work. It’s another huge load, almost as large as the first one. “Fuck,” he says, impressed by how much semen is running down the woman’s face, “they MUST be putting something in that food they want me to eat.”

A glob of cum runs down over one of her eyes. She has to press it closed to keep the thick fluid from getting in her eye, yet she does nothing to wipe it away. Keith looks at the other women’s faces, looking for any hint of awareness or recognition that their friend’s face is now covered in cum. But there is nothing there, no sign of awareness at all.

The reality of his new world slowly sinks in as Keith watches his cum run down the woman’s face. As he puts his pants back on he speaks to himself. “I can have anything I want, ANYONE I want! And they are going to let me do anything to them…”

His mind flashes back to the curvy blond back in his apartment. She’ll be waiting there when he gets back, willing to do whatever he tells her. Who’s to say he can’t bring more women back to his apartment? Who’s to say he can’t spend his time curating a harem of the hottest, most fuckable women in Dyson city?

“No one,” he whispers. “No one,” he says louder. “And that’s just what I’m going to do! And when I get bored of them, well, I can just send them back to their lives.” He looks around the room at the four women there. He points to the woman with the big, firm tits and cum running down her face. “You,” he says, then turns to the pretty one with the dark hair, “and you! You’re both coming with me.”

Neither woman responds. They simply continue talking, laughing at a joke one of them has just said while his cum runs down the one’s face, apparently unseen by all.

“Oh, right, I need to snap my fingers!”

SNAP! All four women go rigid and silent.

“Okay, let’s try this again. You and you, you’re going to be coming with me.”

The two women get to their feet, their movements stiff and robotic. “Yes, sir,” both say in an emotionless monotone. They both walk across the room, standing next to Keith and waiting for her next order. He looks at the one with cum running down her face. “Clean yourself up before we leave,” he says.

She turns and walks out of the room, returning a moment later with a clean face. “I am ready to leave with you now,” she says, staring blankly ahead of herself.

“Good… but I need to take care of a couple of things first. You two get dressed then go wait out in the hall.” He waits for them to put their clothes on and leave then turns back to the two women still sitting in the room. “When I snap my fingers you’re going to go back to your life. You’re not going to think it odd your friends are gone and you won’t miss them from your life. If anyone comes looking for them you’ll have no idea where they are and won’t be able to remember the last time you saw them, understand?” The two women nod their heads. “Oh, and after I leave you can get dressed again.”

Keith then snaps his fingers. A moment later their posture and expressions are back to normal and the two women are happily chatting once more, seemingly not bothered by their friend’s disappearance. As they talk they both get up and put their clothes back on. He wonders what would have happened hadn’t told them to dress. Would they have gone the rest of the day naked? Maybe the rest of their lives?

Out in the hall the two women are standing perfectly still, patiently waiting for him. “Alright, ladies, let’s go take you to your new home.” Confidently Keith starts walking down the hall, the two women following closely behind him. “By the way, what are your names?”

The thicker girl with strawberry blond hair says, “I’m Jodi.”

“And I’m April,” the pretty dark haired one says.

“Okay Jodi and April, in a moment we’re going to be back at my place. I’m Keith, by the way, but you can call me ‘Sir’ or ‘Master’.” The words just tumble out of his mouth. He figures if he’s going to do this he’ll do it right. “You are now part of my harem, and that makes you both very happy. As soon as we are in my apartment you will undress, and you will from that point on remain naked unless I tell you otherwise. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” the both say in unison.

Upon entering his apartment Keith finds Abigene in the middle of the living room, standing with perfect posture and staring blankly ahead. “You were gone for so very long,” she says as soon as he opens the door. “I did not know what to do with myself.”

“Don’t worry,” he says, “I’ve got a few ideas.” As he watches April and Jodi get undressed he can feel his cock starting to swell and realizes just how horny he is. Christ, he thinks, I just got off like ten minutes ago! But there is no denying that his body is not only ready to fuck again, but hungrily demanding it.

He strips as well, and by the time his clothes are off his cock is rock hard. He stands for a moment, simply holding it and staring at the three naked women in his apartment. Even though he had just fucked Abigene this morning he finds himself wanting her most right now, specifically wanting her plump, heavy tits.

“Abigene, come lay on the couch on your back. I want to fuck your tits. No… I NEED to fuck your tits.” As she gets into position he turns his attention to the two other women. “Jodi, April. I want you both to kneel down next to the couch and watch us, and I want you to masturbate the whole time thinking about how great it feels to have your tits fucked. I want you to be imagining me doing it to you; imagining my cock sliding between your tits as the greatest sexual feeling in the world.”

