Champion Girl vs The High Speed Chase

Champion girl vs chase

Everyone in Megatropolis was calling it “the crime wave of the century”. It had started out as just an irregular spike in crime, something barely worth mentioning on the evening news. But report it they did, and the angle they covered was how pressed the police and superheroes of the city were. The rest of the city’s criminals took note and seemed to decide that if the authorities were already busy now was the time to go on a crime spree. Before long what started out as a normal spike in criminal activity had become the biggest crime wave in at least a generation.

Weeks into the event and the crime didn’t seem to be lessening. At the forefront of the battle against the seeming unending tide of criminals and super villains were the Megatropolis Amazons. As Megatropolis’ official super team they were the ones called in when the police couldn’t or wouldn’t handle matters.

Normally this meant being called in to deal with overpowered supervillains or well armed organized crime. But as the crime wave stretched on and crime seemed to be happening on almost every street corner the team was left stopping whatever they ran across.

There were currently five members of the Megatropolis Amazons. Archbaroness was the purple clad leader and founder of the super team. With super strength, enhanced toughness that repelled most small arms fire and the ability to fly she was on the front lines patrolling the streets, apprehending any criminals she could find and quick to respond to any hot spots that popped up.

Less mobile but twice as strong and even tougher was Brickhouse. The hulking red woman was pounding the streets taking down more than her fair share of crime. The team pointed her at any villains that needed raw strength to defeat and away she went, ready to smash her foes into submission.

Lab Rat and Psychia were both team members that normally stay behind in Freedom Tower, the Amazon’s base of operations, as support members. But when times called for it they could both take to the field and battle the crime with their sisters.

Lab Rat, the team’s resident tech genius, was patrolling the city in her suit of power armor covered. Covered in weapons and protecting her from almost all harm, the small mousy woman was doing her part to battle the crime wave.

Even Psychia was on the streets. Of all the Amazons she was the least trained for combat, but as a potent telepath that could not only read, but control the minds of others, she was able to stop most altercations before they even began. She was busy rounding up the harder to find leaders of the various criminal organizations, using her abilities to probe the minds of lesser thugs to ferret out the bosses locations.

Finally there was Champion Girl. She was the newest and youngest member of the Amazons. Freshly graduated from The Academy, the superhero university, she lacked experience but made up for it with youthful enthusiasm.

The young Champion Girl was currently hot in pursuit of a van she suspected was owned by the Red Dragon Syndicate. Champion Girl didn’t know for certain, but she had reason to believe the van was loaded with illegal drugs freshly arrived from the busy Megatropolis Docks. The fact the vehicle was speeding dangerously fast through the busy streets of downtown Megatropolis away from the flying heroine only increases her suspicions.

She flew through the air, struggling to keep up with the van. Normally she could have flown fast enough to catch the van with ease but she was tired. They had been fighting crime almost none stop for weeks now with little to no rest most days and she was worked to near exhaustion.

But I’ll never give up, she thought as she continued to chase after the van. They’ll be no rest for any of the Amazons or even the city’s other heroines till this accursed crime wave is over.

Her cape whipped through the air behind her as she passed over honking cars and sidewalks full of citizens. The cape was yellow, a shade brighter than the darker yellow of her tight, form fitting costume. With her arms stretched out before her and her legs straight behind her the citizens below could make out the contours of her thin, well muscled body as she flew over them. She looked down at their faces and gave the people a tired smile before returning her attention to the van ahead of her.

She was about a half a block behind the van. Sweat was pouring from her tired brow, soaking into her blond pigtails. She struggled to keep up, knowing she couldn’t let the criminals escape. If she gave it her all she might be able to summon an extra burst of speed and catch up to and maybe land on the van, but if she missed her landing she was afraid she would be left too drained to get airborne again.

For now her plan was to just follow the van till it reached its destination. That location, wherever it was, was sure to be full of armed Syndicate toughs, but they didn’t worry her. Aside from super strength that matched Brickhouse’s and the ability to fly, Champion Girl had another power: she is supposedly physically invulnerable.

As such she wasn’t worried about any weapons that might be turned against her. Sure, being pelted with bullets would sting, maybe even hurt, but she wouldn’t be harmed by them. Her only real worry was if one or more of the Syndicate’s superpowered enforcers were present. Even with as tired as she was she was sure she could take out a hundred normal men armed with guns, but a supervillain? She wasn’t sure she had the stamina for such a tough battle at the moment.