“Yes, Sir,” they say in unison.

Keith then climbs up onto the couch, sitting on Abigene’s stomach. He leans over and spits on her tits, spiting again on his hand and stroking the moisture onto his cock. She grabs her breasts and presses them in around Keith’s cock. “Fuck my tits, Master,” she purrs at him. He smiles, seeing that the woman is showing more emotion. It seems that the longer she is under the more “normal” and less robotic she acts.

Keith braces one hand on the back of the couch, placing the other on the arm of the couch behind Abigene’s head. He leans forward, hovering his face above the blond’s pretty face. As he begins to move his hips, starts fucking her tits, he stares intensely into her eyes.

“You live for this,” he tells her. “You live to serve me, to serve my cock. Your tits exist to pleasure me. They hunger for my cock, hunger to please me and feel my cum.”

Abigene stares up at him, her face looking uncertain and slightly scared. “Yes…” she mumbles, “I… I live for this. My tits… they… they need your cock.”

Keith starts humping her chest faster, enjoying the way her plump tit flesh ripples every time he thrusts forward into her. Her nipples are hard, standing erect. Her hands sink into her breasts, pressing them in tightly around him.

“I want you to repeat a mantra now, ‘My tits are for fucking. I live to be tittyfucked.’ I want you to say it over and over again while I fuck your tits. Each time you say it I want it to bring you closer to orgasm. But you won’t cum, not matter how close you get, not till I cum. Understand?”

Looking slightly frightened Abigene shakes her head.

“Why are you so scared?” he asks.

“This control you have over me… I don’t understand it.”

“Well, don’t try,” Keith says. “Just start your mantra!”

“My tits are for fucking. I live to be tittyfucked,” Abigene starts saying. As soon as she finishes saying it for the first time she lets out a surprised moan, her eyes growing wide. This makes Keith smile, he hadn’t been sure telling her to get closer to an orgasm would actually make it happen.

“My tits are for fucking. I live to be tittyfucked,” she says again, moaning a little louder afterwards. The sight of her slowly getting off to the mantra and from having him fuck her tits makes him even harder. He humps her chest faster, pounding her tits. Sweat begins to pour down his brow, but he controls his breathing, holding off on the moment he cums.

Looking up he sees April and Jodi doing just as he told them to: kneeling beside the couch and masturbating to the sight of Keith tittyfucking Abigene. A sudden spark of inspiration fills him. “You two, say the mantra too. And let it bring you closer to orgasm, but don’t get off till you see me cum!”

Soon all three women are reciting the mantra in near unison. “My tits are for fucking. I live to be tittyfucked.” The words are like a perfect symphony to Keith’s ears. Each time the women recite the words they end with a chorus of moans as they each get closer to orgasm. The sounds are beautiful, and he wants them to last forever. But they are also so fucking hot that lasting forever is not an option.

With a sudden groan of pleasure Keith loses control, thrusting one last time into Abigene’s tits and cumming just as his cockhead pops out from between her breasts. A thick stream of semen spurts out and hits her in the chin. Abigene lets out a sound that is half scream and half moan, sounding as if the cum slamming into her chin has forced an orgasm to explode from deep inside of her.

Her moans are quickly joined by those of Jodi and April. Turning to look at them Keith watches as both of their bodies tighten, each woman forward slightly as they continue to finger themselves and stare at the figures on the couch before them.

Keith gets up from the couch, looking down and realizing his cock is STILL hard. “Christ,” he mutters, slightly concerned. He’s just cum yet he doesn’t feel any relief from his overwhelming need to fuck and get off. Luckily he has three women all ready and willing to help him with the issue.

The next few moments happen in blur, a strange horny fever having come over him. When the haze clears he is standing behind April, the cute woman on all fours in front of him as he fucks her from behind. Jodi and Abigene are on the ground beside her on either side, both down on all fours as well. He is reaching out to both of their back ends, his hands on their cunts as he finger-bangs both of them.

“Christ,” he mutters again. Part of him is worried, he had lost control of his actions for a moment and doesn’t remember how they got in this position. But fucking the three women is so nice that the worry soon melts away. He simply concentrates on just how good April’s cunt feels around his cock and revels in the act of ramming his fingers into the other two women’s cunts.

All three of them are moaning in pleasure, a glorious sound that rings through the apartment. Never in his wildest dreams did Keith ever imagine he would actually be doing something like this. He thanks the heavens for being here. “I don’t understand what this crazy ass experiment is about, but its fucking amazing!” So much has happened, he’s fucked so much, and his first day in Dyson city isn’t even over!

It takes him longer to get off this time, but he’s totally okay with that. While he has his fun he decides to test his control over the three women’s bodies. “Cum for me, all of you,” he says. In unison all three moan loudly and he can feel April’s cunt tighten as he presses into her. “Again,” he says, a wicked grin spreading across his face. “And again, and AGAIN!” He makes the three women cum till they are practically in tears and barely able to remain up on their hands and knees.

When he does finally cum he pulls out of April, unloading in her ass crack. He’s surprised to see that his load of cum is almost as big as the last one.

As soon as the initial rush of the orgasm is past he feels incredibly hungry. Standing on shaking, weak legs he starts to head to the kitchen to eat something. But he stops, looking at the three women still on all fours on the floor. “I bet you three could use a meal too. Abigene, Jodi, I want you too to lick my cum off April’s ass. After you get her back side totally clean then you can all come in the kitchen and have some food with me.” Watching the two women lick his cum off the thirds ass is almost enough to get him hard again.

When he opens the fridge he finds it fully restocked, one of the shelves full of meals on plates of a different color. There is a small place card on that shelf with a typed message. “For your friends. Do not let them eat the meals specially prepared for you.”

He smiles, looking around the kitchen. “How did they know about ‘my friends’? They must be watching me…” He looks for any sign of a camera, but doesn’t see any. With a shrug he quickly moves on, realizing he doesn’t really care if he’s being watched. He pulls out plates of food for his three women and tells them to dig in.

Keith is just starting on his third plate of food when the three women declare that they are done eating. “I’m full now,” one says. “And I’m sleepy,” another adds. “Me too,” the third says. Keith waves a hand dismissively at them. “Go lay down then, I’m done with you all for now.”

It’s now late afternoon. His day has already been so full, yet after eating Keith feels fully recharged. He wants to get out of the apartment, go looking for more women to add to his harem. “I like these three, but I want more. And maybe there are better women out there in Dyson city…”

He remembers passing a busy coffee shop not far from the apartment. Thinking about all the hot, trendy sluts hanging out there excites him. He can go and fuck whomever he wants, sample each woman in the place if he desires. Deciding that’s exactly what he’ll do he gets up and gets dressed.

Before leaving he peaks into the bedroom, planning on letting his harem know where he’s going. But looking in he sees all three women are deep asleep. They are huddled together in the center of the bed on top of the blankets, April in the center with Abigene and Jodi on each side of her. April is face down, with each woman beside her lying on their side and facing her. Abigene has a hand on April’s ass while Jodi reaches over April’s body to hold Abigene’s ass. All three have satisfied, peaceful smiles on their faces.

“Poor sexy things,” Keith says watching them sleep. “Guess all the orgasms I made them have tuckered them out. Well, let them sleep. They should be recharged by the time I come home.”


* * *


It takes Keith less than half an hour to get to the coffee shop, but by that time gets there he is painfully horny. Upon entering the shop and seeing the sea of attractive women before him he nearly doubles over in pain. His cock is as hard as steel and his balls feel swollen and full. “What the fuck,” he mumbles. “Is this a fucking blessing or a curse?” He needs to fuck, needs to get off fast and drain his balls. He knows he won’t be able to really enjoy himself till he’s gotten off at least once.

Keith is standing by the counter, an arm’s reach away from the barista pulling shots and finishing the drinks that the cashier calls out to her. He looks at the woman, liking what he sees. She’s cute, with big eyes and plump little lips with a sexy little hoop piercing in one side. She has pale skin and her face is covered in dark freckles. Her hair is long and dark, black but with dyed streaks of vibrant purple.

The woman is short with a killer curves: a plump little ass, wide hips, and tits that although not huge look pleasantly big. Her outfit shows all of this off. She’s got on an almost indecently short skirt with dark purple leggings. Her top is black and low cut, her tits practically falling out the front. The green apron with the coffee shop’s logo on it is pulled down so her cleavage is visible to all.