In fact, in that moment her worry wasn’t what lied at the end of the vans journey, it was the van itself. The driver and any other men inside were obviously aware that she was following them. And the longer she tailed them the faster and more erratic their driving grew, posing an ever increasing risk to the drivers and pedestrians they sped past.

She watched as the van took the next corner far too sharply. The pedestrians waiting to cross the road won’t be able to act fast enough to get out of the way, she thought in alarm. Acting out of pure instinct Champion Girl shot forward, flying so fast that she was a blur of yellow.

In less than a second she was in front of the van with her arms stretched out to her sides. She flew into the crowd and knocked them all out of the way just in time to avoid the van as it came careening around the corner. She tumbled onto the ground, on top of the civilians she had just saved, her ears filled with the screams of alarm and pain of those under her.

As she got back to her feet her legs felt wobbly. “So weak… so tired,” she muttered.

“You dumb bitch, you almost broke my leg!” one of the woman she just saved screamed at her. As the rest of the people get to their feet they start to scream abuse at Champion Girl as well.

They don’t realize I just saved their lives. And I don’t have the time to explain it them, the van is getting away! Champion Girl jumped weakly into the air, once again becoming airborne. However, she was flying much slower now. And she was much lower to the ground, able to only keep an arm’s reach above the people and cars she flew over.

Fuck! I’m sure to lose the van at this speed. I just can’t fly any faster! Wait, the van, it’s slowing down! Does this mean they are nearing their destination?

The tired heroine quickly looked around her, actually paying attention to her surroundings for the first time since she began chasing the van. We are deep in the Financial District. This is an area of town known for expensive properties and heavy foot traffic. What it’s not known for is being full of criminal hideouts, so why are they slowing down?

Even at her slow flight speed she was quickly catching up to the van. She watched as one of the back doors swung open and a man popped out the back. He was wearing a black leather jacket. She couldn’t see the back, but Champion Girl knew that there was a red dragon embroidered on it.

That confirms it, this fan IS full of Red Dragon goons, she thought, knowing that all the members of the Syndicate wore jackets just like the man was wearing.

He was holding onto the closed door beside him with one arm to keep from falling out. In the other arm he held a strange looking gun. Champion Girl watched as he points it at her and suddenly realized they must have slowed down so the man in the back could open fire on her.

She was tired, both physically and mentally. Almost too late, her brain processed that the strange looking gun was rigged to fire aerosol canisters. She saw the man smile then fire up at her. Champion Girl barely acted fast enough to dodge out of the way as the canister came flying towards her and exploded mid air, sending a cloud of gas out around it. She turned her body out of the way and the world seemed to move in slow motion as moved in a circular motion just outside of the expanding cloud of gas.

She knew the cloud would be full of some potent, anti-heroine drug. Fuck! Who knows what the hell kind of drug they are firing at me… I’m going to have to either knock that guy out or abandon my chase; I don’t want to get hit with whatever is in those darts!

She flew forward through the air, lifting her arms out in front of her. She watched as the van slowed down even more, obviously trying to help the man in the back aim better. Because of this Champion Girl started to close in on the van again. She lowered her head and clenched her hands into tight fists. She planned on using herself as human battering ram.

The man fired another drug filled canister at her, and again Champion Girl managed to dodge out of the clouds way. The man looked annoyed and was aiming to fire again when the van made a sudden and sharp turn. He almost lost his balance and tumbled out the back door, but managed to right himself within the van.

Champion Girl drew ever closer, evening out her flight pattern after she made the turn. She put on a little more speed just before impact. Mere moments before she slammed into the Syndicate goon he regained his composure and fired another canister at Champion Girl. She pulled up and over the projectile. She continued to fly forward after the van, but was now in an upright position giving the illusion that she was floating standing up behind the van.

Up until that point Champion Girl had only seen the gun fire slowly, so she suspected she has some time before it could be fired again. She was disastrously wrong. The Syndicate goon smiled a sickeningly evil grin at her and immediately fired the gun again. The canister closed the small distance between them and impacted Champion Girl’s chest, a cloud of gas exploding out and enveloping her face.

Out of instinct she took a sudden breath before screaming in alarm, realizing far too late that the deep breath had filled her lungs with the potent gas. Her eyes dilated, the world grew momentarily bright, and a painful, warm sensation quickly spread through her body.

Champion Girl fell from the air, landing on the pavement of the road and tumbling like a rag doll. The car behind the van swerved out of her way but the vehicle behind it was caught off guard and ran the young heroine over. She screamed in pain but as soon as she was out from under the car’s tires she managed to leap back into the air. Her body was totally unharmed by the vehicle, but her yellow suit did have dark tire treads over it now.