Groaning in pleasure at the sight of her, Keith stumbles back behind the counter. As always, no one seems to notice his presence, something he’s glad of right now. He stands behind the cute curvy barista and begins opening his pants, pulling his cock out into the open air. He then reaches forward and grabs the woman, pulling her ass back towards him and then pressing down on the small of her back to bend her forward slightly.

She gasps, and looks about in confusion. “What… what the hell is going on?”

Keith ignores her distress, flipping her skirt up and then tugging her leggings down to her thighs. Her ass is meaty and plump, although small. He smacks it with an open hand. A fleshy sound echoes out into the coffee shop and the woman gasps again. “Oh!” she proclaims, looking even more confused, her cheeks blushing now.

She’s wearing silky black panties. Keith simply pulls them to the side, revealing her pussy. Looking down at the pink folds of her labia makes him moan with desire. He spits into his hand, rubbing the moisture all over his cock. “Need to start carrying some lube with me,” he mumbles as he starts rubbing his cockhead into her pussy lips. Her lips are dry and she is free of all arousal.

The woman turns around, looking behind her with alarm and confusion on her face. “What’s… what’s happening?” She presses her thighs together, but with the way she is bent over it does nothing to hide her pussy from Keith. He keeps rubbing his cock in her lips till he finds her cunt hole, then grabbing her waist he pulls her back and thrusts into her. Her eyes shoot open, comical large. “Ah!” She looks around more, looking everywhere but at Keith.

“Come on Yasmin, the drinks are piling up,” the barista working the cash register says.

“I’m sorry,” Yasmin says as she braces herself on the counter. She has one hand flat on the counter while the other is holding onto the espresso machine before her.

Keith is standing behind her, holding her by the hips and fucking her hard and fast. He feels as though he’s not fully in control of his actions, overcome by the need to get off. Her pussy is dry, causing a ton of friction on his rock hard cock as he fucks her with wild desperation. It’s so dry it hurts, but in a good way. He knows he won’t last long.

“I just… I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong,” Yasmin says, looking about in confusion. It’s clear she knows something is wrong, that she is aware of the fact that something is hindering her from continuing her work. But she can’t seem to actually see or truly feel what Keith is doing to her.

“The sign on the door says ‘help yourself’,” Keith says, giving her ass a slap and laughing. “I’m just doing that.” Yasmin doesn’t hear his quip. No one in the coffee shop does. Keith doesn’t really care though, he’s just about to cum and that’s all that matters.

Leaning to the side and looking at her face he asks her if she’s ready for his cum. Once more she doesn’t hear him, but Keith can see that her tits have bounced out of her top and are now wildly swinging back and forth as he pounds her.

Customers are standing on the other side of the counter, giving her nasty looks. “What’s your problem? Make our drinks already!”

“Oh god… I’m just, like, so sorry everyone,” Yasmin says, her tits swinging back and forth as Keith keeps fucking her. Her brow furrows and her mouth opens large in a surprised “o” shape, a long confused moan coming out of her mouth. “Oh, god, what’s going on? My… it feels like… I don’t understand!”

The sight of her tits swinging free and the look of pleasure and confusion on her faces pushes Keith over the edge and soon her too dry pussy is filled with more than enough moisture. For a moment he stays inside of her, pressing deep into her and moving in and out slightly, enjoying the feel of his cum in her cunt. Yasmin continues to moan and look about in confusion.

As soon Keith pulls out of her and steps back she stands up, reaching back to fix her panties and pull her leggings up. Then, still confused and rubbing her thighs together, she returns to making drinks. But she looks turned on now and Keith can see her reaching down and nervously rubbing at her crotch through her clothing.

Looking down Keith realizes he’s still painfully hard. His cock stands erect, dripping cum onto the coffee shop floor. “Need to get off one more time, need to finish clearing my mind,” he mumbles. Yasmin’s breasts still hang half out of her top. She doesn’t seem to notice, but the customers kind of do. Women are giving her weird, angry looks although no one has verbalized the fact that the barista’s tits are hanging out.

Keith stares at them. They are soft and creamy white colored, her nipples a pretty soft pink color. They look like they would fill maybe a large c cup bra, or maybe a small d. “I want them,” he mumbles. He reaches towards her, snapping his fingers in her ear.

Yasmin leaps up in surprises, twirling around to face him. Her jaw falls open at the sight of the man standing so close behind her, his cock out and dripping semen. She looks down at it, then at her tits hanging out as the she reaches up her skirt as if feeling the dampness in her panties through her leggings. Her big eyes open wide, as if it all makes sense now.

“You!” she says, pointing accusingly at him.

“Me,” Keith says, shocked by her response and not fully sure what to next. He’s never seen a woman react this way when he snaps his fingers. “I want to fuck your tits,” he says. “Get down on your knees so I can.” He does his best to speak with command in his voice.

She furrows her brow and glares angrily at him for a moment, but then begins to get down on her knees and pull her tits all the way out of her top. “Fine,” she says, “but be quick! My orders are backing up because of you.”

Once she’s down on her knees she grabs her tits and lifts them up. Keith steps forward and slams his cum covered cock down between them. She immediately wraps them around his cock and starts bouncing them up and down. “You’ve done this before?” he asks, slightly surprised. Most women don’t really know how to tittyfuck a guy.

“Yeah, my last boyfriend loved this,” she says, looking nervously over her shoulder at the angry crowd waiting for their drinks. “Look,” she says looking up at him, “is there anything I can do to speed this up?”

“Uh… I don’t know.” He’s a little confused by the way she’s acting. “Hey, could you see me before I snapped my fingers?”

“No,” she says, looking confused as she thinks about it. “But I can now, and I just feel… like… like it’s important that I do whatever you say, that making you happy is important.”

“Weird,” Keith says. He’d seen that some women react differently when put into the hypnotic, obedient state. Perhaps this is just more of that.

Once again she asks if there is anything she can do to speed things along. “I guess… Um, here, stop bouncing your tits. Stop fucking me with them and let ME fuck them.” He places a hand on the back of her head and presses her head down. “And open your mouth, see if you can suck the tip of my cock when I thrust up…. Nggh! Yes, like that!” He humps her chest for a few moments, enjoying the feel of his cock sliding into her mouth every time he thrusts up. It’s enough to get him off quickly, and he does so in her mouth.

He stumbles back, leaning against a wall to stay up right. His cock finally starts to go soft and the unbearable need to fuck fades from his mind. “Much better,” he says. “I can finally think straight.”

Yasmin is still kneeling on the ground, but now wiping away some cum that’s dribbling out of her mouth. “Can I get back to work now?” she asks.

“Sure,” Keith says, snapping his fingers to take her out of the trance. She blinks, looks down at her tits in confusion and tucks them back into her top then gets to her feet. A minute later she’s back to making drinks, working hard to get caught up and apologizing to the customers.

“That was interesting,” Keith says. “I like this Yasmin chick… I think I’ll need to come back and fuck her again. She’s cute and hot and that whole thing while she was under was crazy. But somehow I doubt she’d be as hot outside of this coffee shop. Baristas never are…”

With his mind now cleared Keith then turns his attention to the rest of the coffee shop. It’s full of women, plenty for him to choose from.

“If I’m going to do this,” he says to himself, “I should do it right.” He starts stripping, taking all of his clothing off and placing it all in a neat little pile on a nearby table. Once naked he stretches then really starts taking a close look at all the attractive caffeinated women all around him.

Again, he notices that the average breast size here in Dyson city is pleasantly larger than he is used to. Almost every woman seems to have at least a handful hanging off their front with not a single flat chest in sight. And more than half of the women are well endowed, some of them with impressively large breasts.

His eyes fall on one of the women with breasts more than big enough to impress. The woman looks like she’s in her early thirties and is wearing a tight wife beater and clearly no bra on underneath. She’s Caucasian and the darker flesh of her nipples can clearly be seen through the thin white fabric of tight top. Keith starts to drift towards the woman, grabbing his cock and beginning to stroke it as it starts to swell. His mind is already filling with countless sexual ideas involving the busty woman.

She’s attractive, but in a way he wouldn’t normally notice. The woman has a fairly large pointed nose with a sharp chin, and although she is wearing some dark eye makeup she has a masculine air to her, not just in how she looks but how she reclines in the large comfy chair she’s sitting in.

Her hair more than anything gives her a strongly masculine feel that’s somehow very feminine at the same time. It is dark and short, in a style that he’s always associated with women who aren’t into men. While thinking that everything snaps into place. “She’s got to be a lesbian,” he mutters, getting closer to her. “Shame,” he continues, “with tits like that it’s a totally waste for her to spend her time muff diving… Although I suppose lesbians like tits nearly as much as I do, it can’t ALL be about pussy for them.”

The woman is sitting in one of the coffee shops large, fancy, comfy chairs; leaning back and talking on a cell phone. Keith decides to stand for a bit and stroke his hardening cock as he listens to her conversation.