She took back off after the van, filled with a sudden surge of adrenaline. Champion Girl could see that the Syndicate man was surprised to see her up so fast after being run over. Raising her arms again she began to speed after him, her tired body now surging with anger as well as adrenaline. She watched as the surprise on his face turned to fear as she neared him.

As she approached him she felt a sudden, intense pain in her chest. At first she thought it was a result of the car running her over, but she hadn’t felt it till after she had gotten airborne.  As the drug hadn’t knocked her out she had quickly forgotten about it. But now, with the cool wind blowing over her body as she flew after the van, she was intensely aware of the pain in her chest and knew it had to be from the drug. Her breasts feel like they are on fire, her flesh feeling more tender and sore with every second that passed. It felt like her costume was digging painfully into her small breasts.

She looked down at her chest to check and see if maybe her costume has been pulled into a weird angle after she was run over by the car. Her eyes grew large in alarm as she saw that her small B cups have swollen big enough to bulge out and completely fill the chest of her tight costume.

Shit, that must have been some kind of breast growth gas, she thought.

She looked back up at the goon in the van. He was no longer looking at her with fear, but instead was leering at her growing breasts. He dropped his gun onto the floor of the van and held both his hands up to his chest, cupping imaginary breasts. Then he moved his hands away from his chest, acting as if the imaginary breasts were growing in size. He laughed derisively while pointing at Champion Girl, mocking her growing breasts.

She tried to put on a burst of speed to catch up to the van and finally feel the satisfying impact of her fists on the man’s face but her flight pattern veered wildly down towards the ground. She managed to pull up before she impacted with the pavement, flying up and to the right. She righted her flight pattern above the citizen filled sidewalk instead of the middle of the street.

Her growing breasts were now painfully constricted by her tight yellow costume. She continued to fly after the van on pure instinct, but consciously all she could think of was alleviating her constricted flesh. She reached down and ripped the front of her costume open.

Her still growing breasts come spilling out, hanging heavily down below her. As they did one of them slapped a bystander in the face, knocking the stunned woman to the ground. Champion Girl pulled up, flying a little higher so as to avoid hitting anyone else. She turned around and yelled, “Sorry,” behind her at the woman on the ground.

Her breasts continued to grow. The added fleshy bulk weighed her down, literally pulling her lower towards the crowd she was flying over. She looked in front of her, trying to keep her attention on the van as she grited her teeth through the red hot pain of her breasts swelling and continuing to grow ever larger.

“Woot, super tits coming our way!” a man half a block away shouted out. Champion Girl looked down at the man just in time to see him leap up into the air, reach his arm up into the sky and slap one of her now over large dangling breasts. The loud, heavy-handed slap sent pain shooting through her over sore flesh and caused her to spin around like a cork screw. The large breasts swung out wildly as she spun, causing the crowd below her to cheer at the sight.

As she righted herself she found more men jumping up trying to slap her tits. She tried to dodge their hands but there were just too many and she was unable to pull herself up above their reach. Her swollen breasts were painfully slapped over and over again. She continued to try to pull up and away from the crowd but her adrenaline was wearing off and she was growing too tired to do so. Finally, one of the slaps hit her sore tit so hard that it sent her flipping through the air and landing heavily on her back.

She lay on the ground for a moment, aware that her now ridiculously large breasts were bare and exposed. She felt them fluidly sagging down her sides and knew the crowd around her was eagerly taking in the sight of her exposed bosom. There was a flash of light quickly followed by others as the crowd took out their cell phones and began to snap pictures of her. Champion Girl groaned, knowing social media would soon be flooded with pictures of her with overlarge, exposed breasts.

She started to get up onto her knees, for the moment doing everything she could to ignore the large breasts hanging down her front. At least my girls have seemed to stop growing… No way I can keep after that van now. I’m too tired, and besides, they’ve publicly humiliated me. I need to just get back to Freedom Tower and rest till this breast growth drug and the shame it’s caused me wears off…

The crowd around her pulled in closer. They were all yelling sarcastic thanks for the show and continuing to take pictures. She looked up at their faces and saw that they were all men, all dressed in expensive looking suits. The men that man the Financial District’s many banking conglomerates are known for their rampant sexism and all around sleaziness. Champion Girl knew landing down in a crowd of these men was one of the worst things that could have happen to her in her current state.

Getting to her shaky, tired legs she looked down the street past the men expecting to see the van speeding around the next corner. Instead she was surprised to see that the van had stopped. The Syndicate goon was still standing in the back of the open van, armed now with another gun. As soon as he saw Champion Girl look at him he fired it.