“Yeah,” she’s saying, “this city is AMAZING. No, not a single man in the whole place. Not even the cops or politicians, although I suppose they are really more company administrators? I don’t know, the local government is weird. Yeah, the whole place is owned by the company, but they run it like it’s just a normal U.S. city.”

She stops for a moment, listening to the woman on the other end of the phone then throwing her head back and laughing loudly. “I know, right? I tell you, it’s fucking amazing. Not a man in sight, just women everywhere. And I swear, they must be putting something in the water here cause they are ALL built like me. Yeah, that’s right, top heavy girls. God, I fucking love me some big ole’ titties.

“And check this shit out: without any men in the whole place even the straight girls are starting to come over to our side. Yeah, going to bars is AMAZING. You don’t have to worry if anyone is straight or not, if they are looking for action pussy is their only choice. If they didn’t want what I have to offer they wouldn’t be out looking, not here.”

“So I was right,” Keith mutters, staring at the woman’s big tits. “She is a total dyke. Well, I suppose that makes sense in a city full of woman. Sounds like she’s having nearly as great a time as I am.”

As he talks to himself he leans over, reaching into her shirt and pulling the woman’s large breasts out. She shifts slightly and furrows her brow in momentary discomfort, but makes no other sign that she’s aware of what he is doing. A moment later her tits are hanging out the front of her shirt, the white wife-beater pulled around and under them.

Her breasts are a glorious sight to behold, large and soft and full. Her skin is pale, ensuring that thick blue veins are visible on the ample surface of her large breasts. And her nipples an enticing light shade of pink, her areolas large and their edges beautifully lacking definition while the nubs in the center look extra large, although at the moment they are soft little pancakes of pink flesh and not yet engorged and hard.

The sight ensures that his cock hardens all the way. For a moment he tries to just stand in the middle of the busy coffee shop and jerk off to the sight of her big tits, but his body quickly starts to demand more. Feeling as if he’ll lose control if he doesn’t act soon he starts climbing up onto the comfy chair, planning on sitting on her chest and fucking her tits as she continues her conversation.

Even as he spits down onto her chest and then slams his cock down into the moisture she gives no sign of recognizing his presence, she simple continues on with her conversation ignoring the naked man now on top of her.

YES,” she says loudly. “I swear, not a single cock in sight,” she tells the woman on the other end of the phone.

Keith chuckles at this. At that very moment there is a hard cock resting on her chest, a man sitting on her preparing to grab her tits and wrap them around it.

“I know,” the woman continues as Keith presses her big soft tits in around his cock. “Can you believe the shit I put up with before I accepted I was gay? YES! What was that freak’s name? No, not that one. That guy that all he ever wanted to do was fuck my tits. Yes, Holden, that was his name. God, it’s so nice to never have to put up with that again.”

Keith moans in pleasure, fucking her tits now as she talks about how much she hated having it done to her.

“God, it was the most humiliating, grossest thing ever. I mean, it doesn’t even feel good for the girl! It’s JUST about pleasuring the man.”

“Oh god,” Keith moans, humping her chest faster now. He had never imagined just how hot it would be fucking a chick’s tits as she talked about how much she hates the act.

“Yeah, and that freak would ALWAYS cum on my tits and beg me to leave it there for a while. One time he even asked me to, like, put my clothes on walk around all day with his smelly gross cum on my girls. Well, what do you think? Of course I said no!”

Keith groans, a delicious idea popping into his head that pushes him over the edge. With a groan of pleasure his body tenses and then he begins to cum. He makes sure that he does so all over the woman’s big tits. When he’s done he gets up, standing on shaky weak legs and looking at her. He’s amazed that even after having just gotten off twice his load is at least three times as big as it was before he came to Dyson city. “Looks like a bunch of guys came on her big tits, not just me,” he mumbles happily.

As he had been cumming he had zoned out of her conversation, but now her words catch his ear again. “Yes, semen is the fucking worse!”

The words make him smile. “Time to put this cum hating lesbian in her place,” he says then snaps his fingers in her face. She jumps slightly in her seat, her eyes opening wide in surprise almost as if someone had just slapped her. The little jolt makes her big tits jiggle presently, causing the oozing cum to run down them even more.

She stares blankly ahead, like a stunned robot. Keith can hear her friend on the phone. “Hello? Leslie? Are you still there?”