The exhausted and humiliated heroine watched as a large canister flew up through the air then began to head down towards her. Its top popped off and a thick cloud of some kind of gas started to spray from it. Her reflexes were dulled to the point of near inaction as the canister landed next to the exposed heroine and enveloped her and the crowd of men around her in potent smelling gas.

Champion Girl felt her tired and sore body explode in pleasure as an orgasm burst from between her legs. She fell back to the ground, landing face down on top of her massively enlarged and sore breasts. She convulsed as the intense orgasm continued to wrack her body. She came so hard she saw stars and almost blacked out.

As the orgasm started to subside Champion Girl felt even more exhausted. Like most women with an active Power-Gene, if she came hard enough it could leave her feeling weakened, even temporarily depowered. The young heroine was sure she would be left powerless for some time, and with as tired as she already was she found herself lucky to be left awake after cumming this hard.

The moment her body was finished coming down from her orgasm she felt a second, slightly less intense one explode and overtake her senses. She shuddered as the pleasure shot through her body once again. She managed to look up and saw that the crowd of men around her were all on the ground just like her, writhing in pleasure as they too came in their pants.

That gas canister was an O-bomb! She thought as she fought to regain her composer, but she knew she won’t be able too. Not for some time.

An O-Bomb was an aerosolized delivery system for the drug Libidonol. The drug was developed by the IntelliTek Corporation as a kind of super Viagra that could work on both sexes, but even in extremely low doses it was found to be too strong for the public. So, of course, like all IntelliTek creations not fit for public use, it found its way onto the black market.

O-Bombs pack enough Libidonol to effect a large crowd. As Champion Girl and the writhing men around her were now experiencing the first effects of the drug is at least one forced orgasm. But the drug does far more for that… It would leave all who inhaled the gas in a state of uncontrollable sexual lust. As their orgasms subside and they are able to act once again they will begin to fuck the nearest person they are attracted too, and will continue to fuck until the drug runs its course or, more likely, they pass out from exhaustion.

Champion Girl felt her second orgasm washing away. But even though she had just cum twice the sopping wet slit between her legs ached for release once again. Her mind addled by the drug, she looked up and saw a man lying on the ground near her. Her eyes zeroed in on the bulge of an erection sticking up in his pants, a wet stain spreading out from it. She licked her lips, hungry to taste the man’s cock and semen. She quickly crawled towards him, her over large breasts dragging across the filthy sidewalk.

Once she reached him she immediately attacked the crotch of his pants, ripping them open with most of what remained of her super strength. Her eyes lit with desire as a hard cock was revealed, covered in messy cum from the man’s first orgasm. She fell upon it, sucking at it hungrily, enjoying the strong bitter taste of the man’s cum in her mouth. He moaned in pleasure as she gave him head with total abandon. Before long the man’s hard cock quivered in her mouth and released another load of cum. Champion Girl drank it down hungrily.

By this time the rest of the men in the crowd were stirring. Champion Girl was the only woman hit by the O-Bomb. As the men stood, taking their pants off and stroking their cum covered cocks, they all zero in on her, intent on fucking the nearest woman in sight.

Champion Girl took them all willingly. As she saw the small crowd of men approaching with rock hard cocks she reached down and used the last ounce of her super strength to rip open the crotch of her costume, revealing her dripping wet pussy and puckered asshole.

She got up onto her feet then bent over, backing up into the nearest man. She reached back and spread her asshole open then turned around. “Jam it in, NOW!” she demanded. Champion Girl had always had a very sensitive asshole, having the most intense orgasms from anal stimulation. With her inhibitions removed that was the first hole she wished to have filled.

The man she was offering her tightest of holes to stepped forward and rammed his rock hard cock into her asshole. The cum covering his dick lubricates his quick and rough entry. Champion Girl almost immediately started to cum again from the feel of his cock being forced into her tight hole. As she did so she pushed back against the man, causing them both to tumble to the ground. They managed to keep their coupling, leaving her riding his cock reverse cowgirl style.

But with her body full of potent Libidonol one cock just wasn’t enough. She leaned back, spreading her legs. She pulled her moist pussy lips open and demanded someone fill her hole with cock. The nearest man took her up on the offer and soon both her holes were filled with man meat. The two men fucked her relentlessly, not even stopping for a moment when they came. They simply kept pounding away, their cum leaking out from around their hard cocks.