“Tell her you’re sorry, but you have to go. Then hang up,” Keith tells the lesbian named Leslie.

“I’m sorry,” she says in a slow monotone, “but something’s come up and I have to go. Goodbye.” She then turns the phone off and places it on a nearby table next to her drink before sitting straight up and staring at Keith with a blank, emotionless expression on her face.

“Look down,” he tells her, “and tell me what’s all over your tits.”

She looks down and her blank expression twists into one full of disgust. “It’s cum,” she snarls, no longer sounding robotic and instead her voice full of rage.

“That’s right,” Keith tells her. “MY cum. And you know what you’re going to do with it? You’re going to leave it there for the rest of the day. And you’re going to leave your tits hanging out too and if any one mentions that they are you will deny it. After I snap my fingers you won’t be consciously aware of any of this, but subconsciously you will be. And it will humiliate you. And that humiliation will turn you on and make you horny for cock and cum.”

“No,” she gasps. “Not that.”

YES,” he says firmly then snaps his fingers in her face. Again, she jumps a little in her seat. She then blinks and looks around, confused at first then picking her phone back up. She opens an app and starts reading something, grabbing her coffee cup from nearby table and taking a drink.

Keith watches as the woman, Leslie, shifts in her seat slightly; clearly uncomfortable but not being able to tell what is making feel that way. She also starts to rub her thighs together slightly, moaning in confusion as her pale cheeks flush. Keith smiles, knowing his commands are working perfectly.

Happy that the lesbian will be sexually suffering for the rest of the evening he turns from her and looks around the coffee shop again. He can see a few of the patrons giving her scandalized glances. It’s clear that at least SOME of them can see her tits hanging out covered in cum, yet they are clearly not reacting as they normally would. It’s as if the women of the city have been conditioned to not just ignore his presence, but ignore the things and people he affects.

For a moment he wonders how the corporation is accomplishing all of this, and again wonders WHY. He knows he’s taking part in some kind of grand experiment, he just doesn’t know for what purpose. But after a few moments one of the greatest distractions ever walks into the coffee shop, making him forget all of this.

The distraction is in the form of a woman, a tall thick bodied black woman with the most magnificent ass Keith has ever seen. He searches for the right word to describe it and remembers an obscure Greek one he learned in history class: callipygian. The woman has the largest, most perfectly shaped ass he has ever seen. And she’s wearing leggings that are so tight and thin that they are practically transparent.

He dashes across the room, wanting to simply bend the woman over the nearest counter and fuck her from behind. Her ass calls to him, ensuring his cock is rock hard in mere seconds, throbbing painfully with the need to be inside of her. He’s lost control of himself, the sight of her perfect huge ass making him lose all control.

When he reaches her he grabs her and spins her around, pushing her front end down on the counter where the sugar and cream is located. She makes a sound of alarm, not understanding what is happening to her. Keith doesn’t care. He grabs the back of her leggings and rips the feeble fabric open, revealing her massive perfect dark colored ass. He looks down at it, salivating at the sight.

He can see that she has a g-string wedged in between her ass cheeks. He had wondered about that, as there had been no apparent panty line seen through the tight leggings. He reaches into her ass cheeks, grabbing the g-string and pulling it up and to the side and leaving her pussy and asshole bared to him. He lifts his hand to his face, sniffing the smell of sweaty ass on his fingers as though it was a fine wine. The smell, primal and gross yet highly arousing only makes him harder.

His cock is dripping precum as he prepares to fuck the woman before him. The only question is which hole does he want to fuck: her asshole or her pussy? Unable to decide he simply starts acting, using one hand to spread her ass cheeks open and grabbing his cock with the other. He then starts rubbing his throbbing cockhead into her back end, smearing the dripping precum up into her puckered asshole then down over her taint towards the dark lips of her labia.

She moans in pleasure and confusion, looking all about with alarm on her face. “What’s happening to me?” she asks. No one responds at first, everyone simply walking by. A few women even come up and reach past her to grab some milk or sugar packets. The black woman calls to them for help, but they ignore her acting as if she is invisible or simply not there.

By this point Keith’s cock has found a home: the way she is bent over the counter makes it so her pussy is easier to enter. His cock soon becomes wedged into the folds of her labia, which are dry and tacky at first but as he continues to move his cock up and down the precum leaking from it makes them feel smooth and well lubricated.

Soon his cock is resting on her cunt hole. Keith takes a deep breath in then with a primal, aggressive animal grunt of aggression rams his cock as deep as he can into her with one savage thrust. The woman howls in pain and a confusion, but as Keith grabs hold of her magnificent ass and starts fucking her hard and fast the howl turns into one of pleasure and confusion.

Yasmin, the cute barista he had fucked earlier comes over to refill the milk on the counter the woman is bent over. The black woman looks to her, begging for help. “Please, something is happening, I don’t understand! HELP ME!

Yasmin simply gives her a polite smile. “I wouldn’t worry about it,” she says. “Happened to me earlier, it will pass soon.” She refills the milk pitcher then turns to head back to the main counter.

During this all Keith is fucking the woman hard and fast, staring down at her ass and watching the ripples of flesh move up through her ample backside every time he slams into her body. He’s fucked a lot since showing up at the coffee shop, and all of it over a fairly short time. His cock is growing raw and sore, yet his body is filled with a primitive need to keep fucking and fill this woman’s cunt with cum.

He slams into her harder, watching her ass and concentrating on just how good her cunt feels. It’s tight and wet now and he enjoys the way it feels from this angle. “Always loved doing chicks from the back,” he mutters. A few moments later he feels his body start to build towards orgasm. The animal part that’s in control of him pushes him on, ensuring he pumps into the woman’s back end even faster and soon cums.

When he does he presses as deep into her as he can, grabbing her ass tightly and pulling her body back into his. He lets out a loud, animal howl of pleasure and release another load of cum deep in her. His howl is as cathartically releasing as his orgasms.

A moment later he is stumbling back from the woman, his cock quickly growing soft as it drips cum all over the coffee shop’s floor. He falls into a nearby chair, breathing heavily and his heart racing. He feels suddenly tired and part of him is scared. He lost control of his actions again and although in the moment it was amazing it’s not something he thinks he likes happening to him.

The black woman with the massive perfect as is standing now, looking around even more confused than before. She seems to have realized the back of her pants are ripped open and is quickly rushing from the building, horrified and confused.

For a time Keith simply sits, sated and tired. The sun outside sets and the people in the coffee shop all start to leave. Yasmin and her fellow coworkers start to clean the shop and prepare to close.

By the time Keith gets up and puts his clothes back on Leslie, the lesbian with her tits hanging out covered in cum, is the only customer left in the store. The cum on her chest has all run down and dripped off her chest, staining her shirt and pants. He smiles at the sight, pleased by his handy work. Staring at her he realizes how hot the woman really is and the fact that without the strange mind control powers he now seems to have she would never be with him only increases how into her he is.

Acting on impulse he walks up to her and snaps his fingers. “Get up, put your tits away, and come with me. You’re joining my harem,” he tells her. “But don’t worry, you won’t hate it. That’s a command. Besides, you can keep yourself busy when I’m not around fucking all my other harem members. In fact, I COMMAND you do that! Yes… I want you to keep them all happy and fucked while I’m gone, understand.”

“I think so,” she says, her brow furrowed. “But what about my job? My girlfriend? The rest of my life?”

Keith waves his hand dismissively. “Forget about all of it. If I ever get bored of you, you can go back to all of it but for now you’re only reason for existing is keeping me and the women of my harem pleased. Understand?”

“Yes,” she says.

When they get back to his apartment and Leslie sees the other naked women there he thinks he sees the hint of a smile on her emotionless face. “See,” he says, “not all bad.”

“Now, I’m tired,” he proclaims to the gathered women. “I’ve had a long day and I need to eat something then get to bed. I plan on sleeping alone tonight, my cock is sore and needs a rest and I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off any of you if you were to join me. You all can sleep wherever you want as long as it’s in the apartment and NOT in with me. And you can fuck each other all you want, in fact if you’re bored I command you do just that. Leslie, you’re in charge of that.”

“My only other command tonight,” he says, a tired but pleased grin on his face, “is that I be woken up in an interesting sexual manner. But I leave it up to you all to decide what that is. I want you all taking some initiative, understand?”

In unison the four current members of his harem all say, “Yes, sir!”

Pleased, Keith eats a quick dinner from the fridge then heads to bed, tired and sated and eager for his next day in Dyson city to start. He wonders where he’ll go to look for more members of his harem tomorrow as he lays in bed. The coffee shop worked out really well, and he thinks about returning there. But he’s not sure. His last thought as he drifts off to sleep is that he’ll decide in the morning.



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