Another man approached Champion Girl and grabbed one of her blond pig tails, tugging her head to the side. She found herself face to face with another hard cock dripping with cum. She licked her lips in anticipation of the taste then hungrily started to suck it clean.

Moments later another man stood above her, squatting down over her and the man below her and began to fuck her enlarged breasts. Her breasts had been enlarged so big that even though one man was fucking her tits they were big enough for two other men, one on each side of her, to stand on her sides and rub their cocks up and down the soft mounds of flesh.

As her hands were still free she managed to reach out into the crowd of men around her and find the final two hard, lonely cocks. Wrapping her fingers around them she began to jerk the men off.

Together the small crowd of men continued to fuck Champion Girl, all of them lost in the massive superheroine gang bang. Champion Girl sucked and fucked, drinking cum like a slut dying of dehydration. When the men she was jerking off cum all over her exposed flesh she reveled in the feel their seed being spilled over her body.

Eventually two members of the Megatropolis Police Department show up.

“Damn! Looks like dispatch was right, this was an O-bomb attack,” the senior of the two men said. “And it’s hard to make out under all that fucking, but that looks like… is it Champion Girl? Looks like her yellow costume but I don’t remember her tits being so ridiculously large!”

“Should we, like, save the heroine or something? Pull these guys off of her?”

“No way! This must be your first O-bomb response, eh rookie? She’s the only woman in this mass of writhing human flesh. If we remove her they might turn their sexual lust on some nearby woman or even worse, us! No, best to just stand here and guard the whole lot of them while they fuck away the day. Eventually the drug will leave their systems or they will all pass out. We just have to make sure no one else tries to join in and take advantage of the moment.”

“Uh… okay,” the rookie said. He looked at the crowd of people watching the public orgy. “Move along!” he shouted. “Nothing to see here!”

The two cops stood guard as the gangbang continued with Champion Girl in the center. Eventually the men, just as was predicted, start to pass out from exhaustion.

As the officers pulled their limp bodies aside the senior cop saw the rookie rubbing at an erection in his pants with a longing look on his face. “Aw, what the hell,” he said. “It’s gonna be a bit before the ambulance shows up to start carting these mooks off and she DOES have a free hand and hole now. Whip it out and have some fun.”

“Thanks, sir!” the younger man said as he unzipped his pants and eagerly stepped up to Champion Girl. “I ain’t never gotten to fuck a superheroine before.”

“Don’t worry son, this won’t be your last time. Spend enough time in and everyone gets a turn! In fact, now that their ain’t no lookie-Lou’s, I think I’ll join in too. To the superheroines of Megatropolis!”

The gang bang continued, now with the police officers taking part. It wasn’t long after they finish that Champion Girl finally gave in to the exhaustion her body felt and passed out. The cops watched as the last few men continued to fuck her limp, unconscious body until they too pass out and joined her in the slumber of the exhausted. The men were taken via ambulance to the nearest hospital while Champion Girl was sent to Freedom Tower.


* * *


When Champion Girl woke up her body was sore and she felt tired, but her breasts seemed to have shrunken back to their normal petite size.

The diminutive and mousy Lab Rat was in the room tending to her. “Oh thank god you’re finally awake!”

Champion Girl sat up, looking as tired as she felt. “How long was I out? I remember getting hit with an O-bomb and passing out during…” The young heroine blushed. “Well, you know.”

“Not first hand, thankfully,” Lab Rat replied. “My power armor protects me from any gas. Speaking of which, now that you’re up and I know your fine I need to be getting my armor back on and heading back out there. This crime wave hasn’t let up yet.”

She started to leave the room then stopped, turning back around. “Oh yeah, Archbaroness said you can take the next 24 hours off to rest, figured you would need some time to recharge your powers after… well, I mean, you must have cum like million times today!” As she said this she gave Champion Girl a lecherous look.

Champion Girl squirmed in her seat. She had never really felt comfortable around Lab Rat. It wasn’t that the small heroine preferred woman, anyone woman with the overactive libido that comes with an active P-Gene had had their share of struggles with sapphic desire. No, it was the creepy vibe the woman gave off.

Champion Girl shook her head as Lab Rat left the room. She’s a heroine like me! How can I think such nasty things about her… Champion Girl lied back down on her pillow, forgetting Lab Rat and making the most of her time off. I think I’ll just try and sleep for the next twenty-four hours until I’m needed on the streets of Megatropolis again…




You can find this story and more featuring Champion Girl (as well as the rest of the Megatropolis Amazons) in the short story collection, “Megatropolis Crime Wave!”

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